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Eric Watson

Eric Watson born 1959 in Christchurch, New Zealand is a global businessman, now resident in London. In 2011 the National Business Review listed Watson as the 30th richest New Zealander with a wealth of $NZ220 million.

Michael Evans Simon Mannering

The Mexico-to-U.S. link is the most popular bilateral path in the world.
Agua Fria High School in Avondale has lost power. The students have been sent home for the day.
Other likely picks; Sneedeker, Mahan, Webb Simpson, Chris Kirk, after a win yesterday and if Watson is sneaky he will pick Eric Compton.
IBM's Watson tackles questions that have no answers
A finance company directed by Mark Hotchin and Eric Watson has convinced a High Court judge to keep freezing o...
MCSO says no Meth Lab at Glendale and Dysart, Just a hording situation with a guy that was overpowered by household chemicals.
I don't think there are enough sticky notes on computer.
Glendale Appt. Building evacuated for hazmat situation. Fire&MSCO on scene.
Labor Day in the newsroom with and and
Congrats to our guy 2015 pg New Williams on his commitment to Auburn. Elite... A Players Progr…
Ryder Cup wildcard problem for McGinley and Watson
2015 f Eric Patton Foothill has picked up an offer from Navy. Elite... very proud of him.
VIDEO: If you're into Anime...YOU might just want to watch this...
MH = Mark Hotchin ? or lol. EW = Eric Watson?. KH=?. KF=?. RBH =?. CK =?. Sheesh Kates box got wrecked. . Fisher ?who
I-17 SB backup near Black Canyon City is improving, but still abt 7-8 miles long.
2015 St. Joseph’s (IL) PG Glynn Watson has verbally committed to Nebraska, his coach announced.
News: Warriors owners at war 'over millions': Warriors owners Eric Watson and Sir Owen ...
Glad to be part of the installation ceremony for new Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson.
you'd think a decent, ethical person wouldn't have anything to do with Eric Watson (of former Hanover),but there you go
Eric Watson has been sworn in as the new Bradley County Sheriff
“Why can't my school be turnt like this 😩😩😩😩 because Eric Watson is our principal . 😓😒
Exceeds own Eric Watson Pro Triathlete and Oscar Booth ran the city to surf marathon today. And what a great day...
Luca Chelimo looks like the winner dropping Karui and Yuki at 29km in Kings Park. Eric Watson 5th. Visna Jerab 2nd fe
We have 2 quarterbacks who are playing well. Watson looked good out there
Gp of 4 at front in Perth -Yuki, Chelimo, Gebremichael and Karui are on 2:10 pace. Eric Watson first Aussie.
Breaking: has dropped its proposal to install parking meters at 3 popular trailheads. Idea had sparked a publi…
Good news! Disabled semi has been towed from I-17 NB at mp 247. All lanes have reopened. BUT it'll take time to empty 7-mil…
Here is the truck causing the issues on I17.
Typical Labor Day weekend traffic. One Friday before Labor Day weekend it took me almost 4 hours to get to Flag
Sky 12 flying over 5 miles of backup on I17 Northbound near Black Canyon City.
I miss my bratts, Jocelyn Nichole Watson, and Eric Watson Jr.. hope you guys are having fun.:-) :-)
Earlier today, Bubba Watson hit a drive 424 yards on the par-5 16th hole. Yes, you read that correctly.
The Pacers should trade Roy Hibbert,George Hill,CJ Watson to the suns for Miles Plumlee,Eric Bledsoe and Gerald Green
Eric Dier completes his move from Sporting Lisbon on a 5-year contract & speaks to Spurs TV – htt…
If score holds, lead in wins will be shared by their No. 4 starter (Volquez) and setup reliever (Watson) -- e…
LIVE: High-water rescue at 7th Avenue and Coral Gables
Cayla Armstrong, 17, from Phoenix, got stranded with two friends on Greenway Road at I-17
Stranded drivers have nothing to do but wait it out.
only if they need to be rescued. Insurance agents maybe busy tomorrow.
7 stranded cars on Greenway under the I-17.
Sun-heated air warms unevenly. It's not unlike a boiling water--tough to predict where the next bubble will break
Peoria PD says avoid N 75th Ave & W Greenway Rd for the next couple hours due to a Traffic Accident - Roads are closed.
Looks like some weather is moving in from the North.
My computer is working much better since it crashed.
Rock slides reported on US 60, btwn mileposts 298-306, north of Globe. Crews en route to clear. Heavy storms in the area. D…
Southbound lanes of I-17 at State Route 303 are in the process of being opened up.
Happy for John LeClair, Eric Desjardins, and Lindros on inductions, but once again we bypass Jimmy Watson? C'mon Flyers, 20 years past due!
1033p: Heads for additional storm activity over Buckeye, slowly mvg to the S-SE. Heavy rainfall, gusty winds & dangerous li…
The storm has shifted east. Send your lightning shots to pictures
Buckeye FD working multiple mobile homes blown on their sides. Searching for occupants. 2 people found injured so far.
On the road again. Capturing lightning from Surprise AZ
ALERT: A severe thunderstorm warning is in effect near until 9:45 p.m.
There is a darkness warning for your area.
834PM Larger Tstorms S. of Wickenburg & hwy. 60 to Buckey with locally heavy rain and strong gusty winds. Careful near thes…
Hearing there is some weather on the west side. What are you see out there?
Very excited for our guy 2015 Stone Gettings Loyola on his recent offers. Kid is a total winner... Elite... …
Luke Air Force Base will increase night flying throughout the month of August.
An American Airlines flight from Maimi to LAX was diverted to Sky Harbor for a "Lavatory Issue" The flight is back on route.
morning sportsfreak, does anyone ever tell you that whenever they see your profile pic they think of Eric Watson?
We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement with Sporting Lisbon for the transfer of Eric Dier, subject …
just realised it was latch eric was singing to me, how did I not recognise that song at the time? jesus
Eric Watson: "the big question: Why should religious organisations be exempted from income tax?" via
I can report that there is no currently
pls for more donations. Eric Watson's Personal Page for 2014 Skate with Taylor Hall via
Meet Roxy. She was born this morning in a parking lot! Dad helped with the delivery!
Okay... This is for all my preaching brothers! Blake Wilson, Watson Jones III, Eric Mason, Michael Robinson, Gary...
NEW: Officials say the plane evacuation yesterday was because of a bad A/C unit creating smoke in the bathroom.
Arizona's first bitcoin machine broken by lightning strike via
ooh, Eric lampeart and mark Watson are funny :)
Flight 2948 from Albuquerque to Phoenix was evacuated after it landed do to smoke coming from a lavatory. No injuries.
Photo of Sky West 2948 flying USAirways - evac at PHX Sky Harbor smoke in plane no injury - live ht…
Huge water main break at the campus. Sunset Blvd closed in both directions around Westwood Plaza.
.is obsessed. MT 7-week-old gray fox kit found behind a chicken coop in
Mostly about him as a pass rusher. The talk reminds me of the talk surrounding Eric Martin.
Thanks for having us on air yesterday!
Buckle your seatbelt, and allow others to take responsibilities off your plate. Eric Watson
Update your maps at Navteq
It would b nice 2 get some coverage.CU SAT!.
We are currently working an OIS involving Phoenix PD. We will have more details soon. All officers are okay.
can you tell I was trying to stay as far back as possible?
I am honored to announce Sheriff-Elect Eric Watson has announced his endorsement for me today. Click to read more:
Can we get lightning in this bottle? We will try during the 5pm news.
We are talking about lightning with the
.concluded Saturday's storm over Greenway and 40th St was a "macroburst" because it was spread over 2.5 miles
2015 pg Tommy Mccarthy played very well this morning for Elite and helped lead the team to vic…
They're all gone now. They're all gone. Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy. Forty years ago:
I've been instructed to tell how old Eric Watson is. Kirk please pass on the message
Counting down hours to DC. be prepared.
The aren't signing Isaiah Thomas to deal Bledsoe or Ennis. Plan to use RFA rights on Bledsoe. Ennis, 19, can develop in…
Historic treasures from ashes only on .
*** somebody need to tell me something or I kbow something
So *** he mean by what he said cause both yall know
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
But I'm not mad at u bae its straight
*** did I just say.? Are yall even reading for im saying like ***
And if u got money to make why u not doing that obviously u not all that busy
Lol ok well c how good u use that when we link up
Adrianna what I just say..inbox me back
Yep lmfao u mad cause u suck hella *** and get *** down or did u just stop
you right I do. Tf you tryna say Eric please tell me don't cover it up
I tried leaving it alone y she always think she got to go in on the last word
man chill tf out.eric stop calling her out her name man forreal and Adrianna calm down
why do it matter you not my friend tf.? All that matters is that I'm dead to you so act like it
it jus so crazy tho cause she talk about you jus as much as I did
Over 2.5 million mentions of since story on his return to broke:
Well today marked the end of Memorial Day Weekend/35th Anniversary Week Off--tomorrow means back to reality--back to work! Great ending with supper at Top 'River in Guntersville with my hubby, my two sons Eric Watson and Michael Watson and my grandson Cameron Watson.
Gary Whitford Dustin Whitford I just wanted to share this with my bros! Oh yeah n Mahekan Ahenakew Marty Thurman Marty Watson Eric Watson Nolan Moore Roderick Sutherland Devan Kicknosway and all my other bros I can't tag Anthony Corcoran
1,982 – Landing at Smash Hits. Neil was offered a job at Smash Hits as news editor of this British teen pop magazine in June 1,982. This opportunity came after having commissioned Steve Bush - then the designer of Smash Hits and The Face - to design a book about the group Madness when Neil was still working at ITV Books. The following year he became Assistant Editor. Some of the works he did then was editing the 1,982, 1,983 and 1,984 editions of the Smash Hits Yearbook. The series of the pictures taken by Eric Watson (included in this current album) were published in the 1,983 edition of the Smash Hits Yearbook. These pictures show, among other perfect strangers, Neil himself, Chris and Krysia in the section of this annuary called ‘The Best Dressed Chests’. For the Smash Hits Collection stickers album, issued by the Italian company Panini in 1,984, a music jingle called ‘Stick It On’ was made with Neil singing a few lines on it to promote this sticker album on the radio. Time for that remarkabl ...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Eric Watson from West Ashley, SC - - "Emergency night call after bad storm. Called Benny on a Saturday night...
Share with all of your Niagara Falls Friends! (Also Eric Watson is bringing the Word at First Assembly of God Niagara Falls this morning- in case you want to be inspired today. ;) )
. Eric Pickles wooing UKIP? he can go to bed with them as long as he stays well away from Yorkshire💫
@ Eric Pickles hasn't delivered on his weekly bin collections so he's a "cant do" minister.
Looks like Eric Pickles is due a move in this month's reshuffle. What's happening to I wonder?.
Simon Mannering receiving his 200th match photo from owner Eric Watson
I would like to say a special thank you to the whole Staff at Walnut Ridge High School Jessica Corder , Eric Watson , Dr. Walker , Dr Tonya M. , Mr. Daniels , Robert Bowers, Mr. Bosley , Ms. Davis , Ms Jefferies, Ms. Dunklin and each and everyone thank you for working hard listening to every students needs you are the ones that keep us alive during school without this staff some of us would be graduating thank you for all your hard work. I hopefully will one day share my gratuity with everyone. Thank you
Seniors Shane McAdams, Michael Neufeldt, and Eric Watson, along with junior Matthew Solverson all named to the FIRST TEAM All-Sectional Team
Bubba Watson is very entertaining. Carry on with the rest of your day.
New Mine Fire AZ-TNF est. 4 ac, running in light fuels, Lead and VLAT ordered, local engines and crews on scene. Lat/lon…
Emma Watson is playing Ariel in a remake of the little mermaid. Can I play prince eric?
Obama summons US veterans secretary: Embattled US Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is summoned to the ...
if Emma Watson graduated from brown university while simultaneously filming 5 major Hollywood films, u can make it thru to…
Great day stunt coordinating with 2 great stunt men nicholas Verdi and eric watson
Definition of beauty with brain, Emma Watson 😍
Thanks to 4 working 4 me 2day so I can watch with Dave Watson, and
.No way. Eric Schmidt will turn Google cars into drones with his finger on every trigger. Schmidt:"Don't be evil. That's my job."
Shiiddd it OK but u just now know in ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
Eric Watson & Michael Neufeldt named the team's Outstanding Offensive Players at the Volleyball Awards Banquet.
Captains Eric Watson and Matt Solverson speak at tonight's Volleyball Banquet.
Éric! Check out our Habs anthem with french rapper Maybe Watson :)
RIP Eric Watson, you successfully made 32 people want to kill you
The combo of Paul George, George Hill, Eric Watson, lance Stevenson played better than James, Wade, Chalmers, and Ray
Joshua trees moving northward as climate changes via
Pentagon using drone, surveillance aircraft in Nigeria via
AWESOME PIC: A tornado of fire captured -- Taken in FallBrook, California this afternoon -
For those of you that have tried handstand, you know they are difficult! First you're inverted, then you need to lower your entire bodyweight to the floor, touch your head and reverse the motion to lock-out. Even harder than this, is handstand push-ups off of cement blocks, since it increases the range of motion. Last Friday we had 3 people accomplish this! Huge congrats to Isaac Jorgensen, Scott Swain, and Eric Watson! Check out this video of Isaac making it look easy!
PSA from HEAD Principal: "We Are No Longer Stockbridge ,We will be known now as " - Eric Watson
Crosby is 5th, followed by Couture, Eric Staal, Nikita Kucherov, Gustav Nyquist and Taylor Hall.
SPOILER ALERT! Jesus Eric you just ruined the whole movie 😒 no one knew!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Eric likes Cinderella. But I'm saying Snow White for a change of pace
Gave myself haircut more Black than Grey read & weep little bro lol Eric Watson & Robin Watson + Phil he dont FB Robin like your post life suits you in Canada
Acting head of Phx VA holding news conference outside town hall
Looking good & getting ready for the special at 6 pm on the VA scandal
About 4 years ago, God put someone in my path to be a good role model. He knew I didn't have a legal job, he knew I smoked weed all the time. But he still pushed me to have a better life for my family. One day he picked me up and took me down to Beans Cafe, me being a stubborn person, I thought it was a waste of time. Then told me to open my eyes. He pointed at the Anchorage Jail, then he pointed at the homeless shelter, then he told me, if I didn't stop doing what I was doing, I will end up at one of these 2 places, then he asked if I saw my daughter with me if it did happened. That was a reality check. Today, I am a completely different man, and I thank God even to this day that he put my bro Eric Watson in my life. I don't know how many lives he's helped change, but our good Lord knows. Thank you Eric, for being you.
Eric Watson... Been having a coconut oil in my green tea in the morning
***URGENT PRAYER REQUEST*** For Cathy & her son Eric Watson. Cathy has cancer throughout her body and her son Eric is in a coma from a car accident. Thank you for praying!
New reports of irreversible antarctic ice melt could mean all of South Florida under water
The motorcade escorting the body of Mesa police officer Brandon Mendoza.
Bol Bol Bol so what did he think about Mr Watson cooking chicken for you Man Eric x
Congrats to my brothers and Eric Watson for graduating today! Wish I could be there but it's been a great 3 years with u guys!!
Congrats on graduating from college today A Watson, schuetz, tom, Melvin, foster, rod, Eric
If someone wants to take me to Aaron Watson, Gary Allen or Eric Church, that'd be great😍
students get to take a class with Watson and Eric Fosler-Lussier? Can I go back?
Eric Watson walks in Steak 'n Shake and Loren yells something about Jim Ruth. He's walking home.
“Sheriff's race: Eric Watson defeats incumbent Jim Ruth, 60% to 40%.his wife tips me a 5 at cookes😞
Mix 104.1 is predicting that Eric Watson will be the new Sheriff in Bradley County, with 7,406 votes, winning over Jim Ruth with 5025.
UPDATE: 13/17 precincts reporting in now.. Eric Watson lead (60-40) over incumbent Jim Ruth still holds.
Sheriff race: Eric Watson has 60% to Jim Ruth's 40% with 11 of 17 precincts reporting.
With today's votes from only 7 Precinct's: Sheriff's Race: Eric Watson with 2471 votes; Jim Ruth with 1855.
Eric Watson ahead of incumbent Jim Ruth among absentee ballots for Bradley County Sheriff. Results at
A couple of special guests here today: Eric Watson & Eli Wiezorek - thanks for bring apart of our community today! Excited for the official launch of Nickel City Church in North Buffalo this fall!
tonights draw finally .. bottle of red wine - Dawn Wallace Sweetie cake by Sweet Temptations - Alison Thompson Living room/Bedroom rug C/o Kristofferson carpets - Morven peebles 2 bottles of Malt whiskey - Clunie c/o Deb Mass Dalguise Fishings - Eric Watson Equine or Human massage c/o liz Jones - Jill Mason 2 x Admission tickects to the HIghland show - Pauline Mcinnes 1 x 1hr flight in warrior - Stina Rennie 1 course walk with Sarak Oakden - karen Macmillan Well done folks ... next week is the last draw.. would be nice to get some more tickets bought to raise as much as possible, get in touch x
I love when my little man open the door for me! Just like his daddy. Eric Watson what a little gentlemen. :)
Eric Watson laid him to rest this morning with his Handsfreed up son!!! Congrats Eric!!
Hey folks... Please join Eric Watson for a Picnic on The Farm on Saturday, April 19th, 4pm at Haines Farm, 1090...
Jon Reynolds - bass, Karen Tomalis-Lloyd - drums, Michael Evans - keyboards, Me, Eric Watson - guitars.and from 9:30pm - 12:30am, anybody who wants to sing or play.We'll Be Jammin' !!
Capt. Rick Grassett’s Sarasota and Venice, FL Fishing Report for 4/13/2014 Anglers fishing with me on my Action Craft flats skiff the Snook Fin-Addict, out of CB’s Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key, caught and released trout and flounder in Sarasota Bay on flies and DOA Shrimp and snook at night in the ICW near Venice on flies during the past week. Siesta Key winter resident, Frank Watson and his grandson, Eric Watson, both from OH, fished Sarasota Bay with me on Monday morning. With an approaching front and a strong south wind, we headed south of the Ringling Bridge for some protection. The wind cranked up to more than 20-mph by the end of our trip and they had good action with trout to 18”, a nice black sea bass and flounder caught and released on DOA Shrimp. Anna Maria and Sarasota winter residents, Bill Morrison and Gary Marple, snook fished with me in the ICW near Venice that evening. We fished only a couple of spots and they caught and released a few snook and ladyfish on my Grassett Snook Mi ...
Happy 2year anniversary to me and my hunny Eric Watson 💘💞💍 and many more to come !
Eric Watson is active in the community, helping those in need and victims of disaster. Vote Eric Watson for A New Spirit & A New Direction! Early Voting starts tomorrow!! Please share this video!
Reminder: Eric Watson will be the guest speaker at the Bradley Co Republican Women's meeting Thursday - at Mountain View Inn 12:00 PM. Everyone is invited!
The Masters as Mini-Golf: A Mashup You Can't Miss: Bubba Watson won The Masters golf tournament on Sunday, but we...
From examples of "how to take big data to the next level"
Bubba Watson hit up after winning the Masters
Diversity Career Fair at Marriott (1101 N 44th St) 11 - 2. Scottsdale, GoDaddy and PayPal and others looking to fill 1,000 jobs.
Had a great day with great friends great food thx for coming we gotta do it again some time soon. Nichole Gross Gardner Chad Gardner Chris Johnson Eric Watson, Jr.,Cindy, Jeno. Austin, Jacob Gardner
Photo of the day?. Here is the moment Bubba Watson won his second Masters.
Isreal Summerall Jessi Perry Jessie Stoner Rex Warrick Scotty Ruthruff Eric Watson Aaron Stover Matt Stover Sam Crews Carlos Crews. All my *** but u no we all did it once lol
Congratulations to my role model Bubba Watson on winning the Master's. Probably one of the most…
If Bubba Watson wins The Masters he can use this golf hovercraft on any course, right?!?
“players have now won 6 of last 12 Masters. (Mickelson 3, Watson 2, Weir)" First the country, now go…
That 2nd green jacket puts Bubba Watson in an exclusive club of multiple champs:
Funny how Eric Watson lost $400 million of investors money, yet still managed to keep his little team of black boys to run around the field for him.
Earl Watson Elite Silver 17u another good win vs. very good Gamepoint team. Proud of our group...…
- We beat the Nets & Heat to clinch. - Braves sweep the Nationals. - Bubba Watson wins the Masters. How about that sports weeke…
Plot twist: Eric Church has just been Bubba Watson with aviators this whole time
Congrats Bubba Watson 2 masters in 3 years is a huge accomplishment
"I never loved green so much." -Bubba Watson after Adam Scott slipped the green jacket over his shoulders
Anyone besides me think Bubba Watson kinda looks like Eric Church?
Congratulations to Bubba Watson on his Masters win!
Bubba Watson wins his 2nd Masters in just 6 starts. 1st player to win 2 in first 6 starts since Arnold Palmer.
A standup individual with so many great qualities. Well deserved, Bubba Watson!
If Bubba Watson grew a beard he would be Eric Church.
Bubba Watson is a two time Masters champion
Bubba Watson wins again just 2 years later
Congrats Bubba Watson on a fantastic Masters tournament win.
Told my dad on Monday Bubba Watson was gonna win, never doubt my favorite player
Bubba Watson looks like a taller Eric Church with a visor and no beard
Bubba Watson is CHARGING. A birdie on 13 gives Bubba a 3-shot lead over Jordan Spieth and Jonas Blixt. http:…
Bubba Watson making impossible shots like Bubba Watson does
Is that Bubba Watson, or Eric Church without the facial hair?
Masters leader Bubba Watson is invested in a co that makes flying golf carts. via
They're headed to the back nine at Augusta and Bubba Watson is taking a two-shot lead with him.
Bubba Watson & Jordan Spieth tied for the lead at 7 under heading to the 9th.
Back to a tie at the Masters. Jordan Spieth bogeys 8th hole, Bubba Watson birdies. They are tied at -7.
.medical marijuana researcher not giving up on PTSD study after blocks $$.
I, Cody Watson, am being blessed with opportunity the jam with THE Eric Zhong today. . Thank you, Jesus. Love, Cody
Blazing fireball spotted in the sky Saturday night
I retract my statement about bubba Watson
All the maligned players are scoring for the Warriors. Should bring on Eric Watson.
Accepting the award for Andrea L. Harris, Eric Watson CEO of CVMSDC.
You give because you have, you have because you give- Eric Watson.
I see Bubba Watson is doing his best Eric Thomas impression on the course today.
not sure, good question! Maybe because it's relatively small :)
MANNERING RE-SIGNED ON FOUR-YEAR CONTRACT Auckland, New Zealand, April 12, 2014 – Vodafone Warriors captain Simon Mannering has underlined his total commitment to the club by today signing a new four-year contract to the end of the 2018 NRL season. On the eve of the Vodafone Warriors’ sixth-round clash against the Bulldogs at Eden Park, owner Eric Watson said the signing was not only one of the longest but also one of the most significant in the club’s history. Watson also revealed veteran prop Jacob Lillyman had been re-signed to the end of the 2017 season and back rower Sione Lousi to the end of 2016 bringing to 12 the number of players who have extended their stays in recent times. “This a signal of how much the Vodafone Warriors mean to Simon, Jacob, Sione and all the other players who have re-signed,” he said. “It’s also a tribute to the work Dean Bell (general manager football operations) is doing with Wayne Scurrah (chief executive) with our recruitment.” He hailed Mannering’s con ...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I found the obituary for Brenda at Companion just a few minutes ago; however, it will not allow me to share it. A celebration of her life is planned for Monday night, March 17th, 2014 at 7:00 PM in the Dixon Chapel of the North Cleveland Church of God located at 335 11th Street NE in Cleveland, TN with Rep. Eric Watson and Pastor Keith Watson officiating. You can also post a remembrance on their website.
Bearfoot Karate opens in Spring Lake Park: Bearfoot Karate co-founders Eric Watson, left, and Joe Hoglund. The...
"Inside the Animal's Mind" by Chris Packham is on BBC2 on Tuesday 28 January at 8pm starring Jazz with some footage from training starring Eric Watson and some of the Gow players
I wonder what Eric Liddell would think of this.
Hope to see everyone at Eric Watson chili event tomorrow night for some good fellowship and conversation and a little bit of politics. InLibertyDan
thank you for following. Be sure to follow my boyfriend an award winning writer :)
Wal-Mart to lay off 2,300 Sam's Club employees, about 2% of workforce - DJ • $WMT
Coca-Cola tells thousands of employees of security breach
You have 8 minutes until they pack up and drive away.
You mean they're feeding the staff of the Republic and Channel 12 sted of paychecks?
19th Ave/McDowell/Grand Ave intersection will be closed Jan 24 starting at 9pm to Jan 27 at 5am. Use alternate route to…
Free ice cream until 1:30 at 2nd St and Van Buren.
Mesquite Elem was in lockdown for a short time. All is safe now, two juveniles were playing with airsoft rifles nearby.
A 20-year-old NAU student living on campus has been sent to the hospital with a suspected case of bacterial meningitis.
AZDOC says an prison employee was assaulted by an inmate at Lewis Prison.
Great piece in the Liverpool Echo today @
Please help us protect our native plants by fighting buffelgrass tomorrow at Beat Back Buffelgrass Day:...
Lewis Prison is on lockdown after what DOC officials are calling a violent incident.
I-10 west of Phoenix: A semi fire is blocking the eastbound right lane just past the SR 85 interchange. It's at milepost 13…
The DAV will present a veterans benefits Info seminar from 9AM. to Noon on Saturday, at the VA Medical Center, 650 E. Indian School.
Former man Douglas Watson joins as and project development manager.
Folks go take a look at Eric Watson's accomplishments over the years.. This is a man that you want to be Sheriff...
In Janurary of 2006, Eric Watson was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives. Representative Watson is currently serving his fifth term in the Tennessee House of Representatives fr...
England on the verge on beating Australia 2nd XI (No Clarke, Haddin, Warner, Watson)
What about an evening with Eric Winstanley? Or the young lads that come through the youth team Watson Eaden Moses Liddell?
Even if we do win this game its only because the aussies have rested all their key players Warner,Watson,clarke …
alright alright I'll forgive you this time young one
I'm sorry, it was only a mer joke to entertain! 😞
When I marry either Selena Gomez or Emma Watson... That's gonna be bomb
.& teacher Eric Ebersole picked up endorsements from the Education Association.
Ever feel like Ed Bell in No Country for Old Men?
PLSE RT! in 67 y.o. Stephanie Harris Contact with any info. TY!
Eric Watson: "We need conviction of the heart. When the heart moves, the body moves." Closing comments from CVMSDC luncheon.
Breaking news - Man Utd prepare horse and carriage for Juan Mata tomorrow for his medical. The...
The second half of Tennessee’s 108th General Assembly is in full swing and state Rep. Eric Watson has introduced...
Eric Watson: Sometimes we need to listen to what we're not hearing,
Eric Watson: We must be Focused, Intentional and Deliberate as we Innovate our work, Elevate our brand, and Transform our model
CVMSDC president & CEO Eric Watson: It's a new day. Right now, our theme is Change @ CVMSDC Annual Meeting.
Pray for your political leaders daily...we are! Eric Watson, Gary Davis, Tom Rowland,
The cop they kno & love is Eric Watson!! The dirty cop married to Debbie is George Campbell. they always depend on Eric tho for yrs
Super duper thanks to Representative Eric Watson and his lovely wife Tenille Crabtree Watson for becoming our first Platinum sponsor for this year's Red Shoe Gala for CASA of Bradley County! For more information on how you can support our even and our cause, you can contact Suzanne Paige, Lisa Mullinax Holmes, Juliea Zello, and Samantha Oughtred Young or visit
Countdown is now on to our trip to Torrey Pines in La Jolla for Owen Myhre's Birthday Celebration with Eric Watson! Less than 10 sleeps!
were so much cooler than all of you Tyler Joubert Eric Watson
Earl Watson just gave the realest look before walking off the court. It said *** I hate that dude but *** he's good"
Watson will be what 33 yr old coming soon, and they cut Higgins to give the job to Hill. They have a major vision for him.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I may be in the minority but I think J Hill has a future here. Either this upcoming year or following year he takes Watson's job
I still think CJ Cregg was the leak
My fiance is trying to argue celebrity crushes with me... I'm sorry, but in every way imaginable, Emma Watson > Eric Decker.
I LOVE my Marines (service members)! They can set-up mini cities and infrastructures in minutes (hours), they are loyal (take care of their own), if you need something they will have offered to help before you know it, they can cook, improvise, and won't sugar coat things. They won't judge you for what you can't do or don't know (they will embrace and mentor you). Once you are identified and adopted as family you ARE 'family'. I can't say in words how much I appreciated my military family and my 'military family'. Thank you! You rock! I am glad that I'm on your side. For those of you that take your freedoms for granted or don't support our service members - go kick rocks! Everything I said may not be true of all Marines - but it goes for my Marines! Oh Rah and Siempre Fi Veronica Marie Flynn YaYa Serrano Rasheed Pelaez Linnette Oakley Myra Oakley Cedrissa Austin Cedric Austin Yvonne Oakley Walker Vaughn Oakley Phil Adams Dejai Hammond Breana Fortney Eric Watson Eric Costner LaTyka Figaro
I'd probably do anything to see Eric Church live
Birthday shout out to the Eric Watson. Happy Birthday!
to Eric Baird,Moses Mcconnell,Dan Watson,Montell,BJ Harris, and Eric Johnson. There's more but.ehh. LOVE YOU GUY…
World's 85 richest people have the same wealth as 3.5 billion poorest, report says
I have a little brother that I inherited when I became best friends with his older sister some 29 years ago. He is obnoxious, says the most inappropriate things you can imagine, and thinks he knows everything about everything...but I love him dearly! He's become more like family to me than a friend. Eric Watson.thank you for being so annoying but caring!
remembered and honored on the front of the First Solar bldg.
Happy Anniversary to my handsome nephew Eric Watson and and his beautiful Felecia Watson. Love ya both along with those three beautiful great nieces of mine!!
Just downloaded the 39 songs of the very best of Chicago.. Eric Watson u have 2 weeks to memorize these classics before we attend their concert
today we are a house divided... Olivia is wearing her Steelers jersey b/c she wanted them to be playing, but is rooting for the 49ers b/c they are her bubby's team Chris Rueter Eric Watson ) BUT daddy is wanting Seattle to win b/c he doesnt want 49ers to win the Superbowl and tie Steelers with 6 rings, me, i'm just baking cookies and gonna start on some sewing projects (embroidery actually)
Eric Watson, why are the graphics so terrible in Madden 25?
That Old Time Politickin’ (Sure, Sunday is the Lord's day of rest ... but Jim Ruth and Wayne Bird never rest from politickin'. HTC received the following email just this morning) . Dear Hometown guys, Your readers will get a kick out of this. I have been a member at First Baptist Church for about 10 years. State Rep. Eric Watson and his family has been attending for about as long as I have. Eric is pretty much in attendance every Sunday. Ok. Now in all my years, I have never seen sheriff Jim Ruth darken the doorway of First Baptist Church. Maybe he’s attended and me not know about it, but I’ve never seen him there. Imagine my surprise this morning (Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014) when I spotted old Jimbo and his wife Kathy, front and center in the congregation (two rows in front of me). Now don’t misunderstand me, I think that’s a good thing. I like seeing Jim Ruth in church, even if it was just this one time. BUT HE HAD a photographer with him SNAPPING PICTURES! I asked a friend who works at the justice ...
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Let's watch some football. Man code for for nap. Charles Johnson Eric Watson Zach Avants
Eric Watson, Candy Coffman saw these and thought of Eric and Sarah.
Such an amazing experience to be able to speak tonight with many of the candidates running during this election. I was called to speak first. difficult especially when Eric Watson spoke after me. That guy knows how it's done. Good luck to all the candidates, especially Constable Wayne CaseyMae Henry
Hanging with some of the Old Eastern Michigan University Mens Basketball team checking out Eric Watson and his Outstanding Jazz Band ConJaMa
Come on out for our Eric Watson Memorial Show!!! Exb. 9am Show. 11am Game Show will follow right after the jackpot! Open 4D 250 added Poles 2D 50 added Open $25 Poles $15
My baby does know how to get me to smile. Eric Watson
Guitarist Eric Watson will lead a fine band on Sunday with a jam session after the first set!
It is regretful that the Ruth/Bird Administration is deciding to run a negative campaign rather than on their own record. But Mr. Ruth doesn’t have a good record. I am really not surprised by the attacks from the Bird/Ruth campaign. I expect it to get worse as we move closer to the primary. The attacks are just a way to divert attention away from issues like our high crime rate and low solvability rate in Bradley County. For my part, our campaign will focus on my productive ideas and plans to improve the overall service and operation of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office. I do not want to waste everyone’s time and feed confusion by responding every time the Bird/Ruth Administration runs an untruthful and misleading campaign ad. I am not going to engage into negative campaigning like the Bird/Ruth Administration has chosen to do. I promise to stay on the high road. I am honored to represent the great folks of Bradley County. I have been elected to do the people's business in our state's capitol ...
Ok. Eric Watson I don't play games on FB. Please stop asking me.
Elections are coming in 2014 and our county sheriff is up for reelection. Of course there's competition for our present sheriff. His name is Eric Watson. Naysa seeing a HUGH sign with the sheriff star on it, and Eric Watsons name, announces very knowingly "LOOK! There's a new sheriff in town!" ROFLOL kids say the greatest things. (I am not endorsing a candidate, just retrlling a tale)
Cass Tech '78 will be at Baker's Sat Jan 18 to hang with Eric Watson and his band. Inviting everyone to enjoy great evening
SHELBY - William Eric Watson, 48, of 2600 West Stagecoach Trail, passed away on Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014, at his residence. He was born on Oct. 17, 1965, in Wayne County, to William Roger Watson
I live in Bradley County Tennessee. This year's Sheriff's election is going to be very interesting. The current Sheriff, Jim Ruth, has the Sheriffs department at a very high turn over rate. Morale *** And he's an incompetent boob. Anyway, there's a guy, Eric Watson, who's thrown his hat in the ring. Eric has served in the State Senate for the last 8 years. Mr Watson also served on the Sheriffs dept in the past. Eric has an excellent conservative record and I think this is just a stepping stone to the Governor's chair or even Washington. Check out Eric Watson.
Eric Watson has my Vote so remember that Eric in the future lol!!!
I feel so lucky to have lived through my 23 years as a fed FF i had so many incompetent "leaders" supervisors from the good ole days who were grandfathered into certs that never spent a day in a classroom to others who made their way by EEO, i did have some good lead fire fighters that were good, William Thorn , Malcom Gethers, Eric Watson, Bobby Privette. But the best was Dwight Gibson
The Sheriff's race in Bradley County is heating up, with current Bradley County Sheriff Jim Ruth sending a letter to the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance criticizing his opponent, Tennessee State Rep. Eric Watson.
I'd like to give a BIG HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to our awesome brave caring & good looking nephew Eric Watson !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANDSOME!! Hope you have a well deserved kick *** day!! Love ya!!
I would like to ask all prayer warriors out there to please pray for Eric Watson. Thanks and God Bless
Chef Eric Watson at Mezzaluna keeps innovating with local food! Remember, all new co-op members who sign up in January are entered in a drawing to win $50 gift cards to Mezzaluna. Become a member today at Membership starts at $25 and new members get immediate access to our online market with over 200 natural, organic and local food items from a dozen local producers.
Playing at Crowley's in Farmington on Thursday 6-9 with Oliver Nevels, Stan Bawol, and Jon Reynolds, Friday at the Maple Theater Cafe in Bloomfield 6:30 - 8:30 with Dave Lundin and Keith Malinowski, Saturday at Baker's Keyboard Lounge 8 - 12 with ConJaMa ( Eric Watson, Michael Evans, Jon Reynolds, and Greg Grant), and Sunday at the West Bloomfield Public Library with Sheila Landis and Rick Matle, 2 shows from 3-4 and 5-6.feels good to be working! Come on down. :)
Join the fun at our next Sheriff of Bradley County, Eric Watson's Chili Supper and Rally! It's a Minion friendly event.
Jamie Smith and Eric Watson set a pattern for making the next plank while putting some new bottom planks on a scallop boat.
Boston Police Arrest Armed Robbery Suspect with the Assistance of the State Police At about 7:27pm, on Sunday, January 12, 2014, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) responded to a radio call for an armed robbery at Winter Street and Tremont Street. On arrival, officers spoke with the victim who stated that while he was inside of CEX (44 Winter St.) he observed the suspect inside the store and then behind him in line. The victim stated to officer when he exited the store he was unaware that he was being followed by the suspect. The victim stated the suspect brandished a firearm and demanded the victim’s money and reached in the victim’s pockets and took an undetermined amount of money. Officers broadcasted a description of the suspect and the suspect was observed by a Massachusetts State Trooper walking in the Public Gardens. The Trooper was able to detain the suspect with no incident. Massachusetts State Police K9 officers responded to the Public Gardens and Boston Commons to conduct a search for .. ...
Water main break update. Hard close for Gilbert road in both directions at Juniper and Guadalupe.
Dobbins closed at 27th Ave. Roll over accident. Avoid the area.
Interesting implications, Eric. Can you see using in the programmatic space? cc
ASU Advisory - Tempe - Power shut down to 80% of Tempe Campus due to a water main break at central plant. Expected ETA is at least 3 hours.
Wow is amazing! Thank you and for recommending it. and I are hooked!
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