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Eric Garner

Eric Garner, aged 43, was an American man from Staten Island, New York, who died after a New York City Police Department officer, Daniel Pantaleo, put him in a chokehold which may have contributed to Garner's fatal heart attack.

Trayvon Martin Sandra Bland Michael Brown Tamir Rice Mike Brown Alton Sterling Freddie Gray Walter Scott Philando Castile Oscar Grant Ramsey Orta Justice Department John Crawford New York Staten Island Sean Bell Freddy Gray

City park at center of Eric Garner case still crime-ridden years later, residents say
Today marks 3 years since Eric Garner died after he was restrained by police officers in New York City on 17 July 2…
The grieving mothers of Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin would disagree.
Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland. That's what I think about your "Independence Day…
Today. I'm remembering my father Eric Garner. My heart goes out to all the families missing their fathers for ANY reason.
By erasing his blackness, Castile is separated from Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Sylville…
Like why champion Michael Brown over more clear cut cases like Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, &c. Just my two cents.
I disagree. You are not woke enough to see *** is going on was a reaction to Eric garner. It's more realis…
Excessive racial slurs + the play on the death of Eric Garner's death + black grief for entertainment + few black w…
The writers did her death like that specifically to mimic Eric Garner's death & police brutality awar…
Or choke Eric Garner to death for selling a cigarette. Whatever.
I mean, this is the regime that poisoned the people of Flint +strangled Eric Garner and Sandr…
I've never felt so empty. Her death made me think of Eric Garner.
Eric Garner was choked to death for allegedly selling loose cigarettes though. . via
They killed off one of the shows most loved black *** characters in a way upsettingly…
gets his day in court with new film 'American Trial'
Big up to for shedding some light on the Eric Garner Film . via
...this is how Eric Garner felt, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, etc., etc. Now add, John Hernandez.…
And while he is being prosecuted for essentially the same offense as Eric Garner, they won't kill you y…
Just like Eric Garner was killed over selling loose cigarettes, right?
but the racism of Dems is much more insidious & thus runs rampant. HRC's exploitation of Eric Garner as gun…
The more data we come across, the more transparency we'll see. Pass the today!
that didn't take long but with Eric Garner being choke to death by race soldiers a DIFFERENT story.
Take Eric Garner killers, give me Sean Price back
Rip to Eric Garner, only right I show respect. Nowaday they hangin us by a different tree. Branches of the government, I can name all three.
Video of John Hernandez is that choke hold is infuriating. Parallels with Eric Garner
That's attempted murder and that chokehold is what killed Eric Garner in the summer of 2014. 😡😖
But doesn't this look just like the Eric Garner video?
I think Eric Garner's case is an illustration of not just excessive police brutality but overall a regressive cigarette tax
hope justice is served but how is this different from Eric Garner? How?
Eric Garner was in New York. I referred to Alton Sterling
If only the same had been for Eric Garner
The Eric Garner case will be reexamined in "American Trial," a new film utilizing real evidence, lawyers, witnesses…
I hope eric garner's family has a good lawyer and I'm sure you could think of a million occasions wh…
Do you think that Michael Brown and Eric Garner were killed for that man I can understand where yo…
I absolutely feel the cop in the Eric Garner case used unnecessary force. He had plenty help all around him. He was in con…
The Eric Garner choke hold case will get a mock trial in new film. Is this exploitation or needed to bring closure? Honest…
Wow you're so right, that's exactly what happened to Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Alton Sterlin…
Compare with or for that matter Eric Garner in the US. Who HRC tried…
Remember Tamir Rice, Travon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and others. Compare their treatment by cops to body slammer
Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray ... the list goes on
Wear Purple for Lil Josiah Shaw of Gary; For Passing Trayvon Martin Civil Right Law, Micael Brown and Eric Garner and Others!
Trayvon Martin. Jordan Edwards. Eric Garner. Michael Brown. Alton Sterling. We talk the fear for our black sons…
*** It's too bad you weren't Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Travon Martin, Tamir Rice, or Eric Garner.
Why did all the stories, specify the gun manufacturers--like Trayvon Martin and Skittles and Iced Tea or Eric Garner--Lucky Strikes?
Rodney King's beating was caught on tape, justice was to follow. I thought the same with Eric Garner. Then Tamir Rice. But n…
How these strung out mfs get a movie but Trayvon Martion didn't , Sandra Bland didn't , Eric Garner didn't. *** DID…
Really? Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Fillandro Castille... want more? Oh how about Emmett Till.
Revisiting the Death of an innocent Black man Eric Garner
finally read all the quotes. They had Debbie Reynolds and Eric Garner and Leonard Nimoy and i'm a mess
I was outraged at Eric Garner situation and wanted justice. Once narrative became "he killed him bc he wa…
It's interesting (and not surprising) when Richard crys racist cops for Eric Garner he ig…
per your logic, Charles Kinsey, Eric Garner and Rekia Boyd wouldn't have ever been shot or accosted by cops?
The discussion of mass incarceration, Trayvon Martin , Eric Garner, Rekia Boyd, Alton Sterling et. al. has to happe…
*** .Only if Travon Martin. Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and the others knew that a Pepsi would s…
I guess Eric Garner, Rekia Boyd, and Michael Brown should've reached for a Pepsi instead of their ID's
Documents reveal details of how police posed as protesters following the death of Eric Garner
Appeals court rules Eric Garner cop's records should not be public
According to reporter Radley Balko, Eric Garner had a long disciplinary record
2. The NYPD has been withholding the disciplinary records of Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who killed Eric Garner
I lost it with someone on there when Eric Garner was killed. It was his fault for "not doing as he was told and resisting"
Its the reason Trayvon, Tamir Rice, John Crawford and Eric Garner are all dead. Black men are born suspect.
Emmitt Til, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner we have not forgotten about you all.
Hey, Donald, want to know about TERRORISTS? Ask Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and countless more! Talk about that!
but we are not treated the same. Eric Garner told the officer he couldn't breathe. Mike Brown was killed in "runn-
Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant and Tamir Rice never had the opportunity to pl…
This book is very American. Being Dutch, I'd heard of Tamir Rice and Eric Garner, but not Renisha McBride and John Crawford.
killing Walter Scott, Zachary Hammond, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Dillion Taylor did not prevent harm to anyone.
egg, you are not unaware of John Crawford, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and many others.
the same as your thoughts on Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, etc
Our most-shared headline of 2016 concerned Ramsey Orta, who filmed Eric Garner's killing by NY police:
I'd ask Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Philandro Castille & Sandra Bland if they agree but I can't
This is wonderful: Beyonce brought the mothers of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner & Oscar Grant to
"We're living in the day of Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Sandra Bland... The List goes...
yeah i marched miles around NYC for Eric Garner, Michael Brown protests last winter...
Who pointed a gun at a cop? Tamir didn't neither did Filando, or Eric Garner, or Sandra Bland, or Freddie Gray. Sho…
We are working with to address the fact that Daniel Pantaleo who killed Eric Garner is still a NYC poli…
no one is oppressing me, I'm white. But Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and Freddie Gray are dead.
The class of misdemeanor officers where charging Eric Garner with required them to witness the crime. They did not. No probable cause
Little talked about fact, Justice Scalia once said all 6 of those officers in Eric Garner case should be indicted. No probable cause.
You should ask Trevon Martin, or Eric Garner, or Micheal Brown, or Sandra Bland... Oh wait 🤔
YOU FOUND ONE CASE CONGRATULATIONS! now justify the death of Tamir Rice, Dante Parker, Michael Brown, Eric Garner,…
but.. in case you need other examples outside of slavery.. how about Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner? did they
Eric Garner's death. Every other one was completely justified.
I'm troubled by the revelation that you and this campaign actually discussed "using" Eric Garner ... Why would you want to "…
Report: DOJ moving towards charges in death of Eric Garner - legal Insurrection (blog)
Justice Department to Charge NYPD Cop in Death of Eric Garner: via
The DOJ plans to finally charge Daniel Pantaleo for the unconstitutional execution of Eric Garner.
Justice Department to charge cop in death of Eric Garner via
More on the DOJ decision to replace the Eric Garner case team in Brooklyn: "Washington wants to indict him."
The Justice Department will charge the NYPD cop accused of putting Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold
DOJ has replaced New York team of agents, lawyers investigating death of NYT
Justice Dept. replaces team investigating which may lead to criminal charges:
There's renewed hope that the Eric Garner case could get a second look, from federal prosecutors
New York FBI agents booted from Eric Garner case
when will police be held accountable? AfAms are paid off like Iraqi victims.
2+ years later, Feds take over local DOJ investigation of NYPD killing of
US government is going to reinvestigate killing of Eric Garner
DOJ Overhauls Garner Probe: Report - The Justice Department has overhauled the New York-based team probing the ...
The Justice Department has reportedly replaced the NYC team investigating Eric Garner's death…
Eric Garner case now in hands of new DOJ investigative team
Shake-Up in Federal Inquiry of Eric Garner Chokehold Case Stacking the investigation? Typical FBI and DOJ practice?
How Ramsey Orta became the only person at the scene of Eric Garner’s death to see the inside of a jail cell.
Justice Department replaces New York team investigating Eric Garner’s death” by
Justice Department replaces team of agents & lawyers investigating the NYPD murder of
The high threshold to hold people responsible for racist acts is ludicrous for a reason.
Justice Dept shakes up inquiry into Eric Garner case,replaces all investigators,civil rights divisio…
The Justice Department is breathing new life into the Eric Garner case.
Justice Department axes local team, brings in team from outside New York to take fresh look at case. https…
I hope you Blacks can understand how deep and far racist institutions run in this country.
Justice Department has replaced the New York team of agents and lawyers investigating the death of Eric Garner
I'll never forget hearing repeatedly tell the officer "I can't breathe." This is a hopeful step forward: htt…
A beautiful poem and lovely voice, reminded me of one on Eric Garner:
FBI agents &fed prosecutors see no case...but DOJ continues? . (vis a vis HRC)?. Eric Garner Case, via
During holidays I can't help but think about Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Latasha Harlins, Sandra Bland, Akai Gurley, etc.
Criminalizing the hustle: Policing poor people’s survival strategies from Eric Garner to Alton Sterling -
The officer who killed Eric Garner got a big raise. The man who filmed him is in jail. Officer Daniel Pantaleo is…
The family of Eric Garner is fighting again to get confidential records of Officer Daniel Pantaleo released.
So Joy Reid you are an Elite and probably have no problems with Eric Garner getting choked out since Comcast is on the inside of Pollitt Bur
Nate Parker is a rapist. Just like the officer who killed Eric Garner is a killer even though he wasn't charged.
George Zimmerman is a terrorist. So are the murderers of Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Jordan Davis, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner...
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"You have to say the name". But you won't say Sandra Bland or Eric Garner or Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown or any other unarmed blacks killed
When I watched that movie, I saw Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown...we havent made an inch of progress.
The man who filmed Eric Garner's death starts serving a 4-year sentence today - the man who killed remains free…
Just a daily Reminder:. Ramsey Orta is going to prison for filming the death of Eric Garner. The cop that killed Eric…
You want to protest the shooting of Terence Crutcher or Walter Scott? Even the choking of Eric Garner? I'm with you.
was having a seizure like Keith Scott was reading a book like Eric Garner was selling cigarettes like Michael Brown had his 👐⬆
Cops keep hounding man who recorded Eric Garner video
Eric Garner. Freddie Gray. Sandra Bland. Philando Castile. It is past time for a different justice.
Freddy Gray was in police custody when he died and Eric Garner was seized then choked to death... So what are you r…
Yes, and when you watch the videos of Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray I think it's a rational concern
Eric Garner, Kajieme Powell, Tanisha Anderson, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland "not just African-Americans; they were di…
but Eric Garner was not and Mike Brown was running away from a cop
They want us to remember 9/11, but forget Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and many mo…
Beyoncé brought the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and Oscar Grants to the 👏🏽 I love her! h…
"The Breathe Suite: The Chronicles of Michael Brown & Eric Garner" written for Qnt by was a highlight 5/2 for…
Lol, well "they" certainly did refuse in the cases of Michael Brown & Eric Garner. And in the case of Tamir Rice. 1/
Mothers of Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and Dontre Hamilton to campaign for in NC
Updated info and a new flyer 4 Janye Waller, in prison from protests after murder of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.
T.I. is really brave for this video. Rest in peace Tamir Rice and Eric Garner
This cop choked Eric Garner to death in 2014. Since then, his pay has increased by more than 15%
The cop who choked Eric Garner to death got a raise. The man who filmed him went... by
Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Sam DuBose, I could go on for days...
RIP Trayvon Martin, this one for Eric Garner, they choked him to death & that man had a daughter.
No, what's unacceptable is what happened to Sandra Bland. And Eric Garner. And Trayvon Martin. And countless…
where was your voice after Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Walter Scott, John Crawford, Philan…
. Pretty sure it was due to Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner etc.
.dedicates his video for "Warzone" to Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Philando Castile
Same thing that Trayvon Martin killer got. Oh and Mike Brown, or and Sean Bell, oh and . Eric Garner
Let's not go down the individual-case road. Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile and so many others nullify your point.
I'll do better than that. Here are four:. Eric Garner. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland.
Beyonce brought Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown & Oscar Grants mothers to the
Beyoncé brings mothers of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant to the
The group includes the mothers of Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham, Amadou Diallo and Anthony Baez as well as the...
Neither did Philando Castile, Charles Kinsey, Eric Garner, Amadou Diallo, etc. So, what's your point?
Mothers of the Movement Luncheon in memory of Michael Brown w/ the mothers of Sandra Bland, Eric Garner & Sean Bell.
No room for "I stand with Eric Garner but not Korryn Gaines/Mike Brown,". "MLK was a hero but Malcolm X a problem" folk. The…
NYT denounces Laquan McDonald cover-up in Chicago. Similar secrets still surround Eric Garner case in NY
That black dads were not featured at the Dem convention is why we have Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray!
I mean there's a reason people are angry at the nypd. Sean Bell. Amadou Diallo. Eric Garner.
Watch mothers of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and more speak at the
"Hands up, don't shoot" was a lie that incited riots. Why not focus on real injustices of Eric G…
Mothers of the Movement deliver powerful message at
Mothers of the Movement 'Hillary not afraid to say Black Lives Matter'. via
Watch: Mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown Give Emotional Speech at the DNC
Rashidah Grinage: Tonight at Trayvon Martin's mother spoke, Sandra Bland's mother spoke, Eric Garner's mother spoke -- and here we are.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Marching through Brooklyn for Eric Garner w/ his mom Gwen Carr & mothers of the movement who lost their children.
Man who filmed Eric Garner’s fatal 2014 arrest sues NYC for $10M: The man who filmed the fatal 2014 arrest of...
Those on stage the mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Jordan Davis, Dontre Hamilton, Sandra Bland and Hadiya P…
# Clinton isn't afraid to say Black Lives Matter': Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sand...
: I sent you a video of Eric Garner. What's your response to that?
More from Gwen Carr, mother, calls for police reform & accountability
Thank you Eric and Esaw Garner!!. Our Revolution began with your sacrifice!!.
Obama and Black Lives Matter are to blame for police being shot but no one is to blame for Tamir Rice, Eric Garner or Freddie Gray? Ok? 🤔
see my cousin's clothes on Eric Garner, do they see the look on my aunt's face when she sees her son's skin tone on a black man that got
Hillary Clinton had the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner & more on that stage to play into her agenda. I'm sick.
Lady on CNN mentioned the "deaths" of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, etc. They didn't just die in their sleep. They were murdered.
Exactly like Eric Garner killing: video shooter Ramsey Orta initially charged, then harassed for 2 years to get him.
Alton Sterling, Eric Garner and the double standard of the side hustle
Ramsey Orta, man who recorded Eric Garner's murder, receives 4-year prison sentence
Giuliani: "What happened to there's no black America" ... maybe we could ask families of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Phil…
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Eric Garner, you are not forgotten.
Eric Garner’s daughter says ABC News silenced her during on race relations. htt…
Today is the day. 5pm Staten Island we march for justice and we march to remember Eric Garner.
You pick a day like today to honor Eric Garner You are evil . 3 dead Cops 8 dead in a week . Can't wait till you…
Tributes held for around the city Sunday on second anniversary of his death
Eric Garner was killed two years ago today. Here's how his mother, Gwen Carr, is advocating for reform:
Two years after death, his family promises to keep pushing investigators:. https:…
We're more worried about stupid celebrities while in second place it's the deah Anniversary of Eric Garner.
Eric Garner was killed 2 yrs ago today. Ross *** s poem is what I return to again and again. http…
⚡️ “Two years after the death of Eric Garner”.
2 years ago the tragic death of Eric Garner brought NYC face to face with the American problem of division between police…
Two years ago, NYPD killed Eric Garner. Today, the only person imprisoned is the witness who filmed his murder.
De Blasio: We'll avoid more tragedies like Eric Garner's death: The NYPD has improved its neighborhood polici...
Mayor de Blasio to speak soon at First Central Baptist Church for two year anniversary of Eric Garner's death
I'll tell ya how they got their bad name? James Boyd, Kelly Thomas, Eric Garner, ok?
Today is the 2 yr anniversary of the MURDER of Eric Garner. 2 yrs since his KILLERS have been walking the streets with…
Body cams are a joke. Alton Sterling, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and MANY others were murdered on camera. No…
Eric Garner, Jonathan Ferrell, Jerame Reid, Freddie Gray. Is that enough? Is for me.
July 17, 2014. No CPR, no oxygen. "Sir, it's EMS, come on. We're here to help alright!. Eric Garner is already gone http…
see James Blake or Eric Garner. You can't abuse and kill citzens indiscriminately and not get called on it.
my heart is heavy as I am working on my freedom song: . "Eric Garner, Philando Castile. Sandra Bland, Alton...
RIP Eric Garner, who died 2 years ago today.
Garner, Travis Morales opened up the rally for Eric Garner
On July 17th, it will mark two years since Eric Garner was killed by police in Staten Island, New York. Since...
Filmers of Alton Sterling, Eric Garner killings say police have harassed and detained them cc
Eric Garner anniversary: Capturing the New York police on camera
Trayvon Martin,Micheal Brown, Walter Scott,Tamar Rise,Sandra Bland,Alton Sterling,Eric Garner and so much more. You could be next
Eric Garner's daughter yells at town hall organizers after missing chance to talk to https:…
Eric Garner's daughter says she was "railroaded" by ABC at Obama town hall
Prosecutors can't decide how to move forward on the Eric Garner case — via
Where was this "due process" concern for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling etc.?
Are you talking about Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Freddy Gray, Jamar Clark who? To be clear?
Eric Garner resisted arrest and was killed due to pre-existing condition. Philando Castile we will see in regards to the armed...
Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray were killed in cold blood.
@ Eternal peace ERIC GARNER,for the victims of. ( POLICE BRUTALITY. United WE ARE,, embrace this SONG,.
Coincidence? Doubtful...And the "charges" kept changing. Remember the man who filmed Eric Garner's death faces 4yrs. https…
Eric Garner murdered on camera by NYC police. No indictment.
It was from a BLM protest last year.
Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the death of will likely go to jail for 4 years
Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice their murders were caught on tape and officers did not face any consequences https…
The man who filmed the killing of Eric Garner is going to prison. You can send him & his family money:
Eric Garner's family marks 2 years since his death with song
to defend themselves or be appropriately prosecuted in court. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, all deserved to live.
At 22 Ramsey Orta became an enemy of the largest police force in the nation for speaking up for his friend, Eric Garne…
This is Eric Garner all over again. This man is protected my the first amendment. Free him and arrest the murderer.
I feel bad for eric garner. And let's be clear, he had an asthma attack. Very unfortunate.
Ramsey Orta, who videotaped the police killing of Eric Garner, will serve 4 years in prison. htt…
Ramsey Orta, who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death, to Serve 4 Years in Jail via
Talk to me about cases like Eric Garner. An innocent man that died unjustly & didn't resist. Stop defending every case just…
Tell that to Alton, Mike Brown, Tamir Tice, Eric Garner, Philando's families ok
Philando Castile didn't deserve to die. Alton Sterling didn't deserve death. neither did Sandra Bland. or Eric Garner. or Keith Childress
Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Dante Parker, Freddie Gray...never got to return home
don't worry, no one remembers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu but everyone remembers Michael Brown and Eric Garner
Devastating to think how many Michael Brown's, Eric Garner's, Alton Sterling's there have to be for something to change...…
oh well how about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, etc?? Were they arm…
What Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Treyvon Martin have in common.
When Sterling Alton, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant etc got killed y'all say "he should've listened & not resisted" smh😔
If u mourned Alton Sterling, Eric Garner & Michael Brown & aren't doing the same for the cops that were murdered, ur part…
if you mourned Eric Garner, Sandra Bland & Alton Sterling but laugh & praise that these cops were killed, you're part of…
Ramsey Orta, the brother who filmed the NYPD murder of Eric Garner, is going to state prison today for 4 years. https:…
From Oscar Grant... To Trayon Martin... From Trayvon to Eric Garner... From Garner to Sterling. Are y'all not sick yet? Cause I am
Now, much of the recent police violence has been recorded as well. The chokehold killing of Eric Garner on Staten Island,
The two-year anniversary of Eric Garner's death is coming up on July 17th. Nothing has changed. RIP Alton Sterling.
Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and Alton Sterling were all murdered by police officers. Flat-out. There is no "context" that…
"Tell Rekia Boyd how it’s so much better to live in 2012 than it is to live in 1612 or 1712. Tell that to Eric Garner.…
we are willing to share outrage at Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, others... If BLM will admit wrong on Mike Brown and t Martin
Made worse by humanizing CO/ backstory. Sorry but killers of Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin don't deserve that (4)
Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, we haven't forgot. ❤️ and never will
Sandra Bland, Trey Martin, Eric Garner , Michael Brown, Tamir Rice. All these people had degrading pictures? For what? For an
I'm adding this stop to my Pissing on Graves Tour. Other stops nclude Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Eric Garner
Do you really want to pull the cop card? Ask Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Dontre Hamilton, John Crawford
Props to the writers of OITNB for drawing the parallels between their story and the stories of Eric Garner and Freddy Gray
still reeling over that. I couldn't help but thinking of Eric Garner and Freddie Gray.
Feel like my rage is surfacing all over again. LaTasha, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray...
Do it for Sandra Bland. For Eric Garner, for Sasha Bell. For Berta Caceres and Nelson Garcia. https:/…
Jamar Clark, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Ezell Ford. What they had in common?Black men shot by White cops. All charges cleared.
I've seen her respond too. Who was first to Flint? Who campaigned with the mothers of Trayvon Martin & Eric Garner? She's there
Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, there's more names added to the list nearly every day
Let us get some of these bastardized cops behind bars. We will not forget Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Linwood Lambert... Freddie Grey.
Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland was a white person.
Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Walter Scott weren't thugs. You're thinking of the police officers who murdered them.
"Because it didn't start with Rodney King and it sure as *** didn't end with Eric Garner."
Mitt Romney is only mad b/c he pulled an Eric Garner and chocked like a dog in the 2012 elections. 😂😂😂😂
.I hope this is an anti-police thuggery movie about Eric Garner's death.
Civil cases get settled for any number of reasons. Officers broke no NY state law.
like Eric Garner. Choking him out was completely unnecessary
The won't bring back Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, or the many other minority lives back. It's reform.
What annoys me is when people focus on this as injustice when eric garner is choked in the street
in also sayin that it's against the officer's protocol/authority to choke (see Eric Garner case).
Every new law requires enforcement; every act of enforcement includes the possibility of violence, such as... via
I liked a video Why is Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Police Killing of Eric Garner, the Only One
5:30am and I'm trying to learn the lyrics to a poorly worded song about Eric Garner.
On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner died in Staten Island, New York City, after a police officer put him in what has been described as a
Eric Garner was a very unfortunate incident. But he was breaking the law and then physically resisting arrest.
You told me to give an example; I said Eric Garner. You said bad example cause he robbed a store.
Wrong. I am the one that said he robbed the store, when you brought him up. Eric Garner is the one that accidentally died.
You have no logic. You've already developed a false story around the Eric Garner arrest.
Eric Garner 20 years before that's crazy
Eric Garner died in VAIN. Trayvon Martin died in vain... So what exactly did he mean by that .
And tbh they can do anything even if it is being filmed, Eric Garner was on film, clearly for everyone to see
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