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Erin Hills

Erin Hills is a golf course located in Erin, Wisconsin. Construction began in 2004 and the course officially opened in 2006. It has been selected for the 2017 U.S.

Whistling Straits Blackwolf Run Chambers Bay

U.S. Open tee times: When the must-watch groups will play the first round at Erin Hills. .
Trio of former golfers first off tee at U.S. Open at Erin Hills: Jordan Niebrugge, Talor *** Kevin Dougherty. Impressive.
My early picks at Erin Hills: Jordan if he can avoid a quad, Jason if he can avoid a headache, Dustin if he doesn't fall…
Welcome back to Wisconsin. Brown Deer, Straits, and now Erin Hills. You got this. Good Luck.
Let's relax the whole Phil Mickleson is such a great guy thing. He can't win at Erin Hills. Congratulations to his daughter.
Erin Hills an odd place. Golf course in middle of nowhere. Like a fortress. Can't get inside to see it.
Enjoyed a practice round at Erin Hills today preparing for the US Open with and Long, tough course
Erin Hills rates: How much it costs to play the U.S. Open venue via
Get ready for the with a guide to the host course, Erin Hills.
Good luck, Justin. Erin Hills is awesome for your links ex…
One good week and Reed will be the trendy pick at Erin Hills. 36-hole leader at Chambers, and lo…
Well, I just spent way too much time studying Erin Hills online. What a site. What a golf course. I think it'll put Chambers Bay to shame.
US Open media day at Erin Hills today. Heard a lot of EH comps to Chambers Bay (era, style). Was not mentioned once with USGA today.
He probably said that about Chambers Bay in 2015 and that didn't turn out well. At least Erin Hills has normal gree…
I'll say this about Erin Hills: the greens won't be fescue and Mike Davis won't push it t…
is that Erin Hills in the background? I love that place!!!
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Also for what do you think of Erin Hills? Local course for me, played it a bunch, but not sure if it's that great.
Brought out the single speed pony to grind up some hills. Energy to burn!
Hear Zach Reineking of Erin Hills speak about tournament preparations. 10:30 in booth 3033
I'm especially scary-looking when talking about Erin Hills.
Baseline girls soccer today. Los Osos def. first place chino Hills 3-2. 2 goals by Maya Alcantara, winner by Erin Covey
Have played Erin Hills several times. Insanely long, can play up to 7900 yards. If the winds pick up could be tough scoring
Has anyone done their homework on Erin Hills yet? Course correlation, stats etc.
Mike Hurdzan and Ron Whitten at GIS talking on design and construction of Erin…
Time to start practicing to qualify for the at Erin Hills...payout will be the highest in golf!…
Erin, Chris & Dave are at the Roastery today. Stop by & visit. They have lots of for you!…
Can't wait to hoist that puppy at Erin Hills as an amateur. Keep the change
Saw this in our local paper today. Patrick Cantlay lost to Kelly Kraft in U.S. Am Final in 2011 at Erin Hills
Principal Erin Augusta receives a donation from our local 7-11 to benefit the students of Northlake Hills Elementar…
For those that make the cut at the 2017 U.S. Open at Erin Hills this summer, life…
If Sergio is thru the "I'm not good enuf to win major" stage he can win. Birkdale record not g8.Links feel of Erin Hills poss?
You're not wrong, but Erin Hills seems to be hard enough where no one else will break 90 either.
that thing is gonna give ME nightmares, man that creature could be in the hills have eyes 3.
We shall mock him on the beaches, we shall mock him in the hills, we shall mock in the fields and in the streets; we shall…
Jordan is taking back The Masters in April may as well just move in to Erin Hills
final pairing at erin hills of DJ and Rory. Wait on it. Bombsquad
Just kidding - everybody knows Rory is winning Augusta, Erin Hills and Quail Hollow this year. Sergio & Spieth are both winning at Birkdale.
No same as Erin Hills eventually I will. Was there for the PGA tho and yeah, it's stunning.
Played both of those on my 30th bday weekend. I've played about 7-8 of top 50 in world. Erin Hills hardest I've ever teed it up at..
no but will get to erin hills eventually (it's about 30 minutes from me). Same w/ Whistling Straits.
*** Can't imagine. Erin Hills is about the same length, so I took a guess. Have you played either?
I want it to hurry up and be June and not just because I love summer but because I'm going to Erin Hills for the U.S. Open
can't wait to see you at Augusta and Erin Hills!
I just like that he dgaf. The happy gilmore sold me last year. Also met him at us am at erin hills. Followed
.will present Bob Jones Award, to longtime Oakmont CC Club pro Bob Ford June 13th during at Erin Hills
Additionally, will increase purse of from $10M to $12M at Erin Hills, largest of 4 majors. US Women's Open up to $5M
The golf world turns its attention to Erin Hills in June. Preview:
Audrey Hepburn shopping with her pet deer “Ip” in Beverly Hills, CA, 1958
I will check it out. Coulda used that tibula roller after walking Erin Hills golf course😅
Just had my second interview with the Im hoping Ill be in Erin Hills for the summer🙌🏼
in Vegas. Any recommendations on a sports book that will let me get paid on Sergio's win at Erin Hills?
"proper" us opens require that mental strength- Erin Hills will suit I feel for starters
U.S. Open's return to Erin Hills reminds me of Cantlay's crazy 2011. U.S. Am runner-up there. Shot 60 at Travelers. Low am at U.S. Open.
Sounds good to us! open to hosting future events after '17 debut via
Friday: The Silver Star Golf Daily 15 New Golf Courses to play, Erin Hills article and more
spent day with our marketing director. Big golf guy. Was saying he shot a 71 at Erin Hills last year. That's pretty good hey?
Multilanguages Google news full rss USGA open to Erin Hills hosting…
Counting down the days 'til Erin Hills ...
USGA open to Erin Hills hosting future U.S. Opens after 2017 debut
got your letter in the mail today asking for my services for the 2017 US Open from Erin Hills. I'll be there!!! 🏌⛳😎
6 straight days of 36 holes of golf at Whistling Straits and Erin Hills with 14 family and friends.
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Life goal: play at a major championship golf course. My dad won't stop talking about Whistling Straits and Erin Hills and I'm so jealous
So my dad is an absolute stud. He's crushing Whistling Straits and Erin Hills
Enjoy it this week as Erin Hills next year will make Chambers Bay look like Augusta. No bueno. I hope Fox shows improvement.
New goal for 2017: US Open at Erin Hills. I'm going into debt paying for golf vacations...
Blue Needs You 8k won by Ken Little (27:48), Erin Lopez (29:56). I profiled Ken when he was at Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake HS. He's 29 now.
You know you've been in Sheffield too long when hills are getting flatter...
One of my favorite places that I have taught at is Erin Hills just outside Milwaukee, WI. Site of the 2017 US Open.
Just got curious and looked at Erin Hills yardage from the tips and now I am dead
it's been 6 years since the hills ended and I'm still in denial that it was all fake
well I was going to anyway.. But with a troop Beverly Hills gif how could I not!
I just want to start my Erin hills job and start making the big bucks again
The LA Rams are finalizing a lease on this office space in Agoura Hills. It would be their headquarters until 2019. https…
southern hills daycare in Lexington
Punches thrown, collars grabbed at Trump rally in Tucson: . Donald Trump's rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona, was relatively calm on Sa...
waiting for 17 when the Open is at Erin Hills back home
COVERAGE: protesters blocking traffic in Fountain Hills right now.
In case of Erin Hills, we built Biarritz green because the landform was there. Also did Dell green for same reason. Both gone
Erin, Jason, Lia & Regina are at the roastery today. We have free specialty drinks all day. Stop by & visit. We have lots of coffee
Among replaced Biarritz greens: 16th at Valhalla (mild one) 10th at Erin Hills (wild one), 18th at Pechanga in Calif. None were par 3s
Only in Osun,Erin ijesa water fall ,Ikogusi spring ,Oshogbo festival,a lot of hills and Mountains. Aregbesola what happened to Tourism ???
Erin & Lia are till 3:30 today. Stop by for some delicious
Erin W.'s Review of Snap Fitness - El Dorado Hills (5/5) on Yelp: Came, saw, worked out, and listened to music on…
Anaheim hills ppl: never take easy access to açai bowls for granted
Erin Hills routing is troublesome. Cart course that doesn't allow carts.
Kingsley, Erin Hills most likely top out at 8. The Loop is groundbreaking, but doubtful to garner a 10 in future volumes for obvious reasons
I'll play Erin Hills with you regardless if you win or not. Let's book it.
.Second to Pacific Dunes for me is Erin Hills Many vie for best after Pacific Dunes, incl Calusa Pines & Bandon Trails
Erin & Lia will be at the roastery today roasting lots of great for you. Stop by & visit.
Congrats to Pine Hills neighbor, Erin Engstrom - to become a firefighter today!
please come to Erin Hills sometime after this trip! You won't be disappointed 🙏🏾
One of fav is Erin Erin is Chief Roaster w/ & roasts GR8 Coffee
Erin H. has joined the Spivi network from CycleLab Studio Anaheim Hills, salute!
NOW is the time to pick up your 2016 Platinum Passport. Play The Bull, Erin Hills, Blackwolf Run & more. Details at
olumirin/Erin Ijesha water fall and idanre hills by september or august
Beverly Hills Residents Collect Sandbags as Epic Rain Storms Approach: Few emergencies have been reported, but everyone is on alert, ...
They need to give Theo some red bull and hopefully he gets wings and flies away from Beacon Hills
Erin & Lia have hot brewing for you today! Stop by & visit.
Still bumping to forest hills drive
Erin & Lia are today till 3:30. Drop by for a visit!
With 2016 here, we can now say that the U.S. Open is coming to Wisconsin and Erin Hills "next year" - exciting!
They better give us a late start tmrw bc half of the students @ SH live in the hills/mountains & its dangerous to drive basi…
They're opening Pottery Barn Kids in Green Hills? You know something kids don't need...a *** Pottery Barn.
America's Worst Nuclear Meltdown occurred near in the Santa Susana hills in SoCal.
Ah Erin's the best ordering me the Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz for my bday😍
Erin, Jason & Dave will be at the Roastery today. Stop by for a free drink -- & Open till 2pm
I would like to announce my candidacy for Chapel Hills next top hurdler 😅😅😅
Love this shot of Erin and her best pal Dally out the hills of Arkansas.…
shared 'Fun day wine tripping with my fav 💙
Beverly Hills 90210 and my little mermaid blanket.
Feelin like a mini celeb in Beverly Hills 😂🍾🌟
Tomorrow we leave Dalmatia and head for the hills. We'll miss these sunsets!
...well my current doctor is near Aldi but it's a long way to lug stuff (mostly the hills are the issue)
The colors sing in 'Jeweled Hills' by Erin Hanson
Oh father dear, I oft-times hear you speak of Erin's isle. Her lofty hills, her valleys green, her mountains rude...
oh and im appearing at The Opera House with Adam Hills in our show Clown Heart Jan13&14!!
Erin, Jason, Lia, Regina & Dave will be at the shop on this Stop by for some
everyone at the college hills starbucks is a pos bc they spelled my name ERIN guess someone just wants to get dickslapped idk
It's going to be a very thankful day in the Furnace Hills of MD. Drinking Erin's while reading the You?
Erin says according to the citrus athletics website you're from chino hills
Best Arts, Culture and Heritage experience hills of Erin Studio Tour ! Congrats
As continues we go to the foot hills of Erin Ontario with our…
Still dark in the Furnace Hills of MD this am. Drinking a GR8 Erin's Breakfast Blend while reading the How bout you?
Erin & Lia will be roasting at the shop today. Stop by & visit. They'll be there till 3:30.
I want to the Staples in Auburn Hills just so I could admire all the beautiful Erin Condren planners and supplies.
Video: Justin sining "My Girl" to Selena at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel last night!
Justin and Selena hanging out in Beverly Hills (November 20, 2015)
Hearing the hills and trumpet back to back makes me think of Xander and ❤️⚾️💙
Whistling Straits and Erin Hills in Wisconsin are some of my favorites.
Dad: "The Hills by the Weeknd is such a good song Erin."
Im in beverly hills call me lil erin silver
†English School, "View of the Road Through the Hills," late 19th c., ... Lot 308
First drop a snow I see on the carrick hills am ripping ma bath oot the floor n taking it sledgin
SMU opens 2-shot lead at Erin Hills Intercollegiate -
What's going on w that Erin girl on Gunnar needs to run for the hills! She's CRAZY
can't talk about Wisconsin without mentioning golf. Koehler/Erin hills
2017 US Open at Erin HIlls GC Thank you Reinders for doing a great job They are on the way
Great to see getting the attention and play it deserves. Excellent course just 15 mins from Erin Hills.
Erin's friend used to air pump ant hills...
Our Chief Roaster has That doesn't keep Erin from roasting GR8
North West plays in a teepee at Kim Kardashian's baby shower
Khloe Kardashian attends Kim's 'Troop Beverly Hills' themed baby shower: If there is any true precedent for the Kardashian empire, it...
Remains of U.S. soldier returned from North Korea: Witt will be buried with full military honors at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whitt...
Erin Murphy at the 2015 Last Chance For Animals Annual Gala at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills
"San Francisco is poetry. Even the hills rhyme."
I'm going to sleep with at Erin Hills
totally could dominate Erin hills club night too
I'll be back for the U.S. open at Erin Hills
We are healthy again so the shop will be open today from 9 till 3:30. Stop by & visit Erin & Lia. That are roasting lots of coffee!
Erin what would u do if Patrick put out a cover of the hills
My first Paint Party at the Seven Hills Clubhouse with Erin! Thankful for new friends in Ga!!
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"Why have you been sleeping on Katie Hills floor this week? Have you been partying?!" . No I've been Star Warsing
I'll be just chillin listening to some good ole country music and the hills will come on and almost vibrate me out of my *** chair 😒
The hills are about to be alive with the sound of Michael crying. Or at least pretending to.
In 2017 Erin Hills will not open for public play until after the U.S. Open, so 2016 is the last chance to play EH before…
The caddy shack at Erin Hills. Site of the 2017 U.S. Open. .
Good morning Huskies. NIU men's golf closes out at Erin Hills today. Lee in 3rd place, Huskies shoot +2 yesterday
Keep eyes on the State Am Tournament next week at Erin Hills. WHS Golf alums Zach Gaugert and Max Murphy competing.
Fox will obviously get better. After Oakmont, it's Erin Hills, Shinnecock and Pebble. So lots more burnt grass to come.
(and yes I know Shinnecock isn't one of those but Chambers Bay and Erin Hills are)
Oakmont is fine. Erin Hills is dicey, but then we get a nice run of Shinnecock-Pebble-Winged Foot-Torrey Pines.
Oakmont is next year. Erin Hills in 2017, but then we get a run of Shinnecock, Pebble, Winged Foot, and Torrey Pines.
Including Chambers Bay, the next 4 will all be played on links style courses: 2016 Oakmont, 2017 Erin Hills, 2018 Shinnecock.
Ok, so Chamber's Bay, Whistling Straits or Erin would you rank?
When all is said & done, Sand Valley is going to rival Whistling Straits, Blackwolf Run, & Erin Hills. That's an awesome group to be in.
Packers would be near the top. Whistling, Black Wolf Run, Erin Hills...
Of course when I go to order liquid lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills, both shades I want are sold out 💔
Wednesday at 6 pm be at our 1st state playoff game it's home against South Hills we are representing tulare county
awesome I love our hills. Each one of us is more quirky than the other.
Behind the scenes! I got to work with the amazing Erin May Photography , Genealogy Dresses at North Hills and 8...
The hills last episode will never not break my heart
Erin : in the distance from atop one of many hills
FS Erin Banks out of Jurupa Hills is hungary! Definitley someone to watch out for!
Hearing a bunch of players comment as well. Wait until they see Erin Hills...
Parramatta Eels is the way to go, close to Baulkham Hills Delta. I learnt that from the footy show
Mind-blowing network. >> Erin who retired in Beverly Hills Michigan is a fan of WomFriends. > Marketers love it!
Our Chief Roaster has but that doesn't stop Erin from roasting gr8
Erin, Jason, Lia & Dave will be in the shop today. Free cups of coffee & specialty drinks to those who stop by. We're there 9 to 2.
Erin Kathleen Seiler's shot of the lovely hills of
The Roasterie is open today! Erin & Lia are busy roasting for you. Stop by & visit. Open til 3:30
was thinking about a whistling straights/erin hills trip this summer actually. We could fly!
you're right Erin. He she is gonna run for the hills. lol
Snowing hard in Furnace Hills of MD this am. Going to be this way most of the day. Drinking Erin's Breakfast Blend & in the
This Malibu Hills e-sesh if full of the sweetest kind of love: . Photo: Erin Hearts Court
Audrey Hepburn goes shopping with her pet deer in Beverly Hills, 1958.
“Check out our latest update on Maya Hills & Erin Moore
Erin Hills, The Bull, Black Wolf Run, Grand Geneva Resort, Irish Course *** Wisconsin is playing no games this summer
Ok. I guess my 2015 championship venue list includes Olympic Club, Erin Hills and Bethpage Black. Looking to make all 3 a reality.
MU golfers finish strong vs. top foes in Erin Hills event - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Next year Augusta and St Andrews are obviously some of TWs favorites. Erin Hills is new, and I know he's not a fan of Whistling Straits.
if I have one round to play in WI, do I play Erin Hills or Whistling Straits-Straits course or some other one?
Erin Hills and Whistling Straits this week back to my favorite of all Stonebriar C.C. In Frisco, Tx in the morning!
Whistling Straits is a phenomenal facility and course but hit the nail on the head with Erin Hills!!
I am honored to announce that I will be spending my summer as the newest member of caddy operations at Erin Hills Golf Course in Erin, Wisconsin. Erin Hills is the host of the 2017 US Open and is ranked in Golf Digest's 2013-2014 100 Best public courses in the US. I am excited to be apart of one of the nations most renown caddy programs. Summer can't come soon enough.
Will make a nice Wisconsin foursome with Erin Hills, Whistling Straits/Blackwolf Run. Pretty good buddies trip
I've lost my Whistling Straits, Erin Hills, and Bay Hill ballmarkers all in one week
Day 3 in Wisconsin and I was ready to play my 4th golf course from the list of the 100 Greatest Public courses. The weather has been fantastic which has only added to the excitement of playing some really great courses. The Bull at Pinehurst Farms, often called simply just The Bull, is a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, the only golf course in the state of Wisconsin designed by Jack. As of 2013, The Bull was ranked the 77th best public course in the United States, only behind the 62nd place Meadow Valleys Course at Blackwolf Run, the 39th place Irish Course at Whistling Straits, the 14th place River Course at Blackwolf Run, the 10th place Erin Hills, and the 2nd place Straits Course at Whistling Straits in the state of Wisconsin. All of these courses except for Erin Hills are located within 6 miles of downtown Sheboygan, and all but Erin Hills and The Bull are associated with The American Club Resort in Kohler. The golf course has 18 holes and was built on the former Pinehurst dairy farm. Not only was ...
Mark Wilson has tee time at Erin Hills with prep golfers
On the road again - - - it was time to start working on my goal to play golf at the 100 best public golf courses in the USA. I have played at 25 courses from the list already, so I only have 75 to go. It seems like an easy goal to accomplish! Erin Hills hosted the 2011 U.S. Amateur tournament and will be hosting the 2017 U.S. Open; not bad for a public golf course in the middle of Wisconsin that just opened in 2006. Round Erin Hills Golf Course Location: Hartford, WI Golf Digest 100 Greatest Public Rank: 30 June 2013, tee off at 10:48 AM Yardage: 6,423 Lost Balls: 0 Score: 82 on a par 72
Wednesday the 29th is the first night of vollyball! Kinky Sets -Jordyn Wolf vs Always Get it Up - Justin Held Lotta Fun - Paula Maresh vs Erin Hills - Karl Walters Pess - Trevor Pess vs Derek Becker - Derek Becker Lay - Andrew Casper vs HD - Randy Geoffroy @ 8pm Rain or shine see ya all at Tally!
Ricky fowler sr on 18 at Erin Hills.
Whistling Straits, Blackwolf Run (River) & Erin Hills top list of best public courses to play
Too hot to walk 10 miles at Erin Hills today, so riding at the Meadow Valley at Blackwolf Run will do
Fado Greg Williams headed to Wisconsin later this week - playing some golf including Erin Hills (2017 US Open Venue) on Saturday - should be a blast.
Hank Haney ((putting, in white) is at Erin Hills today for a group clinic. Welcome!
Again... Boys trip day of golf @ Whistling Straits then off to Erin Hills
Inducted into National Honor Society at MFHS and golfed an 87 at Erin Hills...not a bad day in the life of Trevor Estock. proud once again♥
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