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moves forward after Erinn Hayes' surprising departure in the season 2 premiere.…
This showed up in my feed immediately below an article about killing off Erinn Hayes on Kevin Can Wait. Well played!
Here's how handled the death of Erinn Hayes' character
Wondering how Kevin Can Wait will get rid of Erinn Hayes?
Erinn Hayes Following the hit CBS sitcom's Season 1 finale in May, it was announced that lead a...
Till death did they part. The CBS sitcom “Kevin Can Wait” revealed Tuesday how it is dealing with the exit of...
Leah Remini is reuniting with her TV husband on "Kevin Can Wait." "King of Queens" redux?v…
Wait! is a comedy. It's not very funny to kill off the wife and main character Mistake!
And Erinn Hayes is a very funny actress and did nothing to get canned so indiscriminately I am sure. She moved to Long Island to do this too
Kevin James' TV wife killed off as Leah Remini arrives
.starts to resemble 'King Of Queens' after recent casting shakeup
.reprises her role as TV wife after casting shakeup
The only reason I watched was because of Erinn Hayes, looking f…
made a very bad decision to replace Erinn Hayes w/ Remini. Good luck to most of us will NOT be watching.
is killing off Erinn Hayes' character. I didn't watched the first season now I'm definetely not watching this…
Good luck with this Most of us will NOT be watching. via
what you did to Erinn Hayes is WRONG & extremely bad move on your part.. I won't watch your
'Kevin Can Wait' reveals how it will replace Erinn Hayes with Leah Remini - -
is replacing Erinn Hayes w Remini. I encourage everyone to stop watching via
That's messed up!. Here's the brutal way "Kevin Can Wait" is deleting Erinn Hayes from the plot via
* Tell us what you think*. Kevin James' show on CBS "Kevin Can Wait" is killing off his wife for Season 2...
I only watched it for Erinn Hayes...and Chale. I dislike Hart & Remini and we shall not be watching.
On a purely selfish level, I'm just looking forward to seeing Erinn Hayes on a good show again.
Henry the VIII would be proud... is killing off wife Erinn Hayes in order to bring in Leah Remini.…
CBS revealed the shocking way Erinn Hayes will be written off
to kill of Erinn Hayes' character, "will be addressed tastefully," say CBS execs…
I wish they would have kept Erinn Hayes and had Leah Remini in too!
'Kevin Can Wait:' Erinn Hayes' character Donna will die off-screen before Season 2
CBS bosses reveal that Erinn Hayes' character will be killed off on to handle the re-casting & bringing in L…
So they killed Erinn Hayes to bring in Leah Remini. How 'bout killing off Kevin James now to bring in Mark Paul Gosselaar?
Lol at the idea that Kevin James bagged Erinn Hayes and then after she passes moves on to Leah Remini. Just lol.
OH MY GOD: They're killing Erinn Hayes off — HIS WIFE!!! — flashing forward and bringing on Leah Remini
CBS says will kill off Kevin's TV wife, Erinn Hayes, in the first episode, set 9 months or so later. (Leah Re…
I would watch a sitcom starring Erinn Hayes about a woman who faked her own death to get away from her husband Kevin James
Are the Kevin Can Wait cast changes a good idea ? My answer: No. I wish Erinn Hayes was staying. What do you think?
Kevin Can Wait star Erinn Hayes axed from comedy, replaced by Leah Remini
They just continue to bring back stars of the early 2000s and bury the new talent 😤.
Will Forte (walks off with a museum audio tour device and gets way more than an art lesson from Erinn Hayes (
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Hayes zepcoo…
🔥 Trending Now: View 100s of documents and presentations featuring Erinn Hayes now:…
This is pretty wild? I do love me some though! I guess they really, truly loved working together.
How King of Queensish is this going to get?
In utter shock that Erinn Hayes got let go from just so Leah Remini can be the lead actress in the show
Won't watch your show Kevin without Erinn Hayes. She was perfect as your wife. Bad move!
'Kevin Can Wait' cuts Erinn Hayes, enlists Leah Remini full-time go to
CBS Loved you on the first show and the Scientology shows, but won't watch Kevin Can Wait without Erinn Hayes!
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Kevin Can Wait's Erinn Hayes is out, but Leah Remini has signed on as a series regular:
I stopped watching because of the totally bad overacting by erinn Hayes. Ill now def give it another chance this season.
Erinn Hayes has to run outside in her underwear to fight opossums trying to kill her chickens: qua
If Erinn Hayes is gone as Mom, what about your kids, will they drive off into the sunset, too ?
You ruined the show. Erinn Hayes and the family on the show is what made it great.
bo to for letting Erinn Hayes go... Good luck
This is truly a *** moment in TV. I don't think I can watch the show now without PO'd about this!
Not happy with . I love Erinn Hayes as Kevin's wife. I Love Leah Remini, but she is not a good fit for this show
Very sad & disappointed that Erinn Hayes was let go! Loved her as Kevin's wife. This show will not be the same. 😔
Total hose job on Why don't you make a show that's already been made? Be ashamed for firing Erinn Hayes.
There's retooling a show and there's "let's blow up this whole disaster and start over" .
sorry to see Erinn Hayes leave! Thought the show was great the way it was. Will miss you!
The "Kevin Can Wait" show pushed Erinn Hayes out the door and replaced her with Leah Remini. Total crap. Will they make him a mall cop, too?
So sad and sorry today to hear the news of Erinn Hayes being replaced on "Poor Decision…
Never have an ex co-star, guest star, on a show you're co-starring in. via the Android app
Wow, you guys ruined this show. We won't be watching anymore. What you did to Erinn Hayes was unthinkable.
Awkward. CBS is replacing Kevin James' wife in his new sitcom w/ his wife from his old sitcom.
post Can Wait’ drops Erinn Hayes for Leah Remini. That’s weird. How will ... has been published on -…
(Ottawa Sun):'Can drops Erinn Hayes for Leah Remini : Don't keep up with the inner workings of..
Kevin James SITCOM ‘Kevin Can Wait’ replaces his new TV wife Erinn Hayes with his old one Leah Remini - Daily News
Were proud to count actress Erinn Hayes, the star of Childrens Hospital and Kevin Can Wait, among our members!…
It's just a fact that a new ep is available today. With Paul Scheer, Erinn Hayes, Marc Evan Jackson & Hal Lublin!
From celebrities...picking up cute toys from Baghera by Beanpatch and Co. Erinn Hayes picked up a red Baghera pedal car for her daughter and said, "These look so fun!" Tempestt Bledsoe (Cosby Show and Guys with Kids) – picked up a Baghera speedster plane for a secret celebrity friend who is pregnant; "You'll be glad I’m giving it to her,” she joked. Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) - Her son loved the monkey she got from Beanpatch and Co. at an earlier event and picked up a racecar for her son. Navid Negahban (Homeland" – Nominee) loved Baghera! “I am so glad to see you here again these are so great.”
AM on set with Malin Akerman, Erinn Hayes, Ken Marino, Rob Coudry. She says, "It's Wild!!!" We can only assume the "wild" with 3 exclamation marks is a good thing. Stay tuned
Tonight, I got to see the lovely Julia Stiles, America Ferrera and Erinn Hayes up close. All three are gorgeous in person.
Megan Mullally is the funniest woman in the world and Erinn Hayes is a close second.
Erinn Hayes, Lake Bell or Malin Akerman? Can't go wrong with any of them I guess
I just saw an article that said Sara Rue has been replaced by an actress named Erinn Hayes. Is she back?
Erinn Hayes may be one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood. The fourth season premiere of her hit TV series, “Children’s Hospital,” is August 9 on Adult Swim. She is one of the stars of the new i...
Erinn Hayes (Childrens Hospital) has been cast as a regular in the upcoming NBC comedy series Guys With Kids. On the multi-camera comedy executive produced
Originally, Jacinda's part was cast to Erinn Hayes:
SPECIAL GUESTS: Andy Richter from Conan, Paul F. Tompkins from The Pod F. Tompkast, Gillian Jacobs from Community, Erinn Hayes from Childrens Hospi...
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