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Erin Andrews

Erin Jill Andrews (born May 4, 1978) is an American sportscaster, journalist, and television personality.

Pam Oliver Kym Johnson Hulk Hogan Tom Bergeron Lisa Salters Sage Steele Michelle Beadle Richard Sherman Dan Patrick

People hate Erin Andrews cuz they ain't Erin Andrews. She's excellent at her job. That would be true even if she weren't beautiful. Grow up
When I'm feeling real unmotivated, I go look at clips of Erin Andrews, Dorris Burke, etc. I realize real fast I got work to do😐
Often times I catch myself watching the fem sports world gr8s like Pam Oliver, Erin Andrews, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, & I think 'what if'.
Dang, Fox Sports 1 has lost both Molly McGrath and Julie Stewart Binks. All they have left now is Erin Andrews.
I assume Erin Andrews has already deleted all her email accounts. If not she should send one to Rachel Hunter.
Erin Andrews is more annoying than Samantha Harris, Tom Bergeron should host by himself
Nobody can tell me that Erin Andrews is better than Pam Oliver...
Jeez, do you think you could have asked any lamer questions on the field? I wasn't sure if that was you or Erin Andrews.
Many people don't realize Erin Andrews made her television debut in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"…
Watching and Erin Andrews looks an awful lot like detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) from that show
People who the NFL should use instead of Erin Andrews. -your drunk uncle. -Kermit the frog. -An Elvis impersonator. -Siamese twins. -Judas
Robin Roberts, Mike Tirico, Kieth Olberman (kinda), Erin Andrews, Bill Simmons (tbd, but HBO show is great).
Dancing With the Stars is keeping it in the family. Kym Johnson is set to fill in for Erin Andrews as the ABC reality hit's co-host for
On NFL broadcasting, being replaced by Erin Andrews & women of color in sports. Media podcast w. Pam Oliver:
On NFL broadcasting & being replaced by Erin Andrews and much more. The Media podcast w. Pam Oliver:
Kym Johnson to Fill In for Erin Andrews as Dancing With the Stars Co-Host
and this crew is doing Sox-Indians.sheesh. Sam Ryan is as bad as Erin Andrews at sideline reporting for baseball. Awkward
EXCLUSIVE: Kym Johnson will fill in for Erin Andrews as co-host this week.
Welcome back to the ballroom! Kym Johnson will be filling in for Erin Andrews on DWTS:
Does anyone else love Kim Johnson hosting with tom on dancing with the stars? She's way better than Erin Andrews
Kudos to Kym Johnson for an excellent job standing in for Erin Andrews ! And for embarrassing with her last name.
I prefer Kym Johnson co-hosting over Erin Andrews! *** I would love to see Leah Remini co-host again. Bring her back!
Watchingc no Erin Andrews with tom.B is she? Filling in is kim johnson hershavick
would be better if the dancers stayed and Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews moderated.
Lisa Salters, and Erin Andrews helps me to stay beautiful while yelling at the UP DIRTY-BIRDS...
Tom Bergeron hosts 'Dancing with the Stars' without Erin Andrews on Week 3
[Entertainment] Erin Andrews to miss 'Dancing With the Stars': Tom Bergeron will be performing solo Monday ni...
Tom Bergeron will host Monday's solo as Erin Andrews takes time off for a family emergency. https:…
I love being an accountant, but some days I wish I was Samantha Ponder or Erin Andrews
Bring back Pam Oliver Fox she is excellent and gorgeous Can't tolerate Erin Andrews
Pam Oliver replaced with Erin Andrews who is 17 years her junior and BLONDE AND WHITE...
Pam Oliver and Erin Andrews would never forget 💅🏾
Pam Oliver slander only leads to an Erin Andrews takeover. Erin's hair is "messy" too, but that's not normally said about Becky's 🤔
Erin Andrews has a pre-game on FS1 before the Fox NFL Sunday. That's what I'm gonna watch this year!
at least it wasn't the monster he sent Erin Andrews
After yelled @ Michael Crabtree on camera next to Erin Andrews, white supremacists dragged him. Now he's their spokesman.
Before the Cubs take the field, let's go to Erin Andrews, who has a black cat and a mirror to break at Ron Santo's grave
28.06.16 was the best day of my life, thank you so much for giving me magical moments, I love you 💚💛🇧🇷
bonjour my lil love,i have a dilemma for you..If this get 500 rts (rlly much f me😂)could you facetime me pls?…
1st Half of 1st game Dukes leads 18-10 after Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews finally touching favourite back!?!
Oh...I can overlook that. More impressed that he apparently nailed Erin Andrews.
- Admitting your weaknesses does not diminish your strengths, it shows your courage. (Erin Andrews) I believe in you. GB
Tonight on ESPN our Erin Andrews caught up with a once defensive bruiser and long time 6 man
I haven't listened to FSR since Chris Myers had hot Erin Andrews takes years ago. About to break my boycott
Game 1 GA Sting 43, SC Future 9th 42. Leading scorers were Jordan Brown with 14 pts and Erin Andrews with a clutch FT at the end and 10 pts.
domain names
GA Sting Dukes Erin Andrews seals the win at the line vs SC Future 42-43
The Erin Andrews case puts travel safety in the spotlight. Here are six ways to stay safe:
The trolls of the Internet better find a new hobby because Erin Andrews is done being a punching bag.
Oh ya Fox News..stand up for the gold digging Erin Andrews. Glad she blocked me.
Rachel Nichols, Hannah Storm, Erin Andrews, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele. Should they all just stick to sports too?
one of a kind your Kate Upton,Erin Andrews, Kelly Kelly, and Carrie Underwood all in one damb and your 10x more beautiful 😍
The new ads should feature Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle catfighting over the last bottle of Dos Equis
look, if Matt Greene's not a King anymore, he's on Springsteen tour with his kid while his wife styles Erin Andrews. A+++
I think what I try to do with all the naysayers, negative comments, or...
it's not a great step when they hire people like Erin Andrews
Catching up on Erin Andrews just said "Don't touch me" to Alan. Wow that was rude.
I should do that for sure I know nothing of nascar or be like the Erin Andrews of football
you can say the same about Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews' tears mark two days of emotional testimony
looks better than Erin andrews, the tight *** Boohoo boohoo, let me sue. I won I won, a Victor's crown can turn a frown upside down
I believe Kristine Leahy had an Uber driver break into her home. I still don't believe Erin Andrews didn't set up her own nude video leak.
. Erin Andrews, a Fox Sports reporter was traumatised by stalker in hotel room.
My perfect job is to be the Erin Andrews of the History Channel.
Is it true is taking over for Erin Andrews?.
How the *** did you get this smokeshow to go from the next Erin Andrews to
Erin Andrews says claim nude video was a publicity stunt 'ripped me apart'
Erin Andrews says claim nude video was a
Erin Andrews officially settles with that hotel chain
I try to stay in shape just to handle things like the stress of a job or ev...
This wk's look as alittle feel to it
You're just as beautiful as Erin Andrews
Success doesn't happen overnight. Keep your eye on the prize and don't look back. -Erin Andrews...
me too i like the part where its like "ooohh Erin plz giv me da succ bc my nama Andrews"
That would be so cool. Erin Andrews, here I ***
In the time it took Erin Andrews to testify about the emotional distress of people seeing her naked, Kim Kardashian posted 3…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Yes, I am an Irish lass through and through.
(Reuters) - Television personality Erin Andrews has reached a settlement with the owner and operator of the Nashville hotel where a nude
.Olivia Munn off the deep end after flirtation between Aaron Rodgers and Erin Andrews? Thank me, -Jason Blasco
TBT to them Broadcasting major days, dead wanted to be the next Erin Andrews
"They gave the job to that tall gangly thing and that's why nobody watches it anymore.". -on Erin Andrews and DWTS.
Erin Andrews reaches a settlement with the Marriott Hotel in her peeping tom lawsuit.
I like you but you are naive on bathrooms. Ask Erin Andrews how she would like men coming need for the peephole
Fox thinks they're "protecting womens bathrooms from creeps dressed like women spying on them." Erin Andrews ring a bell?
They say HB-2 is "cause we don't want creeps to dress up as ladies to spy on women in bathrooms". Fast forward to Erin Andrews, hm.
After 1 Complete the Pantherettes take a 3-0 lead on a Erin Scholl drive to RF and a Summer Andrews FC!
NL SB: Erin Scholl hits a line drive to right field, ball passes through the legs and scores 2. Scholl reached third, Andrews scores her 3-0
Andrews Why don't you stand up for privacy in the male locker rooms, now that you know what it's like to be seen against your will.
Erin Andrews' privacy was worth millions. The average women in NC, is worth nothing apparently.
Erin Andrews blog: This week brought out her side!
Guest Privacy a Hot Button Issue in Wake of $55 Million Erin Andrews Verdict -
Sarah Spain, Julie DiCaro and Erin Andrews bravely demonstrated how the often works. Sexism is real and it is painful.
Erin Andrews, I'll gladly take your job on DWTS whenever you leave
Erin Andrews has reached a settlement with the Nashville hotel owner/operator.
JUST IN: Attorney: Erin Andrews settles lawsuit against hotel owner; amount of settlement will be confidential: "The li…
Erin Andrews' peephole video lawsuit has come to an end, as parties settle on liability.
Erin Andrews reaches settlement with owner of Nashville Marriott: TV personality Erin Andrews has reached a se...
Erin Andrews settles stalker lawsuit with Nashville hotel
Erin Andrews settles stalker lawsuit with hotel
Erin Andrews gets $55 Million for someone peeping on her, and Tamir Rice's family only gets $6 Million for police killing…
Erin Andrews settles stalker lawsuit with hotel.
TV personality Erin Andrews settles video stalker case -reports
In other news, Erin Andrews will be the guest host on the Rachael Ray Show today...
55 million for Erin Andrews. 115 million for Hulk Hogan.innocent dead Black boy, 6 million. America for you.
Craig Carton implied just maybe Erin Andrews was doing recreational drugs & CBS lost the tapes via
Erin Andrews is pretty good. Maybe Kelly wants to stay away for a few more days?
& when Michael leaves, Kelly will come back & realize they've given her job to Erin Andrews. She better ta…
Just not a fan of Erin Andrews. Please hurry back, Kelly!
LIVE with Kelly and Michael . Erin Andrews is after her job WATCH -OUT!
Erin Andrews is doing a great job. Time to get ride of kelly..whiny, ungrateful, disrespectful spoiled brat!!
Erin Andrews filling in for Kelly Ripa on 'Live!' amidst controversy: Dancing with the Stars: Erin…
My love for Erin Andrews has just grew! She is fabulous and needs a talk show. She is killing me on Kelly and Michael
The King and I on Broadway's Daniel Dae Kim with Erin Andrews & Michael. Hawaii Five-0. Credit: LIVE with Kelly...
Just posted Daniel on Kelly and Michael minus Kelly who was replaced by Erin Andrews.
Erin Andrews just referred to the villain of "Mean Girls" as "Regina King"
You think after the Erin Andrews incident would have a little more common sense about sexual deviants.
Now if you're Jarrett Stoll, do you take more comfort in going home to Erin Andrews, or the baggie of cocaine in your locker?
Did you hear how President Obama funded the forgiving permanently disabled student loan issue? . He sent the bill to Erin Andrews
little *** trying for her Erin Andrews payday , huh ?
I legit think I could be the next Erin Andrews lol
To shelter civil winnings from the IRS, better prove your injuries are physical. … https…
Update your maps at Navteq
Erin Andrews should be the go-to female reporter for anything and everything on ESPN. Screw Doris Burke the *** did Erin Andrews replace Brook on DWTS ? Just sayin
. Nice try - You in the same league as Erin Andrews - Gold Digging LOw Rate Journalists!
You say EA (Erin Andrews) is a good madden player. Does she still run the shovel option offense?
now if Speith would marry Erin Andrews you would have all your hate in one sock
why do certain media personalities do so many things? Nantz all CBS, Erin Andrews NFL & DWTS, etc. Seems indulgent.
Female sports commentators/analysts other than Erin Andrews annoy me.
The right to be forgotten bill would be the best thing for people like Erin Andrews
Stayed in a marriott. Do you think they added these things after the erin andrews thing?
Erin Andrews gets $55 million for peephole video that will never go away
- Emily, this is a great photo! You look like a younger Erin Andrews on the mound. (I'm sure co-Anchor Dan agrees)
Why does Erin Andrews always ask the male stars to replicate their pelvic thrusts in the post dance interviews?
Erin Andrews awarded $55 million in suit over nude video -
How I avoid Erin Andrews problems and $55 million while on the road.
Erin Andrews, Marc Fein, Boog, Hildreth, Hart just a few. We've been lucky. Look at all the big names/talent we've had
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
the story doesn't say where this was. Regardless, bad timing for Marriott so soon after Erin Andrews.
I'm okay with her, except the "kansas Royals" comment. Apparently neither her nor Erin Andrews studied geography
Who is the chick commentating up in the booth with Aaron Boone? I know it's not Erin Andrews or Britt McHenry so she's gonna have to go!
remove politics,Erin Andrews stuck a mic in Richard Sherman's face,he went of,not on her,the other team,yet she was the "victim"
well Erin Andrews left ,so not sure what he could have now.
Grab a new show with Erin Andrews. You get to be yourself & not a sidekick to KR's boring "sense of humor".
Originally Posted Here: Erin Andrews believes the Nashville Marriott, which was found at fault for the peephole...
Erin Andrews is not satisfied.She wants ALL of her money.
Used to be a fan of Erin Andrews, but seeing her on Kelly and Michael this morning physically hurt. Urghhh, stick to what you know girl.
Can't Erin Andrews just be rich and go far away from television cameras?
but when Erin Andrews was filmed naked, and the video went online, you didn’t stand with her? Made her go on TV…
Erin Andrews wants the Nashville hotel to pay the entire $55 million judgment in her case:
Erin Andrews bring amazing energy to show.
i mean think about it...just in sports law, you know how much play deflategate got? lockouts, Hogan and Erin Andrews
What is the difference between Hogan's Gawker suit and Erin Andrews' Victory? If we can really measure, I'd say sex tape is more exposing.
If you're a dude with an Erin Andrews take, kindly save it and listen to the stories of countless women who have to live w…
A woman in a world of sports does she deserve privacy rights?
not talking about a fake wrestler, talking about a man & if this is a work, he got $155M...Erin Andrews deserves more money
Erin Andrews case is a lesson in comparative via
OMG It's Erin Andrews. Unbelievable. Best co-host ever. Awesome!!! Every man in Americas' dreams have come true
Each jury's different,so reaction to 155mil v 55mil's the real/disturbing issue
hmm. Erin Andrews awarded $55 mil for being secretly recorded. How much will these girls get?
1. Something that's been obscured by the huge verdicts awarded to Hulk Hogan and Erin Andrews is how little ordinary people …
White ppl don't mess around in these lawsuits. When they sue your *** they will clean tf up quick. Hulk Hogan, Erin Andrews, all of em!
On DWTS, Erin Andrews told Doug Flutie that 5 is a better score than 4. She's coming for Phil Simms' job, obviously.
Real question: why did Hulk Hogan get twice as much as Erin Andrews?
Erin Andrews got $55million from Marriott for peeping tom case, Hogan awarded $155million from Gawker for leaked sex tape..where to sign up?
In comparing the two verdicts, remember: Erin Andrews = negligence that allowed crime by a third party, Hogan = willful ac…
Does anyone know why Hulk Hogan would get $115 million while Erin Andrews got $55 million for essentially the same thing?
180 million awarded to Hulk Hogan and Erin Andrews in glorified Peeping Tom Cases and noone died. wow...
I wonder how many of the people who said Erin Andrews got too much money will say nothing about Hulk Hogan getting twice as much...
John . I was waiting for u to pipe in about that. I saw ur post about the Erin Andrews settlement .
Comment on Erin Andrews wins $55 million over peephole video by John Scott: Well Chris my VERY good friend is ...
(cont) . Do you think he gets Erin Andrews and Doris Burke mixed up?
Penn State SHM Director was quoted in article on guest expectations in wake of Erin Andrews verdict http…
Erin Andrews cross examined; Scott Kelly says goodbye to the ISS and heads back to earth.
Pee Wee Herman doesn't care about the victim/accuser, if he cared about real victims why did he ridicule Erin Andrews
She won her case, but will Erin Andrews ever see the money?.
Legal expert said Erin Andrews will never see her $55 million settlement.
hey Dan, just letting you know those of us that graduated high school are on your side of the Erin Andrews talk
Take 5 mins and listen. . Dan shares his take on Erin Andrews ruling
Nice post Dan - Imagine that, someone actually analyzing the law (correctly) with regard to the Erin Andrews verdict
Dan, did you see how a cap on non-economic damages would have capped Erin Andrews at $750,000 if tort happened post 9/31/11
Thank you, Dan Patrick, for addressing what happened to Erin Andrews on the "It was an invasion. It wasn't a choice"
Dan Patrick talking Erin Andrews. lots of you really should be listening.
Dan,. Erin Andrews is in cahoots with the peeper. Something smells about this.
Erin Andrews awarded $55 million in civil case over nude video --
Erin Andrews' reaction from the $55 million verdict: Tearful but thankful
I'm sympathetic toward Erin Andrews.but 55 million? . Michael Morton spent 25 years in prison for a crime he didn't commi…
If your argument/post/column focuses the dollar amount of the Erin Andrews verdict, you've missed the point in the most obtus…
Breaking: Erin Andrews has been awarded $55 million in a lawsuit over a nude video taken at a hotel and posted online.
Nicole Brown & Ronald Lyle Goldman killer has never been found and Erin Andrews crying like a baby about some *** peeping seeing games.
Erin Andrews awarded more than the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman for wrongful deaths. Think about that.
Erin Andrews gets $55 million in her suit. Average wrongful death settlement is $3 million.
Erin Andrews released a statement thanking court that awarded her $55 million for holding her stalker accountable.
Jurors left to decide if hotels are partly to blame for Erin Andrews nude video via http…
Jurors award Erin Andrews $55M in suit over nude video: NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A jury aw... www.gilmanandcompany
Erin Andrews may not be in a rush to work. She was awarded $55 million by jury in case over nude video.
Hotel's owner & former management company owe about $26 million -- Erin Andrews awarded $55 million in peephole case
US reporter wins $55m over nude video: US sports broadcaster Erin Andrews is awarded $55 million (£39m) after ...
Erin Andrews awarded $55 million in peephole case This was not only a sensational case but also traumatic.
*** they cashed Erin Andrews out for $55M... best paying soft core role EVER
Jury finds hotels partly responsible for nude video, awards Erin Andrews $55 million
Erin Andrews now part of the 1%. That Italian Renaissance house on the West coast of Italy comes with a vineyard?
"Erin Andrews awarded $55 million in peephole case esto si es justicia
Erin Andrews awarded $55 million in peephole case: The Fox Sports and ABC reporter, who had been working for E...
Jury awards Erin Andrews $55 million in lawsuit over nude video
BREAKING: Erin Andrews was awarded $55M in the lawsuit over the nude peephole video a stalker took of her
Marc Dedman says he doesn't know whether Windsor or West End will file for bankruptcy after losing Erin Andrews lawsuit.
BREAKING: Jury awards $55M to Erin Andrews in lawsuit over nude video taken at hotel, posted online.
Old Toronto memories of worst team in NHL .. Al Rollins & Black Hawks + Erin Andrews & Jarret Stoll :
Sounds like the interview Richard Sherman would've given to Erin Andrews after "The Tip" if it had been on Pay-Per View. 😬
RESIGN! exec Neal Peskind and friends played Erin Andrews video, mocked her while dining at restaurant.
Brown clarifies that she is "not at all" telling the jury that Erin Andrews is not affected by what happened.
Brown: Erin Andrews is not faking or exaggerating her symptoms. Has 'legitimate' issues.
Brown says Erin Andrews video incident would not have qualified as PTSD before. That's due to change in definition in DSM, she says.
Dr. Brown says she diagnosed Erin Andrews with mild Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Brown says she diagnosed Erin Andrews in third test with mild PTSD.
Brown: Second test showed Erin Andrews had mild feelings of people mistreating her, taking advantage of her.
Brown says there was no indication Erin Andrews has psychotic symptoms or depression.
Brown evaluated Erin Andrews in Los Angeles in Aug. 2015. Psych eval was to determine her issues and causes of them.
Erin Andrews forced to admit her career took off after peephole video via
>needs to remove this franchisee > Defense in Erin Andrews lawsuit: peephole video was good for her career
'This could have been stopped': Erin Andrews testifies against her stalker
Erin Andrews was violated and worries how that affects *others*. *** Everything about this is heartbreaking.
Erin Andrews: ESPN forced me to discuss my stalker on TV
Marriott is using the most disgusting defense in the Erin Andrews peephole trial.
Man, I hope ESPN means Darren "Woodson". Though, since they forced Erin Andrews to do GMA you never know
Erin Andrews tearfully testifies in $75 million stalker trial.
Not sure about that. I'm into sports, I know Stuart Scott, Rich Eisen, Michelle Beadle, I never heard of Erin Andrews till incident
Erin Andrews testifies that ESPN forced her to give interview about “peephole” video:
On dating, Erin Andrews says videos have made her "embarrassed. Humiliated. Mortified." She has that baggage, she said.
Why must women defend themselves and their legitimacy to be successful in their career? Standing with Erin Andrews and Ke$ha.
nypost "Erin Andrews' stalker doctored a peep-hole and listened to her through the wall to know when she was in…
TV host Erin Andrews expected back on stand in video case
Sportscaster gets emotional during stalker trial: This hurts me the worst
Erin Andrews says she has continue to live her life and will continue to do so. Has boyfriend, goes on vacation, hangs with friends.
Erin Andrews cries while testifying about nude videos: 'We can't get it down!'
Erin Andrews says ESPN forced her to go on TV and talk about her stalker:
I've been monitoring the Erin Andrews court case VERY closely. Mostly to find out how to alter a peep hole.
This is really heartbreaking. --> Erin Andrews gives emotional testimony in Peeping Tom lawsuit via…
Erin Andrews testifies as part of lawsuit against stalker
when's the Erin Andrews post coming?
Hardest part of social media feedback from young women: "They say I want to be Erin Andrews except for the Marriott stalker thing.”
So many movie stars want to show themselves as nude as possible; Erin Andrews has a meltdown that she is nude online. What's the big deal?
Erin Andrews should get an for that performance. Great bit of acting.
Has the guy who secretly filmed Erin Andrews endorsed Donald Trump yet?
I think a bit of acting was involved during the Erin Andrews disposition. But hey, that's what happens in the court of law.
This is unacceptable and low, even for ESPN.
Watching Erin Andrews testify about her stalker. Incredibly moved by her bravery:
WATCH: TV host Erin Andrews exposed online in X-rated peephole footage sobs in court
Erin Andrews says was always strong woman in male-dominated field. "I’m Teflon. Nothing affects me." Now she says faces life of treatment.
Jurors are expected to hear more testimony from sportscaster Erin Andrews on how her life was affected when a stalker secretly made nude vi…
this Erin Andrews thing is a money grab and nothing more
This Erin Andrews testimony is a horrible, horrible, horrible look for ESPN.
Erin Andrews -- Back on the Witness Stand in Marriott Hotel Peeping Tom Case (LIVESTREAM)
Erin Andrews continues her testimony in lawsuit against Marriott. Watch at
Erin Andrews gives a tearful testimony in stalker video case
Erin Andrews says she suffered even while her career flourished. Key to damages claim
WATCH: "He unscrewed the peephole." describes the actions of Erin Andrews' stalker. Reply
Update your maps at Navteq
Father: Erin Andrews 'not the girl that we used to know'
Erin Andrews is back on the stand today in the trial against her stalker after things got very emotional yesterday.
Erin Andrews gives tearful testimony in stalker trial:
Sportscaster Erin Andrews' story shows how hard it is to be just “a girl who loves sports” on national television
Erin Andrews says ESPN required her to do TV interview on nude video
WATCH LIVE: Erin Andrews back on the stand in nude video case -
A second straight day on the stand for Erin Andrews. Details at 10
During testimony today, Erin Andrews said John Calipari called her last night to offer support during trial. Very cool.
They need to give Erin Andrews, everything she's asking for
Erin Andrews: ESPN forced me to do interview denying nude video was publicity stunt -
Just a jock groupie that gets paid because she looks good.
The ordeal of ESPN's Erin Andrews: Target of nude peephole videos and sexist affronts
Erin Andrews should get justice in this case, and my support is with her as well. Thank you Amy for your strong stand on this.
Erin Andrews' testimony about being forced to give interview about her stalker to get her job back is heartbreaking http…
Erin Andrews says nude videos shot by stalker left her fearful, depressed
a few years back, Erin Andrews left ESPN. So ESPN went out and got Sam Ponder.
ESPN had declined comment to regarding Erin Andrews's testimony today on the company.
Erin Andrews is great but I'm a massive Sarah Walsh fan
Good luck Why sportscaster Erin Andrews is suing a hotel for $75 million
Erin Andrews trial alleging negligence by a hotel for a 2008 peephole video begins Monday. http…
This is a very big case for Erin Andrews.
- Opening statements in Erin Andrews' suit to come
Opening statements in Erin Andrews' suit to come: The first day of the trial wrapped Monday with jury selectio...
I like Erin Andrews but how does the hotel deserve to be sued for 75 M .. How could they have ever know the guy...
Erin Andrews civil trial to begin Monday
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A lawyer for Erin Andrews says the sportscaster was shocked, humiliated and traumatized when
Erin Andrews set to take on hotel in $75M peeping Tom lawsuit - Page Six
Fox sports reporter Erin Andrews arrived in court Tuesday morning for opening statements in her civil case aga... http…
Erin Andrews in court for opening statements against hotel, peeping Tom
Watching the Erin Andrews suit against Nashville Marriott at Vandy without sound is very interesting.
Erin Andrews' peephole lawsuit against Marriott hotels begins Monday: Andrews is suing the hotel chain for neg...
In the last 30 mins I've seen Reggie McKenzie, Erin Andrews and Joe Fonzi from Pretty cool!
Marcellus Have ever trip off Erin Andrews she so chill! She Lookin like bang on cuzz
Today, Erin Andrews is exactly as old as Janet Jackson was the day of her wardrobe malfunction: 13,775 days.
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