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Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling (born March 2, 1963) is an American television personality who specializes in financial news and political commentary.

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Eric Bolling is a stand up guy who deserves the respect I have for him.
Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Eric Bolling, Charles Payne...yeah, Fox is JUST the network to throw shade…
When did the Republicans denounce Fox News for all of Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, or Eric Bolling's harassment? Must have mi…
Impressively anchored, emotionally engaging drama with terrific performances from Eric Bolling and newcomer Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Great idea! Jesse Waters is just ok.I feel bad about what happened to Eric Bolling.
Overheard: "Jesse Waters . . . Never thought I'd say this, but I miss Eric Bolling."
You Rock David Wohl. Eboni screwed Eric Bolling over so her…
I don't care what time The Five on Fox News airs, I will never WATCH racist Juan Williams. He's so sad and pathetic. Where's Eric Bolling??
After seeing Kimberly Guilfoyle breaking up over the death of Eric Bolling's son, I'm actually comforted by Bret Baier's voice
Take a second look at that letter Yashar Ali Hedayat's legal team sent to Eric Bolling's lawyers. It definitely raises A LOT…
Eric Bolling's teenage son found dead Just not right for a parent to bury a child.
Eric Bolling is out at Fox News over sex pictures, while Charles Payne returns to Fox Business - Los Angeles Times
Eric Bolling out at Fox after report for HuffPost about him sending lewd text msgs
Seriously, does FOX have any male anchors who have not sexually harassed their co-workers? .
Eric Bolling departs Fox via the Android app
"Eric Bolling" becomes another Conservative casualty at . Good news: Charles Payne is returning!
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Eric Bolling out at Fox News after allegations of sending lewd photos to female colleagues
BREAKING: Fox News parts with Eric Bolling after sexual-harassment probe
Fox has fired another sexual predator from their team. Another longtime harasser. Video of some of Eric Bolling's sexi…
Why would Eric Bolling need to show any coworkers a *** when, just by appearing on TV, he was showing a *** to millions
Bill O'Reilly, Bill Shine, and Eric Bolling all out at Fox News in a six month span
Fox cuts ties with star Eric Bolling after HuffPost's reports he sent lewd pix to colleagues. .
Eric Bolling is a true patriot who fought hard for the agenda. . He will be missed. . ht…
Fox News has parted ways with Eric Bolling, I hope that he sues them until the sun don't shine, guilty until proven innoce…
Pretty soon won't have anybody left to speak on air. . Eric Bolling, Trump's close friend, denied this to the bitte…
Wow! I'm stunned & saddened by decision 2 terminate Eric Bolling. . My other foot is just about out the d…
Eric Bolling, who reportedly sent inappropriate texts to female colleagues, out at Fox News
So female colleagues of Eric Bolling claim he text them lewd photos. Really??
How many times is Fox News gonna cave to the Left verses it's viewer? Bad decision by a Fox to let "Eric Bolling" go.
Goodbye.. farewell... and good luck.. "Eric Bolling out at Fox News # via
Eric Bolling shouldn't have been fired without an actual investigation. . . Caroline Heldman👇. https:/…
Fox News continues their recent string of horrific decisions by letting Eric Bolling go. . This network is quickly becom…
BREAKING: Here are the *** pictures that Eric Bolling sent to his accusers!
Eric Bolling, Bill O'Reilly, they keep this up Bannon's new News network is going to have a Dream Team of anchors to hire.
Eric Bolling to pursue Senate seat after being terminated from Fox amid allegations of sexual harassment
Breaking: A month after my story, Fox News has confirmed they've parted ways with Eric Bolling. Story developing:
Eric Bolling gets fired. . Lois Lerner gets off. . When does the Obama era end?.
Eric Bolling is a great guy. . The accusations are bogus & have now affected his employment. is going to need a…
Shame on I Stand With Eric Bolling!. False accusations of sexual harassment have been weaponized against our men!
Bill O'Reilly, in my opinion was their biggest mistake, now Eric Bolling, they should fir…
After that, Eric Bolling hosts Victoria Jackson for a lively chat on a CompuServe bulletin board!
Very suspicious... Eric Bolling accuser is Anti-Trump Professor who ALSO accused Bill O’Reilly. What's going on here? Oh wai…
Brilliant move by Eric Bolling. He hired O'Reilly's lawyers to save his job.
Why isn't Eric Bolling suing the guy who suspended him? Rupert Murdoch via
As horrible as this is for I am excited for him to do discovery on Eric Bolling
emilysteel: Fox News host Eric Bolling initiated a $50m suit against author of the HuffPost report that led to …
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WATCH: Eric Bolling to "You saw what happened to Whitney Houston, step away from the crack pipe, step away from…
Fox News host Eric Bolling is suing a journalist for $50 million over a lewd texting story
I want to see Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfolye, Eric Bolling and of course Greta start their own network
First Roger and Bill O Reilly now Eric Bolling the SWAMP is closing in on Fox News. This has to STOP everyone fight back against the Dems
welcomes the newest team member! Orientation by Bill O'Reilly and Eric Bolling
Hey 550 KTSA You went on and on for weeks about Anthony Weiner's *** pics" yet you give Eric Bolling a free bass?
Remember when Eric Bolling went after Anthony Weiner...for doing the same thing Bolling has been suspended for?.
Fox News’ Eric Bolling suspended over accusations of sending lewd photos to female co-workers
Eric Bolling you are a great Patriot. . MSM only smears what they fear. Continue your great work. We are behind
Eric Bolling suspended from Fox amid lewd message allegations
Chris Wallace & Baier. I have always thought Eric Bolling was creepy, especially…
IMRAN KHAN (PAK) PTI chief also send inappropriate messages to she co worker he is still leader of party "Eric Bolling"
Eric Bolling will be a great addition to some third-rate InfoWars BS podcast sponsored by Hobby Lobby
I like Eric Bolling, I don't like Wallace, Smith or Kraphammer. If you are going that route, I'm done watching...
Fox News suspends host Eric Bolling after new allegation of sexually inappropriate behavior
Fox News host Eric Bolling has been suspended amid an investigation into whether he sent lewd photos to co-workers
Wow: Eric Bolling sent at least three colleagues unsolicited photos of male genitalia, a dozen sources tell ht…
3 women received the unsolicited *** pics from loudmouth misogynist Eric Bolling, HuffPost has learned.
Dems, look in the mirror. You don't get 2 take a moral high road b4 any actual conclusive evidence comes out on "Eric B…
Did host, Eric Bolling, send *** picks to female colleagues? The people who work at Fox are so disgusting.…
I think you have a scandal of your own. Weiner gate.
I think Trump just found his new communications director.
Eric Bolling calling people "disrespectful fool" while he sends *** pics to female colleagues. . Typical Fox News hypocrite…
Oops. Looks like didn't air today on Truth is, Eric Bolling killed that show long ago. Sad!
Fox News’ "rising star" Eric Bolling is accused of sending lewd pics to female colleagues. https…
Good Morning Friends.. Trump is fixing most of Obama's failures. I'd call that a successful first 6 months.
Exclusive: A dozen sources tell me that longtime FNC host Eric Bolling sent lewd text messages to women colleagues.
Fox News Eric Bolling doesnt think the White House should put Stephen Miller in front of the cameras
Looks like the sexual harassment issues at Fox News are not over. . on Eric Bolling . https:…
They r only after b/c he is becomin a big conservative star like w they make up same lies https…
Eric's Firing may also be tagged the Bolling Ball Massacre! Wonder if we can get Conjob to cover…
Eric Bolling has officially been named as White House photographer.
Fox News host Eric Bolling reportedly sent unsolicited and explicit photos to colleagues https…
Eric Bolling had a strange obsession with Anthony Weiner. Turns out they had something in common.
Eric Bolling of sent unsolicited photo of male genitals by texts to colleagues, 12 claim
The left is trying to silence another conservative journalist. I sure hope Eric Bolling fights back the same way Sean Hannity
Fox News host "does not believe he sent" unsolicited lewd texts or emails to his colleagues. Translation: He did. http…
these Eric Bolling junk-pic rumors have been an open secret among many at Fox for years. Glad to see report it out
At least we finally know what Eric Bolling specializes in.
Fox News' Eric Bolling, accused of sending multiple *** pics to colleagues, may never be cured, says pervert expert http…
Fox News' Eric Bolling accused of sending lewd photo to colleagues, report claims
Eric's firing will be remembered as the Bolling Ween Massacre.
Regarding the story. Could it be possible he text the Anthony Weiner story at the time? Think about it
Men of earth, stop sending unsolicited pictures of your weiner to people. It's too late for Eric Bolling, but it's not to…
Good question Eric Bolling - Shall we ask about 10 of your female colleagues? Perhaps they can confer with your wif…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Dana Perino and Eric Bolling save this overblown comedy that tries too hard to be too slapstick.
Congratulations! Great choice! Eric Bolling would have also been a good pick. Lov…
He was chewed out by Eric Bolling on tv and started to cry like a little Obama sissy. The women were feeling sorry…
Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle need to do a show together. I haven't heard one person say they like The Fox Ne…
Wake up America host Eric Bolling goes off on Bill de Blasio via
The book signing of Eric Bolling was a uggge success in Myrtle Beach.Trump supporters love Eric for standing with our Pr…
Fox News host Eric Bolling on Friday blasted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) for traveling to Germany to ...
'The Swamp' by Eric Bolling . 'Rediscovering Americanism' by Mark Levin. 'Garden of Beasts' by Erik Larson
Did I see Chris Stirewalt cross his arms & pout at Eric Bolling on show just now?
Trump hater Chris Stirewalt put in his place by Eric Bolling. Stirewalt should have gone to NBC with his soul mate Megan Kelly.
This is a poll of the Fox News team including Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle, the two people who foll…
...designed to appeal solely to fans of Eric Bolling and Dana Perino...
What has Eric Bolling done to deserve such a horrible show!
Eric Bolling is a disaster. I give him 1 month. Shannon Bream, Trish Regan, Maria Bartiromo, all much…
Looks like Eric Bolling staying at 5pm and Jesse Waters replacing him at 9pm on the Five
The Five moving to 9pm. Eric Bolling doing a new show at 5pm. Jesse Waters joins The Five
Eric Bolling has that "Uh oh, my friend is in big big trouble" look in his eyes.
Eric Bolling was right about Trump supporters on CNN, etc.
These Democrat city council members from Lansing just talk over Eric Bolling, they don't know how to make a coherent argument.
Someone on tell Eric Bolling Nickelodeon is hiring. He can spend all day on that network pointing to his 5 finge…
Eric Bolling is definitely the wrong person for 'The Factor'. His attempt to act like and be Bill O'Reilly is very unnatural.
Eric Bolling nails it! The President's extremely proactive &is keeping up w/the promises he campaigned on. Very rare in an…
If you watched w/Eric Bolling you'll get this. OMG! OMG! OMG!. Landsing, MI STOP voting for MORONS!. Fr…
Eric Bolling subbing again for O'Reilly - B an even bigger *** than O. (Apologies to jackasses)
Fox News (You're Eric Bolling... I should have known. Who published your trash?
Eric Bolling is regretting the stains on his blue dress 🙄
I was dying watching Eric Bolling stuttering through this story on today.
Eric Bolling? You have 3 or more effeminate men on as guest? Even CNN knows its unprofessional character…
Eric Bolling tell Arash Homampour that he's a lawless man, using hate, allowing others 2B victimized, when there are laws to protect!
Eric Bolling should be working in the White House as one of our President's most devoted news commentator,…
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Remember this is the guy whose Russian handlers called an *** " . So basically he has the IQ of Eric Bolling.
Oh God not Eric Bolling, he might even be worse than Bill
. AMB Soderberg- Hey Joe!. *cricket* um... you're on with ERIC BOLLING. 🤣
Sorry you got it wrong 2x tonight: 1)Eric Bolling doesn't deserve the 8pm slot. McCallum does. 2)No apology to on GCHQ.
Fox News--"Trump Trump" Eric "bumbling" Bolling thinks he has permission to disrespect Pres Trump whenever he feels like it.
Eric Bolling is getting worse every day Did he change to a liberal somewhere along the way? Why do I want to watch, The Three?
Eric Bolling is the host for Bill O'Reilly--how stupid.
STOP butting in!! It is not Eric Bolling on the Four!! I now just DVR through all of your excessive comments.
Fox News "Trump Trump" Eric Bolling--whom I've never liked--& who owes his livelihood to Bill O'Reilly--is a Pres Trump disrespectable.
Been doing it that way forever. Jesse Watters, Eric Bolling, Juan Williams, and others take turns hosting on Friday…
Eric Bolling and Juan Williams are living proof that you don't need a high IQ to make it in the MSM or on
O'Reilly was already on a four day per week schedule. Friday night always had a stand in, usually Eric Bolling. Why is this news?
I also am a big fan of Eric. So fair in reporting Bolling
Eric Bolling is the one to replace disgraced bill o'riley.
Fox News tried to criticise Barack Obama, accidentally praised him instead
Might there be The Factor with Eric Bolling in the near future?
The Five is a modest success for Bob Beckel, due in large part to the charm of Juan Williams and Eric Bolling.
way to go Eric Bolling you're a good American
Eric Bolling since u have stuck ur chin out
I don't think Eric Bolling likes her to much she was an *** to him a few times!
Love Eric Bolling but she's too estab…
Austin, TX thanx for selecting Dana Perino as Ur guest host & not using the lack-luster, talentless Eric Bolling as the host
Austin, TX thanx for Dana P as guest & not electing to use the talentless Eric Bolling
True. The Perino Factor. No Eric Bolling or Jesse Waters they need to be fired.
The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism — and How Trump Can Drain It | Eric Bolling…
Acclaimed artist, Eric Sall, painting his 3 part installation at the Richard Bolling Federal…
Nothing built from Obama's stimulus? Mostly False. From the archives:
Eric Bolling interviewing Trump.aww.too bad about your whole Susan Rice "scandal."
Eric Bolling is my pick to replace Bill
This extraordinary roundtable shows Eric Bolling back in the pulpit for an expose of the church-and-tent revival circuit.
When is Fox going to realize that he's a bigger liability than asset? How about giving Eric Bolling a shot? (+…
Eric Bolling at Fox News,TRUMP US show of force to North Korea also could expose US weaknesses and BAC…
Which talent is going replace Bill O'Reilly? Eric Bolling or Jesse Watters?
Only a complete *** would be surprised by this. In other words, expect Eric Bolling to be surprised by this later…
Eric Bolling from Fox said something I had 2 read twice,since it's Fox.Said he thought it wrong…
The fact Eric Bolling is the first name speculatively mentioned as a potential replacement says quite a lot.
continues to dumb it down! Barf to Marie Harf, Juan Williams & Eric Bolling. Their Sick attempt to keep it Fair…
Juan Williams calls Kimberly Guilfoyle a "saint," and Eric Bolling's roundtable makes a strong case for his canonization.
Remember when Eric Bolling had no idea that and Operation Iraqi Freedom were a decade apart?
Eric Bolling you just went from my favorite five to just above Jaun Williams, make it easier to come here? 2x 3x more?
I am with Eric Bolling – let us grieve for the victims before we politicize the Bowling Green massacre
Megan Kelly may need a backup at NBC. I think Juan Williams would be a good fit there...and Eric Bolling would help Juan pack.
We don't watch because of Juan Williams and Dana Perino. Maybe Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling will ge…
Dude, Eric Bolling has a real gift for running the hypocrite gamut in the fewest words possible.
I feel the same as Eric Bolling, and you don't feel that way Mama? about your Cubs? And don't be ignorant to me you…
Eric Bolling you need to ask Trump if he plans to bring his clothing line back to America
What is the difference between that statement and peddling opinion as "fact".
Eric Bolling tells uninsured folks to just go to the ER. Where should they go for follow-up care afterwards?
*** Emergency rooms cannot collect $$ from patients that can't afford to pay. Hospitals lose.
Eric Bolling called Roland Martin a ‘Lame *** FAKE Hypocrite’ and now he&on an epic rampage -
Eric Bolling: "There are 1100 families that are pretty darn happy that Carrier deal came through."
I Loved the five , I like Juan Williams but he interrupts you so much and gets to loud ! I loved everyone else on The Five , Loved your book so did my son he just retired after 20 years in the Army, Hope everyone at the Five have a wonderful Chritmas. Cheryl Peek Where can I buy the Five mug ?🎄
Eric Bolling "Blow your liberal friends minds with this. They said was elected by white men.
'Geraldo looked like he was about to cry...' Eric Bolling proves white men didn't elect Trump in one chart
Bret was just following orders from the FOX / Trump news network...Expected this from Hannity or Eric Bolling but n…
Used to be an AVID Fox, will only watch Sean Hannity, Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Can you imagine the line up on Trump TV. Alex Jones. Rush Limbaugh. Hannity. Laura Ingraham. Ann Coulter. Eric Bolling. Katrina Pierson. Sarah Palin
- I like Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling and Gregg Gutfeld on The Five. Juan and Dana need to go.
I always watch Eric Bolling on the 5 but mute Juan Wms the minute he opens his mouth. Can't tolerate him
is so much better without Eric Bolling.
it's part of her plan for globalization! WakeUp! . BTW, great book by Bolling, read it!"Wake Up America"
If you look close you can see Sean Hannity & Eric Bolling throwing the little football,in Donald Trump Caverns loca…
No Eric Bolling on the it means I can watch it!
I agree. Eric just waves the Trump flag but you ask and then follow up Bolling just goes by the script.
If you need a laugh, come to Eric Bolling!
Lou Dobbs , Eric bolling, Kimberly as well
Neil Cavuto please don't get like Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling they can literally tell you,what Donald Trump's *** crack smells like.
WRong just like CHILLARY phony facts!!! Read Clinton Cash!!by Eric Bolling
Interesting! Social Media won't let me post my own links. That's the issue apparently. Trying to keep my feed out!
Vote your conscience, but first, please watch this video,
I liked a video from Eric Bolling: Copy China, Eliminate Labor Laws
Donald Trump Olay you took a couple prominent names in journalism like Sean Hannity,& Eric Bolling,& you turned them in the Clowns.
I love the five and Eric Bolling even with Juan on it
"The Clintons are greedy. They love money. They love money so much they've been accused of ignoring ethics and,...
"Hannity and Coulter". "Meet the Trumps with Greta Van Susteren". "Yelling and Numbers with Eric Bolling". "Speak American!"
Electronic Device Insurance
Hannity and Eric Bolling seem to be pretty honest but I agree Fox is becoming more and more corrupt.
Eric Bolling takes on the US health care system.
Dr. Sean Hannity paging dr. Sean come quick to the O.R Eric Bolling has his nose stuck,in Donald Trump *** crack you're needed immediately.
Dr. Sean Hannity come quick and bring your special ointment Eric Bolling has kissed Donald Trump's *** raw,& bring your magic hands.
yup only Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Trish Regan and Eric Bolling are decent to Trump all the rest are following the propaganda
I don't understand how Eric Bolling hangs out with those shills.
Check out this Amazon deal: Settle for More by Megyn Kelly via
Check out this Amazon deal: Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made O... by Eric Bolling via
Sean Calamity and Eric Bolling are a special kind of stupid… I mean above and beyond the standard Fox News droid. Vapid haters.
This wonderful salesperson said its still selling very well! WakeUpAmerica https:/…
Yeah but he's not racist no not Donald Trump he's a choir boy,just ask Sean Hannity the karate boy 4 Eric Bolling.
Eric Bolling looking at crack there and see if you can find my trowel,yeah that's right feel around b*.
Donald Trump you racist enough good people know what you are that's all that matters,you Hannity Eric Bolling & O'Reilly start boo-hooing.
Fox host Eric Bolling, who has a birther past of his own, declares Trump ended birtherism controversy in 25 seconds:
Eric Bolling with Frank Luntz played the Scott Pelley Hillary Clinton 'truth' interview on Fox last night. Devastating for HC.
Listen to Greta, Sean, Eric Bolling and Monica Crowley. Stay away from traitors like Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith.
Eric Bolling says if you want a liberal supreme court don't vote Trump if not stop the cry baby bs and vote Trump
Sean Hannity if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency it's because you,& Eric Bolling destroyed Ted Cruz's chances praising racist Trump.
Eric Bolling proving that Fox Newscasters really have a grasp of racial relations & aren't racist at all. . .
Bill O'Reilly when Clinton wins the White House I'm giving you Sean Hannity,and Eric Bolling credit you 3 ruined our Republicans chances.
Murdock is liberal? Does Hannity, Bill O'Reilly or Eric Bolling know this? It explains Megyn Kelly's Trump attacks!
Eric Bolling of Fox News said the media is treating Donald Trump badly,and only him Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity are true professionals..
watch on CashinIn at 1130ET on FNC—then buy his book on Amazon. https:/…
I bet Eric Bolling is jumping for joy with this news!
Did you hear what Eric Bolling said 17 minutes into the memorial day show of the five. You MUST listen.
...this is packed with all the warmth, heart and humanity that one has come to expect from a Eric Bolling show.
ICYMI: "We're becoming a nation of wussies. Let's stop America's slide into the liberal abyss." – Eric Bolling...
."We're becoming a nation of wussies."
A good roundtable can make interesting a subject you thought would leave you cold. A case in point: Eric Bolling's The Five.
A great turn by Bob Beckel [and] real sympathy spun like gold from Eric Bolling.
Geraldo Rivera what do you mean Eric Bolling don't feel comfortable sitting between you and Juan,do you care to elaborate,don't worry I will
Dude, I watch them everyday and that is not true, O'Reilly, Hannity, Eric Bolling, Geraldo Rivera, .
Megyn Kelly Bill O'Reilly and Eric Bolling do you probably wave the American flag Everywhere You go I do,the Mexican people can fly theirs.
Eric bolling or Sean Hannity? Chris Matthews was more objective in 2008
Congratulations, Eric Bolling, on the great success of Wonderful show. I wish you continued success!
Great Patti! TY!!. You can get this newsletter delivered regularly by signing up here-> . .
She claimed Eric Bolling also offered her a job when he was outside Fox smoking. He doesn't smoke ...
10 weeks- my book comes out! Find out what Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Sean Hannity & more say about it! Updates at
& Shaming Poor Americans does little for &
Insulting the hard working class of Americans being screwed, slandered, underpaid, overworked, no benefits,...
Eric Bolling's performance is truly virtuoso -- stunning technique applied to the most challenging material.
Dude I watch you on Fox News on Saturdays. If you see Eric Bolling tell him Cruz is the next president of the USA
Please replace O'reilly with Eric Bolling it's a much better show.Bills ego tonight unchained and out of line.
On tax day, Fox News host accuses 45% of Americans of being "on the take"
Eric Bolling thinks Trump should choose Joe Biden for VP *SMH*
'You want to disagree WITH ME?!' - Dana Perino SLAPS DOWN Eric Bolling's excuses for Trump loss
All said and done, you're just as stupid as Scott baio, Sarah Palin & Eric Bolling for supporting that *** Pimp Trump.
Have been watching Fox News since 7 pm. Seriously Trumpkins, what's your beef with the media? Greta and Eric Bolling are a Tr…
Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling & Kimberly Guilfoyle have always given Brilliant analysis. Three of the few I respect at
At this point Bob Beckel would be a breath of fresh air in lieu of Eric Bolling
OMG who cares I saw Eric Bolling, Shawn Hannity & Bill Oreilly on there once.
Except that Sean Hannity. And Fox and Friends, and that Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Andrea Tantaros...
Eric Bolling's superb little effort, with its matter-of-fact isolation of hero Kimberly Guilfoyle (ironic, no?
Fox News just became a Trump fest... Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Sean Hannity all live RIGHT now. Help me
It was the performance of Juan Williams as the young Eric Bolling that invested the show with the chill of genuine credibility.
Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle are in denial
I have stood with Eric Bolling for a long time now, truth always rises to the top whether they listen or not
It is Eric Bolling who really sets the TV show apart.
Sick of the Trump *** from Sean, Eric Bolling, Lou Dobbs, and others
Jeanine Pirro, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity. All in the tank for Trump. So much for unbiased journalism.
I'm starting exclusive newsletter on my website! Sign up free at receive the 1st issue Monday. Let…
Jon Stewart to Eric Bolling: 'F*** you and all your false patriotism.'
Top of the line Kimberly Guilfoyle with wonderful Dana Perino and surprisingly funny Eric Bolling.
Fox's Eric Bolling: If Bernie Sanders taxed businesses, "we wouldn't have the iPhone"
The Five overcomes questionable special effects and succeeds largely on the strength of Eric Bolling's mesmerizing performance.
Eric Bolling will have better New Years Eve than Nick Saban or Bob Stoops because he gets paid to be with KG
so you finally had enough of Eric "Bully" Bolling. Maybe just maybe the Libertarian in you is fighting back the O'Reilly spell
It's not a novel, but I hear Eric Bolling has a new book!
Eric bolling Kimberly from fox deserve honor of trump at new year party very rare few who support in that crummy biased fox
Its fab Ebo you have a lot of ways to buy your book AND sign up for your newsletters via email at
Once again Eric Bolling spent the hr promoting his fav Trump. Multiple DT surrogates and Trump apologists joined in.
You just provided me with the item I most want next year "Wake Up America" by Eric Bolling! Will it be available signed?🇺🇸
OReillyFactor what a joy to have Eric Bolling who actually allows others to voice a complete sentence.
You should replace Eric Bolling, on all Fox shows,
please no more politicians . Ann Coulter OR Eric BOLLING but No politicians
It's suggested that Fox is violating campaign finance law by having a Trump campaign manager on full time staff,. # Eric Bolling !!
When Oreilly is out he ask what other racist can cover for me,oh yeah Eric Bolling,he's a good racist.
Thank you for the heads up Karen. I really like & respect Eric Bolling. Merry Christmas to you!!!
She's probably going to secretly have the baby in Kenya and sneak back so it can be president in 45 years or so...
Trump rocking like Eric BOLLING . I want to dance with Kimberly OMG OMG new years eve
Yes TRUMP is a guest . Omg Trump rocking like Eric BOLLING
Fox host resurrects theory that Chelsea Clinton gets pregnant to boost her mom's poll
Going to try and resist Eric Bolling's charm as well
Speaking of kids recently attacked .
Greg Gutfeld lays into Eric Bolling and Fox News for its slobbering coverage of Donald Trump
ABC has Ryan Seacrest, NBC has Carson Daly, CNN has Anderson and Kathy Griffin, Fox News has Kim Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling an…
his network! he has had his head shoved up trumps *** just as far as Eric bolling.
Let me know if you see Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling and or especially Clayton Morris lol
Bob Beckel has good direction with solid performances from Eric Bolling and Andrea Tantaros.
Eric Bolling is as ruthless as James J. Dillon managing the Four Horsemen to NWA greatness.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ohio Gov. John Kasich joins The Factor tonight in an election special hosted by Eric Bolling.
Dana Perino is a sweetly vulnerable Kimberly Guilfoyle; Bob Beckel is cold, brittle and, well, Juan Williams, as Eric Bolling.
Dana Perino freaks on Eric Bolling as her Bush burns in polls. She antiTrump fail, loses all credibility.
as Stuart once said can I see that citation "Eric Bolling's *** .
But most of the show is a delight, especially scenes revolving around Eric Bolling's continual abuse of Bob Beckel.
Eric Bolling just said the musical artist he would most want to be for a day is Kanye West
I'm beginning to think Rubio is their favorite too. But credit is due to Eric Bolling and Scottie Hughes.
Eric Bolling filled in for OReilly tonight. Scottie Hughes on the show too. They were favorable to Trump
Fox was favorable towards Trump tonight on the O'Reilly show with Eric Bolling filling in and Scottie Hughes
Eric Bolling and Scottie Hughes on Fox are really being fair to Trump. Great job guys
We need more of Eric Bolling and Scottie Hughes. I also like the fact that Scottje is Christian and southern
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