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Eric Dane

Eric Dane (born November 9, 1972) is an American actor.

Patrick Dempsey Mark Sloan Rhona Mitra Rebecca Gayheart Jesse Williams Chyler Leigh Bradley Cooper Kate Walsh Kevin McKidd Valentines Day Matthew McConaughey Adam Baldwin Chris Hemsworth Greys Anatomy Justin Chambers Sean Maher

It's important to talk about these issues and I love that he just openly said it .
Depression has shut down a major TV show
Reverse world this is an ABC TV-movie from 2008. "Grey's Anatomy's Eric Dane and Dirty Sexy Money's Natalie Zea star!..."
If you think I'd die for Eric Dane, you are 100% right
Me protecting Eric Dane from harm and hate:
Eric Bailly, Paul Pogba, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones all training this morning. Finally some good news.
Before Eric Dane played Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy, he was on Charmed!!
Manchester United trained today expecting both Eric Bailly + Paul Pogba to be fit enough to play at Celta Vigo tomorrow…
Manchester United are expecting Eric Bailly and Paul Pogba to face Celta Vigo after passing late fitness tests.
for Eric awesome family man. Get well, sir.
He's gonna run for 50 TDs and 2500 plus y…
Note to self: Don't waste energy explaining privilege to a guy who still quotes Dane Cook regularly.
Just heard what happened with Eric Dane. ❤
Depression is a terrible disease and affects many...
Grey’s Anatomy (star Eric Dane (halts shoot to combat bouts. Read more:
Just an awesome show. I hope your co-star Eric Dane is doing well.
Dane Cameron, Eric Curran hope to break through in IMSA WeatherTech weekend at COTA -
The Last Ship on hiatus as Eric Dane deals with depression - Daily Mail
Sara Ramirez and Eric Dane protect these beautiful at all cost.
Manchester United players had to restrain Eric Bailly in the tunnel as he was confronted by Middlesbrough players.
Cavs should've signed both Larry Sanders and Eric Moreland as rim protectors. Cavs need way more defense in the paint.
This panel and people now meeting their idols makes me miss Eric Dane so freaking much you have no idea
WOW, Eric Dane is such a Cancer! I heard they playfully offended a paper...
imagine a crossover with The Last Ship and Supergirl. Eric Dane & Chyler Leigh reuniting and laughing on set. Idk much about T…
I love you loads more than my mum's friend really loves the one and only Eric Dane
Still shook that Eric Dane talked to me.
When Eric Dane said his favorite Greys hookup was Teddy & hot chocolate but Kim Raver didn't even remembered that T…
I never realized Eric Dane was in Xmen 3, definitely would have paid more attention to it if I had
wait I didn't think Dane Cook & Amy Schumer had the unfunniest kid in the world and named him Jake
Remember when former beauty queen kari anne peniche did that video in a hot tub with Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane? That was a good scandal
Tiny fawn making friends with a ginormous Great Dane.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
D is for Dennis Miller, E is for Eric Dane, C is for Calista Flockhart
Eric Dane is so much like Chris Hemsworth... Justin Chambers looks like Chris Pratt too ..
Eric Dane from Inglourious Basterds stars in Showgirls about a demure Plumber (general) named Merrily
yep it was such Bs.. such a great character gone. I'm glad Eric Dane is doing great with his own show tho
Alphabet's Eric Schmidt: 'Big data is so powerful, nation states will fight' over it
See if you can find the mini series...THE FIXER.starring Eric Dane. Filmed in Montre…
Dane Fife isn't what they'll want, they want a name a closer
How did I forget Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey are in Valentine's Day?!
New Pictures of Eric Dane and Dominic Cooper at the comic con international
Jessie Williams isn't that attractive to me. Neither is Patrick Dempsey. I mean he's cute but not jaw dropping gorgeous like Eric Dane.
Also Debbi Morgan, Eric Dane, Ian Anthony Dale, Balthazar Getty. I never missed an episode of Charmed. 💜
How did I not know that Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart was here in Knott county!?
I think I'm the only girl that doesn't care that Eric Dane is in knott county lol
Eric Dane comes to knott county & people don't know him because he isn't a nascar driver or doesn't sing country music.
Eric Dane's ranking is 1,783. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
A guy casually bumped into Eric Dane in Knott County yet I have trouble finding my mother in Walmart
Eric Dane was at cares fork and I'm in Winchester 🙄
my boyfriend is watching some show w Eric Dane in it and he's significantly less fine without a beard but still fine. silver fox lookin ***
Finally getting caught up on I think I speak for us all when I say Eric Dane is the CNO that dreams are made of.
Had an awesome impromptu jam with Alfred Suazo Marc Nadela & Eric Dane Piamonte.
To all my fellow Grey's Anatomy fans, ERIC FREAKING DANE was at Carrs Fork last night & we all missed him I am crying 😭
Have an Eric Dane appreciation post because I love him 💛
Eric Dane is daddy on so many levels 😛
And Eric Dane is 🔥🔥 in a uniform if you need any other motivation ⚓️🇺🇸
I'd love to see a former Greys Anatomy character on dwts! Chyler Leigh? Eric Dane? Kim raver? Make it happen!😍💃
Forgot how fine Eric Dane is. Mark Sloan is the reason I wanted to be a plastic surgeon
T.R. Knight, Eric Dane, Chyler Leigh, Katherine Heigl, Brooke Smith, etc.all left when they still had time on contracts
I started it because of Eric Dane. Still bitter about Mark Sloane, but I stayed because it's actually pretty good.
Best part of the movie "Valentine's Day" - Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper as a couple. Great eye cand
I'm in love with Eric Dane and Jesse Williams
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Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Have the Picture-Perfect Family on Instagram: Eric Dane and ... #
She dated Eric Dane and Brian Krause aka Leo from Charmed. She wanted Julian M the guy who played Cole but Shannen got him.
Eric Dane goes Trick or Treating with her girls.
I never realised eric dane was in marley and me but now it's even more sad
I'm angry that dr Shepard wins this. Do you know who Eric Dane is😂😂
Watching Burlesque is reminding me how attractive Eric Dane is 😩😩
negative. Eric and Emilia are here and Jake and Jessie are coming but I have inventory from 7am-6pm tomorrow
So last night, in downtown Dunedin, I walked up to a guy w/ a Great Dane & asked his name. Not Tom. Eric. 😝
Can we just take a moment to realize how hot Eric Dane is?
but you cab undo it especially if you are to do it in Greece with Eric Dane and tom hardy
this is my edit for the Eric Dane's birthday project.. Would you please reply to me.. Thank you..
Why does Eric Dane look so skinny this season
Adding a new boo to my list: Mark Sloan from Grey's Anatomy aka Eric Dane ! ❣
Eric Hosmer is the Dane Cooks of 1st basemen
Eric Dane & Morris Chestnut can be my sugar daddies. PLURAL.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Eric Dane from Full House stars in Lions for Lambs about a respected Pest controller named Dorene
Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane are sexy af! 😍😍
you can have Eric Dane I want Jesse Williams.
if u knew his REAL NAME Eric Dane then u would know he is 42 😴
normally I just can't deal with Chris crying or Eric (Dane, there are a lot of Erics everywhere) crying but
oh yes me too, I cried 3 days when Mark died.. Eric Dane was the reason for me to watch The Last Ship xD
Taking English lessons from Eric Dane's daughter on instagram 😄😍
I hope I never see Chyler Leigh or Eric Dane on a plane ever again
I missed beginning of show. she rates as bad of a guest as Eric Dane (McSteamy-Greys) was. she's just trying 2 promote book
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Amber rates about as interesting as Eric Dane was when he was on
Eric Dane was daddy 😩😍 should find a way to bring him back.
I added a video to a playlist Eric and Dane Jackson on Gauley 2015
The fact that Kevin McKidd(Owen) & Eric Dane(Sloan) are actually 3 years younger than Justin Chambers(Karev) is confusing me.
Thank you Gibby, DeMarlo, Brook, Pete, Dane, Tim, Luis, Eric, and Other Alex for coaching these guys SO WELL.
EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Gayheart and husband Eric Dane on a double date with Claire Forlani and her husband Dougray…
Eric Dane is underrated. Justin Chambers is underrated. Kevin McKidd is underrated. Camilla Luddington is underrated
Have you ever met Eric Dane or Patrick Dempsey or Kate Wlash or Caterina Scorsone or Kevin McKidd?
The Fixer - starts Friday 4th September at 10pm on Miniseries with Kathleen Robertson & Eric Dane about a disaster investigation.
Checking out because pandemics, Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin and Eric Dane.
Omg Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane and Partick Dempsey are all in Valentine's Day.imma gonna like this movie
and then later on Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw, Kate Walsh for a while, Eric Dane
Valentine's Day is honestly one of the best movies made like Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey you are winning
All my favourites left Greys Anatomy.. Kate Walsh, Eric Dane, Sandra Oh and now Patrick Dempsey .. 😭
I wonder if it's too soon to watch Burlesque with Eric Dane, after the death of Mark Sloane.
And Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane.why do you do this to me? 😭
Eric Dane and Lauren Graham at the Watch What Happens Live - Season 12. *-*
Kevin McKidd and Eric Dane are both bae simultaneously
Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane attend the 14th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball on June 6, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.
So excited to see Eric Dane on Live with Kelly and Michael next Tuesday 😍😍
Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Each Have Their Own Twin in Adorable Daughters: Eric Dane and his wife, Rebecca...
Greys Anatomy's Eric Dane is going to be on live with kelly & Michael when I'm there. Dreams come true😭
Eric Dane is on the show the last ship and I can't handle it bc he can't be anyone else but Mark Sloan
30 day Grey's Anatomy Challenge. day 9. Favorite actor: Patrick Dempsey,Eric Dane,Jesse Williams and Justin Chambers
"We loved Eric Dane in his sex tape with Rebecca Gayheart, let's give him a part!" -the casting director I think
Why is Eric Dane so attractive he's old enough to be my dad
Eric Dane maybe way older than me, but I do not give a *** That man is fine. 😩😍
I enjoyed your movie Wedding Wars. Here's some pics from the movie with Eric Dane and Sean Maher.
I want Eric Dane for my 18th bday thank u
Thank you for finally letting me see Eric Dane's face for hours
Eric Dane will always be Mark Sloan though.
"A man means you never give up this kid the playground Eric Thomas
I feel like Eric Dane had to laugh a bit when he said "oh my god hot cheerleader ***
To be honest, the only reason why I am giving The Last Ship a try is because of Eric Dane.
Not sure who's luckier: Eric Dane's wife or Jesse Williams' wife
for Dane - does he think Eric Rowe could be a dual cb and fs option for browns due to his size?
Eric Dane is the reason I started watching this show & he finally showed up ayyy 😎
Eric Dane in glasses so help me god
Eric Dane still has the charm! Oh how i miss you Dr. Sloan... I mean Captain Chandler! :3
Good writing: Chyler Leigh and eric dane wanting to leave so they kill them both off, confess love to each other, character development, SAD
ERic Dane "Marc Sloan", Katherine Heigl "Izzie" , T R Knight "George O'maly" i was devastated when they left grey's anatomy show!
I need Jesse Williams, Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey to be my doctors at some point in life
I have too many pictures of Eric Dane in my phone so I made this - McSteamy, anyone?
It frustrates me that no matter how old they get, Patrick Dempsey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, and Eric Dane remain captivating ???
Can I just marry Justin Chambers or Eric Dane? Life would be so much simpler
"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful." Eric Thomas photo
thinkin about Mark Sloan lookin into the elevator and seeing derek, addison, meredith and rose and laughing omf eric dane did that pERFECTLY
Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper in Valentine's Day . Hot & innocent and cute and I'm so done with life at this point
Love that dyl knows Eric Dane as McSteamy now 😍😂
Kate Walsh in 2008 at the Crysalis Butterfly Ball. Good friends Eric Dane & wife Rebecca also attended with Kate!
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What do you think of Eric Dane as Cable? Looks the part in The Last Ship. (Totally forgot he was Multiple Man)
Does anyone watch The Last Ship? I love Eric Dane. Should I binge watch?
I had this dream last night that Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, and Eric Dane came to my city and I went to see them and I started crying
My straight is showing, but bc of Eric Dane🙆
Watching for the first time after Gawd, Eric Dane is a crappy actor.
So I'm watching Burlesque and Eric Dane is in it as a rich guy named Marcus and IM LIKE DUDE MARK! HE IS STILL ALIVE!
Awe the little girl with Eric Dane is what I picture the new Sofia is gonna look like
Me: "Eric Dane is so hot". Dad: "he's my age". Me: "yeah but he's hot". Dad: "ouch. Wanna pull that knife out of my back" 😂😂😂 sorry love you
Also, why do I have a thing for these guys who are 40-50 years old? Robert Downey Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Matthew McConaughey, Eric Dane..
Not when I'm watching a movie with Eric Dane
I will watch Valentines Day again.. Only because of Eric Dane
Never forget how Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane were in a movie together. And how one of them played a cheating *** an…
Wierd but I have a mad crush on Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Bruce Greenwood(**,)not to mention JR Bourne,Eric Dane&Mark Harmon
Someone more like Austin Nichols, Eric Dane, Jensen Ackles, or even Chris Hemsworth.
Can I date a man that looks like Mark Sloan/Eric Dane idc if he's like 30
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Mark Sloan, aka Eric Dane please be my doctor 😍
Eric Dane as Jason Dean is very different from Eric Dane as Mark Sloan
Nick Jonas is really hot and so is Jessie Williams, Eric Dane, Michael Ealy, Matt Bomer, Ricky Whittle, Nathan Owens, Peyton Mayer and m...e
“When people recognize you in public, what do they call you? McSteamy, Mark Sloan, or Eric Dane??
Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, Eric Dane, Josh Duhamel, Chris Hemsworth, Efron, Franco, McConaughey just off the top of my head MY GAWD
Eric Dane or Mark Sloan is the the sexiest thing i've ever see.
Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart with daughters via
Eric Dane and his wife take their daughters to a soccer game :).
Eric Dane take his daughters to a soccer game. Lovely daddy :D
Rebecca Gayheart and husband Eric Dane take their daughters to a ...
Pic is from Wedding Wars with Eric Dane, Bonnie Somerville, James Brolin & Sean Maher. Awesome movie.
Eric Dane is so gorgeous. So gorgeous
Makeup-free Rebecca Gayheart keeps it casual in plaid shirt and skinny jeans as she and husband ...: And after...
Who has watched the Is it good? I wanna watch it bcoz I miss seeing Eric Dane.
watching a movie with Eric Dane and he totally reminds me of you. Sure you here that all the time!! 😉
Lord Eric Dane his looks should be a crime even with a little gray hair. Never killed nobody 😍
Eric Dane in Burlesque. oh good lawwwd.
I'm in the front row with Eric and Justin B)
Eric and I are seeing American Football in a few hours omg bless it
eric dane is in the last ship GUESS WHAT I'M WATCHING NEXT
Finally seeing The Last Ship! Though thoroughly disappointed there's no singing and dancing or Eric Dane. http:/…
please chy follow me💖 I love you! 💕 Describe Eric Dane in one word please chy answer me 😭
Eric Dane (Dr. McSteamy in Grey's) was once on a Saved by the Bell Episode and wasn't even mentioned in the credits
MY LOST TWIN! “is quite similar to Eric Dane, isn't it?
is quite similar to Eric Dane, isn't it?
I only watch when Eric Dane is singing in a musical episode.
Do you miss working with Eric Dane and having Mark Sloan storylines?
Eric Dane in 😍 I do love a man in uniform but DAYUMMM!!
Cam & Eric Dane are simply stunning but there's just something about Stanley in this movie that makes me swoon x
Here's what & tell us about their new miniseries
is it? I'm in love with Eric Dane I should probably watch
But watching the last ship and Eric Dane (aka Mark Sloan) is in it 😍
"If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing.". ~Eric Dane
The Band - Eric Clapton & Robbie Robertson (just in case you didn't get the 1st one Dane)
Eric Dane is 41 and he still looks bloody amazing
hey Coach Fittery..! Its Eric...Dane's dad. From MI. Hope all is well!!
You should watch It's so good plus it stars sexy Eric Dane !
Up next, actor Eric Dane talks about his new show "The Last Ship."
The apocalypse can wait for The Last Ship cast — off to Bar Pitti for "bowls of pasta" per Eric Dane's request.
Eric Dane ditching his McSteamy days for tonight's fashion show to launch TNT's new show The Last Ship.
Eric Dane says, "I never thought starring in The Last Ship would lead to a gas mask fashion show."
A standing ovation for Dane!
Tonight! Tune your TNT channel tonight to watch The Last Ship premiere with Eric Dane!
Eric Dane opens up on his infamous nude tape and rehab scandals: 'We've all made mistakes.'
Let's take a few moments to appreciate the beautifulness of Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane ♡
You never know who is a fan. Just ran into Eric Dane, who played Dr Sloan on & he goes, "Roland!" LOL http…
Eric Dane is more than hot on his new tv show. Simply ajdsgfladsjgfas :P
woah! it's awesome! you're really lucky, it's my dream to meet Eric Dane, and you, you'll maybe play on his show :O
Eric Dane is following me. Life made. ❤
Never heard of The Last Ship but if it has Eric Dane in it I'm about it! 👅💦😆
My mom just told me she'd do Eric Dane.
The Suns offered Eric Bledsoe to the T-Wolves for Kevin Love. Minnesota declined. (ESPN)
Eric Dane in a very uncomfortable suit
Eric Dane is who I live for and the only man on earth who's not stupid. Eric you're every girl dream come true
watching Eric Dane on The Queen Latifah Show got my allergies acting up😭💔
And Eric Dane can join in on mine and Patrick Dempsey's baby making! 😂😍
what you have to say about Eric Dane?
what you have to say about Eric Dane? ❤️
Eric Sparrow is to virtual skateboarders as Dane Cook is to comedians.
"Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy are 47 I'm 47 😍 Patrick Dempsey & Eric Dane ; 😻 Grey's Anatomy is life>>>> featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jesus. I can't get away from Eric Dane now.
(Dane DeHaan's Eric Ray Davidson shoot photo now available in UHQ and in color. Check it out! ht…
Watching Valentines Day bc and Patrick Dempsey, and Eric Dane. Aka McDreamy and McSteamy.
Top 5 Hottest men in the world: Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Jesse Williams, Hugh Jackman, and Kevin McKidd. Google if you don't know them
// can i just say Kate Walsh, Eric Dane and Nina dobrev as FCs make a very perfect and a very attractive family
Why was I not aware that Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh each have their own shows what 😭😭😍💗
I've been working on my list: Mark Wahlberg, Hugh Jackman, Eric Dane, Henry Cavill
So, Comic-Con is so big that even as I saw Adam West (Batman), Eric Dane, Ali Larter, Rhona Mitra, Sergio Aragones, and others, I managed to miss Benedict Cumberbatch and Matthew McConaughey. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
eric dane is absolutely killing it on the TV guide cover i'm so proud of him
Also, Eric Dane is the captain and his character is not a *** :D
Really enjoying Eye candy in the form of Eric Dane (aka McSteamy) doesn't hurt either!
I HAVE to see Justin Moore and Eric Church in concert!
Can I get a slice of Patrick Dempsey with a side of Eric Dane please? 😍
ERIC HIT ON A GIRL WITH PURPLE HAIR. You are not my brother.
"Eric Dane tho😍" he's hella hot and my life goal is marry him
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Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper shouldve kissed in Valentines Day
"He just has nice a nice sexy voice." - my mother on Eric Dane aka McSteamy from Grey's 👌😂
Eric Dane is a beautiful, beautiful man.
I just watched Valentines Day and Patrick Dempsey is a cheater and Eric Dane is *** with Bradley Cooper?! That film crushed me.
Eric Dane on my screen again and he looks SO GOOD ffs
Eric Dane fans FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM our account is: ericdanefans
Watching old Grey's Anatomy my goodness Eric Dane, what a handsome man
The plot twist in Valentine's Day with Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane. 😩😍😂👏
Hats off again to but after watching 'Valentine's Day' on didn't Eric Dane technically beat him to the punch?
How come it's always up close and personal ads of Eric Dane?!
Falling asleep as i wait for Dane, Spencer, and Eric. . The loner life.
Rapid Response with Eric and Dane Jackson: Outside of surfing, where the clan mentality is alive, well, ...
Another shot of Eric Dane looking impossibly handsome on this week's Mag (his new TV show http…
“the perfect men of Greys Anatomy, and Eric Dane 😩💗
“Eric Dane will forever be my crush 😍 *** yes! 😘
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Eric Dane is the most perfect, attractive, sexy man on earth.
“I have such a huge crush on Eric Dane.”welcome to my world sister, BUT THAT IS NOT A CRUSH, IM IN LOVE.
Eric Dane is literally the sexiest man alive. Like hands down no questions asked😍❤️
my grandmother just called Eric Dane "Dr.McSteamy" 😂😂😂
Good god. The things id do to eric dane 😍😛
will eric Dane be on your show tomorrow morning?
Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane are beautiful men
Still can't get use to watching without Eric Dane...
Forgot about this oldie but goodie! Eric Dane checking out American Art Collector! via
Eric Dane plays skipper on new series - PASADENA, Calif. He’s battled some...
4 years ago Eric dane and Richard speight jr came to Malta . WHAT i love thoseee guysss
Love me some Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra and Adam Baldwin. Nip/Tuck and Firefly were my obsessions
The television show the Last Ship, on TNT, wears its Michael Bay on its sleeve. It alternates between periods of blandness and outrageous melodrama. It's based on the 1988 novel of the same name by William Brinkley but nuclear war is so blase now so the TV team changes the big disaster to a global pandemic. 80% of the world's population is either sick or dead and a scientist on the ship has developed the only known cure. Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy) plays the ship's captain like a cross between Christian Bale's Batman and the lead in a 1950's "USA All the Way/Gung *** War picture. Rhona Mitra (Boston Legal) is the sexy scientist who's more believable in her job than say Denise Richards or Tara Reid but still seems to be there only as a romantic interest/foil for the already married Captain. It's a good companion to TNT's horribly deformed alien invasion show, Falling Skies, and, like that show, I doubt I will watch more than this first hour. I give it a big ol' "C-" for their efforts. It's not terrible. It' ...
What ever happened to McSteamy? he asked. Just watched Eric Dane and Rhona Mitra on a boat. Can they save us...
Only reason I kept watching is because Eric Dane & Adam Baldwin are HOT & I've contemplated going *** for Rhona Mitra
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God it is good to see Eric Dane and Rhona Mitra on my television. is badass. Great pilot!
The after show panel... Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, and They're all here!
was good. Love seeing Rhona Mitra and Eric Dane. 😊😊
Worst case scenario: Everyone else dies. Eric Dane & Rhona Mitra re-populate the human race with beautiful people.
Eric Dane or Jesse Williams? Check out this week's poll and cast your vote!
it may just be me, but Eric Dane reminds me of Sean Connery and George Clooney - he's one of those smoldering-hot, oozing-sexy-til-it-overflows Hollywood men that just seems to get better-looking, sexier, and (if possible) even more smoldering hot as the years tack on . oh dear Lord, I need a cigarette ... or two .
I adore Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane even though they're old enough to be my father idc
Apparently Eric Dane is in an upcoming show I am titling McSteamy's Zombie Battleship.
N Magazine made headlines today in the Boston Globe with the help of our June issue's cover star, Eric Dane!
Got to wait on Eric Dane aka McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy today at work so my life is awesome
I know he has the spotting of a Dalmatian but he's pure Great Dane lol
I'm so glad Eric Dane is on Greys Anatomy. 😍
OMG you and Eric dane is going to be UHMAZING
Served every girls fantasy, Dr. McSteamy! Eric Dane, and his wife Rebecca Gayheart! I think I could get used to patrons like these!
Well today was a cold long day out on the set of the new film Grey Lady by John Shea and his partner it was being filmed out in Sconset ocean side with the crew of 60 on a private 55 acre estate Karen and the Dutchess inese were loving life with the crew The real Dutchess Driehaus ( one of our dearest friends ) flew in to be In the movie which came down to waiting over five hours for the final sceane to be shot on the island after 5 weeks Inese Driehaus and Eric Dane ( mc steamy on grays anotomy ) nailed it in two takes !! Then we hit the summer house for a bottle of wine some appetizers and a warm up Headed to the club car around 9 pm for a delicious dinner The final wrap up party was in full swing at a bar downtown and were expecting us but we passed on it as we drove by nexis it was in full swing .. Sure they will do fine without the three of us
Only good thing about the Grey's musical episode is Eric Dane's rocker voice. Hot.
ERIC DANE is at seadog and just made sexual eye contact with me. I can't breathe .
every girl has an old crush in my case is Eric Dane.
Here, have a mental image:. A Great Dane with Corgi legs.
"Eric Dane is the only human being who looks sexy with gray hair"
If you could have three actors/Actresses back on tv show who would they be?. mine would defo be:. Cote de Pablo, Kate Walsh and Eric Dane
Eric Dane is gorgeous. I will take McSteamy over McDreamy any day.
They really make Eric Dane look old. I don't think he really looks that old.
Something in me changed when I realized McSteamy on Grey's & Jason (Phoebe's BF after Cole) on Charmed are played by Eric Dane.
I feel like Eric Dane's hotness is ridiculously under appreciated
too in love with Eric Dane for my own good
“Eric Dane and Kate Walsh BTS. my girlfran and mcsteamy 👅💦
I'm at the movies and all of the sudden in the previews "hi I'm Eric Dane..." IM CRYING Mark Sloan ON A GIANT MVIE SCREEN
Eric Dane is one hunky man in Grey's Anatomy 😍
She is also married to Eric Dane (formerly of Grey's Anatomy) and a nude video of them appeared w/ a Miss Teen USA candidate in 2009
Eric Dane (vs. Eddie Cibrian in Who would you choose?
Eric Dane (vs. David Beckham in Who would you choose?
Went to my sales listing, 7 Bank St. this morning and found the film crew for the Grey Lady camped out in front. Eric Dane and John Shea!
that's the first thing that came to mind..Eric Dane staring at Arizona's boobs. "But he STARES at them 👀" lol
Dirty! An almost unrecognizable with actress on the set of
Eric Dane has to be one of my favorite actors! 😍😍😍😍
I would pay good money to see that.. Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane can join in too
I seriously hope that Eric Dane is still on island when I get there.
“If Eric Dane isn't in your top 15 hottest males then you are crazy.” He's my first
Honestly, I'm listening to the Grey's Anatomy songs. In "How to save a life" everyone sings beautifully, but Eric Dane is de…
Sometimes I have to remind myself that Eric Dane isn’t dead and only McSteamy is dead.
Ooh La La! David Beckham, Eric Dane and Kiefer Sutherland are hot! Who's your fave?
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