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Eric Harris

Eric David Harris (April 9, 1981 – April 20, 1999) and Dylan Bennet Klebold (September 11, 1981 – April 20, 1999) were two American high school seniors and criminals who committed the Columbine High School massacre.

Dylan Klebold Columbine High School Adam Lanza James Holmes Red Lake Jeff Weise Timothy McVeigh Christopher Pittman Aaron Alexis

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are inspirations. They wanted change and made it happen.
Don Harris announces as candidate for 2nd district state senate seat held by Eric Coleman.
not sure if I'm ready to give up on Demario Davis but David Harris would be the thumper next 2 him
No family is perfect, we argue, we fight, we even stop talking to each other at times but in the end, family is family … the love will always be there. Gianna Harris MeMe Harris Latonya Harris LaTonya Harris Johnson Chastity Harris Tealeasha Harris Tealeasha Harris Eric Harris Titianna Harris Kevonte Harris luv yall no matter wat
Wishing safe travels to Eric Harris, Brian Harris, and Macy Diane Hardy. Watch your speed...We don't need another ticket in this family! Looking forward to spending time with ya'll as well as celebrating Eric's 22nd birthday (yea it's all down hill from here according to Eric no more age milestones to look forward to... awwee, it's now time to grow up, hate it for him lol)!
Sunday marks 15 years since America watched in horror as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a shooting rampage throug…
The Wire may be a flawed show, but the fact that Elba, Harris, Ransone and Reddick, weren't ever even nominated makes me want to burn my TV.
Looking into the minds of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Author: Greg Sancier As the 15-yea
Special shoutout and thank you to all of the men and women of God who graced The Tower of Prayer Church for Maundy Thursday Holy Week services! PastorJonathan L. Woods Sr. preached a life changing WORD! Thanks for your support of ministry Pastor Eric Harris, Pastor Lawrence Jackson, Evangelist Linda Herring Burrell and more! God bless you! May we all remember, "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak but we're gaining control over our flesh NOW!"
This 4/20 Jesus will rise to yolo blaze it with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
The Obama they were hoping for justifies extrajudicial murder by saying "due process doesn't mean judicial process"
HS class photo, March 4 1999. Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold in top left corner. Shooting was 47 days later.
My boss Danny is so cool...He was the one who knew Eric Harris' birthday when I asked him back on the 9th and now I asked him what day is Sunday besides Easter and he said "It's where Eric Harris knocked off a dozen kids and himself" and I said yes... but he said it funnier and cooler than that but but I can't remember exactly what he said but he knew.I told him I am going to put a picture of my handsome Eric and also one of Dylan on Eric's face book for the anniversary "Remember the real victims" and he said "Do it" "Do it" I said " I sure am" Danny is the coolest boss ever.
2 more days until the day... NBK is upon you
Why do people get so mad if you say you want a bf like tate when theres people who have sexual fantasies about Dylan Klebold and eric harris
I'm making Eric drive to Savannah since we taking my car
April 17th. On this day in 1970…Wayne and Kathy Harris (nee Pool), the parents of Eric Harris, got married.
I look like Eric Harris, but you'll never see me bangin
THE FACE OF EVIL short story is free! Special Agent Jess Harris meets serial killer Eric Spears for the first time!
Photoset: kleboldylan: The Brothers of Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold Were they mad about being butt ugly?
"The human nature of people will lead to their downfall." - Eric Harris, 11/17/98 (via shotsofdylan)
Taking a giant essay about Columbine, Eric Harris is also had their feelings like non-con BDSM situations.
The song "You'll be in my Heart" remind me so badly to Eric Harris.. ;A;
jose hurts us being on the court. Need harris out there
New Blog: Eric Harris on why having the latest/greatest technology isn't always the best idea
This guy I work with looks like Eric Harris and his best friends name is Dylan 😔
And not until you admit you lied about being eric Harris's girlfriend.
Did Eric Holder have a legit beef when he complained about harsh treatment from the GOP? Our discussion:
my dudes Harris and Eric shot this music video. you should check it out.
I liked a video Iron Maiden offspring Lauren Harris talks with Eric Blair part
Playwright Great-Grandpa W. Eric Harris is mentioned in a new book on modernism:
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As long as I can be your Prince Eric.
Eric's jealous Harris an I are doing stuff on the beach and he's like what's a girl?
is that some Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold joke i dont know about
Gary Harris of MSU should be a lottery pick - love his all around game & Toughness
Eric Harris blog, zero day is very realistic!! i watch it a few of minutes ago, and the screams of the ...
Eric Bledsoe with the flawless come back
For some time now ive answered the question "if you could have dinner with 3 people who would they be?" with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
I'd still play an Army of Two game with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as the protags.
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are hot not even gonna lie
I genuinely felt sorry for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold,they felt they had no one to talk to and they were so depressed.
Now I get to navigate my old advisor Eric D. with my current Papay and Kraft. DECISIONS.
2/1 odds say that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were arsenal fans
My mom saw Eric Clapton, The Greatful Dead, and Bob Dylan as a teen and my aunt saw Pink Floyd like wow
Photo: Chris Morris, friend of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.  "I still to this day wonder why they did it,...
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Big win today .. 2-1 over .. Harvey/Harris lights out .. Frabasilio GW SF bottom 9 .. game …
“Take away all your laws and morals and just see what you can do.”. — Eric Harris
Pretty sure I saw Eric Harris in the pit last night in the long leather trench coat
rebharris: elikombat: Are we gonna talk about why: Eric Harris looks like Doug. Dylan Klebold looks like...
So uh, who wants to accompany your master REB on a dope smoking killing spree?? any takers? join me ***
were given to Henry Walter for of the Year and Eric Ratz for of the Year.
Quotes and transcripts from the basement video tapes Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made.
Henry “Cirkut” Walter won the ‘Jack Richardson Producer of the Year’ and Eric Ratz won…
Almost time for game 1 of the 3 game series between (20) Freed Hardeman and Harris-Stowe. It's the Estes Brothers showdown.
Company dancer Sadie Bo Harris regularly shares her "twin of the week." This week's is School instructor Eric Harris!
This day in history. Eric Harris writes his last journal entry. . April 3rd 1999.
Trust workshop has started! Ethics and risk management in Myrtle Beach. Thanks Eric Harris!
New blog: Eric Harris challenges cloud-related myths & makes the case for computing.
The Charlaine Harris version of Eric & Sookie is so much better than
The Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold crime scene at Columbine High School.
I'm currently laughing at this thread. Stupid girl drama.
I love this track. Shout out to the homie Eric Harris for this one.
Eric Harris - I don't know you but your name is so I guess you get 💰 want to share some of that?
exactly 15 years ago today Eric Harris wrote his final entry into his journal
Usual calvin harris and laidback luke doing cream amnesia this year 😴 however eric prydz doing cream on the 31st july is going to be class 🙌
Red Star announces new weekly series JUKE JOINT JUBILEE hosted by Ryan Harris, Clay Parker and Eric Schmitt...
Eric Harris quote. 😊 To convey that our minds are to be used beyond standard subjects. We're supposed to theorize & create.
I am deathly afraid of one day having an Eric Cartman devil child like I see and hear every day at Harris Teeter
Thats why i dont understand punk kids like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Suburb life but shoots up school
On [content strategy]: You can trick someone to click, but you can't trick someone to share. ~Eric Harris (EVP of Buzzfeed)
Petition to strip away Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's statuses as PC gamers due to the damage to the PC gameing community they caused.
Summer might be the most generic and boring Calvin Harris song
Psychologists: Have you been stung by negative online reviews? Tips from Eric Harris & me (
Big Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawk has put up stats to be one of the elite CBs in the NFL
What was going thru Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold mind when they planned to shoot up Columbine. sad situation.
Eric Harris is the weirdest person to learn about (project)
Blog: Eric Harris presents his views on Microsoft's Oslo & some simple organizational skills
Saints win 13-2 behind complete game 8k John Harris all go 3-4 from plate.
"Give the Earth back to the animals, they deserve it infinitely more than we do." - Eric Harris (via...
Clemson wins then the Gophers do. It will be a rematch of the '97 Sweet 16. The Eric Harris shoulder game. Which was vacated 😁
Id give my right arm to see inside Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's heads and see what was going through their minds
While everyone is getting high on 4/20 or celebrating Easter,I'll be partaking in my annual obsession of Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold & Hitler
Y'know The Nobodies by Manson is dedicated to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who committed the shooting at Columbine High School
what about like mass murderers that just go crazy like, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold or James Holmes
Here are some startling facts, Jacob Tyler Roberts the Oregon mall shooter, Adam Lanza the Sandy Hook school shooter, James Holmes the Aurora theater shooter, and Seung-Hui Cho the Viginia Tech shooter were all registered Democrats. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris the Columbine shooters although they were to young to vote. Both sets of parents were liberal Democrats. We don't need more gun control. We need to stop Democrats from having guns!
Just like Trayvon Martin was a thug but the Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold were "troubled outcasts."
Jaylan has probably shot down more guys than Eric Harris , Dylan Klebold, TJ Lane, and Cho Seung-Hui combined
the last post from the man who started Noveske Rifleworks, who died in a mysterious car accident. "Eric Harris age 17 (first on Zoloft then Luvox) and Dylan Klebold aged 18 (Columbine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado), killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and wounded 23 others, before killing themselves. Klebold’s medical records have never been made available to the public. Jeff Weise, age 16, had been prescribed 60 mg/day of Prozac (three times the average starting dose for adults!) when he shot his grandfather, his grandfather’s girlfriend and many fellow students at Red Lake, Minnesota. He then shot himself. 10 dead, 12 wounded. Cory Baadsgaard, age 16, Wahluke (Washington state) High School, was on Paxil (which caused him to have hallucinations) when he took a rifle to his high school and held 23 classmates hostage. He has no memory of the event. Chris Fetters, age 13, killed his favorite aunt while taking Prozac. Christopher Pittman, age 12, murdered both his grandparents while taking Zoloft. ...
I saw this and thought he nailed it. Thank You Morgan Freeman... "You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here's why. It's because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and watch how we treat the Batman theater shooter and the Oregon mall shooter like celebrities. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are household names, but do you kn ow the name of a single victim of Columbine? Disturbed people who would otherwise just off themselves in their basements see the news and want to top it by doing something worse, and going out in a memorable way. Why a grade school? Why children? Because he'll be remembered as a horrible monster, instead of a sad nobody. CNN's article says that if the body count "holds up", this will rank as the second deadliest shooting behind Virginia Tech, as if statistics somehow make one shooting worse than another. Then they post a video interview of third-graders for all the details of what they saw and heard while the shootings were happening. Fox News has plastered th ...
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I also think you should do one with *** and Malory from Natural Born Killers.
There's something overwhelmingly eerie about teenage girls who worship Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
Officemates who awaken the Dylan Klebold | Eric Harris inside me… -_-
I steal most of my material from James Holmes, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold.
You may or may not have heard about another school shooting today.  I did, but it's not what this particular post is about, at least not directly.  We all know the drill by now, someone opens fire in a school, media reports it, everyone is horrified, debates rage about things like gun control, video games, youth immorality, bullying and the like.  The shooter's face is splashed all over, people either wring their hands over it or disparage those who do, then all is forgotten until the next time.  The question of why, what to do about it, or whether or not anything can be done to prevent this in the future is never answered definitively.  For all our discussion in the early aftermath of these crimes, nothing is ever accomplished.  Why?   Did you know that the Columbine massacre had little or nothing to do with bullying? Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were not victims of bullying, and as a matter of fact, bullied others.  They did not snap and shoot their tormentors.  They killed indiscrimi ...
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold should be praised for what they did. Just saying.
Zero Day, man that movie never gets old one of the only movies where when you watch it you swear its a documentary of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebolds Plan for Columbine
Ur the Eric Harris to my Dylan Klebold x
Objectively speaking, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold ran the most effective anti-bullying campaign.
Part 16 - Lone Gunmen [Editor's note] Warning: this part contains some graphic descriptions of assassin training and brutal torture perpetrated on children by the Illuminati. Svali has asked me to edit the following account, but I have decided to leave her description of details intact. Q: Svali, when you hear news stories about the so-called 'lone gunman', or perfect patsy, such as Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinkley (Reagan's assassin), Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold (Columbine High School) - and I'm sure you could give us even more examples - what is your feeling on this? Many of these killers have links to the military, either directly or through their family, and are rumored to be mind-control slaves. McVeigh supposedly even had a chip implant. What's your take on this, is it possible that those men were mind-control slaves, and can you give us an idea of how easy (or difficult) it is to create the perfect MC slave, and how they are trained and controlled? What are signs or c ...
I'm taking an online course regarding bullying. They showed a video of more than thirty students who couldn't live with bullying anymore. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were included in it... I have a hard time seeing them as victims/targets of bullying. (I know it was bullying that led them to what they did, but it is still very hard.)
Hopefully these signs will keep the likes of Eric Harris,Dylan Klebold and Adam Lanza from entering school buildings. Another brilliant idea from Springfield to keep our schools safe!
What's the common ground of most of the Mass murders and school shootings? ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. If you are concerned about taking action to reduce violent crimes take a look at these quotes from "The Wind" Finally police reports released on Newtown Massacre relate that Adam Lanza was taking anti-depressants and had stopped taking them. The most dangerous, suicidal and violent mental conditions happens shortly after a person STOPS taking these medicines. News media just refuses to report this. Columbine mass-killer Eric Harris was taking Luvox – like Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor and many others, a modern and widely prescribed type of antidepressant drug called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs. Harris and fellow student Dylan Klebold went on a hellish school shooting rampage in 1999 during which they killed 12 students and a teacher and wounded 24 others before turning their guns on themselves.Luvox manufacturer Solvay Pharmaceuticals concedes that during short-term controlled clinica ...
This is information I got from Eric's IMDB a long time ago and had it on his myspace blog along with content from the official police report.quoted below. " Everyone referred to them as the "Trench Coat Mafia". My friend referred to them as the "RammStein Boyz". Whatever you wanted to call them, you could tell they were different. Well, one day, my friend snarled a remark about Rammstein under his breath as we passed these 2 guys. The short one who was named Eric Harris confronted my friend about it. He said "Everyday you pass me and make fun of me saying Rammstein *** Why do you do this crap *beep* What did I do to you?" My friend replied "Oh man your so cool, you're my idol!" Then Eric's friend Dylan approached us seeming to back up his friend. I really didn't want to get involved in a fight even though I knew these guys wouldn?t stand a chance. I was afraid of things they might do to us. Eric was a short clean cut looking kid and Dylan was a very tall skinny guy with messed up hair. He always wore t .. ...
So I watched the Columbine High School shooting (1999) again and the movie Billy Madison both yesterday, and I felt the need to post this. First, in Billy Madison, he went back to the same high school he used to be "the king" of, and everyone called him a loser and made him miserable. After Veronica's idea, he called a guy he went to high school with and thought was a loser, and he apologized. When they hang up the phone, you see the guy Billy just called cross his name off a Hit List. He was planning on killing him, but a simple apology years later changed his mind. Now, to Columbine. One of the shooters (Eric Harris) actually said (either in a journal or on camera), [paraphrased] that they all had his number and he asked around, but no one wanted to be around "the weird Eric kid." They hated that high school and everyone in it for how they were treated. And they planned that shooting for quite some time. But all they wanted was some friends and to be included. There were a couple of guys that "had made ...
Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold – ‘Columbine High School Massacre’ Feature Suggested by: Cindy Wozniak Eric David Harris was born 9th April 1981 in Wichita, Kansas, the second son of a part-time caterer and United States Air Force transport pilot. In July 1993, the family relocated to Littleton, Colorado where the living for three years, renting accommodation before eventually buying a house in an upper middle-class neighbourhood close to Columbine High School. Dylan Bennet Klebold, a native of Colorado, was born in Lakewood on 11th September 1981, 20 years to the day before the events of 9/11. His mother was an unemployment counsellor and his father had a small, home-based real estate business. Harris and Klebold met as boys while attending middle school and shared many common interests. In 1996, Harris set up a website devoted to Doom, a violent computer game in which players must kill demons and zombies to reach a higher level of play. Viewers regularly posted jokes and brief entries concerning his p ...
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HOW DOOM CHANGED THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY At the stroke of midnight on December 10, 20 years ago, a file was uploaded to an FTP site on the University of Washington's network. It sparked a revolution and changed the face of the video game industry, which now rakes in $66 billion each year (to put that in perspective, Hollywood is expected to make $11 billion in 2013). The file, titled '', was a mere 2MB in size, and was capable of fitting onto a couple of floppy disks (remember those?), and the game, of course, was Doom. It was immediately picked up by students and gamers who put copies on other locations of the fledgeling internet. It made its way into the computers of people around the world, and into best-of lists and magazine articles. It probably pioneered the debate about violent videogames, given that the Columbine school shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were avid Doom fans. The men behind the game were a group of young 20-somethings - John Carmack, John Romero, Adrian Carmack, Kevi ...
1999April 20: Columbine High School, Jefferson County - Eric Harris, 18 and Dylan Klebold, 17, killed 12 students and one teacher and wounded 24 other people before committing suicide in the
All about the Columbine High School shooting of 4-20-1999. Information about gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the victims, the school and much more.
Eric Harris didn't just Need Help any more than Chris Dorner or James Wenneker von Brunn or Timothy McVeigh did. 'S not how murder works
Apparently Adam Lanza was obsessed with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
Columbine is a non-fiction book written by Dave Cullen and published by Twelve on April 6, 2009. It is a comprehensive examination of the Columbine High School massacre, perpetrated by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on April 20, 1999. The book covers two major storylines: the killers' evolution leadi...
Adam Lanza, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris: Where are you now that NY, needs you? Torment in Town’s Schools
"Im looking like Eric Harris but you'll never see me bang" - Bones
Eric Harris and George Zimmerman were both in my dream but I was still the bad guy so you can probably tell that isn't a good thing
I want to interview Eric Harris so bad..
just like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did. Smh
Where can you find dancing bliss? Why, right here! Eric Harris is coming up from Deland to call for us, and...
Be my eric harris and i'll be your Dylan Klebold
"I hope death is like a dream state, I want to spend all my time there" - Eric Harris. (via mrs-ericharris)
*** don't get mixed up with Eric Harris
I shared a therapist with Arabic terrorist and Eric Harris from columbine
I feel sad for Brooks Brown's mother, who called the police more than 15x on Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold & no one followed up.
What is crazy when you look back at ... that because of Eric Harris' failure in fusing his bombs, 500+ or more kids DID NOT die
Interesting that eric harris and Dylan Klebold dreamed of flying a plane into new york city before 9/11.
why do people say Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are household names. I guarantee if you ask wths, half of us would have no idea who they are
the fact that there are hoards of girls online who idolize Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold makes me want to throw up
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine) - Too young to vote; both families were registered DEMOCRATS and PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS
. Hope you don't mind me coming as Eric Harris. . Halloween @ Edge 2K13.
[ Religion & Spirituality ] Open Question : Why don't Christians understand that?: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold died for their sins? Why...
Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold the best shooters college has ever seen
Columbine High School had an armed security guard that fired at Eric Harris, and he didn't stop the murder of 13 people.
I was reading Eric Harris's report on The Nazi Culture and it was very cool to see his perspective on those years of power and culture
Eric Harris, the guy who shot up columbine back in the day
Halloween, who should i come to school as tomorrow? Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, or Adam Lanza?
Just from counseling today I cannot tell Christians enough how foolish it is to withdraw from the...
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The Columbine Project, because it would be the one people would least suspect. Totally should play Eric Harris.
This weekend I need to go thrift shopping and buy bummy clothes and Columbine, Eric Harris boots plz.
I smell like Eric Harris right now and so does Dustin 😂😂
For anyone who is going to go to uco when you take american national government try your hardest to get eric harris. This guys the beez neez
Hmmm dressing up as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold isn't a bad idea for Halloween
"How not to miss lunch for a hidden feature in SharePoint" by Eric Harris via
is the Dylan Klebold to my Eric Harris. . lolol. ♡♡♡
It's delirious to think of the bullying Dylan Klebold/Eric Harris must've endured to get to point that they just wanted to shoot people up
Your kids will eat what you feed them, worship where you take them, read what you hand them,& live...
Hey youll im setting up A Camp full of musical talent Including Producers Like my man Eric Harris and Soul Along...
355 days until I'm Mrs. Eric Harris! I really need to start being more strict about diet and exercise!
My son is Eric Harris and I am afraid that he may be involved in the shooting at Columbine High School.
Eric Harris and Aaron Alexis have a few things in common. The last thing that went through their head was lead justice.
Defending the girl that brought the gun on the bus is like defending Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
I've been thinking about this lately and I've come to think that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are the
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Getting ready to pull an Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. .
What do Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris have in common? They were getting recruited by KA!
12 children died because of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Gun laws need some change yes, but murders are responsible.
At Columbine, 12 kids died because of Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold. Two Sociopaths who killed innocent people.
No doubt Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris' fathers "fathered" their kids, too.
so why would they commit suicide? why don't they do it before they get into prison like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, they shot
Columbine High School senior picture, top left you can see Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Creepy.
& Get to know Eric Harris of Buzzfeed, a featured speaker at our Summit in Sept!
If eric harris and Dylan Klebold wrote a book I'd read it RIP
If ANY president BEFORE Obama had a son, they would look like James Holmes,Adam Lanza,Eric Harris,Dylan Klebold
Is this how Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold felt.
If one more person come and report something about my EXXX eric harris to me . I swear ima scream ! Im not his *** keeper !
Why does The Downward Spiral (song) remind me of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's suicide though.
One thing I will NEVER understand is how people make excuses and justify Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's actions.
“I think we are all a waste of natural resources and should be killed off.” -Eric Harris
I would have been friends with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.
There is an invisible line between Damien Echols & Eric Harris + Dylan Klebold.
Please say Happy Birthday to Eric of your biggest fans!
One love to my brother from another mother black aka Eric Harris.keep your head up Ima rep for you
In this blog, Eric Harris shares his tips on How to Evaluate 3rd Party Tools
I wonder what Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold think of this shooting. (
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are smiling upon TJ Lane. "This hand that pulled the trigger and (
is that Eric Harris guy there again?
Man Utd youth guru Harrison: Giggs will be great coach - Former Manchester United youth team manager Eric Harris...
probably Dahmer, but Im also kind of leaning towards Dillon Clebold or Eric Harris.
debatable, Adam Lanza and Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris who were all mass murderers all played violent video games 24/7
Or the video of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris blowing their brains out. Yeah that "Combat Mindset" video is messed up.
I share a shrink with Arabic terrorists and Eric Harris.
Jackie Chan's birthday is before mine and Eric Harris' birthday is after mine, this tells a lot about me as a person.
All i want to do is kill, kill ,kill
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dont be suprised if you wake up at 7:14 and im next to you TEHHE
Is sky your best guy friend to? — No. Eric Harris has been like a brother to me
LiL rebby with a erecy is coming to get you!
You're right, i can't hit a woman its immoral even though i shot Rachel, ill just rape you ok? deal, right in the ***
WOW YOU'RE SO MEAN TO ME. It's okay, I can still cheap shot you.
ill kill you with a chainsaw and let your *** dangle, beg for my mercy woman! ha Natural Selection baby!
Reading the diary of Eric Harris is not particularly recommended but is not not recommended
Age 8: Crush on Eric Harris. Age 18: Still has crush on Eric Harris.
"I don't forget people who wronged me."- Eric Harris. (me too Eric, me too.)
LMFAO Eric Harris go away. You gotta be bored
Dear Skadenergy from Ralph Larkin:. I don't love Eric Harris, although I read as many of his (
That's true--> "It is just as easy to bring a loaded handgun to school as it is to bring a calculator." - Eric Harris.
I haven't seen where she criticized Eric Harris or Dylan Klebolds mom and dads parenting skills
Thats nun new long as im wit Eric Harris Jr. Ion have to pay for nun i be trying to but he want let me! I aint gone argue wit that lol
wow. check out the edgy. noted Pussey Expert eric harris opines on sex, despite dying a pathetic virgin. lol
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Roll up to the softball field and see Eric Harris first thing
I call BS: Studies have found that violent video games do not affect real world violence. Just ask Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold about Doom.
I swear the comments on every KMFDM video on YouTube are nothing but people pointing out that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold listened to them
what if kids that look like Eric Harris, Tim McVeigh, Adam Lanza, & James Holmes got profiled & shot?
Would you feel the same if Rolling Stone put Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on the cover?
Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, James Holmes, Adam Lanza..names that will live in history forever.What does that tell others?
I have to, one last time, thank my Gypsyhawk boys (Ian Brown, Erik Kluiber, Eric Harris, Andrew Packer and Art Daniels) for not only coming back to Atlanta to prove once again why they're one of my favorite bands but for ALWAYS treating me like a brother! I love you dudes tons and I wish you all would move to Atlanta and live in my attic.
Please keep the Trace Creek Baptist Church mission team in your prayers as they head to Ecuador this Saturday. Those going are: Tom Jehnzen, Jodi Prince, Kati Marie Prince, Eric Harris, Eric Jehnzen, Todd Wertz and my baby girl Alyssa D Pi Chi. They will be working with children in Bible School. Thanks to our missionary Jared Fly for the opportunity to serve!
Well I am not home from Detroit and Riveting Riffs Magazine sat in on Laura Rain's gig Saturday night and we had a delightful conversation with Laura sitting outside in Birmingham, Michigan on Sunday afternoon. Look for that interview soon in Riveting Riffs Magazine. We also spent Friday evening at Carolyn Striho's concert at Keego Harbor. On Sunday afternoon we took in a rehearsal of Rio and the Rockabilly Revival, led by the one and only Rio Scafone and featuring Seán Eric Harris, Renee Turner, Yana Levovna. Rio help me out here, because I forgot your drummer and guitarist's names. :( I was delighted to meet three members of the Rah Rah's including Susie Forkin. All in all the trip to Detroit was fabulous and the people of the Greater Detroit Area treated me so well. You did yourselves proud. :) Thank you.
Just a casual note on Columbine that I read. It has a direct correlation to firearm restrictions and how they do NOT prevent massacres, nor do they even hinder the suspect from carrying out plans. When the Federal Assault Weapons Ban became law in 1994, manufacturers began retooling to produce firearms and magazines that were compliant. One of those ban-compliant firearms was the Hi-Point 995, which was sold with ten-round magazines. In 1999, five years into the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, the Columbine High School massacre occurred. One of the perpetrators, Eric Harris, was armed with a Hi-Point 995. Undeterred by the ten-round capacity of his magazines, Harris simply brought more of them: thirteen magazines would be found in the massacre's aftermath. Harris fired 96 rounds before killing himself.
Super Columbine Massacre RPG: Informative or Infamous? On the morning of April 20th 1999, two young men, 18 year old Eric Harris and 17 year old Dylan Klebold from Littleton, Colorado dressed in long black trench coats and went to Columbine High School. What might have been the start to another normal school day, quickly turned deadly. The two teens, fueled by inner rage and hatred, shot and killed 12 students and a teacher and injured 21 others. The two boys then went into the school library and committed suicide. Being one of the most devastating school shootings in American history, it is fair to say that all of the hyper overprotective rules and regulations that now clog our educational institutions are all due to this one tragedy. I'm sure all of the teens are now in their twenties, paying off medical bills to support their countless trips to therapy. One of the controversies behind this massacre was the influences of violent media, one of them being video games. The two boys were avid players of the ...
First and foremost rest in peace to my father Michael Edwards and happy Father's Day who stepped into a scrawny kid from Compton life and steered me away from the streets and into the man i am today. Coach Guy Laguana, Derrick Florence, Mr. Eric Harris, Del Anderson, Coach Willie Mack, Chris Francis Thank You!
This is long but you should read all of it. Columbine Survivor Evan Todd Speaks Out! by Frank Miniter At 11:29 a.m. on April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two high school students entered the Columbine High School library. Two teachers, two librarians and 52 students were hiding there. Ten minutes had already passed since the first person had called 9-1-1 to report the attack at the school. Harris and Klebold had already set off bombs and killed and wounded students both outside and inside the school. They’d also exchanged shots with a school resource officer from the Jefferson County sheriff’s department, who later said he missed them because he didn’t have his glasses. When Harris and Klebold retreated to the school, the officer decided to wait for back-up. At this time, 11 of the 13 people killed by Harris and Klebold were still alive. When they walked into the school’s library, Harris yelled “Get up!” so loudly it can be heard on a 9-1-1 recording at 11:29:18 a.m. “Fine! I’l ...
On April 20, 1999 Rachel Joy Scott was one of thirteen people shot and killed senselessly at Columbine High School when two teenage boys brought guns to school. They decided to take the lives of innocent people. “The two student gunmen were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Their plans for attacking the school, recovered by investigators after the tragedy had taken place, evolved over one year's time. In those plans, Klebold and Harris outlined a mission to kill as many students and faculty as possible. They would set off destructive bombs inside the school and then shoot any survivors trying to run out. Bombs inside their cars would explode later, killing law enforcement, fire or medical personnel responding to the scene. It seemed right to students who heard the first few shots that, as it was toward the end of the school year, prank day was finally upon them. But it wasn't a prank. Not when two hate-filled students, heavily armed with firearms and bombs, chose April 20, 1999, as the day to attack and ki ...
you're about 6 months too late. Signed -Adam Lanza, Eric Harris, and Dillon Clebalt
Today is a day to give thanks to the living and past men and women who has protected us all our lives not only Military but our Policemen also,because without neither of these forces where would our country be? I have special thanks to Eric Harris,Jason Allen,Justin Rooks,and James Lane,Thank you for the things you do keep us safe,I Love you all,words can't express what I feel in my heart.So if you have a son ,daughter,son-in-law or nephew who is in the line of danger please tell them Thank-You.
I feel like everyone should know the name Eric Harris. And Dylan Kleblod. And James Holmes and Seung-Hui Cho
On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris opened fire outside Columbine High School. Standing with his friends having a discussion on the Bible was Mark Allen Taylor. The first bullets hit Mark with anywhere from 7 - 13 entering his body. The damage was so great that doctors could not determine the number of bu...
"Your lack of sentiment has always been your most admirable quality. Do not disappoint me now." -Eric
announce that CB Al Harris will retire as a Packer.
don't judge: I had a crush on eric harris the dude who shot columbine he's so ugly tho
.That situation reminds me of Eric harris' dad throwing out Eric's early experiments. As if it settled the issue.
Hank from Breaking Bad, Peggy from Mad Men, Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights and Tara from Sons of Anarchy all make appearances.
He seems like the kid that if you talk about him in front of him he would try to f* kill you
Eric Harris kneels under the cafeteria table, pointing his semi-automatic rifle. He asks, "Do you remember the 90's?"
Miss Harris is retiring after this year😢
nicknamed my hands "Eric Harris" and "Dylan Klebold" because they're always shootin me up
Griffin and Harris-Wright return for Elwood’s final game: Outgoing Connacht head coach, Eric Elwood, will be a...
Obama jokes he caught *** when he got home after calling Kamala Harris best-looking AG. "Who knew Eric Holder was so sensitive?"
Maybe Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold just saw a bunch of bees and panicked.
Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris getting mad love on my TL lately. Lol.
If you could ask one person one questions and get a completely honest answe... — eric harris & Dylan Klebold - why?
blah lol can't wait to get some payback for that next year...we will have plenty of athletes to shut down Mr Harris
Eric Harris isn't that bad looking tho
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold o man get in my panties.
Today, Atty Gen Eric Holder said that U.S. Magistrate Bowler's decision to read Miranda warning in Boston was appropriate.
Can't wait to lift with my boy Eric Harris 😏
Yeah.. Eric Harris had feelings, right? Dylan Kliebold too? How bout Adam Lanza?
"Who knew that Eric Holder was so sensitive?"-Obama, joking about getting flak for his Kamala Harris comments (2:50)
My mom dated a guy name Eric and he was bald... Weird!
Get two actors who look like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
reading journal entries from Eric Harris (one of the columbine kids) he was so disturbed, it's sad...
“my baby would have turned 32 years old today... 😞 RIP Eric David Harris. wish you were here... 💔
is a legend for making pigs about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, its such a great song
I never realized they released a picture of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold’s dead bodies. Very disturbing indeed
Saying anything Eric I wasn't talking to you mind you mf business Eric Harris
radicalization and alienation? Adam Lanza, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold felt alienated and radicalized to the point of mass murder.
I wonder what Manny Harris is up to
Check out the trailer for, starring Danielle Harris, Eric Roberts, and Felissa Rose.
I wanna hear that song Tyler wrote about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
Eric prydz did a bootleg of rhianna/calvin harris
Indiana Elite 2014 beat Devin Harris Super Stars 92-84 in one of the 17u gold championships. Eric Gordon-Keeton beat Team Blaze in another
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold also had siblings...
yess, ask Eric to show you pictures.
Willam did look like Eric Harris at the time in 1992 but Always saying postive things ! Willam said to me that I should take things serious
O's best line was him ribbing abt the Kamala Harris flap. "I got trouble when I got back home. Who knew Eric Holder was so sensitive?"
The Columbine massacre killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were heavily influenced by music.
Laura Harris & Eric Burns, it seems you got off the social justice bus in the 60's and have...
no about Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold being tapped in the head today
you helping domestic violence shelters is like asking Eric Harris& Dylan Klebold be substitute teachers.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Aside from “Chechen” there’s no actual evidence that two alleged Boston bombers are in different category from Dylan Klebold & Eric Harris.
I notice the media is doing an Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold thing with the two bombers. Eric Harris was the meanie; Dylan Klebold was sweet.
thats what they said about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and Seung-Hui Cho. they were all described to be quiet and peaceful
You're just a sick, mentally-ill individual like Adam Lanza, Timothy McVeigh, and Eric Harris.
really i dont remember any nation calling for Adam Lanza, Dillion Klebold, Eric Harris, or Jared Loughner
I'm sure the victims of Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, and James Holmes begs to differ. AMMURRICA!
Criminals will always get guns. Were Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza, Eric Harris, Dylan Kiebol criminals the day before they became murderers?
"ii think MY lil one coming soon .. ii can feel him kiccin in MY butt" HURRY UP ERIC JAMAL HARRIS JR. !
Part of that story I saw being RTd came from an Eric Jerome Dickey book or an E Lynn Harris book…
"People's human nature will get them killed, wheter by me or Vodka" -Eric Harris
Eric Gordon / Brad Beal / Jeff Green / Derrick Williams/ Al Horford. D Harris, CJ Miles, Jordan Hill, MWP, PJ3 on the bench. Nice or no?
Flashback - Eric Prydz Remix by Calvin Harris on I swear it sounds like fleshpack
"we can save up about $200 ..we can go to the next gun show and find a private dealer and buysome bad *** AB-10 machine pistols."Eric Harris
Today is my birthday that I share with Van Gogh Rofl Harris Robbie Coltrane Eric Clapton & MC HAMMER
Happy birthday to Rolf Harris, Eric Clapton, MC Hammer.and me!
All purpose parts banner
Eric Harris wore a natural selection t-shirt when he killed kids in Columbine, CO. Did liberals outlaw evolution in schools?
Gary Harris remind anyone of Eric Gordon? He does to me.
Meh that was awhile ago... Last Wolverine to do anything RECENTLY was Manny Harris... LOL.
.my writer has this problem.Writer likes: Richard Ramirez, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, and Jeffrey Dahmer...
Kim Jong is moving like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris
Hotel is booked, tickets for W&W, Eric Prydz, and Calvin Harris at hakkasan is booked, & now the wait begins!
Great idea letting do a program on Eric Morecambe. Maybe they could get Kevin from Coronation Street to do one about Rolf Harris?
I’m getting so much heat for this shirt you’d think it says “I’m a Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Guy”.
mass murderers/insane men make statements, Eric Harris wore a Natural Selection t-shirt when he murdered in CO.
Former Kwame Harris speaks about being *** in the NFL:
Bryant went from trying to be Eric church.. To trying to rap to 2 chains😂😂
Bryant is so freaking adorable.. He's pretending to be Eric church😂
Richard Harris who plwyed Dumbledore in the first two films, Eric Sykes who played Frank Bryce in the fourth -
Syracuse was so tuff with John Flynn Eric Andy Arinze Paul Harris Daunte green man
Normally when Miami is down 17 it means Jacory Harris has thrown three interceptions
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