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Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation, also Epilepsy Foundation of America (EFA), is a non-profit national foundation, headquartered in Landover, Maryland, dedicated to the welfare of people with epilepsy and seizure disorders.

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Out tonight with at A Night of Neurology (Epilepsy Foundation) at the Gantt Center.
Epilepsy foundation commercial on channel got someone wit a hoodie in it
I just selected Epilepsy Foundation Who will you support?
Living Well donates commission to CURE and Epilepsy Foundation
Hypnotism Day event to benefit Epilepsy Foundation -
Hypnotism Day event to benefit Epilepsy Foundation: LUNENBURG -- With New Year resolutions at the top of every...
Have you created a personal fundraising page to help raise funds for the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii yet? Share...
Top story: For the first time ever, Niles North... - Epilepsy Foundation of Gre… see more
January Youth Group Activity. Join the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana for Asuka Japanese Grill & Sushi. You...
The Epilepsy Foundation is a bold unwavering ally to people living with seizures. Through a new year-long...
The Epilepsy Foundation is inviting entries that represent the most innovative new ideas in epilepsy treatment...
Today I gave tours to people from the epilepsy foundation. I wanted to hug all of them and tell them I love them!
Seriously - thanks to all that have come out to see the lights. The fundraising effort for the Epilepsy Foundation has doubled...
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Tuesday News & Notes from the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut- December 16, 2014
Jokes about incurable illness 'offensive' - Epilepsy Foundation:
Linda Coughlin Brooks, RN, BSN, CT wrote an article posted on the national Epilepsy Foundation website about...
could we ever meet in person? I love that you support the Epilepsy Foundation as I've had it since birth and I'm 26.
EPIC/Epilepsy Foundation LI is located at 1500 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow and the event will begin at 7pm.
Looking forward to presenting at EPIC/Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island on February 14, 2015. Details to follow!
Amazon donates to Epilepsy Foundation Of Eastern Pa when you shop
A3: epilepsy foundation and united mitochondrial disease foundation
The Boyd Devereaux - Epilepsy Life Enhancement Fund will now be administered through the Foundation. This fund...
SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE : ($1.00 from every purchase will go towards The Epilepsy Foundation of America)
Help support research with challenge!
Epilepsy Foundation: ‘Dare to Understand More about Seizures because Someone You Know Lives with Epilepsy’
help out this dutch girl, standing up for 65million people! Just 1 vote of kindness🙏 FREE! http:/…
Please look at todays U T paper for the wonderful Ginger Bread Gala for EPILEPSY foundation S D .charity , the chair Sally B Thornton , ...
OMG This amazing cosplay is fundraising for the Epilepsy Foundation. Love him!
Getting the check ready for the Epilepsy Foundation :)... Thanks for all your support in November. Merry...
Think you Epilepsy Foundation. For no help. At all .not for me but my son I was told the . Foundation could care less about you
I love working with kids 😍 had such a good time volunteering with the epilepsy foundation
The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation of North Carolina is to stop seizures and SUDEP, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy through efforts including education, advocacy and research to accelerate ideas into therapies
No its wear purple for epilepsy awareness. Look it up:Epilepsy Foundation
THIS GOES OUT TO ALL OF MY RUNNING/WALKING FRIENDS…(sorry for the long post) This month is Epilepsy Awareness Month. My cousin, Jen, has been battling this for the past 8 years. She went through brain surgery 6 years ago, hoping that would correct things, but it didn’t. Her and her husband, Ryan, have had quite a long, tiresome journey of doctors, surgery, loss of many dreams and going through tons of meds. They live in CA and are having a "5K Run/Walk for Epilepsy" on November 16. You can see more of their story here on this link: am putting together an informal run/walk event here in PA for them to show our East Coast support. So, come on out! Saturday, November 22 at 9 am. Meet at the square in Lancaster. Purple is the awareness color for epilepsy, so deck yourself out in purple!! I will have a 1-mile loop mapped out for you to join us. You can walk or run, as many of the loops as you want. Some of us are going to do up to 3 miles. If you want to, you can donate to the Epilepsy Foundation o ...
Opponents debate medical marijuana at Epilepsy Foundation forum.
Tonight in Jacksonville! Questions about medical marijuana and epilepsy? Join the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida... http…
Disneyland – Discounted Tickets Available Discounted Disneyland tickets for clients with epilepsy and their immediate family members/ caregivers are available to visit Disneyland January 5 - February 14, 2015. If interested please e-mail Pamela immediately at Pamelavia EMAIL ONLY and respond to the questions below by October 8, 2015 at 4pm. On Saturday January 24, 2015, we invite you to join Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County families and individuals for fun freebies and gathering spots inside the park. (note: please purchase tickets for the week of January 18 – 24, 2015 so that you may join us on January 24 otherwise feel free to go anytime during the discounted ticket offer). More info below. Important Instructions: Please answer the following questions 1-5 below and email your information to Pamelaby Wednesday, October 8, at 4PM. NO phone calls 1. First and last name of person with epilepsy? 2. Parent/ Guardian first and last name (if applicable)? 3. Email? 4. Phone? 5. Street address, city an ...
Please show your support by giving through Hayden's Ride for Epilepsy's Supporter page and share this link to spread the word about Epilepsy Foundation Victoria
Well done to Hayden Muir, inspiring Australian teenager who is undertaking a cycling challenge to raise awareness...
Part is for the epilepsy foundation.
Have a question about seizures or epilepsy? Need help finding resources in your area? The Epilepsy Foundation’s... htt…
Woodend teen takes on epic cycle challenge to Canberra for Epilepsy Foundation
October is epilepsy month and I'm doing a run/walk to raise money for drvate syndrome foundation!! It's finally coming together
Sign up or sponsorship this years annual benefiting the texas epilepsy foundation
Car wash/bake sale hosted by CAP for the Epilepsy Foundation 9/27...10-3 at Pep Boys Hixson Tn
Not only is a brutal festival, but it's a fundraiser as well! Proceeds to go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida!
Febrile Seizures: A New Epilepsy Biomarker | Epilepsy Foundation of America. Until now, there has been no way to...
Ketogenic Diet Found to be Effective in Children with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome | Epilepsy Foundation
I would like to welcome Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation as a possible beneficiary of this year's E-Bear event
People who use it aren't going around getting stoned for fun... But the oil and stuff can really help.
Woodend teen, Hayden Muir has taken the road to Canberra on his bike to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation.
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I saw you have Epilepsy Foundation link on your profile. You might like this video from Dr Sanjay Gupta
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Top story: Check out these pictures from our FREE... - Epilepsy Foundation of G… see more
Left a pick up by the curb for EPILEPSY FOUNDATION todayand when I looked out a small red car pulled up grabbed the bags and sped off.Bad.
The club would need to contact the Epilepsy Services Foundation at
Today was donation pick up day. This charity hits close to home so we donate…
The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida is holding an education forum about Medical Marijuana in
for social causes: How helped The Epilepsy Foundation via
Just a reminder, cannabis advocacy groups and independent advocates, aren't he only ones supporting cannabis...
Epilepsy Foundation announces support for medical marijuana via
Check out the campaign for Cameroon's Foundation.Donate even a small amount to help us help them
The Hearts of Epilepsy Foundation was founded on 3/21/2011, just months after the death of my brother who lost...
I've been doing regular donations to the epilepsy foundation b/c they do pickups. like 10 bags last time.
Epilepsy Foundation Calls for Increased Medical Marijuana Access and Research w/ commentary from NYU neurologist
Help support Epilepsy Services Foundation while drinking awesome local homebrews! Find out more at
Please help keep the Epilepsy Foundation open by shopping in Amazon Smile (pick Epilepsy Free Foundation,).
So who is planning a Purple Pumpkin Decorating event? Be sure to contact your local Epilepsy Foundation of...
So besides studying my butt off today. I managed to put in three volunteer applications in. Yesss you read correctly VOLUNTEER apps in. I sure hope one calls back ;) I applied at Lurie Children's Hospital, RedCross, and Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago. In life its not about making money.but making a difference!!
The Epilepsy Foundation is proud to be the American partner for the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE). The IBE is the recognized international umbrella body representing national epilepsy organizations that have a specific interest in improving the social condition and equality of life for peo…
Zumba with the Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi on Saturday, September 20 from 8-10am at Winner's Circle Park...
We are grateful to everyone who is including a shout out for epilepsy awareness and donating to Epilepsy Foundation
Learn more about next Thursday's Toasting Hope Wine Event at the Townsend!
Teaching kids about epilepsy in the classroom in Colorado,
We are so excited about this: "The End Epilepsy Foundation WANTS YOU and YOUR USED CLOTHES! Do you have gently used clothes you no longer need? Your donation will help support epilepsy awareness, programs and research. We are also looking for youth groups, schools, church groups and businesses in the Southern California region who want to host clothing drives to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation. If you are interested in hosting a clothing drive for your group, contact Scott at our office at 1.800.564.0445. The clothes donation program is a way for everyone to participate and support the fight to END EPILEPSY. Visit for more information. Jen Showalter Ryan Showalter Mazvita Lewton
Students are taught by Epilepsy Foundation Colorado what to do if a fellow classmate has a
Epilepsy Foundation teaches students about seizures via
Epilepsy Foundation teaches students about seizures
September is Students with Epilepsy Month in California!. The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles provides...
In case you missed it at 6, here's a link to the 9NEWS (KUSA) story about EFCO's Seizure Smart Schools program,...
I began the Amari Thompson Foundation for epilepsy awareness on behalf of my brother. Watch the video for more info http…
requests instead of flowers that donations in ANGELA BENNETT name be made to TX EPILEPSY FOUNDATION at
Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan hosting Toasting Hope fundraiser on September 11 at Townsend Hotel via
CO Epilepsy Foundation teaches kids at Brown Elementary what to do if they see someone having a seizure.
As a Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation team member, I am proud we support Alon Friedman and epilepsy research.
thx for a great blog entry about the Every resource helps when fighting
In lieu of flowers lance has requested donations be made in Angela's name to Epilepsy foundation of Texas
The Epilepsy Foundation in my 'hood picking up household items/clothes next wk? Well, isn't that…
,. . A few days ago, Philip Gattone, the Epilepsy Foundation’s president and CEO, sent you the email below about...
GUYS. This Sunday I am volunteering at this thing. There is a beer tent and bands and you can feel good about...
*. NEW RESOURCE PAGE. . The Epilepsy Foundation’s gathers content from...
WATCH: See Matt Duffie's work for the Epilepsy Foundation in his nomination for the Ken Stephen Medal -
Matt Duffie seems to get as much from the Epilepsy Foundation as they get from him!!.
I'm interested in doing some part-time volunteering with the Epilepsy Foundation NYC. Pls could you let me know who to contact.
SO excited to be featuring the Epilepsy Foundation of MN at the game on October 19th
... as he leads the Inaugural Pawn Stars Poker Run to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Nevada. Rick, accompanied by his son Big *** (Corey) will lead thousands of bikers through Las Vegas on the Poker Run to be followed by awesome music and festivities at Hogs & Heifers Saloon. Grand Prize is $20…
Epilepsy Foundation's weekly art program is Thursday: Studio E: the Art Therapy Program runs from 5-8 p.m. at ...
Tune in to CBS Sports Network right now to see the Epilepsy Foundation of America Ford Fusion. In 26th (hmm 1...
The cutting edge epilepsy research funded by the Josh Provides Foundation, today at 3pm on Health Check with...
About 300,000 American children under the age of 14 have epilepsy. It affects children at different ages, and in different ways. For some, it will be a temporary problem, easily controlled with medication, outgrown after a few years. For others, it may be a lifelong challenge affecting many areas of life. Medical treatment of childhood epilepsy is getting better and research towards a cure continues. Some Facts About Epilepsy It may be time-limited or long-term. Early recognition and treatment are keys to the best possible outcome. It may be associated with serious, difficult-to-treat syndromes, including infantile spasms, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, genetically related conditions and developmental disorders. Social impact in childhood is often severe, producing isolation and loss of self-esteem. Causes of Childhood Epilepsy Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain. A child’s brain contains billions of nerve cells. They communicate with each other through tiny electrical charges that fire on and off in random f ...
It's Friday! Shop for a cause and support Anthony's Arm! All purchases will directly benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Western PA. Shop online at
Congratulations June New Jaycee of the Month – Diane White   Why did they receive JOTM: Diane has been a great, active new member of our chapter, she has attended several events, even bringing along friends and chaired the Amy Johnson Residence ice cream event as well. She jumped right in with both feet and helped out with a great community event. We are happy to have her as a new member!   How long have you been a member? Since March 2014   Employer: I'm a program manager at the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.   Role this Year in the Jaycees: New member   Personal quote to share: 'Never separate the lives you live from the words you speak.' -Paul Wellstone 
The Epilepsy Foundation created this infographic because we believe it is important for people with epilepsy and their caregivers:
This one of our patients, Autumn and her mama Chris. We would love your support. Even if you cannot march with us July 20th, please call Gov. Nixon and let him know the ALL children deserve hope and healing. We agree with the Epilepsy Foundation. "The Epilepsy Foundation believes that an end to seizures should not be determined by one’s zip code." Amen!! Compassion should not be illegal for anyone who suffers.
Read ab the Hall family& the Keilah Foundation to raise awareness of the for in South Africa http:/…
foundation Special moment when a Keto kid loves his food ! Well done Andrew and co!
Benefit Yoga Class for Epilepsy Foundation of Western PA: Join Julie Menge at BYS Yoga for a 1.5 hour open level...
Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars on History Channel shares his personal experiences and partners with our friends at...
benefits the epilepsy foundation which is near to Kats heart a member of her family has it
Look for DATV tomorrow morning on location at the Mud Volleyball tournament to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of...
Hayden-Media are proud to sponsor Blu’s Tale Foundation to raise awareness for canine epilepsy
Epilepsy Foundation of America Rick Harrison and The Purple Pumpkin Project. Who wants to see Rick and the Pawn...
Top story: Grant and Fellowship Opportunities | Epilepsy Foundation see more
u have 2 ways 2 help raise money 4 the Epilepsy Foundation bid or just donate RT
WIN shirt right off her back.Pls join R auction 2 benefit The Epilepsy Foundation
On September 20th, I will be participating in a 5k walk to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ in honor of my...
Rick thx so much 4 supporting the epilepsy foundation.
Exciting collaboration w/ to develop platform for personalized drug discovery
Andrew's golf benefit for Foundation in
Intellimedix to work with Pfizer, Epilepsy Foundation to test drugs for Dravet
There's still time to register for this year's Magnolia Run and Walk benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation of...
Mud Volleyball volunteers needed for beer pouring Saturday, July 12 to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation!. Open...
When you shop Amazon will make a donation to Epilepsy Foundation Of Western Wisconsin Inc.
2014 Magnolia Run and Walk for Epilepsy - Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia
All proceeds go to The Epilepsy Foundation. Please share our Seller ID
Friday night happy hour (and a half)! Benefit Yoga for the Epilepsy Foundation with Julie Menge is on tap at BYS...
this tree the only tangible part of the Epilepsy Foundation that survived new development
The Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana would like to invite all youth (ages 8 - 20) who are affected by epilepsy...
“We are happy to support the Epilepsy Foundation’s SAMi Indiegogo campaign. SAMi not only helps families care...
Pfizer collaborates with and to help develop drug discovery platform for
Public-private collaboration aims to develop personalized epilepsy drugs
A "Thank you" goes out to Epilepsy Foundation of America for taking the videos from the 2014 Pipeline Conference...
Thank you for calling savers of nashua where all donations benefit the epilepsy foundation of New England this is jake how can I help you
STW will be joining John and Tom Olson for the 3rd Annual Climb for Epilepsy on July 12th. This year we will trek up Mt. Democrat. If...
Thanks a TON to those who've donated to Savers so far!!! Here's the update from our friend Cathy, their Field Marketing Manager. "Your group has collected so far through yesterday 1558 pounds—which is over $300. So please keep the donations coming—think heavy donations! :) " Stay tuned for the final weigh in tomorrow after rehearsal. The St. Charles Savers will, however, still be accepting donations to benefit Marquee Youth and the Epilepsy Foundation through this Sunday. Don't forget to attach a flyer or note with "Marquee Youth Stage Fundraiser". A Thousand thanks & more!
Please contact your local representative and urge them to join ranks with the Epilepsy Foundation and…
Join us! Lily's Luau - Lily's Fund for Epilepsy Research - UW Foundation
Thank you for hosting an amazing fundraiser for the Epilepsy Foundation. Thanks to those that registered. It was a fun night!
announces 2014 Shark Tank winners for people living with seizures
There is Foundation being started in LV, Sign up for our newsletter at
Thank you to everyone who came out to the Lombardi Club for my uncles retirement party. The epilepsy foundation...
I chose to donate charitable funds to Epilepsy Foundation through
Brewer family’s Orrington event to raise funds for epilepsy foundation, create support network
How come I have had Epilepsy since I was a teenager now I have had no seizures for 3 yrs. & only heard of this foundation now?
That's where I'll be bright & early Sat! Photographing the Epilepsy Foundation of MI stroll fundraiser!
SAGE SPA wants to thank Marty Molly from Dunphy Ford for the generous donation to our event supporting the Epilepsy Foundation.
DRIVER (WILMINGTON): The Epilepsy Foundation New England Donation Center has full time openings f...
Thank you. I also edit the Epilepsy Literary Heritage Foundation's accounts at and
Hayden-Media are proud to sponsor Blu's Tale Foundation during their road trip raising awareness for canine epilepsy
Insys receives orphan designation for LGS for their synthetic form of CBD.
Exciting news coming this August with Savannah and the Epilepsy Foundation. Savannah is pictured here with Vicki...
Even the dark side does it's part to raise awareness for epilepsy across the galaxy! . From Epilepsy Foundation...
Ecotech participated in the Denver Strides for Epilepsy 5k hosted by the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado!
Top story: June Hero: Alan Faneca The Epilepsy Foundation of Louisiana see more
.thanks for responding earlier. besides checking with your local Foundation (cont)
Please support this beautiful family and the epilepsy foundation! Would mean everything!
Everything is packed to be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation ☺️✌️
Bakersfit Mud Dogs playing Mud Volleyball Tournament as they raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation Bakersfield.
TIL users of 7chan hacked into the website of Epilepsy Foundation and replaced the forum with flashing image
4 more days left to give! Help me help the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan! Not another moment lost to seizures!
Barbecue racks up funds for Epilepsy Foundation: NORTH BRUNSWICK — A fundraising barbecue raised more than $3,...
TIL in 2008, users of hacked into the website of Epilepsy Foundation of America and repl...
The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida is providing free Healthcare Navigation services tomorrow at Southeast from...
Top story: Epilepsy Foundation Heart of Wisconsin see more
CAMP REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN!! . The Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island and EPIC Long Island announce the 2014...
Great to see your campaign. Send an update to boost gogofactor! Have you seen this campaign?
Students were out of uniform today and made a gold coin donation to help raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation.
The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation is looking for a deserving individual or family to have a great time at Epilepsy...
That is fantastic! I want to get more involved in an epilepsy foundation. Gotta make time for that
Makes me pretty happy my dad is donating money to the epilepsy foundation for the cold water challenge. 💕
Or donate some money to an Epilepsy Foundation!
Congratulations to the Epilepsy Foundation and their partners for the 2nd Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy...
Today is Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day. Visit the Dravet Syndrome Foundation Website for info:
I thought epilepsy foundation's was "let's shake on it"
Teaser trailer for student film helping raise awareness for Epilepsy Foundation.
Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut Planning Golf Fundraiser - The fundraiser will be held on Thursday, July 10.
The deed is done im calling out Hitla-boss Dsr , Derrick Dizzle of Dsr, Face of Dsr, Jackie Wilson of Lady Desperado's, Justina Thomas of Lady Desperado's, Regina Wilson of Lady Desperado's, Tay-baby Rainbolt of Lady Desperado's, Renee Byrd of Lady Desperado's, Adnoval Tfarc Lady Desperado's , Nika Kelley of Lady Desperado's,and last but not least Jasmine Benefield of Lady Desperado's my charity is the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas
Marlboro Middle School’s Second Annual Health Fair Marlboro, NY – May 14, 2014 the Marlboro Middle hosted their second annual Health Fair. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders were educated by local organizations on the latest information in health and safety. The organizations that played a role in the health fair were the Maternal Infant Services Network, Marlboro Police Department, Mobile Life, Wiles Chiropractic, Bootleg Yoga, Health Quest, Epilepsy Foundation, Safe Homes of Orange County, and the American Heart Association. Due to pouring rain the Marlboro Fire Department and the “Battle of the Belts” could not participate in the day. The Marlboro Police Department demonstrated with a ball and cup the effects of being visually impaired. Students learned CPR skills from the American Heart Association. Mobile Life demonstrated how they transport patients. Elizabeth Fino a sixth grade students said, “I really enjoyed the Malboro Police demonstration. It was fun trying to throw a ball at ...
May 22 is Epilepsy Night at Stony Brook Neurology!! Department of Neurology is hosting Epilepsy Night from 6-8 PM Please come join the Epileptologists of the Department of Neurology at Stony Brook Medicine for an informational evening for patients, care givers and healthcare professionals on Epilepsy. Hear from our expert Epileptologists on current treatments and new treatments on the horizons. Speak with our Epilepsy social worker, nutritionist and representatives from the Epilepsy Foundation who are here to listen and help patients and their families dealing with life and Epilepsy. Meet other patients and their families, share your experiences. Snacks, coffee, and tea will be provided. Location: Stony Brook Technology Park 179 Belle Mead Road East Seatuket, NY 11733 For more information please contact Rita.apetino
Another awesome donation today! The Inn at Harbor Shores, in St. Joseph, MI, is donating a one night stay with breakfast for 2 at Plank's Tavern- a $350.00 value!! Thank you to The Inn for the generous donation and the awesome support! Pure Michigan at it's finest supporting the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan and the Summer Stroll for Epilepsy!
Yes...we will salute all MOMS this weekend, AND, we will kick off the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan Summer Stroll for Epilepsy with our great Midland Stroll at Dow Diamond!! Are you registered?! There's still plenty of time!! We want to thank Target for providing water bottles at ALL FOUR of our 2014 Strolls!! Thank you for your generosity!!!
TODAY on The Chick Ludwig Show: Columbus Dispatch reporter Bill Rabinowitz talking Ohio State Buckeyes football at 3:20 p.m.; Lisa Hanson, executive director of the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio, talking HUGE fundraiser with Dayton Dragons at 4:05 p.m.; and Danny McGeady, raising funds and awareness in the Fight Against Cancer, at 5:05 p.m.
Coach Kill and Connor had the opportunity to talk for a bit last night. Connor Doran explained the Dare to Dream program to him. He shared with him how at times, people that do not understand the issues that go along with epilepsy have been negative and have often put him down. We talked about what we have been doing in the schools to promote Anti bullying and how to deal with it safely and effectively. When Connor got done flying, Coach walked on stage and announced he is starting the *CHASING DREAMS FUND*. The fund will support the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota's new educational program that teaches awareness, safety, medical support to ALL staff, educators, and students in Minnesota schools. He kicked it off with a donation of $100,000!
Epilepsy Foundation of America wanted us to pass along their thanks to all of our Gold and Silver/Pawn Stars fans... ht…
Epilepsy Advocacy Day - Join the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ at the State House to hear what is being done in New Jerse
2014 National Walk for Epilepsy: EFMNY - Epilepsy Foundation - National Walk for Epilepsy
What are your thoughts about medical marijuana to control seizures? Please read Epilepsy Foundation of America's...
"Weekly Winner" time! Who wants a $30 Mulligan's Pub & Grill Gift Card?! Just Like, Comment or Share this post. Doing all 3 increases your chances of winning! Join us on Thursday February 27th for a "Craft Beer Tasting". We will be sampling Sam Adams Rebel IPA, Third Shift Amber Lager, Lagunita's Day Time IPA, Sam Adams Cold Snap, and more. $5 in order to participate with proceeds going to the Epilepsy Foundation
***Raising Money for the Epilepsy Foundation in Honor of Patrick Ring*** People in the Philly Area Guiseppi's in Mt. Ephraim Next Thursday Feb 27th 7PM-Close 13 S Black Horse Pike Mt. Ephraim NJ Hosted by the BASSNJ.COM Family Keith Cowan tending bar Jonathan Salter on the 1's and 2's Come out for great wings, cold beer and raise money for a great cause!
It takes a village to teach bike/helmet safety...or at least 10 volunteers from Honolulu Police Department, Queen's Trauma, UH Manoa, Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii, and Hawaii Bicycling League.
What did you do to help people in your community this year? Well.through your contribution through United Way of Bedford County 1) You provided emergency shelter for a domestic violence victim through Haven of Hope 2) You provided support group and enrichment activities through the Relative Caregiver Program 3) You provided assessment materials for developmentally delayed children through Child Development Center and 4) You provided musical instruments for clients served through the Epilepsy Foundation. These are just four examples of how your contribution helped MANY citizens in Bedford County throughout the year. Let's not forget about school supplies through Stuff the Bus, volunteer reading through Raise Your Hand, Child Safety Day, and so many more programs focusing on Education, Income, and Health for Bedford County! No donation is too small. A BIG THANK YOU for LIVING UNITED in so many ways this year!!!
With 2013 now drawing to a close, we can now reflect on the year that was. We would like to take this moment to thank all of our amazing spectators, talent and crew who made 2013 such a success. We would like to share some of the key metrics and moments from 2013: - Staged 45 live events (come Dec 28th), an increase from 38 in 2012 - Average event attendance lifted by 39% - Website traffic visits up by 9.5%, unique visits up 18% - Introduced weekly live events, with the exception of Saturday night’s clashing with one of our partnered promotions - Renovated the Slam arena, including building a new stage and new floor plan - Added a second and larger ring to our training facility - Hosted several special international guest seminars - Shared the anti-bulling message at primary schools and youth groups to promote respect and tolerance of others - Our wonderful fans, talent and management donated over $7,000 to charities such as Movember, Kids for Cancer and the Epilepsy Foundation And to think 2014 will b ...
Alpaca friends who subscribe to Alpaca Culture, we are elated to be featured in the current issue! Meyla Bianco Johnston has written an outstanding article, "Alpacas: Getting Down to Business". We are on pages 44 and 45! We are pleased that the clients of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and one of the farmers of Safe Haven Farms (Middletown, Ohio) are part of the article.
Checking out "The book I proudly wrote to attempt to educate people as to what" on Epilepsy Foundation:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
To my friends and customers...thank you for opening the Constant Contact emails you receive. Each time you do, it reflects favorably upon my businesses. The businesses won special recognition from Constant Contact in 2012, all because you opened an email from me. I also can't say too many times how much your business means to me. There are a lot of places competing for your patronage. When you purchase a nesting ball or a pair of gloves, or yarn, you touch the lives of people I can name...our artisans, the clients at the Epilepsy Foundation and Epilepsy Center who make the nesting ball; the ladies in northern Kentucky who make the nesting balls in the evening to supplement their income; the woman in Peru, who work from home in their small villages to make the Object Mythology gloves; Jean Garvey, who works alone in her fiber mill (Willow Bridge Fiber Mill) and processes all of my fiber into yarn...just to name a few. Your purchases help feed our alpacas, who live on my sister Julie Bodette Verhelst' ...
hey, just noticed you are ambassador to the foundation - is that recent? Do you work at all with or
Ok,Everyone im only gonna be on! For a few more minutes!! But, before I go! Im gonna share. A video of one of my favorite tunes! From the band Survivor...Its titled..Ever Since The World Began! There is so many reasons! Why i like the tune!! 1. I got hooked on it..After seeing the Sly Stallone movie..Lock Up! 2nd The Epilepsy foundation of Minnesota!! Use part of the lyrics of tune! For its Campagining! How I know that!! Is that I recieve updates! Of events for the Epilepsy Foundation! And the following lyrics!! Are always on the flyers...We're The Keepers of The Flame!!
I would like to thank everyone for supporting my cause and may God bless the world!! The Brandon Lee McDonald Epilepsy Foundation!!
See free books 4 those teaching ppl about Order them @ Fbk Epilepsy Heritage Foundation.
Describing stand-up ucinate epilepsy foundation panels and its types: ZSkRcV
The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan wants to say a GIANT THANKS to Andrea Kulaszewski and her great family. They held the event, "Hope Support Epilepsy Awareness" on December 7th. The event raised almost $2,000 for our programs and services! It was an evening of dancing, drinks and music--funds were raised through tickets, wristband sales and 'pies in the face' sold during the evening! Thank you Andrea--for your kindness and generosity!!
Good morning to all the beautiful people around the world fighting the same condition im fighting and all the people helping us cope with this terrible disorder! The Brandon Lee McDonald Epilepsy Foundation
All you have to do is ask: Epilepsy Foundation purchases medicine for area twins |
Before I close my eyes I would like to pray for the many families seeking government assistances for whatever disorder their loved one may be sufferring from! The Brandon Lee McDonald Epilepsy Foundation
Having fun at gingerbread kids with the Epilepsy foundation
Enjoying the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago's Holiday Party...good food and good friends! :)
Great work by Malahide Allotments folk on the Swords road. Beautiful Christmas trees for sale, all proceeds to Epilepsy Care Foundation.
Saw this on Epilepsy Foundation of America; A new study reveals that epilepsy patients who have brain surgery to...
Friday Night Cash Drawing - $1,300.00 Joker Jackpot with 47 Cards in the Deck. 6:00pm Tonight - FREE to Enter and Must Be Present to Win! Shrimp or Cod Dinner with Fries for $6.95 Every Friday. Join us on Wednesday December 18 at 6:00pm for another "Craft Beer Tasting Event". Hayes Beer will be in with samples from Sam Adams, Boulevard, Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head, and more. $5 donation to the Epilepsy Foundation in order to participate. Bacon Night is Monday December 16th from 6-9pm. FREE Baskets of Bacon, $5 Half Pound Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries, Full Bacon Menu, $3 Lemon Drop Shots, and $3 BIG BEERS of Bud Light, Miller Lite, or Coors Light.
The children at Shuvadra Foundation are suffering from muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, spina bifida...
Nina Davies Epilepsy Foundation for epilepsy treatment and research
Tis the season to give. Did you know St Jude's cares for cancer ridden children at no cost, including housing and food for family? And $23 will feed many at the Denver Rescue Mission? And closest to my heart is the Epilepsy Foundation. I pray for a cure for both of my children. It came to our family out of nowhere, and it's scary, scary, scary. What's your charity?
Thanks to Donna, Yuriko and Delta Airlines for doing a fundraiser for Epilepsy Foundation Hawaii! They raised...
Was just pimped out by Jack's neurologist to share Jack's story with members of the MN Epilepsy Foundation. I did AWESOME - thanks 13 years of Army public affairs 󾌰
Does anyone know any organizations that could use gently used (sat on a shelf) stuffed animals? I meant to put them out for the Epilepsy Foundation but missed those 2 bags.
Operation Outreach Receives Support from Speedway. The Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana (EFKY) would like to...
The Epilepsy Foundation Texas wishes to recognize members of the Dallas/Fort Worth Board of Directors for their...
this is a test comment. Commented on: Living arrangements while on disability? | Epilepsy Foundation:
I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for their prayers etc. God has opened a door and we will be at a hotel for 7 days and 7 nights safe with breakfast included. If anyone has any extra microwavable food or drinks I'd appreciate that and please continue to pray I have to call back the epilepsy foundation about my daughters medication for her seizures and high blood pressure. Thanks once again everyone.
Top story: Send us a pic for our new ThankYou Video - Epilepsy Foundation | Fac… see more
Event Crashers Letterpress will be supporting the Local Affiliate of The Epilepsy Foundation by donating the...
What a truly amazing young man I have... not only did he do a fabulous job tonight delivering his first (formal) speech as an Advocate for the Houston Epilepsy Foundation to his Boy Scout Troop 123, but he did it after having a full Grand Mal Seizure just yesterday. He told me, he "didn't want to disappoint anyone or let anyone down". I'm so proud of him for pushing through the recovery (which usually takes about 2 days for him to fully bounce back) and for following through on his commitment to deliver the speech. Words cannot express how much I love this kiddo of mine... so, in his words, "I love you infinity and beyond" Trysten Pearson!!! {Patricia Marullo, Sean 'Bean' Daly, Ronnie Pearson, Octavia Pearson, Brenda Pearson Chance}
Top story: The Illinois Department of Healthcare... - Epilepsy Foundation of Gr… see more
Just presented a check to the Epilepsy Foundation, now to do some Christmas shopping!
Don't forget to vote for the Epilepsy Foundation Texas as your favorite Run For A Reason Charity for the upcoming...
The Epilepsy Foundation of MO and KS asked us if they could use Andrew's story to mail to all of the businesses and individuals who have made large donations this year. We received the flyer they made and the return envelope and mailing label was enough to bring tears to my eyes!
Beth with the president of the Epilepsy Foundation of America, Phil Gattone
Support the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan (a Chamber member) & celebrate the season t'boot, Thurs. 12/12!
Health Care Exchange Is Vastly Improved, Users Say MIAMI — After two months of false starts, error messages and pleas for patience from the once-hobbled federal online health care exchange, Karen Egozi, the chief executive of the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, watched on Monday as counselors navigated the website’s pages with relative ease. Contribute to Our Reporting The Times would like to hear from Americans who have begun to sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act. Share Your Experience » . Click. Next page. Click. Next page. The website,, was working so well that Ms. Egozi, who oversees the 45 navigators in eight locations who help consumers enroll in health plans, said her team gave the system an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, meaning that most people got as far as selecting a plan or taking home information to select a plan. It felt like a champagne moment. “I’m 80 percent satisfied,” Ms. Egozi said. “I think it will be great when it’s 100 percent.” A little ...
"THANK YOU to Dr. Shamaiengar, who generously donated a NapAnywhere to the AZ Epilepsy Foundation as an auction item for our fundraising walk! The NapAnywhere drew interest and fetched a pretty penny for the foundation AND someone with epilepsy got a wonderful sleep aid, which is so crucial for good health! Against an impossible deadline, Dr. Shamaiengar and his NapAnywhere team, went above and beyond to deliver the item FED EX! Huge shout out to a company that CARES! We can't wait to receive our pre-ordered one for ourselves! THANKS!" -Kristine O'Connor-Delgado
2 more days till I go to the Epilepsy Foundation can't wait to find out more information on what's going on with me it would be nice if I could go a month without a seizure right now I'm 3 weeks I just keep on eating healthy make it I'm not overheated when exercising or even around the house fighting day by day to stay seizure free.
Knowledge of is becoming increasingly important for the diagnosis & treatment of patients.
Please support the Epilepsy Foundation tomorrow and get your belly full with some yummy food from Mark's Feed Store!!
Hand turkey count: 303! As a reminder, each turkey is now worth $0.18 (the first 200 represent a $300 donation to the Epilepsy Foundation of New England). I'll take turkeys until December 31, so keep them coming. Thanks to all who have submitted!
Hear ELHF's founder, Sarah, talk about & the Foundation at
The checks are in the mail! . We are sending the Epilepsy Foundation $8194. A huge thank you to the following...
Epilepsy Foundation of Greater L.A. Extends a Big Thanks to the Nearly 4,000 Participants in the Walk to End Epilepsy
Do they rent in England? My friend needs a donated camper next summer 2 promote her canine epilepsy foundation
Shop my online Trunk Show from now until December 10th and 10% of all proceeds will be donated to The Epilepsy Foundation.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The charity I support is REEA Foundation, Jhb. A home for adults with epilepsy & neurological disorders
Went to the B. E. Taylor Christmas concert in Beaver Falls this weekend. B. E. Put on one heck if a show as always. But I want to tell everyone about a charity based there in the Falls. It is called Tiger Pause and it is a Christian charitable organization that is aimed mostly at helping at risk kids and reaching out with the power of Jesus to change peoples lives Tiger Pause is run by a friend of mine from the Air National Guard, one Matt Nance. They were having a banner year and the fund raiser that B. E. Taylor normally puts on for them instead this year was put on for my daughters Gwen and Sharon. They collect after the concert every year, and this year they collected $1260 for Gwen and Sharon. Tiger Pause will be donating this money to Make-a-Wish, the Western PA Epilepsy Foundation, and The American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders. We truly thank both Tiger Pause and Matt for the wonderful time and the donations to charities near to our hearts.
Samantha the Hero Cat I suffer from depression and I have a medical condition that has left me with no side vision. This means I can only see the big "E" at the top of the eye chart. I also have seizures. They are complicated by the fact that if I were to hit my head, it would be fatal, because I've had four brain surgeries. I was living in a studio apartment when one of my neighbors brought me this black cat he had, named Samantha. He told me that if I did not take her, he was going to feed her to a pit bull dog. He was angry, because Samantha had bitten him. I couldn't let him do such a cruel thing to the cat. So I agreed to take Samantha and find a new home for her. At that time I was pending Social Security insurance, so I did not have any money to take care of a cat. My boyfriend, Jason, said that he would buy anything I needed, if I wanted her. I said I would think about it. I decided to keep Samantha for myself when I noticed that she brought me out of my depressed moods. She would make m ...
I have 10 tix ($25 each) for Woman's Life Xmas Gala to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan Event is 12/12 @ Louis Benton 634-6032
Come on out this Sunday to get those last minute holiday gifts and support the Epilepsy foundation.
Schedule your donation online! With our online pickup scheduling, donating couldn’t be. easier! Check it out here: htt
Our own Dr. Sagher hosted an informative conference call regarding surgery with the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan:
Check out our latest blog! AOE's Special Announcement: is proud to announce...
A very BIG Thank You to everyone that came out for the "Craft Beer Tasting" last night. We had a great turnout and all proceeds went to the Epilepsy Foundation. Also, Thank You to LaMonica Beverage for hosting the event.
The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation education, advocacy and support in
OFF for Monday Power Breakfast/Planning Roberta Lathrop Christmas Gala for Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan/ Camp Discovery happy to emcee.
A great way to support The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation!
Vocalist Cary Rothman pens new song for the Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies Epilepsy Foundation. Track to be included on the upcoming release
HighVolMusic and Sledd join the Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies Epilepsy Foundation at
Anyone interested in a snowshoe hike on Saturday Dec. 21? Colorado Climbers for Epilepsy Awareness, led by John Olson, will be...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
In the season of giving, remember those that are fighting daily for a cure . Give the gift of support and make a contribution to the Epilepsy Foundation of North Carolina @ Happy Holidays.
We put a bunch of stuff outside for the epilepsy foundation to pick up for donation including a beautiful (large and heavy) oak desk. I even put it in a special note when scheduling the pickup! So of course when I return from the post office I see the pick up was made and the desk remains! Now what? Anyone want a nice roll top desk?
At the Epilepsy Foundation Gala. Love my job and what we do for the epilepsy community!
At the Epilepsy Foundation gala in DC. Thinking about my neighbor who just died after having a seizure in the car & drove into Lake Michigan. Also, thinking about my sister who had seizures growing up.
Holiday Challenge ! Please go through your closets drawers attics, your kids closets and donate clothing in good condition to a local Salvation Army, big brother, epilepsy foundation, or drop off stations for example planet aid. There are so many people without warm cloths for this winter. Happy holidays everyone!
Tis the Season! Sharing photos I had taken but, of course while I was working & helping out with the group there at the Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA doing volunteer mailing & stuffing envelopes! Love to volunteer for them when I can! Joyful Joy!
Had a ball last night at the Epilepsy Foundation Southeast Tennessee Holiday Party. I'm a little tired, but it was worth it. Rita and I were so excited about getting ready and making everything look "pretty". Typical girls I guess. Hope everyone who came had fun. I know I did!
Ok.the knee is fixed and on its way to being pain free. Had a bit of time on my hands last week so I picked out the first 5K of 2014.3/22/14 - Emerald Mile to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation at Newport on the Levy. Who's with me?
I can't sleep, so I will use this time to raise praise!! Minutes after I posted earlier, I messaged the epilepsy foundation of Idaho...well they messaged me back!!!
run with us... originally inspired to bring his force to the Movement by his pal DEREK ELLIOTT (the same way we are ALL inspired to do great things by pal DEREK ELLIOTT)... JOHN LANCIAL brought his force to the Movement in 2012... ..since joining the LU Roster, JOHN has put in a LOT of miles of training. ..a LOT of miles of racing... ..become a DAD. a new job he really digs. ..and literally climb mountains... REAL mountains... BIG mountains... as in -- Mount St Helens and Mount Rainier kind of mountains... Yeah... ...and has carried the LU flag to the summits and planted it there. ..very, very, very cool. ...and... JOHN LANCIAL is bringing his powerful self to join the ranks of the LU Race Team HEROES... ..recently having declared his Charity of Choice as THE EPILEPSY FOUNDATION OF THE QUAD CITIES... NICE! JOHN will be joining the LU SANTA GUMP RUN at 3:45PM at LU ELF STOP -- PROJECT RENEWAL -- and running with the Team to the FINISH LINE --- WHBF CHANNEL 4 NEWS at 5PM with STEVE LO ...
Multiple events to raise money for the programs and services of the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii.5k, 10k timed runs into Diamond Head!35K, 75K (50 mile), 10...
The last couple weeks have been busy. Two loads to St. Vincent DePaul & Goodwill, a large load to the Methodist Church in Tempe & the Weldon House, four boxes to the AJ Library, a large load to be picked up tomorrow for The Epilepsy Foundation, and 2 loads to auction. Throw in holidays, pick-ups, sorting and Swap.We need a nap.LOL
Colorado Gives Day is coming up next Tuesday, December 10! As our Colorado community comes together for one day of giving, we hope you will consider the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. If you aren’t able to donate on Dec. 10, you can also pre-schedule your donation. Go to www.coloradogives .org for more information, and mark your calendar for Tuesday!
Please pray for us, wisdom for the epileptologist that sees Cliff, pray for answers and hope that the epilepsy foundation can help us. Thank you in advance♡
Showtime The WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin Home Essentials, Rapid Growth Media on Uptown Aquinas College Fundraiser for the Dominican Sisters - Grand Rapids plus Ozmott , Grand Rapids Magazine Kent District Library and epilepsy foundation of Michigan!! just do it.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
To all our creative customers (of which we know we have many!) - Epilepsy Foundation and The Print Bar: Custom Printed Clothing have a competition aimed at "ideas peeps, thinkers, dreamers, doers" and designers! Follow the simple instructions below and you could have your one-of-a-kind design on hundreds of bods for Purple Day 2014.
MARK YOUR CALENDERS Special Needs Summer Program Fair Thursday, January 16, 2014 6:30 – 8:00 pm Dublin Scioto High School... 4000 Hard Rd. Dublin, OH 43016 Dublin’s Special Education Advancement Council (SEAC) will host its 6th Annual Summer Program Fair for parents of children with special needs. A wide variety of regional agencies and camps will provide information on the activities that they offer during the summer. All parents are encouraged to attend to learn more about these programs. Some of the agencies and camps that have participated in the past are: Northwest Special Olympics Nationwide Children’s Autism Center Recreation Unlimited Columbus Recreation and Parks Helping Hands COSI Upper Arlington Parks & Recreation Camp Nuhop Epilepsy Foundation of Central Ohio Top Soccer TAASC: The Adaptive Adventure Sports Coalition OSU Adapted Sports Joni & Friends Ohio Food for Thought Columbus Speech and Hearing All R Friends …and many others We look forward to seeing you there! Please email any que ...
During the month of November we raised $251 for the Epilepsy Foundation, the donation will be made this week along with a big pat on the back to all those who participated.
Please help us and vote for the epilepsy foundation
Great event last night! Thank you to Lou Kelsey and all the wonderful folks at the Foundation of Western Wisconsin for the hard work you are doing for those affected by Epilepsy!
A donation towards the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria (or any foundation) goes a long way so this Christmas, do something great for someone else..not good but great:)
Look what arrived today! So excited to have been the winner of one of Adam Vinson's beotiful paintings. It is even more gorgeous in the flesh! Adam ran a marathon to sponsor the good work of the epilepsy foundation and donated a painting to help their cause. Thank you Adam!!!
Sat Dec 21 we are having our annual holiday recital at the Jorge Mas Canosa Center. All proceeds go to the National Epilepsy Foundation. Come out and enjoy the food, drinks and music from our students.5 pm
I wanted to take a moment to say how amazingly proud I am of a couple people. The first being my very dynamic and incredible Goddaughter Miss Jessica Waters~ Her accomplishments fill a stadium of the largest proportions. The hill that she climbs every day as a survivor of epilepsy is just simply staggering but to add to it the amazing work that she does to help others just leaves me simply stunned and so very proud!!! She has just received another award this one from the President of the United States, George Bush Sr. At 14 she spoke before congress on the battle with epilepsy. She is an Ambassador for the Epilepsy Foundation~ In addition she hold multiple titles for her city and state, including Miss Junior Teen Ohio and Miss Teen Beavercreek Ohio. The biggest thing that drives her is her charity Cupcakes for Camp and helping to raise funds to send children with special needs to very special camps. Contact them to find out how your business or you personally can help support this amazing charity ...
Register Early for the Earl Trio at Lets Talk About It, the annual Epilepsy Foundation of Florida at The Tropics Café this Friday November 15, 2013 at 6:00pm at Palm Beach Zoo. Food, Drink, Music , Dancing, and great fun for the kids. See you there.
Tonight was the first "Lets Talk About it dinner" Epilepsy Foundation fundraiser of the month in and it was a great night! I met some wonderful people, I got to catch up with old friends, and my speech went really well! Looking forward to next weeks dinner at the Palm Beach Zoo! For more info if you want to come to and register!
Top story: Welcome to Epilepsy Awareness Month! | Epilepsy Foundation of Missou… see more
There are two Epilepsy Awareness Strolls in the Hampton Roads area. The first stroll is in Newport News on October 26. The second stroll is in Virginia Beach on Sunday, November 3. Come to the stroll closest to you or come to both! Newport News Epilepsy Awareness Stroll City Center Oyster Point, Fountain Plaza Saturday, October 26, 2013 3-5 pm All epilepsy heroes, families, advocates, caretakers, nurses, doctors and those interested in learning more about seizures are cordially invited to the Newport News Epilepsy Awareness Stroll. Come and walk with us around Fountain Plaza. Show you care and make your community aware of the prevalence of seizure disorders. Bring a sign, wear a costume, meet new friends. Activities include face painting, chalk talk, raffle for prizes. Sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia, For more information contact Patty Hood, efva.hr757-652-6565
Top story: The Kane County Cougars and EFGC have... - Epilepsy Foundation of Gr… see more
Epilepsy Foundation hosts Day at the Beach at Island Beach State Park
A Day at the Beach - Epilepsy Foundation at Island Beach State Park
Aloha Oahu - we know today is all about family fun: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO ALL OF YOU: HERES SOME LINKS TO PLACES THAT OFFER FREE FIREWORK SHOWS IN HONOLULU - 2013 Guide to Honolulu July 4th Fireworks Shows and Entertainment Happy birthday America! It’s time to celebrate our independence. Whether you’re planning to fire up the grill, enjoy live entertainment or watch a fireworks display, here’s your guide to Fourth of July entertainment in Honolulu. DIANE LEE Web exclusive June 27, 2013 - July 4, 2013 Thursday 7:00AM Starts 8:30AM Ends EPILEPSY FOUNDATION FREEDOM RUN sponsored by Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii/USA Track & Field. The event will have 300 runners. It will start on Akiohala St. dead end (Kailua High School), to Keolu Dr., to Akake Pl., to turnaround in dead end, to Akake Pl., - to Keolu Dr., to Akiohala St., to end at Kailua High School Finish area. Contact: Ed Kemper 524-0330, Fax: 523-1406, E-mail: Edracers For more info check out their website: July 4, ...
Help us hit a HOMERUN for Epilepsy & Seizure Awarenes by joining the Epilepsy Foundation of MS and the MS Braves on July 26th at 7:00pm. Wear PURPLE to Trustmark Park and help support the foundation and the Braves!
Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 6:28 PM6:28 PM Message starred from Epilepsy Foundation to you Epilepsy Advocacy News Show Details Epilepsy Advocacy News Highlights From the Hill More Info Legislative Session Alert: The House and Senate will be in session Monday through Friday throughout the month of June and July, but will take June 29-July 7 off for constituent work. Be aware that the House has an adjusted scheduled during this time, and they will not be holding votes on alternating Mondays and Fridays starting Friday, June 7th. Please focus your advocacy efforts during this time and make your voice heard! CRPD Alert Last congress, a bipartisan group of lawmakers, including Senators Kerry (MA), McCain (AZ), Durbin (IL), Barasso (WY), Harkin (IA), Udall (NM), Moran (KS) and *** (DE) played a leadership role in moving the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) treaty to the senate floor with the support of the disability community. The treaty received YES votes from sixty-one Senators, sad ...
Just scheduled a pickup for my donation to the Epilepsy Foundation 🙏👏😊
on the tee at VT Nat'l w/ and golfing for the Epilepsy Foundation of VT
Dodging tstorms, but having a great game of golf at the Epilepsy Foundation of VT tourney with Brittney Hibbs,...
the epilepsy foundation. There is still no cure, and people don't know how many lives it takes
Epilepsy Foundation and Crohn's & Colitis Foundation -- both underfunded and sorely needed!
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