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Erik Karlsson

Erik Karlsson (born May 31, 1990) is a Swedish professional ice hockey defenceman, currently playing for the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Drew Doughty Norris Trophy Marc Methot Craig Anderson Shea Weber Guy Boucher Kyle Turris Mark Stone Brent Burns Mike Hoffman Ottawa Senators Duncan Keith Sidney Crosby Curtis Lazar Luke Schenn Auston Matthews Bobby Ryan Dion Phaneuf

Kyle Korver will make more than Anthony Rizzo and NHLers Erik Karlsson and Phil Kessel
If it were that easy to learn how to score, everybody would be Erik Karlsson and Alex Ovechkin.
It's insane. You don't have to be Erik Karlsson to be valuable. People don't appreciate the value of solid d-men.
Seriously? We have this guy named "Erik Karlsson". Pretty dynamic player. I hear he's top 3 in the world.
How much does Erik Karlsson get when his deal is up? 2 years left making 6.5 per. Gotta be in the sa…
Erik Karlsson is the only person we need our dmen to learn from.
Best in the league? *** yeah! A great season from the Cobras. Congrats to Erik Karlsson on the scoring title as well.
Erik Karlsson sliding into your DM's like...
Does Erik Karlsson project to be in my love score for 17-18?
did you see that Erik Karlsson rt'd that?
Ottawa trades Erik Karlsson to Boston for Chara and joint custody of Brad Marchand
In football manager I signed a swede called Erik Karlsson and made him the sta…
My GM signed Nate Thompson to a 3 yr contract and gave him a NTC. Next year he has to sign Erik Karlss…
Erik Karlsson is having a good offseason 😂
Daily reminder that Brady Skjei finished with more 5v5 assists than every NHL defenseman other than Brent Burns/Erik Karlss…
Feel like you could have Sidney Crosby, Erik Karlsson and...I dunno...Anders Lindback on a team of sq…
Well, Jarome Iginla, Ryan Smyth, Henrik and Daniel Sedin, Erik Karlsson, Daniel Alfredsson just off the top of my head
TruPerformace Analytics is trumpeting Kris Russell's Covfefe rating to Chiarelli, stating he's comparable to Erik Karlsson in this regard. 🤔
Erik Karlsson and Craig Anderson almost upset the Pens. That's how I see it. I still have no clue how the Caps lost, t…
I love Erik Karlsson. I love Craig Anderson. I love Marc Methot. I love Kyle Turris. I love Mike Hoffman. I love Clarke MacArthur.
Mike Hoffman's winner was the 1st time in 11 playoff games that Erik Karlsson wasn't on the ice for the GWG.
Sidney Crosby always talking with his teammates. Erik Karlsson mocks him.
Or not. At least the Penguins won against broken Erik Karlsson and 99.8% of Marc Methot.
Even the cat was mesmerized by that Erik Karlsson rush to the net
Erik Karlsson displaying that he definitely bangs the most girls in the league. I'm hearing him and Guy Boucher tag team…
Highlight of the Night: Erik Karlsson scores the series clinching goal off the rush in the second.
Yeeesss!! 3-1! Erik Karlsson!. You know when Karlsson starts up from a failed rush by the opposition, he's going to do something massive.
Erik Karlsson starts and finishes rush and the Sens have 2-goal cushion back. 3-1 with less than 4 minutes left in third…
coach Guy Boucher on Erik Karlsson 'I don't think he needs to practice, and I've never said that about a player i…
Guy Boucher just said Erik Karlsson has lower body injury and it was best to rest him in 3rd period
Guy Boucher says Erik Karlsson has a lower body injury but he could've come back to play and the team chose not to. Expects…
Guy Boucher says Erik Karlsson could have played the third period, but the elected to play it safe. Lower-body inj…
coach Guy Boucher spoke about Game 4 and provided an update on captain Erik Karlsson. . ht…
A collision between Erik Karlsson and Mark Stone created the opening for Rick Nash to finish the 2-on-1 goal
if you would smooch Erik Karlsson on the lips
"Can you stop Erik Karlsson?" - Barry Melrose feels keeping Karlsson in check is crucial for Rangers to win second-round series (ESPN) …
Sticking with the past 3 selections, staying loyal to my boy Tim Schaller / Erik Karlsson
Good: Tim Schaller smashes Erik Karlsson on forecheck on 1st shift. Bad: Game 5 hero Kuraly throws puck over glass for delay of game call
I will always pick Erik Karlsson and Marc Methot over anyone any day
Sens' Craig Anderson on Erik Karlsson: "He’s starting to remind me a lot like Alfie, where guys are starting to kill thems…
Wiat, the Canucks also lose Phillip "Erik Karlsson" Larsen? - amazing day
Pretty sure I remember someone comparing Philip Larsen to Erik Karlsson last year when his rights got traded to Vancouver. lol
Hope trying to make Philip Larsen into Erik Karlsson was worth it
Drew Doughty is not better than Erik Karlsson.
Erik Karlsson is missing a game after playing 324 straight. He's like the complete opposite of Kris Letang.
I didn't vote in time but obviously Erik Karlsson should be our Norris/Hart trophy winner
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Shame he hasn't lived up to his draft spot. Steve Spott once told me RM could be the next Erik Karlsson.
Lost in all this Shattenkirk noise: why don't the Rangers just acquire Erik Karlsson for Tanner Glass? . Yes I would accept the GM job.
Ryan Suter, Duncan Keith, Shea Weber, and Erik Karlsson as the potential runners up to the Norris? LMFAO NO HEDMAN IN THAT GROUP? LOL OKAY
Cale Makar is 100% falling to us only to be to the next Erik Karlsson for the team who drafts him with the pick right after us
The next Erik Karlsson in Thomas Chabot and the next Patrice Bergeron in Colin White. What a great team w…
what about good guys Erik Karlsson, Mike Hoffman and Mark Stone though?
Ristolainen now has 23 points & is fourth in scoring of NHL defensemen. Only Brent Burns, Erik Karlsson & Victor He…
"Erik Karlsson of Senators early Trophy as top defenseman"
Shea Weber, Erik Karlsson and the eternal debate Norris Trophy.
Erik Karlsson is tied for 4th in league scoring, 3rd in TOI/game & leads NHL in blocked shots. But it's Shea Weber's turn f…
Elite offensive defenceman Erik Karlsson has quietly added a whole new dimension to his game: blocking shots.
"You see, Drew Doughty deserved the Norris over Erik Karlsson because the trophy is awarded to the best ALL AROUND defen…
Erik Karlsson proposes with a ring in center of a pizza.
Flash back to when she thought Jared Cowen was Erik Karlsson.
Erik Karlsson proposed to girlfriend with a pepperoni pizza
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Well, if we do that and if we get extremely lucky we may win the draft lottery and get someone almost as good as Erik Karlsson.
Milestone Watch: Erik Karlsson (1 point for 400 career points) . Steen would be up here but he's currently DTD and won't play this week.
I think it has to do with marketing the team. A team with Erik Karlsson shouldn't have attendance problems.
If Wayne Gretzky can get traded, Erik Karlsson can get traded
1st round draft picks currently in line-up: Erik Karlsson ('08), Cody Ceci ('12) and Curtis Lazar ('13).
Burn it to the ground Sens. Erik Karlsson to Detroit
A "legit full rebuild" starts with trading Erik Karlsson. If you're not okay with that, you're not okay with a rebu…
this Erik Karlsson video is making my day a lot happier -
The way to their heart is through their stomach. Erik Karlsson proposed to his gf with a pizza. 😍🍕💍
Is Erik Karlsson the only first round pick worth a *** on this roster? Give lots of reasons to not believe in recent picks.
Erik Karlsson getting engaged and hiding the ring in a god *** pizza is hilariously fantastic.
Erik Karlsson got engaged over a weird-looking pizza
Pretty cool how Auston Matthews won the Calder and cost Erik Karlsson the Norris on the same play.
Scott & Luke: Do you have a clever proposal story?. Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson proposed to his...
BREAKING: Erik Karlsson just got engaged and a pizza was somehow involved
.proposed to his girlfriend with the help of a pizza. MORE @
Erik Karlsson forever has a pizza his girlfriend's heart.
MG could have picked Erik Karlsson but he picked Hogdson
only thing separating Sens fandom from Canucks is Erik Karlsson
I imagine something you would be OK with?.
😍 🍕 Erik Karlsson uses pizza to propose to girlfriend via
Erik Karlsson proposed by putting the ring in a pizza -Any idea where the pizza was from?
Second, Erik Karlsson proposed with a pizza. Be still my heart.
Erik Karlsson proposed to his girlfriend using a pizza... 🐐
"He held a strong face but you could see the pain in his eyes." - Senators captain Erik Karlsson on Craig Anderson.
"We did everything we could to help him but he played a *** of a game himself," said captain Erik Karlsson on Anderson.
Curtis Lazar, Erik Karlsson spark scoring spree as Ottawa...
Auston Matthews. Second goal of his first NHL period. Goal of the year finalist, probably. Erik Karlsson is one of these…
Canes have sent their first five players to Daniel Altshuller, Josh Wesley, Clark Bishop, Erik Karlsson and Kyle Hagen.
I wonder how many people out there believe the following. 1. Shea Weber is better than PK Subban. 2. Erik Karlsson is be…
if you compare the two, Erik Karlsson is better in every way then Dion Phaneuf. Not a shocker
The only thing Drew Doughty is better than Erik Karlsson at is goal suppression. Doughty's goalie is Quick. Karlsson has Anderson/Hammond
when Dion Phaneuf gets paid more than Erik Karlsson
Keith Yandle has his flaws, but Erik Karlsson and Dustin Byfuglien are the only 2 defensemen with more points than him since 20…
I sat next to Joey Lo Truglio on a patio in Hanalei Bay in Hawaii. Also saw Erik Karlsson from that patio during the same meal.
Was one of Cooper’s questions “tell me specifically why Erik Karlsson doesn’t deserve the Norris and Ryan Suter is better.”?
my tortograph shows that Erik Karlsson is better than jake gardiner
Drew Doughty, Erik Karlsson, Brent Burns up for NHL's top defenseman - ESPN sanjose sharks
How can anyone pick Drew Doughty over Erik Karlsson for the Norris??
hey, where is the Norris Trophy winning Erik Karlsson? oh yeah...
Can't believe the NHL announced that Erik Karlsson is not a Norris finalist. Doughty, Keith, and Girardi. Wow.
I wouldn't trade Marner for Erik Karlsson, I'm sure not going to do it for Ryan McDonagh
Erik Karlsson is apparently in New Zealand of all places. That honestly beats being in the playoffs.
Ottawa's shot differential with and without Erik Karlsson this season. With: -9. Without: -287
do you think Erik Karlsson wins the Norris this year?
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You'll probably be using the same article in a few years, substituting in Senators and Erik Karlsson. That makes me sad.
Which Steely Dan album is Erik Karlsson? The and podcast has your (disputed) answer
trade it straight up for Erik Karlsson
did Erik karlsson retire or something?
I don't know why but I always assumed the player was Erik Karlsson.
Rasmus Ristolainen will become the next Erik Karlsson of OTT, Drew Doughty of LAK, and Shea Weber of NSH. 💎
The Blackhawks are going to win and Ottawa is going to hire Ken Hitchcock and Erik Karlsson will have 30 points next season.
Erik Karlsson never could have ping ponged that puck to Kopitar
We get it bloggers, every defenseman who isn't Erik Karlsson is bad. Give it a rest.
Benn or Kane probably. I think Erik Karlsson would be in my top 5 as well
my choice for the Norris Trophy would definitely have to be Erik Sven Gunnar Karlsson , Top 5 in points
And then I swam in a sea of Palace falafel while Erik Karlsson played jazz flute. has the book rights.
*cut to 8 months from now* "His production has dropped off. He's not playing 'Erik Karlsson Hockey'."
Don Brennan, who if I remember correctly generally has really bad taeks. .
I'll never get over Josh Bailey being drafted over Erik Karlsson in 08
Erik Karlsson is on pace to pass Messier this year.
Follow the top Erik Karlsson stories for Apr 25 on our topical page:
My son wants to send a letter to Erik Karlsson.. will a simple c/o the work?
If Erik Karlsson did that you would destroy him
Custom Erik Karlsson NHL 17 Cover. Really happy with how this one turned out. . RT's and LIKES appreciated as always! https:/…
I ended up talking to my friends cousin on the phone for 10 minutes last night about how erik karlsson is SO great
Eliot Kipchoge wins men's race. Second fastest in history. 2:03.04. Missed WR by 7 secs. Mouthing "I could have done it" o…
Unless the Oilers are getting Erik Karlsson in the trade, I wouldn't move the pick. I don't think PC would either.
Someone don8 Erik Karlsson. I miss him on my team l
How do you feel Erik Karlsson will respond to Ken Hitchcock?
Rob Scuderi also has two. Better than Erik Karlsson I guess : /
Steve Ott has more points than Erik Karlsson this playoff.
A final reminder that Erik Karlsson had:. * More takeaways than Doughty. * Fewer giveaways than Doughty. * More blocked shots…
Drew Doughty only had 1 more NHL playoff point in 2016 than Erik Karlsson...
I live life vicariously through Erik Karlsson's Instagram
just ask Erik Karlsson--let it fully heal then come back and crush it!
the fact he had 31 fewer points than Erik Karlsson this season and didn't lead in any NHL defensive stat makes him a sure fav.
Drew Doughty won one more playoff game than Erik Karlsson this season. That proves he's better.
Ottawa Senators should make sure Daniel Alfredsson spends plenty of time with Er
Drew Doughty won as many playoff rounds this season as Erik Karlsson, but Karlsson's team lost fewer playoff games. Nor…
Doughty is so good he was able to get his team 1 less playoff win than Erik Karlsson in the past 2 years.
LMFAO : apparently the problem in Ottowa is generational talent EK's playstyle and not the garbage supporting cast.
Norris candidate Erik Karlsson has 2 more giveaways on the year than your fave and other candidate Drew Doughty.
If you are a reporter who is picking Drew Doughty over Erik Karlsson for the Norris, just know that Steve Simmons agrees with…
Nick Paul is the only player on the Senators with a CF% >= 50% in at least 100 minutes without Erik Karlsson.
Took Wade Redden 777 games with to hit 100 goals. Erik Karlsson has 99 in 475 games.
Appreciate the talents of Erik Karlsson. But he comes after Dan Girardi on my Norris list. What a gritty, talented player the…
yeah, Zboril might not look as promising as Provorov or Werenski but then again, Luke Schenn was drafted before Erik Karlsson
Please don't put Erik Karlsson in the same sentence as Orr. Ever. Colton has 141 fights, Karlsson 0.
SWE's D at the worlds could feature Erik Karlsson, OEL, Adam Larsson, and Klefblom if he's healthy.
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Remember when the leafs drafted Luke Schenn 5th overall in 2008 and some scrub named Erik Karlsson went 10 picks later to OTT? Ya me too
The scoring difference between Erik Karlsson and Drew Doughty right now is 28 points. That's 1 less point than Aaron Ekblad has all year.
Erik Karlsson(4) and Brent Burns(10) are first two defensemen to be top 10 in league scoring since Bobby Orr(2) and Brad Park(9) in 73-74
The Drew Doughty precedent from last year could help Erik Karlsson win the Norris Trophy this year. My blog.
And there's actually people that think Erik Karlsson doesn't deserve the Norris Trophy. They're not too bright.
NEWS: The Checkers have assigned Erik Karlsson to the Florida Everblades. More:
Everyone is always rightfully arguing Erik Karlsson should win the Norris over Drew Doughty, but why isn't Brent Burns in the conversation?
Mike Harroun: Stache of George Parros with the flow of Erik Karlsson. Whatta beauty.
BREAKING: Canucks have signed Matt Bartkowski to a 8-yr $64M deal. . Benning: 'He's clearly better than Erik Karlsson'.
Erik Karlsson is on pace to have as many points this season as Nick Kypreos did in his 442 game NHL career.
Anyone have Pekka Rinne and Shea Weber, or Erik Karlsson? Xb1, have collat. Thank you
VIDEO: Erik Karlsson & Marc Methot chirp Dion Phaneuf as he arrives at Joe Louis Arena ahead of Sens debut
Don't look now, but Erik Karlsson sits at 63 pts. 3 pts away from his total of last season. Can anyone say, Norris Trophy Winner?
Drew Doughty deserves a Norris Trophy the second Erik Karlsson doesn't deserve one more. Aka, not now.
Erik Karlsson is Paul Coffey. Paul Coffey says: Give him the Norris. What say you? I say: agreed. via
Erik Karlsson is +5 tonight, only the 4th time this season a player has been a +5 joining Sam Bennett/Jannik Hansen & Justin Braun
Is he still gathering additional evidence on the Matt Cooke/Erik Karlsson situation?
Erik Karlsson takes the net at practice vs minor hockey kids
Erik Karlsson didn't wait for the color guard to leave the ice, Adam Larsson did
Came across this while researching a piece.The "coach killer" bit is interesting too.
Erik Karlsson's brother from another mother?
The Kings drafted Colton Teubert 2 picks before Erik Karlsson went to the Senators. Imagine LA w/ Karlsson and Doughty.
heehee, no problem. I also like erik karlsson 😀
captain Erik Karlsson takes the podium at to kick things off!
phil kessel, erik karlsson, & evgeni malkin could shapeshift into each other & I’d still know them instantly by their skating
At the very least, I think Chip Kelly would become an option. Erik Karlsson oddly seems like the quarterback he wanted in Philly
Erik Karlsson is on pace for 88pts this season. Last year 88pts would have given you the NHL scoring tittle by 1 point over …
Their shot numbers say they're terrible. Goaltending, Erik Karlsson and 4 forwards keep them afloat.
Erik Karlsson with an assist versus St. Louis: Karlsson recorded an assist, five shots and a ra...
what *** is that the Blues could've drafted Erik Karlsson with that fourth overall pick in 2008.
meanwhile Erik Karlsson leads all NHL D in dCA Impact and produces more points than anyone... but yeah.
Shea Weber, Erik Karlsson, P.K. Subban. Not even in the same universe anymore.
Erik Karlsson only played 28:50 tonight. Only 2:02 of that was on the PP. Slacker!
The 28:50 played by Erik Karlsson tonight was only the 2nd time he has been under 31 minutes since 18 December.
Hey, Erik Karlsson still leads the entire Eastern Conference by 5 points, so that's cool.
What is the biggest conflict in the right now? Two teams? Two players? Erik Karlsson and 3v3? zzz...
Erik Karlsson is going to play under 30 minutes 😮
With an assist on the play, Erik Karlsson widens his NHL point lead to four among defencemen.
Ok that's a funny stat. The Blues are now tied with Erik Karlsson for power play points?
we need a goal here, I think you should make Karlsson and Hoffman and then we will score.. Erik Hoffman
Patrick Wiercioch is the player people who don't like Erik Karlsson think Erik Karlsson is
Erik Karlsson discusses his early hockey memories:
Tampa scouts at Chicago Ottawa... Maybe we can get Erik Karlsson for Drouin
Erik Karlsson discusses his early hockey memories not as good as Erik Karlsson.
Erik Karlsson on pumpkin seed milk & a date:
Werenski showing his Erik Karlsson, but is stopped by Schierhorn on the backhand.
Erik Karlsson is having a rough game defensively
By the way, Erik Karlsson has been on for every goal against tonight. clearly...
Erik Karlsson, "Best" defensemen in the league...what a joke
If Dave decides that tonight's the night to "send a message" to, say, Erik Karlsson...
This has the chance to be an all time clobbering if Dave decides that today's the day to bench Erik Karlsson.
Erik Karlsson is a turnover machine, so he's actually a two trick pony!
Erik Karlsson has had one awful period.
Erik Karlsson is having a beauty of a game.
We are all SMH version of Erik Karlsson
Erik Karlsson may be the most overrated defenceman in the league. Terrible in his own zone.
Glenn Healy's voice drips with disdain every time he mentions Erik Karlsson.
Erik Karlsson still doesn't play defense
Craig Anderson is on pace to face 78 shots tonight. Just for good measure Erik Karlsson takes a holding the stick penalty.
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When I need a laugh I turn on hockey to watch Erik Karlsson in his own end. He's as worthless as a fur coat in the tropic in his own end.
Erik Karlsson with the horrid defensive coverage and Bryan Flynn makes the Sens pay 1-0
Erik Karlsson has hair of steel, nothing will move it out of place
Not sure if it's just the way he's portrayed in every broadcast, or if I'm actually becoming romantically attracted to Erik Karlsson.
Erik Karlsson is definitely one of my favorite NHL players who have never been in the Hawks' organization.
A little offended that CBC keeps mention Subban in the same light as tha gawd Erik Karlsson tbh
Excited to watch 2 of the best defenseman in the nhl square off very soon . Erik Karlsson and PK Subban
"When I think about Erik Karlsson I think about great hair" - PK 😂😂
According to early FD ownership rates Erik Karlsson is a contrarian play tonight:
- OK lots of thoughts from our group but we agree that the defense is a train wreck so Erik Karlsson please and thank you.
Jared Cowen is +6 over the Sens last three wins and is now +9 on the season, second to Erik Karlsson for the team lead.
Move aside Erik Karlsson because John Klingberg is making a push to stop your chances of winning the Norris again
Last night Erik Karlsson had one less shot than Turris,Chiasson,Neil, Wideman,Ceci,Wiercioch, and Smith combined. Had 25%…
Good morning! Erik Karlsson is great and I love him. Have a great Friday!
Last night was the first time in Erik Karlsson's career he had 2 goals, 3 points, and over 30 mins TOI (30:44) in same game. Also 7 SOG.
Erik Karlsson / Erik Karlsson had a hand in all three Senators goals on Thursday
Gdi Erik Karlsson. I'm happy for you. But also you're not on my fantasy team. So like I'm happy but a little less u know
Top story: Erik Karlsson leads Senators past Blue Jackets - NHL on CBC Sports -… see more
thank you so much for speaking the truth on Erik Karlsson on I hear he does not like the 3on3
Erik Karlsson wasn't going to take responsibility for his team's victory on Thursday night, even if he did sup...
"Erik Karlsson won't be a complete player until he can play all 60 minutes." - actual ***
Erik Karlsson played 1:00 on the PK, hence making me and look like ***
Wow I didn't know Erik Karlsson was out?
Karlsson with a three-point outing as Senators blank Blue Jackets 3-0: Erik Karlsson scored twice and ad...
Erik Karlsson now has five goals in his last five games (eight points). He leads all players with six shots on goal t…
Unless you have Erik Karlsson like someone I know.
WootHoot way to go. Erik Karlsson leads Senators past Blue Jackets
Chris Neil had a game-high eight hits; Erik Karlsson directed 13 shots on goal; Kyle Turris went 13-4 in the faceoff circle.
OTTAWA, Ontario - Erik Karlsson scored twice and had an assist, made 25 saves and the Ottawa Senators
Erik Karlsson credited 3rd and 4th lines with providing much-needed spark.
Erik Karlsson came up large in a big win for the - 2 goals - couple chances for the hatty.…
Is this the year Erik Karlsson gets Hart consideration?
Ottawa's Erik Karlsson had 2 goals, an assist, 7 shots on goal, 2 hits, a blocked shot, and a takeaway in 30:44 minutes of ice time.
Craig Anderson gets the shutout!. Erik Karlsson scores 2 and adds an assist!. FINAL SCORE:. 3...
I wanna see Erik Karlsson Get his 1st career hat-trick!!
I mean seriously though, *** is Jason Smith going to tell Erik Karlsson about lol
With 10-points in this game, Erik Karlsson can pass Patrick Kane and Tyler Seguin for the Art Ross lead.
G Michael Hutchinson on Erik Karlsson breakaway in OT: "The puck was kind of rolling to him.At first I thought I could beat him...
Yesterday's top defensemen: Ryan Murphy 2A, +1, Mark Streit 1G, +1, Erik Karlsson 1A, +3 - see more at
With McGinn playing for the Canes tonight, Erik Karlsson might make his N.A. pro debut for Charlotte tonight.
BREAKING: Erik Karlsson cut off his glorious hair and you can now count on the Senators drafting Auston Matthews. http:…
"Zack Stortini looks like if you put an Erik Karlsson wig on Rob Riggle" - or I can't be bothe…
Returning next year; Carey Price, Sidney Crosby, John Tavares, and Erik Karlsson. John Carlson odd man out, looking for…
Defenseman Justin Faulk already a Canes cornerstone: Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators was selec...
Accordin to OEL and Erik Karlsson are better than Doughty, Hedman, PK, and Duncan Keith.
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you know who has a ring? Kimmo Timonen. You know who doesn't? Erik Karlsson.
Oh no! My second greatest fear is drowning after seeing The Abyss! Obviously number one fear is "Erik Karlsson UFA". Ah!
If you're not Erik Karlsson you're not winning anything in Ottawa.
To be honest, had to google Sultana. But hey, decent chances.
So Johan Wissman have me Azerbadzjan? Well lets go triple jump-kid:)!
The 2015 Norris Trophy winner, the NHL’s top defenseman, is Erik Karlsson.
Erik Karlsson / New Methot for success Senators defenceman anxious for new season to start
Jesus would bring Erik Karlsson down on the first pairing.
As requested an Erik Karlsson edit. Enjoy! Who is next? . Also I will no longer be going by -JxL I will be going...
This Senators fan guide to cocktails is A+ (Make sure to read the Erik Karlsson).
The Erik Karlsson sounds pretty good but is it captain material? We all know The Chris Neil is CAPTAIN Morgan rum punch.
do you have link to Swedish team for Beijing?
Erik Karlsson and P.K. Subban were amongst the top in giveways last season. 3 Norris trophies between them.
Virginia Waters anounces he will keep Henrik Lundqvist, Erik Karlsson & Braden Holtby. Putting Datsyuk back for the first time since keepers
& Follow to win the 2015 Norris Trophy winner in 95 Erik Karlsson!
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My entire timeline is people watching the home run derby, except Erik Karlsson, who is watching The Bachelorette.
Kylington compares himself to Erik Karlsson and Duncan Keith..."They're the best."
Erik Karlsson wins his 2nd Norris Trophy as NHL's top defenseman. He led all defenseman with 66 points in 2014-15. http:/…
As predicted, it was Canada's day at NHL awards: Carey Price wins 3; Erik Karlsson, Jiri Hudler and Bob Hartley all land in winner's circle.
Erik Karlsson is a great player but besides points what did he do that made him such a better captain than Ryan McDonagh?
Imagine this calibre of haul for the at 2015 Draft:. 15 - Erik Karlsson. 45 - Patrice Bergeron. 52 - Corey Crawford. 53 - Travis Hamonic
Breaking: Erik Karlsson has been traded to the Washington Capitals
Patrick and I were having an argument about if Bobby Ryan or Erik Karlsson were cuter the other day lol.
Dave Cameron: "We need our best players to be our best players. Erik Karlsson, Craig Anderson, Kyle Turris and Mark Stone's…
Things you don't see often: Marc Methot had a full minute more of ice time than Erik Karlsson in the 1st period. 8:30 to 7:30.
"Wanna know why Marc Methot is a great partner for Erik Karlsson?". ...because he's not Cowen, Phillips or Boroweicki
No Cody Ceci, Erik Karlsson and Mark Stone on the ice. Ceci is an odd one.
Erik Karlsson was selected 10 spots after Luke Schenn, 1 spot before Joe Colborne, and 2 spots before Jake Gardiner in the 2008 draft
Have to love seeing hits like Smith-Pelly's on Erik Karlsson, keep on him boys..
Erik Karlsson has been atrocious so far tonight. Condra and Lazar have been bad too.
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“The dry disdain of Bobby Ryan, the kindness of Erik Karlsson, the willingness to eat trash of Curtis Lazar & the whimsy of Andrew Hammond…"
Just saw someone say John Carlson is better than Erik Karlsson. Please kys
Reilly Smith misses the net after a nice move to get past Erik Karlsson. 4:24 left, Bruins lead Sens 3-1 but being outshot 37-21.
Erik Karlsson, Zack Smith, Erik Condra and prez Cyril Leeder also on hand tonight.
he, Mark Stone, Kyle Turris, Erik Karlsson, Bobby Ryan, Mike Hoffman, Clarke MacArthur, Marc Methot, Craig Anderson all have it.
"Kevin Klein has scored more goals this season than Erik Karlsson, Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith". lol wut thats buggin
I want to take a pic with Marcus Kruger, Jacob Josefson and Erik Karlsson all at once! I would probably pass out.
The players with more missed shots than Pominville: Ovechkin, Brent Burns, OEL, Erik Karlsson, James Neal, Jeff Carter, and Logan Couture.
Practice underway for No Paul MacLean or Chris Phillips on the ice. Marc Methot is paired with Erik Karlsson.
Kevin Klein is never going to be confused with Erik Karlsson, but he has a lot more offense to his game than any of us thought
All the red wings need is Erik Karlsson and Reiley Smith and we're winning the cup
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