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Eric Holder

Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. (born January 21, 1951) is the 82nd and current Attorney General of the United States and the first African American to hold the position, serving under President Barack Obama.

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Eric Holder and the Obama Admin. are hiding it even Chaffetz says it and said they had sent you a 275 page report. We need
Chris blurting out that Eric Holder "went after journalists" is what we call It gives the impression that DJT=Obama.
3. Eric Holder (Attorney General): returned to his old corporate law firm, now represents same clients he was charged with…
Presidents do get away with certain things. Just ask Lois Lerner, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder.
Clinton pardon Mark rich... how many individuals did Obama and Eric Holder put in jail for the financ…
...Why didn't she pull Chris Stevens out! Because, of her and Eric Holder illegal gun trade they needed a base! Set Stevens up!
It sure is odd that former AG Eric Holder was h/elf in Contempt of Congress for fast and furious, but nothing was ever done
So what? Eric Holder was held in Contempt of Congress and continued on as AG. It's a toothless sanction.
Yes! Along with Amish-homegrown terrorists Eric Holder was worried about!
Remember when Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder plead the fifth? It was OK when they did it. Why is it a problem when Mich…
The only 'person of interest' should be Barack Hussein Obama...well, and Eric Holder, George Soros, Loretta Ly…
Then-FBI Director Robert Mueller, right, with President Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano in 2013.
Ok, Ron. You win. We'll have Sessions resign. Do you want us to call back Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch? 🤔…
Eric Holder puts a roof over John's head
That's no degrees of separation. John Carney's wife's boss is Eric Holder.
yeah bc Eric Holder wasn't controversial at all
I hope Yates can't work in Washington, D.C. ever again. Lock up Eric Holder.
Eric Holder is gunna look thoroughly milqtoast when President Gillibrand has to appoint an AG specifically for prosecuting Turmp
We're not done! Hilary, Huma, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Obama, and a great many more,…
Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch didn't care much about that either.
Good point, Obama may have funneled $1.7 billion to Iran, but at least he never hired b…
is no longer a conspiracy. Eric Holder got caught there and so he had to step down, ye…
The SAME reason Lois Lerner isn't...or Eric Holder...or Hillary Clinton...or Valerie Jarr…
Oh & Eric Holder's term as AG was an overwhelming success?
And don't forget; Sally Yates was also backed by "Contempt of Congress" Eric Holder. This, indeed is a bunch of L…
Sally Yates is just another clueless leftist who truly believes their political beliefs outweigh the law. Ala Eric Holder…
California extends anti-Trump contract with Covington, Eric Holder for one month via
Same thing I said for last 8 years. Prosecute one, just one! Lois Lerner, Loretta Lyn…
After Susan Fowler went public, Uber had Eric Holder investigate. When Rachel—a driver—was harassed, she was ignored https:…
Legislature will keep Eric Holder as outside counsel for another month, but longer-term plans - Los Angeles Times
Yes sir, Obama did with help of Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, FBI Comey/McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper, S…
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Even when the Black sympathizer Eric Holder, our X Attorney General, got…
Yep, they've picked Eric Holder, the Attorney General who hasn't found WS guilty of anything.
Stop reading when you see the words Former President Barack Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder.
House votes to hold Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress over. scandal…
Eric Holder was making $2.5 million a year as partner at Covington & Burling, BEFORE h…
Eric Holder? The Corrupt Attorney General found in contempt by Congress. Hmmm. He has nothing important to say.
That would be Obama moron! Ever heard of John Holdren, Van Jones, Mark Lloyd or Eric Holder?…
Check with Janet Napolitano, Jeh Johnson, Eric Holder, or Loretta Lynch I'm sure they have them stashed
Hey POS racist *** Eric Holder! You never, ever apologized to the family of FBI agent Brian Ter…
ok it's time that & AG arrest Former AG Eric Holder for the murder of border agent Brian Terry.
Trump brings justice for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Will he go after Eric Holder next?
Eric Holder- Obamas former Attorney General - now in California as an attorney to uphold California values.
she reminds me of Eric Holder, Jessica Lynch, Nobama, Cond Rice, Collin Powell...foreign traitors
I also remember Tom Perez worked w Eric Holder to drop charges on outrageou…
No moron, Trump won't be JAILED, but your Obama, Lynch & Eric Holder will be !
. Jeh Johnson or Eric Holder. Then of course Valerie Jarrett or Susan Rice. Obama had so many disrupters, it hard to pick just 1.
So Flynn's attorney is at former AG Eric Holder's firm, which held fundraisers for Clinton.
Time for Sessions to start fvcking ppl up and indict. Let's start with Eric Holder and Susan Rice.
A DOJ run by Jeff Sessions is unlikely to be more fair than one run by Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch. Media art.
I believe Eric Holder combed over this case & came up empty.
Eric Holder has no competition: he's by far the least effective Attorney General in modern times.
With allies like Obama, Eric Holder and Cory Booker, certainly confusion is very understandable.
Loretta Lynch the most racist Attorney General since Eric Holder. The racism of black Democrats is so obvious. Unless you are stupid.
Obama lies by saying WH did not tap Americans. He is trying to separate WH from Eric Holder.
In the immortal words of Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder when they fired Republican appointed attorneys, "Elections matter” 46 US
Live with it ! We put up with 8 years of corruption, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder/ L Lynch, Dirty Harry & Pelosi
Eric Holder was 1st ever Attorney General found in Contempt of Congress. He was not "found innocent." It takes a tr…
Innocent man, thrown into prison for Eric Holder gun agenda. Please sign White House petition
The slippery Obama ordered Eric Holder to spy on James Rosen of FNC. In 2013, the Obama Administration secured a...
Heck of a week at SPEA--Eric Holder, Congressman Andre Carson, field trip to Illinois (thanks…
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3 yrs later. DOJ responds to my re: media leaks. Here's a few emails from "Lew Alcindor" aka Eric Holder
I thought that (via Eric Holder) got caught watching associated Press and Fox... What liars! Hello!?!?
Can you imagine rage if Valerie Jarret, Samantha Power, Eric Holder, Ash Carter met with Russians and lied to Congress?
Why? They haven't done anything wrong? HRC, Eric Holder, on the other hand, broke laws
did Eric Holder chat with Loretta Lynch, and Valarie Jarrett about this? ..And text JZ & Bounce...Yes Bounce...
Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch are seriously thinking about moving in with Barry, Moochelle & Valarie too !
A good day to remind everyone that AG Eric Holder ran guns to Mexico, lied to Congress about it, was found in contempt & ne…
Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch were 2 of the most divisive, biased & crooke…
What if Susan Rice, David Plouffe, David Axelrod, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarret met with Russians who hacked McCain in 08 and li…
perjury...does that include Eric Holder with Fast and Furious ?
Just remember President Obama and Eric Holder plan to tackle gerrymandering
Eric Holder should be in jail for his part in Fast & Furious & the death of Border Agent Brian Terry.
Uber has turned to Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate sexual harassment claims
[Berita] Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says the company has hired former Attorney Ge… see more
Allow me to save you time yes, those claims are real.   10% Off
Uber CEO says the company has hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to probe allegations of sexism
Uber hires Eric Holder to investigate sexism allegations via
hires Eric Holder to investigate sexual harassment allegations
He=> fully supported the nomination of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, that makes him a Dem s…
1. You are not Eric Holder. 2. Smash the delusion that lawyers make bank immediately if ever. 3. You'll never survive…
.has worked for . So investigation will be by board member & consultant/lobbyist?.
Eric Holder is a corrupt Obama cronyism traitor
This is a smart move: If Eric Holder's involved, you KNOW that no one rich or powerful is going to be afflicted
It's different this time. Cant see Jeff catching next plane out like Eric Holder
Uber’s review of sexism allegations will be run by Eric Holder and some Uber employees
Uber adopts the Airbnb playbook and hires Eric Holder to investigate its own discrimination maelstrom.
⚡️ “Uber hires Eric Holder to lead investigation of sexism allegations”.
He's going to order sexual harassers be shipped to Mexico so Uber can track them.
Eric Holder and Sally Yates together at the Carter Presidential Library for a panel discussion. Sally Yates received a…
Another reason to Uber hires Eric Holder to lead sex harassment investigation.
Nothing says we're preparing to pay large sum settlements quite like hiring Eric Holder to investigate claims of s…
Uber hires Eric Holder to investigate sexism allegations
Attorney General Sessions needs to investigate the Obama & Clinton crime networks, including Eric Holder---clean the *** s…
.taps former AG Eric Holder to lead sexism probe
Eric Holder, Attorney General. Lied to Congress about the ATF operation where guns were purposely trafficked into Mexi…
Uber appoints former Attorney General Eric Holder to look into gender-discrimination claims
. Nobody is above the law, except maybe Hillary, or Barack, or Loretta Lynch, or Eric Holder, or Tim Geithner. All DEMS, hm
Barack Obama and Eric Holder are organizing more than 30,000 trained agitators across the country.
Eric Holder warns of a "scandal," calls for investigation into Trump, Russia ties via Pay TRAITORS SOURCE
What corruption? Not seeing it. Are you meaning that when this happens, it's corruption? Timothy Geitner, Eric Holder?
Senator Session is a good man but he supported Eric Holder, Trey Gowdy should be the new Attorney General.
Mark you and the rest of the left are such hypocrites. Where was this backlash against Eric Holder or Lynch
You must be mixed up from smoking your peace pipe. Eric Holder was already the Attorney General.
Remember, Dorian Johnson lied, even Eric Holder had to concede that one. All lives matter, kiddo.
Eric Holder to kick off California Democratic Caucus summit - Sacramento Bee
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Anyone here enthused to line Eric Holder's pockets when you rent a room for a weekend?
Eric Holder endorses Tom Perez in DNC chair race
This is why they felt need to double down on virtue. After hiring Eric Holder, Social Justice propaganda in the Su…
Sealed records? Eric Holder as AG? Justice has been a swamp for 8 yrs. Time for a change when even I agree with…
Rock Calendar 2-3-09: Eric Holder is sworn in as the first African-American to serve as Attorney General. No.1 Song: Just Dance- Lady Gaga
So did Hillary Clinton. So did Eric Holder. So did Harry Reid. So did Nancy Pelosi. So does Elizabeth Warren!
AMERICA SAYS "YES" TO SESSIONS. He will make a great AG, unlike "Fast& Furious" Eric Holder, or bribed Loretta Lync…
Thank God isn't appointing Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch to the Supreme Court tonight.
Can't wait for honest Sessions to get in that Justice Dept crooked.under Loretta Lynch & Eric Holder.
We have gun laws on the books already. . Several people (Eric Holder) in the Obama Justice Dept stated they wanted to ban guns.
You mean like when Eric Holder was running the Justice Department?
Sen Cornyn calls Sessions the 'antidote to the politicization of the (Justice) dept under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.'
Eric Holder is a partisan dishonest lefty hack. He should be in jail for obstruction of justice.
Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch tore the Justice Dept up.
Conservatives, do you think it's ok to politicize the Justice Department (remember the nasty things you said about Eric Holder?)
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And Loretta Lynch knew more on the Tarmac...and Eric Holder knew about FastNFurious and Benghazi...FLUSH CORRUPTION…
Eric Holder was Loretta Lynch predecessor. In charge of our ENTIRE justice system
Has everyone forgotten Fast and Furious gun running to Mexican Drug Cartels by Obama and Eric Holder?…
he was too busy putting together his crack team of far-leftists Tim Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Rahm
Liberals who were silent as Obama claimed Executive Privilege over document Eric Holder testified the White House never saw, demand honesty.
Happening today: former US AG Eric Holder formally announces his role in efforts for progressives https…
Eric Holder disgraced the office of AG, like BHO disgraced the office of POTUS. Unfortunate for California that moron Brown hired him 👎🏿
Eric Holder rather FIGHT for Illegal Immigrants then FIGHT to SAVE Black Lives in Chicago. No Money in SAVING Black…
Great news! how can we help? In w laughable district lines. on expert
GOP Assemblyman: Hiring Eric Holder is Unconstitutional Maybe he will be indicted? Hope so!
Can't remember who, but I saw a DEM Senator say the AG is AMERICA's Attorney... Has he met Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch?
So Booker wants another Eric Holder who only upheld the laws Obama wanted. A pure and simple butt kisser. Fits Booker also
if you agree: Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch constantly attacked gun owners in this country. It’s time for a change!
We have been decimated at the state level, and it’s at the state level that they draw the maps.
The bar for Jeff Sessions is VERY low. Brian Terry's sister: Eric Holder's resignation no coincidence
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Well this sounds like an actual plan!
As if White lawmakers could count on Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch?
🚨After the Corruption of Loretta Lynch & Eric Holder. Democrats have No Credibility in questioning an Honorable Man lik…
Eric Holder will lead Democrats' attack on Republican gerrymandering
CA doesnot want our taxes to help Jerry Brown & his team of *** pay Eric Holder to fight Trump
Well the last two were stooges; Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder were anti-justice for non-blacks
Eric Holder looks the other way on voting rights violations in Philly 08 election. Jeff Sessions will prosecute ALL voti…
Thank You Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch!! You've made race relations as bad as they were in 1968..
Thank you, Montel! Still waiting for Rev Jesse, Al, Cornell West, AG Lynn, Eric Holder and others to speak out.
tha't what A Sharpton,J Jackson and Eric Holder want young blacks do,while Obama/ lawless democrats de-legitimize Trump president
Eric Holder, only cabinet member in history held in Contempt of Congress, hired by CA to defend Sanctuary Cities from Trump a…
. the New Attorney General will be able to press those Contempt of Congress charges on Eric Holder. Make him accountable
Dem leaders of the California Legislature have hired fmr. AG Eric Holder to represent them in legal fights w/ the Trump a…
Weasel is a good name for Eric Holder. Trump will chew him up and spit him out.
The decision by Dems to hire Eric Holder's law firm as special Trump counsel, not popular..with GOP pols. This…
domain names
California lawmakers bring Eric Holder in as they prepare to battle Trump Administration
Eric Holder belongs in jail. Trump should put him there.
leads hiring former A.G. to mount legal challenges to policies!
Soviet California to Pay Eric Holder $25,000 a Month to Litigate for Them!! - 1/4/17
Dem leaders in CA state legislature retain Eric Holder to represent them in any legal battles against Trump
The nation prepares for an economic boom, except CA legislature which is planning to skip it.
Eric Holder will be a great asset as California leads the fight against Trump.
Eric Holder proves that you can do the same job without government. His job was, and is, to screw the country on behalf…
New installment of world upside-down: California hires Eric Holder to defend states' rights from creeping Trumpism https:…
California hires Eric Holder to defend against
Eric Holder hired by California lawmakers to defend the state against Trump
California lawmakers prepare for Trump and hire former Attorney General Eric Holder as outside legal counsel.
We are better than before he got into office. You can't blame Eric Holder on him, and that's with any President
wonder California's broke. Land of fruits and nuts! Let them starve and tax the *** out of them a…
I remember Eric Holder not prosecuting Phili Black panthers intimidating voters "his people" under Obama
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We've enlisted & to advise the legislature on how we can react to the Trump Administration https:…
California, a state full of folks who love big gov't, just hired Eric Holder so they can decide which Fed laws they don't ha…
California just hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to represent the state in any legal fights against Trump. https:/…
Were taking action to safeguard CA values & people & economy. We wont let stand in way of progress!
We may not but it sure looks like CA is going to maintain its policies and principles despite Trump:
the Trump Administration should hire Rudy Giuliani to rip apart criminal Eric Holder!
BREAKING: Eric Holder is coming to help CA take your guns…. They have hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric...
Calif in fight against hires not just Obama AG Eric Holder but former EPA counsel & guru $
Former U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder has been hired to serve as legal counsel for the California Legislature.…
Oh cool Eric Holder believes in power of the states again.
California has retained the Honorable Eric Holder to represent them on issues created by the Trump Admin and Republican P…
Kevin de Leon tells why CA hired Eric Holder: Trump Administration is a clear and present danger to CA. Illumina…
We don't have to move to Canada. We can move to CA. California Hires Eric Holder as Legal Bulwark Against Trump
California hires Eric Holder to fight against Trump Admin. Suddenly Democrats think states have rights.
"Eric Holder" Let's release all records on Fast & Furious. And video of Miriam Carey shooting. Mr. Holder got a coverup.
Calif. Dems hire Eric Holder to battle Trump Administration
Eric Holder hired by Calif. Dems to battle Trump Administration - -
California Legislature hires Eric Holder for expected legal fights with Trump Admin.
With "Eric Holder" and delusional liberal celebs i guess California will be the north Korea of America step forward hill jung-clinton
Report: Eric Holder held DoJ back from prosecuting banks for political and self-serving reasons.
Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Holder's role in pardon of Marc Rich was corruption at its worst, yet he was later rewarded by Democrats.
Ya better hurry before Eric Holder gets his hands on them, Ain't that right.bathhouse barry?
Eric Holder on heroin and race: A crisis,when white people are hooked via Will NOT miss the race beating
Attorney General: Hate crimes are stain on America's 'soul'. Eric Holder part 2, in a dress, +200 lbs
Jon Bolton was partners with Eric Holder at Covington-Burling, the NWO white shoe international law firm.
Like John Kerry and Eric Holder, Ash Carter was nothing more than a shadow of the moron in chief. Thank…
Under Eric Holder of Obama regime, not a single banker had to go to court, not to speak of prison.
Sheeple voted for Obama and got Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Janet Yellen instead. Bend over sheeple.
wasn't Eric Holder held in Contempt of Congress and should have gone to jail? Or the Loretta Lynch and her bigot Justice Dept.?
Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States: Arrest Donald Trump for either sedition or treaso... via
Picture ID was required to hear Eric Holder speak at NAACP convention in a state being sued 4 voter ID
I grew up in the Justice Department. I served 12 years as a line la...
Conservatives were supposed to be happy with Clinton as Sec St, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Racist if acted like Dems.
you are 100% right. Just like that blatant racist Eric Holder right? Stick to sports. We barely care about ur views on that
“Your [Eric Holder] memo is trumping a Congressional statute. You don’t have the discretion on whether to follow th…
Lynch was the clone of Eric the Red Holder wearing a skirt. Can't wait to see her gone.
Obama wants a complete investigation by Jan 20?. Bring back Eric Holder-he'll get it done right after he gets to the…
I find this laughable. Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have been the two most lawless kooks ever at the DOJ.
Eric Holder to lead Democrats' new redistricting effort via
His opposition to John Bolton makes no sense to me. Did he oppose Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch?
Thanks to people like Nancy Pelosi, Liz Warren, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, The Leader hav…
Benghazi,Eric Holder,Van Jones,ok'drive DJT team through,no ?.USA loves Gens/jobs not Libs
these guys should be working on Benghazi still! The scandals that Eric Holder and Obama have going on!!
POTUS OBAMA and ERIC HOLDER have buried all who was present and gave input concerning Benghazi
Eric Holder told y'all what it was and they wanted him out so do nothing Loretta Lynch could watch them run amok
I'm Attorney General of the United States. I will not stand for - I will...
This is how journalism is done. Check out how we ambush Eric Holder with an iPhone and tough questions:
I just saw an advertisement for the new . I thought Eric Holder resigned?
Eric Holder fought this tooth and nail.'s a great idea.
the CIA is a criminal enterprise, running guns with eric holder, Clinton and others. smuggling in drugs. And they want to blame Russia? LOL
Like the one sided justice Eric Holder and Liar IRS head and staff
Obama appointed Head of CIA John O. Brennan and the race baiters Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder, just remember that
I liked a video Eric Holder: Abolish the Electoral College | Real Time with Bill Mahe…
*** straight. Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Eric "The Racist" Holder, as ordered by their Master, George Soros…
As the brother of a retired law enforcement officer, I know firsthand...
Democrats are making moves to support important down ballot races. This is a great effort!
This is where I wish Obama had nominated Eric Holder.
Her days are numbered, just like Eric Holder, a leftist traitor to the American people who lied to & obstructed rea…
US Intel should be prosecuting Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Head of NSA, Lois Learner 4 Lying Under Oath
How quickly you Libs forget. Can't get much worse than Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Comey, and Donna Brazile.
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Eric Molina record appreance holder at bum city , hopeless
..maybe he can rehire Eric Holder.& give the banks "a stern talking to".when they break the law.look up story
Hillary just learned Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Michelle & Barack Obama all voted For for Preside…
Protected by Eric Holder who supposed to be my financial fiduciary from years ago. Never saw a dime. All went elsewhere.
Loretta Lynch Plans To Visit Mosque Once Raided In Counterterrorism Probe. Wonder if she will bring Eric Holder as her date?
It's about time! Obama advisers were clowns like Van Jones and Eric Holder. Thank god we have DJT!
and act on it! You still have the power to appoint Eric Holder as special prosecuter. And appoint supreme Court,
Democrats believe in honest government Jon Corzine MF global Eric Holder really convicted a lot of those people that night
Eric Holder to lead Democrats' new redistricting effort
In March, the Southern Poverty Law Center sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Department of...
Eric Holder once said James Comey was a Chess player...well now that's odd isn't it..
So the DoJ (Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch) simply lied about the data to make black people look bad? Strong argument.
Seriously, thank you for saying this. Anyone who thinks the difference betwe…
Really, Howcome Eric Holder got approved without much discussion even when he is no way qualified for an AG.
yep...can bring the Bidens, Eric Holder and all them with em. Deuces, America, good luck
how about Obama investigate Eric Holder hacking journalist emails.
BTW, where the *** has been for the last two months? Eric Holder would never have gone radio silent in times like these
REMINDER: Obama appointed Eric Holder as first Attorney General. Eric Holder ... let that sink in. (EH made history-1st held in contempt)
Im so excited to attend a fireside chat tomorrow with the first black US Attorney General, Eric Holder! 🤗☺
Eric Holder: Trump like Nixon in threat to jail Clinton. Former US Attorney General Eric Holder on Sunday night
Eric Holder, Attorney General insisted voters not required prove identity when voting.
President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder have allowed government and court to violate No FEAR Act, Title VII, EEOC !
Eric Holder says he will be chair of new National Democratic Redistricting Committee as central hub for D redistricting focus…
Eric Holder is now in charge of the Democratic Party's efforts in redistricting
Excellent. Any of those patriots better than leftists Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Valerie "Muslim Brotherhood" Jarret etc.
Wow. ADD Old Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder and you have a very scary foursome. Maybe Pelosi, Reid and David Axlerod.
Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Muslim Brotherhood Jarret... yeah... do tell lefty, do tell.
Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch were two of the worst AGs in US history. Jeff Sessions will bring back honor to the DOJ.
Eric Holder is one of the biggest racist on the planet. He said many times he doesn't like white people that's racist. Definition
As AG, Eric Holder testified that black on white violence cannot be 'hate crime' because it lacks historical perspe…
So the MSM was Okay with Eric Holder but has decided "Jeff Sessions" is too white? .
And were you deeply concerned about Eric Holder shipping arms to Sinaloa Cartel; Loretta Lynch failure to convene a grand jury?
Now you know how many of us felt when Obama appointed Eric Holder as Attorney General
Eric Holder should have thrown some bankers in jail. Might have made a difference.
WATCH!! Eric Holder says the electoral college must be abolished ⏩ by via
Eric Holder on 'Real Time': "Chris [Christie] has got a few problems that aren't going to allow him to be Attorney General..…
This is coming from the side who appointed the great unifiers Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch LOL.
I think that Eric Holder has an animosity, a genuine hostility, towa...
Eric Holder refused to hand over documents in the scandal, causing Congress to hold him in contempt.
Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Rosengate, watching the AP, 2x Eric Holder perjury, Pigford, Lisa Jackson AKA Richard W…
Martin Luther King achieved justice for all Blacks. Barack & Michelle Obama, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder stained his lega…
1) Eric Holder trashes Comey in op-ed. 2) FBI puts out files on Marc Rich pardon, Holder's big embarrassment. Probably just a…
then you have never heard of the Nation of Islam or the Black Panthers who Eric Holder described as his people.
Black Candidates like Barrack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Jeh Johnson brought nothing but shame to their Race ,…
Eric Holder was Reno's cleanup man at DOJ with Clinton's filling jails 4 profits mostly Black & Brown folks Vote 4 Who?
Remind him of the black panther poll watchers that Eric Holder found innocent & didn't even press charges. We are j…
I'm calling 4 a total & complete shutdown of the Trump campaign until we figure out what the *** he's doing w/ the Russia…
Wow. The Comey rebukes keep coming. This one from former A.G. Eric Holder is quite a dressing down.
Wow! Loretta Lynch (aka Eric Holder in a dress) tried to suppress public knowledge of the ongoing FBI Hillary case https:…
Guns that ran in Fast & Furious also going to the Middle East & were used in Paris attacks htt…
Eric Holder weighs in on Jim Comey's serious mistake and its even more dire implications
Hillary's sleazy army includes Eric Holder, voted in Contempt of Congress, and James Cole, who tapped reporters phones…
What trust?! | "I fear he has unintentionally & negatively affected public trust in both the Justice Dept & the FBI" htt…
Eric Holder criticizing Comey is about as surprising as the fact that the Clintons used a charity's platform to get rich…
I guess this ruins Anthony's attempt to run for President next election with running mate Eric Holder. "Wein…
Like Obama+Hillary Clinton former AG Eric Holder opposes constitutional right of folks like us to own guns.htt…
Eric Holder is ONLY AG EVER held in CRIMINAL Contempt of Congress. Obama used executive privilege to protect him.h…
Eric Holder condemns FBI Director Comey over Clinton 'mistake': via He's got nerve.
No kidding! Holder should be in prison 4 his Fast & Furious treason alone! Eric Holder refused to uphold the laws o…
.speaks for entire DOJ community. Tough for everyone, but Comey's conduct so egregious it requires it. http…
I'm astounded that the FBI would take any action to potentially influence an election. Completely against policy.
Fromer AG Eric Holder ran DOJ in most partisan manner possible, was censured by Congress for refusing to abide by subpo…
Eric Holder collects thousand in rent monies from abortion clinics.
Pay attention to who comes out slamming the FBI. Eric Holder & Harry Reid are just a few panicking involved in a massive c…
Jim Comey is a good and honorable man, but he's made a mistake that someone at DOJ/FBI must correct
I bet some of FBI's new 650k emails incriminate Eric Holder as Obama+Clinton had him investigate himself for perjury h…
Eric Holder: James Comey is a good man, but he made a serious mistake He offers a Pandora box to D Trump to open!
- Eric Holder was held in contempt for now giving Congress documents for Fast and Furious
Eric Holder: "I served with Jim Comey and I know him well. This is a very difficult piece for me to write."
“Every one of us can play a role.” Eric Holder campaigns to reduce childhood trauma - The Washington Post
David Petreus, was setup by Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John O. Brennan, Eric Holder, and Barack...
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