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Eric Abidal

Éric Sylvain Abidal (born 11 September 1979) is a French footballer who plays as a left or central defender for FC Barcelona and the France national team.

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Eric Abidal wants us to sign Sidibe which I think will be a good move. He played a role in getting Umtiti.
Eric Abidal on Unzue: "I'm not sure he has enough tactical knowledge to be Barça's head coach" [AS]. I agree with him 100%
in 2013, Eric Abidal makes his first appearance since February 2012 as Cesc scores his first hat-trick i…
Eric Abidal: "Winning one game means nothing if you don't win the rest"
Eric Abidal: "I'd like Barça to sign Sidibe of Monaco. He can accompany Sergi Roberto at right back but can also reinfor…
Eric Abidal (ex-Barça): "Comeback? I knew that this team could turn the tie around, even if some people thought it was…
Eric Abidal: "Winning La Liga this season? It's always difficult but I have full confidence in Barça"
Eric Abidal: "El Clasico? They are not decisive matches, the decisive games are the ones you play before it and after…
Odds on Jason Roberts suggesting Eric Abidal should be the next Barcelona manager?
An agent. Apparently Lacazette is one of his clients. Also reps Kurt Zouma and Eric Abidal
Eric Abidal, Carles Puyol, Deco and Lionel Messi reportedly arrived in Turkey this evening where currently a Military co…
Barcelona confirms that Arda Turan and ex players Eric Abidal and Carlos Puyol are in Turkey [Source:
Pogba oh yeah he takes back to 2006 Enzi za Bartez, Sagnol, Thuram, Gallas, Eric Abidal, Frank Ribery, Viera,...
I've always hated Dani Alves, untill i knew that he once offered his liver to Eric Abidal
Éric Abidal: "My relationship with Dani (Alves) is deeper than friendship, when I had surgery, he offered to donate his live…
"It was incredible to be the first to lift the trophy.". Eric Abidal talks defining moments.
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Eric Abidal and Andy Gray is a dream punditry double act.
"Rocks on the road? Store them all. One day you will build a castle." -Eric Abidal
Eric Abidal: “Alves once offered me his liver, but I can't accept it.”. THIS IS TRUE FRIENDSHIP 🔥
"Lifting the CL trophy was a gesture from the whole team. The club and players lived through difficult moments with me." - …
Eric Abidal remains “very appreciative” of for letting him lift the in 2011 ht…
"There are not many of us who can win the Champions League, let alone given the special gesture of lifting the trophy." - E…
"My story with Dani goes beyond the jersey. We talk about everything, and besides that, he’s a very good person." - Eric Ab…
"Alves wanted to support me. When I had to undergo surgery, he offered to donate his liver, but of course, it couldn’t be."…
"Our relationship goes much deeper than friendship.” - Eric Abidal on Dani Alves
"The time I made my comeback against Real Madrid was one of the greatest moments of my career." - Eric Abidal
"For me, Football was a way of forgetting my illness." - Eric Abidal
"That game was an obsession for me. I was determined to get myself right." - Eric Abidal on the Champions League's final 20…
"When I was ill, the people of Catalonia and the Barcelona team helped and proved me I was cherished and loved there." - Er…
"The support I received from the people of Catalonia motivated me. I said to myself every day: 'I won't let myself go down.…
"My relationship with Dani Alves is special. We lived next to each other, I liked his mindset and vice versa." - Eric Abidal
"Everyone knows the gesture Dani Alves did for me when I was ill. He remains an important person in my life." - Eric Abidal
Eric Abidal on Cristiano Ronaldo: "He is a good person. Respectful. He encouraged me when I was sick (with cancer) and always spoke to me."
Eric Abidal, ladies and gentlemen.. A 2 time cancer survivor ❤️
From Eric Abidal's interview in the latest FourFourTwo, on Pep Guardiola and the Clasico series of 2011
IF Pep Guardiola comes, I can see him turning Mangala into a World Class LB, Similar to Eric Abidal. 😂😨🙏
ADAM CRAFTON: Eric Abidal opens up on his battle with liver cancer via
Eric Abidal will become Barcelona's new sports director if Laporta is elected next month. Amazing!
Eric Abidal today captained the Estrella Damm Team in the Mini Estadi to raise funds for current incurable diseases.
Eric Abidal is just sitting in the Beinsports mena studio amongst Gray, Keys, Souness and Kluivert, just nodding and saying yes, no and lol.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Former Barcelona and France star Eric Abidal beat cancer twice and is 36 today.
Éric Abidal has revealed how Dani Alves offered him his liver when he was diagnosed with cancer.
He's a powerhouse. A Eric Abidal prototype. Don't know why WHU let him go.
Dani Alves loves asking for ex players numbers, first Eric Abidal, now Xavi
Former Barcelona defender Eric Abidal has picked the best 11 players he played alongside.
Dear oh dear... Eric Abidal has got some explaining to do. I think he prefers to be called Andrew these days
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Andy Cole has message for Eric Abidal after he gets him confused with Dwight Yorke
Eric Abidal: A Tribute to the Legend // Good read this
Éric Abidal confirms he has been offered a position at Barcelona
I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Arturo Vidal, not Eric Abidal 😂
With and Éric abidal professional football players! You know?
I'm the greatest defensive LB since Eric Abidal
A different kind of 'Sporting Superman': Eric Abidal (by )
Eric Abidal: "Cristiano Ronaldo encouraged me when I was sick. He is a good guy!"
Eric Abidal has beaten cancer 3 times and is still playing soccer.. Unreal 👏
Aw I can't stand watching Eric Abidal crying :(
Éric Abidal has been offered the position of Director of global network of youth academies.
Photo: Eric Abidal in the stands for the Barça vs. Atleti match at Camp Nou
Eric Abidal was at the Camp Nou to watch today's game vs. Atléti, and you expect us not to win?
Barcelona's hero Eric Abidal has retired from Olympiacos FC, and set to become La Masia coach!
Eric Abidal has retired from football! He will become a coach at Barcelona's La Masia academy.
Another true legend has retired from the Beautiful Game FC Barcelona hero Eric Abidal has retired from Olympiacos FC, set to return to La Masia to coach
Your favourite European player (other than Spanish) to play for Barcelona? . Eric Abidal for me. Absolute legend. .
I just got a sad news of Eric Abidal! I want to give him all my affection and support from here! I wish him all the luck o…
"What we miss in our defense eric abidal :((
“What we miss in our defense Eric Abidal is BEAST
Big clubs, treat their players first like humans like Barca did with Eric Abidal...thats a shame..
“Éric Abidal and Dani Alves. amazing character to do this footballers do have hearts!!!
"Éric Abidal and Dani Alves. *part of his liver, donating his liver would've killed him.
Perhaps Abidal could swap a couple of brain cells for it? . “Éric Abidal and Dani Alves.
"Éric Abidal and Dani Alves. true players do anything for other teammates
Previous winners of the Facchetti award include Eric Abidal, Paolo Maldini, Michel Platini, Javier Zanetti and Iraq capta…
Dani Alves offered part of his liver to Eric Abidal when he found out his pal needed a transplant
In 2012, Barcelona player Dani Alves offered to donate part of his liver to Eric Abidal.
Eric Abidal, the cancer warrior's birthday as well. 😊
7 April 2013, Eric Abidal returns on the pitch after a very tough year. It was like another title.
they better rethink before they make thesame mistake they made with Eric Abidal
Eric Abidal: "I am pleased by the arrival of Jeremy Mathieu to Barcelona"
Eric Abidal signed a contract extension with this summer and then 2 days later, went for free to Olympiakos.
Former Barcelona players Eric Abidal and Ibrahim Afellay will play together in Greek team Olimpiacos
The iconic Puyol has done the and nominated our beloved Eric Abidal
“Eric abidal when joining barceolona in 2007
Eric Abidal presented as new barcelona player in 2007
Eric abidal when joining barceolona in 2007
Ibrahim Afellay with his teammate Eric Abidal chilling in Greece.
France defender Eric Abidal announces his retirement from international football
Alex Song thought that Puyol would let him lift a trophy. Yet cancer survivor Eric Abidal is standing next to him. That still baffles me.
Eric Abidal, disease can't defeat you from love of playing football :)
Dani Alves goal… and celebration with his friend Eric Abidal!...
Dani Alves will wear the number 22 shirt this season in honour of his friend Eric Abidal
Eric Abidal: "Messi is the best player in the world and he's showed it for years"
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Defender Eric Abidal has followed Franck Ribery in announcing his retirement from the France national team.
Alex Song with Eric Abidal in Barcelona today [via
34-year-old Eric Abidal has joined Samir Nasri and Franck Ribery in quitting the French national team:
France defender Eric Abidal has announced his retirement from international football. Cue for veterans John Mensah and Olele!
best forever and always is Eric Abidal
He's more in the character of Eric Abidal. Prefers the left but is an old fashioned defender. Stays back instead of bombing the flanks
I wear till this day to show support for Eric Abidal who played for Barca with great style..
The next Eric Abidal!. Former Barcelona man says Jeremy Mathieu will be inspired by his fellow Frenchman:
Former Barcelona midfielder Ludovic Giuly has backed Jeremy Mathieu to prove a success at Camp Nou, comparing him to Eric Abidal.
Giuly "He might provide what Eric Abidal gave to Barcelona but much tougher." [MD]
We've just added a Eric Abidal render to our website! Check it out here
it's Eric Abidal not Eto'o, but he's almost as good
Olympiakos autographs, best one by far is Eric Abidal Such an inspiration and the nicest guy.
A new render of Eric Abidal was added to the website - View it here:
I admire players who leave their clubs with nothing but love and respect for them like Thierry Henry and Eric Abidal. Legends.
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Eric Abidal is one of the best left backs I have been fortunate of watching play. Unbelievably smart player.
Milan lost but at least I got to see the God, Eric Abidal, play in-person.
Although Milan lost we got to meet a true soccer legend in Eric Abidal.
Great to see our old friend Eric Abidal looking strong again on the pitch. Abi!
Eric Abidal now plays for Olympiakos... I've learnt that fact at 2:23am...
Watching Eric Abidal play is always great. Inspiring.
Props to Eric Abidal too for not giving up, that's real fight, the things he's overcome.
Eric Abidal transferred from Monaco to Olympiakos after they broke their word over Former Barcelona team mate V Valdes
Good to see Eric Abidal still playing, inspirational to think what he's been through and to still be playing👏
I am excited to see Eric play tonight vs. Milan. He has battled through a lot recently & has overcome it all. Im hon…
*** i miss watching Eric Abidal play for
Yep and that is what everyone said about Eric Abidal, so chillax and understand the game better
Mathieu is basically Eric Abidal. French. Tall. Can pass. Fast. Left back. Centre-back. Lucho is preparing for the 343.
Don't underestimate Mathieu. Luis Enrique is trying to re-create Eric Abidal. A fast, tall centre-back and left-back who can attack.
Eric Abidal: “I don't understand Barca's decision to release me.”
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Colombian pop singer Shakira will give a musical performance at the World Cup closing ceremony. The ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer will perform her new World Cup song: ‘La La La (Brazil 2014)’ which features the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, Sergio Aguero, Cesc Fabregas, Eric Abidal, James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao, her 18-month-old son Milan and her partner Gerard Pique on Sunday, July 13, 2014 at the Maracana stadium, Rio de Janeiro, ahead of the final game. She said in a statement: ‘I have an intricate relationship with football for obvious reasons, and I truly understand what the World Cup means to so many people, myself included. The fans have shown the most incredible support for this song and I can’t wait to perform it for them.’ Shakira, who also performed the official song, ‘Waka Waka’ at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa will be joined at this year’s closing ceremony by Carlos Santana and Wyclef Jean, who will sing the official anthem ‘Dar Um Jeito’ alongside Brazil’s A ...
Frank Ribery, Eric Abidal, and Nicolas Anelka have all changed there first name to Bilal..
FC Barcelona home Eric Abidal match un worn jersey for 2012/2013 season. Official NIKE match un worn jersey (see pictures), size from tag is L (Abidal correct size).
my 1st child will be named Bilal.after Eric 'Bilal' Abidal.
Eric Abidal, world champion, best defender visits us at bagatellebeach
happy birthday eric abidal. Have a solid day
Eric Abidal, French Muslim football player,reading the Qur'an,while he was on his way to S.Africa for the World Cup.
Eric Abidal leaving Barcelona after 6 seasons - Abidal, who will turn 34 in July, has one match left with the...
Remember when offered his liver to Eric Abidal? It's not even transfer season and I'm already a mess
WE all have seen 23-MAN squad for ALL participating TEAM in this year FIFA World Cup in BRAZIL. but, our sincere heart GOES to footballers that will miss 2014 World Cup in Brazil, players likes of Ejike Uzoenyi, Sunday Mba, Nosa Igiebor, Joel Obi of Nigeria. Luis Muriel, Luis Perea, Ramadel Falcao of Colombia. Ashley Cole Of England. Gael Clichy, Samir Nasri, Eric Abidal of France. Carlos Tevez, Ever Benega, Nicolas Otamendi of Argentina. Isco, Jesus Nava, Alvaro Negredo, Thiago Alcantara, Daniel Carvajai, Fernando Llorente Victor Valdes of Spain. Giuseppe Rossi, Riccardo Montolivo, Sabastian Giovinco, Christian Maggio, Andrea Ranocchia of Italy. Emmanuel Eboue, Tiene of Ivory. Mohammadou Idrissou of Cameroon. John Annan of Ghana. Manuel Fernandes, Ricardo Quaresma of Portugal. Ricardo Kaka, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Robinho. WHO are YOU going to MISS???
"Carles Puyol: "My greatest moment was seeing Eric Abidal lift the Champions League trophy""
Colombian pop sensation Shakira has released her new Brazil 2014 World Cup Anthem ‘La La La (Brazil 2014)’. For the video, Shakira has recruited her partner Gerard Pique, fellow Barcelona players Cesc Fabregas, Lionel Messi and Neymar, Eric Abidal – who didn’t make the France squad for the tournamen…
In an interview with the Algeria-based newspaper el-Heddaf, Xavi said: “This is what we have learned at Barcelona’s school since we were young, respecting the others; therefore in the Barcelona team, we are committed to respect our Muslim teammates, their religion and culture. ‘Seydou’ prays everywhere and this does not bother anyone. He often asks for a room where he can be alone in order to pray serenely, and in the dressing room we all respect him, as well as Abidal and Afellay; they are Muslims and the three of them are great.” Xavi was referring to Eric Abidal, Seydou Keita and Ibrahim Affelay, fellow Barcelona stars.
FRANCE -How did they qualify: Drawn into a group that contained not only world and European champions Spain but just five teams overall, France had precious little margin for error when their campaign kicked off. In the end, they made just one slip, losing at home to La Roja, but it was a defeat that cost them first place in the section. Didier Deschamps' side rarely sparkled during the group phase except for a fine performance on Spanish soil, where their efforts were finally rewarded with a last- gasp equaliser in a 1-1 draw. Ultimately they were destined for the play-offs, as they had been ahead of South Africa 2010, and their chances of reaching Brazil took a battering in Kiev, where Ukraine's superior desire and team spirit earned them a 2-0 advantage at the halfway stage in the tie. That left Les Bleus requiring a display of perfection in the second leg, but, with the Stade de France crowd in feverish mood, the 1998 FIFA World CupTM winners turned things around with a 3-0 win that could prove a turn ...
Eric (Bilal) Abidal, once the worlds greatest left back, has passed away from cancer. May his soul rest in peace
Nasri, who has won 41 caps, and Monaco. captain Eric Abidal, capped 67 times, did not. even feature on the...
A video about Eric Abidal, who properly wont be able to return to top football after his liver transplant :( "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the C...
Manchester United Defender Patrice Evra Set to Join Juventus According to Le 10 Sport newspaper in France, Manchester United’s French left-back Patrice Evra is set to join Italian Serie A champions Juventus. With Luke Shaw likely to join United from Southampton, Evra will be on his way over to Turin. Under Evra’s current contract he has an option for an additional year, but it seems as though the Manchester club do not wish to extend the defender's deal any further than this summer. Evra makes £90,000-a-week and is believed to want to stay in Europe to continue his career at the top level. He arrived at Old Trafford in 2006 and has enjoyed a lot of success with the club, winning a Champions League title as well as five Premier League crowns. But if Louis van Gaal takes over as manager he will be looking for a younger crop of players to take the club forward. Inter Milan has signed Nemanja Vidic and the Italian team are also keen on Evra. They may look to scupper a deal from their Italian rivals, howe ...
Midfielders Samir Nasri and Yoann Gourcuff were left off France's provisional 23-man World Cup roster on Tuesday, along with defenders Eric Abidal and Gael Clichy.
Mahachi set to earn 1,2 million euros. HIGHLANDERS FC's dribbling wizard Kudakwashe Mahachi is set to be paid 1,2 million euros if he makes it into the French team Monaco where he is set to undergo trials this week. Absa Premiership club Mamelodi Sundowns player Mahachi is set for a mega dollar deal in Monaco as they are offering a huge package for him if he passes trials. The ginger-haired Mahachi could play alongside Dimitar Berbatov, Eric Abidal, Ricardo Carvalho and Radamel Falcao who are in the ranks of the Abu Dhabi owned club if he passes the trials.
ABIDAL BREAKS DOWN TALKING ABOUT TITO Ex-Barcelona player and current Monaco defender Eric Abidal was overcome with emotion when talking to 'Canal France' about Tito Vilanova, bursting into tears as he remembered his former coach and fellow cancer sufferer. "We had the disease one year apart. He was a great fighter. He will always have a place in our hearts and minds. He was a real gentleman", said Abidal, who beat liver cancer while at the Camp Nou. The 34-year-old France international added that Vilanova, who was just 45 when he died, "went very quickly, which is always tough to take", before sending his support to Tito's family. Abidal was speaking to the press after his team, who sit second in the Ligue 1 table behind PSG, beat Ajaccio 4-1. The defender had previously paid tribute to Vilanova both on social media and via an official statement released by Monaco, as he is the club captain
According to Skysports and Guillem Balague (Football author) Valdes's next stop in his football career will be at the recently risen AS Monaco, joining Eric Abidal at the french club. It is rumoured that pre-contract deals have already been made.
WE WILL REMEMBER: Eric Abidal, Jose Mourinho and Lionel Messi all pay tribute to Tito Vilanova
Cristiano Ronaldo: All my thoughts and respect go to Tito Vilanova family. The world of football had today a big loss. Gareth Bale: R.I.P Tito Vilanova. My thoughts are with his family! Iker Casillas: "A very sad day for the world of football. RIP Tito Vilanova, an example of strength and courage to all." Leo Messi: "I will never forget you Tito. Forever with you. All my love to his family" Eric Abidal: "For everything we lived through together, I will always remember you buddy, RIP. Thanks for fighting. My love and support to his family." Víctor Valdés: "Tito Vilanova, one of the best coaches I have ever had in my career. Thanks for everything you gave us! RIP." Rafa Nadal: "All my support for his family. It's a great tragedy. My very best to his wife and children." Fernando Alonso: "Sad on days like today. RIP Tito Vilanova. *** disease." Alberto Contador: "My sincere condolences to the Vilanova family. *** disease! RIP." Michel: "Farewell, Tito. *** cancer stopped you short halfway through so many .. ...
Head coach Tito Vilanova and Eric Abidal of FC Barcelona holds up the trophy.
Omg I just read Eric Abidal's wife comment about Tito Villanova's death and I'm balling my eyes out now ;;
Moment I'll never forget: Carles Puyol doesn't lift La Liga trophy, handing to Tito Vilanova and Éric Abidal instead: http:/…
The death of Tito Vilanova today aged just 45 is truly truly heart breaking. There has been a tragedy hanging around the city of Barcelona since the death of Danny Jarque, and the poignant message for him by Iniesta in his World Cup final goal, the cancer to Eric Abidal, the demise of Guardiola, the two year fight of Tito against his own cancer. And today it finally all ended. That era that cycle that swagger of the great Barcelona of a few years ago has been dying away slowly all season, just like Tito. And today it all ended. For all the charisma and the inspiration that was Guardiola, the brains and the tactics was Tito. And the team that survives is a shell of dried up emotion. It has seen too much. We have lost Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Guardiola , Alves (who also saw Puerta die at Sevilla) Pique, Abidal…..because today after all the fight after all the hope despite all the prayers we lost Tito Vilanova. RIP Tito and thank you for the magic you gave us.
Eric Abidal: "For all that we've been through together, you'll always be in my thoughts. "Love and strength to your family".
Eric Abidal: "I have seen wonderful things with Tito, I do not like to talk much, but I think it was understand me without saying anything, because he already knows what I want and I was as well.
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Tough times for Barcelona May 2012: Pep Guardiola steps down after four years in charge, with Tito Vilanova replacing him December 2012: Vilanova undergoes cancer surgery, returning to work in March 2013 March 2013: Barcelona confirm a deal with Qatar Airways, who become the first commercial shirt sponsors in the club's history May 2013: Eric Abidal is allowed to leave the club, a month after returning to action following a liver transplant June 2013: Lionel Messi is accused of tax evasion July 2013: Vilanova steps down as Barcelona manager for health reasons January 2014: President Sandro Rosell resigns as a Spanish court looks into allegations that Barcelona evaded tax on the transfer of Neymar February 2014: Barca pay £11.2m to the Spanish authorities after being charged with tax fraud over Neymar, but deny wrongdoing. April 2014: The club are banned from signing players for 14 months before Fifa puts the punishment on hold, pending an appeal. And now! Barcelona can buy and sell players this summer af ...
Mesut Ozil, Frank Ribery, Karim Benzema, Samir Nasri and Eric Abidal are some football players who were born in Islam.
Can't believe Eric Abidal has been diagnosed with cancer again, my condolences go to him and his family!
Unfortunately sad news about Eric Abidal. Let's hope he can pull through for a third time.
Sad news today, Eric Abidal has announced his retirement from Footbal after getting cancer for third time. Good luck with y…
Eric Abidal has announced his retirement after getting Cancer for a THIRD time. He had such a great career! Get well soon lad!
ABIDAL AND NASRI OUT: Center-back Eric Abidal and midfielder Samir Nasri were missing when France coach Didier Deschamps named a 24-man squad on Thursday for next week's friendly against the Netherlands. Forward Antoine Griezmann was one of two uncapped players, along with left-back Lucas Digne who replaces Manchester City's Gael Clichy, called up for Wednesday's game. The 22-year-old has scored 19 goals in 38 matches in all competitions with Real Sociedad this season. Winger Franck Ribery and centre back Mamadou Sakho, both recovering from injuries, were named in the squad. Manchester City's Nasri was disappointing when France lost their World Cup play-off first leg in Ukraine in November, before they recovered to win the tie without him at Stade de France. Abidal, who is having a hard time at Monaco, suffered the same fate at the end of last year. Asked if Abidal and Nasri had lost their chance of playing in the World Cup in Brazil, Deschamps said: "Interpretations are up to you. Many players are out of ...
Griezmann gets France call, Abidal, Nasri miss out (AFP) Thursday 27 February 2014 Share Didier Deschamps has announced a 24-player squad for France's upcoming friendly against the Netherlands as their 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ preparations move into the final stretch. Deschamps handed debut call-ups to Real Sociedad striker Antoine Griezmann and Paris Saint-Germain defender Lucas Digne, while Manchester City playmaker Samir Nasri and Monaco defender Eric Abidal were omitted for the sold-out fixture. "I want to inform you that the match is a complete sell-out, which in these times is good news," said Deschamps. Griezmann's inclusion was expected after a dazzling season in La Liga that has seen him score 15 goals. Digne, who plays at left-back for the Ligue 1 leaders, and helped France win the FIFA U-20 World Cup, was preferred to Manchester City's Gael Clichy as cover for Manchester United veteran Patrice Evra. As for Nasri, his recovery from a serious knee injury put doubts in Deschamps' thinking, an ...
"You Muslims are TERRORISTS; I hate you," exclaimed a man to his Muslim peer as I bypassed them on the sidewalk. On hearing that, I stopped and asked him whether I were a terrorist because I am Muslim too. He looked at my business suit and clean shave and said, "you don't look a Muslim." We all burst out laughing. I educated him that though some so-called Muslims do bad things, it does not mean that all Muslims are like that. "Islam teaches peace," I told him. He was wearing an Arsenal jersey so I automatically guessed he was a football fan. "You like football?" I asked. He nodded in approval. "If you hate Muslims, then you hate these guys...Mesut Ozil, Frank Ribery, Zinedine Zidane, Nicolas Anelka, Van Persie, Karim Benzema, Eric Abidal, Samir Nasri, Abou Diabey, Thierry Henri..." "Stop! I get your point; I am sorry what I said earlier about Muslims." He smiled, we shook hands and parted ways. Juma Kareem folks.
Monaco have plenty of money and ambition but not many supporters When Monaco play PSG on Sunday it will be a contest of overseas mega-wealth at odds with much of French football David Conn Ten minutes to kick-off at Monaco's match against Lorient last Sunday, the yachts in the Cap-d'Ail marina just visible from inside the Stade Louis II, came confirmation that the striker all Europe relishes watching would start for Monaco. "Numero neuf," roared the stadium announcer, of the Colombian for whom Monaco paid Atlético Madrid that startling €60m this summer: "RA-DA-MEL FALCAO!" To say the crowd went wild would be exaggerating just a little. Assembled to watch Falcao, live on the Côte d'Azur, with João Moutinho, midfield rock signed for £22m from Porto along with James Rodríguez, who cost £40m; fearsome French international Geoffrey Kondogbia, who cost £18m from Sevilla; and languid veterans Ricardo Carvalho and Eric Abidal, were 8,500 people. Three stands in the old stadium were patchily occupied by a ...
I don't think I've ever seen Eric Abidal and Clarence Seedorf under pressure. They're the definition of CALM.
I'm starting to think that barça bought Alex Song only to replace eric abidal as the only black player in the team.
Ally Cissokho As Far As French Left Fulls Go... I reckon Eric Abidal would have been fitter in the height of his Treatment !
I liked a video from Eric Abidal with his Audi RS5 2012
“Many things in life will catch your eye but few will catch your heart,, season in honour of his friend Eric Abidal,
My favorite Left Back to this day is none other but Eric Abidal 🙌
Order a pizza then act confused when it arrives, "A delivery for Alex? Ale season in honour of his friend Eric Abidal,
anyone remember this? Great Defensive Header by Eric Abidal - Barcelona 1 - 1 Sev: via
Djimi Traore is defending like Eric Abidal for the
Put Sky Sports 2 on to see eric abidal pace out di maria loool
Eric Abidal is a soccer superhero! I hope to inspire kids with my story the way he has with his!
GOOD NEWS ---> Former Barcelona defender Eric Abidal wins the Facchetti award. My new life without a tumour.
Very few athletes are, and should be, role models. Eric Abidal is one of them. His story was one of courage, self-belief and survival.
Eric Abidal was interviewed by Gianfelice Facchetti, Giacinto's son, who I believe will present him with the award next week.
Eric Abidal of Monaco will receive the "Premio Facchetti" next week in Italy. He gave a long interview today at Gazzetta dello Sport.
Éric Abidal has done well to rectify his career at AS Monaco FC. Now even in the frame for international call-ups.
Barça could use someone who could cover LB and CB as well as add height & pace, enabling a back 3. someone like Eric Abidal.
Eric Abidal has said that Barcelon didn't pay him while he was ill with cancer, What a disgrace Rosell,
Eric Abidal: "In the months I was under treatment, Barcelona not ev C,S, Lewis
“The world we have created is a product of our way of thinking,” - Alb season in honour of his friend Eric Abidal,
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Lou Reed's liver transplant not as successful as Eric Abidal's
Well Eric abidal is shutting down Gomis!
Good to see Eric Abidal back on the pitch for AS Monaco 👍 player
Eric Abidal reveals Barcelona team-mate Dani Alves offered part of his liver when he needed a transplant
Dani Alves offered his liver to Eric Abidal when he was suffering with cancer.
Dani Alves offered Eric Abidal his kidney when he was going for his transplant
Paris Saint Germain's forward Edinson Cavani from Uruguay, centre, challenges for the ball with Monaco's defender Eric Abidal, during their French League One soccer match, at the Parc des Princes stadium, in Paris, Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013.
Muslim Converts - Islam for Muslims - Nairaland Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Religion / Islam for Muslims / Muslim Converts (5748 Views) Imo Traditional Ruler Converts To Islam / Janet Jackson Converts To Islam For $20 Million Wedding / Kuwaiti Prince, Abdullah Al-sabah Converts Into Christianity (1) (2) (3) (4) (0) (1) (Reply) ( Go Down) Muslim Converts by Jarus(m): 1:12pm On Jan 08 , 2008 Do you know that Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe, America and indeed the world? Do you know that millions of people convert to Islam yearly in Europe and America? Are you aware that footballers like Nicholas Anelka, Eric Abidal,Frank Ribery(all french national team players) and Freddie Kanoute have converted to Islam amd are indeed practising Muslim? Kanoute used what was equivalent to his one year salary to buy a mosque in Seville, Spain recently? Former world snooker champion; Mike Tyson;son of former BBC DG;grandson of a former British PM;a former MTV presenter; Cat Stevens (Mexican hip ** ...
Falcao is disappointed at summer recruitment drive, despite the arrival of Eric Abidal, Joao Moutinho, James Rodriguez etc. (Metro)
Wat a player:Daniel alves gave up his # 2 shirt 4 d 2013-2014 season to wear d in honour of former teammate Eric Abidal..mes que un club
Daniel Alves switched to number 22 in honor of Eric Abidal so now Martin Montoya wears the number 2
Monaco has so far signed this summer James Rodriguez, Joao Moutinho, Ricardo Carvalho, and Eric Abidal, and Jeremy Toulalan.
SUMMARY OF BREAKING NEWS - On Sunday, Catalan press stated than Barcelona B player Sergi Roberto would replace Thiago Alcantara but El Mundo Deportivo stated that Barcelona coaching staff have a list of midfielders they could possibly go after if/when Thiago decides leave. They are: - Christian Eriksen - Ander Herrera - Jack Wilshere - Illkay Gundogan - Ever Banega - Juan Mata - Borja Valero - NEW SIGNING: David Villa has signed for Atletico Madrid on a 3-year deal from Barcelona for a deal to be around £4.3 million (€5.1 million) including add-ons. Should Atletico sell Villa during the next 3 seasons, Barcelona will receive 50% of the transfer fee. - NEW SIGNING: Eric Abidal signs a 3-year deal with AS Monaco after leaving Barcelona on a free transfer. The 33-year-old joined the Catalans in 2007 and will be looking to play with the 2013/14 season with his first professional club. - NEW SIGNING: Henrikh Mkitaryan signs for Borussia Dortmund and snubs Liverpool for a €25 million deal until 2017. Rumou ...
French international defender Eric Abidal signs a one-year contract with Ligue 1 newcomers Monaco. The former Lille and Lyon player underwent a liver transplant in 2012 and only made his comeback to competitive football in April earlier this year.
Good luck to David Villa (Atletico Madrid) and Eric Abidal (AS Monaco). Thanks for all. We love you guys. One Culé Alwa…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sun 7 July, 2013 Napoli in ambitious bid for Vucinic Italian newspaper Tuttosport understands that Napoli are weighing up a move for Juventus star Mirko Vucinic. With the Azzurri set… [+] Malaga eyeing Bendtner Malaga have launched an assault on Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner, Spanish daily AS has revealed. With los Boquerones set to… [+] Hannover confirm interest in Douglas Bundesliga side Hannover 96 have admitted their interest in Netherlands international Douglas Franco Teixeira. The 96ers see the Brazilian-born defender… [+] Abidal nears Monaco switch French daily L’Equipe has learned that Monaco have reignited their interest in free agent Eric Abidal. The veteran defender had… [+] Benfica open talks for Armero Europa League finalists Benfica have started negotiations to sign Napoli full-back Pablo Armero, according to O Jogo. The Eagles are… [+] Lyon set to sign Miguel Lopes Ligue 1 side Lyon are on the verge of signing Sporting Lisbon full-back Miguel Lopes, reports A Bola. The Portug ...
Eric Abidal confirms he'll sign on Monday at Monaco a contract of one season plus a second optional season based on games played.
Transfer Rumors- Part 1: *Gareth Bale's agent has confirmed that there is no offer from Real Madrid even though the Wales international has been strongly linked to a move to Los Blancos. His agent said "There's no offer from Madrid; they have to talk between themselves and we will see what happens." *AZ Alkmaar has rejected Sunderland's bid for striker Jozy Altidore because Sunderland's bid did not match their valuation for the U.S. international. *Darren Bent wants to leave Aston Villa (after Aston Villa have told him if he stays he won't get any playing time) but he believes his $12,211,200 price tag is too high. Fulham and Newcastle United are interested in the England striker but are only willing to pay $7,632,000. *Liverpool have accepted a $9,158,400 bid for midfielder Jonjo Shelvey from Swansea City. It is believed Shelvey would go to Swansea City for the chance for more first-team football. *Eric Abidal looks close to signing for Nice after AS Monaco have lost interest. Nice seems seemingly close ...
The way Barcelona and Chiefs treated Eric Abidal and Jimmy Tau though. I'm ashamed to be a supporter of those 2 teams. SMH
Eric Abidal, who plays several weeks ago with Barcelona, Barcelona can compete next season if his move to any team from Spanish League teams, and the alleged role of Barcelona said Abidal after the decision with Roussel, President of the Club and the team's sporting Director Andoni Zubizarreta in the irreversible decision. The intention is to continue playing and Abidal received Abidal offers from France and Spain, admitted Abidal that Club Monaco contacted also said that staying in the League is interesting and will stay with Barcelona, making it easy on his wife travels back to her job.
Football Rumours in general. Everton and Arsenal in Fellaini Standoff (Sportsmole) Carroll to agree West Ham six-year deal (Sportsmole) Chelsea reach Shurrle agreement (Sportsmole) United on red alert as Ronaldo denies, he has signed a new deal at Madrid (Dailymail) Chelsea join the race in signing Cavani with Real Madrid and City (Dailymail) Reading in the hunt for former Everton and Real bad boy Drenthe (Dailymail) Martinez wants to offer Baines new deal to ward off Manchester United (Dailymail) Manchester City target Isco (Click-Sports) Tevez agent meets Milan and Juve (Football-Italia) Bologna to secure Kone (Football-Italia) Handanovic not going to Barcelona (Football-Espana) Ronaldo: Renewal news is false (Football-Espana) Victor Valdes doesn’t want to stay at Barcelona (Marca) Eric Abidal close to Monaco deal (Marca) Liverpool confirm Aspas Agreement (Goal) Luka Modric Alerted several sides this summer (Goal) Tottenham and Arsenal in war to sign David Villa (Click-Sports) West Ham plot Demba ba ...
MAHEMHEM (Romours): INTERNATIONAL LATEST UPDATES - Cristiano Ronaldo's move to the Premier League is a step closer after the 27-year-old Real Madrid forward dismissed reports that he had signed a new contract with Real Madrid. - West Ham hope to complete the permanent signing of £15.5m striker Andy Carroll, 24, from Liverpool as early as next week. - Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has moved a step closer to signing Vitesse Arnhem's 20-year-old midfielder Marco van Ginkel after rivals Ajax admitted they could not compete with the Londoners. - It is hoped a deal will soon be reached between Zoltan Gera, 34, and West Bromwich Albion over a contract extension for the midfielder. The Hungarian will become a free agent this summer but could yet stay at The Hawthorns. - Paris Saint-Germain believe they will persuade Michael Laudrup, 48, to walk away from Swansea and become their new manager. - Former Barcelona defender Eric Abidal says there has been plenty of interest in his signature this summer. The 33-year-old ...
DAILY DOES OF FORGEIN TRANSFER RUMOURS (Couldnt find that much!) - Ritchie AS: Barcelona have entered the race to sign Robert Lewandowski from Borussia Dortmund and are weighing up a €30million (€25m) bid. Marca: Rafa Benitez has asked Napoli to sign Javier Mascherano from Barcelona and believes the attraction of being an ever-present could persuade the Argentinian midfielder. L'Equipe: Eric Abidal and Lassana Diarra could be the next two reinforcements at mega-rich Monaco. L'Equipe: Lille coach Rudi Garcia will be in Rome today to sign his two-year Roma contract with the option for one additional year. Corriere dello Sport: Tottenham Hotspur are ready to offer €20million (£17m) to Inter Milan for Colombian midfielder Fredy Guarin. Tuttosport: Carlos Tevez has said yes to both AC Milan and Juventus. It is now up to one of the two clubs to reach an agreement with Manchester City. La Gazzetta dello Sport: Dejan Stankovic and Inter Milan are going to terminate their contract one year before its conclu ...
THURSDAY FOOTBALL HEADLINES ***Manchester United boss David Moyes is ready to reignite his and United's interest in Barcelona midfielder Thiago and will make a £15m offer for the Spanish prospect. ***Super Eagles of Nigeria now need a point from their final game against Malawi to reach the final round of qualifiers in Africa for next year's FIFA World Cup in Brazil after they played 1-1 draw with Namibia on Wednesday. ***Monaco CEO Vadim Vasilyev has hinted that Yohan Cabaye and Eric Abidal are the next targets for the mega-rich Monte Carlo- based outfit. ***Lazio have signed Argentine centre-back Diego Novaretti on a free transfer. Novaretti, 28, who has previously been targeted by Manchester City, will arrive at the Stadio Olimpico after four years in Mexico with Toluca. (Sky Sports) ***Italian club Fiorentina have agreed a deal to sign Malaga winger Joaquin, the club announced on Wednesday. The Spain international has spent the last two seasons at Malaga, after previous spells at Valencia and Real Bet ...
Monaco To buy newcastle Yohan Cabaye and barcelona Eric Abidal.what's your say about as monaco?are they making football exciting? Are they ruining it?share your thoughts
According to L'Equipe, Eric Abidal is nearing a move to Monaco and are also interested in recruiting Lassana Diarra from Anzhi Makhachkala
Pep Guardiola is keen to add Eric Abidal to the squad he will inherit at Bayern Munich, following the French defender's impending release by Barcelona. Sky Sports reports how the 33-year-old was not offered a new contract at Camp Nou after the Catalan club deemed it 'too risky' to renew terms with a player that only recently recovered from a liver transplant.
Cesc Fàbregas Fan Page wrote: [Video] Eric Abidal reveals the reasons for his Barcelona exit! Find out more:
Joan Laporta has confirmed that he will run for the Barcelona presidential elections with tge aim of unsitting Sandro Rosell. He blamed the current Barca board n president for undermining Pep Guardiola n not renewing Eric Abidal's contract. Laporta was instrumental in the appointment of Guardiola as the Barca head coach. On the other hand the current Barcelona president, Rosell is the main reason Pep Guardiola decided to walk away from the Camp Nou outfit. I welcome the news of the possible return of Joan Laporta with both hands.
Bayern Munich Target Barcelona Veteran Eric Abidal Recently released Barcelona defender Eric Abidal has claimed that German giants Bayern Munich want to bring him to the club this summer, Sky Sports reports. The move could see him reunited with his former manager Pep Guardiola who is set to take over at the Alianz Arena next month, and Abidal believes he is keen to bring him on board. Guardiola is taking over from Jupp Heynckes on the back of a successful treble winning season and he is now looking to add his own stamp on the team as they prepare to do it all over again, and Abidal could be his next signing after the arrival of Mario Gotze from Borussia Dortmund. The 33-year-old made his competitive return in April following a liver transplant, but wasn’t offered a new deal at the Catalan club -TD
Eric Abidal: "Guardiola knows my situation and he would be delighted to have me on his team." "I would be pleased to join Bayern. I have a very good relationship with Franck Ribery. Bayern is among the best in Europe."
Barcelona's out of contract defender Eric Abidal has revealed Pep Guardiola wants to sign him at Bayern Munich
E wan go die 4 dia niRT Eric Abidal says he wants to sign for Bayern Munich and Pep Guardiola ...
Eric Abidal says Pep Guardiola wants to bring him to Bayern Munich this summer. [goal] | Toir!
Eric Abidal says Pep Guardiola wants him at Bayern Munich this summer -STIVO
Abidal: "I'm annoyed with Barça" Eric Abidal took some time in front of Radio Montecarlo's microphones to give his opinion about his leaving Barcelona. The French defender seemed quite upset and hurt by the way his club has treated him, alleging that the Catalan club had given him no explanations as to why his contract has not been renewed. "I've fought hard for them. I'm in great shape. The doctor was surprised about how I've come on, and I feel better now than how I did two years ago", the Frenchman said, who then went on to criticise Barça's silence: "They haven't given me any reasons. They just said it was a professional decision", he complained. However, the player said that he realises that he is left with no choice but to accept the club's decision to let him go. What hurts him is that they seem to be questioning his physical condition. "This clearly puts my ability to continue playing football in doubt. I´m the first person to judge my form. Firstly, I´m not going to put my life at risk. That' ...
Transfer new -De Rossi might move to Chelsea this summer -Lewandowski might move to Bayern Munich -Arsenal targets Wayne Rooney - Carlos Tevez might transfer out of Manchester City, and to either Monaco, PSG or Juventus. - Giovanni Dos Santos makes a move to a new team this summer. -Eric Abidal might move to PSG or Monaco -Mario Gomez leaves Bayern this Summer, but which team will take him? - Mourinho wants to bring Cristiano Ronaldo to his new team Chelsea - Real Madrid tagets Bale and Suarez
Transfer News: Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez's agent says that the Germany international will be leaving the UEFA Champions League winners this summer. Possible Destinations for the striker are: Monaco, Arsenal, Dortmunt and Athletico Madrid Hull City have had a second bid for Kasper Schmeichel turned down. Arouna Kone and Shaun Maloney are possible targets for Everton. Lovern has been linked with Liverpool Wayne Bridge is expected to sign for QPR within the next 2 days Johnny Russell has signed for Derby County Monaco Look to make further signings in Patrice Evra and Hatem Ben Arfa and Eric Abidal
BARCELONA COULD SELL TWELVE PLAYERS TO COVER NEYMAR INVESTMENT Barcelona could sell as many as TWELVE first teamers this summer. El Mundo Deportivo says the €57 million invested in bringing Neymar to the Nou Camp must be balanced by player sales. Ibrahim Afellay, Bojan Krkic, Andreu Fontas and Isaac Cuenca are all being made available, Eric Abidal and Marc Muniesa will leave off contract and Rafinha and Gerard Deulofeu could be loaned out. David Villa, Thiago Alcantara, Cristian Tello and Victor Valdes could also be put up for sale to raise funds. tribal football andrew
FACT : Eric Abidal, a left-back, has 17 yellow cards and 2 red cards in his six-year career, including 170+ matches with FC Barcelona.. WHEREAS,Cristiano Ronaldo has 16 Yellow Cards and 1 Red Card only this season with Real Madrid, in not even 55 full matches!
Adios to a tortured LaLiga 12/13 season Goodbye to Temporada 2012-13 in Spain -- a season of loss, pain, grief and, regularly enough to give us our fix, some quality football breaking through the dark clouds. It began with the immensely sad deaths of young Betis defender Miki Roque and the tremendous character Manuel Preciado, who was to coach Villarreal this term. Just as the year turned, we had news of Tito Vilanova's renewed fight for a healthy life. The season ends with Espanyol's Victor Alvarez requiring heart surgery in order to continue earning his living and Eric Abidal, despite a miraculous recovery from liver surgery to top-level football, being told that Barcelona no longer believe he's worth investing their money in. - Barca finish with 100 points - Mourinho wishes Madrid 'much happiness' - Real Sociedad qualifies for UCL - Higuain confirms Madrid exit Along the way, Real Betis have continued their upward push -- in Pepe Mel they have a genial, intelligent, dignified man. Real Sociedad have fo ...
Barcelona said Eric Abidal has been cleared to play in his last game with the Spanish club after recovering from a nagging leg injury.
La Liga winners Barcelona, having made their attack arguably the best in the world by signing Neymar, are now looking to bolster their defence. There have been reports of their interest in the versatile Chelseadefender David Luiz and also Paris St. Germain’s star Thiago Silva, however, with neither move comingeven close to materializing, Barca have reportedly turned their attention to another Chelsea star, Serbian Branislav Ivanovic accordingto the Daily Star . Barcelona have been trying to address their depleting centre back problems. Carles Puyol has had consistent injuries which hasn’t beentoo much of help given the fact that he is 35. Eric Abidal has been released as a free agent after recently undergoing a liver transplant leaving Barca further short of numbers at the back. Javier Mascherano isn’t exactly a natural centre back, while Marc Bartra and Marc Muniesa are still not up to the Barcelona standard yet. This leaves Gerard Pique as the only half decent centre back in the side. The Catalans ...
7:42 PM Inter had Mourinho agitation problems, reveals Thiago Motta The Brazilian believes the frustration at Real Madrid is reminiscent of the Portuguese's Nerazzurri spell and praised current PSG coach Carlo Ancelotti. 6:27 PM Pellegrini: Barcelona nearly hired me instead of Guardiola The outgoing Malaga coach, who is in line to replace Roberto Mancini at Manchester City, insists he no longer has eyes for the Camp Nou job 5:57 PM Mourinho thanks Madrid fans for support The outgoing Blancos boss has sent out a message ahead of his final game in charge at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday 3:58 PM Vilanova: Barcelona looking for Puyol successor The Blaugrana coach also spoke about the recent acquisition of Neymar, Eric Abidal's imminent exit from Camp Nou and defended his decision to stay despite health issues 1:37 PM Monaco announces Falcao deal The principality club has confirmed that it has secured the services of the Colombian on a five-year deal, seeing off competition from the Premier League 12:58 PM ...
TRANSFERS UPDATE *Victor Valdes says he will leave Barcelona when his contract is up at the end of the 2013-14 season, without giving any hints of his future plans. *Wolves are delighted to confirm the arrival of Kenny Jackett as Head Coach. *Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao has agreed to join French side Monaco on a five-year deal *German club Freiburg have signed forward Mike Hanke on a free transfer from Bundesliga rival Borussia Moenchengladbach *Sunderland agree a deal for Lazio defender Modibo Diakite, who is expected to become Paolo Di Canio's first signing *Lo Sporting Lisbona ha ufficializzato sul proprio sito l'acquisto di Jefferson Nascimento, 24enne esterno brasiliano dell'Estoril. Per lui contratto quadriennale. *Former France international Eric Abidal will leave Barcelona this summer - but says he plans to continue playing for two or three years *Hearts have confirmed that out-of-contract Lithuanian international Arvydas Novikovas is the latest first-team player to leave Tynecastle. Th ...
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Fc Barcelona defender; Eric Abidal, 33, made a tearful announcement that his current deal will not be prolonged beyond this season, meaning Saturday's Liga game against Malaga will be his last for the club where he has won two Champions League trophies and four Spanish titles during a six-year stay. After battling back from liver cancer and a subsequent transplant to return to the Barca first team in April this year, the former Lille and Lyon defender told RMC he had hoped the Catalan giants would allow him to see out his career at the Camp Nou. "I didn't take a decision because when your contract isn't renewed, you don't have a choice," Abidal said. "The club's decision is difficult to accept because part of my battle was for my family but also for the club. "I would have liked to have finished my career or had another year here at Barcelona. I respect the choice of the club, the staff and the board. I leave with six years of happiness, titles and good friends."
So harsh on Eric Abidal, Thought Barca would of at least gave him a coaching role
If I was Eric Abidal (barcelona) player after havin successful bone marrow and a liver transplant I would retire from professional soccer...
We developed Eric Abidal, Fabian Barthez & Thierry Henry in the past
Eric Abidal's agent has revealed that the Frenchman is starting to get disillusioned with Barcelona's attitude towards his future
SPANISH giants want a centre-back with Carles Puyol and Eric Abidal coming to the end of their glittering careers
A dozen of players, including David Villa (31) and Eric Abidal (33), will leave Barcelona in the summer transfer window. [sport]
Wonderful to see Eric Abidal start for Barcelona. To play again after a liver transplant is as incredible as it is inspirational!
Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has heaped praise on Eric Abidal and Tito Vilanova after their respective battles with illness.
Eric Abidal playing again after the surgery. My total admiration.
Eric Abidal in France t-shirt :D he is great and great example for everyone
Eric Abidal: “The word cancer is very strong. When you first talk to the doctors, you're scared.”
Eric Abidal: “After the cancer I had, I look at life differently, but I'm the same person.” [rac1]
Eric Abidal. Showing that passion for football can help you overcome anything.
Barcelona defender Eric Abidal wants to play on next season. The Frenchman is off contract at the end of the...
I support Barca because there is a islamic footballer, Eric Abidal★♥ o:)
When you write about Eric Abidal in your English exam and pass come back to me
Eric Abidal says he wants to continue playing for
Yay Touré: “I'm very happy for Abidal and Tito. Eric's a very strong person, he's an example. I hope to see him soon.”
Touré: "Very happy with Abidal and Tito. Eric is a very strong person, he is an example. Hopefully greet him soon."
Barcelona defender Eric Abidal wants to continue playing with the La Liga giants, but says whether he does so will be the club's decision.
Eric Abidal on “Only God will decide how long I can keep playing.”
Reading what Eric has been through and twice is really inspirational especially being told his career would be cut short
Paris Saint-Germain want to sign Barcelona defender Eric Abidal (33) this summer. The contract of the Frenchman expires in June.
Players can have magic moments or score wonder goals but there is nothing more amazing than what Eric Abidal had come through
Great to see Eric Abidal and Tito Vilanova featuring on Revista de La Liga again. Both are inspirational figures.
Picture: Eric Abidal and Tito Vilanova back at the Camp Nou [via elpais]
Wallpaper: Abidal's return available: The return of Eric Abidal for Mallorca match in a wallpaperEric Abidal's...
Eric Abidal's recovery reminds me of another great recovery by the one and only Eric Davis - Colon Cancer survivor
Tito Vilanova, Xavi Hernandez, Jordi Alba and Eric Abidal were all on Barcelona's flight to Paris on Monday morning ahead of Tuesday ...
Eric Abidal and Tito Vilanova are back and ready to work again. They're true heroes and inspirations.
Eric Abidal is back in Barcelona's squad to play Celta Vigo this weekend just days after Tito Vilanova's return.
Both Tito Vilanova and Eric Abidal will appear in Barcelona's squad to face Celta Vigo in addition to Deulofeu who is up from the B team.
Eric Abidal, coming back from a liver transplant, will play at the end of the season after La Liga is decided!
Despite having the medical green light, the coaching staff don't want to risk rushing Eric Abidal back to playing [md]
But this time hopefully Eric Abidal will be included in the match squad 😊
Eric Abidal will play a match in a couple of weeks...
Eric are Ɣ☺ΰ fit now or still not yet. We av been praying for Ɣ☺ΰ. We need defensive players
Eric Abidal, from the stands, watches barca's matchs and wishes he were playing. So do we, Abi, so do we...
according to barca sources he's on less than half of what Eric Abidal's wage demands were, coincidentally 90k. Still a load tho
And don't forget this for Eric Abidal too
This win must be dedicated to Tito Vilanova and Eric Abidal
I hope Eric Abidal will be back next season man. We miss him at the back
And eric abidal hasn't played in the last year or so
-- dont put puyol in this match either Busquets or Thiago or Eric Abidal can fit in that slot.. and also
Eric Abidal and Lionel Messi at training today [fcb]
PHOTO - Eric Abidal and Messi at training today [fcb]
Eric Abidal an leo messi at training today...
Imege:in today training with Abidal, Macherano, Song
OUT of the squad for tomorrow's match v Milan: Eric Abidal, JDS, Montoya and Bartra (injured). Xavi is IN.
My new sounds: Intento de hablar con Eric Abidal. on
Picture: Eric Abidal, recovering after transplant, continues to train to get back to match level [fcb]
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