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Erik Christensen

Erik Christensen (born December 17, 1983) is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre currently playing for the Minnesota Wild of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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I was just watching the news and they said Walmart was raising prices online, so that people come back to…
Slava Kozlov and Erik Christensen are another 2 names worth mentioning, 27/46 and 29/55 respectively...
I. Need some Information on a start date tomorrow at 7:30 in Aurora Il. I'm not sure if my backgrou…
can someone tell me why I'm still waiting on furnishings that I paid 2100. dollars for on 10-7-2017..That's…
Erik Christensen, first adopter of OpenStax physics, leading session on 58% of faculty at South Florida State use
Just overheard a guy at the game reminiscing how "great" a player Erik Christensen was.
Night out with the family in Des Moines. — eating dinner with my family ❤ at Americana
Praying along with the through-marchers on their way to Springfield thanks to the daily devotional produced by...
My friend and colleague Distinguished Professor Erik Christensen giving an overview of the impact of Dr An Li's res…
It's Public Employee Appreciation Week. I visited Dr. Erik Christensen and the Medical Examiners team. They do tou…
I'm looking forward to gathering with folks from St. Luke's tonight as we hear the words of the prophet Jeremiah...
St. Luke's is part of the planning team for the upcoming March to Springfield. The kick-off event is a week from...
Voter's got it right. D'Antoni & Spoelstra both deserve Coach of the Year recognition. explains why
Kerry & Jossy got busy making cake for today's LGBTQ justice campaign kick-off at St. Luke's! Make sure you're at...
Dubie: Comment on what it was like being part of the famed Kamloops Blazers and also watching Erik Christensen dominate in '02-03
Such a good show. Don't miss! — attending Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth-Lookingglass Theatre at Lookingglass Theatre...
My body is crying out for an outlet for all this stress. — feeling motivated at Galter LifeCenter
Announcement to students by the principal of Roosevelt HS in that bastion of coastal elitism, Des Moines, Iowa:.
And another school I can be proud to call my alma mater -- Theodore Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa...
Could not be prouder of my alma mater, Macalester College.
The scene at O'Hare's (ORD) international terminal last night.
From Bishop Mark Holmrud of the Sierra Pacific Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).
Is Matt Moulton one day going to be at the Wild Alumni Game? Erik Christensen?
Bloopers in music? For Erik Christensen, it's more than just a mistake. Check it out...
Erik Christensen is all-time in the shootout, min 50 attempts (tj oshie)
Louis C.K. just emailed this to me (and tens of thousands of other people):. "Please remember that the turning...
Photo shoot a couple years ago with Erik Christensen! Loved that outfit!
The last player to have a 4-point game vs was Erik Christensen (02/25/2011). Hoping for a big game from our guys
From our first meeting on the Roosevelt High School debate team, to our years as roommates in seminary in...
Thanks to president Erik Christensen for speaking on campus today.
Can't be at the Cottrell Speaker Series event with Hansgrohe president Erik Christensen? Watch it live.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tomorrow is the day for the Cottrell Speaker Series with Erik Christensen! We’ll see you there...
The new Mr. & Mrs. Erik Christensen stopped in sales this morning to say all was great for their reception last...
If you missed today's sermon and Pastor Erik Christensen's message on "Threats to the Church - False Teachers"...
Whoa! Guidance Department Chair Erik Christensen '97 hopped on the swing!
Congratulations to new North American Champion Erik Christensen, YCS and WCQ winner!.
Do you live or work downtown? If so, consider joining Chicagoans from many different faith traditions for an...
NA WCQ 2016 Wrap-Up!: History has been made! Erik Christensen, YCS Dallas winner from earlier this season, ha...
"I wanna be a part of the history of the team" . ~Erik Christensen .
If you missed today's sermon and pastor Erik Christensen's message on "Israel and the Law" you can listen to it...
In 2006, if you had to bet on Thorburn or Erik Christensen playing 10 years later—who would you take?
come on man I'm not bringing you guys down but Erik Christensen isn't a top line center
I agree with u that Shattered Glass is a good movie. But Christensen does the same job he did in the prequels. Whiney!
I liked a video from Hitler is Informed Hayden Christensen May Return as Darth Vader in
You know Dan Girardi is hated when a thread on HFBoards about Erik Christensen turns into a rant about Dan Girardi.
TK&A principal Erik Mollo-Christensen comments on changes in lab design and understanding researchers' needs:
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Epics... Erik Christensen Josh Swangstu Joshua Todd Holzer Martin Lee can you guys do this lol
My new sounds: Pastor Daniel Ruen preaching the wedding of Erik Christensen & Kerry Jenkins on
Check out "Seasons of the Spirit, Seasons of the Soul" Hymn Festival by Erik Christensen on
If you missed today's service and Pastor Erik Christensen's Sermon on "God's Sovereignty" from Acts 18, you can...
These airsoft guns Luke and Erik bought might be their best/worst purchases they have ever made for the best interest of t…
Teaching overtone singing to Dr Erik Christensen, surreal!
Was looking at Ray Shero stuff. Forgot he got Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis for Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen and Angelo Esposito.
A photo from "ELM Sunday" at St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square (left to right) - Rev. Erik Christensen,...
If you Haven't heard our Sponsor Palmer State Farm - Erik Christensen is Hosting an amazing Vintage Motorcycle...
Austin Christensen making a strong case to stay in the lineup.
Neither will Erik Christensen II, he will only have time for iron.
Meanwhile, Erik Christensen is a PPG in Sweden. If only eh?
Thank you so much Dreamvixens Magazine for publishing our sexy photo spread!!! photographer: Erik Christensen...
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Erik Christensen: "Flipping the Classroom- Real Advice from a Real
Erik Smith Mike Christensen Chuck Hilyar Terence Hahn I'm getting two of these and we're playing chicken...
Erik Christensen and Wojtek Wolski might have passed on the ones of Slats too
Thanks for participating in our Cellucor *FREE PRODUCT GIVEAWAY* Erik Christensen you are the winner of this...
Dan Beirne is leading a "Trick of Feed" night in Logan Square to which all are invited. Here's a chance to dress...
Early flight to St. Louis for the wedding of William Storm and Erin McCarthy. — traveling to St. Louis from...
Back in session for the in Vernal. On the stand, Dr. Erik Christensen, a forensic pathologist w/ Utah M.E.'s Office.
At tonight's Community Dinners we remembered Ernesto Garcia, a neighbor of ours who was murdered in Logan Square...
Once again, I'm loving our CSA (Irv & Shelly's Fresh Picks). You know it's autumn when apples start showing up.
Alright. Responding to queries from Sarah Gerwig and Ray Pickett, here's my list of 10:. 1. C.S. Lewis, "The...
Just back from yet another very stimulating conference at the University of Tromsø hosted by the research group "Pluralism, Democracy and Justice". This year's topic was "Free Speech, Public Deliberation, and Global Affairs", and featured thought-provoking keynotes from Profs Carol C. Gould (CUNY), Christian Christian F. Rostbøll (Uni of Copenhagen), and Andreas Føllesdal (Uni of Oslo). I would especially like to thank the organizers Erik Christensen, Tomasz Jarymowiczi, and Øyvind Stokke.
feel free to stalk him. Erik Christensen my on fb. You're girls, I know you want to.
CROWD SOURCE QUESTION: I have a childhood friend in from out of town tonight only who would like to go dancing.
We got to hear about the newly launched Global Interfaith Network for People of All Sexes, Sexual Orientations,...
Hey Dodger Fans!!! I got a deal for you!! June 27th against the Cardinals and we got discount tickets available!! The game is June 27th , and it starts at 7:10pm, but we encourage you to go at 4:30pm for the highlight pre show, and dont forget the Fireworks Spectacular!!! From the LDS General authorities, Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve will be throwing out the first pitch. Elder Jerry Garns, an area seventy, will be the catcher. Popular LDS actor, Kirby Heyborne, and Emmy Award winning Erik Christensen, will team up together to sing the National Anthem. We still have a limited amount of Top Deck seats at $18, Some Left Field Pavilion at $23, and All You Can Eat Pavilion at $35. message me if you want tickets, we only have a limited amount left (like 40 or 50 in each section). Approximately 400 from Simi Valley are going. How much is parking at Dodger Stadium and how do I purchase a parking pass? General admission parking is $10 online and $15 at the gate. In order to secure the lowe ...
Took Erik Christensen back into RCCC for the first time since he got approved to go in..Yep I love my life. It was tight to see him sit in the spot he sat at the meeting when he was in that jail.
The Rev. Anne Howard, Executive Director of The Beatitudes Society, on "school incidents," the culture of fear,...
One version of a perfect night is being with the Proclaim community listening to Trish Bruxvoort Colligan and...
I think the worst in was Hayden Christensen showing up at the end of Jedi.
On my way to the 2014 ELM Proclaim retreat in Trego, WI. — traveling to Minneapolis, Minnesota from Chicago...
Enjoying a fantastic birthday dinner with Kevin, Kepa ... and, like, 30 other beautiful men. — eating dinner at...
I have had Erik Christensen listening to Adam Oates motivation tapes for the playoffs. Not working
Finally we get to do the Rangers for the I'll go w/Marty Straka and Erik Christensen, but for which teams specifically I'll never say.
Meeting with St. Luke's next seminarian, Adriano Ayres. — at Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
I'm really grateful for the positive reception I've gotten for my sermon on mass evictions in Logan Square...
and nobody talks smack about Erik Christensen missing earlier in the shootout. Or that Jody Shelley scored your only real goal.
ok freaking out bc my brothers name is erik christensen *** thats such an uncommon name my last RT?
OMGoodness images are already coming in from the shoot yesterday Designer: Steamtropolis Photographer: Erik Christensen
I always enjoy coin shows with Erik Christensen. A laugh a minute with him in the car! Sorry we missed Cerissa Fultz and Susan Fultz! Had to get to work! Great show and fun people, a good way to start the day!
Check out this customized pod curated by Prof. Erik Christensen on Falling Objects.
Erik Christensen is pissing his pants right now
Sneaking in an early dinner before Council tonight. — eating bangkok beef noodle soup at Trike
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Sitting here eating thin mints and remembering camp, when Erik Christensen and Daniel D-Pain Pennington were doing Pretty Pretty Princess and a parent throw a package of thin mints at them.
Waiting for my flight after a very very short visit with my son Erik Christensen Terri Christensen and grandkids Cody Ryan Christensen Max and Ella going to miss them but I'll be back soon! Because of the great perks at my job.
Erik Christensen, in case you were wondering (I was,) plays for HV71 now with other random Pens like Sterling and Holzapfel. Weird.
Erik Christensen will have a job again!
Doing Papa Gino's Pizza with my awesome techs: Laura Malloy & Erik Christensen on the busy, snowy day
I just have to say that I have the best husband in the whole wide world. I love you Erik Christensen!
8/28/2011 Heritage THE BRAND COMES INTO PLAY The problem was evident to anyone who really listened to recorded music: Recordings rarely, if ever, lived up to the original performance. To some, that didn’t matter. To others, it mattered more than anything. This is the story of the Mark Levinson brand. Born in 1946, Mark Levinson was a music and electronics prodigy whose name lives on through a range of ultra-precision audio components. He grew up in the Boston area and later moved to New Haven, Connecticut. Music, particularly jazz, quickly became the focus in his early life, and before the age of 20 he was playing double bass or trumpet with the likes of John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and Chick Corea. Rather than attending college, Levinson decided to tour Europe while playing bass with pianist Paul Bley. In his early twenties, Levinson merged his musical and technical talents as he reportedly created the sound mixer used onstage during the legendary Woodstock Music Festival. This experience, coupled with ...
Alaska's Erik Christensen sent us these photos of his BMW. Just stunning. And so is the view!
FULL RESULTS POSTED! Thanks to all that came out and supported our event. We raised nearly $3000 for the Steepteam non-profit. Dillon Key Katherine Elizabeth Jacobsen Kim Lemke Christine Sjöquist Charles Barron Aaron TenHarmsel Aaron Hjelt Loren Rausch Erik Christensen Fred Rhoderick and many more………..
Erik Christensen I think that is well said. Don't you?
one of my old hs team mates is in movie,lt cmdr Erik Christensen. Rest in peace Spider! Great book.
I'm so proud of the steady growth and significant accomplishments the fledgling Logan Square Ecumenical Alliance -...
Finally out! A huge thank you to Erik Christensen and all the work he did today thank you so much!!! Oh Joy could come back and do it all over again tomorrow
Just looked it up couldn't remember who it was for...ATL gets O'Dell from Anaheim for superstar Erik Christensen
Erik Christensen, I see a few dates in our future!! Yum...
the same reason Erik Christensen was a Ranger for so long- blackmail!
Lev still won, 1-0 on a goal by Mr. Softie Erik Christensen. Met Chara & he nicely told me he hated the Rangers. Great road trip.
As someone who requires deadlines to get anything done (and even then, struggles to get everything done on time),...
Erik Christensen can you pick me up one. And some blinker fluid.
I'm so grateful that Rabbi Brant Rosen will be able to come to St. Luke's to discuss his book, "Wrestling in the...
I'm looking forward to the St. Luke's book club discussion of Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber's new book, "Pastrix: The...
Congrats to NINJA OF THE MONTH . Erik Christensen aka "Mame"!. Erik reminds the MFF Team what it REALLY means...
I would like to thank a few people that have been there for me in the past and are just amazing friends that I couldn't go a day without Sierra Arreis Tyler Andrew Erik Christensen Myles Farr Kristal Lynn Robbie Sanger Bob Jackson Aly Guthaus Laura Greene Kerri Ray Olobri Shyanne Duncan Dominique Douglas Mathew Judge Alyssa Vanslyke Kaelynn Wire Savannah Weitzeil Sarah S. Swoboda Taylor Sampson Jenny Onyenagubo Hayley Zastrow Conrad Kippes Keri Ann Bailey Walker
It's been a great year! And who's been with us all the way? Frank James Johnson! Thanks Frank! From Jay Becker and Andy Thayer and Erika Dornfeld and Lora Salley and Betsy Bowen and Medea Benjamin and Molly McQueen and Kathleen Desautels and Erik Christensen and Noel Spain and Kim Beckmann and Luis Alvarenga and . . . .
I just got some free music from Erik Christensen and thought you might enjoy it. You can download it here:
Erik Christensen and Kerry Jenkins gave Linda and I Apple TV and Netflix for Christmas. Of course, we discovered we had inadequate internet download speeds so had to address that with Century Link and buy a new modem. The tech help at Century Link told Erik they are inundated with calls right now from children home for Christmas who cannot believe their parents still have 1.5 mbps accounts. What are children for anyway? But now we are set for some serious TV viewing of interesting content. Woo Hoo!
Just found this picture of erik christensen saved on my laptop.
hey B, do ya know Erik Christensen who books Sams?
"Art is to the health of the community what preventive medicine is to the health of the body." --Erik Christensen.
Erik Christensen-You helped me understand unconditional love, permanance, and that we CAN rearrange our stars over Billy Joel, Joy Division, Janet Jackson and dance floors everywhere. I love you and am so grateful you were born. big thanks to Larry A. Christensen, Linda Christensen and Tara and Kerry Jenkins. Nice work, Fam.
Dr. Erik Christensen, an assistant medical examiner, is testifying about von Schwedler's death.
Day 2 of begins. 1st witness: Medical examiner, Dr. Erik Christensen, who will speak on von Schwedler's cause, manner of death.
Assistant ME Dr. Erik Christensen first on the witness stand today for the state.
We've got three weeks to push for marriage equality in Illinois yet this year. Don't put yourself in a position...
Erik Christensen, I specifically remember at the beginning of this football season when I was waxing pessimistic about the hopes of the teams I cheer for, an old friend assured me this would be the year when the Cowboys and Longhorns both would leave behind the mediocrity of the last few years and be you remember who that guy was? What happened?
Cautiously optimistic about Benoit Pouliot. and I really mean CAUTIOUSLY. He's reached Erik Christensen levels of inconsistency in the past.
Ephesians is all about what God did for our salvation and how we live it out. A new column by Erik Christensen:
Kerry and I saw "The Butler" last night. Structurally, the film moves through so much history so quickly that it...
.Ha, if only Erik Christensen was in RF to salvage some extra points.
Our website is back up and running! Tonight: Bayview Street Dance (now inside) and Erik Christensen band in Cpvle.
London FC have seen off Newbridge F.C in dramatic style to win the British Cup and put their names down in history once more as this current crop of London FC stars look to seal a British Cup, T-Home English Cup and UFA Super Cup treble. The Blue Boys looked determined in this final though on a beautiful evening from Wembley Stadium. A very strong line-up was named by Frankie Stevens as his side looked to end Newbridge's dreams of silverware again as they lost out previously in the 2012 British Cup Final, and it was all London FC early on as chances fell to Luke Bayliss, Patrick O'Keefe and Lucas Bailey but none hitting the back of the net. The best chance though fell to Edgar Basten after the half hour mark as his strike crashed against the post to the despair of the 45,000 London FC fans who made the short trip across to Wembley Stadium. The moment of magic finally came though just before the break when a wonderfully whipped in ball from Simone Palmari fell to Patrick O'Keefe whose brilliant back heel . ...
I've never been in a fight except for wrestling my sisters and that one time with Alex Christensen in 6th grade when he called me pillsbury doughboy. I think he won that one too. Anyways what I'm saying is does anyone want to fight me today? Just for funsies. And pink slips and honor and for the title. And for the glory of God.
My latest greatest scheme to connect to my silent 13-year-old son involves weightlifting. But we need your prayers for strength. Him for working out with his old mother. Me for working out at all. Thanks!
Ok, its time for me to reach out to my fitness family here. I've blown out 3 pairs of shorts already this year while training clients. I need to find some shorts that are a little tougher than the average pair of cargo shorts... Goblet squat and perfect deadlift demos are *** on cargo shorts. Today I was putting the tire away and BOOM! Who has some good suggestions on some great shorts?
Sometimes I wish my lil buddy wasn't so inquisitive. Bentley almost pulled a door down on himself that was leaning against a wall. :/ I caught the door before it feel on him, but it smacked his face and left a nice bruise.
Look for OIP Team riders, Kanoa Igarashi, Thelen Mckinna-Worrell Kei Kobayashi and Jay Christensen and the rest of the amazing young groms to be ripping it up at Lowers!
In an interview with Australia's ABC Classic FM, multiple Tony Award winner Angela Lansbury revealed that she will be headed back to Broadway in the fall.
Paleo Challenge results are in! First place is Aubrey Brodfuehrer, second place is Jeanine Hitchcock, and third place is Erik Christensen! Please see Kristie at the desk to claim your prizes!!!
Some words with the explanation of short and long vowles. In words like gul - gull, mat - matt. And also a little explanation of do-du, gjerne-hjerne, hun-hu...
This piece, by Pastor Heidi Torgerson-Martinez, is a beautiful testimony to what it means to be a Christian...
dont miss this Loan Pham Thuy; Erik Christensen & Mark is going to be beautiful @ Hon chong Nha trang beach :)
Never waste your feelings on someone who doesn't value them.
Ryan Christensen, Jesse Garcia, Tyler Behnke, Jared Bickler, Jon-Erik Suermann, JV-B, Clint Morgan, thanks for all the hard work at the University City Children's Center. I know the chirrens will appreciate it as well
Wisdom tooth is coming in- the migraine is miserable... I feel like my face is going to fall off... I'm alone at home today... And it hurts to walk... Each step is pounding my head worse and worse.
Final day in Norway...heard the St. Olaf Choir at the great Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim (where St. Olaf is buried), spent time with Jon Erik Haines and Heidi Christensen Haines on Father's Day, and had a great lunch with new and old friends Melinda Moncure Marshall, Virginia Schenck
Road trip for Mass this Father's Day to St. Mary in Hagerstown -- Fr. Collin sends his greetings to all! If everyone would, send a little prayer his way when you see this on the first Father's Day after the very recent passing of his Dad. Thanks to Erik Christensen, Nick Sungenis, Brie Anwar, Joe White - I'll get Phil by e-mail and the rest of the band for the inspiration on the drive this morning! Well done! Get your copy of "Act of Hope" today, don't delay!
We wanted to thank everyone who came and supported us on our big day it means the world to us that u all were there to share this special day!!! Thank u Terri Christensen and Erik Christensen I was speechless when I walked in that room u guys are AMAZING! I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful wedding party u all have been there for us through thick n thin! N last I want to thank ALL our friends and family who love us,support us and continue to be by our side n share this day I hope u all enjoyed yourselfs n had as much fun as us!!
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. Especially Jason Torres, Matthew J Christensen, Sean Gaffney, Steve Wilder, Joe Kowal and Erik Hendrickson who prove what it is to be a wonderful dad every day.
Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there. An extra shout to Erik and my dad for being awesome. Here are some of the dads in our family. * note pictures of all the dads we love were not available :)
Enjoyed Man of Steel tonight with my girls and Erik Christensen and his family. It was great to get out and my 2 seemed to enjoy the movie as well so double bonus. Now if only I could get some sleep for once...
Happy Birthday Matthew Southwell, Aaron Runzel, Kevin Beans, Eric Sticht, Erik Christensen, Darrell Holden, Holly Tate LaBarge, and the of the people that were in the Army...
Author and educator Temple Grandin sees the advantages that she and others with the disorder bring to the table.
for you Gretchyn Edwards, Michelle Saunders Wolf, Kara Santos Brown, Lauri Strayer Stott, Sue Christensen, Jerry Friesen, Jeff Brown, Jeff Wolf, Erik Williams And all my other friends who have adopted xo
Good hunting trip with the boys in jasper national park Erik Christensen and Mattan Smith
Good Morning FSG Fans! It is White Russian Wednesday and we have live music tonight with Erik Christensen at 7pm! We do have a couple seats remaining for our wine dinner tonight featuring Bergevin Lane wines at 6pm! Also, today is the last day to vote for Best of Whidbey! Make sure to vote online today!
More highlights from the 2013 St. Olaf Choir tour to Norway.
Good Morning Poets! Thanks for all the fabulous feedback, lovely smiles, wonderful words, body warmth, exhuberent encouragement, gigantic courage & persistant patience(!).. Stars were born under the Silver Words stage lights last night as some performers revealed their soul for the first time to an ever more captivated crowd. With the night crawling along as the flu had performers dropping like flies, Poets and Audience were rewarded in their patient persistance with very special performances from Tramp, Matt Zurbo, Jeff Phatrhymes Flatline Lawrence (Elixir Scriptures), Pheonix Rain, Wolf-Arrow Rain , Erik Christensen , Karina Castan , Zoe Zac Visoiu , and Adonis Storr. There was Hip-Hop, Traditional, Rock, Punk, Prose and Poetry. Join us in 2 Weeks Time, Thursday 6th June@ Frankies Empire for more Silver Words featuring Ash Johnson , Tramp and Adonis Storr, more acts TBC! (Next Time we'll be downstairs in the Warmth!)
Inspiring First Show, Thanks to Performances by ... Wolf-Arrow Rain, Pheonix Rain, Karina Castan, Erik Christensen, Matt Zurbo, Elixir Scriptures, Tramp and Adonis Storr.. Keep you're eye out for footage of the gig and get Sweaty for 6th of the 6th, Warming for the first time DOWNSTAIRS in the Warmth, See You at Silver Words 2nd Show on Thursday 6th June Frankies Empire
Erik looks like Hayden Christensen. I don't care what anybody says.
Photo: metconphotos: April 30, 2013 Photo of the Day Erik Christensen, R.A.W. Training, hitting the top  of...
Hopefully he can learn about call ups too.. Who is the next one maybe Erik Christensen...
Typical unlucky bounce for the Rangers, goals always seem to deflect off players accidentally. So frustrating. I blame Erik Christensen.
You said Mclaren shouldn't play, game winner! Also a guy who can play and can score in the shootout, Erik Christensen.
its like hes the new erik christensen or nigel dawes... The final piece to rangers shootout success
These otl's and shootout loses are getting old. That's why you don't get rid of Erik Christensen and others like him.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Colin Smith is 15th all-time on the Blazers list with 258 pts. Has recently passed Aaron Keller and Erik Christensen
what's wrong with Hossa & Dupuis for Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, Angelo Esposito and Daultan Leveille? Lol.
Erik Christensen finds European comfort zone after years of bouncing around the NHL (Yahoo! Sports): Unhappy wit...
Rev. Erik Christensen, pastor at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Logan Square, preached this past Sunday on the Reformation. He reminds us that Reformation is really about the church and has a powerful message about what the church represented during the time of Jesus and how we as Christians can carr...
Thanks to anyone who came to my new show "Jest and Jazz" at Scullers Jazz Club last night. It was a dream come true! My partner Kenny and his band, Chris Taylor, Peter Kontrimnas, and Gene Roma and to my son Erik Christensen for making it happen.
on now. Lev Praha vs. Moscow Dynamo. Chara and ex-Erik Christensen on Lev. Ovi8 on Dynamo.
Erik Christensen / Erik Christensen is tied for the goal scoring lead in the KHL.
2. I hate when someone tells me that he's hate Erik Christensen or Mathias Porseland or... all Lev Praha team.
Sheep Breed of the Day -- The Faroes! (Photo by Erik Christensen via Wikipedia)
Looking at the names from Chara's new team: Michael Repik, Jiri Novotny (Captain), Erik Christensen, Marcel Hossa, Alexandre Picard...
Zdeno Chara joins HC Lev Praha for lockout. A few NHL connects on that club include Marcel Hossa, Erik Christensen, and Martin Skoula.
i was just referring to Erik M. Christensen about the bar The Rusty Anchor.which i realized i meant Flaming...
Also so far today in former NYR KHL action: 2g & 1a for Erik Christensen, 1g each for Alex Frolov, Nigel Dawes & Andrew Hutchinson.
Erik Christensen scores his 6th, 2-2 and time to go find a place that has Sport1.
The mission of the AACR is to prevent and cure cancer through research, education, and communication. Through its programs and services, the...
i hate domenik hixon like i hate wade redden. or erik christensen. or both. COMBINED.
Watching the pens sabers winter classic and it really puzzles me as to why the pens let Erik Christensen go and not cant hit the net Tyler Kennedy.
I just watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond. I was amazed at how little I thought it was better when we did it in high school without a professional cast (and half the cast were not really singers). I especially was struck that I think Nathan T Wright did a better job with "Those Canaan Days". Also deserving mentions here were Matthew Herrick, Tanya Barkdull, Shawn Bitters, and Erik Christensen
dude. I don't care what anyone sad, Erik Christensen was a freaking tank!
This week's Water Researcher talks to us about how he creates models to measure water runoff.
John Scott trade and Erik Christensen account for two picjs
It pains me that the Wild won't sign Erik Christensen next season. What a waste of a jersey. 
I completely missed Erik Christensen moving to the KHL... Apparently so did the NHL.
Hayden Christensen gives the worst acting performance of all time in revenge of the sith
looking over the first 30 pages of the superhero script with some great feedback from Bryan Crumpley & Amanda Gbur. Will soon call up Erik Christensen again to possibly brighten or ruin his day. Then I shall unleash *** in Max Payne 3! And possibly see "The Avengers" again for the sixth and maybe final time. Today is a busy day.
Thanks Emily Clark for the Story. We had fun. Love, Erik and Dawn Christensen/ Jason and Nicole Zutaut The Book...
I'll end with this one. The title says it all. 'Erik Christensen drops Matt Stajan.'
Little known and completely random fact: Wild F Erik Christensen was on the ice with Derek Boogaard when Boogey scored his final NHL goal
Erik Christensen is the greatest mentor/supervisor of all time. If I am half the counselor he is I will be satisfied.
i think it was the 6th goal in a 7-2 win. HUGE GOAL. one timer coming over the blueline, erik christensen dropped it to me
I added Erik Christensen as one of my influencers on Who influences you?
time sensitive! looking for writing about homophobic bullying, how the "anti-bully" movement has been homophobic and not addressing anti *** acts and systemic power. need help! Erik Christensen, Eric Hamako, Clorise Harvey, Charlotte Karem albrecht, Amy Moser, Khalvat Dar Anjuman, Kenyon Farrow, Susan Raffo
I'll wear Erik Christensen's Jersey. We're going to be the best looking couple ever.
People in the News: Ronald Wapner, Erik Christensen, Henrik Lund, Ingrid Wiik: CombiMatrix has named Ronald Wagn...
This was a close match.but Hughwear took it!
Wild tie, then win 3/29/12: Erik Christensen ties the game with 29 seconds in regulation and then Mikko Koivu wi...
Diagenic CEO Erik Christensen Resigns Find more Scandinavian life science firms at at
Poker News - Player of the Year: Phil Collins, Robert Baguley and Morten Christensen Win: by Erik Fast | Publish...
$DIAG CEO Erik Christensen resigns from his position
CEO Erik Christensen resigns from his position
Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Erik Christensen - Hockey ...: A minor trade that sent Casey Wellman to the R...
Erik Christensen / Erik Christensen isn’t likely to be back in Minnesota next season.
Wild get 2 in shootout to beat Kings 4-3: PAUL, Minn. – Erik Christensen and Mikko Koivu scored in a shootout, a...
shoots first. Shootout Rd 1: Erik Christensen - misses; Martin Erat - saved by Backstrom. Shootout is 0-0.
Erik Christensen is playing pretty go of late. I don't see the wild signing him. What do you think the wild will do?
Off-setting penalties to Brandon Yip and Erik Christensen for roughing at 16:42. Four-on-four hockey.
Although it does suck when you're debating the usefulness of Erik Christensen to your team. I mean. I feel that.
I'm claiming Erik as a distant cousin.. this is why! RT: last night's shootout, Christensen shootout magic:
Three in a row: Devin Setoguchi, Erik Christensen deliver in shootout (via the 1500 ESPN SportsWire)
Erik Christensen scored the winner in the shootout, and the Wild beat the Blackhawks in a nailbiter, 5 to 4.
Erik Christensen with a SICK move in the shootout! Wow!
We're headed to a shootout. Prediction: Erik Christensen will be one of the shooters for
I had another night at Sam's Burger Joint. I could film the venue this time. Show manager Erik Christensen set me...
Niklas Backstrom made 26 saves and Erik Christensen had the game-tying goal and an assist as the win 4-3 in a shootout.
Erik Christensen and Mikko Koivu score in shootout, Wild rally for 4-3 win over Kings: ST. PAUL, Minn. - The Los...
Erik christensen lighting it up for the wild. Good for him went through a ton of crap in NY, taking advantage of another chance
Erik Christensen / Christensen reached 12 points on the year Saturday night with
Monica Foster says: Wild win second straight, beat Kings in shootout: Erik Christensen and Mikko Koivu scored in...
like Erik Christensen? I love him, but his only real talent is the SO
3-31-12 Christensen Goal: Erik Christensen gets the goal after the puck gets redirected off his s... Minnesota Wild
Hey Erik Christensen, how is that gum? What brand/flavor? It looked like you were enjoying it during the post-game interview! :D
They already do, his name is Erik Christensen
Erik Christensen can still do one thing right...score shootout goals
2nd assist of night/career for Zucker comes on white-hot Erik Christensen's 7th of the season. It's 3-3 w/ 6 to go & on 5 min PP.
Okay I'll admit when I'm wrong. Looks like the Erik Christensen trade was a good one after all.
So, the Wild have scored three goals against the Kings, by Darroll Powe, Nick Johnson and Erik Christensen. Ladies and gents, the LA Kings.
it's under review, maybe a instinct kick emotion by Erik Christensen Kings at Wild 3-3 it's a good goal confirmed!
Add this to things you notice watching the Wild in the stadium- Erik Christensen is a corporeal being!
Erik Christensen also gets an assist on the Johnson goal. That's a Dartmouth Big Green and DU Pioneer hooking up on the goal.
Former NY Rangers forward Erik Christensen now with Minnesota Wild, as parting ...
Despite being traded to Minnesota, announced that Erik Christensen was awarded the Ronald Mcdonald Zero Effort Award anyway
Erik Christensen / Wild's Christensen is his own toughest critic
forward Erik Christensen, who faces the tonight, is his own toughest critic
Erik Christensen / Wild’s Christensen is his own toughest critic
Rangers ship little-used center Erik Christensen to Wild for minor-leaguer Casey Wellman:
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Wild trade Casey Wellman to Rangers for Erik Christensen and draft pick
Commented on: Minnesota Wild acquires center Erik Christensen - - News:
Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal for tonight...Artem Anisimov returns to lineup...Erik Christensen & Sean Avery scratched
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