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Eric Forman

Eric Forman (born August 30, 1959) is a fictional character and the male lead on the Fox Network's That '70s Show between seasons one through seven.

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my great uncle reminds me of Eric Forman.
I wanna go to Eric Forman's garage.
You look more like Elijah Wood than Eric Forman. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.
Reminds me of Eric Forman. That gas price doe!
"I need to show her that even though I'm an *** I'm an *** who loves her." - Eric Forman
"Why do I always have I screw these things up yah know? Why does it have to always be my way?" - Eric Forman
Eric Forman is forever my TV crush.
So where do I sign up to be Eric Forman cus omg
Taking 2 naps a day. Living Eric Forman's bum life 😂😂😂
Girls on diets talk about food the way Eric Forman talks about Star Wars.
really want Eric Forman for a boyfriend 😭 like that's dream guy!
It's over. I no longer have a will to live now that I can't spend me leisure time in Eric Forman's basement.
Hey, I just wanted an invite to the dance but I don't want to dance... Heck I don't even know any of the steps! ~Eric Forman😂
Eric Forman is the saltiest person I know.
Being told you're Eric Forman from that 70s show is such a dis
If you don't know who Eric Forman is, go kill yourself.
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Eric Forman needs to be my boyfriend foreal
Eric Forman and Matt furey have so much in common it's weird.
white boys are just simply the best, and Eric Forman is a god
Brendan Karr is like Eric Forman , except Donna isn't in 8th grade.
I'm not saying my life IS Eric Forman's life, but it's pretty *** close
rixton, Eric Forman, and the rock. successful day in LA 👌
The fugates basement reminds me of Eric forman's basement
"Hear me roar. That's should be our quote, right there." - Eric Forman (That 70 Show)
Why does my hair look like Eric forman's mom's hair when I take it out of a bun? Am I Mrs. Kitty? Lol
Throwback to when my dad was Eric Forman
"it's not a hickey, I was using a curling iron" - eric forman
No one loves Star Wars more then Eric Forman.
to chill in Eric Forman's basement 👌
We all have our own Eric Forman basement but none of them will ever be as cool as Eric Forman's basement
Eric Forman is actually the love of my life.
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I feel like my life can be described to two words. Eric Forman.
Now a days everyone wants to have a relationship like Eric Forman and Donna Pinsioti
I saw red! But I mean the character's names are both Eric Forman!! It's like, be original :P
Everyone wants to have Eric Forman's basement in their house.
I swear my dad is Red and I'm Eric Forman 😨😂
Bglees basement is the Eric Forman basement of our generation
it's Eric Forman from that 70s show duh💁
Eric Forman is the ideal boyfriend 😍
Just wanna hangout in Eric Forman's basement.
Eric Forman's sarcasm makes my life better
Am I the only one who thinks that Steven Gerrard looks like Eric Forman?
"Donna! The only reason I thought you'd stay home with the babies is because only every woman has done it for the entire history of time. So don't be mad at me, be mad at your foremothers." - Eric Forman
Donna Pinciatti is in I guess Eric Forman never came back from teaching in Africa.
. You're not Red Forman ok. I am. You're Eric. Now go mow the lawn before I put this thing called my foot in your ***
Dude I just realized that ever since Eric Forman left for the final season of That 70s Show there has been a steep decline in circles :O
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& if you don't know who Eric Forman is, you're stupid
Manuel's room is like the Eric Forman's basement of Sunnyside.
I wish there were more guys like Eric Forman.Hes such a babe with his Star Wars obsession and spiderman sheets
Disclaimer: am not Eric Forman from That 70s Show.
I always thought Eric Forman was cuter than Michael Kelso & that Jackie shoulda been with Forman because Donna's a lumberjack😂
Why get out of bed, when you can read about people getting out of bed - Eric Forman
"Journey to the Center of My Foot in Your *** " -Red Forman watches Journey of the Center of the Earth after a recommendation from Eric.
Oh well at least Red and Eric Forman never let me down.
I thought the singer of the Arctic Monkeys was Eric Forman from That 70's Show for a long time.
So you know when a bear has a baby, it's a lil bear. Well my dads a bear but I'm like a duck, a lil duck! -Eric Forman
S/O to Eric Forman for being one of. The only dudes to ever make it out the friend zone
Lifes a trainbaring downon u&guess wat it's gonna hit u, so ucould start runningwhile its wayoff in the distance orwatch it come-Eric Forman
I don't love her I just think if she's not with me, the fairest thing for everyone is if she's alone and unhappy. - Eric Forman
House MD also has an Eric Forman. I had no idea that was Dr. Forman's first name. What.
whenever Eric Forman talks about spider man I can't help but squeal cause like helllooo Topher Grace was Spider-Man!!😂
Topher Grace, the actor who played Eric Forman on That 70's Show, is now 35 years old. Let that sink in.
Eric Forman was really cast as Eddie Brock.
Eric Forman didn't leave to go to Africa. He moved to New York and changed his name to Eddie Brock.
. If I only had a basement like Eric Forman.
My basement cyphs were way better than Eric Forman's
I feel a little bit more like Eric Forman every day.
Really glad I did magnet program and ROTC in high school bc compared to that half the time college is easier than Eric Forman's sister.
Basically my dad is Red Forman and everyone else in the world is Eric
Life is like a train, you can run from it, or you sit down crack open a bear and watch it come- Eric Forman
he's supposed to be a badass, Topher Grace is skinny and geeky eric Forman okay???
Topher Grace as venom is the worst casting ever, he's Eric Forman not freaking venom 😀
Talks of an *** in Eric Forman's basement, reminds me of that time I referenced the infamous letter in my class with DG students.
"You know what else can be good for your self-esteem? Not being the village *** " -Eric Forman
if you ever feel bad about your SAT score, just remember that Eric Forman got an 800
I think I'm the real life Eric Forman
"Eric, you don't have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to you is because you're a *** "- Red Forman
I will forever have a crush on Eric Forman.
Eric Forman is from That 70s Show, are they trying to cross all of my favourite TV shows?
I want a boyfriend like Eric Forman. :)
💘Eric Forman is literally my dream boy 💖
I can't believe they made Eric Forman play someone evil in this movie LOL
"Why am I in such a hurry to grow up? Life is like a train, it's baring down on you and guess what. It's gonna hit you. So you can either start running when it's far off in the distance, or you can pull up a chair, crack open a beer and just watch it come." -Eric Forman
Eric Forman should have been Spiderman not Tobey Maguire
And why is Eric Forman in this movie? Oh and it was before James Franco was a pedophile...
I feel retarted im watchin spider man 3 & i just relized eric forman is venom ROFL
I think I am Eric Forman. Except my mom isn't an alcoholic.
I wanna go in Eric Forman's basement and hang
I can't get over the fact that Venom/Carnage is from Spider-Man 3, is played by Eric Forman.
When you go to Eric Forman's basement and take a part in the circle
I look like a down syndrome mix of Eric Forman and Peter Parker.
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Putting on a storm troopers helmet and taking a selfie in your bra and undies doesn't make you a Star Wars fan... Unless you're Eric Forman
Still not sure who's the luckiest man; Jim Halpert or Eric Forman? Choosing either Pam or Donna? Decisions decisions.
Eric Forman and Piper Chapman have zero to worry about when it comes to Tom Cruise. After rumors flush final week that a thrice-divorced actor had been personally dating singer and associate Scientologist Laura Prepon, a Orange Is a New Black star finally set a record true on Apr 21. PHOTOS:...
Quiz time! We are currently watching two shows on Netflix that both have a main character named Eric Forman. What are they?
Eric Forman will always be Eric Foreman, no matter what movie or role he is playing
"If Eric Forman can do it, you can too." -Kirsten Rutter
you're such a *** that sometimes i mistake you for Eric Forman
it's so good and so cheap and Eric Forman is a wicked song aswell
Omg... Barneys bed room from his child hood home is the same room that Eric Forman
"Jackie, I heard the best piece of gossip! Eric Forman doesn't have ANY school spirit!" "I'm telling everyone!" "Too late, I already did!"
Chilton looks like Eric Forman grew up and became a medical ***
Eric your dad went to prison for stealing from forman mills because you can't afford the clothes there.
Oh. That is quite funny. I am reminded of Eric Forman on That 70s Show.
"I really like the way penny hardaway jr. Is playing this year"-Eric Forman
Eric Forman wearing a '47' shirt talking about a tear in the space–time continuum. Oh, silly 'That 70's show' writers...
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I didn't like Topher Grace as Eddie Brock. Brock is supposed to be this big, brute of a guy. Not Eric Forman
Sometimes I feel like Eric Forman, but most days I am Fes.
are you in any way attracted to Eric Forman ??
Eric Forman is my type okay he's such a dork omfg 😍
Also that moment when you are in the shower and realize you are literally Eric Forman because your parents are Red and Kitty.
"Dating is prostitution but you don't always get what you pay for"-Eric Forman
Eric Woolley, the recipient of the Isadore P. Forman Scholarship Fund, featured in Temple's Thank a Donor video.
My dad calls me Liz Lemon, Eric Forman, and J.D (Scrubs)
I've found out who I am. I am Eric Forman.
Me and Eric Forman are like one in the same person lol.
I would get a huge *** pimple on my cheek before the picture!!! Smh 😔 I feel like Eric Forman frm tht 70's show for those of u who know
I just wanna be in Eric Forman's basement, eating a Popsicle, and watching tv. Always wanting what I can't have.
Eric Forman would never judge me as you do
See the problem was you were my Casey Kelso when I thought you were gonna be my Eric Forman.
If I were a teenage boy in the 70s, my name would be Eric Forman.
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Eric Forman is my one true 70s love but I'm also secretly in love with Hyde.
I need Eric Forman's pillow case in my life.
's basement is basically our version of Eric Forman's
- I wish Jake would just accept that he is Eric Forman.
If you dance with Mary Jane you're going to get your toe stepped on. -Eric Forman
I will not be happy until I can have eric forman
Ill be eric forman if you can be donna
Eric Forman is the greatest TV character of all time
The sad thing is i'm actually more awkward than Eric Forman
Oh wait my cousin tells me I look like Eric Forman
I want to smoke in Eric Forman's basement.
Eric Forman of That 70s Show vs Eric Foreman of House. Fight!
Eric Forman from That 70s Show will be the referee
Eric Forman is basically the blueprint for my life. Without the beautiful tall redhead, because I have cats instead.
"You can never travel because I love you" - Eric Forman
My life is literally That 70s Show. . Hi I'm Eric Forman. . I just don't have a Donna ; -;
Orange Is the New Black made me realize what Eric Forman saw in Donna
With the new Star Wars films I always wish I could see what Eric Forman would say
What a long strange trip it's been in Eric Forman's basement
's basement is pretty much like Eric Forman's basement on that 70s show. We always end up here
Also who said it was a good idea for Eric Forman to be Venom?.
Darrin looks like Eric Forman from that 70's show.
Drivers ed update: Eric Forman from That 70's Show is in my class.
If had the opportunity to hang out with any 2 people in the world, it would be Eric Forman and fez from that 70's show
Most of the time I feel like Eric Forman
We straightened his hair and he looked like Eric Forman from That 70s Show. 😱
That's like Eric Forman saying bye to his basement
I would bang Eric Forman so hard bro
Me on Feb 7th: Wow! how did I never notice this before: Eric Forman - that 70's show... Dr. Eric Foreman - house. Mind = blown
Whenever you try being smooth I see you as Eric Forman
Red Forman is in a new drama show, I don't think I could ever take him seriously as someone other then Eric Formans dad.
Im more of an Eric Forman mom but thanks for the complement
Eric Forman is a dreamboat and if you wouldn't jump on that you're lying
When I was a younger I never knew they were smoking pot in Eric Forman's basement. I just thought it was fog.
In the words of Eric Forman, "Man, time really flies when you take two naps a day."
After watching I can't help but think Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti's relationship didn't make it...
Sebastian is Eric Forman and I am Donna Pinciati and that is why I love him
This figure skater reminds me of Eric Forman
look Eric Forman from That 70's Show I've heard all of these before
guess I'm moving in with Eric Forman
Funny Eric Forman Moments (That 70's Show): via why does everyone say I'm like Forman?
How to get girls . 1. Wear your suede pants. 2. Drive a Vista Cruiser . 3. Have a groovy basement . 4. Be me . Yes yes!
If you think about it, Amanda's bedroom is kinda like Eric Forman's basement in that 70's show...
Jon looks like Eric Forman omg i dont know how to feel about this
Why am I so much like Eric Forman from that 70s show
No :( that 70s show just isn't the same without Eric Forman ...
My life is that I'm Eric Forman but always trying be Steven Hyde.
Gaby has come to a conclusion that I'm eric forman & Michael Kelso put together 😂
right!? Specially in Point Place Wisconsin, in Eric Forman's basement..
I love on That '70s Show as Eric Forman's grandma. She doesn't like at all. Sunday, Sunday episode is funny!
Eric: My head hurts. Red Forman: That's your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.
im the female version of Eric Forman im no even kidding
protect Detroit from Eric Forman's dad with their USB fist spike as Robocop:
That '70s Show Summary: Set in the era of Led Zeppelin 8-tracks, Tab colas and Farrah Fawcett posters, That 70's show continues to flash back to the "Me Decade" during the seventh season. The nostalgic series comes from celebrated producers Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner ("Roseanne," "The Cosby Show") and wildly inventive creators Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner ("3rd Rock from the Sun"), with fellow "3rd Rock" producer Mark Brazill. Too cool for the Wisconsin suburbs where he lives under the authority of his parents -- Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) -- 18-year-old Eric Forman (Topher Grace) yearns for his independence. But rites of passage aren’t all that easy at a time when jumpsuits and platforms are the epitome of cool. Just ask Eric's ex-girlfriend and next door neighbor, Donna (Laura Prepon), a knock-out who’s been forced to deal with her parents’ recent split and her dad Bob's (Don Stark) new life as a swinging single. Eric gets by with a little help from his friends, who spend mo ...
There are a lot of Amish people but they didn't raise a barn! - Eric Forman 😂😂😂
do you know that bacon tastes so much better if you say it like how Eric Forman says it? MMM. BA-CON.
Omar Epps played Dr. Eric Forman on House.Now on Resurrection,also stars Kurtwood Smith who played Red Forman on 70s Show dad of Eric Forman
Uh...Eric Forman's sister is in Charmed...Aunt Petunia is in the live action Mario Brother's movie...and Uncle Vernon is in Sleepy Hollow and Pirates of the Caribbean...Stop it TV.
I am now know as Eric Forman at work now, great 😒
Like what is there after John Dorian and Eric Forman?
An Eric Forman&Donna Pinciotti relationship is what I really want
If only I could live in Eric Forman's basement..
"Buckle up baby the next 12 seconds are all about you.." Eric Forman. "5 4 3 2 1.. Curfew hop head" Red
since when was nina friends with eric forman...?¿
I feel like I am the female version of Eric Forman.
I like to think I'm a lot like Eric Forman. My dad is just cool
I wanna chill in Eric Forman's basement
I don't need one cause I'm the true Eric Forman
woah dude from now on you must dress like Eric Forman!
In order to describe my boyfriends personality all I need to say is, he's a replica of Eric Forman!😂
I wish I lived in the 70's. ...preferably in Eric Forman's basement
I have a lot common with Eric Forman
How great is the Eric Forman's basement dude!
you should pull an eric forman and go teach kids in Africa
It's crazy how similar my brother and Eric Forman are
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"...I just don't want to wake up in five years and hate my life" -Eric Forman
Eric Forman's plaid shirt game was on 10!!! 💯
"Free water you know what that ice"-Eric Forman
I told Matt Curley he now looks like Eric Forman w/ his new haircut & he literally sent me a snap back saying "Who's Eric F…
your name isn't actually Eric Forman
I wanna pull an Eric Forman and take a year off from all responsibilities and chill in my basement
The only thing I really want is to hangout in Eric Forman's basement from That 70's Show.
don't you think Eric Forman and John Watson kind of look alike?
I had a dream last night that I was dating Eric Forman from That 70's Show. It might be time to get my Netflix addiction under control
Eric Forman is the ideal high school boyfriend.
However bad your day may be, just remember - You could be Eric Forman.
I want to live in Eric Forman's Basement!
"'re about as hard as Liberace at the Playboy mansion!" - Kelso to Eric Forman. Greatest That 70's Show joke ever
Donna Pinciatti is an incarcerated *** now, good going Eric Forman!
I wish I could come up with whitty comebacks as quick as Eric Forman.
Is it just me or is Eric Forman in the background of every red carpet shot on NBC?
Today I realized my bedroom looks just like Eric Forman's bedroom. I guess that means I'm a lot like a teenager from the 70's. Lol
Story of Moses Bettis's life: That 70s Show. Moses is: Eric Forman. I am: Steven Hide. Austin Tritt is: Michael Kelso.
Eric Forman: "I could probably use some gas money." Red Forman: "Yeah, and if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his *** when he hops."
Gah *** would somebody tell Kelly Olynyk to go back to Eric Forman's basement.
Eric Forman you need a sporran kitten!
So it's such a bad scene of the movie it's almost embarrassing where Tobey Maguire tries to be a bad *** while walking down the street dancing all disco style in Spiderman 3 even more so is trying to see Eric Forman play Venom
"I'm freezing off parts of my body here that I KNOW you've expressed appreciation for!" - Eric Forman
Did anybody see where JR Smith untied Shawn Marions shoe during a freethrow last night? He must have been reading the Eric Forman basketball playbook...cause I can think of no one with dirtier basketball shenanigans then Forman!
Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Eric Forman's sister Laurie on the popular series That '70s Show, was found dead at a California rehab facility
It's foggier than Eric Forman's basement right now.
WOW. I just found out today, That Eric Forman's older sister On "That 70's Show", died from an accidental overdose, last August! She was 43 years old which made her around 28 when she was doing the show. She sure did pass herself off for a 17 yearbooks. Sad...
Eric Forman is teaching me to hold out for a red head...
This is how oblivious I can be of certain things...actress Lisa Robin Kelly died of multiple drug intoxication at 43. If the name's familiar, she played Eric Forman's glamorous but trampy sister Laurie on "That 70's Show" (remember how she was the constant target of his jokes?). Why oblivious? She died back in Aug. 2013, and I just got the news! As Jon Lovitz cracked sarcastically in the movie "A League of their Own": "Well, look who just caught up!!" ; P
Name your three favourite fictional characters of all time. Anything from Darth Vader, Jughead, Eric Forman to Abla Fahita.
Eric Forman is trying to teach me something I just know it...
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but Kelso nailed your sister."-Eric Forman, That '70s Show
"Dance with Mary Jane, you'll get your toes stepped on"- Eric Forman
If you ever wondered what it was like to be on dope/drugs, here's an example of a before and after shot of the same person. Lisa Robin Kelly, tv show sister of Eric Forman on That 70's Show, died shortly after the after pic was taken of an overdose. Let this sink in b4 you ever think of doing something so stupid to your body.
so many people died in 2013. Eric Forman's older sister (Lisa Robin Kelly). Paul Walker . Nelson Mandela. Paul Bearer. and more...
Pretty good double agent flick.although it is a bit odd looking at Eric Forman / Topher Grace as a federal agent
It all started in Eric Forman's basement 💕
Aviators, leather jacket and Eric Forman haircut and you wanna look down at me poof?
I'm addicted to Star Wars now cause they've been showing the movies all weekend. I feel like Eric Forman now lol
needs to watch That 70's Show because he's the real life version of Eric Forman
Because of my header, my face, is on Eric Forman's face. And, idk. It's seems kind of fitting.
Why I haven't dressed up as Eric Forman for Halloween is beyond me.
Eric Forman is probably the cutest thing in the world.
I dated a man who looked so much like Eric Forman that I now actually get slightly uncomfortable looking at photos or clips of Eric Forman.
How did I not notice that Eric Forman from that 70's show is in Spider-Man!!?
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"what did i tell you about calling your sister the devil?" 'that its offensive to the devil?' - Eric Forman - That 70's Show
Petition to get Eric Forman a black 2014 Charger
I try and separate actors from past roles, but with him I couldn’t see past ‘Venom is Eric Forman?
“is totally Eric Forman on That 70's Show...” He's my inspiration tbh.
is totally Eric Forman on That 70's Show...
"What are you? Some kind of foot licker?" "No, I wouldn't lick, I would get licked". Michael Kelso and Eric Forman.
I have the biggest crush on Eric Forman 💕
Who thought it was a good idea to have Eric Forman play a villain in Spider-Man 3
"i am the brown female equivalent of Eric Forman." Same
If I could pick anywhere to vibe and chill it would be Eric Forman's basement 🎶🌀
The Eric Forman Cake Brigade totally lost, but with grace.
I'm literally in love with eric forman
Red Forman: Eric, Stop staring at your cousin
The Eric Forman Cake Brigade sleeping on the job.
I feel like the relationship I have with my father, is exactly like Eric and Red Forman.
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Eric Forman is the man of my dreams
can't tell if better than eric Forman
Seriously though, im like the real life Eric Forman, always screwing things up when things are actually going good
Someone gets mad at Eric Forman in every episode.
I really wish I lived in the 70s... Preferably in Eric Forman's basement
I'm literally the Eric Forman of my family
Had a dream last night that I made love to Eric Forman.
Life is a train, and it's gonna hit you, so either you keep running until it hits you, or you can just take a seat, relax and crack open a drink and watch it coming. Eric Forman :P
It pains me how awkward Eric Forman is. It's even weirder that I'm the same way.
" Talking about it won't help what will help me is like... Drinking" Eric Forman
Greet and meet with Eric Forman and Stacy Bell-Jefferson and Cory Dorsey
I connect easily with Eric Forman... I think we all do.
So much love for my Topher Grace ever since he stole my heart as Eric Forman
Ben dressed up as Topher Grace/Eric Forman for Halloween and that is why he is cooler than all of you
Interview with Scarlett Johansson (2005-05-29) Interview Magazine Transcribed by Missy February 2005 What first began as a way to find the future Mrs. Grace now looks like the start of something big by Scarlett Johansson. As the earnest retro-everyman Eric Forman on the cult sitcom That ‘70s Show, Topher Grace has played the straight man amidst a dizzying flurry of short skirts, pot jokes, Ashton Kutchers, and Wilmer Valderramas. But in the movies, Grace has been the one attracting attention. In his big-screen debut as a smack-addled teen in Steven Soderbergh’s Oscar-nominated Traffic (2000), the Darien, Connecticut-bred actor was a genuine standout, schooling Michael Douglas on the fallacies of the war on drugs. Last year, Grace tackled his first leading role, in Dylan Kidd’s P.S., delivering a complicated performance as the manipulative younger lover of a romantically fraught Columbia University admissions officer, played by Laura Linney. Now, in Paul Weitz's recently released In Good Company, Gra ...
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I will always love Topher Grace for being Eric Forman.
I am going to marry either Nick Miller, Ted Mosby, or Eric Forman and that's FINAL.
I have been informed that my mom is Red Forman and Im Eric Forman
Is it good or bad that my life kind of became just like Eric Forman's off that 70's Show when I graduated??
I want to be in Eric Forman's basement.
I don't know, I've never seen you being romantic either...but a romantic someone is Eric Forman, even though he is fictional
“I wanna get a house and make a bad *** chill spot out of my basement” like Eric Forman's lol
Whoever did the music for the great Gatsby needs to never be hired again. Also, Tobey McGuire, you suck.
I wish we had a place to hangout like Eric Forman's basement.
My little sister and her boyfriend are like Eric Forman and Donna...
Dad's are the best! Tell us which TV Dad is most like your own Dad and you are entered in this week's FRIDAY FREEBIE Drawing! Winner will get a $20 DQ Gift Card. Here are a just a few TV Dad suggestions.
I want a girlfriend like Eric Forman off That 70s Show
I wanna date a guy like Eric Forman.
Eric Forman looks sexy af in a vest omg
Brandon and I had a kid on Fable 3 and named it Eric Forman
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Hey we really want you to join the agency, you'd make a great official Eric Forman
The character Eric Forman was written out of the series at the end of the seventh season, as Topher Grace desired to move on with his career
You could be my Eric Forman and I can be your Donna❤
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