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Entertainment Tonight is a daily tabloid television entertainment television news show that is syndicated by CBS Television Distribution throughout the United States, Canada and in many countries around the world.

Mary Hart Kevin Frazier John Tesh Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Bruce Jenner Billy Gilman Ty Herndon

More from Entertainment Tonight: The two rappers appear to be friends again!...
Gwen Stefani Is Selling the Beverly Hills Mansion She Bought with Gavin Rossdale -- See the - Entertainment Tonight
Kevin Frazier...he's on Entertainment Tonight...I think..well one of those gigs..707 AC here to..hey hey.;)
BB18 house tour - Kevin Frazier for Entertainment Tonight, and yes Julie's from production lol
Check this out Ryan Lochte Is Engaged to Girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid - Entertainment Tonight: En...
He's gonna be out next president lol imagine the next celebrity sextape coming out and he's on Entertainment Tonight talking about it
Its happening tonight at beerhouse,fourways.Sintu and the Horizon duo will be the entertainment for the night.
📹 The Girl on the Train segment from Entertainment Tonight (21.09.16) | featuring new behind the scenes...
TONIGHT: promises the BEST unmaskings in sports-entertainment!
Don't forget, I'll be reading in Blanchardstown tonight if any of you are around...
Entertainment Tonight dedicates an entire segment to Beyoncé not attending I thought only The Hive cared? Yo…
I want to thank all the Paul fans for being petty tonight 😍 it's my therapy after that finale
Kala'e Camarillo providing tonight's live entertainment in our lounge!
So basically nearly, if not all, the key entertainment reporters and TV critics were at the launch tonight...
Great entertainment and so many laughs watching God of Carnage tonight! Opening show is tomorrow!
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight's entertainment! I only have one question. Where is
Khole Kardashian dating Tristan: A source close to the Kardashian family confirmed to Entertainment Tonight t...
I'm so excited to protest show tonight and raise awareness on animals used for entertainment 🦁🐯💕
Alden Richards is set to join as a Mulawin! Watch him play the role 'Lakan' tonight. https…
yes it was fun.. My hubby was tonight's TW entertainment .. Lol I saw he favored.. Thanks Sam 😊
Live entertainment at aftershock is really happening tonight
.Good Fortune Market is set to transform Elder Park. We had a peek before it opens tonight.
That *** Mary Hart is just having a good ol time. I always hated Entertainment Tonight.
I most definitely had fun tonight. Thanks NACE for having me and J&A Entertainment tonight!…
WCBS Entertainment Tonight 9 20 16 via More from my interview about the on
Yay!! on Entertainment Tonight I'm so excited for all you guys, so many great things ar…
Miley Cyrus threw it back to her Hannah Montana days in this brunette wig on
So proud of tonight! Thank you for being a voice for the 23 million Americans in long term recovery!
We had an unexpected surprise at our front door tonight. thank you for the cookie cake, flowers, and e…
DeNiro presenting Martin Scorsese with the Entertainment Icon Award tonight
I see Mary Hart on TV way more watching Dodger games than I ever did watching Entertainment Tonight.
Entertainment Tonight just linked Emily Blunt to the Brangelina breakup by noting that Lisa Kudrow is in The Girl On the Train.
Who Won ‘Big Brother 18’ Tonight?: Tonight, the winner for Big Brother 18 was chosen. So who won the BB18 fin...
OMG did you see tonight's top 10? Check out the top entertainment headlines of the day at . .
Audience participation continues into the entertainment tonight
Minnie Driver from is the mom we all wish we had: Watch the series premiere ton…
The cast of is a fun-loving family on-screen and off. Show premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. on ABC7!
premiere was better than Scream Queens'! As tonight's episode airs, don't *** yourself. . RT/Vote w/hashtag!.
Handa na ba ang mga fans out there? Don't miss it tonight at 7PM on https:/…
Designated Survivor is tonight! It’s macabre fun but I’m worried what it says about me that I want President Bauer
Thanks to all who listen to Entertainment Exclusive tonight
More from Entertainment Tonight: The 18-year-old's college plans have slightly changed.
More from Entertainment Tonight: The MTV star used the photo to promote the new season of 'Teen...
Kim Kardashian Goes Sheer on Snapchat -- See All the Racy Pics! - Entertainment Tonight
Talking about her pain: Shannen Doherty has talked to Entertainment Tonight about her cancer ba…
Hulk Hogan, Brutus Beefcake and Jimmy Hart were on Entertainment Tonight on 5/6, although there was no talk about wrestling. [5/93]
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Makes as much sense as having Derek Norris and Jon Jay on Entertainment Tonight.
"It did work, it just was incomplete," Alki David interviewed omn Entertainment Tonight
Do you ever hum the old Entertainment Tonight theme in your head when you see Mary Hart behind home plate at Dodger Stadium?
Our Founder saving man's best friend 1 dog at a time . Check out this clip from Entertainment Tonight. h…
My buddy in Tusccon saw the Front Bottoms tonight, he said the place was packed. Here's the first time I wrote...
I love , i truly do, but absolutely killed it as my entertainment for tonight.
Dustin Cline you did ya thing tonight s/o to Life & Grind: Duval VIPSquad Entertainment yall put on a show...
Tonight's entertainment after the Donald Ross Dinner at the Annual Meeting.
"Hello Anthony. We are ready for tonight's entertainment. The limo will be here in 30 mins. We…
Sunday night and watching Entertainment Tonight. I'm still in shock over Prince! I have a new appreciation for his music!
An inspiring display of heart tonight by Shamrock Entertainment.
Congratulations to Tonight! Ya'll was So Lit 🔥🔥🔥 Modeling Entertainment Company in the DMV! 1st Place Winners!
'Saints and Sinners' finale airs tonight; show renewed for second season
If anyone wants to see the entertainment that happened tonight, add on snapchat (username is same as his @ name)
"Game of Thrones season six tonight ⚓
You know nothing... about merchandising As Game of Thrones season six premieres tonight, we have you covered with …
EW: A NAT leaves on tonight's We recap:
Beyoncé’s may be heading to iTunes tonight: 🍋
A NAT leaves on tonight's We recap:
The 7 questions answered in premiere tonight, & yes, 'Is Jon Snow dead?' one of them.
is preparing us for one *** of a season finale. Our recap from tonight:
I'm not here for your entertainment. It's just me & my tonight 🍷🍾😉 🍷👍🏻 ht…
Co-Host of Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Frazier joins Tiki Barber and "The Brandon Tierney Fan Page" on Tiki and...
Shaun Majumder on Entertainment Tonight before his September 25th show at ... -
📹 I had the honor to direct an interview for Entertainment Tonight with Sean Astin about his mother,...
shouldn't Entertainment Tonight, or the Esquire network be covering WWE?
Why don't you just put Howard in a Mary Hart wig while playing the Entertainment Tonight theme?
Mary Hart and her legs. That was the show on Entertainment Tonight.
How the *** old is Mary Hart? I used to watch her on Entertainment Tonight when Patrick was a baby, 23 years ago. She looks the same!
The attendees at the funeral are like an '80s episode of Entertainment Tonight: John Tesh, John Stamos, Mr. T.
John Tesh would still be hosting Entertainment Tonight
In the fall of 1995 I wrote to a Lois and Clark newsletter looking for a tape of Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher on Entertainment Tonight.
Look who shared Steeped Tea on their Instagram!! Samantha Harris of Entertainment Tonight and Dancing With The...
Marlee Matlin on Lady Gaga, Performing at the Super Bowl, and Her Broadway Debut - Entertainment Tonight
I developed the pilot for 'Entertainment Tonight' with Jack Haley, Jr. and ...
Heads up east coast Walking Dead fans...Norman Reedus and Andy Lincoln on Entertainment Tonight starting now on. ABC!
Tonight's entertainment... . Ep3 s2 Gotham. . Then Tom hardy as Reggie and Ronnie... . See you guy's later...
—sense it, You will be my share of entertainment tonight! ❞ . As she said this many ripples would form behind her—
Tonight! RoX Entertainment / MVP Presents:. "THE LOCAL MUSIC SHOWCASE" Kicking off at 8pm . Tonight we will be...
What to look forward to at this year's (PEC = Prince Edward County), which starts tonight :
Hey get entertained tonight without paying high prices !!! Check out:http…
You’ve Been Trumped set to feature in new doc on tonight:
For anyone else who's had another evening stolen by tonight: (thanks,
Tonight is 15 Minutes Open Mic at Corduroy - Artist's sign up at 6:30pm and the live entertainment starts at 7pm.
And for tonight's entertainment Interesting to see a variety of ages here.
The Bachelor Recap: Viva Bach Vegas - I pinched a nerve wincing at Olivia tonight—from the highs ("I'm Zen with...
Eva Longoria and Singer Lara Fabian Pose as *** Couple to Share a Message of Love - Entertainment Tonight
I know what tonight's entertainment will be and you have a splendid memory.
Shane just can't resist Heather as love tryst heats up in Fair City tonight
WATCH: Kate Hudson's Adele Impression Is Perfection: 'Kate showed us her best Adele impression on 'The Tonight...
Stay tuned, coming up in 5 mins details on where & when my gig is tonight in Lanzarote. Great show for live entertainment on your holidays!
Tonight's entertainment as I continue on my quest to see as much theatre as I can before I leave London.
Victoria: This could be our entertainment tonight. .
Art Garfunkel's concert tonight has been canceled tonight at Birmingham's Samford University
An unusual behind-the-scenes collaboration on WGN America's shot-in-Pittsburgh 'Outsiders'
Art Garfunkel cancels concert tonight at
Tonight's entertainment will be sponsored by a bottle of red, a massive Chinese and a cheeky wee day off tomorrow.
B.O.B Dylan has taken up with and is joining the Black Eyed Peas. Saw it on Entertainment Tonight.
TONIGHT Event Tuesdays at PINK RHINO | $# AMFs, $3 Long Island && $2 domestics - over 20 dancers for your entertainment | Open 8pm-2am
- Apparently someone actually gives a crap about gaming 'journalism'. Otherwise it's Entertainment Tonight
Catch 'Mom and Me', from Lena Macdonald tonight (January 26) on TVO at 9pm and then again at midnight!
“We got the scoop on guest appearance on tonight:
Late night hosts poked fun at Tom Brady after Sunday's tough loss:
Boulder & - I'm home!! And I'll be talking tonight w abt my book, PRESENCE.
is tonight! There will be FREE condoms and entertainment! 7-10 in O'Hara
.supporting at tonight. Here she is in session.
'The Olivia Takes the Cake as the Most Awkward Girl in -- See the - Entertainment Tonight
Could do with 3 points tonight, lads. Let's hope for some Tuesday night entertainment. COYR!!!
DHS, you guys bring the noise & purple in the stands for tonight, & I promise we will bring the & entertainme…
Beyonce will join Coldplay on stage during the Super Bowl halftime show. (via Entertainment Tonight)
. Rich, great job on Entertainment Tonight. Caught the are trending!
Set DVR now for Extra, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, E! News & Fashion Police on Mon Jan 11
Hi Michael! Wondering if Entertainment Tonight can get your permission to show your photos of Damian Swann injured?
I will try to pop in tonight and say hi, as I photograph the fun and entertainment in the city centre tonight!
Tonight's entertainment is laying on my bed listening to my brother yelling at the PlayStation closely followed by his mum yelling at him.
Website Builder 728x90
Tonight from 7PM , come enjoy the live band experience with entertainment from
Our Festive Candlelit Shopping Evening is on tonight between 6 - 9pm. Live entertainment by the 'Rock Choir',...
Tonight - come & get festive with - It's Christmas - brass & live entertainment gala concert from 6.30pm adv tickets avail or on the door
Official Happiness Trailer TONIGHT at 18:00 exclusively to V Entertainment on Mzansi Magic!
Enjoy evening with 'The Gleannaphuca Ramblers' + Bean an Tí and plenty of entertainment Listowel tonight @ 8pm.
Open from 12pm Mon-Sat and 3pm Sundays . Happy Hour till 8pm Everyday . Entertainment Every Night . Tonight it's...
Tonight's brought to you by our lovely friends
as Lord Greystoke Aka Tarzan. source pics from Behind the Scenes by Entertainment Tonight
Tonight's entertainment bought to you by Basil the Rat hehehe
Box office is now open for the day until 9pm tonight
+ READ ARTICLE Amy Poehler stopped by the Tonight Show Wednesday to chat…
Dear tonight was embarrassing .. Your staff was mediocre at best .. The entertainment industry will not be back.
Where is the entertainment tonight ? I can't be at work dummy bored
.looks to move to finals tonight at 7pm on NBC 5:
"TOP 10 LUXURIOUS BAR IN KL". Event tonight at Luna Bar by Bass Generator Studio Entertainment with Kaki Event...
Ima need some entertainment tonight for real!!!10hr shift then off to my 1st job,Only God can give me the,strength to pu
Im not gonna sleep tonight so like i need some entertainment. can you entertain me?
Off out again tonight for an evening of entertainment with and to support a cause that's…
Watch Riffat Aapa Ki Bahuain tonight at 7:00 pm only on . .
Face was great entertainment tonight! Way to go boys
Looking forward to seeing at the Entertainment Centre tonight. Can't wait.
Justin Bieber keeps it casual during his intimate benefit show at the Danforth http…
LSPDFR is running late tonight, I recorded an episode and it didn't really have much entertainment. I trashed it and re-…
Get inside today’s hottest Entertainment Tonight has nothing on us!
Watch the famous band perform Thursday evening entertainment:
I'm lonely and miss bae so ig y'all will be my entertainment tonight
"They were robbed of their stage 3 weeks ago & we would like to offer them ours tonight."
Can actors draw?! Pictionary Proves Celebrities Can't Draw on the Show!
happening tonight on Back to my roots doing entertainment/lifestyle shows on
Tonight's entertainment. NSFW but *** if this titles ain't hilarious lol Read this aloud in a…
Hard to decide on tonight's entertainment 😜😉
Canucks and Rangers went rope-a-dope with the entertainment component tonight...
an Entertainment Tonight reboot?! Nice. Hope John Tesh is attached to it
Harry Styles told the Entertainment Tonight's Samantha Harris, "I wanted to be a physiotherapist...
OK, so how cool is this: Entertainment Tonight is turning 35 this year and ET host, Kevin Frazier, and LL Cool J,...
Entertainment Tonight co-host Kevin Frazier on what led him to reconnect with his son after 18 years:
In the Golden Age of Television, we can do better at 7:30ET/6:30CT than Entertainment Tonight and Wheel of Fortune.
Here is my segment from Entertainment Tonight with Brooke Anderson for those who did not get to watch it. One...
Kathie Lee Gifford goes on Entertainment Tonight on her being honored for Hall of Fame 2015 and her late husband...
Happy Birthday, Mr. Kindler. I hear Entertainment Tonight brought Mary Hart out of retirement to cover it.
Yep. It was Mary Hart from the old Entertainment Tonight
YWCA Greater Los Angeles is proud to feature Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner as our...
Final touches in preparation for tonight's @ Buckleys Entertainment Centre
Tonight! is holding a fantastic event with perfect food and entertainment -
Thought there were no shocks left after the departure of Heather? . Brace yourself http…
Also tonight: Could a new multi-million dollar gambling and entertainment precinct transform our CBD? Why not...
TONIGHT: Our ambassador on tonight on SBS2 at 7.30pm (EST). Preview at:
Have y'all seen the new ET Magazine? Lots of great old school pics of stars and this dude!
Looking forward to tonight's gig with the team! Time to smash the stage again!
Aynur tonight @ with Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble http:/…
CONCERT TONIGHT at brings his message of hope to (
And at Entertainment Tonight at 6:30 PM. Bradley Cooper stuns new Details magazine cover. And he shares his next career goal.
Ariana Grande sings just like Xtina on Tonight Show
((Go on YouTube and look up the theme from the show Entertainment Tonight and play it. It works for me.))
Tonight at 8/7c provides a look into the life of beloved entertainment innovator Jim Henson.
I'm the same age as Entertainment Tonight. This is what immortality feels like.
Jessica Alba adorably fails at new "Tonight Show" game
Karaoke shat tonight at Elevations club tonight with Raddicks entertainment system
What's on TV tonight? Hillary Clinton on 'Tonight,' 'America's Got Talent, 'NOVA'
Ariana Grande does impeccable impression of Christina Aguilera on ...
Los Angeles!! series at Los Globos kicks off tonight with &
Just finished tonight's episode of Big Definitely did not disappoint in the entertainment department.
A cartoon version of Will fails the chuckle test in Shakespeare Tonight at New Theatre. See review:
There is no more mockable show name this year than "Hollywood Today Live Tonight Access Entertainment Gossip Morning Buzz Table Inside".
So I made the bar go silent tonight at open mic tonight..Now they have me booked for weekend entertainment!! 😁
Ariana Grande sings just like Xtina on ‘Tonight Show': Ariana Grande is ready to get back to doing what she do...
.review: Less Keef and more Bard will up the laughs in Shakespeare Tonight, writes via
Love Samantha Harris and Kevin Frazier on Entertainment Tonight!! What a wonderful team!tonight
I think Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight just suggested Jesse Ventura was close enough to her that she could feel his excitement ***
This will be on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow, check it out!
Entertainment Tonight's Mark Steines uses teachable moments to show his sons how to budget, do math and manage money.
3T on Entertainment Tonight about Paris Jackson's boyfriend and grandfather Joseph
Mary Hart, the co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight, had each of her legs insured for one million dollars
: Don't miss Evelyn interview Thursday night with Kevin Frazier on Entertainment Tonight!
I remember an old Entertainment Tonight where John Tesh said he eats cereal w/ water. It's burned in my head and won't let go.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Selena Gomez, Olivia Wilde, Paul Rudd & Pals Take the Field for ... - Entertainment Tonight
Hey I love Rob Marciano's 3 piece suits (didn't he used to be on Entertainment Tonight?) but where is
Countdown to the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards Begins! - Entertainment Tonight
I swear Entertainment Tonight did a Hal Holbrook death segment two years ago, no?
Wolfgang Puck is going to be talking about Justin on Entertainment Tonight which starts right now
Entertainment Tonight eat your heart out Avril Bellis to Mom Breakfast Television celebration.
I'm starting to feel like Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show to make movies is like when John Tesh left Entertainment Tonight to make music.
Entertainment Tonight covered Bruiser Brody's death. I just learned that this week. Interviewed Hot Rod for it too. h…
POP & Entertainment Tonight to Team for GRAMMY & ACADEMY AWARD Red Carpet Coverage... .
Billy Bush and Kit Hoover of Entertainment Tonight swung by the Puppy Bowl Cafe
In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kim Kardashian made it clear her stepdad, Bruce Jenner, would be the one to discuss any changes in [...]
Kim Kardashian sat down with "Entertainment Tonight" and answered questions about the changing appearance of her stepdad Bruce Jenner.
Little known fact: . Watching 5 minutes of Entertainment Tonight kills as many brain cells as a weekend of binge drinking.
SNEAK PREVIEW... ON ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT... Our top undercover reporter has just informed us that CNN is going...
The Froggy 104 Dirt Alert ……. Jennifer Aniston tells Entertainment Tonight that she and Angelina Jolie are not...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Look for us at the Hornets game tonight at 7 PM...we will be the halftime entertainment! ZUMBA!
Great live entertainment tonight with Thomas Linsk and Lisa McClowry (8pm-11:30pm) followed by Michael "Stu"...
Start off the week on a good note! Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn take the stage tonight at 7:30 and we still...
Staying in tonight? Here's the pick of what's on the box: Shows about girls, supermarkets nd how Ireland has…
The second season of the English 19-2 kicks off tonight on Bravo with an episode focused on a school shooting.
Gulf Shores 2015 Entertainment Series continues tonight and Tuesday with Bobby Hendricks’ Drifters with Danny &...
Will you be rooting for native Kelsey Poe on tonight?
Ok enough 'entertainment' for tonight..
Our hosts & are back tonight with the latest entertainment events & concerts from the...
Stay tonight and tomorrow for $162 + tx! Incl nightly entertainment, hot breakfast, awesome staff and cookies!
Love Tonight he'll be hosting a Mangria Bottle Signing event.
I'm back on 'Entertainment Tonight' this evening, joining Kevin Frazier on set to chat about the Oscar aims of 'American Sniper' . tune in!
Hollyoaks' Savage rooftop showdown: Hollyoaks brothers Will and Dodger Savage are set for a rooftop showdown tonight.
Sensational country entertainment at Tamworth's Longyard Hotel tonight with and
Someone please bring the funny today. I need all the entertainment I can get until tonight
ATTN: returns tonight. That is important. Their stoned year in review:
what a win by use boys tonight such a entertainment to watch australia is behind you 100% COME ON
returns to tonight as talks us through the month of March for the farmers -
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Have an Awkward Reunion in L.A. – Watch! - Entertainment Tonight
Social dancing & entertainment with Pat Hayes & Guests 'Concert of the Year' tonight & tmrw night
TONIGHT make very inspirational final appearance on
A fresh look at Dr. King's message. See you tonight.
It's a big week for Corrie starting tonight, details on Entertainment News at 12.30. Will you be watching?
Hungry Monday @ Made in Brasil. Tapas Deall all day long . Tonight's entertainment from 8PM:. Live Brazilian...
Big night at the Sydney Theatre Awards tonight.
Colin Farrell will appear on the first 'Claire Byrne Live' tonight
Tonight from 6pm is back for “The John Barrowman Show” he has 2 hours of music and entertainment for your Sund…
Richie (Raúl Castillo) returns to tonight! Catch up with him before tuning in. http:…
Leisure Tonight – on the Dying of Christopher Reeve – half 1 of two!
From Manus Island via sophisticated analysis from Steve Kilburn to Entertainment Tonight. Come on - how embarrassing.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Bangarang! was entertainment central at tonight. Sad to see the back of him.
Good, fun panto tonight at the Festival Hall, Good old-fashioned entertainment with lots of energy :)
I've turned the tellie off. Rain. Thunder. Lightening. Tonight's entertainment by nature is too grand not to watch
You are definitely my entertainment tonight lmao 😂
at it again w/ a heck of a show tonight! Great entertainment & great place. If you weren't at you missed out! 🍻🐷🌀🎶
had the biggest belly laugh tonight .. Thanks for your entertainment :-))
Go on an entertainment roller-coaster ride with your host for tonight 2015!
🎶Will you take a journey tonight follow me… ♫ Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold (at INBEK ENTERTAINMENT office) —
Inspiration in Entertainment awards presented to and tonight. Congrats!!!
Bobby Brown made some pretty serious claims about what went on during his marriage to Whitney Houston. Moments after "Whitney" premiere faded to black on Lifetime, the network aired an hour-long interview with Bobby that allowed him to share his memories of the diva. "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Shaun Robinson quickly got to the juicy stuff as she asked whether about cheating in their relationship. [ 452 more words. ]
Before falling victim to dementia, my brother, Scot Robinson, made furniture for people such as Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and the financier, Howard Stein, as well as Major General William Lyon and producer/author Stephen Cannell and Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight. He also had clients such as Sherwood Country Club, Polo / Ralph Lauren on Rodeo, and the Mirage Hotel and Casino. As you can imagine, it would be great if we could connect with some of the owners of this furniture to put credence to the information we have and stop the stories that Scot doesn't know what he is talking about. I do have pictures of said furniture. Anyway, can anyone help? What is the best way to reach famous people? Nicole Kidman has a fb page and I attempted years ago to reach her but she probably doesn't visit her page much. His company was Scot Robinson Period Furniture founded 8/1/84 and it was last located at 207 N Aspen Ave Azusa, CA until it closed in 1994. Any help would be much appreciated.
Meghan Trainor, whose empowering 'All About That Bass' is still holding steady at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about, among other things, her lifelong struggle with weight. Cue Demi Lovato -- unofficial eating disorder spokeswoman -- who was not happy wit…
Do you guys know John Tesh? He was the host of Entertainment Tonight on CBS for 10 years from 1986-1996 (I saw the show often. I can't remember the blonde's name, though...) While flipping through Deb's "songs that any youth group kid would recognise" list I noticed that a song I know well was written by none other than John Tesh. It ends up he also wrote: * Come, Now Is The Time To Worship * Open The Eyes Of My Heart * Let The River Flow * Your Love Is Better Than Life * Trading My Sorrows * Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble * Better Is One Day ... all of which I know well. Shoot, most of them were on The Vineyard of Sequim's usual lineup. It's mind blowing, but only subjectively. "Pssst" also to: Jonathan Jackson, Jonathan Simonson, Pat Jackson
Can you handle some juicy Pretty Little Liars gossip? A mere one week before PLL's quick return to our small screens for the highly-anticipated Christmas episode, Aria herself, (OK Lucy Hale, herself) dropped quite a bombshell to Entertainment Tonight about the continued mystery surrounding A. If yo…
This GIF of Taylor Swift's crazy eyes during her performance will make you afraid to sleep tonight.
I want to thank Nichoal Parkin for providing dinner and entertainment tonight! It's always a great night when you get to play cards in your pjs
I know there are several great entertainment shows on tonight. Make sure you check out and/DVR.…
Wow! are already double winners at tonight's
Strong is what i am so devil thanks for your entertainment tonight because i am lol i will stand for what's right in god eyes devil you won't win it don't matter if it's friends or family i will stand for GOD because HE IS my everything STRONGER not BROKEN
Entertainment tonight brought to you by the lovely and talented Gemma!
Well I've found my entertainment for tonight
Kay tryna make me her entertainment tonight 😂
Here Are All the Winners of the 2014 American Music Awards. Tonight’s American Music Awards honored the most pop...
Thank you Prust. That scrap was the only entertainment I've witnessed tonight.
Watch the on Check out highlights from tonight's red carpet -
There are some great Mexican restaurants around Seattle. Why don't you get out to one tonight? Here are the picks:
Need to walk your dog tonight after dinner? We've got some of the top spots around Portland for that stroll:
A woman full of alcohol and drugs found dead at a rehab facility? tonight!
Cary’s case goes 2 trial. Is he headed back 2 jail? tonight!
Trying this again...without a dog nipping at my phone. Glad it is time for Tonight's entertainment is complete.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
An Iraqi translator threatens 2 reveal damaging info about Elizabeth’s time in the CIA tonight!
Kohl's Frozen contest I vote Brody from Florida. Best entertainment so far tonight.
Yay fb has some entertainment tonight. 👌😂
Can't wait for performance tonight. Get the scoop >>
Tonight is the night folks!. We are finalists in Best Entertainment Venue & Best Bistro!!. Wish us luck!!
had me dancing just in one spot in my living room...why you gotta be so.rude...LOL great entertainment tonight!
Alright AMAs are going off after that. So far none of tonight's entertainment has held my interest.
is full of entertainment tonight. Fishnet dress and nipple pasties on one chick and wyclef's wardrobe malfunction.
Fun potluck dinner and awesome entertainment tonight! Thanks to the Puppets, Sara, BT, Austin, and Seat of Our Pants for their performances. And thanks to all who helped set up!
I am thankful that I have shows for my entertainment tonight. Watching reruns now. Never ge…
Carnage is on tonight aka a and e is providing much entertainment
Ladies are free before midnight on BlackCherry Entertainment guest list tonight inside Moda Night LIfe +Bar.
[WATCH] brought his bachata stylings to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show and it was epic!
Id love to see lose tonight. The game is still the greatest man in all of sports entertainment
Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj will take to the American Music Awards stage tonight. http:/…
Tonight Tonight Tonight at Encore Ultra Lounge Self Made Entertainment will be performing live at The…
I guess the AMAs are my entertainment tonight 😌
Who else is excited to see perform tonight? Get a sneak peak at her performance:
When did the executives decide to change from a top-shelf news organization to another Entertainment Tonight show?
I need some entertainment for tonight
I'm watching at it says Entertainment Tonight is next at 9am, not the AMAs.. :/
Bathroom sink next to John Tesh, now that's Entertainment Tonight!
Country music stars Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman shocked fans Thursday when they both publicly announced for the first time that they are *** Herndon, 52, who made the announcement in an interview with "Entertainment Tonight," said that he's been in a relationship with a man for five...
Inspired in part by Ty Herndon's emotional interview with Entertainment Tonight, country singer Billy Gilman decided to also come out as *** in video posted to YouTube on Thursday. Now, Gilman, 26, is speaking with ET's Nancy O'Dell to discuss his decision to open up and be honest with his fans. "It…
Janice Dickinson Cosby was a familiar face in 1982, not only for his comedy, but also for his Jell-O and Coca-Cola commercials. Dickinson was a supermodel in her late 20s. Dickinson alleged this week that she and Cosby had dinner in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and he gave her a glass of red wine and a pill she believed was for menstrual cramps. "The last thing I remember was Bill Cosby in a patchwork robe, dropping his robe and getting on top of me. And I remember a lot of pain," she told "Entertainment Tonight." Cosby's attorney, Singer, said in a statement that Dickinson's allegation was a "fabricated lie" that contradicted what she wrote in her autobiography and what she said during a 2002 New York Observer interview.
:: TONIGHT :: Join us for KARAOKE with Tiger Entertainment ! Every Friday, Starts at 9:30 p.m. >> KARAOKE >> [ ]
Live Music tonight from 8pm with Sunny and Nick, all welcome!
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