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Eric Cantor

Eric Ivan Cantor (born June 6, 1963) is the U.S. Representative for Virginia's 7th congressional district, serving since 2001. A member of the Republican Party, he became House Majority Leader when the 112th Congress convened on January 3, 2011. He previously served as House Minority Whip from 2009 to 2011.

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is the future Eric Cantor at this rate of incompetence.
No trump shooting his foot don't get tea party started again against trump be a disaster for all Remember Eric cantor Be careful
Heh. Hey what was Eric Cantor's margin of victory in 2012? @ same as your MoV in 2016. Going to b…
Will work the other way when more RINO's aka Eric Cantor get the boot NOT true conservatives. Vigilance vigilance!
Interesting scenario: Laura Ingraham worked to get Rep Brat elected over Eric Cantor, Brat is HFC & Laura I is Trumper
Conservatives are going to Eric Cantor the House Speaker in the primary.
Ryan has taken low & middle class for granted. Wis. give him a vacation like Va. did Eric Cantor '14
.We have seen s hubris before in Eric Cantor Here's hoping takes out da stinky cheese
I still say we need a republican to take him on in the primary Knock him out like Eric Cantor
To really get the Dems’ attention, progressive left will need to knock off a marquee name in a primary (a la Eric Cantor).
Mike Castle, Eric Cantor, Bob Bennett, Richard Luger, Joe Lieberman all lost in primaries
I'm sure they're going to bring up plan that Eric Cantor was talking about in 2010. Paul Ryan forgot to bring that one up last week.
you are going to meet the end, like Eric Cantor did. We are sick and tired of your Rhino and GLOBALIST ideology. Wise up Turd
Democrats won't think of progressives as a threat until we sacrifice an incumbent in the primaries. The Rs did it w/ Eric C…
They aren't cowards and they aren't stupid. Those are just cover for their corruption. ex: Eric Cantor now makes $3.4M/yr
part of group that sought to destroy the US during presidency. >>
time to Cantorize them all as in Eric Cantor, replace them at midterms! We finally have both houses n presidency get 2 work!
Hey remember this guy Eric Cantor? Your political career is going the same direction. In the TOILET!
Eric Cantor comes to mind. No one thought he'd be voted out. I hope The sa…
Where is Eric Cantor and all his past rhetoric about prosecuting Obama for fraud and treason? Maybe he is helping OJ find Nicole's killer?
Step down, or you'll be the next Eric Cantor. Disgraced!
7-1/2 years ago Eric Cantor said the Republican alternative was "weeks away." Apparently it still is!
David Brat, Tea Party/Freedom Caucus Professor who in upset victory knocked off Eric Cantor in Virginia
😂😂😂 Also, the fake Eric Cantor tricked me for a weird minute.
We haven't heard lately from Eric Cantor.
Brilliant plan Joe! Which of your chosen Rinos will replace him? John Boehner, John Kasich, Eric Cantor, Steve Schmidt?
Remember the people put you there. You owe your loyalty to the people of the USA not Trump. Remember Eric Cantor
Not if you come up for reelection first the Eric Cantor squad looking for U.
I promise U they r going to do to U what they did Eric Cantor. U r not a good senator neither a good man.
Horse exhaust. You sound more like Eric Cantor every day.
Even more conservatives like who kicked out next n line 2 b speaker, amnesty eric cantor, will b voted n next yr!
somewhere, Eric Cantor is laughing his *** off. Stop trying to destroy our planet. You re done.
If you and Eric Cantor had a baby, this is what he'd look like in 50 years.
Remember Eric Cantor,Republican leader. He was primaried.2018 coming soon potus not going anywhere.
Perhaps can get a job at Eric Cantor's place of employment when he's run out of town. Just an idea 💡
We in Virginia did everyone a hugggeee favor but kicking out rino and next in line to be speaker eric cantor!
How quick we forget ERIC Cantor he was your buddy!!
I can't wait until Paul Ryan gets Eric Cantor'd in 2018.
I'm old enough to remember when this was the Eric Cantor/ show.
I worked my *** off to get him elected and Eric Cantor defeated, he is with us on less taxes, LOTS less illegals
Call their offices and let them know we'll work to primary them...look what happened to Eric Cantor
Context: I helped get rid of Eric Cantor for not stopping Obama, & I will help get rid of for not helping Trump.
President Obama started w/ an outstretched hand, but pulled back w/ a policy lurch left to a place we could not go. https:/…
how is that any different than Obama telling Eric Cantor "I won."
House leadership, have you forgotten Eric Cantor already?
BBC News - Eric Cantor says healthcare bill is 'first real test for Trump' tough test / any lessons?
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Healthcare bill 'first real test for Trump' - Former top House Republican Eric Cantor tells the BBC's Katty Kay...
For the sake of Pres. Trump’s credibility, Eric Cantor says the GOP health care proposal "can't go down."
"We spent a year working on the plan" -Paul Ryan. 7-1/2 yrs ago Eric Cantor said plan was "weeks away." So you did NOTHIN…
like Speaker John Boehner, Eric Cantor and others. With a split body, the Republicans can only do so much as far as legislation, but
passing on partisan Eric Cantor's quote that Obama was anti-business They suffered
Until 2020 Keep pressure on until Ryan & Trump go the way of Eric Cantor. Remember him? Exactly!
In an opinion piece in today's former GOP majority leader Eric Cantor tries to pin hyper-partisanship on Obama. What a laugh!
The guy who beat Eric Cantor with a focus on his Wall Street ties and corruption won't say how he voted on ethics?
that's why the former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his seat...
Eric Cantor with best buddy Gutierrez should've been trend & not a one time thing & now VA is turning Blue? Illegals?
Does the name Eric Cantor ring a bell? No one saw his ouster coming, either. will go before or after the election.
Perhaps he should be reminded of Eric Cantor's fate...politicians should never forget the voters
John selling you the polls are never wrong. Ummm Eric Cantor, Brexit, HuelsKamp all demanding recounts today lol
Eric Cantor wouldn't me making this much of a fool of himself
Yeah, that was worth replacing Eric Cantor. Well done, VA-7
Eric Cantor seemed anointed as main candidate before he lost his primary. Think it sent GOP scrambling to get slate together
Can't trust polls. Just ask Eric Cantor. wins landslide. DJT starts scheming to profit from his legions.
Virginia Congressman Dave Brat, who defeated Eric Cantor in the 2014 primary, calls Pence "the real deal"
Dan Quayle and Eric cantor run billion dollar hedge funds since leaving. John Boehner's about to make millions lobbying
The American people elected us here to cut spending so we can create an environment for jobs in
Also shout out to Eric Cantor, because lord knows he's at home right now feeling fancy free like:
"If we want to win, we have to start offering solutions." — Eric Cantor
Eric Cantor went down so quickly. Idk how Rubio and Ryan are still around really.
The casual "I miss Eric Cantor" at the end was some tremendous shade.
. This year, we get to fire 469 of the 535 leeches in Congress. Say 'Hi.' to Eric Cantor for us, traitor.
I mean, the Obama position has been, 'We think government ought to be spending this money, not
What this bill says is it reiterates again the deadline, and that the Senate should act before
Name: Josh Aguilera. I'm a cotton clown and I like Eric Cantor and dog poo.
But you know, if your work that was my way of giving back. -Eric Cantor
Since Eric Cantor ran to Wall Street to work and lobby after he lost the election, we want all of his emails from when he…
Right! It's ridiculous! The only way to force term limits is thru the ballot box. Eric Cantor learned that lesson.
John Boehner and Eric Cantor were the worst of them and could have chosen to make the President's first term an American honeymoon.
. I've read Pelosi does that too, as did Boehner. And Eric Cantor got a job on WS after he was voted out
John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and now Paul Ryan have been feeding the public lies about the economy, when they had his relief in hand
Don't forget who GOP Put First. . Never.Ever.Forget. They made that mess.Left others to clean while 'spilling' more.
How is James Monroe purring? Why is William Shatner tasting my underwear? Will Eric Cantor turn into a nerse if you kick him?
We as Republicans understand tha t we have got to protect these... entitlement progr—
Next up, Eric Cantor's submission on the optimal number of defensemen. 6 or 7?
I am not for raising taxes in a recession, especially when it comes to job creator—
Is Eric Cantor, still plotting to get his nasty revenge on Dave Brat? Jeb! Bush was his ticket until Donald Trump won nom.
Buried lede: a Trump ATTORNEY thinks there's a law that prevents you from donating goods/services to a charity?!? http…
Eric Cantor says he's "pleased" Trump has embraced Jeb Bush's immigration plan
Eric Cantor calls on Trump to be more supportive of Israel: Kelly Cohen Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor…
I will celebrate when Wisconsin voters "Eric Cantor" Paul Ryan. Time 2 teach RINOs lesson. Send him packing!.
Congressman who took out Eric Cantor has a not so subtle message for voters, and it…
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Recall that Laura Ingraham helped propel David Brat to a surprising primary victory over then House ML Eric Cantor.
David Brat's $150,000 and his immigration position beat Eric Cantor's $10,000,000. No amount of cash can mitigate bad policy.
Bring back Eric Cantor. David Brat is a fool.
Katy Perry and Kelly Rowland are having a sunlight party. Zayn Malik and Eric Cantor just farted in Fart. Carly Rae Jepsen is eating foam.
The immigration issue brought Eric Cantor down and he was 'Majority Leader'... Don't tell me that Paul Nehlen can't bring Ryan down.
TODAY 2014. Eric Cantor, R-Va., the U.S. House Majority Leader, was defeated by challenger David Brat.
Time flies: Eric Cantor went down two years ago. His successor as majority leader taking nothing for granted today.
I want to be Eric Cantor's term limit.
We must learn from the team that led Dave Brat's amazing win over the contemptible Establishment GOP Eric Cantor.
A vote for Eric Cantor is a vote for open borders. A vote for Eric Can...
GOP House Vote to Remove Confederate Flag From Federal Cemeteries. Paul Ryan has to get Eric Cantor'd! Residents of…
Eric Cantor's advice for Donald Trump: Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is a businessman now, wh...
That book was collaboration of Ryan, now dumped Eric Cantor and GOP Speaker reject still Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy post 2008. Funny now
Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader, was voted out of office in the primary and now it's time to vote
Eric Cantor majority leader who thought he was irreplaceable well he got fooled. I just thought I'd let the Establishment know that.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Had not, thanks for sharing. It would be Eric Cantor proposing asinine legislation like that. He's a shill.
or will it be more like Eric Cantor's or Scott Walker's campaign with contracts to their buddies, no worry on results? 2/2
.has joined KentPresents 2016! Visit our website for more info on the former Congressman.
House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor lost his bid for reelection in 2014. He went to work for a bank w/ salary package of +$3,000,000.
I think... yeah, I'm going to have to call it. Michael Gove has replaced Eric Cantor as owning the most punchable face in politics.
Ryan the Betrayer. Supported Omnibus Bill 4 Obumma. Vote him out in Nov Primary. Same as Eric Cantor . RINO / TRAITOR
VOTERS THINK ERIC CANTOR. Paul Ryan needs to be next!
Remember Congressman Eric Cantor? He was House Majority Leader when he lost his reelection & had to settle for a bank job at $3,000,000
remember Eric Cantor was arrogant just like
Best way to embarrass GOP is to primary their rat Paul Ryan just like we primaried their toad Eric Cantor.
May do to Paul Ryan what Dave Brat did to Eric Cantor!
Put a Wisconsin style whipping on Paul Ryan for siding w/Obama. That's what Virginia did to Eric Cantor in the 2014 Primary, Voted for Brat.
This is GOOD news! I was a Ryan fan before immigration betrayal. Now will donate to challenger. Eric Cantor redux!
"Let us pray for another Dave Brat upset! No one thought Eric Cantor would be ousted, but ousted he…" — Aslan's Girl
Will Speaker Ryan be toppled in a primary like Eric Cantor was?
Doesn't the opposition always has there leadership ? Remember Mitch McConnel, John Boehner/Eric Cantor?
Congressman who beat Eric Cantor praises Rand Paul, assesses the presidential candidates
Ryan is a joke. As are the vast majority of the House Reps. Including my former congressman , Eric Cantor.
And don't forget Eric Cantor getting primaried as a leader with a sizable war chest to a no-name professor
Former Maj. Leader Eric Cantor "Trump Fever is an unsustainable phenomenon that will not translate into a victory for the candidate." lol
Yes they have, and since they've failed to stop the destruction, out they go. Eric Cantor, John Boehner anyone?
GOP are in on the banking Ponzi scheme also. Where is Eric Cantor now?
Eric Cantor is gone. John Boehner is gone. John McCain is the next to be voted out. Lindsey Graham will be voted out next.
Man, Jeb! is just crushing it with endorsements. Trent Lott, Eric Cantor, Tom Ridge. Who’s next? Maybe Karl Rove?
Republicans who were at secret meeting plotting against the POTUS on Inauguration night 1/20/2009: (1). Eric Cantor. Kevin McCarthy. Paul Ryan
Now it's time to pull an Eric Cantor upset in Montgomery County, TX in this March 2016 GOP Primary
More likely to follow Eric Cantor (and Kasich before him) to Wall Street, possibly rejoin Bloomberg Philanthropies board.
Do you know these people. Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy: Plot
There so oblivious to reality they think their safe! So did Eric Cantor.
I want them to go the way of Eric Cantor. Vote for conservative citizens
Not too soon to find a primary challenger for Paul Ryan. We got rid of one "bad apple" (Eric Cantor) that way!
Jennifer Rubin is right. Who is more of the peoples' Republican than the beloved Eric Cantor? Why isn't he...
The episode labeled "Eric Cantor" in this list contains an interview with MSF's Joanne Liu instead.
Thomas Roberts is talking to Dave Brat. The man who upset Eric Cantor
Remember when Eric Cantor lost to a guy with $231,000 ? . Meet . Help her Retire McCain!
Mark Levin weighs in on Speaker race: "Kevin McCarthy is Eric Cantor with 10 less IQ points"
Gray has a new book coming out soon Dave Brat beat Eric Cantor...
With Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, he was one of the Republican "Young Guns". More divisiveness on the way!!
Boehner resignation fallout: Eric Cantor says GOP limited with ...
Kevin McCarthy is Eric Cantor with ten less IQ points,” Mark Levin
the GOP really eat their young. 1st Eric Cantor, now Boehner. How can GOP left the tail - 50 Tea Partyers- run their party?
Eric Cantor: The G.O.P., After John Boehner Dems did include GOP props in ACA, still voted no.
Can't expect much from a prompter reader that uses Van Jones and Eric Cantor for interviewees. SMH!
Why do you use Eric Cantor and Van Jones for any amount of input? Come on! Is that as good as you can do?
Eric Cantor and Michelle Bachmann both got degrees from William & Mary School of Rock and Bernie.
The only endorsement worse for Jeb Bush than Eric Cantor's would be Juan Valdez's.
.joined Eric Cantor & Mitt Romney at '09 town hall mtg in Arlington,VA
Eric Cantor, the kiss of death for Republicans, joining campaign:
Okay, amigos, victoria is now assured - - Eric Cantor has officially endorsed me. Fiesta time, I am now unstoppable.
Eric Cantor to endorse Jeb Bush via for iPad
Eric Cantor to endorse Jeb Bush, be named a Virginia state co-chair of his campaign | Getty
Eric Cantor to Endorse Jeb Bush via Not Bush. Please do not waste your support, albeit not much.
Eric Cantor to endorse Jeb!, says Bush is the only candidate with a longterm vision for the mega donors, err country!
After devastating loss in Virginia, Eric Cantor to endorse Jeb and serve as Virginia campaign operator:
Dear America: Please do to JebBush what Virginia conservatives did to Big Govt loser Eric Cantor.
I bet Eric Cantor endorsed Jeb Bush because he's excited for see someone else to lose a race he's practically coronated for.
I think what we learned from Eric Cantor losing despite his campaign war chest is that elections aren't decided that way
Ask Eric Cantor about polls. He planned a celebration based on polling. Where's he now?
You won't change anything by voting is controlled opposition. We changed out Eric Cantor by voting.
Let us use what happened to Eric Cantor as an example. VOTE
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I'd smoke a joint for him like I did for Eric Cantor!!!
Tickets I went to Eric Cantor and work from home a Sergey Karjakin. It was anagram.
And my former Rep Eric Cantor would still be GOP House Majority Leader if not Speaker of The House..
I'm trying to figure out the political equivalent of Br3t East0n 3LLis now. Ron Paul? Eric Cantor?
WE don't worry, coz WE saw eric the jew cantor being a cancer and being removed even with astro $$ to run with & history on his side
Zombie Eric Cantor is here to weigh in to again dimiss lowest labor participation rate and his alienation from...
The RNC is beginning to dig a hole like Eric Cantor...Really, RNC? Keep going. 🙉🙈🙊
Eric Cantor sounded redicluos on fox this am ..." It's summer Trump won't win , Trump will go away blah blah blah"
Just catching Eric Cantor on Bartiromo from this morning. I see why Dave Brat whipped him. Cantor is straightforward DC& out of touch.
Most everything I've ever read from Eric Cantor is more preposterous
you should have heard Eric Cantor talk on fox this am . The establishment has no clue. Stop using history as a reference
Hope this is as successful in Ohio & Arizona as the Virginia effort that got rid of Amnesty supporter Eric Cantor.
Zombie Eric Cantor is here to weigh in on the Donald Trump problem he helped create
Cantor was down playing Trump & pumping Bush. Cantor got voted out because he was a elitist status-quo politician.
b/c she enables swine like Eric Cantor to come on and repeat the,last 7 yrs lie as if sluggish economy is fault of
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not impressed with Eric Cantor talking on fox news underestimated Donald Trump . The establishment will not win . Your wrong
Eric Cantor is behind Jeb big time. Says the Donald won't last. Again another instance of Rinoism. Isn't Cantor a lobbyist now?
illegal immigration is the reason Eric Cantor was kicked out of office
How is Emma Watson Portuguese? Why is Eric Clapton burning my poo? Where is my Eric Cantor anvil?
Thanks to AEI and Eric Cantor, that's what most Americans already have. HDHP/HSA is a way to screw those who most need insurance.
remember that time an unknown but principled Congressional candidate BEAT the establishment's Eric Cantor? Me too! GoGetEm!
Eric Cantor has better odds of getting GOP nomination than Gilmore. Let Cantor speak at the next debate!
Psst. Eric Cantor got his *** booted because of Amnesty, EVERY Single GOP that won in the wave in 2104 ran on anti Amnesty And lied.
Of course I tuned and an I loved the Eric Cantor memory moment. Glad Eric has left the House!
and the GOP of eric the jew cantor, ONLY wanted "Austerity ONLY" Policies...coz its his faith to be stupid in growth & he hates USA...
Finally, the and others are seeing for what he is!
If you want to get a deal done, bring in the deal man,
Republican vowed to trash the economy when the President was inaugurated.
perhaps Mr. Gigot can ask Eric Cantor whether the WSJ position on immigration is in step w/ GOP base & mood of US.
I would compare 2010 more to Eric Cantor than to extremists. Ppl were not happy (TARP), and Bennett ignored electorate.
Read more about Deputy Chief of Staff for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor & Fall 2015 Harvard IOP Fellow Doug Heye:
MSM Pundits/politicians scaring Republican voters by saying Trump's plan will hurt the party in general election have forgotten Eric Cantor!
Dave Brat vs Eric Cantor PROVED that immigration is THE most important issue voters care about. figured it out.
And McConnell and McCain and Graham and Eric Cantor (Oh! Wait a minute. We already did that!)
Remember when Eric Cantor wasn't reelected that was the happiest day of my life.
Rep. David Brat credits for unseating RINO Eric Cantor & his win in Virginia.
Exactly. So the goal must be to make them more accountable/afraid of "We the People" than of leftist cabal. Think Eric Cantor!
It is almost like the GOP and media have forgotten the lesson of Eric Cantor. Trump is an *** but he's right on immigration.
Brilliant. It is the GOP establishment that is imploding. Same as Eric Cantor and they can't see it even as it happens.
And he's talking about Eric Cantor losing his primary. Fantastic.
And they should never forget & when it comes time, throw out like ppl threw out Eric Cantor.
The loss by eric cantor should be a wake-up call to all the insiders. However they all seem to have forgotten
Eric Cantor: Donald Trump’s language is ‘not something that will elect a president’
Eric Cantor announces resignation from post as House Majority Leader - vide...
Apparently correct. Eric Cantor quit after primary loss w/4 mo remain'g as he was only useful to constituents.
I thought 2010, 2014, and Eric Cantor’s defeat sent a clear conservative message. But the Party of Stupid never learns
If you doubt whether your vote can make a difference, consider my home, Chesterfield County, VA. We unseated Eric Cantor last election.
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