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Erin Andrews

Erin Jill Andrews (born May 4, 1978) is an American sportscaster, journalist, and television personality.

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Anyone else remember when Erin Andrews called us "The University of Western Virginia"? It was at least 8 years ago, and I'm still mad.
bring up Bob's take on Erin Andrews being spied on. Or do you only attack people who can't help your career?
Goodness gracious Erin Andrews is on my teevee and I'm locked in😍
Erin Andrews just dissed Aaron Rodgers: "We saw the Atlanta game."
Erin Andrews is not a good game show contestant.
I this $100,000 Pyramid. How bad can it be? Then I discovered Erin Andrews thinks you jump on a…
The Larry David cameo in Willie Mitchell's Instagram post is the most random thing I've seen today. .
Erin Andrews just revealed her stupidity.
PSA: Aaron Rodgers and Erin Andrews are on $100,000 Pyramid. Arguably the best game show made yet
Aaron Rodgers playing the 100,000 Pyramid against Erin Andrews and the sexual tension is palpable
Erin Andrews is on 100,000 dollar pyramid and I just wanna turn it off 🤢
Hmm and he just lost to Erin Andrews. He should just retire from everything. Overrated.
Erin Andrews just gave Aaron Rodgers the "Discount Double Check" move!
Oh Erin Andrews did not just discount double check on Aaron Rodgers. LOL
Love watching my QB1 put in work on Erin Andrews on this gameshow!
I feel like Erin Andrews is trying too hard to be funny...
How stupid is Erin Andrews, says to Aaron Rodgers, "you're not good in the cold" Huh? What?
I swear if Erin Andrews tries Aaron one more time. 👊🏼
I feel like Erin Andrews is the reason Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn broke up. At least their vibe from
Erin Andrews and longtime boyfriend Jarret Stoll tied the knot Saturday in Montana.
.. curious to see Aaron Rodgers' game show game ... playing against Erin Andrews over on $100,000 Pyramid on ABC ...
Time for Aaron Rodgers to take on Erin Andrews on the $100,000 Pyramid!
I would marry Erin Andrews right now but i think thats my threshold. Not a year over Erin Andrews lol
Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll got married this weekend.
[Author: andrew-joseph] The couple has been together since 2012.
I'm excited that both Aaron Rodgers and Erin Andrews are going to be on the $100,000 Pyramid tonight.
PHOTOS: Erin Andrews marries hockey player Jarret Stoll at sunset wedding in Montana
Erin Andrews got married this weekend
Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll got married at a picturesque wedding ceremony in Montana
USA TODAY - Erin Andrews gets married at picturesque wedding
Erin Andrews ties the knot with former NHL player Jarret Stoll in sunset ceremony -
Sportscaster/TV host marries former NHL player. Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll are now husband and wife.
Erin Andrews is less than 1 year from 40... 😬
New post: "Erin Andrews gets married at picturesque wedding"
legal_problems: Erin Andrews gets married at picturesque wedding
Erin Andrews gets married at picturesque wedding
Phil Mushnick ripped that hypocrite Erin Andrews a new bikini | Bob's Blitz via
Tonight at 6PM on "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly," Erin Andrews talks in-depth on why she doesn't forgive stalker M…
Richard Sherman got labeled a "thug" and "animal" for screaming in the direction of Erin Andrews.
Doris Burke on the NBA and Erin Andrews on the NFL are 2 of the worst birches they put on broadcast
You have Kathryn Tappen as an NHL Studio host for NBC Sports, Erin Andrews at Fox and we can go on down the list.
Of course Tru never went off during an interview with Erin Andrews so Tru will never get any credit.
If you ever start thinkin your tough, just remember, Erin Andrews secretly battled cancer all year and didn't miss ONE…
Joe Buck's beard is looking thinner than Erin Andrews on a Mandalay Bay Coke binge.
All I wanna do for the rest of my life is wear a sparkly suit at the like Erin Andrews.
Erin Andrews sent out via Instrgram the Fox pregame show rundown. That's pretty cool for TV fans:
Jessica Mendoza gets harassed someone who played baseball and knows the game, but let's get Erin Andrews comments. Brutal
Erin Andrews had cervical cancer surgery during NFL season:
Erin Andrews had surgery for cervical cancer & just days later, covered NFL games. Read more here:...
Erin Andrews worked her full schedule this year while battling cervical cancer and she's now cancer free
Erin Andrews, 38, revealed she battled cancer through the football season, and she didn't miss a single game.
I had no idea that Erin Andrews had while also dealing with a stalker and She's an &...
Erin Andrews reached out to help Jason Pierre-Paul
Erin Andrews became cancer free on November 17th. You will see her at the Super Bowl in Houston in 2 weeks.
Erin Andrews opens up about cancer diagnosis, stalking trial via
*** Erin Andrews kept secret that she had cancer for the past year and didnt miss a game. much respect ✊
Erin Andrews reveals she battled cervical cancer
Erin Andrews reveals cervical cancer diagnosis that she kept secret for 5 months
Erin Andrews kept her cancer diagnosis, treatment a secret from DWTS costars
Erin Andrews’ battle with cervical cancer – and how she returned to the field 2 days after surgery via…
"Should I have been standing for a full game five days after surgery? Let's just say the doctor didn't recommend...
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Erin Andrews opens up about being diagnosed with cervical cancer in September.
Erin Andrews refused to let cancer stop her from doing her job
Erin Andrews reveals she was secretly battling cancer during 2016 NFL season
NFL reporter Erin Andrews revealed that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last fall.
Erin Andrews diagnosed with cervical cancer last year
Erin Andrews was diagnosed with cervical cancer in October. She worked a game 5 days after surgery. She did not miss one…
Erin Andrews battled cancer this season and didn't miss a game. Now she's cancer free for the Super Bowl. .
Erin Andrews endured the most difficult year of her life... and came out stronger than ever
Sportscaster Erin Andrews wins again, this time against cancer
What does this story tell us about self care? I was conflicted reading this. How do victims claim power? Do we...
Erin Andrews reveals she had surgery for cervical cancer and returned to the sidelines days later - CNBC
HEADLINES: Erin Andrews opens up on battle with cervical cancer
So this is the story everyone should read today.
Erin Andrews was privately battling cancer during the 2016 NFL season
Erin Andrews reveals she battled cervical cancer during the NFL season
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Sports reporter Erin Andrews battled cancer during NFL season: Erin Andrews has revealed that she battled cervical…
Erin Andrews never missed an NFL game for Fox as she battled cervical cancer last year
Erin Andrews reveals she battled cancer throughout NFL season, never missed a game.
Erin Andrews (Sports Sidelines and Dancing with the Stars) was diagnosed with cervical cancer in September.
Hot Take: can you really say Erin Andrews "battled" cancer if from time of being diagnosed to being cleared was like t…
Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews reveals that she battled cervical cancer during NFL season.
From the trial to a cancer diagnosis, here's how found strength in the most difficult year of her life. http…
Erin Andrews opens up about her cervical cancer diagnosis and stalking trial.
"Erin Andrews reveals she battled cervical cancer"
Erin Andrews approached Jason Pierre-Paul to offer support in his privacy lawsuit against ESPN…
We went from seeing Erin Andrews to Tracy Wolfson. Talk about a drop off
People hate Erin Andrews cuz they ain't Erin Andrews. She's excellent at her job. That would be true even if she weren't beautiful. Grow up
When I'm feeling real unmotivated, I go look at clips of Erin Andrews, Dorris Burke, etc. I realize real fast I got work to do😐
Often times I catch myself watching the fem sports world gr8s like Pam Oliver, Erin Andrews, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, & I think 'what if'.
Dang, Fox Sports 1 has lost both Molly McGrath and Julie Stewart Binks. All they have left now is Erin Andrews.
I assume Erin Andrews has already deleted all her email accounts. If not she should send one to Rachel Hunter.
Erin Andrews is more annoying than Samantha Harris, Tom Bergeron should host by himself
Nobody can tell me that Erin Andrews is better than Pam Oliver...
Jeez, do you think you could have asked any lamer questions on the field? I wasn't sure if that was you or Erin Andrews.
Many people don't realize Erin Andrews made her television debut in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"…
Watching and Erin Andrews looks an awful lot like detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) from that show
People who the NFL should use instead of Erin Andrews. -your drunk uncle. -Kermit the frog. -An Elvis impersonator. -Siamese twins. -Judas
Robin Roberts, Mike Tirico, Kieth Olberman (kinda), Erin Andrews, Bill Simmons (tbd, but HBO show is great).
Dancing With the Stars is keeping it in the family. Kym Johnson is set to fill in for Erin Andrews as the ABC reality hit's co-host for
On NFL broadcasting, being replaced by Erin Andrews & women of color in sports. Media podcast w. Pam Oliver:
On NFL broadcasting & being replaced by Erin Andrews and much more. The Media podcast w. Pam Oliver:
Kym Johnson to Fill In for Erin Andrews as Dancing With the Stars Co-Host
and this crew is doing Sox-Indians.sheesh. Sam Ryan is as bad as Erin Andrews at sideline reporting for baseball. Awkward
EXCLUSIVE: Kym Johnson will fill in for Erin Andrews as co-host this week.
Welcome back to the ballroom! Kym Johnson will be filling in for Erin Andrews on DWTS:
Does anyone else love Kim Johnson hosting with tom on dancing with the stars? She's way better than Erin Andrews
Kudos to Kym Johnson for an excellent job standing in for Erin Andrews ! And for embarrassing with her last name.
I prefer Kym Johnson co-hosting over Erin Andrews! *** I would love to see Leah Remini co-host again. Bring her back!
Watchingc no Erin Andrews with tom.B is she? Filling in is kim johnson hershavick
would be better if the dancers stayed and Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews moderated.
Lisa Salters, and Erin Andrews helps me to stay beautiful while yelling at the UP DIRTY-BIRDS...
Tom Bergeron hosts 'Dancing with the Stars' without Erin Andrews on Week 3
[Entertainment] Erin Andrews to miss 'Dancing With the Stars': Tom Bergeron will be performing solo Monday ni...
Tom Bergeron will host Monday's solo as Erin Andrews takes time off for a family emergency. https:…
I love being an accountant, but some days I wish I was Samantha Ponder or Erin Andrews
Bring back Pam Oliver Fox she is excellent and gorgeous Can't tolerate Erin Andrews
Pam Oliver replaced with Erin Andrews who is 17 years her junior and BLONDE AND WHITE...
Pam Oliver and Erin Andrews would never forget 💅🏾
Pam Oliver slander only leads to an Erin Andrews takeover. Erin's hair is "messy" too, but that's not normally said about Becky's 🤔
Erin Andrews has a pre-game on FS1 before the Fox NFL Sunday. That's what I'm gonna watch this year!
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at least it wasn't the monster he sent Erin Andrews
After yelled @ Michael Crabtree on camera next to Erin Andrews, white supremacists dragged him. Now he's their spokesman.
Before the Cubs take the field, let's go to Erin Andrews, who has a black cat and a mirror to break at Ron Santo's grave
28.06.16 was the best day of my life, thank you so much for giving me magical moments, I love you 💚💛🇧🇷
bonjour my lil love,i have a dilemma for you..If this get 500 rts (rlly much f me😂)could you facetime me pls?…
1st Half of 1st game Dukes leads 18-10 after Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews finally touching favourite back!?!
Oh...I can overlook that. More impressed that he apparently nailed Erin Andrews.
- Admitting your weaknesses does not diminish your strengths, it shows your courage. (Erin Andrews) I believe in you. GB
Tonight on ESPN our Erin Andrews caught up with a once defensive bruiser and long time 6 man
I haven't listened to FSR since Chris Myers had hot Erin Andrews takes years ago. About to break my boycott
Game 1 GA Sting 43, SC Future 9th 42. Leading scorers were Jordan Brown with 14 pts and Erin Andrews with a clutch FT at the end and 10 pts.
GA Sting Dukes Erin Andrews seals the win at the line vs SC Future 42-43
The Erin Andrews case puts travel safety in the spotlight. Here are six ways to stay safe:
The trolls of the Internet better find a new hobby because Erin Andrews is done being a punching bag.
Oh ya Fox News..stand up for the gold digging Erin Andrews. Glad she blocked me.
Rachel Nichols, Hannah Storm, Erin Andrews, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele. Should they all just stick to sports too?
one of a kind your Kate Upton,Erin Andrews, Kelly Kelly, and Carrie Underwood all in one damb and your 10x more beautiful 😍
The new ads should feature Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle catfighting over the last bottle of Dos Equis
look, if Matt Greene's not a King anymore, he's on Springsteen tour with his kid while his wife styles Erin Andrews. A+++
I think what I try to do with all the naysayers, negative comments, or...
it's not a great step when they hire people like Erin Andrews
Catching up on Erin Andrews just said "Don't touch me" to Alan. Wow that was rude.
I should do that for sure I know nothing of nascar or be like the Erin Andrews of football
you can say the same about Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews' tears mark two days of emotional testimony
looks better than Erin andrews, the tight *** Boohoo boohoo, let me sue. I won I won, a Victor's crown can turn a frown upside down
I believe Kristine Leahy had an Uber driver break into her home. I still don't believe Erin Andrews didn't set up her own nude video leak.
. Erin Andrews, a Fox Sports reporter was traumatised by stalker in hotel room.
My perfect job is to be the Erin Andrews of the History Channel.
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Is it true is taking over for Erin Andrews?.
How the *** did you get this smokeshow to go from the next Erin Andrews to
Erin Andrews says claim nude video was a publicity stunt 'ripped me apart'
Erin Andrews says claim nude video was a
Erin Andrews officially settles with that hotel chain
I try to stay in shape just to handle things like the stress of a job or ev...
This wk's look as alittle feel to it
You're just as beautiful as Erin Andrews
Success doesn't happen overnight. Keep your eye on the prize and don't look back. -Erin Andrews...
me too i like the part where its like "ooohh Erin plz giv me da succ bc my nama Andrews"
That would be so cool. Erin Andrews, here I ***
In the time it took Erin Andrews to testify about the emotional distress of people seeing her naked, Kim Kardashian posted 3…
Yes, I am an Irish lass through and through.
(Reuters) - Television personality Erin Andrews has reached a settlement with the owner and operator of the Nashville hotel where a nude
.Olivia Munn off the deep end after flirtation between Aaron Rodgers and Erin Andrews? Thank me, -Jason Blasco
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TBT to them Broadcasting major days, dead wanted to be the next Erin Andrews
"They gave the job to that tall gangly thing and that's why nobody watches it anymore.". -on Erin Andrews and DWTS.
Erin Andrews reaches a settlement with the Marriott Hotel in her peeping tom lawsuit.
I like you but you are naive on bathrooms. Ask Erin Andrews how she would like men coming need for the peephole
Fox thinks they're "protecting womens bathrooms from creeps dressed like women spying on them." Erin Andrews ring a bell?
They say HB-2 is "cause we don't want creeps to dress up as ladies to spy on women in bathrooms". Fast forward to Erin Andrews, hm.
After 1 Complete the Pantherettes take a 3-0 lead on a Erin Scholl drive to RF and a Summer Andrews FC!
NL SB: Erin Scholl hits a line drive to right field, ball passes through the legs and scores 2. Scholl reached third, Andrews scores her 3-0
Andrews Why don't you stand up for privacy in the male locker rooms, now that you know what it's like to be seen against your will.
Erin Andrews' privacy was worth millions. The average women in NC, is worth nothing apparently.
Erin Andrews blog: This week brought out her side!
Guest Privacy a Hot Button Issue in Wake of $55 Million Erin Andrews Verdict -
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