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Eric Frein

Eric Matthew Frein (born May 3, 1983) is a captured American fugitive sought by federal and state authorities for the alleged ambush murder by firearms of Corporal Bryon K.

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Eric Frein has been sentenced to death for killing a Penna State police officer. Details on Action News at 11.
Verdict reached in sentencing for Pennsylvania State Trooper killer Eric Frein: http…
Eric Frein was convicted of first-degree murder of an officer, attempted murder, terrorism and two weapons of...
WATCH: Pike County DA, defense react after Eric Frein is found guilty.
Eric Frein showed no emotion as the jury foreman read each guilty count. He stood with his hands folded in front of…
The witness today was Cpl Mark Gardner (left) who linked handwriting from Eric Frein to notes found at a campsite i…
.I wish the extreme right would cease their war on cops. Cliven Bundy, Eric Frein, Robert Dear, James Boulware, the…
What was the faith of Dylan Roof? Or James Holmes? Chris Harper? Eric Frein? . RW terrorists more deadly in U.S.
Eric Frein case still rattling nerves one year after ...
For Nearly 50 Days Shooting Suspect Eric Frein Was on the Run - PA home page
.reminds us that it's been a year since the Frein manhunt began, but the saga is far from over:
Eric Frein still rattling nerves 1 year after the shooting at the Blooming Grove barracks.
One year after trooper shooting, Eric Frein still rattling nerves.
are you kidding me?! Jesus christ, that's as nuts as this guy's life got bought a car by community lol
Pennsylvania shooting suspect Eric Frein charged with murder after throwing his 5-year-old daughter off the bridge, killing her.
when white survivalist Eric Frein ambushed PA State Troopers last year, who did you blame?
Eric Frein surrounded by police in home on parents property. ( 48 days later, and the police were still searching for him
Eric Frein kills two cops and is taken alive. Tamir Rice plays with a toy gun and is shot dead. There's another...
Fox News could find a way to blame for Eric Frein's actions.
Does anyone flat out ask them if they think Roof was motivated by anyone's rhetoric? Or Jerad & Amanda Miller? Eric Frein?
I never heard LEO's or their unions make this fugitive, the poster boy for violence against law enforcement:.
When Eric Frein shot and killed a cop conservative media didn't attack white anti-government groups like they're doing to…
Eric Frein is apparently a mastermind! Martial Law for PA shooter! Apparentl
Eric Frein's lawyers filed motion to postpone trial to Sept; was set for July. Request for change of venue pending, Pocono Record says.
Busy day of news. We have the latest on Hugo Selenski and Eric Frein. Plus, a break in a decades-old cold case. Watch N…
TUESDAY: Accused cop killer Eric Frein headed to trial; Selenski murder trial to start later this week; and more.
inspired white Penna. cop killer gets no coverage, not asked to apologize by media
Ambush Unfolds on Video in Pennsylvania Court re: Eric Frein in Killing of State Trooper
How is Eric Frein a "bright, good man"? He shot and killed police officers
Hey newswatch 16, stop trying to make eric frein look like a good guy. He deserves to be locked up in prison for life.
Suspect Eric Frein ordered to stand trial in ambush on Pa. state troopers:
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"It's a long road ahead," says Eric Frein's lawyer now that a judge says there's enough evidence for him to be held over to trial.
gun nut assassinates PA state trooper, calls for "revolution" over "lost liberties".it'll be 1-day story on
Eric Frein's preliminary hearing opened Monday morning with a surveillance video showing the moment state police Cpl. Bryon Dickson was shot and killed, and images of Trooper Alex Douglass dragging himself across the barracks' lobby floor after he was shot and wounded.
Suspect in deadly Pennsylvania police ambush ordered to stand trial. via
.back in the newsroom after a long day covering Eric Frein prelim. Think he has enough bags??
I am 5/5 on snow day or eric Frein day calls this year, what I say goes.
Surveillance video from the state police station in Blooming Grove -- shown during a preliminary hearing Monday for accused killer Eric Frein -- shows Cpl.
The video of ambush on Pennsylvania troopers was played at Eric Frein's hearing.
Funny how there gonna push for the death penalty for eric frein yet theres millions in jail for life
A state judge ruled on Monday there was enough evidence to put survivalist Eric Frein on trial in the shooting of two Pennsylvania state troopers, setting the stage for prosecutors to seek the death penalty.
Pa. trooper killer urged revolution to "get back liberties we once had" Will FOP say Ted Cruz has bl…
Hearing for Penn. police barracks shooting suspect Eric Frein features details of his capture, video of attack:
ICYMI: Video of ambush on Pa. troopers played at Eric Frein hearing:
Ambush Unfolds on Video as Pennsylvania Sets Trial for Eric Frein in Killing of State Trooper
by that standard I should post a picture of Eric Frein, Adam Lanza, Cliven Bundy, Las Vegas shooters.
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From Roger Benham: Jared and Amanda Miller murdered two Las Vegas police officers on their lunch break earlier this year, just because they were police officers. This was after they had been at least peripherally involved in the standoff at the Bundy ranch where people were filmed assuming sniper positions with assault rifles, threatening to shoot Federal cops for enforcing the law, and got away with it. The Millers, in a very incoherent way, expressed political reasons for their crime, which were disowned by the neo-Sagebrush Rebellion Bundyites, and accepted by the media as being deluded and not connected to that movement. And that movement has a record of actually blowing up a BLM office with a pipe bomb, and threatening to kill BLM officers on patrol, several times causing cops to retreat and leave the lawbreaking to go on. Just last September, Eric Frein ambushed and murdered a Pennsylvania state trooper and led law enforcement on a weekslong manhunt in the Poconos. A West Virginia sheriff was assass ...
Odd no one blamed the Tea Party when Jared & Amanda Miller murdered cops and draped Gladsden flag on bodies or 4 Eric Frein
W/ Posse Comitatus, survivalists, white supremacists, cults & Eric Frein, a law enforcement officer is safer in the 'hood than the woods.
So we already forgot about Eric Frein, Jared & Amy Miller yet or nah
Reply to Bagger traitors cheer Jared and Amanda Miller, and Eric Frein, pretend to care about cops when blacks kill them.
Eric Frein charged with terrorism in attack on Pennsylvania troopers - Los Angeles Times
The only times cops are held accountable is when a Chris Dorner or Eric Frein hold them accountable
Something how these cops say they fear their life when dealing with Black Men...But not the Timothy McVeigh's or Eric Frein's of the world
Officer Daren Wilson has many supporters online, and so has Eric Frein. The irony is that Eric Frein killed two Law enforcement officers, and is still alive, and will get a fair trial.No one calls him thug and blames his race for his behavior. Michael Brown was probably a dangerous teen as seen in the footage with him shoving the store keeper, but did he really deserve to die? Why does self defense always equate to multiple shooting and killing? And for those planning to protest, it is your right, but don't loot people's properties. It will only give more ammunition to those who already hate you. And for parents of all these teenagers being shot. Please, spank your kids to discipline them, it will save them from being shot at in " self defense."
Channel 7 eyewitness news just reported that Eric Frein's attorneys will be paid $178 an hr a piece. Wow!
PA. State police say the 48-day search for suspected trooper killer Eric Frein cost $11M.
Said on the news Eric Frein is being charged with trying to start an armed revolution. Which Mumia Abu Jamal wants too. Pravda!
Said on the news that Eric Frein faces the death penalty for killing a cop. Also said Mumia Abu Jamal is a civil rights hero. Pravda!
'You guys are great parents, I am just not a good son': Letter from alleged cop killer Eric Frein to 'Mom and ...
Police detail chilling notes left by alleged cop killer, survivalist Eric Frein - Fox News
Photoset: land-of-propaganda: Eric Frein, known cop killer who was armed at the time, was...
All quiet on anti-govt fringe over this>Cop killer charged with he aimed to 'wake people up'
James Tully is back on the road.Tully -- the man who was repeatedly mistaken for alleged cop killer Eric Frein -- received more than $20,000 after
Suspect in PA state trooper ambush charged w/terrorism | hilarious considering all the Islamic "workplace violence"
Trooper ambush suspect Eric Frein charged with terrorism: The man accused of opening fire on ...
Eric Frein, suspect in Pennsylvania trooper killing, charged with terrorism
Suspected cop killer Eric Frein was slapped with terrorism-related charges Thursday in Pennsylvania for allegedly admitting that he shot two state troopers in a bid to change the government and "wake people up," according to court documents. The 31-y...
Accused cop killer Eric Frein now is facing charges of terrorism.
A letter written by accused cop killer Eric Frein addressed to his parents speaks of a revolution, and "to ignite a fire in the hearts of men."
Text of suspect Eric Frein’s letter to parents – CT Post: Text of suspect Eric Frein's letter to...
Survivalist Eric Frein hit with 2 terror charges
Trooper ambush suspect Eric Frein charged with terrorism
Eric is chargd wiv terrorism he aimd 2 wake people up
Accused cop killer Eric Frein has been charged with two counts of terrorism. Prosecutors filed an amended criminal complaint against Frein Thursday, NBC News r...
Eric Frein is taken to prison after a preliminary hearing in Pike County Courthouse in Milford Friday morning. Michael J. Mullen / Staff Photographer
I wrote a letter. CHARLIE FBI read it as a threat. DEBBIE It wasn't. Don't be ridiculous.
In light of resent events involving the murderer Eric Frein. We would like to make the following statement. We the members of the PA home guard and PA 107th. Donot agree with the actions of Eric Frein. His actions are unacceptable and he should be tried as a murderer. We donot agree with his actions or motives in any way , shape, or form. He took an ideal and used it as an excuse to commit an unforgivable act. And he deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of PA law.
News 8 has obtained a letter that Eric Frein wrote for his parents.
Eric Frein, now charged w/2 counts of terrorism was afforded more care & consideration than Michael Brown.
Pennsylvania trooper ambush suspect charged with terrorism
Eric Frein is charged with terrorism; he aimed to wake people up - Los Angeles Times..
Eric Frein is correct in that we need a change and there hasn't been any good candidates for political office lately.
NYC Wine Guy NEWS We now know the possible motive of Eric Frein, who's accused of fatally shooti...
Trooper ambush suspect, Eric Frein, charged with terrorism
Alleged Pennsylvania cop killer Eric Frein was charged with two additional counts of terrorism after investigators found a letter to his parents declaring th...
So Ik this is a little late but during the search for Eric Frein instead of "finding Bigfoot" it should've been "Finding Eric Frein" 😂 lmao
Read more of the letter police say Eric Frein wrote to his parents:
Please tell me why the FT Hood killings wasn't terrorism "Trooper ambush suspect charged with terrorism
"Our nation is far from what it was and what it should be, there is so much wrong and on so many levels only passing through the crucible of another revolution can get us back the liberties we once had." This in a letter he wrote to his parents incase he was killed Eric Frein
UPDATE: Read the letter from Eric Frein to his parents which PSP say they found that led to terrorism charges. STORY:
Ft. Hood still just workplace violence then? // Terror charges added to suspect in Pa. trooper ambush
Suspected Pa. cop killer Eric Frein charged with two counts of terrorism, his lawyer says.
Trooper ambush suspect charged with terrorism
Suspect in Pennsylvania state trooper ambush charged with terrorism - Fox News
Eric Frein is charged with
TERROR SUSPECT? Alleged Pa. trooper shooter charged with terrorism
Eric Frein charged with terrorism, aimed to 'wake people up' - Los Angeles Times: Fox NewsEric Frein charged w...
Eric Frein lookalike James Tully buys a CAR thanks to strangers: James Tully, 39, from Pennsylvania, was quest...
Lookalike mistaken for weeks for survivalist Eric Frein wanted 'for killing state trooper' buys a CAR thanks t...
Pike County Courthouse in Milford where accused trooper killer Eric Frein will be arraigned this morning
Another reason NOT To vote for Wolf. Justice for PA State Trooper Cpl Bryon Dickson. Wolf thinks he can rewrite the Law. The following was from an Assistant District Attorney who does know the Law. Among the many reasons not to vote for Tom Wolf for Pennsylvania governor is justice for PSP Cpl. Bryon Dickson. If elected, Wolf said he would impose a moratorium on the death penalty which would apply even to the likes of Eric Frein who ambushed and killed Cpl. Dickson. As an aside, such a moratorium would violate Pennsylvania law which does not give the governor such authority. Apparently, Mr. Wolf does not know the law or thinks that laws he does not like do not apply to him.
Cheryl Dorsey: Eric Frein and Christopher Dorner both appeared to have pre-planned their attacks. Both were considered armed and dangerous. Both killed law enforcement officers in a cold-blooded and calculated manner. But only one was “ordered to lie face down and was handcuffed.”
Blooming Grove TOWNSHIP — While searching the duffel bags and gear they discovered last week at a makeshift campsite in the Poconos, police hunting for Eric Frein found several hand-written pages they describe as "chilling."
A U.S. marshal describes taking accused cop killer Eric Frein into custody, explaining, "We're not playing around."
Eric Frein to make first court appearance on cop-killing charge
This is video of accused State Police ambush killer Eric Frein being walked into his arraignment this morning in Pike County. You can hear onlookers in the background yelling at Frein.
Eric Frein had been on the run for 48 days. Sources say he was caught by US Marshals while trying to enter a building.
Authorities released new details of Eric Frein's capture, including the hunch that led to him.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said Thursday night that suspected cop-killer Eric Frein was arrested using the handcuffs of the state trooper he allegedly shot and killed. LORDS VALLEY, Pa. (— Pennsylvania governor: Survivalist in barracks ambush held in handcuffs of dead trooper.— TheBlazeNOW (…
Suspected cop killer Eric Frein was arrested the evening of October 30th, ending a weeks-long manhunt
U.S. marshals "had a hunch" accused cop-killer Eric Frein would be in abandoned Pennsylvania airplane hangar.
Accused cop killer Eric Frein was called a "coward" and "lowlife" at the courthouse this morning when he arrived for his arraignment.
US Marshals found him at an abandoned airport. They said he gave up without a fight.
Suspected Cop Killer Eric Frein Captured in Pennsylvania - An FBI mockup of Eric Frein
Eric frein..ambushed and murdered a cop..then RAN for 48 days...this is definition of a coward. The definition of a…
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Eric Frein caught, will face murder charge in killing of Pennsylvania...
Cops out of line in Eric Frein arrest?
U.S. marshals describe the "hunch" that finally led to capture of Eric Frein:
'We just had a hunch': US marshals nab Eric Frein via COOL THE WAY THEY FIXED HIS NOSE! lol
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A British airline pilot arrested over an alleged terrorist plot is claiming racial and religious discrimination after losing his job. The pilot, a Muslim, was judged a security risk because of his close links to two alleged extremists suspected of ‘planning to use an aircraft as part of a hostile or terrorist act’. Because of draconian reporting restrictions imposed last week by an employment tribunal, the man cannot be identified and neither can his employer. Despite this, a well-known British carrier said in a letter that the pilot was ‘in a position to cause considerable harm’ and added that it was in the ‘national interest’ to ensure he never flew commercial aircraft again. Concerns about the two suspected extremists – one is a business partner of the pilot’s brother – were first raised when they paid for flying lessons and a light aircraft in cash. During a raid on the London home of one of the pair, detectives found documents relating to the operation of aircraft, a flight map of t ...
Answers Still Elusive After Arrest of Eric Frein in Killing of a State Trooper
The Feds done finally caught Eric Frein?! He made a mockery of the entire justice department, dude was on the run laughing at agents
I just can't/won't support the objectification of Chris Dorner & Eric Frein. Newp.
I'm sorry but Eric Frein is captured, who is a cop killer, but black kids and adults who aren't get shot 8-16 times BC they may have guns?
Eric Frein, Suspect in Killing of Pennsylvania State Trooper, Appears in Court - New York Times
Onlookers shouted "Are you sorry?" as Pennsylvania state troopers led suspect Eric Frein from first court appearance
Bring in Eric Frein w/o incident. Blow Chris Dorner off the map. Justice for all, they claim. .
Eric Frein was captured and Chris Dorner got burned alive. is mighty powerful.
Eric Frein seen here after his capture in Cpl. Dixon's car, cuffed with Dixon's handcuffs.
Cpl. Bryon Dixon's handcuffs were used to cuff Eric Frein when he was captured.
The entire state police department is taking turns beating the bejesus outta Eric Frein right now, old time justice at it's best
After seven weeks of searching for him, Eric Frein is in police custody:
So, Eric Frein was peacefully & safely arrested. Armed. Killed police, but somehow police know how to arrest him.
THIS is believed to be the FIRST picture of Eric Frein in custody tonight! tune in to WNEP for devopments
All purpose parts banner
Police: We have caught accused cop killer Eric Frein
Sources tell CBS 3 Eyewitness News that Eric Frein has been captured.
"(Eric Frein) could have been in Mexico or over the rainbow with Dorothy by now."
Now at - Accused cop killer Eric Frein has been captured and is in custody, say police
LATEST: Accused cop killer Eric Frein has been captured after 48-day manhunt htt…
After 48 days, Eric Matthew Frein was caught at an abandoned airport, a source says.
MRT Top 10 Fugitive in custody. Tks 2 the public & partners.
If I ever play hide and seek again, I'd want Eric Frein on my team.
FBI most-wanted suspect Eric Frein in custody -
Looks like Eric Frein got the ol' "How you doin?" right across the bridge of the nose. Good work, coppers!!!
Eric Frein captured after relentless pursuit by PSP, FBI, ATF, US Marshall, and many other dedicated law enforcement. htt…
State Police confirm Eric Frein is in custody.
Blooming Grove Fire Dept. put this sign up to support Penn. State Police on capture of Eric Frein
Pennsylvania State Police confirm they have captured Eric Frein, the man accused of killing a trooper last month.
Trending: FBI most-wanted suspect Eric Frein in custody
Listen, I'm not saying I wish police shot & killed Eric Frein, but I do feel some kind of way about how safely white killers…
Outstanding news! Cop killer, Eric Frein has been CAPTURED after a month-long manhunt.
BREAKING: A source on scene sent us this picture of trooper shooting suspect Eric Frein in custody.
BREAKING: Eric suspect in Pennsylvania trooper ambush, taken into custody
CAPTURED? "MORE: Suspected cop killer Eric Frein captured after 48 days in PA
If only Eric Frein had Ebola, it might have ended CNN once and for all.
Eric Frein, captured earlier today, was reportedly taken into custody without resistance: "No fight at all"
The handcuffs that Eric Frein are in belong to the Pa State Trooper he killed
Eric Frein cuffed with slain trooper's handcuffs at capture: Officials:
CAPTURED: Eric Matthew Frein is in custody. Sleep peacefully PA.
It's been "a very good day," says law enforcement source in Pennsylvania, after weeks-long manhunt for alleged cop kill…
FBI most-wanted suspect Eric Frein in custody in Pennsylvania
Would you know from this headline that Eric Frein KILLED the officer? Not at all. Race matters.
I'm the one that caught Eric Frein parades on Saturday here in East Stroudsburg come celebrate how great I am
Pennsylvania police have suspected cop killer Eric Frein in custody
Eric Frein's capture just proved how (explicit) our System is. Under no circumstances should he be still alive. He was an ARMED Man!
News 8 has learned that police have caught suspected state trooper killer Eric Frein.
UPDATE: Law enforcement sources: Fugitive Eric Frein has been taken into custody:
“After nearly 7 weeks on the run, suspected cop killer Eric Frein is in custody.
Eric suspect in Pennsylvania trooper ambush, captured at airport hangar
Eric Frein was captured. and none of the major news networks have any news on the story.
First photo of suspected cop killer Eric Frein in custody.
Source: Eric Frein put in cuffs belonging to Bryon Dickson, the PA Trooper he allegedly killed
Gov. Tom will be at the press conference on the capture of Eric Frein at 11 p.m. Updates at
Accused cop killer and one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives Eric Frein has been captured alive, sources told ABC News tonight.
Eric Frein, the suspect in the deadly ambush of a Pennsylvania state trooper, has been taken into custody after a month-long manhunt, the Pennsylvania State Police announced Thursday night.
After 48 days in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania, fugitive cop-killer Eric Frein has been captured.
.(alleged cop killer captured). i believe eric frein had a point to prove to the public,and i also believe that he succeeded in just that.the point being, if he did shoot and kill any other unimportant old joes like you and i, the persuit would have ended soon after it started,as we are not as important as the policemen are in the pecking order, or the order of worthiness...yet they spent well over 7 million dollars,helicopters,a small army to trail him, and they were not willing to quit the search till he was found, no matter what the cost,...but ,...just because they were policemen killed.the case took top priority.Are we less worthy of importance if we were attacked and killed ???,..and even though our loved ones remaining were dead set on the capture of eric frein,. funds would have depleted,the search would have ended, and the case gone cold,.never to be solved, and our unimportance soon forgotten.Policemen are not more important than you or i, and now the point eric frein was set out to expose,is n ...
Officials nabbed suspected cop killer Eric Frein in a hangar at the Pocono Mountain Airport after a 48-day manhunt.
Suspected Pennsylvania cop killer Eric Frein has been captured. featured in NBC s Science of Love
BREAKING: Federal law enforcement officials have confirmed that suspected trooper killer Eric Frein was captured. Pennsylvania State Police Press Secretary Maria Finn told abc27 News that Frein is in custody as of Thursday evening.
Eric Frein, suspected of killing one Pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another in a September ambush, has surrendered to authorities, a Philadelphia TV station reported Thursday
Monroe County -- State police confirm that Eric Frein is in custody. Stay tuned to Newswatch 16 and for the latest.
State police have confirmed to 69 News that Eric Frein has been captured.  Stay with 69News for more details 
Watch they come out with A movie about Eric frein
Eric Frein, the subject of an intense six-week manhunt in the Poconos, was captured by police Thursday night, Pennsylvania State Police reported.
It's been 48 days since Eric Frein ambushed two Pennsylvania State Troopers, killing one of them, but now the survivalist is in custody.
Congratulations to all Law Enforcement involved with the capture of Eric Frein ! Great job ! Now the children from this area can have Halloween and people can be in their homes without fear !
Yeah, it looks like they clocked Eric Frein in the nose in some of those pics. I'd be disappointed if they hadn't. Lol.
Eric Frein, Pennsylvania fugitive in deadly police ambush, taken into custody
Eric Frein, the man wanted for allegedly killing a Pennsylvania State Trooper before going on the lam for 48 days, is in police custody. Frein was captured by authorities Thursday, according to Pennsylvania State Police spokeswoman Connie Devens. ...
I cant believe Eric Frein is in custody.Why on earth would he surrender??Well anyway he did for reasons unknown .Eric looks good and clean shaven for being on the run for 48 days.Now on to another exciting story.This will make a movie for sure and it will probably make millions.
A survivalist accused of ambushing two Pennsylvania state troopers, leaving one dead and seriously injuring the other, was captured on Thursday by U.S. marshals in an abandoned airplane hangar, The Associated Press reports. State police confirmed Eric Frein was taken...
Goodbye Eric Frein, you are the weakest link. ;)
Trick-or-treat was canceled during the Eric Frein search. His arrest means kids can celebrate Halloween in the traditional way after all on Friday.
Update your maps at Navteq
Thank you the Pennsylvania State Police, FBI, U.S. Marshals & all law enforcement for their tireless work during this successful hunt for Eric Frein.
The more I watch this breaking news about Eric Frein the more my heart breaks for Trooper Dickson's wife and children.
Finally, that freak Eric Frein was caught in PA. The financial bleeding stops. Now who gets to clean up the booby traps?
The manhunt for Eric Frein continues as authorities are panning the dense woods of Pennsylvania.
Hey, did you guys hear that Eric Frein has been caught?
PA State Police have announced that known survivalist, Eric Frein has been captured. Frein is suspected in a shooting at a Pennsylvania State Trooper barracks, which killed one officer and wounded another.
Eric Frein is now back at the Blooming Grove Barracks where 48 days ago he is accused of killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson. http…
Here's another photo sent to WNEP of Eric Frein in police cruiser.
Eric Frein was apprehended but Chris Dorner? What was the difference?
So they captured cop killer Eric Frein alive, yet they chose to kill cop killer Chris Dorner instead if capturing him alive.…
CAUGHT! Accused trooper shooter Eric Frein in police custody:
Pennsylvania State Police are investigating another possible sighting of fugitive cop killer Eric Frein.
Manhunt for Eric Frein continues in Pa., minus the balloon the state borrowed from Ohio
Why doesn't the state police of Pennsylvania call in the National Guards to find Eric Frein. It clear the police can't and their clueless
Pennsylvania State Police are reporting another possible sighting of Eric Frein, the suspect in...
On Sunday, an FBI tactical team could be seen in a park after possible sighting of Eric Frein in Monroe County.
The search for Eric Frein shifted south to the Paradise/Pocono Township area of Monroe County tonight. Latest on manhunt at 11 on
We are live at 6 on Eyewitness News with look at possible death penalty for Eric Frein.
Why are the Darren Wilson supporters not calling for Eric Frein's head? He killed a cop and is their hero
Notes from today's press conference on search for Eric Frein - Times Herald-Record
PSP lists new details in Eric Frein search, suspect arrested after threats close a courthouse & week 6 in the
State police say this campsite of Eric Frein was not close to where people live.
Eric Frein has been eluding capture for more than two weeks in dense woods that authorities fear may...
Search area for Eric Frein, suspected trooper killer, shifts slightly in Pennsylvania
Pennsyvania Governor Tom Corbett says that he is "confident" that Eric Frein will be caught.
I try Not to get sucked up into mainstream media, but I find out very hard to believe no one has any idea why Eric Frein has a grudge against law enforcement. Other stories are easy to figure. That football player beat his wife because he's an *** We are funding "moderate" rebels in the ISIS conflict because another group needs cia expertise on how to smuggle box cutters into a plane so we can be forever at war with corporate military making bank. The mighty ducks cast reunited for 20th anniversary because. ... that's amazing.
Coming up on Eyewitness News Weekend at Six on WBRE, State police uncover evidence (see below) in their search for suspected trooper killer Eric Frein. Investigators reveal why they believe they are closing in. Also, Andrew Forgotch - Eyewitness News tells us how people who were earlier ordered to shelter in place are now trying to get back to normal. Plus, Meteorologist Drew Anderson tells us about a fall warmup and A.J. Donatoni shows us the nailbiter of a shootout between the Eagles & Redskins. We hope you'll tune in!
Eric Frein, 31, who is accused of killing Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson with…
Eric Frein is now one of the FBI's 10 Most Wanted
But all white men are not suppose to feel ashamed because of Roger Goodell, Darren Wilson, Eric Roberts, Mark Fuller, or Eric Frein.
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