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Eric Hosmer

Eric John Hosmer (born October 24, 1989, in Miami, Florida) is an American professional baseball first baseman with the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Eric Hosmer is another guy where value doesn't translate on the back of the ball card. Guy is a spotlight stud
Eric Hosmer made an appearance today in re middle of Florida
I just imagined Eric Hosmer in a Mariners uniform and my *** retreated up into my body.
Low key want an Eric Hosmer haircut 😬
I'm dressing up for Eric Hosmer for Halloween!!!I love him so much
The current temperature in Kansas City is "Eric Hosmer in June" degrees.
"We'll see why Eric Hosmer's swing makes him an MVP caliber player"-MLB Network. Just hearing this gave me AIDS.
"Stroman's slider has Eric in disbelief"
They feel that they can contend next year. I could see them pursuing Eric Hosmer next winter with Miguel Cabrera tr…
Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer vs. Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli. That's why the Royals have rings.
...a force out, 1B Miguel Cabrera to SS Jose Iglesias. Whit Merrifield to 3rd. Eric Hosmer out at 2nd. Kendrys Morales to 1st [2/2]
The have announced that Eric Hosmer has been named as the team's nominee for the 2016 Robert Clemente Award.
Eric Hosmer with his career-high 20th HR. First Royals 1B with 20 HR in a season since Billy Butler in 2009
David Ortiz grounds into a double play, second baseman Raul Mondesi to shortstop Alcides Escobar to first baseman Eric Hosmer. Brock Holt
Hosmer happy to return to South Florida roots: Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer's roots run deep in South Flo...
Erik Gonzalez singles to CF for 1st MLB hit. After Royals relayed ball to infield, Eric Hosmer tossed it to Indians dugout f…
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2015-05-19 Eric Hosmer hits a seeing eye single to right, Kendrys Morales scores, and it's 1-0 Royals
VIDEO: Eric Hosmer says he's not surprised at Miguel Cabrera's All-Star generosity
Miguel Cabrera did a really cool thing for Eric Hosmer.
Eric Hosmer joins Bo Jackson (1989) as the only Royals players to win the All-Star Game MVP.
I don't care what anyone says. Alex Gordon is not my George Brett, Eric Hosmer is.
Eric Hosmer is your 2016 All-Star Game MVP! . He is 2nd Royals player to win All-Star MVP behind Bo Jackson in 1989.
Eric Hosmer is the third player with two hits and two RBIs in an All-Star Game. He joins Bo Jackson and George…
Eric Hosmer has Royals teammate Salvador Perez as guide for All-Star Game
Anyone else find it ironic that Freddie Freeman and Eric Hosmer are the only two to homer off Sale this year? 😏
@ T1-3o: Eric Hosmer grounds out softly, 2B Devon Travis to 1B Edwin Encarnacion.
MLB's leading vote-getter, Salvador Perez, will be joined by his teammates Eric Hosmer, Wade Davis, and Kelvin...
Salvador Perez and Eric Hosmer both named starters for this year's All-Star Game. Herrera also gets nod.
Eric Hosmer is going to his first All-Star Game. He will start for the American League at first base. Sal Perez will start…
Kansas City Royals Salvador Perez, Eric Hosmer will start for AL in 2016 All-Star game; four Royals selected…
Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez will start the All-Star Game.
@ B1-3o: Michael Saunders strikes out swinging, C Salvador Perez to 1B Eric Hosmer.
Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer thanked Royals fans that lined ... -
Keith Hernandez commented on Eric Hosmer's positioning at first. Gary Cohen: He's a three-time gold-glover. Hernandez: He…
I added a video to a playlist Eric Hosmer | 2011 Rookie Highlights
Eric Hosmer is 7 for his last 13 with 6 RBI 🔥
Harold I agree with what you said on MLB tonight about the Yankees possibly picking up Eric Hosmer I hope that move this happen
Matt Adams is basically a poor man's Eric Hosmer.
.fans: made a great point & wants your input - agree or disagree to IBB Eric Hosmer?
I respect not wanting to face Eric Hosmer with a RISP, but an IBB in the 1st seems like overkill. (Unless it works, then its brilliant.)
"Paulo Orlando and Eric Hosmer cost the same on Draft Kings" - a sentence I'd never thought I'd say
Thanks to for its work and help w story: Royals' Eric Hosmer embraces Big Brother role in more ways than one
Eric Hosmer is a good guy. Read this by and try not to smile.
Eric Hosmer, he of three straight Gold Glove awards, ranks last among qualified first basemen in essentially every defensive metric.
"Everybody buys in, and you play with character every day." Eric Hosmer, KC Royals
"I think he's going to win the MVP this year" - Mike Sweeney on Eric Hosmer
Eric Hosmer is better than your 1st basemen
Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain are the 1st Royals teammates with 25 RBIs each in 1 month since Mike Sweeney and Jermaine Dye July of 1999
are teeing off on AL Cy Young favorite Chris Sale. RBI single from Eric Hosmer and an RBI double from Lorenzo Cain to make it 2-0.
Closer David Robertson comes in to "get some work in," leaves with tying run Eric Hosmer on 2nd, 5 runs later. Drew Butera up in Salvys spot
Salvador Perez joins Kendrys Morales, Omar Infante, and Eric Hosmer as the only active Royals with five-hit games.
Coming up on The Ford Leadoff Show at 7:00: chats with Fredi G. Plus, hear from and Eric Hosmer.
Just spoke with Royals 1B Eric Hosmer, a yuge fan now pumped to know the 2016 rookies are in attendance tonight in the Bronx.
Hoz ejected for first time following strikeout
need Eric Hosmer to keep my streak alive
Is there a more punchable face in baseball than Eric Hosmer?
And it took a bad throw to qualify that. We've all been witness to the TOOTBLAN that Hosmer has committed. Vernier is lazy.
Five years ago today, Eric Hosmer made his MLB debut with Sean O'Sullivan on the mound. SOS is back.
Eric Hosmer looks like a demented Ben Zobrist on Playstation's new The Show 2016.
Five of the top moments in Eric Hosmer's career
I went to Eric Hosmer's debut, Danny Duffy's debut, Salvy's debut, and Moustakas' home debut all in the same year. What a year 2011 was.
Eric Hosmer made his debut five years ago today, marking a whole new era for the Royals.
This is season to shine. He's off to an excellent start, too. My latest piece on him:
I'm still collecting favorite memories of Eric Hosmer in his five years with the Royals. What's your favorite game/play?
Why Eric Hosmer got ejected from Wednesday’s… Local Weekly Paper
Companion piece to Rustin's Eric Hosmer story today (by
Some notables for today:. Eric Hosmer is 8-20 (.400) with 2 HR vs today's SP Danny Salazar.
Why Eric Hosmer got ejected from Wednesday’s ballgame
In the span of about five months in 2011, Royals fans saw the MLB debuts of Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, and Salvador Perez.
Five of the top moments in Eric Hosmer’s career
I was so hype the day Eric Hosmer got called up. more hype than Greinke actually
Five years ago today, Eric Hosmer played his first game in Kansas City, then asked a fan to take a photo with him:
Hard-hit ball by Eric Hosmer off Roark just past diving Daniel Murphy's glove. Royals take a 3-1 lead in the 3rd on the two-run single.
Royals' Eric Hosmer: Extends hitting streak to 17 games with three hits, homer
Today is not a good day to be a . Eric Hosmer goes deep. 2-0, Royals
bal, 9, Mark Trumbo grounds out softly, pitcher Danny Duffy to first baseman Eric Hosmer.
That's base hit No. 800 in Eric Hosmer's young career and a 14-game hitting streak. Reached base in 26 straight G going back to last year.
All I did was see if we could get Aaron Murray and Eric Hosmer to the same event.
Everything you know about Eric Hosmer is wrong.
Eric Hosmer's first home run of the season puts the Royals up 4-2 over the A's and they win by th... - via App
Eric Hosmer destroyed the ball he hit tonight. . Dead-center, 450, on a line, absolutely as straight as could be.
Eric Hosmer hit an absolute bomb tonight
Royals Video: Eric Hosmer sends his first homer of the season over the center field wall in 4-2 win over the Athle…
why, oh why couldnt I be ten years older & crossing paths with Eric Hosmer?😭😭
Ugh, Doolittle gives up another HR. This time to LHB Eric Hosmer to dead center field.
And, Eric Hosmer showed everybody his Dong, and it was fabulous.
Wade Davis says, "I spit on your insurance, Eric Hosmer."
Eric Hosmer crushes his first homerun of the year to give the a 4-1 lead heading into the bottom of the 9th!
Eric Hosmer with a solo shot, his 1st of the season for the
Late to the party, but... Eric Hosmer crushed a baseball to center. HE CRUSHED THAT BALL AND SAID
Another bomb off Sean Doolittle, Eric Hosmer crushing a liner out to center. now lead 4-2 in 9th.
Eric Hosmer and Fillip Forsberg are the good sports boys
BREAKING: Eric Hosmer wanted by police for murder of a baseball
Eric Hosmer can still hit baseballs really hard.
Eric Hosmer goes yard as the Royals take a 4-2 lead on the Athletics in the top of the 9th. Kansas City remains a well-oiled machine.
Eric Hosmer was having a tough night at the plate, until that swing. He crushed Sean Doolittle's offering,4-2
Eric Hosmer, crusher of dreams and baseballs
Eric Hosmer now 4th all time in home runs as a first baseman as a Royal!
Eric Hosmer crushes a solo home run to center to give the Royals a 4-2 lead over the A's in the top of the 9th
TAGGED THAT ONE! Eric Hosmer got the pitch he wanted and crushed it to dead center -- that's his first of the year.
Eric Hosmer does Meth with Hunter Pence im sure of it! Lol
Eric Hosmer makin' up for his previous 3 ABs.
Eric Hosmer BLASTED that ball to straight away center field! 4-2
Wow Eric Hosmer a blast to dead center for 1st homer of year.
Eric Hosmer greets Doolittle with a home run to dead center. Royals lead, 4-2, in the ninth. Third homer allowed by Doolittle.
Eric Hosmer...continuing to annoy me since 2014. 😑
So...We got word that we'll have an autographed Eric Hosmer rookie card in the live auction at the Home Run for...
Mike Moustakas has homered (2) in consecutive games and Eric Hosmer tripled. . Royals head to Houston for a 4-game series starting tomorrow.
Royals' Eric Hosmer plays hero at Justin Bieber concert in Kansas City
The problem with the Mets is that they don't have a Salvador Perez. Or an Eric Hosmer, Alex Gordon, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain...
While and I didn't do a pod Thursday, we argued about Mookie Betts, Adam Lind, Wil Myers, and Eric Hosmer for an hour.
WATCH: Eric Hosmer reenacts his dash home during Game 5 of World Series vs. Mets. https:/…
The beauty of Eric Hosmer at current market price: he could regress and still make you a profit. Somehow became an overlooked guy.
I love Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer, let's talk about them 😆😆
I liked a video from Eric Hosmer 2015 Highlights
Club record 17 RBI last from Eric Hosmer. Who will break records in 2016? 17 days until
KCHosmer hammers a solo shot to right-center. 3/24/16: Eric Hosmer hits a solo home run over the rig…
From & MLB World Series, Eric Hosmer just wins, from -
LADHosmer on being a World Series champ. 3/22/16: Eric Hosmer talks about the team's mindset followin…
Eric Hosmer solo home run in 4th, and hug from Mike Moustakas vs Royals.
Eric Hosmer’s HR puts the Royals on the board in the fourth,1-0, against Wily Peralta and the
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Eric Hosmer hits his 3rd HR of Spring Training.
Eric Hosmer sends his third home run of the spring into orbit over the R/CF wall. lead Milwaukee, 1-0, top 4th.
Royals take a 1-0 lead in the fourth on a solo HR to right-center by Eric Hosmer.
Eric Hosmer puts the Royals on the board with a solo home run in the 4th.
think about it: there are 9 stages of *** Eric Hosmer's number is 35. 3 + 5 = 8. Foreshadowing for the final stage of ***
New York Eric Hosmer sees team as real contender
Time to decide where your allegiance lies: are you or hosts the battle:
New Strike Zone podcast: on picks, predictions for the 2016 season
Strike Zone Podcast: makes playoff picks for the upcoming 2016 season
Votto is always underrated. If you asked a casual fan, "is Eric Hosmer on Joey Votto's level," they'd probably say yes. Prosecution rests.
According to both Yahoo and Baseball Monster, Eric Hosmer was a Top 25 hitter last year in 5x5. Non-dominant versatility usually underrated.
5 first basemen that won't live up to their ADP:. Freddie Freeman. Brandon Belt. Ryan Zimmerman. Joe Mauer. Eric Hosmer.
Royals' Eric Hosmer admits to being the team's worst golfer...
I literally made a mosaic of Eric Hosmer & if he doesn't wanna date me now then idk what to do I have no more tricks up my sleeve
What would a fair contract for Hosmer look like?
Eric hosmer should be captured by ISIS
I really want to see Eric Hosmer and from the I want to see hoping for a✒ baseball
Oh, no, I hadn't, but HELLO. I'm more of a Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer girl :)
Binford gives up three runs in the third, fueled by an error by Eric Hosmer on a bad hop. Texas leads 4-0 into the bottom of the 3rd.
Eric Hosmer hitting a fantastic .000/.000/.000 in 2016. . So it begins. .
Pre-season Eric Hosmer is not clutch like post-season Eric Hosmer. *** pops out with runners at second and third, two outs now for Eibner.
Will Eric Hosmer stay in KC for life? George Brett answers that NOW on
I also had a dream that I met Eric Hosmer and that I was super awkward around him. Sounds about right.
"I think Eric has some interst in staying" - George Brett to when talking about the future of Eric Hosmer
Royals' Eric Hosmer, Jarrod Dyson share love of sneakers with ex-teammate Jeremy Guthrie
. has Brandon Belt well ahead of Eric Hosmer and Adrian Gonzales on their Top 100 players list. I ...
Do you guys think that Danny Duffy or Eric Hosmer is more handsome? I'm personally more for Danny Duffy.
Eric Hosmer was asked today if he'd ever been approached to do a reality show like Travis Kelce: "I don't know if I have th…
Pranav and I met Kansas City Royals first baseman, Eric Hosmer
In other news, Eric Hosmer was the most clutch hitter of 2015, so happy friday, ***
Ironically all my fav sports players numbers is 35. Eric hosmer 35. Kevin durant 35. Brandon sublett 35 🤔 crazy lol
Peep my little brother next to eric hosmer 👀😂
Ready for the Royals and Eric Hosmer to be back in my life
Eric Hosmer's biggest fan with his valentines box this year!!
Answer Trivia and you could win a Storm Chasers Eric Hosmer bobblehead!
Athletes were out at PHX/GS. Larry Fitzgerald and Eric Hosmer for sure. Looked like DeMarcus Ware, Darnell Dockett and Alcides Escobar too
my only goal in life is to meet Eric Hosmer ❤️
Eric Hosmer sighting and the Suns vs Warriors game.
put Eric hosmer on the jumbo tron and welcomed "eric hosman" to the stadium. Way to go phx.
They just showed on the Jumbotron and announced that Eric Hosmer is at this game. Also strange.
Eric Hosmer sighting at the Warriors game tonight.
.selects Eric Hosmer. is on the clock for 2
I went w/ Eric Hosmer, Matt Carpenter, Alex Gordon & Lorenzo Cain as my position players. Carlos Martinez & Yordano Ventura are my pitchers.
but did they tell you that Eric Hosmer won the Gold Glove?
I mean, it's inappropriate the way Eric Hosmer is inappropriate. But not for real.
With the 2nd pick of the 2nd round, 50 K's of Gray selects 1B Eric Hosmer. Leave It To Seager is up
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Eric Hosmer - Kansas City Royals Mystery Card (Baseball
Eric Hosmer's girlfriend was at the pharaoh cinema tonight!
Anytime I'm not sure what to do I ask myself what Eric Hosmer would do and then go with that decision
Posterized: Crowning Glory. My riff on Eric Hosmer's epic World Series slide. Preorders go on sale to everyone on...
Came into see my mom at her work, one of the classes asked their teacher if I was Eric Hosmer.. Compliment accepted!
Male nurse here at the urgent care looks exactly like Eric Hosmer 👀🔭
Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez share game day superstitions | why are they so cute doe???
Eric Hosmer on Instagram: “Hoz I'm back!! Couldn't be happier to find out my...
I almost guarantee Eric Hosmer gets traded before his contract runs out with the Unless we sign him to an extension before then.
saw Eric hosmer in the Ritz down here in Aruba. No one knew who he was. Chill dude though.
Spotted Eric Hosmer at my Toyota dealership. Should've asked him to sign my car. 💙
This is awesome but FYI, "Eric Hosmer at the end of Game 7 in the 2014 World Series" should be Alex Gordon
"Got an Eric Hosmer shirt for christmas". "Oh you mean daddy?"
3 mechanics you should steal from Eric Hosmer |
-- ESPN reports the KC Roylz have re-signed Alex Gordon.and show Eric Hosmer's picture.
Picture of Eric Hosmer on the Alex Gordon story. 😂😂😂 stays incompetent. What a bunch of bozos.
Lol somethings never change. sign & the East Coast ESPN guys think he's Eric Hosmer.
tell me why they have a pic of Eric Hosmer
that's ok Sportscenter confuses Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer lol
And instantly uses his new riches to have the face/off surgery with Eric Hosmer.
Went ahead and lit the Eric Hosmer candle too.
that's a picture of Eric Hosmer. It's like you guys don't even try
That used to be a pic of Eric Hosmer, I promise
Hey dummies, that's a picture of Eric Hosmer. lol
Definitely feel like Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer are going to regress a bit next year. Maybe Lorenzo Cain too. MUST re-sign Alex.
[SB Nation: Arrowhead Pride] - Royals' Eric Hosmer has Chiefs' Charcandrick West on his fantasy team
Eric Hosmer had a Daniel Murphy moment in Game 1. Only difference is the Royals didn't let that dictate their fate. They kept battling.
Eric Hosmer shows his support for Eric Berry for NFL Man of Year award
Eric Hosmer backs Eric Berry for NFL Man of Year award.
Lorenzo Cain, Eric Hosmer, Edinson Volquez for Mark Teixara, Jacoby Ellsbury, CC Sabbathia, see what they say?
The ninth inning pits Matt Harvey v. Lorenzo Cain, Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. Like we say: It's why you buy a tick…
Decided to induct Lorenzo Cain, Mike Moustakas, and Eric Hosmer into my binders together because of how much I like watching the Royals now.
Eric Hosmer over Mark Teixeira for the Gold Glove at first base
Mets' Lucas Duda: 'It took some (guts)' for Eric Hosmer to run home in Game 5
From 1st base (all facts):. - Lucas Duda had more DRS (4) than Eric Hosmer (1). - Not one player graded positively in Fangraphs overall rating
Interesting you say that Eric Hosmer purposely ran to get into Lucas Duda's head
.Eric Hosmer, Salvador Perez visit dump ice water on him |
Eric Hosmer, Sal Perez visit Jimmy Fallon, dump ice water on him |
Is it just me or do Eric Hosmer and Mike Bercovici kinda look alike
So Kacie McDonell dated Christian Ponder, was engaged to Aaron Murray and is now banging Eric Hosmer? I ain't sayin she a gold digger, but..
Eric Hosmer's mad dash in the 111th World Series.
Every girl rejoice, Eric Hosmer and the team he plays for are now World Series Champions!!!
Former ALL-USA stars Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas live dream as World Series champions: He was a first-team ...
How about we offer the good people of Kansas City an entire NHL team (the Missouri Maple Leafs!) in return for Eric Hosmer & Wade Davis.
To honor these 3 wins, if the KC Star doesn't have pictures of Eric Hosmer, Kacie McDonnell, and Aaron Murray they're doin…
Eric Hosmer's girlfriend is Aaron Murray's ex... Talk about a gold digger
MVP Ballot. Eric Hosmer. Salvador Perez. Jeurys Familia . Terry Collins . Collins should be runaway favorite with Familia & Perez not far behind
Who needs Terrance Gore when you have Eric Hosmer?
David Wright did nothing wrong on that play. He kept the lead runner close. Eric Hosmer got an immaculate jump and Lucas Duda panicked.
Eric Hosmer was created when someone fed Kevin Millar after midnight.
Eric Hosmer is the Dane Cooks of 1st basemen
Eric Hosmer is a postseason RBI machine
Eric Hosmer met *** David wright will come in clutch today!
It's FINALLY OVER! Royals walk it off in the 14th inning on an Eric Hosmer sacrifice fly.
Kacie McDonnell jinx is real. Ask Christian Ponder, Jonathan Pettibone Aaron Murray, and now Eric Hosmer.
How many Taco Bell crunch wraps do we get when Bill Buckner inhabits the body of Eric Hosmer?
Freddie Freeman wouldn't have made that Eric Hosmer error. Lol
I am lucky becz the other Dianes got Mark DeRosa aka Eric Hosmer as substitute groom. I called my potential Morse to say stay home
so cool Eric Hosmer (KC) and Matt Harvey (NYM) played for in '07, won Connie Mack WS and lived in Brian Hiler's home here
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Don't forget, Hawkeye-Cubs friends, Eric Hosmer's dad played basketball for a year at Iowa. And it's not like you can root for the Mets.
With his game-winning RBI, Eric Hosmer ties George Brett for the most RBI in Royals postseason history with 23.
Eric Hosmer turns 26 in 6 minutes. He now has 23 RBI in his postseason career. Only Albert Pujols had more before his 26…
Eric Hosmer and Freddie Freeman are probably the most similar first basemen that you will find in all of baseball
Royals tie it up! Mike Moustakas brings in Eric Hosmer to even it up, 3-3.
Kauffman Stadium is coming unglued. Mike Jirschele made such an aggro send of Eric Hosmer, and Jose Bautista totally bo…
Eric Hosmer kinda looks like Freddie Freeman, and that's probably the closest the braves are coming to the postseason for awhile!
One does not deny that Eric Hosmer looks like Steve Stifler
Lol our Uber driver picked up Eric Hosmer 2 days ago.
Eric Hosmer walks off the field at Minute Maid Park after the team practiced.
Eric Hosmer just hit one to Tal's Hill as "All My Exes Live in Texas" blares.
lots of talk about Eric Hosmer's butt today. I'm not mad really.
Here you can read about how Eric Hosmer's butt and an entirely unlikely bloop changed the Royals' postseason:
.cut the deficit to 1! Eric Hosmer pokes a half-swing single out to center field to drive in Lorenzo Cain.
Eric Hosmer hit this ball. Into the outfield. For a hit. And an RBI.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Eric shines as the come from behind to beat
Eric Hosmer throws out his bat and gets an RBI knock. A little BABIP luck for the Royals. 4-3, Astros.
Lorenzo Cain shoots a double into RF. In comes Oliver Perez. . You know, if Eric Hosmer wanted to brea
Great pickoff by Wade Davis and Eric Hosmer. One out to go.
Asked what pitch he hit off Oliver Perez for that RBI single, Eric Hosmer said he had no earthly clue.
G2 column by luck changed when Eric Hosmer stuck his butt out
How the Royals luck turned when Eric Hosmer stuck his butt out.
Eric Hosmer with a run scored and a RBI in ALDS game 2 via
Eric Hosmer changed the Royals' luck by sticking his butt out
Eric Hosmer shines as the Royals come from behind to beat Astros: Watching the replay of Hosmer’s hit, Rios wa...
Eric Hosmer on his *** out RBI single on a pitch two feet off the plate: “I guess Frenchy had a big impact on me my rookie s…
Column from Eric Hosmer changed luck by sticking his butt out
Defensive shifts hurt Astros in Game 2: If watching Eric Hosmer reach out and poke a soft RBI single to shallow…
Eaton and Eric Hosmer need 2 runs for 100, Chris Davis and Curtis Granderson 3.
...Medlen picks off Carlos Sanchez at 1st on throw to Eric Hosmer. [2/2]
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Eric Hosmer hits his 17th homer of the season. 3-1, Sox.
Eric Hosmer & Mike Moustakas celebrate the Royals' first division title since 1985.
Christian Colon enters for Eric Hosmer. Franklin Morales now pitching.
Why isn't Eric Hosmer, Cheslor Cuthbert, or Christian Colon pinch hitting in this spot?
Royals Video: Luke Hochevar surrenders go-ahead HR in 6th inning of 3-2 loss against Rays; Eric Hosmer 2-for-4 (ESPN) …
Definitely had a feeling Hosmer was gonna get a hit. An angry Eric Hosmer at the plate is the best Eric Hosmer
Eric Hosmer liked that called third strike about as much as any of us like having to work on Sundays
My mom had a dream that I was dating Eric shoot that's my dream too lol
This girl I know keeps taking pics with Eric hosmer and it's making me realize even more that life isn't fair.
I like watching Eric Hosmer. Really good player.
News Alarm: Eric Hosmer (1B - KC) Eric Hosmer was 2-for-5 with a double, two runs scored, an RBI and a stolen base on Saturday.
Recommendation by :Eric Eric Hosmer was struggling in ...
Eric Hosmer just hit out of his mini oh for 13 slump! And then look what it did to ignite the
Eric Hosmer gets one to the wall for the RBI double to give the a 1-0 lead over in the 4th.
Eric Hosmer won the battle with Jake Odorizzi and snapped an 0-for-13 with an RBI double. 1-0, KC.
On the 9th pitch of PA Eric Hosmer lines a 2b to left scoring Cain from 1st - up 1-0 over
Eric Hosmer of Royals also gave a bat/ball to Lance : r_sforzo9
first baseman Eric Hosmer shows his support for Patriots' Tom Brady:
Went to Gram & Dun for brunch and saw that Eric Hosmer had signed the credit card book the waiter…
I'll take Eric Hosmer's baby or Drew Butera's baby or Alex Gordon's baby, but that's where I draw the line
sports drive TUES 25 Aug: Royals GM Dayton Moore, 1B Eric Hosmer, Chiefs report with Mitch Holthus and more 5:05pm on 860AM KKOW
Eric Hosmer on the rally: "It shows you that we're the type of team you can never count out."
Pablo Sandoval singles on a soft ground ball to first baseman Eric Hosmer, deflected by pitcher Franklin Morales. Jackie Bradley Jr. sco
Jackie Bradley Jr. strikes out swinging, catcher Drew Butera to first baseman Eric Hosmer.
Robbie Ross, man of constant sorrow, strikes out Eric Hosmer swinging to end the eighth. 4-1 Red Sox.
Eric Hosmer leads the Majors with a .322 average from the 7th inning on. Facing the mighty Robbie Ross with two on, two out in a 3-run game.
Tie game! Alex Rios with the sac fly in 9th to score Eric Hosmer and tie the game at 3. with a chance to walk it off with…
ok buddy I'm president of the anti Eric Hosmer club, and he's the best defensive 1B in the AL and it's not close.
Eric Hosmer is the 3rd player in Royals history to drive in a run in 10 straight games, joining Mike Sweeney (13) & Fran…
. Maybe Omar just needs a trip to Eric Hosmer's barber?. P.S. Rios too
Tyler Collins reaches first base on a fielders choice by Eric Hosmer that scores Ian Kinsler! It's now 6-4
Home runs by Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas power the to a 6-1 win over the Detroit
Eric Hosmer finds the hole at SS and singles in another run. trail 3-1. Matt Albers up in bullpen.
The get another run on a Sal Perez RBI single scoring Eric Hosmer. . 3-1 over the after 4.
I learned alot about up and comers Sal Perez and Eric Hosmer from lifetime fans.
Sal Perez and Eric Hosmer did a good job getting between Volquez & Donaldon. P came off mound towards JD.
Eric Hosmer's homer in 9th lifts Kansas City Royals to 2-1 win over ...
Four in a row for the Eric Hosmer's solo HR in the 9th leads Kansas City to a 2-1 victory over the Indians.
Why would anyone pitch to Eric Hosmer (3 hits already .320 ave) in the ninth? You deserve it! HR and a loss ! Managers sleeping ?
David Price, Kolten Wong, Eric Hosmer, will all 3 stay hot tonight?
Indians: Hosmer drives in 4 as Royals roll over Indians: Eric Hosmer drove in four runs, Kendrys...
Indians: Hosmer drives in four, Morales three as Royals roll over Indians 9-4: Eric Hosmer drove...
Eric Hosmer's blast sparks Kansas City Royals in rout of Cleveland Indians
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