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Erica Hill

Erica Ruth Hill (born July 20, 1976) is an American journalist and co-anchor of CBS This Morning. Prior to her current position, she was the weekday co-anchor of The Early Show.

Natalie Morales Craig Melvin

was happy to help w/ Style and Grace Interiors and Todd Hill Homes design this beautiful ki…
York Regional Police say a driver experiencing a medical episode drove into the front of a hair salon at Hillcrest Mall in Richmo…
National media trending phenomenon is behind it. Funny how things become an issue because of the media. Monkey see-Monkey do.
Funny how no one cared about the statues in Seattle until...the media started reporting on other statues.
Utterly ridiculous, devoting so much time to Confederate statues. What's next? Stop teaching American History?
To Erica Hill : Good being on the story anchoring doing and your anchoring being on the story doing is…
2 hill staffers just told me Republicans got polling numbers back tonight & they're disastrous-Tmrw could be worst day for Trum…
*at Tim McGraw concert*. Erica: did Tim and faith hill date?. Me: um Erica they've been married . Send some prayers for this girl ☠️
to Erica Davis testifying to the abt to help recover from a
Every alt-right rally should be escorted with a combination of Benny Hill & circus music to shame these racist clowns.
To Erica Hill: Always look forward to your on the story handling doing
To Erica Hill: Your on the story anchoring doing is admire and is all production doing that is needed
Democrats and decent Republicans on the Hill should say no to any legislative movement on anything until Trump…
Erica just got a compliment from a *** guy in cap hill. "You look like Beyoncé from the back"
What happened to ALL regardless of race, creed, ability or gender? We need to be the shining city on th…
Dem lawmaker demands Trump be removed from office:
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Erica Hill in CNN's HLN asked for my comments in white supremacists protests at 12:25 pm!
Check me out today at 2:20pm w/Erica Hill discussing President Trump &
To Erica Hill: admire and always look forward to your anchoring doing Erica
A2) The hill from my bottom paddock to my shed Good solid climb... probably Mt Erica
Jorah is gonna die on that hill we all call "The Friend Zone" Sorry bro.
...and their false facial expressions when asking appear as though they don't know the answer. Totally…
If ever there was proof of fake news, KCPQ news repeats every 30 -40 mins & anchors ask same questions.
The President chooses his words and the media takes them out of context, no matter what he says.
Wearers of Nr.3 Wilson don't get to fly early; they get to BOARD early. Everyone will fly at the same time !!
Why is your 8.31 train from Hillingdon terminating at Harrow on the Hill? Are there issues on the line?
Current address: upper right 3" square of mattress. Recently displaced as sprawling, 45 lb child evicted me from former, queen-sized home.
Hey Erica Hill thanks for the follow!
One Tree Hill: I don't want to be anything Me: OTHER THAN WHAT IVE BEEN TRYING TO BE LATELY
Who do you have in Game 7? We take a look at fans outside Chicago's Wrigley field.
New hope for those with peanut allergies? A daily patch may help sufferers
Order Miche Bag Online!
Which candidate will help with the Gender Gap in pay? helps break down their plans
Catch up on the latest in the devastating fires in Eastern Tennessee
The ND Gov. has ordered protesters to leave b/c of the weather
A rare moment of bipartisanship in Congress with the passage of a major cancer bill. The Experts tell us
The Texas Elector who says he won't vote for Trump explains why he is taking his stand.
A mom who lost her son in the Chattanooga bus crash talked with us about him
I heard Erica Hill say on CNN that the Berlin Attacker was not a refugee. He was seeking asylum in Germany why then?
Officers from and Chapel Hill recently swarmed a nearby store to buy holiday gifts for local kids -…
Why don't 'you give Mike a couple of hours after Erica Hill. Those Forensic Files are older than I am :-)
Hi, If you need an easy and fun live-shot location (w/lots of parking) for last minute shopping stories, try
same for me! bring all our friends to rock this summer! Venite anche voi
One Tree Hill just ripped my heart out.
Hi, Erica Hill nice to see your beautiful face & smile at CNN news desk. I love your reporting style. Merry Christmas & new year
I seriously can't believe Erica Hill just said Trump was Honest!!!
dam hank hill was flexin too. He was definitely selling more than propane
Update your maps at Navteq
Wendy Backman, Erica Cianni Donna Bentz Hill. Sorry for the over share but they ate too cute.
Are female doctors better than male doctors?: Dr. Ashish Jha talks to HLN's Erica Hill about the revelation he…
Hey erica hill long time no see. How u like the new job. U was with raggs when i started my rants of babbling truth.
Great to see Erica Hill on air again, always enjoy her reporting style
The law of auto-suggestion will lift you up or pull you down, according to the way you set your sails of thought. - Hil…
Years after the earthquake, Cholera has made a comeback in Haiti. These pictures show the stark reality of disease: https…
I'm still on season 2 of One Tree Hill but does anyone from the show other than Erica Marsh still on tv nowadays?
Moving interview with the heartbroken family of teen who took her life
Good for you Did you move the sign down to the end of the row?
Love what HLN has done with it's programming: adding Erica Hill, Ashleigh Banfield, and Michaela Pereira! All great journalists & anchors!
My business mentor and friend Erica Hill was featured on CNBC!
What's with all the bland hosts these days: Alex Witt, Erica Hill, Kate Snow, Thomas Roberts...Whatever happened to the network?
anyone else think Meghan Trainor looks like Erica Marsh from One Tree Hill?
I need to start One Tree Hill again every time I finish it I feel like a piece of me is missing
I was struggling to ride my bike up a mild hill and a rando tells me "aw you so small snowflake. How you so small" i was mortified
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
The Archaeology of Ancestors: Death, Memory, and Veneration. by Erica Hill - University Press of Florida.
Lip Sync battle coming up be prepared. Y'all come out & support miss Erica Hill && her 2 lovely bckground dancers Chante & I 😇
I started one tree hill and it's SO good lol I'm late but whatever I love it
News on the Hill: Career & Internship Fair by Erica Milosh '16 / Malcolm Thomas '16: .
Local Natives are in Notting Hill rn.I need to be making my way on the Central Line to meet them before it's too late.
Anyone who hasn't seen One Tree Hill needs to watch it asap 😍😍
To Erica Hill i just want to Wish you a Happy Easter My Friend . Mark Trader
God knows I didn't mean to fall in love with her.
I gave up potatoes and chocolate for Lent!!
LIVE UPDATES: Washington Democrats make voices heard in
When says we are going to do Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw song 😂😂
I love Erica Bado and Lauren Hill, they remind me of the days of when music was Isaac Haze and Neena Samoan
She reminds me of Erica Bado with a lil bit of Lauren hill n Jill Scott all mixed together! N that jus makes PERFECT
As reported, a broken down trailer on Cut-in-the-Hill slowing traffic.
I was so P/O'D I made a FB page "Bring back Erica Hill"! I swear! Still mad Impressed on your grace and style, gorgeous
Deciding to watch one tree hill was on of the best decisions I made lol half way through season 8😍
It's in College Hill on top of our tower.
MSNBC should seriously consider Erica Hill for morning Joe slot she is professional and does her homework
This Erica hill on MSNBC is such a lame brain. What a simplistic unaware viewpoint she has on bombings.
Glad to see All Due Respect replaced with Erica Hill
MSNBC's anchor schedule is so random. I believe Erica Hill was on this morning at 9.
Natalie I was just watching Erica Hill I don't know all you guys don't get so scared going to these places. Thanks to all of you
We're patching potholes at the Rte. 146 N& S ramps from Mineral Spring Ave. to Breakneck Hill Rd. today 10 am-2:30 pm. Expec…
Brad Pitt is filming is west Wycombe , and there is a staged plane crash on the top of west Wycombe hill
No filter, just white puffy clouds over Pritchard Hill Thank you Erica for your photo!.
they have one in Brixton, Notting Hill and Hackney!
Erica doesn't know what One Tree Hill is.
he says some guy like cut him off n he didn't wanna hit him so he got on the shoulder n the car lost control Bc it was a hill
Mediaite reports that MSNBC host Erica Hill blasts President Obama for being in Cuba, instead of dealing with the Belgian attacks.
LOVED watching this video: What It's Like to Intern for J.Crew's Jenna Lyons via
Erica Hill to make CNN comeback?: Could the former CNN reporter Erica Hill be considering a comeback to CNN? A...
I don't really care for Erica's husband Tom. He acts like he is king of the hill
I added a video to a playlist Erica Hill 05:11:15 (ZOOMED LEGS) The Future of broadcasting Journalism
Shame Fox and Friends didn't snag Erica Hill as the co-host. .
Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.
every time I *** my brother off he threatens to come to UConn next year 😑
B&C's so far today, Erica Hill and Jemele Hill. Wow, both named Hill
To Erica Hill Good Morning see you soon on today show Mark Trader
FIRST ON FTVLive! Anchor Erica Hill is about to lose another morning show gig
~Erica Hill &Jason Hillary will be the problem galvanizing black men n November w pocketbook full of private prisons cash~
What brand of eyeglasses does Erica Hill wear on the Today Show? I must have them!!
To Erica Hill I just want Say have a good Weekend Pretty Girl Mark Trader
TODAY's fashionable Erica Hill interns at J. Crew: On TODAY's series Up for the Job TODAY, all of our TODAY an...
Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. -Napole…
I got Erica to start One Tree Hill and I'm in happy tears
But no one can ever be happy on One Tree Hill.
Hey this submarine named for your state will be christened tomorrow here in
track six with c-lo Green? Nice vibe. Telling you You need to get with Andre 3000, Lauren Hill ,Erica Badu singing the hook.
If you loved our videos before, wait until you see special recipe! Sooo YUMMY and simple! Tomorro…
I was listening to the high school musical soundtrack in the shower and I had the whole bathroom singing along with me😂
The only two things that have gotten me through boring tree hill is Jeyton and Brooke & Erica's presidential war
Mrs Gina Rinehart from Roy Hill is recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award - awarded by inaugural winner Erica Smyth
Lauryn Hill said her heart was in Zion I wish her heart was still in rhyming... 🙃🙃
I love when I trip and fall in the middle of Fairfield way 😊😊😊
my roommate gets to drink tonight and I have to take an exam...where's the equality?
basically it seems like a demotion for Erica Hill. Any word on who will be the male anchor on Saturdays? Craig Melvin?
Lauryn hill would have been another great choice for the bio pic
Watching the Scott's tots episode of the office makes my stomach churn
it's just more fun being a Masshole 😈
Happy Chinese New Year from me and my Asian roommate 🎋🏮💮
When your brother brings home a better report card than you
literally just want/need to hear back from Disney recruiting😍
State Psych Sheet is posted . 50 free Erica Ford 11th . 200 free relay 18th . 400 free relay 27th. Let's get ready for another grea…
It's been the longest week and it just continues to go down hill.
Last time I was at Harford Community College I fell down the hill trying to get in line 😂😂
what has happened on chalk hill Bushey? Police and tapped off area.
Sanders says he wants to run against me because he doesn't want to run against me. He would be so easy to beat!
I would give anything to forget the last two weeks and not have the stress from reliving it every night till 3am before I sleep
I didn't know where I was on the hill until now. I'm going down. Fast.
Hillary was on the board of WalMart. "That's how the global economy works." We don't like the recent global economy, Hill.…
If it snows and we have school RIP to me considering my car can't even go up a hill
TODAY's Erica Hill looks into Kik and other apps that could be putting your children in harm's way:
3 things on my wish list; a comeback for Levi's 501s, a good night's sleep, and a lot more Erica Hill on the tube! :)
it's kind of impressive that I haven't had a Valentine's Day date, 19 years in a row😊😊😊
Throwback Thursday: Pasta Erica from Casa Christine on Federal Hill: I remember well the Casa Christine kitchen,…
Excited to be nominated for Group of the Year! And got a nom for engineering Pagans in Vegas too! Yesss!
Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill: who did the "y" first?. Answer: Lauryn ('75). Erykah ('71, born Erica) changed her name in her youth
xtina and I do this really cute thing where we sit on our phones in silence for an hour and only text each other from two feet away😊😊😊
I added a video to a playlist Red Carpet Interviews: Erica Hill
Erica has me watch 3 episodes of one tree hill and I've already cried
One Tree Hill will never be forgotten.
Bonhomme showed a special interest in today’s talks! He’s now headed to Jan28-Feb14
just finished One tree Hill on Netflix and I need a new show to binge watch 🤔
"You say we're lazy, but you made us slaves." -Dr. Marc Lamont Hill
"Slaves were not brought to America, people were." -Dr. Marc Lamont Hill 🙌🏽
Congratulations to Erica P. She has been accepted to UNC of Chapel Hill.
The Sandrews Sisters final show at bonkers rally last night w/ me
"All that glitter is gone, all the shooting stars hit the mold" -
Live stream from Iowa City with and others:
I just wanna meet Lauren Hill and Jill Scott and get Lit and drink tea with Erica Badu
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I liked a video from Jaclyn Hill Ombre Sunset Smokey Eye Dupe | erica gamby
. The massive wave was not in Miami as Erica Hill reported, it was in Maui- but thanks for giving us a panic attack!
FYI Just on MSNBC. She is back later says Erica Hill.
Erica Hill on MSNBC at 2pm. CNN and FNC are regular anchors.
My dad is featured in this neat little story on CBC's today!
I've never seen Erica Hill. Usually watch CNN, NBC or MSNBC. Doesn't seem like a Republican. Most Fox newspeople are 😡
I turn OFF when I see Chuck Todd...Andrea Mitchell...Luke Russert or Erica Hill---think you'll find they all have one thing in common
Erica started one tree hill and I could not be more excited for her to experience every emotion in the world
"Nothing satisfys me more than seeing my ex with an even uglier girl than me." - UNC Chapel-Hill
The man. The myth. The legend Mr. Daly is back
This is one of the strangest endings to a Little League game we've ever seen.
Dining on Federal Hill, learning about the Prenda ties to the Rhode Island mafia 💕
Been sent this creepy footage of something odd going on at Parliament Hill. What on earth!?
Let's spread this type of random love across Cedar Hill! I dare you to post about it!
Photoset: Erica and Dom’s wedding at Chalk Hill Estates Vineyard in Healdsburg was a festive affair with...
Electronic Device Insurance
Thank you to my new friends George & Erica for giving my friend a ticket to Wolf Alice last night. I meet the nicest people on Capitol Hill
Local news Erica Hill rocked her at the…
Honored to meet Erica Hill and ALICE. Learning how 1 in 3 families struggle in CT everyday.
I told her to come July 31st for the day and she said she didn't want to
Week 2 Day 3: up early to see the ruins of Old Sarum hill fort before the morning session. Excited to get started.
I've already watched one tree hill 4 times, now I'm getting Sydney Erica and trish hooked 😍
wow Steve is a liar, he said you didn't feel like comin anymore
why don't you invite other people on your travels Steven? Do you two have a secret agreement or something?
Ready to get back to south hill to cuddle with nay.
Last thing I want to do is take managerial accounting next semester 😭
Really considering entering into the peace corps after college
Writing a paper on the colonization of America so of course I stopped what I was doing and started watching Pocahontas
right!!! we were so spoiled, and I miss everything about it
Anyone want to come to Disney World with me next week? I feel like I gotta get my fix in before school starts
My room mate didn't change.. I just still don't know who she is! Erica Hill Girl Wya?
I miss drinking margaritas in the sun and the laughs w/
"popular in your network. See what Erica Griffin sees.". now, apologies to Erica -but dafuq is she? and why would I want to see what she sees
Told my fam the only way they can come to WDW for Halloween is if my brother is Peter Pan, I'm Wendy, my dad's Captain Hook and mom is Smee
"Dad I want to stay at the Polynesian and eat at Ohana every single night"
Re watching gossip girl because I miss
Convincing my parents to take me to Disney for Thanksgiving 😍 can't get enough but I wish I was going as a cast member
Lyon is hilly. And on one said hill, our Air B&B is on the 4th floor…
Tyler Siri, Jared Zimbardi, Steve Gray, David Ragan, Jared Hill, Erica Bell and Jeff Daugherty all with wins on...
(Messages from REAL moms, Erica Nichole from Seattle, Washington and Shelby Matson from the Bay Area,…
California child diagnosed with plague after camping at Yosemite
“The album that made me want to write.”. on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Orlando being the feature city on snapchat makes me miss living there
They're usually out of or others in media
Kevin Dwyer is working for Cambridge Brewing Co at the Hill Farmstead brew fest in VT this weekend. Rated the
I don't know what was better Erica falling down a hill or a musical at Steak 'n Shake
Meet Black Singles 300x250
There is nothing I want more than to eat a sandwich, watch one tree hill, and take a nap. TGIF.
The most annoying thing in the world is cracking your iPhone screen and having to look at it all day every day
Candidates for Region 1 Director: & Voting members, find election details at
I follow her on Instagram! She's the cutest little girl in the world!
ICYMI: Me and TODAY Show hosts Hoda Kotb and Erica Hill discussing our insecurities on SiriusXM. Can you relate?
Lauren Hill and Erica Badu should've done a mixtape together.
Read why one doctor says drinking water is key to preventing kidney stones:
Weekend Today with Erica Hill is a borefest, anybody reading you are better off sleeping in during the weekends or watching GMA Weekend or CBS during the weekend.
I'm awake because I'm excited. I'm excited because this is my first of many DCP reunions. Gotta take the train to the big apple soon
“She gave you everything, and you took your hint of guilt and left behind a goodbye and a broken girl."
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill! The place to be Saturday is Come Party with ERICA MENA!
I get in these moods where I just get so mad about something that any little thing will *** me off. Right now, I'm in that mood
Talk of the Town Too in Crane Hill! One of our servers talked to him and he's renting a house on the lake with his family!
Listener Cindy Schulte sends us this photo from Erica Carney from Burdge Hill Road in Newfield around 7 p.m.
Just a half an hour away from an in-depth look at all 18 holes from exclusive location home of the 2015
Website Builder 728x90
Already at it with a couple of special guests for tonight
All I need in life is another season of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill
It's so important to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people when you're struggling ❤️
One Tree Hill got me feeling some type of way 😐
Should have never started watching one tree hill on Netflix because now I can't go to sleep 😭
At the end of the day if a person wants to really be with you they will
☀️I'm at such a happy point in my life☀️
Love waking up & seeing hosting with my fav Erica Hill on the on a Saturday morning! Today show is my grownup
*Video of Vball girls bear crawling up a hill little girl: r they racing . Dale:no, their being tortured
MUST SEE: shows stunning takeoff as 787 Dreamliner preps for Paris Air Show
When running uphill, keep your head up and your eyes focused on the top of the hill. This opens your airways, making it easi…
to that time I climbed the Hollywood hill and risked falling to my death trying to look for…
I posted a video clip for you in the comments section.
Now it's national correspondent Erica Hill moderating Pair of conversations w/
my brother bumped into me and knocked my jaclyn hill pallete on the ground and half of them are broken I'm going to cry
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Erica Hill Thank you for following me!!
In class yesterday instead of taking notes I drew Cinderella's castle 4 times.
A mother's last words to her daughter about finding the right guy... Amazing.
It's very weird being home. Feels like I'm a stranger in my own town. Stuck somewhere between wanting to be here and wanting to go back.
It's so attractive when a guy is protective
Listening to Lauryn Hill until I fall asleep😊😴
Artists like Kanye, J. Cole. Lauren Hill. Common. Kendrick Lamar. Tupac. Deserve to have their art analyzed and annotated l…
im sad I don't get to go to our room tonight 😭
mildly on the verge of tears right now as I'm sitting in beaches and cream...💔
you're a beautiful person and I know you're doing amazing right now! Can't wait for the next time I see you
RunnersWeb Athletics: Natalie Morales and Erica Hill of NBC's Today Host the 12th Annual...
R.Kelly Keith sweat due hill and Gerald levert
"I'm a sinner and I love every minute of it" -my mom
Erica Boehnlein cake ideas for Emmett's birthday. Kim Hill-Boehnlein do you think you could make it? lol.
one more thing Erica and i swear I will go off
Update your maps at Navteq
After each episode of One Tree Hill I tell myself I'll start studying but it hasn't happened.
Me and my cousin going up the lift hill on Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom erica_stratten
My bed and one tree hill sound too good right now😭
Amazing show tonight !! Thanks to everyone who came and partied and made the night great!
Up hill battle, I look good when I climb.
You're my guest to meet me 5916 W Lake for Friend's Day at 10:30 am today! Mars Hill Baptist Church see u there
Erica Hill is so awkward and annoying to watch. Stop ruining weekend Today!
Running a race this spring with Tell us about it!: As Natalie Morales and Erica Hill gear up to ...
u and Erica hit it so hard and that is so hot without Erica being with frankey gone down hill naw miss the hot stuff
Ericas being serenaded by a sweep outside of the parade
I guess I'll go and try to watch one tree hill
Tomorrow, at Bunker Hill UMC, missionaries, Jacob and Erica Zerger, will be speaking about their upcoming...
This is sliding down the hand rails because it's a jolly holiday with Mary!
Agree with rather not speak than say something inadvertently misunderstood about race rather respond to behaviors
Roommates that do ab workouts together stay together
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
"Rachael it's 2am and we're working out." ✨
Erica and I are recovering from a bug so we had to cancel our big weekend plans. Still hiked the hill…
I'm talking Matich Geoghegans Beechey Jane Tasman Cup with Clark Stewart Hill Rindt esky and pies at Creek Corner not polo
You know that thing where you day drink then you go grocery shopping & you knock over a cheese display at the forest hill Loblaws 😭
Get to see the Disney premiere of Cinderella tonight 🎉😍
Dolls by Jeremy D. Hill. About Dolls by Jeremy D. Hill:. FBI agents Kylie Monroe and Erica Stevens are deep within…
C U this weekend Cherry Hill, NJ. I'll miss my buddy, Sid Haig, but I heard from him & he's doin' OK. …
"When you tryna be cheesy but everyone around you is laughtose intolerant." — UNC Chapel Hill
Thanks tons to for the super generous review of BLADES: "There is no one writing like Erica Dawson." I…
To all the girls looking for a prom dress: Sherri hill and Jovani are not real designer dresses, Atelier Versace and Elie …
Hi. This is Erica Byfield with WSBTV. We will be at the rally tonight for Mr. Hill in Decatur. Were you guys friends?
I will sit down exclusively this morning with the two outsiders who have just become members of top brass.
I'm on the last episode of gossip girl which makes me very happy and depressed at the same time
We've gotten a lot of positive response to this photo of the Basilica at Holy Hill, taken Sunday by Michael Sears. htt…
only if life worked the same way it does in One Tree Hill.
I probably should do my homework, but One Tree Hill is calling my name.
Don't miss Pinocchio Wms at all. Have always liked Letster Hold. Can't stand Craig Melvin. Erica Hill is great.
They are fired Get out of my company.
When I'm watching One Tree Hill, I can't not jam out to its theme song. ❤️
I've decided to binge watch One Tree Hill.. So far it's been a good choice
Savannah's home and I'm 2,000 miles away which is kind of depressing
Shontae Henry Hill flattened the church!!! Here's just a piece. Those gritty phrases she can do…
VIDEO: Getting started with training: TODAY’s Erica Hill takes us inside her…
fellow Erica Hill fan here. How are ya? You have a great smile
Wow! What a successful night at More details to follow, but here is a sneak peak at our takeaways!
I will never love a fictional character as much as I love Nathan Scott from one tree hill
I really don't know why I can't get up before 12
please send a shout out to the fabulous Erica hill at jay HS. Happy B-day from the counseling dept!
One Tree Hill can sooth the soul anyday
Thrilled to say that I'll be joining as a correspondent early next month. We've got big plans for TV news:
Cause every girl think she Lauryn Hill or Erica Badu now👶😂😒
Top story: Run for TODAY: Erica Hill and Natalie Morales share why they run - H… see more
Did you hear the news? Today Show anchors Natalie Morales and Erica Hill are running and co-hosting this year's... http:/…
For the record, episode 11 of season 8 of One Tree Hill is the most stressful thing ever.
❤️💲🎉- still tryna watch one tree hill for you! Your laugh is the best. 💗. Erica- I'll pay you 5 dollars to do my math homework. 😀
Adults take candle lit baths with a glass of wine on snow days and then binge watch One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls, right?
Photoset: Erica and Dom are getting married in May at the beautiful Chalk Hill Estates in Healdsburg. For...
Day started off good and went down hill real quick
.I'll get that TPS report to you, STAT!
I'm gonna need you to work on Saturday... Mmmkay? Great segment on how to talk to your boss!
“Rachael is my favorite person on planet earth” I love you I need cuddles when I come home pls
Rachael is my favorite person on planet earth
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