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Eric Decker

Eric Decker (born March 15, 1987) is an American football wide receiver for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL).

Brandon Marshall Jessie James Decker David Harris Chad Hansen Ryan Fitzpatrick Tom Brady Jordan Matthews Allen Robinson Matt Forte Quincy Enunwa Demaryius Thomas Jeremy MacLin Marcus Peters Jordy Nelson Robby Anderson Marvin Jones

Eric Decker is signing a one-year deal with the Tennessee Titans.
The broncos don't need Eric Decker to come back they drafted Carlos Henderson for a reason and will have a huge role lining up inside.
Wrote this on Quincy Enunwa, Eric Decker and the Jets for (back in April.…
Quincy Enunwa: Brandon Marshall saw 8.5 targets per games last season, Eric Decker saw 7 targets per game. Enunwa now the WR1 in New York.
VP of player personnel Adam Peters connection to former WR Eric Decker may make the a possible destination.
Wow! We drop David Harris and Eric Decker on the same day! Are we trying to tank next season? I hope so! We need th…
clearly on path to have number 1 overall pick after releasing LB David Harris and likely to cut WR Eric Decker
I mean, David Harris and Eric Decker are good football players, but they're not transcendent talents…
What does moving on from Eric Decker and David Harris mean for the Jets?. (via
Jets get rid of Eric Decker & the millions of girls who only follow the Jets to see a moment with him & his wife.…
The Jets reportedly plan to release or trade Eric Decker. When healthy in 2015, he ranked 3rd in the league with 7 TDs from the sl…
Eric Decker to Eh, I don't see it, unless he has no other good options. They don't rotate WRs & who'd they move out of top 3?
The New York Jets informed WR Eric Decker they will release or trade him this week. . via |
As Jets look to see if they can trade WR Eric Decker, he has been medically cleared from off-season shoulder and hip surg…
Chad Hansen is officially the new Eric Decker.
“It’s going to be a roster of oppty”: cut David Harris, aim to trade Decker + deny they're tanking for '18
Report: Jets set to part ways with former WR Eric Decker, according to http…
Just saw Eric Decker at Wegmans Pub. now we have 18 WRs
Do you know which 2017 Rookie compared to Eric Decker?. Answer: 4th-round pick, Chad Hansen.
Eric Decker's time with the Jets is coming to a close:
Jets apparently looking to trade Eric Decker or release him...Are you interested Vikings fans? If so -- what would you t…
I would like Eric Decker here more than Jeremy MacLin
If the Texans have any internal doubts about their WRs, I would strongly consider Eric Decker. Still a very good route run…
Jets will 'move on' from Eric Decker, signaling a full rebuild The Jets will release or trade…
Report: Jets to trade or release Eric Decker – Report: Jets to trade or…
The announced the release of David Harris earlier today and they will now trade/release Eric Decker sometime later i…
Jacob degrom is crying and the jets are going to release Eric decker
Jets, Decker to part ways. The New York Jets will part ways with wide receiver Eric Decker...
NFL - The are parting ways with WR Eric Decker. He will be released or traded this week.
No more Eric Decker, no more David Harris — Who’s next on the Jets’ chopping block?.
Players Jets have parted ways with: . Darrelle Revis, Nick Magold, Brandon Marshall, Nick Folk, Davis Harris. now Er…
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Jets have informed WR Eric Decker that the team is going to either trade or release him.
"With the departure of David Harris, Tanner Purdum is now the longest-tenured Jet."
BREAKING: Jets have told Eric Decker they will try to trade him. if no trade partner found they will release him. (v…
Jets plan to trade or release WR Eric Decker this week, per
Don't think it's gonna happen, but a receiving core with Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, and Eric Decker would be deadly.
Could Eric Decker could return to his roots and play for the Vikings? He's a very good player, but the Vikings have dece…
I don't want the lions to spend any more money on WR I'd rather them spend on a LB...but I'd love Eric decker as a wife would too 🙄
outdid themselves talks about Harris glowingly as they screwed him. lol.
The Jets will part ways with WR Eric Decker. The move came hours after the team released LB David Harris.
And now the Jets are parting ways with WR Eric Decker, sources tell ESPN. Have told WR they either will release or trade…
Eric Decker may be parting ways with the Jets but is here to remind us that his future looks bright:
You know who could really use the services of Eric Decker and Jeremy MacLin? The Jets and Chiefs.
give me Eric decker please. Joe J 2.0
Jets planning to release or trade WR Eric Decker
honestly just want a relationship like Jessie and Eric Decker
Adam Peters was in DEN when they drafted Eric Decker. Do see him as a potential fit?
Raise your hand if you thought Sheldon Richardson would outlast Eric Decker + David Harris in 2017...
[Larry Brown Sports] - Jets parting ways with Eric Decker
[Fansided: The J-E-T Press] Coffee with the Jets: Will they keep Eric Decker?
I want that Jessie James and Eric Decker kinda love
Can we all be as open about our sex lives as Eric Decker & Jessie James Decker
Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker are relationship goals
Ok it's official, Jessie James and Eric Decker are everything goals
I'm jealous of what Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker have anyone else?
Nothing makes me happier on Instagram than Jessie James Instagrams with Eric Decker
Eric Decker on the Bench Press. Can't wait to see it carry over on Saturdays https:…
If Chad Hansen grew a beard he could be the next Eric Decker. True or false?
It's interesting that Chad Hansen was pro-compared to Eric Decker, who is currently injured, and so happens to get drafted by the
Chad Hansen and Eric Decker... Can't tell who's who 😁
Can't believer Chad Hansen is joining Eric Decker, aka my favorite, playing for the Jets.
Chad Hansen combining with Eric Decker and Robby Anderson should be insane. I like this fit for the Jets.
Love the Chad Hansen pick, Eric Decker heir apparent.
What Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker did to Gilmore/Darby all game long last season was one of the most disrespectful things I've seen
Calvin Pryor might get cut next lol. Eric Decker ain't safe either smh.
Eric Decker still on chopping block following release of Brandon Marshall
Peyton made Brandon Stokley, Eric Decker & Dallas Clark into 1,000 yard receivers please don't tell me he couldn't have done what Brady did
Jessie James and Eric Decker are the cutest couple ever at the singer's sister's wedding in Cabo.…
If me and my future hubs don't post pics and captions like Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker then idk if I even want…
Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah! Uh, with all the turnover the Jets need to do on the roster, what about Eric Decker?
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Eric, Jessie and all of us at the Eric + Jessie Decker Foundation and Decke…
Imagine waking up Christmas morning next to Eric Decker..😻😻
I'm giving away something for you on Eric Decker (2014 panini R&S) Jets !!!. Get it here -
Eric decker at start of season: with Brady suspended the AFC East is open. How'd that game go today?
Eric Decker played center field at Minnesota. Tim Tebow played quarterback. Maybe Alderson and Maccagnan can work s…
Deck'd by Eric Decker. The best gift yet 😍
Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, Nick Mangold & any player who stood on a table for Fitzpatrick can go honestly.
I want love like Eric Decker and Jessie Decker 😩💕
Way, way worse...Eric Decker been out most of season and their QB sux!
well in that case: Eric Decker, Cole Beasley, Danny
Think the vikings should try and get Larry Fitzgerald or Eric Decker
my pack luck is 💩 tho, I have got Eric decker 95 times in packs this year tho
Jessie and Eric decker are actual real life goals for me. 😩👌🏻😂
Eric and Jessie decker met on I love them
she's the wife of Jets WR Eric Decker
honestly I just want a Super Nintendo console, a Polaroid camera, and that eric decker plush toy for xmas🎄
Jessie James and Eric Decker are the ultimate relationship goals
Eric Decker has a clothing line? That's phenomenal. Dude is my favorite player and a complete and utter stud. If he'd…
Idk if I'd rather be Jessie James bc she's married to Eric decker or if I'd rather be Eric bc he's married to Jessie 🤔
2016 is coming to an end & boys STIL are not all like Eric Decker.what a
If Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker aren't your relationship/marriage goals are you even human?
If Eric Decker and Jessie James aren't couple goals than idk what is 😍
I'm so obsessed with Jessie James Decker & Eric Decker's family 😻
my main goal in life is to have a marriage like Eric & Jessie Decker
Honestly I'll say it again if I haven't already:. Jessie James and Eric Decker are Goals AF
Watching the Eric Decker and Jessie James show and it reminds me of Jordan and I so much 😂😂😂
first four picks AJ Green, J Charles, Eddie Lacy, Eric Decker. play some
My fantasy team: AJ Green, Zach Miller, Eric Decker, Adrian Peterson, Giovanni Bernard all done for year
Another thing going under the radar a bit is what Eric Decker missing has done to this offense..
Eric Decker and Keenan Allen ! Those 2 boosts are going to come in handy
Doesn’t excuse Ryan Fitzpatrick’s performance, but this offense misses Eric Decker.
Jets WR Eric Decker to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery. Significant blow even though it was expected.
Jets lose offensive glue with Eric Decker injury
Jets place WR Eric Decker on IR, season likely over.. Related Articles:
Jets are planning on putting WR Eric Decker on IR, per and me.
Can life just hand me an Eric Decker please
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Eric Decker fantasy owners after they realized they picked up Enunwa in week 1.
Column: How valuable was Eric Decker to the offense? You have no idea.
(Lohud) With Decker out, injuries piling up for the Jets : With Eric..
Expectation is that WR Eric Decker, with a torn rotator cuff, will have season-ending surgery, source said. He tried to…
I'm in 3 fantasy leagues. Take a wild n crazy guess how many leagues I have Eric Decker (out for the season) in. 3.. The correct answer is 3
WAIVER WIRE: has added WR Cameron Meredith and released WR Eric Decker. Decker is on IR.
6 weeks ago, my home league receiving corps was AJ Green, Keenan Allen, Sammy Watkins, Eric Decker, and Josh Gordon. Ah th…
Eric Decker and Darrell Revis don't have their helmets. Brian Winters isn't out here. likely down 3 starters vs
Broncos' Eric Decker interested in championship, not statistics
Eric Decker, out. Dez Bryant, out. Jordan Matthews, bye. My WR's are killin' it this week.
Eric Decker's wife explains why she has to schedule sex with him.
If Quincy Enunwa is a free agent, go get him. Brandon Marshall not 100 percent, Eric Decker in danger of missing time…
Jets WR Eric Decker (shoulder) is not practicing. He's at the field, but he didn't even participate in stretching.
Eric Decker probably not suiting up this week since he still needs an MRI on his shoulder :/ look to play Quincy En…
The New York Jets now have a major problem with Eric Decker.
Eric Decker not on Jets practice field as Todd Bowles ‘not sure’ he can play Sunday, via
This could be scary for Jets fans and fantasy owners.Jets are 'concerned' about Decker - Eric Decker | NYJ
Wife of Jets receiver Eric Decker schedules intimate relations for couple: Jessie James Decker, wife of New York…
"Babe, it's on": How Jessie James Decker schedules sex with her NFL husband
Vigrx Plus | Jessie James Decker explains why she and husband Eric Decker schedule sex - Fox News: Fox NewsJe...
Eric Decker not on Jets practice field, may not play Sunday
Eric Decker (shoulder) isn't practicing again today. I'm interested to hear those MRI results.
Eric Decker is here. Not in pads or helmet. Street clothes standing on sideline.
"Eric Decker didn't practice" courtesy of resident Jets saint who stopped by my desk to tell me.
Brandon Marshall & Eric Decker combined for 4 catches for 58 yards, while defenders combined for 6 catches (INT…
'Babe, it's on tonight!' Wife of receiver Eric Decker schedules intimate relations for couple…
Just arrived at after some delays. Eric Decker didn't practice, but I'll have more from Bowles and co. later this afternoon.
Appears chances of Eric Decker playing Sunday are dwindling with him not even stretching. Should hear more about MRI, etc, late…
Watch the rest of the segment, he says if he sees a bald, tattooed, white person he'd go to the other side as well.
Eric Decker still not practicing Thursday as concerns mount | injury report
Jets LT Ryan Clady (shoulder) and RB Matt Forte (knee) were limited at practice. WR Eric Decker (shoulder) did not pract…
Bowles: CB Darrelle Revis injured his ankle at practice and DNP. Says there's "not much" concern. WR Eric Decker (shoulder) als…
I really don't like having Brandon Marshall or Eric Decker on special teams.
Brandon Marshall has his helmet. Don't see Eric Decker out here yet.
I started Julio Jones and Eric Decker over Allen Robinson and Jordan Matthews. My opponent had Coleman. Thankfully I still won.
Fitzpatrick completed more passes to Marcus Peters than he did to Eric Decker today.
Fitzpatrick threw 3 INTs in one quarter today targeting Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte and Quincy Enunwa, more than rookies...
Directed by Ryan Fitzpatrick, starring Matt Forte, Eric Decker and that new guy who I'm blanking on: "Forgetting Brandon…
In other news Marcus Peters shut down Eric Decker all game
Marcus Peters caught more passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick than Eric Decker.
bro both Antonio Gates & Delanie Walker out .. and now D. Thomas wants to good when I bench him and Eric Decker not catchin💩
Eric Decker has been targeted once. Robby Anderson and Jalin marshall have also been thrown to once.
Eric Decker with zero catches on 1 target. Enunwa one catch for six yards. Robby Anderson leads team with 26 yards (1 catch).
Devante Parker and Adams already got TDs on my bench. Looking at Nino Brown and Eric Decker starting at 3 like...
my 13 yr old wants to know.. Eric Decker or CJ Anderson as my flex?
Aj green or Eric Decker and rb2 Derrick Henry or Cameron Artis Payen
get you a chick thats gon support you like Eric Decker wife supports him
Jay Cutler, Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, and Eric Decker are all hurt so if everyone could say a quick prayer for my fantasy team
Touchdown Jets!. Ryan Fitzpatrick connects with Eric Decker from 5 yards out to put New York up, 20-7.
Touchdown Ryan Fitzpatrick!. The Jets QB finds Eric Decker as the Jets have now scored on all 4 of their drives. They lead Bil…
Feel like Eric Decker has caught a TD in every single game since the signed him
Eric Decker is on my fantasy team because . 1.) He's the most consistent flex ever 2.) Minnesota grown. 3.) His wife
Eric Decker's wife is out here representing for her husband's *** size while he balls out. That's called true love.
Eric Decker's wife is just doing it without caring
Brandon Marshall & Eric Decker must be more involved for the Jets to beat Bills tonight
If Brandon Marshall & Eric Decker don't give me enough points tonight .. I'll show up in the locker room like
another WR and Flex dilemma I have the options of Melvin Gordon, Eric Decker, Donte Moncrief and Carlos Hyde who should I play?
help. Someone offered me Brandon Marshall and Danny woodhead for Amari Cooper and Eric Decker. Good trade?
When anyone asks me for my fantasy football stats, I tell them it's Tom Brady & Eric Decker making out on the 5 yard line. That's my fantasy
hi man! Flex question non ppr: Jeremy hill, ameer Abdullah, eric decker or James white. Thanks as always
It's Week 1 ... so who should you start? breaks down a few lineup dilemmas:.
Christine Michael, Eric decker, or Ryan Mathews for my flex in a ppr?
Marvin Jones, Eric Decker or Brandin Cooks for my flex to go with Allen Robinson and Randall Cobb?
Eric Decker or Marvin Jones in the flex? Full pt ppr
I can start 3 receivers this week. Who would you start out of the 4, Jordy Nelson, Jordan Matthews, Eric Decker, Jarvis Landry?
would you start spencer ware in fantasy flex position over Eric decker since ware will be getting the carries??
Tenn WR Sharp is my highest owned player. Followed CJ Anderson and Eric Decker
Eric Decker wants resolution on Ryan Fitzpatrick before camp
I got offered Todd Gurley, Eric Decker and Steffon Diggs for AJ Green and Amari Cooper?
Eric Decker's ranking is 1,637. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
If Fitzpatrick is thrown to the ground, the football won't get into the hands of Brandon Marshall & Eric Decker
Q&A with Jets’ Eric Decker: I want more deep patterns | Newsday
10 team PPR, should I sit Eric Decker in the flex for any of the following: Jordan Matthews, Hurns, Shepard, Snead?
"Love the strength at each position, competitors all around. my picks to click are eric decker and devante freeman."
Alex Giaimo is day dreaming about the crush she has on Eric Decker!
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Standard 10 team. Carlos Hyde or Eric Decker at flex. Ware is my rb2
If I don't have a marriage like Eric and Jessie James Decker when I'm older then I don't wanna get married
Today I had a man that looked like Eric Decker come through my drive thru😍😍
Do I start spencer ware in my flex position this week? He's getting all the carries with Charles out? Over Eric decker?
Eric decker in that range is my guy
So Eric Decker can like his wife's pictures on insta but not mine? I see how it is...
Eric Decker is angling to go vertical a lot more this season -- and he could “surprise a lot of people.”
newsday​.com >> Q&A with Jets' Eric Decker: I want more deep patterns
Eric and Jessie Decker are my actual family goals..💌
Eric Decker or Jeremy MacLin in a 2 points per reception league this week?
Is Eric Decker one of the Top 25 receivers in the NFL? Debating this question with and
Congrats to Eric Decker on his first Varsity TD!!
who should I start 1 point PPR. Eric Decker or Donte Moncrief?
I need help. Should I start Eric Decker or Tyler Lockett in my flex position. Have Julio and Jordy as starters?
Jessie James and Eric Decker are life goals 😍
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I think I'm a little more excited than Jake. But that's because I get to see my other man too (Eric decker) 👅
Jets' Eric Decker says Tim Tebow chasing 'that fire' as he signs with Mets:
Jets' Eric Decker would like Ryan Fitzpatrick mess resolved by camp
Imagine watching an NFL season where the best WR is Jordy Nelson or Eric Decker. Best RB Danny Woodhead. People ain't paying to see them!!
Should I trade Antonio Brown for DeAndre Hopkins, Eric Decker and Danny Woodhead in a ppr league?
I wouldnt. Gurley is alot better than Forte. Olsen isn't much worse than Gronk. And you don't really need Eric Decker.
Eddie Lacy had one fewer yard after the catch than Eric Decker last season
All you late nighters, should I do this trade: I give Jarvis Landry for Eric Decker, Duke Johnson and Kevin White
sometimes, I'll go on my phone and next thing I know I've spent the last 20 minutes stalking Jessie James and Eric Decker's life
Good "needless to say" segment tonight. We will react to Aaron Rodgers, RGIII, John Harbaugh, Paxton Lynch, Eric Decker.
Jets Camp--Brandon Marshall, The Playmaker, Michael Irving, and Eric my job!!
Eric Decker: Decker did not practice on Monday due to leg soreness, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News...
Keep two: Arian Foster, DeVante Parker, Eric Decker, Doug Baldwin. Who would you pick?
trade Sterling Shepard and Eric Decker for Luck and D. Jackson? Can start up to 5 WRs, .5 PPR LG. My QB is Eli Manning.
Brandon Marshall is a dog and all but not only does he have to split targets with Eric Decker, he also has Fitzpatrick at Q…
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please just lmk why Jessie James and Eric Decker's babies are prettier than me
all I want in life is a marriage like Jessie James and Eric Decker 😍😍😍
Did DeMarco Murray really get drafted at 6.06... Like Emmanuel Sanders, Ryan Matthews, and Eric Decker are still on the board...
whens a good time to take Eric Decker?
HFD to the hottest DILFs in the game: . 1. Tom Hardy. 2. Robert Downey Jr. . 3. Ryan Reynolds . 4. Matthew McConaughey. 5. Eric Decker
Eric Decker is downtown saint cloud right now..
Eric Decker beautiful one-handed grab down seam from Geno. Skrine was in coverage. Great throw from Geno
WATCH: Geno completing passes to Jalin Marshall, Eric Decker & more in minicamp highlights
WATCH: Eric Decker enjoying "vital" chance to work with Geno Smith via
Eric and Jessie James Decker are the hottest couple of all time 😩
forever obsessed with Jessie and Eric Decker😍
Had a dream I worked for Eric decker why did I wake up???
Eric Decker has to sit through awards before romp with wife...
Brian Bosworth hoists Jim McMahon on his shoulders, creating a double-decker *** situation.
"If you don't end up with someone like Eric Decker I'm gonna be disappointed in you."
MY LIFE IS FKIN MADE OMG I HAD A CONVERSATION WITH ERIC DECKER! I told him how beautiful his family is and omfg yas
There they are.tim Wareham Eric decker
Eric Decker used to live behind these gates. This is what mandatory tourism looks like.
If my life isn't like Jesse James and Eric Decker when I grow up I'm going to be very disappointed
Eric and Jessie James Decker get starstruck, too!
that's all they use! They believe Travis Benjamin is better then Eric Decker
I want that Jessie James and Eric Decker kind of love😍
Eric decker and Jessie decker are such goals omg 😍😍 so cute
Eric Decker is the type of guy all of us gals should strive for. Jesse is a lucky lady
So turns out I met Eric Decker when I was at work. So that was pretty neat
Eric Decker makes my heart beat fast when I look at him
I did not know Eric Decker knew sign language.
i'm at the country club and my old boss told me to stay late because Eric Decker is here and i should try to bang him. challenge accepted.
i'm drinking at Inverness and my old boss just told me to stay late so i can try to nail Eric Decker. challenge accepted.
You can't tell but take my word for it, that's Eric Decker on the left featured in NBC s Science of Love
Eric & Jessie James Decker are my absolute favorite. Goals as ***
Dude if my husband doesn't love me as much as Eric decker loves Jesse I'm doing something wrong
you can have Eric decker I'll be with Reggie bush 👍🏽
Eric and Jessie Decker are the hottest couple idc what you say
No one compares to Eric Decker. No one
I'll never be fully satisfied with my life until I'm waking up next to Eric Decker
Eric and Jessie James Decker's relationship is all I want in life. Caption and everything
I hate seeing Eric decker and his wife on social media. stop thirsting for likes and run routes you bum
I need me an Eric Decker. This caption is everything
Eric Decker is not out here for the stretch at the moment.
here's some white people to get: Eric Decker, 94 Toby Gerhart, Honey Badger (CB), Rod Woodson (kinda white), Joey Bosa, Leon Hall
Jets WR Eric Decker will come to Scotch Plains on June 4 to host a football camp. Tix are still available!
A Jets player said the team would be better off not hearing from Brandon Marshall or Eric Decker:
Eric Decker's vacation is over, time to face the heat at Jets' OTAs
played with a lot of great receivers. Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison,Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders,Eric Decker,Wes Welker
Update your maps at Navteq
Eric Decker and Jessie James are seriously the cutest couple.😍
I'm told WRs Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall are at the facility today
Eric Decker believes AFC East is up for grabs
Racist mixup of the day, overhead a guy saying Brandon Marshall and the WR the Jets got from Denver, Ed Mccaffery! 😂😂 Eric Decker sir...
Eric Decker is skipping OTAs because the Jets have not re-signed Ryan Fitzpatrick .
Eric Decker skipped OTAs this week because he is upset the organization has yet to sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to a sour…
Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall were not here yesterday, either.
receiver Eric Decker says AFC East is wide open with Tom Brady being suspended for four games
A Tom Brady suspension would put the AFC East "up for grabs," says Eric Decker
Jets WR Eric Decker: “With Brady being suspended 4 games... it makes division up for grabs.”
If Tom Brady serves 4-game suspension, does that open door for AFC East rivals. Eric Decker tells it does: https:/…
Jets' Eric Decker: Tom Brady's suspension puts AFC East up for grabs
NEP CSN: Jets WR Eric Decker: Brady suspension makes AFC East 'up for grabs'
Eric Decker: Tom Brady suspension puts AFC East ‘up for grabs’
*** I just need to find my Eric Decker already
Cena better get a pic with Eric Decker.him and Jessie James are cute af.
did they say we need to look at a new WR like Eric Decker or Jordy Nelson or Riley Cooper?
Jeff Janis? I dont know I was thinking more of Ed McCaffrey, Billy Schroeder, Chris Walsh, Riley Cooper, Eric Decker kind of guy
and Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Julius Thomas were Peyton Manning's main targets lol Welker played slot
Most QBs would do fine with a stable run game, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker on the outside...
.one of the John Randle and Jason Taylor UL items are more elusive than Eric Decker (77). And every LB Shaq Thompson🤔
If this picture of Eric Decker's baby boy Eric doesn't make you smile, nothing will:
The Jefferson Awards Foundation gala is TOMORROW NIGHT!! Join us in honoring Billie Jean King, Eric Decker and...
Peyton said Jordan Taylor could be of the Ed McCaffrey, Eric Decker mold
Manning on Jordan Taylor as a prospect:"Eric Decker, Eddie McCaffrey type role.". Peyton ready for the broadcast booth
If you told me I could get the guy that drafted Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Eric Decker,Von Miller,Ronnie Hillman, Danny Trevathan...
Jessie James Decker hinted to hubby and quarterback, Eric Decker, exactly what she wants for Valentine's Day this...
Sport: Eric Decker's wife says Tom Brady is targeted 'because he's-
If the had Eric Decker, we would be like a real life Modeling Agency than a franchise
NY Jets' Eric Decker, wife Jessie James know celebs they'd have hall pass sex with -
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Eric Decker & Jessie James are legit goals. I hope i can find love like that one day
I need to find myself an Eric Decker 😍
Jets receiver Eric Decker (87) eludes Cowboys defender Byron Jones (31) on his way to a fourth-quarter TD.
Allen Robinson in the 7th was nice, but a sneaky rock in my lineup was Eric Decker in 14th and his incredible consistency.
I'm in the finals, should I start Doug Baldwin, Allen Robinson, or Eric Decker in WR2 position?
easily. Him with the duo of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker is while we're good. Wouldn't have happened with Geno.
Eric Decker & Brandon Marshall have each caught TDs in 8 games. They broke the record set by Randy Moss & Cris Carter in '98 (7).
"All [Eric Decker] does is score touchdowns. He's the modern day Cris Carter."-
Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall caught a TD in the same game 8 times this season, breaking record held by Cris Carter/Rand…
Initially, it's man coverage with Logan Ryan on Marshall at the top and Malcolm Butler on a motioning Eric Decker.
2009 Jets WRs: Braylon Edwards & Jerricho Cotchery ... 2015 WRs: Brandon Marshall & Eric Decker ... and you think it's close?
Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker both caught a TD in a game for the 8th time this season. That is an NFL record.
Brandon Marshall & Eric Decker have both scored a TD in 8 games. Most by a pair of teammates in NFL history.
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