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Erik Prince

Erik Dean Prince (born June 6, 1969) is an American businessman and former U.S. Navy SEAL, best known for founding the world's largest private military company, Blackwater USA, in 1997. He served as its CEO until 2009 and later as chairman until Blackwater Worldwide was sold in 2010 to a group of investors.

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Erik Prince's family founded Amway & he has a private security company, so he's basically Cobra Commander.
Democrat calls for probe into Donald Trump’s ties to Blackwater founder Erik Prince after Russia meeting exposed |
Erik Prince's Afghan plan is a sales pitch for his company, which is co-owned by a state-owned Chinese conglomerate
in some alt. universe, Ahmad Shah Massoud is leading Afg. to a renaissance. we got stuck in one where Erik Prince says mercs will save it
I'm not reading an op-ed from Erik Prince in the New York Times, and *** is an op-ed from Erik Prince doing in the New…
And if the New York Times wants an Erik Prince story, it could update us on how he knew about their email stories. https:/…
The NYT letting Erik Prince to use the Op Ed page to argue for a strategy that would enrich him is an odd choice
Has anyone confirmed that NO Erik Prince 'contractors' will be involved?
'Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, was scheduled to attend Afghanistan session but was blocked at last minute' https:…
Felt the same way, but wait for the evening to hear Don's plans for Afghanistan. Where's Erik Prince & *** Cheney?
Erik Prince should go to Dubai and stay there. The US has zero need for his brand of fascism.
Erik Prince trying to sell us on his latest boondoggle. .
Have not yet connected the many dots. Erik Prince lived on a farm near mine before being chased by Obama's & Clintons' le…
Yes. That is what we are fearing. Our biggest concern should also be Erik Prince getting a private army and…
But Erik Prince loves the idea if we pay him millions of dollars to fund a private army to do the same thing.
Oh does this mean Erik Prince's mercenaries will be taking over the job?
Horror stories about the actions of Erik Prince's Blackwater forces. They are murders. I was in Iraq & treated their victi…
Listen for a company named Academi (Erik Prince's current company) & talk of an International Stability Operations Associa…
Probably a good time to read up on the history of Erik Prince's mercenaries from Blackwater. Privatization of national security is dangerous
tell Congress not to approve fund$ for Betsy Devos Christian mercenary brother Erik Prince (who no lon…
No it's worse, he's hiring Erik Prince the Blackwater guy, these mercenaries will be his goon squad.
Gives 45 an excuse to hire Erik Prince's people out of his own pocket and create his own private army.
Erik Prince trained Tiger Swan, one of two paramilitary groups against Standing Rock Water Protectors. Prince is POS.
Erik Prince wants 2 reinstitute the Phoenix project and Bush; wants to kill billionaires funding ISIS.
Politico says McMaster blocked Bannon plan for Erik Prince to pitch privatizing Afghan war at Camp David today; w/ Ban…
Erik Prince offers private military force in Afghanistan via
For those being like "well at least bannon wanted out of Afghanistan," his solution was to keep the war going but…
Erik Prince's barbaric mercenaries killing Afghani civilians and stealing trillions of dollars in natural resources.
Erik Prince built an army for Saudis, built his own Air Force, and is part of Domionists DeVos Prince family; a criminal.
Erik Prince has been on Chinese Payroll since 2014 , including when he, Giuliani, tRump coerced Comey 2 release emails.
President Donald Trump will subcontract the war on terror to Erik Prince
If Trump would hire Erik Prince's mercenary army for Afghanistan, it would be like King George's Hessians during American revolution
on Erik Prince's privitized Afghanistan war pitch, by "Make sure to get the Wollman Ice Rink."
4. One of the biggest and most contentious topics that will come up at Camp David is Erik Prince's idea of privatizing…
Erik Prince's Wollman Ice Rink plan for Trump's Afghanistan Strategy ; Prev. on the rink :…
Gary Anderson: war could be outsourced to Erik Prince of Blackwater.
People like Erik Prince, Mercer family, Koch bros helped Trump get elected with one objective, privatize US gov & make billions in profits
See, e.g., and for our last go around w/ Erik Prince et al
Erik Prince tells me he met with a Russian "fund manager" over "one beer" in Seychelles. .
I have been waiting for this. I have said from start Mercers plus DeVos and Erik Prince - would be arre…
If I understand correctly, Erik Prince is trying to sell a private military to Afghanistan via a Dubai company
"Businessman" is a pretty generous description of Erik Prince, a mass murdering mercenary war criminal on a theo…
(3) In the weeks before the election Trump sent out surrogates like Erik Prince to spread Russian "fake news" on conserva…
There are two names that keep popping in terms of surveillance and migration: Thiel and Erik Prince. Adding Palmer Luck…
Don't forget that Betsy Devos's brother is Blackwater founder Erik Prince who resides in Holland, Michigan.
This will be important -> Fancy Bear targeted Academi - the group formerly known as Blackwater. Owned by Erik Prince. Betsy De…
A top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee blasts the Trump family disclosures and wants Erik Prince to testify https…
A top Democrat on House Oversight Committee blasts Trump family disclosures, says he wants Erik Prince to testify
We know Erik Prince and the Russian ambassador covertly entered Trump Tower in December. Who else?
Chuck Johnson reports Jon Brennan is guilty party in spying on Hannity, Flynn, Erik Prince
The focus was on General Mike Flynn, billionaire Erik Prince, and Fox News host Sean Hannity
Again: Erik Prince, Trump's emmisary to Putin, considers himself a Christian crusader intent on wiping out Muslims. https…
BREAKING NEWS! Obama administration spied on Sean Hannity and Erik Prince, per Chuck Johnson.
in 2014 said this on National Park Service. Seychelles. Erik Prince
.had reported in January that Prince was advising Donald from the shadows
Maybe also mention Erik Prince is under FBI investigation for Libya deal involving Chinese Intel and Bank of C…
I read that Erik Prince story, seemed pretty weak to me. I don't even dare to enter that thread.
March: Erik Prince is Under Investigation for Money Laundering-Ties to Chinese... by via
So, this explains the WH projection meltdown on today . DeVos brother Erik Prince backchannel mtg for
Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a Russian close to Putin established a back channel line of communication between Moscow and Trump.
If Erik Prince was working on behalf of the U.A.E. was he registered as a foreign agent?
Blackwater founder Erik Prince reportedly held a meeting in Seychelles to establish a Trump-Putin back channel. https:/…
Erik Prince. Carter Page. Seychelles. Hey Donald, at some point you have to realize that Putin did all this with you knowin…
That time you tried to deflect w/ and reality countered with Erik Prince, Carter Page recruitment, and Sebasti…
Ever notice how the Democrats always seem to have dirt to release RIGHT AFTER they get caught doing dirt? 🤔 -VJ. RE: Er…
Now we've got Sec of Education, brother Erik Prince and her hubby Dicky DeVos all involved in
FEC filings (show that Erik Prince was the 2nd largest donor to this PAC in Sept. '16. . Here's why t…
Republicans are treating Trump scandals like they're confirmation hearings, cramming 3 into 1 day:. Sebastian Gorka. Erik…
Sean Spicer claims the Whitehouse is not aware of Erik Prince meeting in Seychelles. That's for we all kn…
The liberal propaganda media is attempting to bury the story with this fake Erik Prince news. His meetings weren't…
Hey maybe mention in the headline that Erik Prince is Trump Ed Secretary Betsy Devos's brother? ht…
So it's just a coincidence the Carter Page and Erik Prince reports come out the VERY DAY is busted breaking…
Betsy brother is the founder of He's been setting up a secret channel between 45 & https:/…
The Erik Prince news threatened to push off the lead for worst Trump associate. But Seb always has another tr…
Hey Remember how you were asking about Peter Thiel's potential role earlier today? He's friends with Erik Princ…
Tick tock. ⚡️ “Erik Prince met with Putin associate to establish back channel”.
Blackwater was founded by Erik Prince. His sister is Betsy Devos, our newly installed and completely unqualified Educa…
Carter Page / Erik Prince . Do Trumpers know how HORRIBLE it is to live in dictatorship? . (Hint: U don't get…
So Erik Prince is a problem with liberals but Hillary actually meeting with Putin is not a problem for liberals? Any l…
Why would you need a back channel set up by Erik Prince if nothing shady is going on?
After these Erik Prince and Carter Page stories, the Senate MUST wait for FBI to conclude investigation befor…
in 2014said this about Erik Prince /Seychelles
Wonder why Betsy Devos was really hired as Sec of Ed?. Her brother, Erik Prince, was in the Seychelles to setup
Erik Prince, friend of the Mercers, who installed Bannon and bankroll Breitbart, is also the brother of Betsey DeVos h…
1. Erik Prince was one of the top donor's to the PAC that paid for Cambridge Analytica's work for the Trump campaign.
2. Cambridge Analytica used FB data to micro target users w/fake news from sites like Breitbart... which Erik Prince is also a…
Erik Prince set-up a backchannel between Putin and Trump. Prince is the brother of Betsy Devos. Now we know why Trump fou…
MSM response to Susan Rice bombshell? IGNORE. Distract with a lie about Erik Prince & a 2013 Buzzfeed fabrication of Ca…
Blackwater back channel from DeVos brother Erik Prince to unnamed Putin ally via UAE in Seychelles makes Homeland plot feel l…
All the hate for Erik Prince means he's a great guy who helps Trump stay apprised of real threats while the intel co p…
But NYPD and Erik Prince and Giuliani were already spinning this as Clinton indictments
Erik Prince "views himself as Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims & the Islamic faith from the globe."
Let's not leave out Jared Kushner's financial ties to Russia. Or Manafort. Or Erik Prince. Pence is looking dirty t…
Erik Prince is a secret advisor to Trump. Read what a former Blackwater employee said in sworn statement about him: http…
Oh wow. What a coincidence. Erik Prince says it's "all about the next 5 years" for his new security company:
Erik Prince's goal is to see Pence can execute his dominionist agenda and make church and state one entity.
Unsettling to find out that Erik Prince, founder of mercenary contractor Blackwater, is Education Secretary nominee Betsey D…
Let me remind you that Erik Prince of Blackwater was training Cubans & South Americans to work in Saudi Arabia's military.
Fun fact: Betsy Devos's brother is Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, mercenary company that murdered Iraqi civilians.
Small world: Trump's pick for education secretary is the sister of Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater.
Blackwater founder Erik Prince to help Chinese firms set up shop in Africa | South China Morning Post via
ALSO...her brother is Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater *** IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THAT?…
Erik Prince gave $100k+ to Trump. His mom also gave big. Sister is going to be in cabinet. Prince will thrive & get prot…
Connect the dots. Betsy Devos is Elsa Prince's daughter, sister to Erik Prince of Blackwater. Iraq war security paid by…
Trump's education secretary, Betsy Devos, is the sister of Blackwater's Erik Prince. last week:
who's the next speaker lined up at the Lloyd Blankfein? Haim Saban? Netanyahu? Erik Prince? Nancy Reagan's exhumed corpse?
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Modern mercenary: Former owner Erik Prince isn't done with military contracting yet. told us https…
Anybody that goes to Man high school knows this pic is Jake Schoolcraft , Paul Prince , and Erik Files together 😂😂
ICYMI on Erik Prince acquiring planes - thought you would find interesting
📷 schreavetiara: prince-consort-erik: kiles-butter: Returning to the Selection fandom on tumblr after...
My New Prince Tattoo (by the Homie Erik Axel at Triple Crown in Austin)
I'm on board with the narrative that Prince died from chronic pain IF we can pivot to the idea that pain patients need better than opioids.
Erik Prince, former Blackwater chief, under investigation for deals with China, Libya: report:
Here's a look at the save Bishop made on the shot by Prince
Bishop with a huge stop on Prince wide open in the slot
Ridiculous comment. But no surprise, you probably haven't been to the middle east or north africa. Erik Prince is a good man.
For 16 RTs will get a tattoo of Prince on his left earlobe
Erik Prince is more like a real life Bond. If you know anything about his life.
Long read, in-depth investigation into links between US mercenaries, Sudanese civil war, and Chinese foreign policy http…
Just saw "Is Kim Jong Un the Last Bond Bad Guy?" Not even close, the actual guy who's most like a Bond villain is Erik Prince
“Words are weapons. They are all you need.” - Kiera Cass, The Heir (via prince-consort-erik)
One of a Kind Prince Converse Shoes artwork done by Erik Wahl💕.
prince If i was your Girlfriend Original Video
dont forget stewarts softball 'interview' of erik prince. Blackwater becomes victim of govt inadequacy
I just noticed that it's the 2 year anniversary of the release of The One... - prince-consort-erik: God…...
should I go out & buy books like Erik Prince's justifying his bloodthirsty mercenary then?
📷 prince-consort-erik: lizethrj: America & Eadlyn. I have to admit that i did not fell in love with the...
South Sudan lobby never short of people to blame. Now Erik Prince.
.BTW Erik Prince is a JESUIT CATHOLIC ... so he is NOT "christian". I've read about him before.
George Clooney's Africa organization told Congress today it has additional evidence on Erik Prince Sudan activities: htt…
Helppp!!?!?!??! - prince-consort-erik: palaceofillea: What does one do when they get The Crown in the mail...
If not was author of The Prince. Perfection:. (via Erik Angner) http…
But here came Prince Erik to save the day. Erik graciously offered his attendance at the Royal Ball.
Purple Rain back in theaters was the closest I'll ever get to seeing Prince, so of course I was overwhelmed
Master of War: Blackwater USA's Erik Prince and the of War “Suzanne Simons Is a Masterful Storyteller
Thanks to for putting up my new piece on Yes, Eric Prince had the right idea.
ICYMI Lawmakers Ask to Explain Erik Prince’s Mercenaries in the via
Episode 191 up now talking Brussels, Islam, Erik Prince & more with
hehehe... We could bid for a contract with the Nigerian government, Erik Prince-style...
Big bro showing luv, dis is what its about. I have much respect for em. Chicago's own Prince holding it down…
What does the family have to do with Founder Erik Dean Prince is the brother of Betsy Devos.
I saw the word Blackwater was trending, got excited thinking it had to do w/Erik Prince, but then I realized they're called Academi now. 😏
Shower thoughts with Kaytlin: prince Erik is the hottest prince because he has a cute dog.
Time for Trump to give Erik Prince a call, perhaps.
"Civilian Warriors: Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of...:" Erik Prince. via
Let's beat the heat with the Prince of Pop Erik Santos today March 12 5pm at Robinsons Bf Parañaque! See you all!...
Erik Yahnker art is exactly what walls were made for.
Whatcha want to be this year, Prince?
I'm sure Paul Le Roux and Erik Prince know the names.
Agree and I rank Thiel + Erik Prince higher than Musk, but want opinion as he rates Musk higher
See You all this coming saturday for. Album Tour ng nag-iisang PRINCE OF POP Erik Santos…
Prince Erik was eight months old and had mastered the art of crawling. He sat on his mother’s lap as she...
In the book Erik Prince the owner of Blackwater talks about bloated government and how it can't always do its job well.
erik_trudel completed the Paw Prince quest
📷 Do we have a Regency Fantasy AU with deer Prince!Charles and goat/satyr King!Erik yet? Because this...
Have a great morning with the Prince of Pop Erik Santos on "Umagang Kay Ganda" today!
I can impart all my research on Erik Prince, CAP, and the new crusades.
aye if you're Ariel i guess that makes me prince Erik 😏
Erik Prince and his Frontier Resource Group training private armies for CIA in Mideast since 2010
video was pre planned based on intel available and cia policy for this type of intel. mi-6/erik prince did provide intel.IR
The mercenaries were recruited by companies linked to Erik Prince, the former US Special Forces commando-turned... http…
Catch the Prince of Pop Erik Santos tomorrow March 6 at Starmall Alabang! Experience his "Champion Reborn" music...
"I said zamn I wish I had me a prince erik"
Michigan heiress swindled...via Pretty sure I wouldn't want to be the guy who swindled Erik Prince's mom!
$16M stolen from philanthropist mother of Betsy Devos, Erik Prince, feds say
Emirates is recruiting Latin American death squad vets to fight in Yemen; Erik Prince involved
Breitbart News Daily - America at War: Sharyl Attkisson, Ray Kelly, Erik Prince, and more on 125!
Blackwater founder Erik Prince on how to defeat Islamic State (
George Soros is an angel compared to the DeVos family and Erik Prince on the right so pick your poison
Yep. I wonder if are employed by the just as Saudi stooge: Erik Prince's has been since 2001?
Contracts in the battlefield is not a new thing. Foreign contractors have been used since the first colonies.- Erik Prince of Blackwater
We've never lost anyone under our care, we've only lost our own men. We're the group people love to hate-Erik Prince
Blackwater's Erik Prince is live with us now! Tune in
prince of pop / king of theme songs ERIK SANTOS and the queen Angeline Quinto
Sorry the Paps thing was heavy sarcasm. I'd take Kimbrel for the right prince. Paps, no... Washington, enjoy that
Erik Prince, The best trick to get 1.000.000 VC NBA2K16, if you want, please enter link on my profile
Erik Prince from Blackwater, anti-Islam extraordinaire, has operations set up in Dubai too. NEXT. re: beholden
EMAIL Bruce Dale, and ask him to cancel the hunt of on Prince of Wales - NO HUNT - NO HARVEST bruce.dale…
To maintain a viable population of Alexander on Prince of Wales, Alaska must cancel the season.
we're like prince Erik and Ariel, except I'm not a boy
I am Ariel 🎀. Except I want mermaid fins instead of legs. Where you at Prince Erik💁
ERIK LEHMAN IS MIGHTY FINE! Thank you thank you thank you. May I call him my Prince Erik? ;) ❤
Prince Erik - The little mermaid. Disney characters in real life.
Good luck to & Prince Erik in Racehorse to Riding Horse Class today.
via Sacramento, CA native is nothing short of stunning in these pics by photog Erik Carter. …
Griffey Jr. told me a husky joke today. "Only Prince looks good in purple." Got 'em.
1991: Virginia Prince on the use of Transgender via
I've only got 2 more routes in Beast Master and Prince and then I'm done!. Leaving Erik's Arabian get-up for last.
Listen to Drugged Up x prod. Erik Jourgensen by $haka Zulu on can we coll…
Check the dude aka $haka Zulu. Drugged up may be my favorite song right now
"I got bodied a few times and my mom got scared she said you're moving with you're grandma to the Catskills" fresh prince v…
The arrogance of Erik Prince in this is astounding. "Blackwater’s [Xe's] Legacy Goes Beyond Public View"
all so hot. Hi prince Erik and Tarzan
I'm in love with Prince Erik again. 💟💟💟
Alaska's Prince of Wales are nearing Demand emergency protection!
I'd like to be part of Prince Erik's world...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Doc Wikileaks. Blackwater. Erik Prince:. "They (the Bush administration) care more about Iraq and. Afghanistan than here.
What it takes to protect ambassador In Iraq when Frank Gallagher & Erik Prince are in charge .-3 min slide show:
I'm on today discussing murder trial & how Erik Prince is still free & rich. See:
ISIS militants have reportedly claimed control of a key military training camp in Anbar province – the "gateway to Baghdad" – as a spate of deadly bombings shook Iraq's capital city, hitting mostly Shiite neighborhoods and leaving at least 30 dead. TUNE IN: Blackwater founder Erik Prince joins Megyn Kelly tonight at 9p ET on the intensifying crisis in Iraq and Syria.
According to Scahill, business with multinationals, like Monsanto, Chevron, and financial giants such as Barclays and Deutsche Bank, are channeled through two companies owned by Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater: Total Intelligence Solutions and Terrorism Research Center.
“…previously known as Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide—is a private military company founded in 1997 by Erik Prince!
"Why Howard Hughes, Tony Stark and Erik Prince are alike."-4 min read-
Rash decisions in the middle of the night in Minneapolis usually lead to pancakes at Prince's house in the morning.
Watching highlights from the first season of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air >>>
I don't know of any (although Erik Prince is now based in Abu Dhabi)
Erik Prince, founder of controversial private security firm formerly known as Blackwater at GOP fundraiser
moral equivalent of our founding fathers of 21st century kinetic subcontracting: Erik Prince and Blackwater.
Erik Prince hides nothing in this book not even his own personal shortcomin...
I've been trying to figure it out all season who Cody looks like. He's a real life prince Erik
Just wanted to share inspirational picture with you, David. What you think about this article ?
Why Erik Prince, Hughes, and Tony Stark are alike. 4min read.
Just found your profile. Was wondering you would like 4 min read
Academi private military company, founded by Erik Prince/known as Blackwater/Xe Services/Academi
Erik on wishes they had The Hits, Disc 3 by Prince
Sounds good, but I was thinking more like Erik Prince. "Pay raise, see the world, cappin'' ni**ers at will..…
thank you so much for an awesome epi w/ our amazing prince Erik Santos this morning!!
Imagine how awesome it would be, you in disney world, he's Prince Erik and you just
Congratulations Prince of Pop Erik Santos! . from starmusicph with…
"counter-terrorism professionals" would know that ISIS was formed/trained by Erik Prince for the UAE as Reflex Responses or R2.
Watching the little mermaid. Only now seeing the prince Erik has a look of dazed shock perpetually on his face. *.*
just wondering, have you read Erik Prince's book? Do you disagree with his costing analysis?
Comment on Was Erik Prince Right About Iran ’s Role in by bill0 via
If you missed the first note from our chairman, Erik Prince, you can find it here:
In Haywire, Erik Prince of Blackwater is depicted as a diabolical killer of his own agents. Good movie.
Yes. Ruined Erik Prince's co & reputation 4 awhile but hes back on top. Changed name twice, tn sold out.
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It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
‘Mercenaries do better job than US Army’ - Blackwater founder Erik Prince Feb 3, 2014
I'd rather be a prince among thieves than a king among enemies
Erik Prince has been in the Gulf for the last several years coordinating the weapons running. So that's interesting.
any idea what erik prince and his force is upto wrt IS and rebel training?
"Superpower for Hire". New doc on PMCs. w/ Erik Prince, RYP, Simon Mann, and me.
Paging Erik Prince. Please pick up the white courtesy phone for an important offer. Love, Obama.
Ex-Navy SEAL and Blackwater founder Erik Prince sits down with CBN's John Jessup to discuss the crisis in Iraq, Islamic State, and the persecution of Christians. The interview was conducted just as Nouri al Malaki announced he was stepping down as Iraq's prime minister.
Founded by former Navy SEAL Erik Prince, the original Blackwater
June 30 - July 1, 2014 -- Blackwater threat against Iraq investigator demands re-examination of Westhusing death by Wayne Madsen The New York Times's James Risen reported on June 29 that a senior Blackwater manager threatened to kill the chief U.S. State Department investigator of Blackwater's practices in Iraq unless the State Department called off the investigation. The incident occurred in 2007 as State's chief investigator Jean Richter focused on problems with Blackwater's $1 billion State Department contract. Earlier this month, the successor to Blackwater, Academi, which replaced post-Blackwater Xe Services, changed its name again after merging with Triple Canopy. The name of the firm is now Constellis Holdings. Blackwater's founder, Erik Prince, sold his company in 2010. Prince is now providing mercenary services from Abu Dhabi under the corporate name Reflex Responses and under the personal code name "Kingfish." Reflex Responses mercenaries from Colombia and South Africa are reportedly engaged in ...
Can someone please do a long form piece on what it is exactly that Erik Prince is up to in Kenya?
I was searching Campus Crusade for Christ, a parachurch group and the next thing I see is a bunch of links to Blackwater/XE. Erik Prince was building an oil refinery in South Sudan, funneling money out of Blackwater into front groups (GreyStone), takes off to China when Blacwater sued/investigated for murder. Prince's sister is Betsy Devos of Alliance for school choice (Carrie Walton Penner on the board). Then a few more clicks and I end up on mind control, spirutual abuse. Illuminati. Then I see Prince on The Daily Show promoting his book. My head now hurts- it must be those HAARP signals.not clear why Stewart had Prince on the show...serious war crimes were committed but never mentioned on show by Jon Stewart
Jeremy Scahill talks about how Erik Prince started Blackwater along with alot of other great info of how Blackwater mingles w...
Lovely. “Erik Prince of Blackwater is planning to operate barges on the Nile River,
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4) Erik Prince barks on his official website that his mission is to eradicate Muslims→Our Muj have accepted his challenge
Erik Prince tells his side of the Blackwater USA story at the Acton Institute |
Blackwater coming to Acton Institute:. Peace community reacts. Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, is bringing...
"But, luckily for the people in Africa, the kindly capitalists of China are coming to call, and Erik Prince"-
Erik Prince,from serving USG to Gulf Arab states to his newest venture, security for China's state companies -
Erik Prince, the founder of the defunct Blackwater Security firm, is the brother of Betsy Devos, a former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and wife of former Alticor president and gubernatorial candidate *** DeVos. Who is the owner of Davenport University a private non-profit college in Michigan? Richard DeVos is a major donor to the Republican Party and to conservative causes, including Focus on the Family, the American Enterprise Institute, and organizations with ties to the Koch Brothers. DeVos has also supported the candidacies of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. DeVos has served as a finance chairman for the Republican National Committee. He is also the author of a book that claims capitalism is compassionate. Privatization of services, particulary education, are proving to turn people against their own best interests as individual debt continues to rise. Folks. Organization to truely take back our government for the 99 percent is necessary. This will involve work, collaboration and persist ...
Erik Prince: private contractors have worked in support of national security since the start of the country.
founder Erik Prince says he wrote his memoir “Civilian Warriors” to “set the record straight” on
I usually love Jon Stewart, but not when he's helping former CEO Erik Prince whitewash his war crimes
Abby Martin calls out the Daily Show's Jon Stewart for his soft ball interview with former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince, showing how the exchange between the t...
.has a fluff piece by Jon Anderson on Erik Prince of Blackwater. He should read 's article
Interesting article in the Daily Caller ==> Blackwater founder Erik Prince on why private militaries are the future http:/…
Erik Prince, arguably the most influential American mercenary on earth, says the NSA's fight against lone-wolf terrorism is turning America into North Korea.
Blackwater Founder 'Regrets' Working for US State Dept.: Erik Prince, the founder of the private security firm...
About to read book by Erik Prince former CEO of Blackwater. Once again, the prog-run bureaucracy of the state dept. is the silent culprit
I'm hoping Eric Cartman did the audio version of Erik Prince's new book
Blackwater Is Still In The Game as "Reflex Responses" — Colombia’s defense ministry is alarmed about an exodus of top soldiers to the UAE to join a highly paid mercenary force organized by Erik Prince, billionaire founder of Blackwater. Prince sold Blackwater in 2010 after scandals in Iraq, went to Abu Dhabi in 2011 and signed on to form a full battalion of “anti-terrorism” mercs for in- and outside the country. Prince’s Reflex Responses, UAE-registered, assembles its force under secrecy. It will likely be used for undisclosed special ops in the seven emirates, including putting down “internal unrest” against the ruling families, as happened before in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen and now in Kuwait and Bahrain. The force was officially described as being “independent of formal command and support structures throughout the UAE” (NYT). It will have its own air wing with fixed wings, helos and a navy.
Erik Prince was born in 1969 and became a Navy Seal and is a Roman Catholic convert and founded Blackwater. Erik sold Blackwater in 2009 to a 'Group of Investors.' Blackwater was/is a Private-Militarized Mercenary Business that was able to garner a 1.6 Billion Dollar Contract from the US Government to operate in other countries and did some work with Katrina. The company has gone through some name changes. Remember, Erik is ONLY 44 years old. Does ANYTHING about this story sound FISHY? What could possibly go WRONG?
Part Two of Three - Date reflects changes. © 6-10-13 Xenophon's leadership hypothesis UAE has Erik Prince. Bashar al-Assad, Abdullah II ibn Al-Hussein or Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, or others - hire me, not to form a protective strike force, but to lead your army, because if you want to remain in power, you need to hire a Scipio leader,* (like me,) not to set up a security strike force, but to lead and control your army. If communist BO is against someone, I'm in favor of him. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Assad lost his Russian general to assassination. Assad needs me! Just because I'm studying, I'm a soldier, not an intellectual. Would you have hired even one of these Scipio leaders?* (Not each below is a Scipio leader.*) Would you have hired Narmer/Menes to unite Egypt? Would you have hired Nomads throughout history, (Aristotle - "nomads are the most prepared to be warriors," e.g., the Jews at Ur (probably moon worshippers), Amorites, Sea Peoples, Scythians, Gauls, Chinghis Khan's empire, seven (7 ...
Those Dorothy Dunnett books I raved about are about a guy who's basically Erik Prince + Jeff Bezos in the Renaissance
took me ten seconds before realizing you meant Erik Prince.
Blackwater SecurityFounded by Erik Prince, a 35 year-old heir to billions Zionist "Christian Conservative",Even the army is afraid of them
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New UPI piece on Erik Prince's mercenary force in Colombian/Brit/SA troops. Own airforce and navy.
Erik Prince of Academi Securities ( Xe / Blackwater) is murderer &primary to Iraq bloodshed,He is not a service of defense.
I read both books.Erik Prince is truly Evil.Dirty Wars was also great,I'm seeing film in Cambridge 6/14,can't wait.
Don't be fooled Blackwater USA was formed in 1997 by Erik Prince, he explained the private military firm's purpose like this, ‘‘We are trying to do for the national security apparatus what FedEx did for the Postal Service.’’ Given how the U.S. Postal Service is struggling to survive its privatized competitors, this is an ominous claim. Also, disturbingly deceptive is that, due (I assume) to its bad press, Blackwater has changed its name to "Academi," and folks like former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft serve on the board. Hmmm...This privatization thing is not really helping...I wonder what Monsanto will change its name to in the next couple of years...
~ This ought to get interesting fast, since Erik Prince founded Blackwater and Prince senior founded Family Research Council.
VOUR: SALIM SALEH REALLY HAS UGANDA AT HEART NOT ONLY HIS BROTHER M7 Salim Saleh, Erik Prince, and Guns-For-Hire in the Horn of Africa Upon the eclipse of EO in 1998, rather than decay into oblivion, it instead morphed into a multi-tentacled machine of various PMC split-offs, the most crucial of which, at least as far as Uganda is concerned, is Saracen International. Salim Saleh owns a 25-percent stake in Saracen. "[Saracen International] was formed with the remnants of Executive Outcomes, a private mercenary firm composed largely of former South African special operations troops who worked throughout Africa in the 1990s," explained the New York Times in a January 2011 article. Saleh, now Museveni's military adviser, is a former high-ranking official for the Uganda People's Defence Force, the military of the Ugandan government. He is also a well-connected mercenary, as seen through his ownership stake in Saracen. Saracen, in turns out, also maintains an important relationship with Blackwater USA founder a ...
WOW!!! In the 80s Russ started receiving images over the internet. Russ took a stand against, what he saw as, tyranny. In the 90s Dan started receiving a video feed showing the he would be in a position to fix the problem. Dan approached the government with the information. The Bush 43 administration started receiving the same type of feed. It led them to hire Erik Prince, who worked with Dan. When I saw Dan and some of his crew walk out of the Omni Hotel in West Palm Beach Florida on August 30, 2008, They had just finished watching a video feed. What they saw, I don't know. But whatever it was, it set me up. All of those people know now, as do I, the feed was coming from Bill soon after he forced all transmissions down to his internet account. He was trying to cover up the two murders and rapes he had committed, and what he had done to me in 1996. It was during this time that he went back to cause all of this. There are other people who know all of this and because of that, are in a situation similar t . ...
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Blackwater founder Erik Prince's new venture aims to help Chinese companies manage political risk in African markets:
Erik Prince of Blackwater fame has set up a company that will be the 'search radar' to help firms manage the risks of investing there
You could not miss Erik Prince this week. The founder and top gun of Blackwater usually keeps a low media profile. But there he was all over the place, in acarefully orchestrated campaign to put the best face on a bad situation.
Erik Prince, mercenary of Blackwater fame, pirates and lawless Somalia. What could possibly go wrong?
I can't ready anything about Blackwater, Xe, the Iraq War or Erik Prince and not have historical flashbacks like those Cartman experienced
Why is Blackwater founder Erik Prince building a mercenary army for the United Arab Emirates? The contracted guns will be much less involved in maintaining the peace than they will in suppressing any dissent within the country.
But what are the Blackwater, which is linked to her name now killing demonstrators on Fri anger, how they have evolved and grown, and what is the size of its activity, and the most famous crimes, and how they are related organizations, Freemasonry and Zionist extremist hostile to Arabs and Muslims along the line, but some of them back in its origins to the era of the Crusades? Founded Blackwater »black water« in 1996 under the name »Blackwater USA« at the hands of American millionaire Erik Prince, who served in the special forces of the U.S. Navy with a number of belonging to the Christian Right extremist, which paved the way for cooperation company with former U.S. president George Bush's right-wing, especially when the invasion of Iraq, where he signed the U.S. State Department after the invasion, a contract worth $ 300 million with Blackwater, for providing protection to Paul Bremer - the former U.S. governor in Iraq and the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad »Zalmay Khalilzad«. And exceeded the contract ...
Don't you just love privatized armies? Erik Prince fancies himself as a Christian crusader ridding the world of Muslim fanatics. Apparently, Blackwater has b...
Lookout, Erik Prince. God, this is now National Enquirer territory. I laugh hard and I'm not stoned yet.
Maybe, but recall expose in New York Times last year of MBZ hiring Erik Prince to build mercenary force
AMERICANS for "Prosperity". 'Americans for Tax 'Reform'. as American as Michelle Bachmann. as American as Rupert Murdoch. as American as John Ashecroft. as American as Erik Prince. as American as Manuel Noriega. as American as Blackwater.
This police chief looks like friggin Erik Prince! CEO of Xe (Blackwater USA)
On a recent trip to Afghanistan, British Defense Secretary Liam Fox drew fire for calling it "a broken 13th-century country." The most common objection was not that he was wrong, but that he was overly blunt. He's hardly the first Westerner to label Afghanistan as medieval. Former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince recently described the country as inhabited by "barbarians" with "a 1200 A.D. mentality." Many assume that's all Afghanistan has ever been -- an ungovernable land where chaos is carved into the hills. Given the images people see on TV and the headlines written about Afghanistan over the past three decades of war, many conclude the country never made it out of the Middle Ages. But that is not the Afghanistan I remember. I grew up in Kabul in the 1950s and '60s. When I was in middle school, I remember that on one visit to a city market, I bought a photobook about the country published by Afghanistan's planning ministry. Most of the images dated from the 1950s. I had largely forgotten about that book unti ...
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