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Eric Bana

Eric Bana (born 9 August 1968) is an Australian film and television actor.

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It is my favourite Of Your filmography. Great performances from Édgar Ramírez and Eric Bana. A fil…
12 Strong is such an Eric Bana movie.
Eric Bana is the only thing worthwhile in that disaster. Worse than Alexander.
Someone should check on Eric Bana. He's probably just hotter now
*** that's true! I should rewatch this soon. I love your use of shadow in your horror films! Thi…
Me too. Eric Bana's scope as an actor across many films is superb. His portrayal of Chop…
Stan Lee suddenly accused of sexual misconduct, yet that "Hulk" movie with Eric Bana and Nick Nolte was a true crime against humanity.
2003's Hulk with Eric Bana. It's no Shawshank, but it's absolutely HATED. I enjoyed it, and it…
Not even Eric Bana and Brad Pit can save this thing.
We took Eric Bana and Keanu Reeves to meet some true legends of the sport with
Sure is. The Eric Bana movie from the early aughts was its own thing, but this one counts. It's the MCU movie they…
this is my guess:. Brad Pitt = troy WAIT NO achilles troy is a place. eric bana: odysseus. Orlando Bloom:…
Have you seen movie ...Black Hawk Down.. Its based on civil war in Somalia.American soldiers fighting in Magadishu…
What were we thinking with Eric Bana?
So Nadia wants to watch the Hulk and I'm thinking the Eric Bana version might be a little more kid fr…
For me, Eric Bana will always be the true Hulk. Marvel made a mistake on making M…
Remember when we stared at that guy who we thought was Eric Bana. To this day, we still don’t know.
I wasn't in a scene with any of the major stars. I worked pretty closely with Abrams, of course, and…
lol I watched it last night.. netflix brought it back and I’m in love with eric bana all over again.
To quote Eric Bana from the Chopper film. Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn.
Eric Bana comes off like a serial killer on
Meanwhile everytime I see the ad for Underbelly: Chopper I ask wasn’t Eric Bana available?
If you are looking for a great poker movie and a theatrical masterpiece please tune in! “Lucky You” ticks all the b…
Continuing the Road to Infinity with The Incredible Hulk! Not the Eric Bana one.…
Hulk has been a disaster even with Ang Lee + Eric Bana 😭😂.but that was pre-Disney era.
I did not like that movie. Eric Bana made me feel inadequate as a male.
Eric Bana is one seriously underrated actor. I just love him in anything he plays in.
Charlie Hunnan, Eric Bana and David Beckham are all in King Arthur 🤤😻
It's not awful, granted it could be better 🤔. Could be worse, could be Eric Bana 😆
Also forgot how much I loved Eric Bana in this movie too. Such a good actor.
Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom’s synchronized dismount is a thing of beauty
I swear in every scene Eric Bana is continuously on the verge of pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing and Br…
SCREENWRITER: "I have an idea for a movie that's totally okay. Not good. Not great. Just totally acceptable.". HOLLY…
I know it is cold out and is the right idea but don't pick Troy. You can't compete with sh…
I am very sexually attracted to Eric Bana for some reason (actually I know the exact reason) so I sat throu…
Eric Bana and Brad Pitt both do a great job in the Hector and Achilles fight. Every year o…
There’s a fake Eric Bana account an he followed me. I was sad that it wasn’t really you. 😏
I'm sure Eric Bana asked the same question
Munich was filmed in Malta, Eric Bana starred but DC was in it 😊
Everyone needs to go back and watch Ang Lee's HULK movie with Eric Bana as Banner. It's really underrated.
I want this movie only if Hugh Jackman, Andrew Garfield, Eric Bana, and Nicolas Cage agree to reprise their roles a…
My night: witnessed a very misinformed moviegoer say “Eric Bana, my man!” when Eric Stoltz appeared onscreen in the ANACONDA (1997) trailer.
Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition. Would’ve opted for someone along the lines of Eric Bana.
Apollo is a hybrid between Eric Bana and Brendan Fevola
The Apartment meets Barry Lyndon - Eric Bana is portrayed as an ambitious scientist. Set in modern day Japan.
Dude don't apologise it was AMAZING - except Fosters is awful 😂 hurt m…
I just remember between LOTR tapings, he taped TROY. Suddenly, he was all abs and Eric Bana-esque brunette. I was conflicted.
Drinking wine and watching an Eric Bana movie, best way to end my 27th year. All I'm missing is 😘
I'm not sure what Eric Bana killing Kirk's dad had to do with Vulcan society deciding to inverse their teaching structure, but oh well! ;-)
Yea...I saw that movie. LOVED it too. Eric Bana or Viggo Mortensen and that quiet wilderne…
Remember Eric Bana? He was everywhere for like 5 minutes now he can't get arrested
UGH! Gn...I cannot WON'T allow that to be my last thought for the night!. Eric Bana...I come to thee.
This might be the only machine in captivity that can play the PC version of the tiein game for Eric Bana's HULK fro…
You need to watch the movie called “the castle” if you want to know about serenity. Classic…
Eric Bana is Australia's Pharrell. No, no. His alter-ego 'Poiter' is the Australian Pharrell.
I think that explains why I'm crushing on Apollo.. Eric Bana was my first love. 😂
Apollo is giving me Eric Bana on full frontal vibes I love all day everyday
Eric Bana has an Aussie accent in this and no one else does, not even members of his fam yall
I'm mad at the Catholic Church again, but mostly over the fact that the guy Eric Bana played in Deliver Us From Evil is a complete tool.
I choose to imagine Eric Bana and Varys in full costume doing the Spielberg movie now
WWYD: Eric Bana with forehead's for lip's OR Hattie McDaniel with hair's for eyelash's
Eric Bana played a Romulan. Your statement is correct. What's to get riled up about?
i think you wanted to reply to me. & why cant i like ERIC BANA !. he is freakin gor…
You're a man, how would you know? Eric Bana??? I would refer the Hulk in all his glory 😂😂😂
jamie .always choose jamie. if its a white dude with amazing accent .then i am more into ERIC BANA
"They won't understand that it's about the men next to you, and that's it. That's all it is" ~ "Hoot…
You were sitting next to Michael Klim & Eric Bana? Lol! You all rose up with him, it was one of those special GF grabs.
do you reckon the wine guy looks like a young Hugo Weaving and the magician a young Eric Bana ??
Why is Eric Bana organising a walk off?
My money is on gentle Thor and smiley Labrador man. They both seem very nice and caring. And humble. & Magic Eric Bana.
Don't try to escape from your past. See Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde in the thrilling "Deadfall"—NOW at Starmall...
In season 3 he looked like Brad Pitt. In Season 4 I'm left with Eric Bana. 😒
NOBODY knew who Eric Bana was before the Hulk dropped. Catapulted the Marvel cinematic universe.
Kingdom of Heaven, starring Eric Bana and Ethan Hawke. Directed by Peter Weir, music by Ellie Goulding. Budget: $5m
"Get comfortable being uncomfortable" Here is what did age 17, encouraged by
I got kicked out last year for cosplaying Eric Bana's character from 'the time traveller's wife' - chill…
No, no, nothing that respectable. It's the Eric Bana one. (I do not defend Eric Bana, just Ang Lee.)
Thinking we'll being seeing this GIF often, & we'll see Peterman sooner than expected. He's kind of a dorkier looki…
Norton was in the better Hulk movie that's part of the MCU. Eric Bana was in the Ang Lee. I thought…
Wasn't Ed Norton in the Incredible Hulk and Eric Bana in the Ang Lee Hulk? LOL I'm so confused.
Voting for the impressive Sneaks at Eric Bana up next!
I have sharper eyes & longer memory for PG13 nudity than MPAA stiffs—I saw Eric Bana's *** reflected in a hard as I deserve!
Once there was a movie where Eric Bana played Bruce Banner, so why not?
"I look my best when I take my Helmet off after a long I have a glow and a bit of . -…
Les diaboliques meets 12 Years a Slave - Eric Bana stars as a hardboiled salesman. 12 years in the making.
Hey can you PLEASE review the first movie starring Eric Bana? This one needs a defense. Donit before
Same with Munich, one of my favorites, which had that long montage of Eric Bana dreaming of…
Eric Bana on a Stannah holding a banana!!
Ohh yes i am his a Victorian like me Eric Bana is also, he li…
You are just watching the movie since! Stellar cast o! Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, Tom Sizemore, Hartnett..…
Tom Holland: Andrew Garfield :: Mark Ruffalo: crap, is it Eric Bana or Edward Norton
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I disagree. Mark Ruffalo is the best Hulk. Edward Norton and Eric Bana were the worst
Bit of Eric Bana / Ray Martin style from the Bristle.
Robert Redford, Eric Bana, Mark Ruffalo Gregory Peck, Robert Downey Jr, Jim Morrison, and Damon Albarn. Still like all of them
Just finished For the most part, a terrific movie. Led by great work from Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana and Joe Wright.
I must say this movie has two of the more underrated performers (IMO) here in Saoirse Ronan and Eric Bana.
Hanna, directed by Joe Wright and starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, and Cate Blanchett.
I talked with Eric Bana about race, work, Jim Sheridan's Secret Scripture, going unnoticed in Dublin & Saoirse Ronan.
Charlie Hunnam, Jude law & Eric Bana in looking forward to this
Eric Bana spotted watching the v match on Rod Laver Arena.
My pick is Hanna, directed by Joe Wright starring the talented Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Kate Blanchett 🔝📽
Munich is Spielberg's most underrated film and one of his greatest. Eric Bana's performance is phenomenal.
I liked a video A Weekend with Chopper Read and Eric Bana
I think there are times when you walk onto a set you can potentially be ei...
I'm always one time zone behind myself.
bits and pieces, but i love Eric Bana
which one is Eric Bana and which one is Olivier Giroud?
Still don't understand why Eric Bana did not receive Best Actor during Academy Awards. Australian lives matter!
"If any of us get laid tonight it's because of Eric Bana in Munich" via
I wanted to be a mechanic. When I was 14 I wanted to quit school and go...
I think Eric Bana would be a good Superman. He's got that look. I ...
I really love the Hulk, but Eric Bana was a terrible Bruce Banner in this film and Ang Lee was a terrible choice...
Seriously, Hulk is an awesome film. Jennifer Connelly is super as Betty and Eric Bana is just 😍😍😍
Bana Alabed, 7, and her mother send video to Michelle Obama begging her to save them from Aleppo: https:…
I woke up this morning thinking about how Munich ended with Eric Bana having sex with his wife / killing terrorist. What a weird movie.
I'm going to watch Ang Lee's greatest film... Hulk. I absolutely love this film. Eric Bana is brilliant. Underated classic!
Aussie Eric Bana started his career in comedy, much like you & Burnistoun. Is comedy something you'd like to do mor…
Eric Bana meets the men who make happen. Discover the complete video now at:
By the way, weird *** Nick Nolte is in Eric Bana's hospital room and being uncomfortably close.
Well Jennifer Connelly doesn't deserve this. And neither does Eric Bana.
This movie just had Bruce Banner go from a baby to Eric Bana in 12 minutes!
Hulk, directed by Ang Lee and starring Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, and Nick Nolte.
Eric Bana?! I LOVE your work. Make another Hulk movie
I still like Hulk, despite the gamma-dog nonsense. Ang Lee and Eric Bana would be a great fit for the MCU.
- aka Marvel's next movie failure. Like "The Hulk" with Eric Bana. Or Spider Man with Tobey Maguire. Marvel needs to learn to cast
I love that Julie Christie (❤) and Peter O'Toole (❤) are in this movie, holding its hand. That, and how Eric Bana nearly killed Brad Pitt.
The Lone Survivor has many of my fave guys in it. Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, and Eric Bana 😍🔥
Taylor Swift - don't you dare go for Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana or Chris Martin! Thank you!
Correct. He did BOTH the 1 with Eric Bana in 2003 & then the 1 with Ed Norton in 2008.
Sir Jackie Stewart, Eric Bana, John Surtees, Derek Bell and Charley Boorman are among VIPs at tonight's Hall of Fame dinner.
Gud movie once again Casey Affleck one of my fav actors and Chris Pine :-) and Eric Bana :-)
I would see it if the image was Eric Bana savagely beating Ricky Gervais
Wait...Eric Bana has a show on Netflix with Ricky Gervais?! Watching. It.
Just realized that I may have confused Ethan Hawke and Eric Bana for a full decade
The movies people don't talk about or remember after six months' time don't...
Just finished watching Special Correspondents on Netflix. Was really good. and especially Eric Bana were great.
Don't feel so bad Ben you did well honestly! Better than Eric Bana's Hulk ugh!
In studio right now, Eric Bana!! We're chatting to him about his latest movie
With Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana you'd think this would brilliant, and it has some funny moments, but overall...
lol yeah I figured, but a) Niall put an m where an n should be in bantom and b) Eric bana, Louis? Really?
Eric Bana is one insanely gorgeous man. 😍😘
today:. - harry and his baby hair and baby ears. - louis and ps and cute and love the updates and ERIC BANA
Is Eric Banterna a pun for Eric Bana my god this man
► VIDEO: and on their Netflix-exclusive movie 'Special Correspondents'
Watching special correspondents with Eric Bana and Ricky Gervais. It's not a great movie by any…
Speakeasy Podcast: Eric Bana on His Comedy Roots and Australia’s Love of Radio - Speakeasy - WSJ
foreign correspondence with Eric bana, loved it
I liked a video from The Weekly: Eric Bana
updates Eric Bana for rank 781 to 413
LONDON - - Australian actor Eric Bana returns to comedy with a turn as an egotistical journalist in Netflix movie “Spe…
Lol my wildest dreams are Alexander Skarsgård & Eric Bana, no way are you beyond them.
Saw yesterday and loved it. Reminiscent of Ealing comedies. Hope and Eric Bana work together again
I feel like I have really seen enough advertising now for that Ricky Gervais / Eric Bana Netflix movie that I will never, never watch
► VIDEO:talks to and on Netflix-exclusive movie 'Special Correspondents' -
"if anyone gets laid in here it's because of Eric Bana" Aus represents!!! Love Knocked Up.
the SHYING AWAY Eric Bana and Hamish and Andy. Minor "NOT" Celebs. FKN Chill. LOW BUDGET PRODUCTIONS and MAKE SHIFT Techniques FARK.!
I think love can come fairly easily and grow - but really liking the core e...
Eric Bana says - Guys come inside and have a CUPPA TEA.
Please enjoy on On all things Hulk, and more!
It creates MASSIVE SITCHES: Eric Bana is out The BACK (OTB) and he's saying to us. WHY don't you 2 come in side for a CUP of TEA.
Eric Bana on being dragged to the desert by Spielberg and why he misses being a Stand-up
The extreme pickiness of Eric Bana -
sorry to sidebust but Eric Bana OWNS on Chopper.
I would go and see Eric Bana on stage if he still did some sketch comedy! - The Feed
Really enjoyed Great premise and very funny. Eric Bana needs to do more comedies.
Just watched Munich, properly this time. Cracking film, Eric Bana very good!
Dave's giving off a strong Eric Bana vibe here. I like it!
Hulk w/ Edward Norton was the official lead in. Hulk w/ Eric Bana was made before the first Iron Man proved idea profitable.
Yes. You and Eric Bana have great chemistry. Like Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin great comedy duo.
Did you know Eric Bana acted in a horror movie? A terrible horror movie, Deliver Us from Evil. No? Well, he did. .
Eric Bana as Hulk is painfully bad!. Edward Norton is a better Hulk, Mark Ruffalo is the best Hulk...!
I really want Karl Urban and Eric Bana to be in future Marvel films. Banish the Ang Lee version of the Hulk from memory for Bana.
I certainly can - Christopher Maloni,James Purefoy,Eric Bana,Benicio Del Toro, and wierdly enough Armie Hammer if he dyed his hair
EXCLUSIVE: Kelly MacDonald hooks up with Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana for Netflix movie
They are the highest profile followers I have even Alan Jones, Eric Bana, Bathurst winners. I still value your opinion Sam.😊
I love this movie. Chris Pine is a wonderful Capt. Kirk & Eric Bana makes a great Nero.. such great casting
I understand how feels about Eric bana more than I understand pretty much anything else
Eric Bana 100x better than at My guess is that Mark kisses studio head's *** better.
I am watching Hulk with Eric Bana and drinking beer.
she hulk. If she's anything like Eric Bana's hulk, may not win!
I like the unknown. I like mystery.
It's got Eric Bana and Édgar Ramírez in it! It's weird but I enjoyed it quite a lot.
"Bana umeanza matusi nsawa tu just trying to correct you sir, zero chills there
My wife and I really, really like each other as well as love each other.
Eric Bana is a hunk. Maybe not in Chopper but yah I would.
Did you & Karl sit down & watch the old Eric Bana sketch show from 1994? You should, it's 'sweet mate!'
Stand-up came out of three things. Frustration, necessity and arrogance. I ...
it's like saying Eric Bana has the done the Bruce Banner portrayal
I'm so in love with Eric Bana, so I'm exactly in
seriously looks like the love child of Michael Douglas, Eric Bana and Mark Ruffalo.
Should just ask you as my film guru, what's "Munich" like? I've never seen it and fancy watching it now, I do like Eric Bana
I'll give you a list of a hundred ways that I'm more likely to be injured t...
I've said it 100 times but Eric Bana as Chopper is best depiction of a real person on film. Ever. Sorry, DD-L.
Eric Bana was a good Bruce Banner tho. Bucky is probably so great bc Seb is so proud to be him lmao
😂😂😂😂 what if the winter soldier was Eric Bana? The guy from finding nemo, one of the sharks, I think.
I always find that 90% of the performance, for me, is about what comes from...
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If you're lucky enough to be involved in a film that's about something very...
I think I wasted a lot of my youth, falling for girls who were a couple of ...
Eric Bana to me will always be the kick *** ranger from Blackhawk Down.
I was ready to come up with Statham but he looks nothing like him. Eric Bana maybe then? Clive Owen?
wait! I'm just "hulk" not the Incredible Hulk? Never mind. Not sweet. I'm Eric Bana.
Yes. Very much no Hulk dogs. Or anything else that made that movie suck. No offense to Eric Bana. He's okay
Remember how universally terrible the Eric Bana "Hulk" movie is?
Then I almost bought a Hulk dvd from the sale bin but it was Eric Bana and I don't like him. I'll just watch Avengers some more.
I'm so glad Ed Norton remade . The original Eric Bana version was so horrible. Not his fault, Storyline was Garbage. 😕
Eric Bana's last name sounds like it's actually Banner, but in a Boston accent.
|| I felt the same way with Eric Bana as Bruce Banner | The hulk.
Whoa. Eric Bana and Kelly MacDonald are in Special Correspondents? Now I'm interested,
The actors in - Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Olivia Williams, among others - do a good job with a not-great script.
Clive Owen, Tom Hardy or Eric Bana would make a good Bond, My outsider would be Sam Worthington.
Josh Hartnett and Eric Bana in one film 😍
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
sorry for my answer in late:-P so..example.. Cris Evans,Sean Faris,Russel Crowe,Eric Bana,Mario Casas,Bradley Cooper,Tom Hardy...
Andrew Hastie reminds me of Eric Bana's impression of Ray Martin, back in the day, in that skit when he went all vague and unresponsive.
It's about time Eric Bana brought some of his original roles to Hollywood. Poita Goes To Hollywood, anyone? .
Talking to a guy who looks like Eric Bana/Zayn with a beard, and Alan Cumming without cc:
Hey, I won't judge you if that's your thing. Jen Connelly & Eric Bana *are* hotties, after all.
Dude the Eric Bana Hulk movie is garbage
Donald Trump Jr. looks like a wax statue of Eric Bana that melted
A Bana Bee? Are we saying that Eric, the star of Ang Lee's Hulk was also the inspiration for the Monty Python song?
hhhmmm you kinda sorta look a little bit like a mix of Henry Cavill and Eric Bana (just a bit) 😄😊😁
This spec idea for a script where Eric Bana and play brothers is the refusal of the call for what I'm writing now.
Desire In Defence Doing It - Perhaps Australian actor Eric Bana's character described it best when asked why he go...
The two main characters of Narcos look like Charlie Hunnam and Eric Bana
Eric bana makes me proud to be Australian, what a legendary lad
Anyone else think that Osher is channelling Eric Bana's Ray Martin? That hair is rock solid
Might this be Eric Bana's beloved "The Beast" that I saw a couple weeks back at a Gold Coast car show?
domain names
Rumours of a STEVE IRWIN BIOPIC have resurfaced. Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana and Russell Crowe have each been rumoured to play Irwin.
I dunno. I think lava Kratos might have the upper hand on Eric Bana Jesus.
But mbona Manure wakishindwa huwa wanaletea Arsenal hasira guys you played with PSV not us bana
No, it’s a horror flick with Eric Bana from last year. Though I have seen that doc and makes me shudder to think on it.
Seriously I'm so in loved with Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana right now. Troy is amazing. Classic. 👑
Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore need to get their priorities in order...PAY UP!!!
Deering is set to star alongside Derek Bana, Eric Bana's older brother, in the new sitcom 'Hotdogs and Bana'
BUT eric bana wants his Ray Martin hair back.
Hugh Jackman is Australian. Chris Hemsworth is Australian. Eric Bana is Australian. Superheroes are Australians.
Lot of people forget Eric Bana's roots are in comedy. A legend.
If you stay up late enough on a Friday night, you'll stumble across a Charlie Hunnam and Eric Bana movie.
Eric Bana is from my suburb and is half Croatian too. From melb- all the Hemsworth bros, Kyrie Minogue,dame Edna Everidge +
I watched Deliver Us From Evil late the other night just because Eric Bana was in it. I loves him.
Edward Norton was a better Bruce Banner than Eric Bana...
I'm apparently born on the same day (Aug. 9th) as Melanie Griffith, Sam Elliott and Eric Bana. Not to mention one of my younger brothers. :)
Eric Bana was kind of Tom Hardy after both were Mel Gibson.
Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana film scenes for Special Correspondents
The stressed out dad/part-time fireman, pacing rooms wondering where his good woman is. Eric Bana or Sam Rockwell?
"Hanna" by Joe Wright. rating 8.0 I'd forgotten about this movie until I wondered what Eric Bana wa
c'mon fam. It wasn't trash and which Hulk are you talking about to be specific? Edward Norton or Eric Bana?
After watching countless times, I am now more than ever convinced that Eric Bana portrayed Hulk best!
I really did like Eric Bana's hulk though.
it is 10 x better than the Eric Bana hulk. too bad EN didnt play nice; missing out on that Avengers money
they did it with the Hulk I think. Eric Bana did Hulk in 04 IIRC and Ed Norton did The Incredibke Hulk in 08
In your opinion, who do you think played the best hulk? Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton, or Eric Bana?
Milner's face is a slimmer version of Hulk's (Eric Bana one).
Sometimes I forget how bad Ang Lee's Hulk is, but then I watch Eric Bana fight mutant dogs for fifteen minutes.
I'm not familar with him. I only saw The Hulk movie with Eric Bana.
Lot of great performances in BHD. From the pilots to Eric Bana to Jason Isaacs as CPT Steele to Tom Sizemore as Danny.
What about the Ashton Kutcher version? They'll probably sweep that under the rug with Eric Bana as the Hulk
are we forgetting the first Hulk with Eric Bana? Way worse
*Hulk takes massive bite, turns back into Eric Bana, Ed Norton, Mark Ruffalo, or if you are so inclined Lou Forigno* "Better"
I think my order is Bill Bixby, Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton and sorry but that was not a right role for Eric Bana
He was good but he still is far better than Eric Bana but still not hitting that mark that Bill Bixby hit for 5 seasons on TV
and borrowed the rug Eric Bana used for his Ray Martin
i watched the Hulk with Ed Norton..not the one with Eric Bana :)
"Hulk" movie with Eric Bana is not part of the marvel cinematic universe. "The Incredible Hulk" with Ed Norton is.
Watch the 2003 Hulk movie, I like it more than that one, plus I think Eric Bana is a better hulk
I really like Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk instead of Eric Bana 😊
As an Incredible Hulk fan, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the 2003 Eric Bana version. It never happened.
Eric Bana was not a fan of the Hulk comics, which this film is based on, but a big fan of The Incredible Hulk TV series
Eric Bana or Mark Ruffalo. Who's a better Hulk? (I know, dumb question 😂)
if you had to choose between Eric Bana's and Edward Norton's Hulk ?
Hulk - 2003 - 7/10 - Wildly silly at times but Eric Bana is great and Jennifer Connolly supports very well. It looses itself in its last act
still have yet to see a super hero movie as good as the George Clooney batman movie, or the Eric Bana hulk movie. Those were by far the best
WARNING! If Mark Ruffalo's gets too relaxed he turns back into Eric Bana
The Hulk with Eric Bana is the worst without a doubt...
fam can I just join cause my Sister wanted to go with me and shes only seen the hulk with Eric Bana 😒
Eric Bana and Ang Lee's Hulk wasn't the film we expected, but maybe that was for the best.
have you seen the first Hulk movie with Eric Bana?
who is playing Bruce/Hulk though? Eric Bana? Lou Ferrigno?? Bill Bixby?? It's important in my vetting process.
Eric Bana was the best Bruce Banner for the Hulk
Fortunately, Eric Bana's Incredible Hulk was the first & last phase of Marvel's "use actors whose names sound like character names" project
Remember when Eric Bana was the Hulk as well as Edward Norton
Eric Bana and Edward Norton finally a decent hulk
Who played "David" Bruce Banner better in the Hulk films? Edward Norton? Mark Ruffalo? Bill Bixby (television)? or Eric Bana?
Gord Downie should replace Eric Bana as a future Romulan Commander. He would be more unnerving b/c he is a decidedly eccentric man.
Bruce Willis will forever be my man. Brad Pitt and Eric Bana. Jude Law awon eyan mi niyen.
I just mixed up Adam Scott and Eric Bana
Problems with the Troy cast:. Brad Pitt - mispronounces Patroclus. Garrett Hedlund - is white. Eric Bana - is Eric Bana
I'm watching deliver us from evil and all I can think about is how freaking hot Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez are.. 🔥🔥🔥
Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and Eric Bana sure can pull off those little skirts 😏😍🙊
Eric Bana is to play Uther, the father of King Arthur, in Guy Ritchie’s “Knights of the Round Table”. Jude Law in talks for villian role.
This guy working in Nordstrom looks like Eric Bana 😍
Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Plummer, David Warner, Eric Bana, Christopher Lloyd... Will let you know when it's done.
Sorry to say it was Bruce Banner in Hulk. Hector in Troy is Eric Bana, neither of these two wants an Achilles problem now.
Ay this weed smells like Eric Bana in Troy wut 😍
This sushi reminds me of Eric Bana, good but I'll hardly remember it
Theo James, Aidan Turner and Eric Bana are going to be in the same film. 😍😵
There's an Eric Bana I think but not sure who he is or what he does.
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