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Equal Pay

Equal pay for women is an issue regarding pay inequality between men and women. It is often introduced into domestic politics in many first world countries as an economic problem that needs governmental intervention via regulation.

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I just wrote a thank you letter to Senator Turner for the Monday vote for S-992: Equal Pay bill . Write one here:
Equal Access and Equal Pay. HRC Lilly Ledbetter Act 2009, serving all Americans for 40 Yrs.
Did Ivanka Trump shift the Republican stance on parental leave and equal pay?
Funny, I thought would wait to roll out their platform at the Democratic National Convention. SMDH. https:/…
Labour is calling time on the equal pay waiting game
Did Ivanka Trump just move the GOP stance on parental leave and equal pay? via
Donald Trump has given no indication whatsoever that he wants to work on equal pay and child care like Ivanka said
The NBA should get on that equal pay tip and pay their WNBA players equally.
.arguing Trump didn't mention equal pay & family leave because he didn't have enough time. Trump spoke for a…
Ivanka Trump says her father will fight for Equal pay for Equal work. Really! Bother their clothing lines are made in Chin…
HEY IVANKA: Your father said women need to work harder for equal pay for equal work.
"They were chanting 'Lock her up' in that room this week, not 'Equal pay,' let's be clear." - Rick Klein
Ivanka Trump says her dad will fight for equal pay and child care. That must be news to him. via
IVANKA lets the world know her father, DonaldTrump, has been a supporter of EQUAL pay and MORE for women YEARS before his run for office.
Trump dictatorship will never help women with equal pay or childcare costs. Don't be fooled
Nice concept. Equal pay for equal work. They should put it in their platform!
Update your maps at Navteq
Why don't & athletes pay a in equal to their home state income tax?
Interesting; Ivanka hacked equal pay last night. She went at it via maternity & familial success and bypassed identity lawfare.
Thiel: Government-funded research! . Ivanka: Equal pay and child care!. Donald: Brown people will slaughter your children!
To get equal pay, she wants to modernize labor laws, which both parties have called for. Question is how?
WH doesn't pay equal,Trump does. BTW my dad taught me "person's word is their bond" 40 yrs ago. Did MO steal from my Dad?
Loved Ivanka's SPEACH about Trump and her family's VALUE and equal pay and promotions of women in DJTs companies for 30 years!
I'm ready for women to get equal pay for equal work and that's why
Ivanka just mentioned things Democrats have wanted for years: Equal pay and paid maternity leave. Things the GOP has f…
Dear Can you show us the equal pay for women part of the platform? We have time…. Sincerely,. The V…
That Corbyn...trying to force employers to pay equal pay to women. This is nothing short of
Conservative Heads Explode at Ivanka Trump's Speech Calling for Equal Pay for Women Whoops they noticed
She sounded nothing like Hillary.. She wants equal pay for women. Was Hillary the 1st person to want that???
Why thinks equal pay and equal opportunity should be a given, not a favor:
Sexism isn't over, but it's not tolerated. You ignore Civil Rights, Equal Pay, Pregnancy Discrimination Acts
Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Fair Pay act of 2009. I know Bernie, facts hurt your feelings.
I liked a video Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies on Equal Pay and Wage Gap (MUST WATCH)
LABI's Jim Patterson, who opposes Equal Pay bill, says better data is needed and employers believe that people shd be paid equally.
Why does Equal Pay legislation exists? Legislation is often needed to combat incorrect thought. If not, no need 4 laws. Right?
It is illegal in the US too. Equal Pay Act
supported Equal Pay, signed the Clean Air Act, empowering the EPA, and while he cut taxes, he only did so to 70%
Real Clear Politics- Rethinking Honesty In the Fight for Equal Pay: These are today's best ideas. .
Looking forward to Advancing Legal Careers through Education, Salary Negotiation and Equal Pay on 3/22 2CLEs
pay means same.Virtually identical isn't equal.It means just about the same/for the most part but not equal.
I don't mean equal pay and sexual harassment don't matter, but they are SO MUCH less important than this.
Definitely the one area where equal pay issues need not concern us
The biggest compliment a man can pay a woman is to treat her as an equal. needs to put her big girl pants on
Sadly 41 years after the Equal Pay Act gender pay inequality still is a live issue particularly for older women
Call for women to be more militant in quest for equal pay - via
Sigh. We haven't come very far since the Equal Pay Act 1970 have we? .
Mainstream all abt equal pay but doesn't say a word abt how enables this gap.
Equal Pay Act ! quoting 1970 statutes as reason for questioning strategic point is typical Brexit nonsense
pays her female staff less than her male staffers.She well say anything for votes.Equal pay for equal work is just her punch line!
All male pay rates are to be reduced to womens pay levels to create EQUAL PAY. Seems fair.
UK gender pay gap: women earn £300,000 less than men over working life, 4 1/2 decades on from Equal Pay Act
Time for women and men to be more militant in the fight for equal pay
What can you do if you find out a male colleague earns more than you? How to approach a request for equal pay
I refuse to condemn another 6 generations of women to this injustice. It's time to fix the pay gap. Who's with us? https:/…
My revolution will start w/demolishing the highest glass ceiling & it will inc. equal pay for equal work. It will address VAW
UK 'gap of £5,732 or 24% in average full-time annual salaries between women+men > 4 decades after Equal Pay Act' via
does Ajax have an equally supported women's team that has access to same investment and training with equal pay?
Being nice won't pay bills, I have learned to treat everyone with equal measure except you are family.
equal pay, not with the Conservatives!
When I was campaigning on Saturday lots of folk thought we had equal pay - think again people!.
Good ? but think it goes to how they use that influence re equality, equal pay etc for other women.
What (founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla) thinks about equal pay for women:
Order Miche Bag Online!
After all women over 21 were given the vote in 1928, Sylvia campaigned on issues such as maternity pay, equal pay...
As long as that dream doesn't include equal pay for equal work or reproductive control or marriage equality.
How's that 'Social Europe' going? attacks lack of consultation over Posted Workers' directive
Posted Workers - Revision must deliver Equal Pay - Lack of consultation 'a big mistake' | ETUC:
Globally women earn 24% less than men. It's time to work together for equal pay.
It is extremely unfair why Dakota Johnson shows her body more than Jamie Dornan and getting the same equal pay. She sh…
The divisive phrases u left *** use are why we hate you. Equal pay? 350k per speech. Two LIARS.
Have you read about living legend Zelda D’Aprano’s struggle for equal pay?
Sir, Happy Maha Shivaratri. Pls help out our JCOs/ORs on their Military Service Pay (MSP) to be equal for all Ranks as facing
More than half the children of our nation are being raised by singles moms. They need equal rights and equal pay. https…
Most workers do not have a union fighting 4 pay equality. We need legal protections.
Come learn more about the & Equal Pay lobby day at lobby day training at
UPDATE: Equal Pay bill passes subcommittee in
On this anniversary of Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act becoming law, let's achieve Equal Pay for Equal Work by women & men…
In the UK we have the Equal Pay Act. I think you mean earnings gap.
Reading: Mikulski Calls for Passage of Paycheck Fairness Act to Finish the Job for Equal Pay for Equal Work
WA House passes Equal Pay on a strong 56-41 bipartisan vote. Congrats, Now time for Senate GOP to act, because
After 40 years of the Equal Pay Act, there is still a pay gap in Scotland of 12% (2010)
Obama first act; Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. . Obama also signed; Executive Order for Equal Pay for Equal Work.
Dear Why are you not discussing comments on "Equal Pay for Women" in
California Braces for Wave of 'Equal Pay' Lawsuits: Unsurprisingly, the impetus of this new law was a victory ...
Ohio Women Call on Portman to Take Action on Equal Pay - Ohio Democratic Party
just like the Equal Pay law. Of course there was that Lilly Ledbetter Act
"Equal Pay" promotion by KJ/Kiss1065 for 20% discount yesterday was a bonus. for me yesterday at Chop Shop, Bondi.
Look genuis...its already the law (see Equal Pay Act 1963)...Odumbo is going to put out a fake symbolic gesture.
the Republican controlled House & Senate voted against Equal Pay how do you feel about it
Today's Inspiration: GOP US Rep Winifred Stanley, first sponsor of Equal Pay for Equal Work, born this day in 1909
Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963 and Asian males make more than white males. Sanders is pandering.
Rev Congress Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Documentary on Like it is He passed 1963 Equal Pay for Women Act. He passed all
The discrimination of NQTs needs to stop. Equal Pay for Equal Work. One Pay Scale for all Teachers.
I don't need fimisemm because god made Adam and Eve not Equal Pay for Equal Work
MD Department of Labor updated the Equal Pay for Equal Work notice!! VIsit for more info.
OH THAT IS WHY He SIGNED the Lilly Ledbetter Act! Y he fights for Equal Pay for Women!! Puts More Women in Top posts
New on politics from Equal Pay for Equal Work: A Response to Phyllis Schlafly
Concerned about Equal Pay on Join us at the rally today at 4pm in Forsyth Park to march for equalit…
All the Equal Pay people are for illegal workers taking American jobs and depressing labor values. Don't act like you care.
Equal Pay for Equal Work: Still no. Tomorrow's Equal Pay Day or as I like to call it Women Still Screwed Day.
Thanks to for authoring AB 1354, the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act.
BPW London's Linda Davis was part of the panel at the Equal Pay event.
Also, I'm 1000% here for Patricia Arquette's call for Equal Pay for women! "For every woman who has given birth to taxpaye…
Wild about Patricia Arquette and her call for Equal Pay for Women!! Loved her since Desperately Seeking Susan.
YES! It's 2015. It's time. Equal Pay. Bring back the Equal Rights Amendment, while we're at it.
A bill to enforce section 78 of the Equal Pay Act was passed by 258 votes to eight. But this is j
7 Tory MPs who voted no to the Equal Pay (Transparency) Bill
your Lynne Featherstone didn't implement Equality Act provisions that would make Equal Pay claims easier
Equal Pay for Equal Work: Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act -- via
U.S. SENATE RECAP: Even the right-wing Washington Times concedes that the GOP’s plot to take over the Senate is DEAD ON ARRIVAL if they don’t win in Arkansas. CONTRIBUTE NOW TO STOP THE REPUBLICAN TAKEOVER. ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT – DO. NOT. WAIT. We know how much you’d LOVE forcing Republicans to KISS their Senate majority fantasy GOODBYE. You can: A new NBC News/Marist poll shows Arkansas Democrats GAINING ground. WE. CAN. WIN. BUT HERE’S THE PROBLEM: Our ActBlue tracker shows us 73 donors away from our midnight goal! If you’ve just been distracted by other things, please take 60 seconds and give NOW. If we don’t make tonight’s goal and LOSE in Arkansas, we will LOSE our Democratic majority in the Senate … and here’s what WE would kiss GOODBYE: – Equal Pay (Goodbye!) – Medicare as we know it (GONE FOR GOOD!) – Violence Against Women Act (Tom Cotton voted against it TWICE!) there are only THREE DAYS LEFT until Election Day. There’s not even ONE minute to spare. If we miss this go ...
opposes Equal Pay and Paycheck Fairness, saying it is a "left-wing agenda"
"NEXT U.S. PRESIDENT, HER EXCELLENCY MADAME HILLARY CLINTON" I would like to convey my heartfelt red rose best wishes and immense love! to the people of U.S.A. I would fervently request my beloved and honorable people of the United States of America, and also dear- Bangladeshi, Pakistani,and Indian, honorable friends and relatives, residing in the U.S. as citizens, to extend their all-out cooperation to elect Madame Hillary Clinton, U.S. First Lady, "A Rare Breed Genius", of the United States of America,World Celebrity, Upright, Legendary, Glamorous and an accomplished U.S. Secretary of State, as the first Women U.S. President in the "White House" (OVAL OFFICE), Washington D.C. in the upcoming U.S.Presidential Polls of 2016, to promote and uphold Women Empowerment and Leadership,Equal Pay, Climate Change, and for the Restoration of Global Peace and Tranquility! under her able Leadership! Thanking you all and sundry in anticipation! With Great Love! . Abdullah Al-Mahmud Jahangir, Chairman,Bangladesh Free D ...
.And yet, unlike pressed for the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act.
Never heard of the Equal Pay Act of 1963? Maybe should look it up. Better yet, here's a link.
Republicans are running against Obama's PERSONALITY, but they are ALSO AGAINST Min.Wage, Equal Pay,& his Jobs Act rebuilding roads & bridges
EE Act (55/1998): Draft Code of Good Practice on Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value- comments till 28 October
Recent votes for NC's 3rd Congressional District: Senate: Equal Pay - Cloture Senate: Fiscal 2015 Continuing Resolution - Passage House: Fiscal 2015 Continuing Resolution - Passage Note: Both chambers are in recess until the week of November 10. Recent Senate Votes Equal Pay - Cloture - Vote Rejected (52-40, 8 Not Voting) The Senate failed to invoke cloture on a bill that would require employers to demonstrate that wage gaps between men and women with similar qualifications and in similar jobs have a business justification. It would prohibit employers from retaliating against employees who share salary information and authorize the Labor secretary to seek additional compensatory or punitive damages in a sex discrimination action. Sen. Richard Burr voted NO Sen. Kay Hagan voted YES Fiscal 2015 Continuing Resolution - Passage - Vote Passed (78-22) The Senate voted to clear for the president's signature a joint resolution that would provide funding for federal government operations until Dec. 11, 2014, at an ...
Books have arrived for tomorrow's Luncheon with Equal Pay advocate, Lilly Ledbetter! Tix at:
Equal Pay for Monkeys: via Fairness is something built in. Watch and listen, it's great :)
Obama Calls for Minimum Wage Rise and Equal Pay as Elections Approach - New York Times Vía
If you pay me like it's the 1960s, I'll behave like it's the 1960s. Equal Pay for Equal Work.
Obama's Equal Pay regs. Proposal to be published in Fri's Federal Register, beginning 90-day public comment period.
Tomorrow at 2 pm in City Council Chambers-400 City Hall I'm hosting Dem Policy Hrg with Chairman : Equal Pay for Equal work.
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My mother was a national campaigner for Equal Pay for women teachers. UK going backwards...
New post: Africa: 75 Years Is Too Long to Wait for Equal Pay - Oxfam Urges G20 to Act On
The U.S. Department of Labor, Women's Bureau & Missouri Women's Council will host a FREE webinar on Equal Pay on...
Gotta love for being exemplary in ensuring Men & Women get Equal Pay at the highest level.
This is a Tea Party Republican that Denies Climate Change! Congressman Ron Desantis "Quoted to the St Augustine Record" that he really wasn't sure how he would Vote for Hurricane Relief for St John,Flagler or Volusia County if we got hit by a Hurricane! This Guy is Out Of Touch!!! He Voted Against Hurricane Relief for Hurricane Sandy! *Voted No* for Violence Against Women! *Voted No* for Equal Pay! *Voted No* to Shut Down The Government!! Bad Record & Bad For Floridians!!! My family is *Voting David Cox for Congres 2014*
Terri Lynn Land should do more to represent women than drink coffee. For starters, she could support Equal Pay for women and Universal Voter Rights Legislation. She could oppose 'personhood' legislation that supports a ban on abortion that includes no exceptions for rape, incest or saving a woman’s life. She could also support inclusion of medicines like oral contraception, emergency contraceptives, and intrauterine devices into the Affordable Health Care Act. Until then, I'm not buying her pro-woman stance just because she's a woman.
"At AWEE, we know that equal pay is not an expense, it is an investment." Dear AWEE Stakeholders, As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights movement and the 51st anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, pay discrimination against women remains a daunting challenge. According to U.S. Census figures, women nationwide earn 77 cents for every $1 earned by a man. In Arizona, women earn roughly 87 cents for every dollar a man makes. On April 9, the Paycheck Fairness Act, which proposed to close the pay gap between men and women, didn’t make it out of the Senate – for the third time. The vote fell strictly between party lines. Peggy Drexler, writing in, said that “Equal Pay has become less a noble, unquestionable goal than a political talking point.” North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan wrote in the Durham Herald Sun that the Paycheck Fairness Act isn’t “just a women’s issue – it’s an economic one.” Fortunately, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and his city council colleagues under . ...
"Join the union, girls, and together say Equal Pay for Equal Work." - Susan B. Anthony said this in 1869!!
It appears the gop talking heads never studied American Political hstory. In a collective F U to Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, for signing the American Civil Rights Act into law, the Southern Democrats QUIT the Dem party and became the joke known as the current Republican Party. they are even insting that if Lincoln were alive tnday hed still be republican. LMAO. BTW, Republicans BLOCKED the Equal Pay for Woman Act.
Jerry & Bostonred discuss various subjects ranging from Hank Aaron's baseball career to baseball executive & former President George W. Bush. This led to the recent photo op during the NCAA championship game where Bill Clinton posed as close buddy to Bush - and then the discussion led to the strange behavior of the Republican Party over Equal Pay for women.
Equal Pay and Minimum Wage | Two Ways to Hurt Women in the Workplace via
Obama Pushes for Equal Pay for Women: White House — President Barack Obama is steppin...
A GOP member thinks that the Equal Pay is brought up as "A ridiculous war on women" Did we revert back to the stone age, my God
It turns out the President and Senate Democrats are hypocrites on Equal Pay
OK my WOMAN friends who are Republican (I know who you are) WHY do senate republicans filibuster Equal Pay- why should our elected officials think it is OK for men to make more than women for the same job?!!?! Don't whimp out- let's hear it!
Action: Call your Senators today and ask that they vote FOR the Paycheck Fairness Act. Then call your PA legislators and ask that they support the bipartisan equity bills HB 1890 and SB1212. Equal Pay and raising the minimum wage (PA SB-858) will advance economic security of all families. This is about fairness.
Tomorrow's International Womens Day.We could do our part in NJ by passing Equal Pay 4 Equal Work http…
Equal Pay for Equal Work- The Blueprint for Black Teachers. Jim Crow permeated every aspect of life, to include...
Read, Subscribe & Cite SUPREME LAWS TODAY(SLT) Daily SC Judgement's Published II (2014) SLT 5 RDDBFI — Rights of auction-purchaser in property purchased by him cannot be extinguished. II (2014) SLT 2 SERVICE LAW — Salary — Principle of “Equal Pay for Equal Work” cannot be invoked in all cases. II (2014) SLT 1 SUSPENSION OF SENTENCE — Sentence can be suspended where co-accused has already been enlarged on bail. I (2014) SLT 787 Per K.S. Radhakrishnan, J. ANTICIPATORY BAIL — In spite of fact that Section 438 has been specifically omitted and made inapplicable in State of Uttar Pradesh, still a party aggrieved can invoke jurisdiction of High Court under Article 226 of Constitution of India, being extraordinary jurisdiction and vastness of powers naturally impose considerable responsibility in its application. I (2014) SLT 787 Per A.K. Sikri, J. (Assenting View) ANTICIPATORY BAIL — Order of anticipatory bail does not in any way, directly or indirectly; take away from Police their right to inve ...
Equal Pay for Equal work in TX is and a Gov. who will not VETO the bill as Rick Perry did! (also needed everywhere too)
I'm going for the full house! What are you asking for Valentine's Day? Equal Pay for Equal work A Livable Wage Paid Sick Leave Accessible, Quality Child Care Full funding for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Gun Safety Laws Affordable Health Care & Choices A Comprehensive Immigration bill that supports and protects families
Congrats on nailing the low-info voter red herrings: Abortion, Equal Pay, *** Marriage, and “Tea Party.”
** "We the People" send Thanks to the Democrats for: the Social Security Insurance Program... Medicare... Women getting to vote... Civil Rights... Safe Workplaces... Public Schools... Public Highways... Securing Bank & Big Business Regulation's. a 40-hour Workweek. Equal Pay... and Lots more - Mostly WE appreciate those who have fought and died for Our FREEDOMS - Its SAD to think a HAND FULL OF REPUBLICAN's are Sneering at those Achievements, so they Convinced other Republicans to SHUT Down Nearly every Government Program that Used to Help "WE the People" - Funny TOO, that a Majority of Americans who WANT Affordable Health Care Available to Us - including Senior Citizens, Sick & Disabled Children, Collage Students and War Veterans ! -- Funny too That Republicans are Using Scare Tactics !!
Hoo Hoo! BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Gov. Bobby Jindal has agreed that state agencies should be banned from paying unequal wages to employees of different genders for the same job. Jindal signed the Equal Pay for Women Act into law Wednesday. The bill by New Orleans Sen. Ed Murray doesn't affect private companies. In pushing for the bill, Murray said that women in Louisiana make 69 cents for every dollar that men make for performing the same job duties and holding the same title. He sought to include private companies in his legislation, but couldn't get the votes. The new law is limited to "any department, office, division, agency, commission, board, committee or other organizational unit of the state."
Okay, my white brothers, I just have to ask one question... When did the lot of you become such a group of pansies?!?!?! Every time I turn on conservative radio, all I hear is how your victims. "Affirmative Action keeps qualified white men out of jobs!", "I'm christian, and the *** rights agenda persecutes me being straight!", "Equal Pay for women? Why am I being punished for being a man!?!?!", "What do you mean I cant just rape and assault women?!?! I'm a man with needs!!" What happened to the white man that subjugated numerous races? The white men total willing to kill entire groups of people for nothing more than being a different skin color and having a different religion? The men that got tally lost, and then said, we MEANT to end up here! and I am going to call it the Americas, after myself? The white man that enslaved an entire race of people for hundreds of years, polluted the sky and the oceans to the point acid fell from the sky, and expected woman to make them a sandwich after getting smacked . ...
Thanks 2 Senator LA has finally passed an Equal Pay bill for public employees!
Equal Pay for Women (employed by state) Act passes House 85-13. Heads to Senate for concurrence then to Jindal.
I don't want "recognition." I want my $443,000! Marsha Blackburn: Women 'Don't Want' Equal Pay via
Join tomorrow at the Rally for Equal Pay tomorrow at the State Capitol. Wy is one of the speakers.
Pay my bills.. I don't want that.. I want to be equal. Respect for respect
Equal pay in City law: is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
Always pay your debts in equal measure
oh ok! It should be equal in big cities.Plus the Kunda system in Karachi is almost non existent in Lahore, still we pay for it
In this case, a married man and woman can pay up to $9000 less in taxes annually than a *** couple. Not equal.
Women need to remember this in 2014. Unless you buy into the belief you aren't worthy of equal pay for the exact...
would you prefer women not having rights like no benefits and not good pay? And no equal rights?
Woman logic: I demand equal rights but, you have to pay for dinner, hold open the door, and be nice to me because I'm a woman!
So, there will be ZERO "hook ups" and ZERO credits! If you want my work, pay my rate upfront or bring equal or greater value to the table!
The equivalent to SS's metaphor would be men stopping working until there's equal pay.
thou shall call Ledbetter Act women's rights to equal pay... never admit it's a statue of limitation case and a lie!
getting married doesn't change my support if equal rights. Maybe all women should stop working until there's equal pay???
Even monkeys object to unequal pay for equal work.
and how much are you getting paid to ask? Are you getting pay equal amount than what men are when asking the same questions?
equal pay for meal is the beauty of Democracy eiei
What world does this *** come from? Has he ever heard of female head of households & equal pay 4 equal work?
It's 2013 , men and women are equal. Yet men are expected to hold the door, text first, treat them like a princess, and pay for everything..
The GOP is anti-woman, but who cares about there being no equal pay at the White House
Still waiting for the left to show the equal pay in the White House
Working class women have been left behind by the advance of feminism and battles for equal pay, a new study re...
Obama fairness!!! If states that 30 hrs is considered full-time shouldn't 40 hrs a week get you overtime pay? Equal benefits!
This is pre social services/equal pay for work. It easy to criticize in our safeness. history month
"No me juzgues por mi pasado, yo no vivo ahi ya" Lo bueno de hoy es que tu pasado no equivale tu futuro. Hoy es el dia que te puede cambiar la vida para siempre. Don't judge me by my past. I don't live there anymore". The wonderful thing about today is that your past doesn't have to equal your future. Today is the day that can change your life forever. Let this be it. Let it be Now! - Zig Ziglar
The next Equal Pay Day is 9th April. The date symbolises how far into 2013 women have to work to earn what men earned in 2012
So what's your opinion on *** married, birth control, equal pay 4 women and a female Pope.
Someone is legit trying to justify that the Equal Pay Act shouldn't be in place
I'll pay u to pay me then I'll fully pay you to half pay back to equal the equivalent of the full payment from the exempt total
should get equal to us? see how they like that, the tell tales. Equal pay for Equal work , come on girls, every body OUT!!! LOL
Great film, brave women, trouble is we never got the 100& equal pay, men still earn more, yet we have the same living costs, >
I watched 'Made in Dagenham' last night, about the Equal Pay Act coming in. ConDems broke society, put us pre Beveridge.
Lilly Ledbetter, a leader in the fight for equal pay, will speak at April 8th
they would need to be more socially equal (nearly 50% of MPs are women). Population happy to pay tax at 42% for high quality services
Just search equal pay for women in the united states on google and a lot of info comes up
I think we should change our topic to equal pay for women there is a lot of info for that and would be easy
oh now a man has to protect a bunch of women? What happened to women's lib? One minute you want chivalry next you want equal pay?
Not even gonna pay attention to the fact Andrea has impaired vision. Her voice is on an equal field with ANYONE. Lovely vibratto
yes it would bc I'm not married and you would have to pay same taxes as me. IE: equal rights.
Equal pay for equal work huh? How about a hot chick and I each eat a banana seductively on a webcam and see who earns more money?
longer Equal Pay in Wisconsin?! No prob! $ more important for men, says GOP Senator! Tell that to single moms!
So I don't believe that the guy should always pay for dates. It should be equal. That's just how I see it.
Why is discrimination still a thing? Can *** people just get married and can women get equal pay and people of all color be accepted?
Sometimes, I wish the men complaining about equal pay should play against Serena.
Cora just told me Indians were equal people.actually I pay taxes they don't! Boom!
Have you noticed FAVOUR seems to defend the unacceptable principle of equal pay for unequal work. May U receive God's Favour this Easter.
- without strike action there would be no Equal Pay Act. Kids & parents understand we sometimes have to stand up & be counted
Can say how many benefit shortfalls from equal £7000 in false expenses Michael Gove was just forced to pay back?
Milton Friedman. Equal pay for equal work is a system of apartheid. Re-screws on eyeballs.
Camera friends, help me out. Olympus E-PL5 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1X?
Forgot Age & Marital Status as protected characteristics. More poignantly Equal Pay is an example where education alone was not the answer.
Lucy Lobdell to Lilly Ledbetter: the First Steps on the Rocky Road to Equal Pay
Barbara Cartland's stand for Equal Pay for Women was admirable. But ensured that Unions were incapable of implementing.
Mary Ann Bernal: This Week in Tennis 3-9-2013: Equal Rights and Equal Pay for Women!:
Thanks President Obama, but keep that pen handy...We want you to sign into law a penalty for all employers who refuse to comply with The Lilly Ledbetter Act--The Equal Pay for Women Act!
Made in Dagenham, film about Equal Pay, on BBC2 this Saturday. 40 years since intro of Equal Pay Act - is your company ensuring
Lets start with Equal Pay? the delayed Violence Against Women Act? How about those who voted No they have no daughters or moms
Here We Go Again: The Long (and Frustrating) Journey of Equal Pay for Women via
Equal Pay for Equal WorkPosted on February 14, 2013 by adminReplyNu Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta, 1928. Antoinette E. Bowler sits in the center, 1st row, 3rd from left 1941 Antoinette Elizabeth Bowler had worked in the Richmond, Virginia school system for twenty years and yet her salary was half of what...
"Shortchanged: Why Women Get Paid Less Than Men" By Peter Coy and Elizabeth Dwoskin Lilly Ledbetter discovered she was underpaid one spring evening in 1998 at the start of her overnight shift as a manager at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber (GT) plant in Gadsden, Ala. She checked her mailbox as usual and found an anonymous note. On it was scribbled her monthly pay along with the pay of three men who started the same year she did and had the same job. The men were earning 15 to 40 percent more. “My heart jerked as if an electric jolt had coursed through my body,” she wrote in her 2012 memoir, Grace and Grit: My Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness at Goodyear and Beyond. Ledbetter had worked at Goodyear for 19 years but was never quite sure she was being paid unfairly. “I was like a wife nursing a nagging suspicion that her husband’s having an affair.” Pay discrimination is a silent offense. Women know when they’re being harassed and abused, of course, and they can often tell if they’re being discrimin ...
Sonia Pressman Fuentes commented on I am a feminist activist, author, and public speaker. I was a founder of NOW and the first woman attorney in the Office of the General Counsel at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). I have been fighting for women’s rights since 1963, when I testified on behalf of the Equal Pay bill, which was subsequently passed. I am also the mother of a young woman who was a National Merit Finalist in high school, got her Master's in Business at Northwestern University, and is now an entrepreneur in the computer field. I have no idea whether she is a "lady," whatever that means in the 21st century. I was thus aghast to read in a HARO newsletter that Deborah Skolnik plans to write a sexist article on how parents should raise a “ladylike” girl. First of all, “lady” is an archaic word. The appropriate word for adult females is “woman.” She does not apparently also plan to write about how parents should raise a “gentlemanly like” boy, anoth ...
Senator Ron Johnson, republican refuses to support the Violence Against Women's Act while Senator Tammy Baldwin is sponsoring the bill. This comes as no surprise to me since he voted along with all of the other republicans against the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. My conclusion is he does not think Native Women deserve to be protected and he has a problem with supporting women period.
We did have Equal Pay laws before the EU though. It is also reproduced in the Equality Act 2010.
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I believe the Equal Pay Act should be updated to ban companies from locking pay from raises. I've not had a raise in 5yrs.
OMG! Did you just happen to see rightwing GOP Senator Glenn Grothman's interview attacking the Kwanzaa holiday on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360? The host and Roland Martin just ripped his comments about this African American holiday. It's not really surprising as he is the guy who called protesters & union members "slobs", likened raising children in a single parent household to child abuse and that "money is more important to men than women" in why he voted to remove Equal Pay protections.
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Would you pay more tax if all levels of education and health services were FREE and equal for all Australians?
"Equal pay is fine, but put some lipstick on."
Community wealth determines teacher pay and level of student supports. How do we provide more equal support in poor districts?
Reasons why PRC bus drivers shouldn't get equal pay: can't speak English/give info on whether bus passes by particular place
Majority of Americans want people with higher wages to pay an equal or comparable tax rate to themselves.
If work was spread amongst more people, with less hours for all, equal pay for all - and more time to LIVE. We'd all be happier.
Phew! 17 Lakh for LKG seat, this is not equal to all money spent on my education till post graduation
I'm all for equal pay for equal work but with the incessant daily chitchat, is it really equal work?
You want equal rights but you don't want to pay for your bill.
Sign up and show your support for the YWCA campaign: Demand Equal Pay
Check out my letter to the editor calling on Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act! Published today:
we will be equal...I'll pay half, you supply the other, get whatever you want babe (:
Equal pay for equal work, take a lesson from a monkey
Female academics excluded from recognition and equal pay: study /via
totally, as long as you pay shipping. Equal opportunity!
BOGO once again for Wed nite ONLY! Pay for one tik, get the 2nd of equal/lesser value for FREE. Just mention this deal.
BO is "all for" equal pay, except when it's not a campaign talking point & he's the one signing the paychecks...
backlash logic: "You want equal opportunity, respect, and pay for equal work? Clearly you just want everything handed to you!!!"
women still dont get equal pay and they're human beings. they can have sex but must use a condom. Santa=too busy for babies
I get it, the feminists are to blame! How dare they seek equal pay for equal work?!
Elves have the right to equal pay and to have sex. *Organises elf protest*
The evolutionary origins for 'equal pay for equal work';
Even monkeys get it. Equal pay for equal work. know these guys?
The SMRT bus drivers may have caused disruption & inconvenience with their protest but I support their cause for equal pay & treatment.
From now till the end of the year women in NZ will work for free. Demand - register your support
From today until the end of the year, women will work for free - demand equal pay via
U want Gov to work. Pay politicians the % rate of their pay equal to their job approval %
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equal pay for equal work! In the event of discrimination, follow the example of these monkeys...
Men, should women receive equal pay for equal work? Talk about it tomorrow! SSB 208 at 7:00 p.m.
Tell Bob to read Declaration of Independence, "All Men Are Created Equal"- NOT, "If u worked hard, get rich u have 2 pay more"
"Equal pay for equal work" is at most a laughable concept. There hasn't, doesn't and shouldn't be such a thing.
The video every woman needs to watch via Zelda D' Aprano would love this equal pay!
Nice ad in the Herald about equal pay.
'..Are those who know equal with those who know not? But only people of understanding will pay heed..' [Surah Az-Zumar (The Groups) 39: 9]
Equal pay claims can proceed in the civil courts The Supreme Court has held by a majority decision that equal...
Check out this hilarious video: if monkeys can demand equal pay, why can't women? via
Feminism has never forced or nagged me to do anything, rather it has given me opportunities & equal pay. Proud to
“Schools face cuts to pay for £1bn academies overspend “ some are just more equal than others!
If you think you deserve equal pay for your work, like this post!
Equal rights but lemme pay for dinner
at Uni when I realised that you don't have to hate men to want equal pay, opportunities and less objectification.
Men: What's your company's policy on sexual harassment? Equality in hiring & promotions? Equal pay? Is it actually applied? featured in NBC s Science of Love
How comes women love hollering about equal rights & equal pay but on a date all that goes out the window & they dont wanna be equals no more
Equal Pay Day - Apply now today and access cash immediately
Pick One...with equal pay for a year...Work on a ranch as a cowboy... or star on Broadway as a cowboy in Annie Get Your Gun?
Why pay thousands of dollars for a when you can get it for free? Visit us at /
I don't see where you think women want lower standards. I'm glad you agree that people deserve equal pay.
We all equal, boy or girl, idc what no one says a girl that lets her *** pay for everything without ever offering to help is weak.
I believe in paying people for the job they do regardless of sex women want equal pay but lower standards like the forces
Not all toys are created equal! You need to make sure that the toys you buy are SAFE to give to your kids. Pay...
What does the recent Birmingham City Council judgment mean for equal pay claims?
Video on The Hill’s Karen Finney and The Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox hash out what Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., means when he says Republicans should “leave the issue [of abortion] alone”–but why conservatives’ attack on Planned Parenthood in a totally made up story isn’t a good first step to ...
Grandfather tell me a story about when men were men and women reaLLY loved their men and weren't trying to wear the pants and when the horse and buggy in the garrage really was a horse and buggy no joke...No one can win the battle of the sexes fools we have that to thank for not enough jobs to go round and women and men without health care...Equal pay for everyone is as bigga joke as minimum wage no one wins...Can we vote ourselves a pay raise?? No only overpaid Lawyers can and do...What's the world comin' to??? Don't ask you don't want ta know at all righteous folks!!!
I recently had the opportunity to travel to Bangladesh to visit a USAID-supported project, the Cost of Violence Against Women. As we drove along the crowded streets of Dhaka, I noticed something very peculiar – there were only men everywhere I looked. Once I arrived at the hotel I was greeted by Jul...
Let me guess. (and you know who you are, because you constantly comment on my posts, so I wont bother tagging you) YOU DONT BELIEVE IN EQUAL PAY EITHER?
god how I love hearing people who take all their info from the media and stereotypes to then spew prejudiced crap from their noise holes.. 'feminists blame everything on men.. they're men haters.. etc.' What they dont know is its for equality but don't believe it because thats what they heard the local news say.. and that goes with all the categiries we put on the people of society.. and unfortunately people systematically get discriminated against because og the stereotypical cayegories.. so watch out all you white middle aged straight men.. ban together.. the women blacks and *** are here to take your jobs.. demand equal pay.. equal respect.. and rights.. no.. don't let them take your power!!
Tavis Smiley has been basically blacklisted by most of the African-American comminity, many of who feel that he's been "hatin'" on Obama, talking all that poverty nonsense, but Smiley isn't done yet. He's still asking the question that no one is willing to answer; what about poor people? As Congress...
cos police got equal pay A hasa is a pig that don't fly straight
Research by Council of Canadian Academies finds subtle, pervasive and often unintentional barriers to women’s achievements in education
how come feminists complain when they have to work just as much or hard as a man? If they want equal rights that means they want equal pay which means equal work...if u want equal rights stop complaining or stop being a feminazi
Equal pay for the taxpayers and their employees (Senators and Representatives).
Letter to the Ruling Class by admin on Apr 1, 2011 • 6:50 pm992 Comments You control our world. You’ve poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in your wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You’ve liquidated our savings, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed. We are slaves to your corporations, zombies to your airwaves, servants to your decadence. You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You’ve profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You’ve monopolized our freedom, stripped away our education, and have almost extinguished our flame. We are hit… we are bleeding… but we ain’t got time to bleed. We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution! Sincer ...
If adult adoptees were respected as autonomous human beings capable of making intelligent choices, they would enjoy unfettered access to their original birth certificates.
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA'S LEGACY IS HEALTHCARE, Civil Rights (LILLYLEDBETTER EQUAL PAY AND REPEAL OF Don't Ask Don't Tell) and Equal employment opportunity for women by appointins Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Justice Elena Kagan to the United States Supreme Court while finding amd killing Ben Laden and ending two wars, liberating Tunicia, Egypt, Libya, Burma and creating a new nation,South Sudan as well as preventing the collapse of America an our auto indusyry while regulating Wallstreet whicle protecting God's command in Luke 10:25-37 after being endorsed by God with the firmamemt change called Raimbow Smile rmailef to him on my Blackberry to his Blackberry we faught to keep as Rainbow Smile Generation. GOD BLESS All
(Adds details, quotes) DHAKA, Nov 25 (Reuters) - A fire swept through a garment factory on the outskirts of Bangladesh's capital, killing at least 120 people, the chief of the fire brigade said on Sunday, in the worst accident for the booming industry in recent years. ...
Why are issues like equal pay for women, *** marriage, abortion (in cases of rape or not), the legalization of marijuana, hate crimes.. even issues at all??? It's 2012 and you would think by now humanity would catch up with the times... That's probably why most people think the world is ending soon... because there is no saving it...
About time they get equal pay with the deer, dammit.
BOSTON—In a historic development for gender parity in the American workplace, recently laid-off consultant Paula Saunders, 32, is at last earning an income identical to that of her unemployed male counterparts.
EQUALITY for ALL not just rich, white, straight men. That means equal pay for women, non-discrimation against race, sexual-orientation or socioeconomic standing. Cause if we exclude one group where will it stop!!! I signed the pledge, if you want to click on link below.
Here is an example of equal pay for equal work:
Eric Smith-- We must always endeavor to wage total war against extremists for only by conquering extremism can we make the world safe for moderation since moderation is the key to compromise and compromise is the root of all progress. Every chain we break and every mind we open frees more people from the shackles of ignorance and liberates them from the prison of their prejudice. This makes all of us more free for the more people who are so liberated the greater the number of those who will fight for freedom themselves. This is a chain reaction that ripples from one generation to the next and that is why with each passing year the world in general and our nation in particular grows ever more enlightened and ever more embracing of universal equality for all. That is why acts of intolerance are so quickly called out and condemned by so many for they are no longer a reflection of who we are and what we are becoming. Look in the mirror America and gaze upon the beautiful diversity of today. Watch in wonder as ...
Not anymore. Want a job done right hire a Woman. Now write a proposal for a grant, city or school, roads & bridges bids to rebuild america. Which sex should win as lowest bidder? Without EQUAL pay we girls, *** Sex Toys and baby ovens are Way to phucking UNDER PAID. Man hours vs Women hours. Want more jobs and win more government contracts that went to China guess y'all should of used the lesser human to keep it "made in usa" and jobs for usa. Our right to bare arms is next. Look at some EUs, GB/England and the land down under. NO GUNS in the hands of the PEOPLE. Can you fight with a big stick. Can you string your silver/gold coins on a cord?. Oops, even greenbacks are a terror weapon.
For the first time in 60 years, the state governments of at least 37 states will be under the control of a single party. That's more than two-thirds of states, as The New York Times reports.
Republican Politicians; it's time you realized the truth. Every liberty that people enjoy today was hard fought and won by marching, protesting, beatings and death all in an effort to convince rich, white men these are ideas who's time has come. The right to to not be owned and looked at as not fully a person, the right to vote, the right to love whomever you were born to love, the right to equal pay for equal work, the right to not be profiled racially and shot for being in the "wrong" part of town, the right of a woman to decide what is right for her own life and body; people continue to die for these liberties every single day. But my so-called Republican friends who hate our President so because of his Black skin, unless you are wealthy, you are not in their club either. They profit from keeping you fighting and believing you are the oppressed ones and laugh all the way to the bank where they steal your money and tell you what to believe your liberties are. They convinced you that in a nation of 350 . ...
Yes women can do anything and everything -- Equal Pay and opportunities ---
Even Capuchin Monkeys believe in the Lilly Ledbetter Act and Equal Pay.
Obama & media convinced an uneducated mass of young women that the 1963 Equal Pay Act didn't exist. ignorance is killing America.
.Pay equity is protected by 1963 Equal Pay Act. Ledbetter does nothing to help it at all. But everyone was fooled by the messaging.
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