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Eric Cantona

Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona (born 24 May 1966) is a French actor and former French international footballer.

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Has to be Eric Cantona closely followed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Eric Cantona apologises for all the sins he committed about the season he kicked a 'Football Fan'.
Don't think Eric Cantona done it quite like that 😹😹
Schmeichel over Cech? Nostalgia clouds the minds of football viewers. Again... Eric Cantona, 8th best player in Premier League history? 😂😂😂
This is Eric's grandad the steward who pulled Cantona off a fan in his famous Kung Fu Kick! Only see…
Eric Cantona above Frank Lampard FFS. That's all you need to know about that list.
Eric Cantona shouldn't be anywhere near any top 10 list
It has nothing to do with his misdemeanours, if it was, no one would rate Eric Cantona.
How can Eric Cantona not be in there?? Lol
Alongside Eric Cantona, has to be right up there!!!
5 - Eric Cantona won the top flight 5 times in 5.5 seasons in England. Legend.
Eric Cantona. "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sa…
Eric cantona 8th?? Telegraph writers been smoking crack again
and then for reasons that I do not understand, Eric Cantona.
COMEDY OF THE DAY: new show about working as Eric Cantona's hype man
Maybe the worst tackle in football history, Eric Cantona - 1988 .
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“You can change your wife, your politics, your religion, but never, never can you change your favorite football team.” . - Eric Cantona.
Creative Work of the Week: Eric Cantona plays a living scarecrow for Kronenbourg:
Eric Cantona as a cowboy.hmmm not sure about that - no trawlers for the seagulls to follow 😂😂😂 — watching The Salvation
Congratulation to the scouse rats. Happy 10,000th day. Regards. Eric ©
Eric Cantona swims across English Channel. Cantona -"It’s not where the seagull flies to, it’s how it gets the…
guy from R5 done a 0.5 line of k and then insisted he was Vinnie Jones before two footing his tent because he thought it w…
Welcome to the Eric Cantona Soccer camp. Flying kicks are welcome. Get the FDOWN
I may be a city fan but I would like Eric Cantona as England manager
Eric Cantona didn't get this long for the Kung Fu kick did he?
Eric Cantona having a nap with a chimpanzee
Ooh! Ah! Eric Cantona is planning to open a museum for his art collection. What can we expect?
"I said we would take Cantona off their hands. As though we were doing them a favour!"
UK new Kronenbourg 1664 campaign has Eric Cantona as a scarecrow supreme!
Thrilled our latest work for won Work of the Week in Thanks for voting!
Eric Cantona averaged a goal assist every 2.78 matches, the best rate in Premier League history.
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Eric Cantona was the first player to score hat trick in epl, playing for Leeds against Spurs August 1992.
Eric Cantona was so confident of winning consecutive titles that he put his contract on it.
Eric Cantona scored the first ever Premier League hat trick for Leeds United in a 5-0 win over Tottenham. Well done
In January 1995, Eric Cantona kung-fu kicked a Charlton fan at Selhurst Park, Palace fans get the blame for it to t…
Olivier Giroud now has as many Premier League goals (70) as Eric Cantona. . No wonder Arsène Wenger loves him!
Premier League at 25: the best player – Eric Cantona | Paul Doyle - I have to agree .
Think Ariana Grande joins Eric Cantona on a long list of 'adopted Mancunians' tonight...
4 - Eric Cantona scored 10+ goals in 4 consecutive PL seasons with Man United, only Rooney has done better among the Red Devi…
"My heart is with you".. icon Eric shares heartfelt message after terror attack.
Eric Cantona has a message for Manchester.
Former Utd ace Eric Cantona's heartfelt message to Manchester: "I suffer with you"
Eric Cantona's message to the people of Manchester.
VIDEO: Eric Cantona has a message for Manchester..
Eric Cantona's message to the victims, families, the people of Manchester and anyone affected .
Eric Cantona's support to the people of Nanchester & England
Eric Cantona with a wonderful message to Manchester!!!
Eric Cantona's message to the people of Manchester ❤️
Eric Cantona asked us to share this message to the people of Manchester.
Eric Cantona has sent a message to Manchester
Jeez Eric Cantona bringing tears to my eyes
LEGEND: Eric Cantona's powerful message to the people of Manchester. 👏. (📽
Eric Cantona has a message to the people of Manchester
Eric Cantona's message to the people of Manchester
I think he's getting Eric Cantona mixed up with the legendary Eric Djemba-Dejemba !!
90sfootball: Eric Cantona and Peter Schmeichel 20 years apart.
Eric Cantona and Peter Schmeichel through the years: legends!
Eric Cantona was the first player to score a hat-trick in the Premier League, Leeds Utd beat Tottenham 5-0 on August 15 1992.
Harry Kane has now scored 70 Premier League goals, moving level with Eric Cantona in the all-time top scorers list. Top 5 art…
Level with Alan Hansen and Thierry Henry, Eric Cantona is a worthy edition to our greatest players height chart.…
"Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Eric Cantona - who is Manchester United's coolest Premier League …" via App:
SOCCER: Gary Neville puts Man Utd's Zlatan Ibrahimovic on par with Eric Cantona
By Scott Patterson Ahead of the League Cup final between Manchester United and Southampton, Eric Cantona belie...
Exclusive: The King has spoken. Eric Cantona on the final, Mourinho and Zlatan. Watch: https:…
same here I lived the early years with Eric Cantona, Hughes, andrei kanchelskis etc
Man United told they've finally found a replacement for Eric Cantona
One of the most epic football goal celebration ever! Eric Cantona amazing for Manchester United
Football's just full of posers now, what happened to ya Eric Cantona's and ya Vinnie Jones' ??
Eric Cantona has his fair share of controversies through the years!
Lee Sharpe, Mark Hughes, Sir Alex Ferguson, Paul Parker, and Eric Cantona all with interesting mustaches.
- Mesut Ozil is behind only Eric Cantona in list of most Premier League assists i...
Phil Neville counts down his top THREE former teammates - and Eric Cantona isn't one of them. 😲.
Manchester United star Ibrahimovic is just like icon Eric Cantona.
Eric Cantona asks Manchester City defence to stop the Mannequin challenge. 😂
Eric Cantona scored the first of his 82 goals for United on this day in 1992, away to Chelsea.
From Brian Deane to Marc Albrighton via Eric Cantona and more… . Zlatan Ibrahimovic has joined these history makers!…
I'm lucky to have the privilege of being able to choose what I want ...
Who remembers this classic goal from Eric Cantona, 1996.
Winter is coming – so, naturally, Eric Cantona has dressed up as Jon Snow!
Eric Cantona's message for Man City's defence: "It's OK, you can stop doing the mannequin challenge."
The Commissioner of Football is back. Eric Cantona's dream to coach England is over but he has a new ambition... to become E…
Do you know how expensive a signed Eric Cantona 1995/96 shirt is?
Let's get one thing straight... there's never been anybody in the past, present or in the future like Eric Cantona
Zlatan Ibrahimovic treats Manchester United to a second dose of Eric Cantona's swagger
Eric Cantona making defenders look like Mertesacker..
Manchester United star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is just l..
Zlatan Ibrahimovic treats to a second dose of the Cantona swagger
Back when football was a contact sport... Vinnie Jones on Eric Cantona. 😂
Sir Alex Ferguson's letter to Eric Cantona after his decision to retire at 32 in 1997.
Just come across this letter from Sir Alex Ferguson to Eric Cantona whilst browsing social media. Class act, must read in m…
BBC's Dan Walker shares his memorable interviews with students inc Eric Cantona in NY. Avram Grant at Au…
On this day, in 1992, Sir Alex Ferguson made the signing of; Eric Cantona for only £1.2m. The rest is history. 🙌 https:…
The King himself, Eric Cantona, signed for on this day in 1992. He did all right...
Hawk Racing/Bennetts Suzuki boss Stuart Hicken 'this is like signing Eric Cantona!'
What a hit from Eric Cantona against Arsenal!
Eric Cantona se destacou no Leeds United antes de fazer sucesso no Manchester United.
Alas, no. Eric Cantona is the only player before that, but not in the Premier League era (1991/2 - Leeds, 1992/3 - Man United)
Watching The Chase. Leslie Ash hobbling on. She's still not recovered from getting ruined by Eric Cantona all those years ago.
Kenny Dalglish or Eric Cantona? . Select your best Liverpool v Man Utd XI and send it in using .
46 - Eric Cantona never lost a Premier League game in which he assisted a goal (46 games, a PL record). King.
Eric Cantona on the season: "It's just the beginning. Manchester [United] can still be champions."
Vinnie Jones on Soccer AM this morning. Who remembers his perfectly timed tackle on Eric Cantona...
Vinnie Jones "tackle" on Eric Cantona in 1994, back when football was a contact sport. 😂
'I'll put pride in Three Lions': Eric Cantona's bid to be next England manager
Manchester United legend Eric Cantona says Malaysia is his second home: Manchester United's French legend Eri...
Message to the FA. I believe that Eric Cantona is still available for England Manager post.
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic's fit for extra season as he brings the Eric Cantona effect to Manchester United http…
Manchester United legend Eric Cantona brings one man show to The Lowry - Manchester Evening News
Want to spend the evening with legend Eric Cantona?
Eric Cantona and New Order. To think there's such beauty in this decaying world.
Eric Cantona believes Didier Deschamps may have left out France players on racial grounds
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Van Nistelrooy, Eric Cantona, George Best, surely amongst the best.
Eric Cantona is right. Zlatan will not be King of Manchester. . Zlatan will be God of Manchester.
Zlatan said he will let Eric Cantona be King of Manchester. Zlatan has higher goals.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic responds to Eric Cantona's claim that there can only be one king in Manchester 😂
QUOTE: Eric Cantona: "There is only one King in Manchester. Zlatan can be the prince if he wants to."
Djimi Traore has more CL medals than Eric Cantona, sorry Akbar, Utd fan.from Manchester...oh wait. London.
Eric Cantona welcomes Zlatan to United and has a personal message to him. "There can only be one King in Manchester" ht…
Eric Cantona has welcomed Zlatan Ibrahimovic to United, but the Old Trafford great has warned there is only one...
Manchester United legend Eric Cantona welcomes Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Old Trafford but says 'there can only be one…
Olivier Giroud is now level with Eric Cantona on 20 international goals for
VIDEO: Eric Cantona officially applies for the England job with this video! Legend!..
Manchester United legend Eric Cantona wants to be England’s next manager.
Johan Cruyff: "Eric Cantona is a great player, but he's not as good as Ryan Giggs.".
. Here's the video of Eric Cantona on England. Saved a click
WATCH:Eric Cantona sings hilarious version of 'Will Grigg's on fire' in new video
Magnificently bonkers video, where Eric Cantona belts out ‘Will Grigg’s on fire’ and bemoans Brexit.
Video: United legend Eric Cantona belting out the Will Griggs chant!
Eric Cantona gives 'Will Grigg's on Fire' his all... and it's pretty spectacular!. (Warning: strong language).
Eric Cantona belts out 'Will Grigg's on Fire'... and it's amazing!. (Warning: strong language).
Eric Cantona singing Will Grigg's On Fire is the best thing you will watch today.
MARTIN KEOWN: I man-marked Matt Le Tissier, Ruud Gullit and Eric Cantona and didn't like it... it's not the way t...
Eric Cantona knows class when he sees it
I wasn't sure how to vote in but then David Beckham pointed out that Eric Cantona is French. Swung it for me.
How is it I'm a fan of Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Denis Irwin then? Must be some difference...
Where was Philip Green going with 'Look out the window and tell me if the sky's dark or light' line? Reminiscent of Eric Cantona's seagulls.
"Peter Schmeichel, Paul Ince, Bryan Robson, Roy Keane, Mark Hughes and Eric Cantona could all start a fight in an empty house" ~ SAF.
Eric Cantona on Deschamps taking legal action against him: "It'll be the 1st time he goes from a defensive to an offens…
Sir Alex's personal letter to Eric Cantona from his book, Leading. Out now in paperback:
Les Blues coach Didier Deschamps plans to sue Eric Cantona over allegations of racism levelled against him.
"Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a bit like Eric Cantona.". "John Stones reminds me of Rio Ferdinand." . "James Rodriguez and Juan Mata are similar."
Nadav Kander directs Eric Cantona in impressive new ITV sports ad
France boss to sue Cantona over race row: Lawyers for French national manager say he will sue Eric Cantona fo...
Eric Cantona is 50! Here's a half-century of reasons why the Manchester United icon is such a one-off | The great Eric Cantona celebrates hi
Eric Cantona: "My best moment? I have a lot of good moments but the one I prefer is when I kicked the hooligan." https:…
Eric Cantona: “I don’t care at all about France. In terms of football, I am an Englishman. I have in my veins the English b…
Happy birthday to a legendary player I've always looked up to! Wishing you all the best, Eric Cantona! 🎊
Eric Cantona wants Guardiola, not Mourinho, as manager: "I love Mourinho but I don’t think he's Man United" http…
Eric Cantona couldn't look any more like Saddam Hussein if he tried. Bet he went hiding when Operation Desert Storm was going down
Eric Cantona: ‘I love José Mourinho but he is not Manchester United’ (Photo: Nadav Kander)
Happy birthday to the great Eric Cantona. The Manchester United king turns 50 today. 🎉👑
Now that the EPL is over...Eric Cantona in new ITV sports ad – Creative Review
Eric Cantona is directed by Nadav Kander in new ITV sports ad – Creative Review
QUOTE: Eric Cantona: "You can change wife, politics, religion. But you cannot change your favourite football team." ht…
Eric Cantona lines up for his trial game with Sheffield Wednesday in 1992. Trevor Francis decided not to sign him...
Alex Ferguson, George Best, Eric Cantona, Bett Lynch, your boys took one *** of a beating. ⚒
Eric Cantona returns to Old Trafford as legend watches Manchester United draw against Leicester
Manchester United legend Eric Cantona was a popular man at Old Trafford on Sunday.
Photo: Marcos Rojo all smiles with Eric Cantona after Man Utd v Leicester: Marcos Rojo looked to be in good s...
Weird how Eric Cantona is growing into Pepe Le Pew though
Big day today! Lads like Matt Busby,Alex Ferguson,Roy Keane,Eric Cantona,Darren Fletcher,John O Shea would give their lives to win today!!
Éric Abidal: "Dani Alves offered me his liver but I couldn't accept. He has a family & a career. It was too much."
TRIVIA: Eric Cantona joined which English club on trial before spells with Leeds Utd and Manchester Utd?
What does that even mean?! Is this Steve Brookstein trying to be Eric Cantona?!
"The bridge between the success of Busby and Ferguson was built by a Frenchman called Eric Cantona. He rescued an institution.…
. Eric Cantona. Kevin Campbell. Andy cole. Joe cole. Djibril Cisse. Papis Cisse. Diego Costa. Peter Crouch... Off the top of my head, like
Leeds Utd 3 Man Utd 1. Dec 1995. Eric Cantona tries to get United back into the game at Elland Road
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has the biggest ego in world football and makes Eric Cantona seem like… http…
Man Utd 2 West Ham 0. May 1997. Eric Cantona's last appearance for United at Old Trafford
"I don't play against any team in particular. I play to fight against defeat." -Eric Cantona
Cantona has been doing things wrong in the past, but he still has a heart of gold
Who remembers that Eric Cantona fly-kick in 1995? Classic.
Just watched rather spiffing western with actual Eric Cantona in, as if!?
Eric Cantona pledges to 'house and feed' refugee family for two years
I don't play against a team, I play agaisnt the idea of losing. – Eric Cantona
Alan Shearer or Eric Cantona, who was the better striker?
Eva Green. Mute, Winchester toting, Gothic Western beauty. Stunning as always. Also for some reason Eric Cantona.
So I'm currently watching Eric Cantona beat up Mads Mikkelsen in a Western. Somewhat unexpected.
West Ham's Dimitri Payet is 'the arrogant type' like Eric Cantona and Paul Gascoigne, says Rene Gir…
Eric Cantona thunders home a glorious free-kick for against Arsenal in 1993.
The 20 best Premier League kits of all time: From Jurgen Klinsmann in Tottenham shirt to Eric Cantona at Manchester United
Hi y’know Trevor Francis turned down chance to sign Eric Cantona? That negates his ‘expertise’ you pa…
Eric Cantona's first disciplinary problem arose at Auxerre in 1987 when he punched team-mate Bruno Martini in the face.
"I didn't see any selfies from Brian Kidd, Eric Cantona like the Arsenal team yesterday." - Barton. Loool, here we go.
Leeds United duo Eric Cantona and Tony Dorigo pose with the Charity Shield '92.
Eric Cantona doesn't even flinch after this tackle from Vinnie Jones 😂
Eric Cantona making football look easy, like he only he could.
Kolo Toure on his ‘salmon tackle,’ Klopp’s pictures in the ice bath and why Yaya is like Eric Cantona.
Mark Hughes, Steve Bruce, Eric Cantona, Paul Ince, Ryan Giggs, Dennis Irwin,.. What a team for the FA cup final in 94
Eric Cantona lit up a blustery Bramall Lane in '95 with this sublime chip for v
"When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea." -Eric Cantona
I heard they were thinking of giving Eric Cantona the assistant's job
I heard Eric Cantona like wee boiz, can u confirm this?
Quote of the day:. "Certainly take the advice of others but always, always be yourself"- Eric Cantona
Eric Cantona scored this glorious effort 19 years ago today. (Vine by
Nobody could play as well as Eric Cantona back in the day, but Ty Cobb & Ron Artest proved they could beat up fans as well.
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If Real Madrid want to turn it completely around. There is only one man they can trust to kick down the walls -- Eric Cantona
I nope they get the Eric Cantona treatment
If I could bring back any past Man United player from their prime it would definitely be Eric Cantona
Eric Cantona is showing his mentality
Eric Cantona was always a clean player, that's what I like about him.
"When you see Eric Cantona brushing up his skills, you know that no-one can be satisfied with their standard"-Giggs
ON THIS DAY: 1994, drew 3-3 with after taking a 3-0 lead, Eric Cantona's 50th appearance for the club.
Cantona loved a good fair tackle...
In England, your life is your life.
“I prefer to play and lose rather than win, because I know in advance I'm going to win” ~Eric Cantona
Eric Cantona is not messing about here...
An artist in my eyes, is someone who can lighten up a dark room. – Eric Cantona
My grandfather told me about George Best and Bobby Charlton. My dad told me about Eric Cantona.
RE: Ronaldinho, a story for another time - Eric Cantona almost signed with lol. Contract agreed in princi…
. 1. Stuart Pearson. 2. Martin Buchan. 3. Bryan Robson. 4. Eric Cantona. 5. Gordon Hill. Fav would be Best but only saw him for Fulham
Little Giant Ladders
Morgan Schneiderlin: "Eric Cantona will always be a legend."
West Ham 2 Man Utd 2. February 1994. Eric Cantona in action for United at Upton Park
"Banjoist Winston saw his first United game at the age of six and explained: 'Eric Cantona is my all-time hero.'"
"You play to fight the idea of losing"-Eric Cantona
ON THIS DAY in 1992, Eric Cantona signed for Manchester United for £1.2 million.
VIDEO New world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury compared himself to Eric Cantona in 2014.. ►
World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury compared himself to Cantona in 2014 interview (Video)
Eric Cantona: . "You may find another Beckham or Ronaldo, but you will never find another Sir Alex Ferguson.". htt…
Howard Wilkinson on Eric Cantona after selling him to Manchester United in 1992.
The letter Sir Alex Ferguson sent to Eric Cantona after he retired from football in 1997...
Googled about Eric Cantona and found out why he never made the Les Bleus team for the WC winning France98
Alex Ferguson's letter to Eric Cantona after he left Manchester United.
Eric Cantona tops France Football's list of the top 10 French players to ever play in the Premier League. https:/…
Wednesday legend David Hirst. At one time was Sir Alex's first choice transfer target in front of Eric Cantona.
can someone please ask leslie ash why Eric Cantona left
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic reminds me of Eric Cantona, says Jose Anigo  via
I'd eat glass for a chance to relive all this .
Brilliant stuff from Rob Smyth on United-Liverpool 1995-96, Cantona and the summer of 1995
Manchester United 22 Liverpool the Class of 92 Spice Boys and Cantonas return (Guardian)
When I say a lot, it's 20,000 words of Huge thanks to
Set aside a lot of time for this epic extract by on. Man Utd 2-2 Liverpool (1995)
By the looks of it, Eric Cantona could be a real factor Sunday, given his success against
Liverpool_newz. Manchester United 2-2 Liverpool: the Class of 92, Spice Boys a - Guardian
Man Utd 2 Blackburn Rovers 0. Aug 1994. Eric Cantona and Paul Ince with the Charity Shield at Wembley.
Sir Alex Ferguson with Eric Cantona after winning the Premier League and FA Cup, 1996.
to when Rowdies head coach Stuart Campbell played against David Beckham & Eric Cantona.
What his extraordinary letter to Eric Cantona tells us about Sir Alex Ferguson. Monday column.
Alex Ferguson sent this letter to Eric Cantona after he left MUFC (from Leading
ooo arrr Eric Cantona vows to house and feed refugee family for two years
Eric Cantona at his brilliant best.
Emlyn Hughes said something similar about Eric Cantona when he signed. That worked out well 😁
Alex Ferguson says he managed only 4 world class players - Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Let that sink in.
lmao! Y'll want me to remind you about Eric Cantona and Roy Keane Abi?
Eric Cantona was never seen as a cat among pigeons, during his brutal playing days, even Roy Keane too
Suddenly people hate towards costa has increased but didnt Legends like Eric Cantona , Paolo Di Canio , Roy Keane (1)
Eric Cantona , Paolo Di Canio Luis suarez , had/has same kind of antics on the pitch previously , End of the day no one is a saint .
Good old Eric Cantona on the refugee crisis: ‘We create wars for economic reasons and then people flee countries... http:…
SAMI MOKBEL: Whether Dimitri Payet can illuminate England like his fellow countryman Thierry Henry, Eric Cantona and David Ginola is
Thierry Henry, Eric Cantona and David Ginola are my idols... they inspired me to join West Ham, reveals Dimitri Payet
Eric Cantona, Andy Cole, Ruud Vanistelroy and now Mariounne Fellani.. does LVG ever watch SkySports Premier League history?
Matt Busby's pivatol signing. was Denis Law, he changed everything post Munich.Alex Ferguson's moment was Eric Cantona, will LVG have one?
Eric Cantona with possibly one of the best goals ever scored in the Premier League.
ExclusiveMem: Eric Cantona going past Steve Watson and David Batty on this day in the FA 1996 Charity Shield.
Eric Cantona is set to become a shareholder in Bath City FC. Full story:
Good to see Eric Cantona's Bath City boost getting national coverage.
United legend Eric Cantona backs the - video
Eric Cantona: "To choose between Blatter and Platini is like choosing between the plague and cholera"
Watch football and legend Eric Cantona talk about the .
The has been backed by legend Eric Cantona. Watch the video here:
Eric Cantona backs the with crowdfunding launch
if Aberdeen had any sense they'd take a leaf out of Eric Cantona's book and invest in a trawler full of sardines
Andy Barlow (scorer) about to put Eric Cantona in Row Z at Boundary Park vs Leeds (2-0)8th Feb 92 htt…
Eric Cantona is from a different planet , he does what he with it. . (Vine by ) .
Eric Cantona was sort of from Leeds. Also, Wiki tells me, Herbert Asquith, Leigh Francis, Sue Ryder and possibly Peter O'Toole.
Steve Claridge and Eric Cantona are the same age
Brilliant response from Eric Cantona on why UEFA & Platini offer no solution to FIFA's corruption via
That tackle by Vinnie Jones on Eric Cantona... Straight back on his feet!
“. Vinnie Jones vs Eric Cantona... love how Eric winds his neck i…
Samuel L Jackson as Jack Warner, Eric Cantona as Platini and Gerard Depardieu as Blatter
Obligatory tired "What are you doing on a boat with Rob Delany / Adam Buxton / Eric Cantona?" joke
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
.move to dismiss lawsuit from Eric Cantona via 10 Things
Marouane Fellaini can be Manchester United's new Eric Cantona says Henning Berg
20 years ago today won EPL with thanks to Eric Cantona
These three are easily the best forward three of my lifetime. Yes even better than Lee Chapman, Eric Cantona & Rod Wallace
. Yup. That even includes Eric Cantona. Can't wait for mini series. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so good in everything
Mads Mikkelson and Eric Cantona star in The Salvation, now showing.
Eric Cantona says have the best player in the world...but it's not Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
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