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Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens is a nonprofit leader, author, speaker and a United States Navy Seal, who lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

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No, Gov. Eric Greitens of need to be arrested for blackmail. This is not a private matter.
Gov. Eric Greitens bullies his way to firing the Missouri education commissioner. But for what?…
Petition for Gov. Eric Greitens: Stop Execution of Russell Bucklew - Sign the Petition here:…
Mike Pence the work you did was great, i was there when you helped clean up in St Louis with Eric Greitens, you and your wife are great!
BREAKING: Gov. Eric Greitens has issued a stay of execution for Marcellus Williams.
Breaking: MO Gov. Eric Greitens has halted tonight's scheduled execution of Marcellus Williams in Missouri.
Lol at ppl thanking Eric Greitens for stay as if they didn't know we'd flood the streets if the State fo…
It's up to you to save an innocent mans life!!! Tell not to kill an innocent man!! Rt!!
It's been postponed, he's not safe yet. sign the petition and let's hope and pray they decide to let thi…
For all those who've supported Mass organization even in the form of a petition can save...
BREAKING: Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens halts condemned killer's scheduled execution after DNA raises questions about his guilt.
Gov. Eric Greitens is bragging to big campaign donors about attacking working families. READ:
Republican governors at Koch donor meeting in Colorado: Greg Abbott, Matt Bevin, Doug Ducey and Eric Greitens.
MO: Gov. Eric Greitens' fined by Missouri Commission for violation via
Eric Greitens "embodies everything...about the culture of corruption in Jefferson City.".
Eric Greitens' "problems with ethics just don't go away"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Gov. Eric Greitens' campaign fined by Missouri Ethics Commission for 2015 violation
Gov. Eric Greitens, who has called for ethics reforms, faces a fine from the Missouri Ethics Commission.
Hi neighbor. I'm MO, great state of Todd Akins, Jason Smith, Eric Greitens,
THR: Eric Greitens, Missouri Governor, signs right-to-work bill into law (WT)
This Eric Greitens guy has the looks and resume of an unstoppable 2024 Presidential Candidate
.talks in Springfield. Protesters tried to intervene and were led away (w/ video).
"This is about jobs," Missouri Governor says as he signs 'right-to-work' into law
Same on Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens for signing (is wrong). Anti-worker politicians like Greitens should be ashamed.
Help get an animal offender list in Missouri!.
Eric Greitens makes a horrible budget decision: Cut care for the disabled. How about cut the tax breaks?
Gov. Eric Greitens, Missouri Republican, signs bill to make state a right-to-work jurisdiction
Gov. Eric Greitens made Missouri the 29th 'right-to-work' state in the country by signing the legislation Monday.…
When Kelsea Husley watched the results of the Nov. 8 election and learned Eric Greitens had won the Missouri...
Observe how quickly the GOP moves to curb unions the moment they seize power. Lessons here.
3.Clay said right-to-work" will lead to lower wages and more dangerous workplaces.
2. Cheryl Clay invokes MLK that is a "false slogan" in her critique of Greitens' signing ceremony .
Gov. Eric Greitens’ budget cuts aid to elderly and disabled
Gov. Eric Greitens' ceremonial signing of 'right-to-work' not deterred by protests
Republican Gov. Eric Greitens to sign bill making Missouri 28th right-to-work state
My husband watching Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signing Right to Work Bill today! Yay Missouri!
Republicans continue to be ruthlessly effective at turning state-level power into long-term political advantages.
For less...Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens signs 'right-to-work' into law via
Head of state office that sticks up for consumers on utility issues gets axed by Gov. Eric Greitens in the middle o…
Gov. Eric Greitens signed legislation making Missouri the country’s 28th right-to-work state.
Gov. Eric Greitens signed legislation Monday making Missouri the nation's 28th right-to-work state. via
Missouri needs unions. Working families will keep standing together in our state to fight for what is right.
Missouri will become the 28th right-to-work state today when Gov. Eric Greitens signs bill into law -
"In an age of distraction, we've lost touch with practical wisdom." Eric Greitens
BREAKING: Missouri becomes 28th Right to Work State Today. Missouri right-to-work bill signed by Gov. Eric Greitens htt…
Gov. Eric Greitens and the Dept. of Social Servies addressing accusations of abuse at a foster care in Bolivar, MO.
Eric Greitens, Ryan Zinke, and Scott Taylor should all walk in and take it down in front of him. Richmond would do nothing.
Governor-elect Eric Greitens has named staff to his public safety team:
Missouri Gov.-elect Eric Greitens appoints Chief of Staff, Legislative Director and Policy Director
Is there any more evidence of Triangulation strategy failing than Chris Koster, endorsed by NRA, losing governor to Eric Greitens in MO?
Eric Greitens and Jay Nixon are on the same page:
Republicans dominated Missouri, with Eric Greitens becoming the new governor and Roy Blunt staying as Senator:.
Eric Greitens - a Republican candidate for Governor - received $10,000.00 from a donor in Highland Park, IL
Great article in the about Truly sums up everything the campaign is about:
"Greitens showed that when attacks, insults and cheap shots start to fly he is cool under fire."
Eric Greitens for Governor Then President of the USA we need more leaders who have really Protected America read...
"What you will become is a result of what you are willing to endure." - Eric Greitens, Resilience
GOP candidate Eric Greitens gets it wrong with claim about state income tax brackets.
"To say thank you is to acknowledge a rightness in the world." - Eric Greitens
there's four R candidates now: Hanaway, Kinder, John Brunner and Eric Greitens.
"The warrior is not supreme. The warrior is a servant. If you're going to be a warrior, what are you going to serve?" -- Eric Greitens
“This election is going to come down to who do you trust. It’s time for Eric Greitens to send his contribution...
"When people feel stuck it’s often not because things are too hard, but because their goals are too small" - Eric Greitens
Eric Greitens won the poll about last night's debate and then it disappeared. Guess they weren't too happy with the results.
Eric Greitens fights back against anonymous hit video - Kansas City Star
Eric Greitens calls out the leaders of his own party on ethics - Kansas City Star
"To be resilient- to build a full and meaningful life of strength, wisdom and joy" ~ Eric Greitens
I said bad things about Eric Greitens on please vote for me in
I think Eric Greitens just had $500k worth of negative press in the last 48 hours. Day 4.
Greitens hammered over $1 million donation at GOP governor's debate: Eric Greitens found himself fending off…
News Tribune - Greitens slammed over donation at debate - Missouri gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens is kee...
Eric Greitens answers questions from the press (with
Someone sitting behind me shouts "Democrat" when Eric Greitens speaks. Inappropriate... but there are giggles aplenty.
Greitens says he's a conservative by conviction. Really? Give back the million dollars Eric!
No surprise. He ignores the rules he sets for himself.
Catherine Hanaway calls out Eric Greitens for taking campaign funds from an unethical source.
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Eric Greitens, a great candidate for Missouri.
Eric Greitens is saying that he will not convict someone based on the opinion of people, rather he will based on facts.
Eric Greitens (the outsider) knew our tax bracket peaked at 9,000 but Peter Kinder (the politician) guessed 6,000.
Eric Greitens MO political and economic systems are "so rigged that it's hard to tell the difference btwn the law makers and law breakers"
Eric Greitens in opening statement: “Politicians have failed us and we can’t trust them to fix the mess they’ve created."
Eric Greitens urges Missourians to take action to get a different results from the government.
Eric Greitens opens by saying he's never run for office before but he can't continue to stand by and watch real people get hurt
Standing ovation from audience for Eric Greitens as he is introduced. (with
.returned money in 1 day. Eric Greitens keeping it after 3.
TheChat: Eric Greitens is told to return campaign donation: And...a Missouri state senator disagrees with KC’s city…
From the guy who wrote the book on it.
"Eric Greitens is the Brian Williams of the SEAL Teams."
SPOILER ALERT: Senator Kurt Schaefer was behind the attack on Eric Greitens. Didn't want all he built in destroyed by ethics reform.
Here's the Truth - YouTube Eric Greitens courageously served his country. Anyone who says differently is a liar.
There is no doubt that Eric Greitens is qualified to be Missouri's governor. He is what Missouri needs!
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Missouri GOP roiled by latest 'whisper campaigns' against ltgov cand Bev Randles and Gov can Eric Greitens:
Eric Greitens meet-and-greet scheduled for Monday, Feb. 15 in Monroe City has been postponed until a later date.
The false attacks against Eric Greitens are disgusting. VIDEO:
Eric Greitens, Republican candidate for sends out letter to supporters tonight defending his military record:.
The real Eric Greitens.this guy wants to run our state as the next Governor. This video was made by former...
.have you seen this??? re.Eric Greitens: The Heart and The Myth
..would you mind explaining this? I am a voter:Eric Greitens: The Heart and The Myth
.hate to tell you this, but you got punked by .Eric Greitens: The Heart and The Myth
To all of you .supporters, you may want to take a look at this! Eric Greitens: The Heart and The Myth
Get informed on the Republican candidates for Missouri Governor. Eric Greitens will be in the KC area this coming...
ERIC GREITENS...a BIG PHONY running for Governor of Missouri? The office of Governor is SO important to...
Eric Greitens likes to brag. What happened to being a 'silent professional'?
Eric Greitens is a chump and does not represent the Navy Seal community. Please watch and share.
Eric Greitens the heart and the myth:
Eric Greitens the heart and the myth Through source
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"What a selfish desire cannot do is produce meaning" Eric Greitens in Resilience
Marked as to-read: The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens
I liked a video from Resilience by Eric Greitens
From Eric Greitens, Navy Seal and author. . "Joy, like sweat, is usually a byproduct of your activity not your aim". See below- Greitens
PHRONESIS is the ability to figure out what to do, while at the same time knowing what is worth doing.—Eric Greitens, The Heart and the Fist
An apt quote for a startup with an idea-"Everyone has a place where they face hardship. We all have battles to fight."- Eric Greitens
"Are you going to let what someone might say prevent you from doing what you must do?" Eric Greitens.
Not the cream, just the ones running. Lots stellar ppl any affiliation but not running. Peek at MO gov candidate Eric Greitens.
"Virtues that are not practiced die. Resilience that is not practiced weakens." -Eric Greitens
"In trying to protect too much, kind people can inflict great cruelty." -- Eric Greitens
"As hard as it is to do, part of loving someone means letting her experience hurt in the right way." -- Eric Greitens
"If we want our children to have a shot at resilience, they must learn what failure means." -- Eric Greitens
"Self-respect grows through self-created success: not because we've been told we're good, but when we know we're good." -- Eric Greitens
"Those who have built true excellence in their lives are always fighting at the edges of their ability." Eric Greitens - former Navy Seal
At risk of falling behind in the primary, Eric Greitens now has to demonstrate some past support for a racist political party.
Don't Miss It!. Gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens will be in Monroe City on February 15 for a “meet and...
How to break down an overwhelming challenge
"Without resilience, the first failure is also the last -- because it's final." - Eric Greitens
Unfortunately, it's sometimes those who have mastered the least who talk the most. (Eric Greitens)
Boehner resignation fallout: Eric Cantor says GOP limited with ...
the goal of life isn’t to avoid struggle, but rather to choose meaningful challenges Resilience By Eric Greitens
Eric Greitens is not a Republican: via
Ex-Navy Seal Eric Greitens, who has never sought elective office, is running for Missouri Governor as a Republican.
Republican Eric Greitens announces run for Missouri Governor in 2016:
Rally today was a great uplifting gathering to support Eric Greitens. Glad I didn't witness your rude behavior in person.
Why would Mo.Gubernatorial candidate not answer question?.. goons shove around Adam Sharp.
North High grad (’92), Eric Greitens, announced he is running for Mo governor.
Eric Greitens launched his campaign for Missouri Governor today.
Eric Greitens formally announces candidacy for governor
Navy Seal Eric Greitens to run for Missouri Governor
Eric Greitens formally announces candidacy for Missouri Governor
Former Navy Seal officer Eric Greitens announces run for Missouri Governor as Republican in 2016 -
Eric Greitens is about to officially announce his candidacy for governor. We'll be streaming it on Periscope.
APNewsBreak: GOP Navy Seal Greitens to run for governor: Former Navy Seal officer Eric Greitens is running for…
Campaign Finance: blow right by it: Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Eric Greitens' (r) 2016 explor...
Former Navy Seal and author Eric Greitens shared wisdom of life through service…
I'm excited to also check out Eric Greitens' book: Resilience. Saw him on Jon Stewart last night. Looks 👌
Eric Greitens, potential GOP governor candidate in Missouri, talks with Jon Stewart:
is the key to living a better, optimized life. Resilience is the key to
Here are 5 of my favorite Big Ideas from "The Heart & the Fist" - Eric Greitens. Hope you enjoy!
"Accept that you are imperfect & always will be. Your quest is not to be perfect yourself, but to better your imperfect self." Eric Greitens
Okay, this episode of School of Greatness with is everything I need right now:
If there was a single question that you can ask someone to measure how resilient they’re going to be, you ask them w…
"Resilience is the virtue that helps you to get better when things are hard." ~Eric Greitens
will train new Platoon Leaders and Fellows this weekend
"And it’s often in those battles that we are most alive..." Eric Greitens
Eric Greitens gave a reading for his latest book while in the sky on a Southwest Airlines flight.
Author Does Book Reading In-Flight - Bestelling author Eric Greitens is taking his book readings to new ...
Great to speak with the Navy Times about Resilience. Check out the Q&A here.
On RESILIENCE: "Eric Greitens' new book was born out of a cry in the dark." via
A conversation with US Navy Seal and author Eric Greitens -
Have been reading Eric Greitens new book Resilience. It's actually a series of letters he wrote to one of his...
Odd. Eric Greitens gives book reading on Southwest flight from STL to DC:
A conversation with Navy Seal and author Eric Greitens -
"The problems at night may have a little to do with the past..." Eric Greitens
Great title for a Forbes interview on a book based around rhetoric.
Eric Greitens has to be the thirstiest man alive
"Nobody's perfect, but excellence is achievable."
Today, Eric Greitens—Navy Seal, Rhodes Scholar, & awarded-author—is onboard reading from his new book, "Resilience." http…
needed to hear that podcast with Eric Greitens. Looking at the "monkey on my back" now with a better perspective. Thanks bro
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Greitens thank you for your service, sir. Be safe. Love SW.
Meet Eric Greitens — a Navy Seal, Rhodes Scholar and would-be governor of Missouri
Great interview of my friend on his new book "Resilience", by in
.with a great profile of Eric Greitens, the Jewish Navy Seal and Rhodes Scholar running for MO gov…
Eric Greitens is the key note speaker at our IHA Chess conference in Chicago. One word to describe this guy!..
The amazing shifts role at the incredible to see what's the next adventure!
To ease veterans' return to civilian life, program offers purpose - When Eric Greitens visited his fellow Navy...
STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is dedicated to post-9/11 veterans. This is due to director J.J. Abrams' connection to The Mission Continues, a nonprofit organization that serves as a framework for United States military veterans to do community service work when they return home from overseas. The organization's founder and CEO Eric Greitens makes a cameo appearance alongside other veterans at the end of the film as one of the flag folders. A section of the film's official website is dedicated to The Mission Continues.
Another great person to run the VA would be Eric Greitens, Navy Seal, award-winning author, Rhodes Scholar, and CEO of the…
Tonight, at 7:00p.m., in the Wilks Theatre in the Armstrong Student Center, Eric Greitens, a former Navy Seal,...
Eric Greitens and The Mission Continues are leading the charge of veterans groups using public service as a form of therapy. Joe Klein talks about his cover ...
Visionaries Series: The Mission Continues: Founder and Navy Seal Eric Greitens has set out to make sure every ...
"Warriors are warriors not bc of their strength, but bc of their ability to apply strength to good purpose." Eric Greitens
In your status line, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and don't think too hard--they don't have to be the "right" books or "great" books, just ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends, including me, so I can see your list! 1. The Art of Memory, Frances Yates 2. Les Miserables, Victor Hugo 3. Great Expectations, Charles Dickens 4. Pilgrims Progress, John Bunyan 5. A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens 6. The Man Who Was Thursday, G. K. Chesterton 7. War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy 8. The Heart and the Fist, Eric Greitens 9. Don Quixote de La Mancha, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 10. Proverbs, Rosario Delgado Vaquera, Mari Fer, Nathan Marr, Andrés Gustavo García Mercado, Michael Richardson, Seth Agemy, Kate Karman, Jeremy Brand, John Desaulniers Jr, Pam Richardson,
Book of the week ! The Heart and The Fist by Eric far an excellent book !
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"The immature version of courage is defined as moments of heroic bravery. And while those have their place, the kind of courage it takes to be of long term purpose to those around you is not defined in a single moment. It's the courage of perseverance. The courage to do something over and over again. And it's how we build families and how we keep commitments. The greatest success comes from stepping outside of self concern and focusing on others. People quit when they start thinking about how hard something is going to be - that's when they quit. Not when they are doing something - when they are thinking about it." -Dr. Eric Greitens
The great dividing line between words and results was courageous action. Eric Greitens(The Heart and the Fist)
On most days, I spend my first 20-30 minutes awake (drinking coffee) thinking about ways in which my productivity today could improve the lives of others tomorrow. I then use these newly formed goals as motivation to tackle whatever challenges the day throws at me as I attempt to carry out that days specific plans. “A good peace, a solid peace, a peace in which communities can flourish, can only be built when we ask ourselves and each other to be more than just good, and better than just strong. And a good life, a meaningful life, a life in which we can enjoy the world and live with purpose, can only be built if we do more than live for ourselves.” ― Eric Greitens, The Heart and the Fist: The Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of a Navy Seal
Without courage, compassion falters, and without compassion, courage has no direction. - Eric Greitens
“I’ve been blessed to work with volunteers who taught art to street children in Bolivia and Marines who hunted al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. I’ve learned from nuns who fed the destitute in Mother Teresa’s homes for the dying in India, aid workers who healed orphaned children in Rwanda, and Navy Seals who fought in Afghanistan. As warriors, as humanitarians, they’ve taught me that without courage, compassion falters, and that without compassion, courage has no direction. They’ve shown me that it is within our power, and that the world requires of us—of every one of us—that we be both good and strong." - Eric Greitens, CEO of The Mission Continues
"If you're a real frogman then every time a woman leaves your side she'll feel better about herself." Eric Greitens is the man.
"When you challenge someone you are telling them that you believe in them.” -Eric Greitens
" I loved history, and I liked to imagine myself as part of it. But this rich view of the world also left me wondering where I fit in. My big fear was that God and my parents had me in the wrong era, that the time for adventures had passed. ' I layed in my bed and read stories of people discovering ancient cities and settling wild frontiers. I read about warriors, explorers, and activists, and then I'd stare out the window at a world that seemed very small and very safe.. I was worried that all the corners of the earth had been explored, all the great battles fought. The famous people on TV were athletes and actresses and singers. What did they stand for? I wondered: Had the time for heroes passed? .." - Eric Greitens Just absolutely love this ♥ can't wait to start my life & enjoy all the adventures on the wait for me , and all the changes i can do for the world.♡ God Bless.
The last chapter of the hunt is entrusted with top secret CIA trainers . On 10 April 2011, 24 soldiers of the " Red Squadron " of the Navy Seals to carry out the first tutorial . "When they learned that the target was Bin Laden's soldiers were excited ," he assures Eric Greitens , commander of the Navy Seals . For five days, the Big Red test every move. Obama calls Michael Leiter , director of the National Counterterrorism Center until 2011 and puts in on the secret and asked him to ensure the effectiveness of the blitz . Leiter admits doubts about bin Laden's wives who come and go from the complex and also mobile phones . "If Bin Laden is there and why it must be protected by measures such shortcomings ? " Asks Leiter , fearing a trap. Obama gives Leiter 48 hours to examine all the evidence one last time and get an estimate on the possibility that bin Laden is in the complex. " I told him that was probably 40-70 percent ," recalls Leiter . Gates expresses hesitation, Vice President Joe Biden also . But L ...
Eric Greitens, former U.S. Navy Seal and author of the book "The Heart and the Fist"
Eric Greitens taught me that I can contribute more as a civilian than I ever could as an active duty service member in the military.
Listening to Dr. Eric Greitens, former Navy Seal and Humanitarian speak about leadership. Kind of starstruck.
Former Navy Seal and author Eric Greitens delivers the keynote address at The Donchian Ethics Symposium. The event was cosponsored by the Jepson ...
Eric Greitens is a former Navy Seal, author of The Heart and the Fist, and Founder/CEO of veterans' nonprofit organization The Mission Continues.
New Earth Centre - Canada “Life is short. Life is uncertain. But we know that we have today. And we have each other. I believe that for each of us, there is a place on the frontlines.” ― Eric Greitens
Previously, I mentioned a book "The Heart and The Fist" and the author, Eric Greitens. He established a non-profit to assist post 9/11 vets. Please watch the attached video...
Eric Greitens is far more of a scholar then any liberal . I would tell you to say it to his face but he GAVE his life for his fellow seals during operation red wing.
On deck: "The Heart and the Fist," by Eric Greitens | "Service" by Marcus Luttrell, and finally finishing "My Early Life" by Churchill.
Heroes Eric Greitens was outstanding speaker. Bestowing power to others is leadership &key message shared w/us.
"Service will always make you strong." Powerful words from CEO Eric Greitens to
thanks 2 Eric Greitens our keynote speaker to celebrate Huggable Heroes of a different age-young people making a difference
Amazing keynote by Eric Greitens -live a purposeful life on our front lines as municipal&industry leaders
"If you have the right why you can make it through any how" -Eric Greitens
Learn how groups like help our veterans in Jon Stewart's interview with founder Eric Greitens:
I spent last weekend watching 73 recent veterans, most of them wounded, begin a 6-month public service fellowship, sponsored by The Mission Continues, the excellent program run by former Navy Seal, Rhodes Scholar and Time 100 honoree, Eric Greitens. I've written about this program before.
Eric Greitens shares his vision for facilitating veterans' continued public service.
Friend of KBC, Eric Greitens will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central tonight, Thursday May...
Parkway North grad Eric Greitens is guest on The Daily Show tonight via
We're honored to work with one of 100 Most Influential People. Congrats of
From inspiration to action, The Mission Continue's, Eric Greitens named to Time's top 100 influential people
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Having breakfast with Eric Greitens author of The Heart and The Fist. Navy Seal, outstanding gentleman.
A vocation - "it's the place where your great joy meets the world's great need."
All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand. -Eric Church
We would like to congratulate Eric Greitens, of The Mission Continues, for being recognized in the recent issue...
Compelling talks by ortho surgeon Dr. JM Tokish on military contributions that advance mission and Eric Greitens, Navy Seal
Don't miss the Presidential Guest Speaker Eric Greitens, "Why it Takes the Heart and the Fist"
"If we want to change something, we must begin understanding but if we want to love something, we must begin with acceptance"-Eric Greitens
Morning everyone! How goes with you? Joining us today we have: John Heilemann, Richard Haass, Eugene Robinson, Jim VandeHei, Jon Meacham, Fmr. Gov. Jon Huntsman, Robert Gibbs, Miles Nadal, Bob Greifeld, Eric Greitens, Ben Smith, Chuck Todd, and Dulé Hill We hope you'll tune in!
Great last words for a great book. The "Heart and The Fist" By Eric Greitens
So since Christmas, have read Tom Clancys "Threat Vector", reading Eric Greitens " The heart and the fist ", and on deck is "No Easy Day". So far so good: )
finished Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens and gave it 5 stars
What do a nurse and a Navy Seal have in common? Leadership, heroism and Eric Greitens to keynote!
Former Navy Seal officer Eric Greitens says veterans need to hear more than "thank you." They need to hear, "We still need you."
Would like Eric Greitens to be my life coach.
Fear is a good indicator of whether or not you are living your life well (non-verbatim thought from Eric Greitens)
To all Veterans, from all Nations, This Country cannot survive without your Courage, Wit, and sense of responsibility and commitment, to protect the families, the young, and the old. "We still need you." Thank you.
Have you read our interview with veteran and founder Eric Greitens?
Veterans Day Links: Contemporary: Here’s Eric Greitens on returning veterans and education today.  Teach For Ame...
Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served. And a special thank you to Learn more here:
Heard Eric Greitens speak at a conference last night.
Available in: NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook. “Meet my hero—Eric Greitens. His life and this book remind us that America remains the land of the brave and generous.” — Tom BrokawLike many young idealists, Eric Greitens wan
Opps, here's the working link to and to read about their work with
Eric Greitens speaking on Veterans Day is amazing!
Former Navy Seal Eric Greitens: veterans face challenges from a new 'front line' when return home.
My quote was from Eric Greitens. veterans.
Celebrate Veteran's Day by reading Eric Greitens' "The Heart and the Fist." Then thank veterans for their courageous service.
NY Times rave review: A Rhodes Scholar and Navy Seal urges us to find "a better way to walk in the world"
Want a real role model for your kids? Have them read The Warrior's Heart by Eric Greitens. Acts of Valor
Thrilled to receive positive review of The Warrior's Heart in the New York Times Book Review
Thrilled to have Kevin Powers review Eric Greitens's new memoir:
"We believe that when the story of this generation of veterans is written, it will not only be a story of the wars they have fought overseas, it will also be a story of the homes built, the parks restored, and the young minds engaged by veterans whose mission continues in communities here at home.” ...
Now we have Eric Greitens, CEO & Founder from He is talking about why leadership is important
The NYTimes reviews "The Warrior's Heart". A tremendous review that everyone at the world hdqtrs is excited about:
Listen KDUR Nov 7 music faculty on Reading Experience. All interviews available:and the Fist, Eric Greitens
George Ortiz, a Marine Corps veteran who served for three years after 9/11, didn't think he…
Eric Greitens delivered the keynote address for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on November 11, 2011. Greitens is a Navy Seal, New York Times Bestsell...
just read a good book" the heart and the fist" by Eric Greitens, an ex-Navy Seal, Rhodes Scholar, and PhD in public policy from Missouri (threw that one in for Lori). A good read about values, service, and self confrontation (that's my interpretation). Should be required for all teenage young men.
Eric Greitens: On the front line of our communities -
Interview with veteran, entrepreneur, and founder Eric Greitens:
Forty Shades? Kidding. Aunt Jo's The Casual Vacancy, or The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens. :)
Discussion Guide to The Warrior's Heart by Eric Greitens, 7th-12th Grade
The definitive argument for not releasing Bin Laden photo.
Eric Greitens talks about his book, "The Warrior's Heart," an adaptation of his memoir about becoming a Navy Seal for young adults. Mr. Greitens spoke at the Maryville University Auditorium in St. Louis, Missouri.
Navy Seal and award-winning author Eric Greitens addressed the opening session of OMED yesterday morning. Greitens was deployed four times in the War on Terror, winning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his service. He's also the founder ofThe Mission Continues, an organization dedicated to helpi...
a good book is the heart and the fist! Written by Eric Greitens a former Rhodes Scholar and Navy Seal! Great read!
"...I came to understand that when we see self-righteousness it is often an expression of self-doubt and self-hatred. In a place where people are able to accept themselves, love themselves, and know that they are loved, there is no need to criticize or compare, cajole or convince. The sisters concentrated, instead, on loving their neighbors." -The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens
Pretty excited, I haven't been able to read much, and it's something that I miss a lot. I downloaded this app last night called iBooks and I think it's great so far. I found some free books that i think should be very insightful and interesting and hopefully inspiring. I've never read any of these books, but this is what I've found so far: Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", Sun Tzu's "The Art Of War.", Sigmund Freud's "Dream Psychology.", Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Nature." and I found a book for ten dollars from an author named Eric Greitens called "The Heart And The Fist." I haven't made the commitment to purchase it yet, I just got the sample. But from what I've read so far I really enjoy it. If anyone knows of any books that they think I should read I would love to know. Thanks everyone, I hope y'all have a great Tuesday! Peace and Love.
I want to live a life like Eric Greitens.
I was looking through the archives of The Colbert Report and came across this segment on punditry boot camp, with retired Marine Bryan Escobedo. He proves that military skills and experience are adaptable to the civilian sector...even the fake news business! On a more serious note, if you're in a position to influence or make hiring decisions, consider a vet. And if you are a vet, in the article there's a link to Escobedo's blog where he talks about his work with The Mission Continues (a non-profit started by retired Navy Seal Eric Greitens). Escobedo describes his work with that organization and how he- and you can too- continues to serve his country and community.
It was a sad moment when I realized I will never find a man as perfect as Eric Greitens.
Eric Greitens, Navy Seal, was in Afghanistan in 2003. "The Taliban were often well trained, arguably often better train to fight in Afghanistan than many American troops. So what makes [US Forces] different from the Taliban? What distinguishes a warrior from a thug? Certainly it's not the quality of...the weapons or the length" So, what makes someone a warrior and not a thug?
Alone humans can feel hunger, alone we can feel cold. Alone we can feel pain. To feel poor however is something we do only in comparison to others. I'm quoting Eric greitens, I liked that lol
In a moving and inspiring memoir, told with genuine humility, a warrior who wanted to be strong to be good, discovers that he had to be good to be strong. Th...
Every great venture encounters hardship, every great life encounters pain, and every great team suffers together. Eric Greitens
The 2012 Common Reader for Readership WT will is The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens. It shares one man’s...
5 of 5 stars to The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens
The heart and the fist by Eric Greitens. Looking forward to reading his book because he sure was a great speaker we got to hear at Mo Boys State
Strength & Compassion: Photographs and Essays (Hardcover): This collection brings together the best of Eric Grei...
Eric Greitens signing his book to me!
Tonight, I could not applaud hard enough for Eric Greitens. The man truly deserves every ounce of credit he gets.
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Eric Greitens gives the commencement speech at Tufts University on Sunday.
Eric Greitens was born and raised in Missouri, where he was educated in the public schools. He was an Angier B. Duke Scholar at Duke University where he studied ethics, philosophy, and public policy. Selected as a Rhodes and Truman Scholar, he attended the University of Oxford from 1996 through 2000...
Former Navy Seal Eric Greitens to the 2012 Tufts University graduates: “whom or Whom, and what ideals do you want to serve?”
With my focus turning toward Creel Coaching, Dr. Jim Denison's sharing this hits home:Eric Greitens was the commencement speaker for last Sunday's graduation at Tufts University. He graduated from Duke University in 1996. While in college, he aided war refugees in Croatia and Rwanda, where he learned a principle that would change his life. As he told the Tufts graduates, "Those who knew that they had a purpose that was larger than themselves, whose who knew that others were counting on them, they grew to be stronger."
William Bennett applauds Eric Greitens for delivering a vital message to Tufts U. graduates -- to sacrifice, to serve one's country, and live magnanimously.
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