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Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow MBE (The Crafty Cockney ) (born 25 April 1957) is a English darts player, whose skill at the game in the 1980s helped turn it into a worldwide spectator sport.

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Well when Eric bristow said a loose comment he had the sack
Great time with Eric Bristow and Keith Deller at The Tilted Kilt! Thank you all for coming!
Eric Bristow is 27. Sid Waddell, sometime in the early 80s!
At friend’s parents house tonight & her toddler was playing with toys from the ‘80s including a miniature Eric Bris…
Happy Christmas to all our wonderful Friends and darting family🎯🎄 Hope to share some more wonderful memories with y…
When Alexander of Macedonia was 33, he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds to conquer... [Eric] Bristow's only…
Phil Taylor learnt from Eric Bristow on gamesmanship and brought it to a new level respect due as dart player but h…
Phil Taylor doesn’t take things off people? Eric Bristow might be able to argue that 🤔🤔🤔
Just watching the darts while I listen to the game .players coming out with gorgeous cheerleaders,gon…
I can Remember Paul Lim Playing Darts when I was still a School Boy! His USA Team Mates was Jerry Umberger & Conrad…
So was Manley against Lewis in the 2006 world championships or has everyone forgot havin’ it…
Can’t read it pal I’m blocked from Eric’s Acount 🤣 I live with the real Eric Bristow not a Acount run b…
Phil Taylor Over 200 career titles. He’s lost just 12 times in 28 world Championships . Winning 118 matches. First wor…
Good and don't be coming back with Eric Bristow like you did the last time.
Wayne have you been taking tips of Eric Bristow. 😜
I’ve just seen Eric Bristow outside the Co-op 😆
I wonder who goes on an Eric Bristow Christmas boozing session? Sean Dyche? Ross Kemp? Dom Littlewood?
Include Eric Bristow in some of your functions.
Brilliant investigative journalism on timeline right now, exposing Eric Bristow as a fraud.
in my school nativity I was Eric Bristow. The teachers took it in turns to do the play. This year wa…
Eric Bristow used to be a lovely fella. What's happened lad?
You are darts Eric,skys loss them letting you go.long live Eric Bristow best dart player ever!even tho…
Great article, defo agree its the sports loss you not commentating etc, Bristow has to be involved, ma…
Sky's darts coverage would be a lot stronger if Eric Bristow was part of it
World Darts Championship: Paul Lim to raise the roof after showing age is just a number.
He took darts to a place it would never be if not for the man, he myth, that his Eric b…
played in the 80s with the greats like Jockey Wilson, Eric Bristow and John Lowe!!! Darts eh! .
Paul Lim is 3 years older then Eric Bristow
Eric Bristow: 'I regret losing my job but I grew up in a different era - live by the sword, die by the sword'…
Madness that he's older than Eric Bristow 😂 what a true darts legend
How come Eric Bristow isn't commentating on the darts this year? 👀
Dear could you please bring back Eric Bristow to the team as it’s like watching Christmas without t…
We got flags on Saturday didn’t we. I had 3. Remember hoying the sticks Eric Bristow stile and Larry Grayson blanke…
Nathan Lyon. The only cricketer to throw more darts than Eric Bristow
“Eric Bristow asked me why I put superglue on one of his darts. I said ‘you just can’t let it go can you?'”
Mount Maunganui RSA hosted their end of year Christmas party, with guest appearances by some of the oldest survivin…
Exactly. That’s my point. Eric never recovered fully, ask HIM, yet others have.Mensur being one. Please don’t te…
"I have two bowls of confidence for each morning." 🍳 ☀️ - Eric Bristow
Eric Bristow rang me a couple of hours ago. He said "Stick your mortgage on Italy to qualify"
Watching Pat Butcher and Eric Bristow get stoned has made my Monday night 😂
Lol pal can't wait to see the young Eric Bristow . 😎
I only heard of you through the news because of the game vs Gary Anderson and it reminded me of Eric Bris…
Eric Bristow had it but he turned out to be a bell end. Berry is heartbreaking to watch.
Gutted for Menzies but you can't not love what's just happened! Eric bristow one of the best darts players ever cou…
When dies, they should bury her in a Y shaped coffin, she’s probably had more *** than Eric Bristow’s dart board...
I liked a video Eric Bristow talks about dartitis 2013
Katie Price, Katie Hopkins and Eric Bristow have all already been on I'm a Celeb.
It's a tough one as if I go on as growing up it would be:. 1. Cliff Thorburn. 2. Charlie Nicholas. 3. Mike…
It's a desise invented by Dr Eric Bristow
Eric Bristow, one of the absolute greatest had to give it up because of this. The crowd and opponent…
It’s when you can’t immediately release your darts when on the oche - the great…
Eric Bristow had it, virtually ended his career ☹️
Didn't Eric Bristow have it at some point,maybe he could work with berry,best wishes
well done big man keep playing on if Eric bristow can recover from dartitis you will, respect to you beca…
. saw your match against . Suljovic and Eric Bristow also defeated Dartitis! Keep fighting. All best for you!
my mum just mixed up Eric Bristow and Frank Ocean is she okay
"The hair?...its a wig from the Eric Bristow range"
Real life interaction I had with Big Eric
Less games = less people at games . Do you need Eric Bristow to start doing your sums? Super league…
Eric Bristow reached 3 more world finals and got back to world number one following his troubles with dartitis...
TV IDEA- Eric Bristow's DartISIS. Eric travels to Syria to interview executioners who also have Dartitis and struggle to…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
It's where you have problems releasing the darts mate Eric Bristow had it really bad a few years ago
hope Berry van Peer recovers soon, think Eric Bristow & Mensur Suljovic would confirm when I say Dartitis is not nice
Just a few of the names you can sponsor at £10 each are - Sir Ken Dodd…
Don't forget next week is your chance to meet and play the legend that is Eric Bristow. All kicking off at 8.30pm...
Nice little cameo of you interviewing Eric Bristow on ITV 4 just now!
snooker finished early. They're repeating the Eric Bristow documentary. Lots of footage of him being…
Eric Bristow . what made champion in 1977. I knew i was better than them, how do i get on there?
How have they never heard of a darts 🎯 player , what , not even Eric Bristow ? !!
Yes I will consider that a correction. used to do breakfast at 'Buck House' then pop out and gi…
I might not be channeling Eric Bristow here: why have you put a grassy step perpendicular to the dartboard?
I read that as Vincent Price, Chas and Dave & Eric Bristow.
I thought David Beckham played darts... Oh hang on, that was Eric Bristow. *** easy questions so mugs pay £££ to ring in
When Jocky Wilson beat Eric Bristow in the 1989 Lakeside final...phwooaaarrr that was a fookin moment!
Kevin T Bristow . Sending birthday love to NYs G&S members Eric B. Blazin and one of the owners of Brooklyn's Blew...
At which point they both pull out leaving Barry Hearn and Eric Bristow mud wrestling on stage instead of the final.
I have taken a bet from Ray Winstone,Keith Deller and Eric Bristow but not at the same time
Interesting choice of speaker - Maybe we should follow suit. Judith Chalmers?. Eric Bristow?. Mr Bean?
Yep she's bang on the money ,, i hope Eric bristow sets up a party lol but really i hope create's one soon
men must protect the little women mustn't they. Sir Lancelot du Lac and Eric Bristow insist on it
I thought I saw Eric Bristow but it turned out to be a gust of hot air.
The Sun, oh and of course Eric Bristow, he should be in the final four all the time regardless!
what about getting Eric Bristow on your show
Why is Tommy Lee Jones playing darts with Eric Bristow?
Kevin Spacey is certainly a shoe-in for some Tonys with his role in The Eric Bristow story.
Everyone in the audience will have a chance to play the 5 times World Darts Champion ERIC BRISTOW! -…
it's ok for Vinnie jones to keep calling Suzanna Reid 'love' but not when Eric Bristow said it. Your such a ***
as in, he has a touch of the Eric bristow's about him?
I presume this is a video which I can't play. However, I can just about make out the shape of Eric Bristow.
wow .. £1.75 to see The Jam and Costello .. I quite liked The Darts tbh , I take it Eric isn't Bristow ..
*GAMESHOW*. PIERS: hello & welcome to... "Paedo or Poof!". *applause*. PIERS: Round 1. Eric, you start. *Picture of Milo*. ERIC BRISTOW: er.
Eric Bristow looks a little off or is my tele playing up.
Eric Bristow's in the same book with the lowest average 😂
but your opinions are inconsistent .. you castigate Eric Bristow for calling your co-presenter "love", but fawn over Trump
yes Eric Bristow and John Lowe get on far better these days!
Can't wait to hear Eric Bristow's thoughts on Te'o.
Happy birthdaaay. Paul hope you've had a fantastic day love Bex and Eric Bristow 🍾🎂
I've been on the Eric Bristow fitness training programme for years.
He looks like the lovechild of Shaun Ryder and Eric Bristow...
I could have easily put Seminole, Holdenville, Okehmah, or my hometown Bristow.
😉he's written a few scholarly articles on the effectiveness on your "dead legs" too. And at least it wasn't Eric Bristow ;)
there's nothing like having a nice Eric Bristow!!
Eric Bristow played drums to I Shot The Sheriff on it once. This definitely happened
Whatever you feel about Eric Bristow, and yes peados not puffs will stain his reputation, he knows his checkouts.
I hear Eric Bristow has applied for Big Brother in a while since the last one.
She was in the jungle with Eric Bristow I seem to remember
"Whatever ignorant crap the likes of Eric Bristow might spout, men like Paul Stewart aren’t wimps" "
Who needs Eric Bristow?says the male football rape victims have it cushy
BREAKING Eric Bristow asked for a fee of £5 thousand pounds to appear on the BBC over his abuse comments
Eric Bristow up there with Shaun Ryder as one of best/funniest ever I'm A Celebrity contestants though. That's all that matters!
Don't agree with Eric Bristow, but piers Morgan attacking him is laughable considering what piers has done regarding phone…
Piers Morgan giving morale lessons to Eric Bristow while he should be in prison for hacking dead girls phones
It's a bit wimpy of Eric Bristow, getting sacked. I reckon when he gets older and fitter, he should go back to Sky & sort them…
Eric Bristow sacked by Sky Sports for suggesting sex abuse victims not 'proper men' (via //
Eric Bristow sacked by Sky Sports . Dario Gradi still employed by Crewe Alexandria. . Sounds about right.
Eric Bristow dumped by Newcastle United and Sky Sports after branding football abuse victims 'wimps'…
Sky Sports pundit Eric Bristow has been sacked after suggesting football sexual abuse victims were "wimps":.
Eric Bristow has lost his role with Sky Sports after suggesting that football abuse victims are not "proper men".
Eric Bristow has been sacked by Sky Sports. Eric, you require a P45.
Throwing darts at a picture of Eric Bristow, though this sort of feels like he's won. . Rolling lawn bowls at a picture of Eric Bristow.
Eric Bristow dropped by Sky after labelling football's sex abuse victims "wimps"
Wonder if, Brian Moore say, would go round and 'sort out' Eric Bristow?
Br, it's colder than Eric Bristow outside.
Can only assume the 'MBE' after Eric Bristow's name stands for Massive Bell End.
: You're a legend Eric. He's one of our, He's one of our own, Eric Bristow, He's one of our own! Woof!
Eric Bristow, this man has a problem, well more than one problem.
Eric Bristow be like “Why isn’t there nightclubs for straight people?”
If Eric Bristow is known 'The Crafty' Cockney, I'd hate to see the state of the not-so crafty ones.
Eric Bristow MBE really living up to the phrase tungsten tosser.
Eric Bristow thinks that these days, if you say you're English, you'll be arrested and thrown in jail.
Eric Bristow's timeline is, erm, not good. Hideous in fact.
Eric Bristow is now 59. And he's proper ruined it.
Eric Bristow calls a paedo a poof and the little libby snowflakes are all upset. Man up you poofs! Get over it.
What a cold, horrible morning to wake up too. The bright side is that it is still better than what Eric Bristow is waking up too.
Not for the first time in my life am I'm unified with anyone who thinks Eric Bristow is a ***
I see Eric Bristow has reaffirmed himself as an absolute *** Who let him watch Sleepers?
Eric Bristow slammed over football sex abuse comments, after saying players are “wimps” https:/…
Eric Bristow's comments are a disgrace. I'm never buying his gravy again.
Eric bristow should have been shortlisted in my opinion
Former darts world champion Eric Bristow has suggested football abuse victims are not "proper men". More:
Breaking. Donald Trump is now demanding that the ambassadorship is given to Eric Bristow MBE
Eric Bristow's timeline is a good display of 1) how many people don't understand the lifelong effects of child sex abuse. 2) b…
Eric Bristow thinks that you can't even call it "Christmas" anymore.
Eric Bristow eh.. what an absolute ***
"Find out who Eric Bristow is and offer him a job."
(a) Footballers bravely speak about childhood abuse they suffered. (b) Thousands of people express solidarity and sympath…
"Paedo or Poof with Eric Bristow. If you don't do it, Sky will"
Can I have a pint of what Eric Bristow has please
I drank way too much last night! What is Eric Bristow doing lay next to me?
On this cold and frosty morning, let us bow our heads and thank the Lord that we're not Eric Bristow. Amen.
Eric Bristow MBE. Ever wondered what the MBE stands for? Massive Bell End
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Eric Bristow comments are disgrace. I'm never buying his gravy again!!
Eric Bristow just fell over his own knuckles.
Imagine how stupid we're going to feel when Eric Bristow wins the next General Election.
Eric Bristow labels footballer victims of child sex scandal as 'wimps'. via
Eric Bristow proving why social media, 18 pints on a Monday night and a horrible outlook on life just don't mix.
Eric Bristow has totally shattered my preconceived idea of darts players as clean-living, tolerant, open-minded liberals.
Shortlist for Sports Personality 2016 out next Monday. . Eric Bristow anyone?. 🙊
Is there an *** category during the Sports Personality of the Year awards? Eric Bristow now odds on.
If I know my 2016, Eric Bristow will now go on to win Sports Personality of the Year.
Eric Bristow's agent is trying to get Eric booked for a sit down interview with Russell Harty.
BREAKING: Rangers give permission for Jim Traynor to speak to Eric Bristow.
Eric Bristow definitely wears England flip flops in benidorm with a pint of San Miguel
On way to Chelsea's training ground now to film darts with some 1st team players Rod Harrington, Eric Bristow for my sponsors William Hill 😁
Eric Bristow get the tickets booked we're going✈️
Ive got a couple of Spare Eric Bristow Shirts for sale if anyone is looking for one. Sizes medium-large-extra large
All purpose parts banner
Hopefully I've given something back to darts, which has been brilliant...
Some succinct, and timely, hand grenades from
"The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”
meant is seriously. ...watched him all the time..especially the battles with Eric Bristow
We are now taking entries for the Keith Deller & Eric Bristow pairs open I'm partnering 🎯
Who do you want throwing your darts - a monkey, or Eric Bristow? - a piece that's actually about cycling:
Trouble is, I don't get to play a lot at the moment because I've just ...
I once had to sit next to Eric Bristow on a flight to Boston years ago. My opinion of him changed.
When Phil Taylor is in the field - no matter whether it's tiddlywinks ...
aha makes Steven Dawson look like Eric Bristow 😂
What on: Play Against a Darts Legend with Eric Bristow and Keith Deller: Come and play alongside former World...
Martin Oneill is like a cross between Jim Watt, Jamie Carragher, David Lloyd, Len Goodman and Eric Bristow. Is there anyth…
Dream Premier League matches: Eric Bristow, Jocky Wilson and Peter Manley all feature in our shortlist of drea...
Eric Bristow gave me nice advice...he told me to chop my index finger off 😂😂😂
play against darts legend with Eric Bristow MBE, Keith Deller and Russ Bray £25 which includes competition entry ,food and many more!
Play against darts legend's Eric 'The Crafty Cockney' Bristow and Keith Deller at the Casino!
It took me about 10 years to get rid of. I'm all right now, though, lovely,...
Only 9 general seating tickets left for the darts with Eric Bristow. £10 available from the bar.
Check out this memorabilia signed by
Met Eric Bristow, the reason I got into darts
how do you think MVG would've got on against bristow in his peak? Think Eric would've rattled him
All this cuddling and kissing on stage these days, well it's all right in f...
17:30 Back in Time for the Weekend: Rob and Steph share more time together, playing darts with Eric Bristow.
Dad's and daughters ... Danielle Stoton playing Darts with Eric Bristow this morning ...
The Legend that is Eric Bristow playing on a bdo board can't be right here.
Meet, Play and share an evening with Eric Bristow & Glen Durrant in M'bro this May.
, Eric Bristow in the Betfred shop, next to the Nutwell shop, couldn't find a box to stand on!
By the time I was 25 or 26, I would have earned a million, but if you looke...
Alexander the Great at 33 cried because there was no more worlds to conquer Eric Bristow is only 27
The Crafty Cockney had a picture of the owner dressed up as a copper, so I ...
My darts practice tonight has been a combination of Eric Bristow and Eric Idle
Wayne Mardle you chat such *** hand over the commentary to Eric Bristow
Eric Bristow trained him to touch birds up in his pubs bogs: Circa 1985.
I love cheese and biscuits, the stronger the better.
Eric Bristow another genius who lost it when they started over analysing his throw
Just Back from my First pro Darts Tournament with Eric Bristow and Mike Gregory. Great weekend in Dorchester, at the George Albert Hotel
It's all right buying all these good players but they've got to gel, and th...
With a nod to the late, great Sid Waddell who used the same quote for Eric Bristow.
Dave Clark talks down his nose Eric Bristow talks like he's just had a stroke & Wayne Mardle just talks out of his *** !!
One of the all time bests? I used to think the Jocky Wilson, Eric Bristow, John Lowe days were the best for British Darts!
Eric Bristow doesn't half jibber-jabber on. He's as tiresome as John Virgo
I do like Eric Bristow and Wayne Mardle but my God they are boring to listen to
ROVERS STEP UP TO THE OCHE!: DARTING showmen Eric Bristow and Wayne Mardle will arrive at Featherstone Rovers ...
Remove Eric Bristow from that ad, and I bet you'd be saying the same as me pal.
Sorry lads I'm absolutely smashed, just been chilling with Eric Bristow for the past hour... Bet him a Guinness that Barney would win...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Random blog plug - How Eric Bristow won his final World Championship in 1986:
Eric Bristow says Barney can't keep it up that long any more! Oh er missus.
I'm watching Sporting Heroes: Eric Bristow on Sky. To hear him talk about 'The Dartitis Years' is truly harrowing.
Morning all . Is Eric Bristow a cab driver , I thought I saw him last week, could be a double .
Eric Bristow will be talking through gritted teeth (whats left of them)
Eric Bristow is a *** Other than Adams and a hot and cold Mitchell none of the so called BDO big boys are there. being the main 1
Love the Eric Bristow world championship advert
# Eric Bristow what are your predictions for tonight then Eric
fact that everyone knows. Martin Adams is older then Eric Bristow
Eric Bristow: "Nah, I don't watch TV either, apart from a few sports programmes. I just don't have the time."
Gary Anderson, Phil Taylor and Eric Bristow, all in a nights work, feeling privileged.
I hope Eric Bristow ain't commentating tnite he never shuts up n is so feckin🎯🎯🎯
Can we have subtitles when Eric Bristow talks?
Jesus what has happened to Eric Bristow? Lost most of his teeth and looks about 70
The 1983 Woolworths Christmas advert was also exciting - if you like lots of tapes or the Eric Bristow Darts game
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
King of the mountain there's only one Eric Bristow
wayne have you any idea when the draw will be made for the world's? Tried the PDC Eric Bristow and George Noble but no joy.
Tickets are now on sale for our night with Eric 'The Crafty Cockney' Bristow - Night of entertainment, darts & music
thanks for the follow Eric bristow my boy hood sporting hero thanks again
gotta be jocky Wilton's defeat of Eric Bristow in the 1982 world championship
here's a stat for you. Martin Adams is the only player in the GSOD who is older than Eric Bristow.
Eric Bristow. What do you think of the darts so far
Eric Bristow looks like he has been pulled out of the pub minutes ago. Teeth out, shirt untucked. What a time.
Eric Bristow had more teeth out. His health looks absolutely desperate
Daley Thompson, Eric Bristow and Geoff Capes all in the same ad? Those were the days!
Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake were cool last time Bristow was in playoffs.
nah, they have my respect for going to playoffs. Not many Bristow teams can say that.
Good to see Bristow successful again! Great win.
Wow, that was a superb night with Eric Bristow Mbe at a surprise birthday bash in Thame. The look on the guest of...
Eric Bristow: "I'm looking forward to visiting Featherstone; I'm aware what a good night they had with Wayne last year."
I have two bowls of confidence for breakfast each morning. Eric Bristow.
Tell Eric Bristow he owes us a tenner. Sizes go up to XXL I do believe.
How many world titles do you think Eric Bristow would've won had it not been for dartitis
Next week: Eric Bristow opens his files on Malaysia MH370
I see Bristow has started the crap bdo/pdc comments re the stating "our (pdc) boys" what did you win in the pdc eric??
Now drinking with Eric Bristow and Bobby George 😂 Eric is sounder.
Ha Ha Ha. I'm no Eric Bristow! I've damaged a few pub walls in my day.
I like Bristol. My phone changed that to bristow. I think Bristol should be renamed Eric bristow
It is 1-1 here in Portobello Legends, Eric Bristow and Bobby George playing local players tonight in front of a great crowd
Just met Eric Bristow and Bobby George tonight in Portobello at the darts
definitely hun it was rumoured Eric bristow was going in a while bk but these are all boring so far 😯xx
If Eric Bristow didn't have Dartistus he would probably have won double the world titles he has now.
Darting Legend Eric Bristow Signed Photo now selling on our Ebay,
ha, thought he looked a bit Eric Bristow too!
never again!! Next time I'm leaving the mystery triangle to you, Bryan Adams and Eric Bristow!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
everyone please follow this wonderful lady and get her to 2k followers. If you love Eric Bristow, youll love this lady
Everyone give a follow if you dont already... lovely woman and better half to 5 x world champ and darts legend Eric Bristow 🎯😉.
just like Eric Bristow and many many more mate
Flintoff? ffs get Eric Bristow on it instead
Good darts , Eric Bristow in the house tonight,not bad in his day
Good to see Roy Hodgson taking a part time job at Warwick Castle. Or is it Eric Bristow?
"Alexander The Great, at 28, cried salt tears that there were no worlds left to conquer ... Eric Bristow's only 26." Sid Wadell
Off to Celbridge tonight to watch a mate of mine take on Eric Bristow in a game of darts, as you do
I'll give Eric Bristow a second chance. Hear he's improved his game. He needed to.
Tickets on sale for Eric Bristow at cleveleys working men's club. £10 per ticket on the 14/10/2015.
he was there and Eric Bristow, I know, it was a strange night 😆
definitely Richard Ashdown and Eric Bristow as well, shame it would be a laugh a minute.
Looks like everyone want Eric in the CBB house this year👏🏻
Audi, holidays & Norwich City tickets up for grabs in online charity auction via Eric Bristow shirt
I'm watching Andy Cole: Sporting Life Stories. I loved the Eric Bristow one, this is a bit dull
Watching a documentary about Bullseye and it suddenly struck me how much Eric Bristow resembled Margaret Thatcher.
Love the Darts exclusive 5x Champion of the World Eric Bristow never had a tattoo back then.
well that's not true 5x champion of the world Eric Bristow never had 1 back then.
Get Eric Bristow up for the half time draw.
Fancy taking on Eric Bristow and Andy Hamilton in a game of darts? Well you can on Friday August 15th. It's a...
Game...set...and the second leg to eric bristow..
. Eric Bristow scored 165 & it was turned into pounds for some hospital. One of the contestants kept dribbling.
missus telling me bout the darts player she met in Blackpool on Sat night, can't remember who tho.. Only bloody Eric Bristow. dozy mare
Eric Bristow conquered the world 5 times by the age of 28
Never ever understand why Eric Bristow keeps slagging the BDO If it wasn't for the bdo there would be no Eric. Your 5 world's were with bdo?
I like Eric Bristow as a pundit - never sits on the fence. Wish football pundits were more like him
Never fail to laugh when Eric Bristow pops up on the telly!
It's been real Bristow but I think I'm gonna go ahead and slide out.
That's good and l bet it was and l went on do like that once but it was darts and it was Eric bristow and John Lowe
The best nights in Bristow usually include driving around, chillin at the park, and road trips to Sapulpa.
Get your act together Sky. Bloody Eric Bristow, what's that about?!
got to say, when I was a child! My hero of all time was Eric Bristow. He still is tbh, love you Eric xxx
my kid is there. Got a selfie with Eric Bristow.
van v taylor final what u think the legend. Eric bristow.
Happy Birthday Kev have a great day love Bex and Eric Bristow 🎯🎂🍻
Eric Bristow saying BDO events don't matter, better start calling Raymond van Barneveld the ONE time champion of the world instead of 5 then
At the risk of sounding like Tom Friedman, a cab driver told me about this great doumentary: Arrows – Eric Bristow
he's supposed to be going in big brother. He could be potentially my favourite reality TV star since Eric Bristow or Jim Davidson.
Happy Birthday to the legend Eric Bristow and to the No 1 Michael van Gerwen !
Eric Bristow is looking a nice shade of David Dickinson
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