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English Parliament

The Parliament of England was the legislature of the Kingdom of England. In 1066, William of Normandy introduced a feudal system, by which he sought the advice of a council of tenants-in-chief and ecclesiastics before making laws.

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Yeah but back then it was the English Parliament in 5th Nov 1905 we he and 12 other participants were Catholics wanting to...
the English NHS should be in the hands of an English Parliament.You and the uk gov are the problem.
Egyptian women in parliament polls: Hopes and hurdles via
? Official bilingualism. By especially makes it a point of pride to never speak English in Parliament
First saw this I thought it might be a chemical weapons attack... nope. just poop.
Foul odors emanating from parliament
England doesn't have its own Parliament Surely you are referring to Westminster which includes Scots, Welsh, NIrish & English?
Government amendment sent to lowers proposed tax to 15 cents per bottle
Amendment in Parliament allows state to 'top up' payments of vulnerable debtors
Forces Union calls Parliament to approve the law before 2016 .
Here's an article in English about parliament approving dual citizenship for foreign-born...
That wild be half of K. Parliament "Kuwait busts cell working to back, finance ISIS
India. AIKS calls for Dharna before Parliament on growing Agrarian Crisis under Modi
Meanwhile back in were found throwing oranges at police during their protest at Parliament….
When did Labour start supporting Democracy? no English Parliame…
Prize should only be given 2 schools advocating English Parliament. Wont happen, ur all establishment lackeys
SNP have 56 MPs and so much clout in an English parliament with only half of the votes of UKIP - the system is so unfair.
The same person who wrote Gandhijis 3 monkeys chit for Parliament in English. Lol :)
BREAKING: parliament agrees to extend state of emergency to 3 months
Parliament proceedings should be in national language. Tak setuju bahas dalam english.
in parliament polls: Hopes and hurdles via
Parliament celebrates English victory over New Zealand. https:/…
Armenian parliament discussing Lavrov’s recent visit to Yerevan
French parliament extends state of emergency after IS Paris attacks:
DTN Egypt: Woman elected head of UAE advisory parliament: A woman was elected Wednesday as the first female to...
When did an English Parliament come in to being?
Englands men& women fighting for the RIGHT to have an English Parliament. to serve interests of the people of ENGLAND
We champion Campaign for an English Parliament fair just equal for the. people of England NOW!
Cities Devolution Bill. Those who support it BETRAY the people of England. Denying our RIGHT. to an English Parliament
Our lead policy as English Democrats remains to secure an English Parliament for the people of England. —...
West Lothian Question? is now the Westminster Question ? Its about equality English Parliament
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Westminster is not an English Parliament. It's a Union of Parliaments. If Cameron wants to change it, make it constitut…
Also an English Parliament is essentially 85% of UK Parliament, it'd be NO CLOSER to peeps in England than is Westminster
Sturgeon should keep her noise out of English Parliament & go back to Scotland were she belongs ITS time England had its own Parliament
UNIONIST MPs deny the people of England EQUALITY FAIRNESS & JUSTICE- We are deemed unworthy of an English Parliament
People of England DENIED an English Parliament -People of England DEEMED UNWORTHY unlike Scotland & other UKcountries
Why are you against England having her own English Parliament within a federal UK?
If you thought Guy Fawkes was a threat to the English Parliament, wait till Sturgeon gets power. You ain't seen nothing yet !!
To seat a English parliament at sth other than a generic glass amoeba erected w/in 5mi of Charing Cross would be a real coup
The Moot Hall, Newcastle (1812). Currently unused so the obv site for any English parliament
If we end up with an 'English' Parliament and nothing changing...
Dissolved and never to resolve the Parliament of English Device.
Sinn Féin push for Irish Language Act - But only English when electioneering for British parliament
- The English nation needs an English Parliament, English Written Constitution and Bill of Rights. No more sharia law…
How about backing the call for an English Parliament..Help each other to eventual independence and put an end to uk gov dominence
US plans military operations inside USA in response to statement from Chechnya Parliament speaker
PM Miro Cerar submits to parliament proposal for dismissal of Defence Minister Janko Veber over intelligence scandal
And how Scottish Parliament choose to allocate its budget on limited devolved powers is irrelevant to the English taxpayer.
personally I'd like all lords to retire and the HoL could be used as an English parliament in a federal UK.
DEVOLUTION The Scots are Scots Welsh are Welsh the insult is ENGLISH are British not allowed an English Parliament
1657-The English Parliament offers the Crown to Oliver Cromwell, he turns it down.
If at any time we need to even up the balance of power for England its NOW, this election, Vote English Democrats for an English Parliament.
Kurdistan Parliament Approve Oil and Gas Law Draft. The Kurdistan Parliament held a session on Tuesday to discuss...
I am a hater of the English & don't believe they should have their own parliament but that's not racist as Im a scot
UNELECTED fat cat BUSINESSMAN Lord David Sainsbury -involved in DENYING people of England choice between an English Parliament &City Regions
discusses laws on gambling, sale of state owned land and maternity leave | Republika Online
tusiwarudishe parliament tena before wafanye English course.
Could you imagine if a congresswoman did this? –> "A member of Parliament 'Frees the Nipple'"
Serbian List to return to the Parliament soon via
Who says document is not reliable? You can obtain certified copy of speech from English Parliament.
found herself even more of an outsider, as she was an English-speaking Jewish woman in a parliament dominated by ma…
DISCRIMINATORY treatment of the ENGLISH electorate in the UK causes unrest
ITALY V ENGLAND. England players DISADVANTAGED they have no English Parliament unlike. Italy who have a voice an Italian Parliament Mama mia!
Fact is that the *important* bills are being passed by the Parliament. For example, the Bill to remove President...
Parliament Committee of Govt approves Pres. Yameen’s appointment of Ahmed Zuhoor as Health Minister
Canadian Parliament backs air strikes on Islamic State in Syria (E-Kurd)
ENGLANDS DEVOLUTION. LABOUR MP FOR LEEDS Hilary Benn is a TRAITOR to Englands electorate as he denies ENGLAND a English Parliament -VOICE
Kurdistan parliament to discuss oil, gas revenues Fund bill -
.‘hung parliament’ phrase (first?) used in written English about 1944
that's fair comment. I only wish we had an English Parliament. At least Scotland has some autonomy.
I'll ask you once more Paul. If Scotland is an economic basket case why did the English Parliament want to keep us?
Why does the English Parliament want to keep a hold of Scotland Paul?
Well that's fine Paul, but why did the English Parliament fight to keep a hold of Scotland if we're economic basket cases?
Book launch with '86&Counting: Women in 11th Parliament'. Download
CALLING THUNDERBIRDS are GO!. ENGLAND has an EMERGENCY RESCUE! Englands people have been denied the RIGHT to have an ENGLISH PARLIAMENT!
Dear Members of the House. Follow llink below to find the minutes of the First Tygerberg Student Parliament Sitting
In 1440, the English Parliament started taxing Scottish and Irish immigrants. The Welsh were exempt. Quite right too.
The English think they R free. They R free only during the election of members of parliament- Rousseau
New guided tours in Mandarin from today. Also available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian.
how about putting an English parliament in your manifestounion of equality
UNIONIST PARTIES. LIBD TORY LAB have all conspired to prevent Englands people having a VOICE ENGLISH PARLIAMENT time to call …
Good to meet you… Long standing member of the Campaign for an English Parliament, Tom Jackson via
The House of Lords is dated. Bin it & use it as the new English Parliament. Devolve power to all.
The 1st English Parliament was held today in 1265. Celebrate great British leaders with our
They'll do & say anything to keep overall control of England with the British Government Where is our English Parliament?
I agree. Turn House of Lords into a federal Senate, and Commons into an English Parliament. Who is our Thomas Jefferson?
if the British people like referenda why do we English never get one on an English Parliament and English independence?
Labour List; 'The last thing England needs is an English Parliament' by Mark Ferguson.
Why not move Westminster up to Scotland,free England from antiEnglish uk rule.And balance the union with an English Parliament
Power to English Towns is not an English Parliament! It is a ruse to avoid devolution & ad…
We don't want SMP Alex Salmond in our English Parliament, he hates us English, everybody fight against it. He's out to destroy our country.
An English Government should work with an English Parliament, civic England and local authorities on more powers for local areas in England.
Again, not happening. English Parliament is the fastest way to Scottish Independence. Which is what you probably want.
Claims?? Jack Straw once said the English as a race aren't worth saving. They refuse an English Parliament. How are they not!?
Many women had suffered, but was the victim of each system, and heartbreak every time, deprivation pages, and the headwaters of grief, unjustly wronged, and digested digested, no human witness anything like that again The pages of shame on humanity, that women are treated as not from humans, do not pass the civilization of ancient civilizations, but watered this woman torment colors, and varieties of injustice and oppression When Greeks say it: the poisoned tree, and say it is an abomination of Satan, and sold like any other commodity chattel When the Romans told her: not her spirit, and it was pictures of her torment, hurt by hot oil, and pulls horses to death When the Chinese told them: water wash happiness painful, Chinese have the right to bury his wife alive, and if he dies right for his family that Arthoh When the Indians told them: not death, *** and the venom, snakes, fire, worse than women, but women do not have the right when the Indians me to live after the death of her husband, but must be b . ...
If they all got independence what would Westminster be? An English parliament surely.
elected lords only become union parliament the commons becomes the seat of English government with a first minister, simple.
Reduce Lords by 3/4 & Commons by 1/2 & have a PR elected English parliament
An English parliament doesn't require more politicians as it makes vast UK parliament obsolete
This is England - NOT regions - we want an English Parliament NOT regional assemblies!
An English Parliament is an idea whose time has come my friend.
they don't deserve our votes either Where is our promise for an English Parliament? We need to shout louder
if a party in the new parliament has a majority when SNP members are excluded, will it be possible to only introduce English legislation?
'Parliament and Power: Agenda for a Free Society', for $19.48 via
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I speak against an English Parliament at U3A debate tomorrow. A vague and premature idea. Let's see what emerges from the devolution debate.
Time for a English government/parliament only? The future for our Parliament in an era of anti-politics
Senior MP views sanctions as failed policy against Iran: Chairman of the Iranian parliament's National Securit...
Lords debate: 'Music is not just a 'nice-to-have', it is central to good education, as central as maths and English.' http:/…
Public opinion in France is putting pressure on parliament to recognise the State of Palestine. .
As for the Tory soundbite of neverendum, they responded to the No vote by announcing the need for an english parliament...
I will never understand why English working class still votes Labour. The UK parliament is the cause of our problems not the solution…
Why not have candidates in English constituencies? Free land is it not? Same Parliament? Now that would be interesting!!
they will vote on them until the English voters stop the nonsense in parliament
Westminster is not an English parliament. It represents the Union. Regions=federal.
Farage dismisses the "unaccountable" EU parliament (elected) while campaigning via his hereditary peer in the Lords for more unelected peers
I'd rather an English Parliament with a seperate federal London capital territory.
We need to get on with this English Parliament ting as they say in Shepherds Bush
If anyone thinks the S Nats would treat E fairly in UKGov, they're bloody nuts We deserve better -an English Parliament
I wouldn't oppose an English Parliament in principle, but I think English Regional Parliaments would be better.
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Parliament-proposed grant scheme for investigative journalism lost in the maze of Commission bureaucracy
England needs an English parliament with an English Prime Minister to stand up for English people.
MPs include "the longest serving in the world, the laziest, most silent, most absent, and least qualified."
Head of announced amongst allegations of involvement in business practice in
Speaker of the Parliament arrives Najaf to meet al-Sistani
10 German MPs unfurl PKK flag in parliament, urge lifting of ban /cc
English Parliament: securing more powers to local areas
White paper on IS threat will be tabled in Parliament soon
. An English Parliament: securing and protecting more powers to local areas.
only political activists would hold your views on no English Parliament.the Engliah on the street di
all the surveys over recent years show the English want their own Parliament. Ask Frank Field
i agree, and that has got to stop only way is an English parliament
Just wondering, how you sleep at night - "There is no demand 4 an English Parliament" Carwyn Jones,
What's scares THEM most? An Independent Scotland or an English Parliament? The English parliament it seems.
Boris for PM and the head up a devolved English Parliament.
Prime Minister is the guilty for the arrival of the to the English Parliament!
Look face it an English Parliament would mean the end of the Westminster Village gravy train.No need for 600+ MPs 100 maybe?
Your fellow presenter is quite correct Eamonn, most not interested in separate English Parliament, just answer the West Lo…
Great to see the sunshine for St George's day. Now can we have an English Parliament please http:…
Labour don't want an English Parliament. I wonder why...
The West Lothian Question , an English Parliament now for sure !
why not English Parliament & First Minister? Last time I checked the UK includes England as a constituent nation
And straight away Billy Hague says "Oh no, no English Parliament! Just Welsh and Scottish (ie Labour) MPs being excluded from votes!"
Once we've got our teeth in we'll get our teeth in to the Scottish NO vote and the PM's comments. Are we heading for an English Parliament?
David Cameron lays gauntlet down to Ed Miliband by calling for vote on English Parliament in the wake of the Scottish referendum. Huge move.
Perhaps now no Scottish MP's should vote in the English Parliament
The No Campaign have won the Scottish Independence referendum,Alex Salmond and all nationalists have accepted this result.Yes 1,539,920 No 1,914,187. Scotland now expects the Unionists of all parties and UK Parliament to honour it's pledges of more devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament and Nation.The United Kingdom will never be the same after today England,Wales, and Northern Ireland should also get more powers and if it means an English Parliament so it should be.Scotland may well one day be free but let's pledge today to work to make the UK better for its peoples and nations for us and future generations.Congratulations to the Yes Campaign for fighting such an inspirational campaign which has inspired peoples of all nations who don't have their own states.
Scotland votes to stay in the United Kingdom. Now Parliament needs to work to give local constituencies more power. The debate is already breaking down along party lines. Labour is supporting a more Federalists system that gives more local powers to not just Scotland and Wales but to local cities and constituencies. The Conservatives seem to be wanting an English Parliament and a Scottish Parliament and so on... The Scottish people have put their trust in Great Britain -- I hope party politics can be put aside for a better Scotland and a better Great Britain.
Michael Gove on English devo plan: "I don’t think we want to go down the route of an English Parliament." http:/…
Predictions are now 54% no and 46% yes... That went well then! So what now? We have around 2 million people living within Great Britain who don't want to, why should we want them now? And as for the promises made by our political leaders, quite simply if you do follow through with those promises then you lose my vote! End the West Lothian Question, end the Barnett Formula, and create an English Parliament before the next general election.
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Talk of an English Parliament, Welsh autonomy, regional devolution - either result on Thursday is it time for a constitutional convention?
Gordon Brown tells me after a no vote no need for English Parliament and Scottish MPs should not leave Parl for English …
In the two-year Scottish referendum campaign, Whitehall and Westminster have been in denial about the prospect of Scotland voting Yes to independence. Suddenly, as the opinion polls show it as a very real prospect, the London-based political establishment is anxiously thinking about the implications. “The consequences, not just for England, but Wales and Northern Ireland, are frankly unimaginable,” one senior Whitehall official said today. This is not an obscure debate about more devolution: some MPs fear the peace process in Northern Ireland, or at least order on the streets, could be at risk, and that there could be new demands for a united Ireland. There would inevitably be calls for a stronger Welsh Assembly, more devolution to the English regions and even an English Parliament. If Scots vote to walk out of the marriage, there is no guarantee of an amicable “velvet divorce”. Alex Salmond could afford to be conciliatory in victory. He would invite a vanquished Alistair Darling to join all-party ...
Happy Birdday Thomas! July 27: In 1663 the English Parliament passes the second Navigation Act requiring that all goods bound for the American colonies have to be sent in English ships from English ports; in 1789 the first U.S. federal government agency, the Department of Foreign Affairs (now Department of State) is established; in 1794 Maximilien Robespierre is arrested after encouraging the execution of more than 17,000 "enemies of the Revolution"; in 1866 the first permanent transatlantic telegraph cable is successfully completed (Valentia Island, Ireland, to Heart's Content, Newfoundland); in 1890 Vincent van Gogh shoots himself and dies two days later; in 1921 researchers at the University of Toronto led by biochemist Frederick Banting prove that the hormone insulin regulates blood sugar; in 1940 Bugs Bunny makes his first appearance in the animated short "A Wild Hare"; in 1949 the first commercial jet-powered airliner, the DeHavilland Comet, makes its first flight; in 1953 fighting in the Korean War ...
Turkish parliament ratifies bill to support Kurdish 'solution process'
View of Big Ben & English Parliament from on top of the London Eye ferris wheel-June 2010.
Parliament votes to lift Galan immunity: Final decision next week for Galan over MOSE probe
Parliament votes to lift Galan immunity
Denmark bans kosher and halal slaughter. Well done you Danes. Perhaps an English parliament would do similar...
New Magna Carta should limit the power of UK parliament and re-establish the English parliament
VIDEO. The magnificent Sahra Wagenknecht speaking in the German parliament on (With English titles.)
Mahatma Gandhi's statue to be installed at Britain's Parliament Square |
Christian Friis Bach is leaving the Danish Parliament to become head of the United Nations Economic Commission f...
Threaten self-serving, 11% pay-increase politicians with an English parliament & they'll cave in immediately.
The English public sector won't get fair play until we get an English parliament. Protests & strikes are ineffectual.
Mulla calls for the parliament to hold a referendum for the separation within the borders of 19/3/2003
We need an English parliament to focus on England's public sector not regions to get us at each others throats.
Kurdish Ministers: That's why we boycotted the parliament sessions
England clearly needs an English parliament & an English Broadcasting Corporation.
ANF English - First 4 articles of framework law adopted by Turkish Parliament
Sunni forces announce its condition to attend parliament session next Sunday
Kurdistan Parliament: Maliki’s accusations to the region are desperate attempt to cover his...
Something terrible could be happening in Parliament on Monday… | Vox Political
The English Democrats back a European election candidate who said there were "far too many" *** people in Parliament.
Well how else dae ye explain so many English voters no seeing need for a national parliament... "we've got one already"
eh.. The Dutch only did so at the request of the English parliament so who's really to blame for that? (Hint: The speak English)
Today in History: On 9 July 1969, Parliament passed the Official Languages Act, making English and French the...
So Miliband wants more English decentralisation. I bet that doesn't mean having our own parliament like everyone else.
Engraving of King Charles I published after the King was beheaded by Parliament in the English Civil War in 1649.
IT's an English parliament we requir. Normal everyday citizens are being ripped off being in the EU does not give...
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of course it could be that Roger doesn't go anywhere where he might see him, eg the European Parliament
Rahul Gandhi caught sleeping in Parliament during debate |
Their lives should not end on sunken boats – MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake on Lankan asylum-seekers :...
ECP seeks assets details from Parliament, assemblies members
Rahul Gandhi caught sleeping in Parliament during debate | Siasat
Any Devo Max means Scotland will br treated as no more than a region. It isn't. Why?. Cos the English think they already have a parliament
On this day 1969 - Parliament passes Official Languages Act; English and French official languages of the federal administration.
oh dear was embarrassing enough, watching their tantrum at the opening of the European Parliament...
Jul 7 1969 - Parliament passes Official Languages Act, declares French & English to be languages of Canada
It doesn't take a genius to see it is happening only in England, but we don't have an English parliament to stop it happening.
We'll have an English parliament in Westminster & the UK parliament can move to Belfast to show commitment to UK.
VIDEO. Starting from section on Speech by Sahra Wagenknecht in German parliament. With English subtitles!
European Parliament calls on Venezuelan gov't to disband armed groups:
The English reject regions & by & large city mayors. We want an English parliament before all.
There is a Welsh Assembly, a Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly. Why no English? The other three vote in HoC... Erm...
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you do nothing for England which is why England needs an English parliament
mismanagement of ENGLAND'S NHS with Scottish ministers like John Reid shows why England needs an English parliament
show exactly why England needs an English parliament. Halve the Commons & Lords & have an English parliament
Nope. English Parliament or Assembly is necessary. Not be fobbed off with English ppl do not officially exist
European parliament has 24 official but MEPs prefer
MPs: Government must tackle the ‘English Question’ and devolve financial powers in England via
Can English cities be trusted with their own tax-raising powers? contributes to CLG Committee report:
parliament to meet July 13 on forming new gov't
Five Committees scheduled to hold on Wednesday | Republika Online
Thomas More in trial: You have the English Bishops and Universities, I have all the dead along with me.
Interesting tidbits: 1576 - Tycho Brahe given Hveen Island to build Uraniborg Observatory 1701 – After being convicted of piracy and of murdering William Moore, Captain William Kidd is hanged in London. Some modern historians deem his piratical reputation unjust, as there is evidence that Kidd acted only as a privateer. Kidd's fame springs largely from the sensational circumstances of his questioning before the English Parliament and the ensuing trial. His actual depredations on the high seas, whether piratical or not, were both less destructive and less lucrative than those of many other contemporary pirates and privateers. 1785 - Benjamin Franklin announces his invention of bifocals. 1829 – Accordion patent granted to Cyrill Demian in Vienna. Demian's instrument bore little resemblance to modern instruments. It only had a left hand buttonboard, with the right hand simply operating the bellows. One key feature for which Demian sought the patent was the sounding of an entire chord by depressing one ke ...
1.5.1 Democratic fairness for England is needed, via a referendum on the creation of an English Parliament,...
don't want an English Parliament, want regional government, like the German federal system, own legislature 4 London
SOMETHING OF INTEREST TO SOME! ~ TRY TO COMPREHEND WHERE IT ALL STARTED! [PART 4] Prelude to Revolution 1763 to 1775 1763 - The Proclamation of 1763, signed by King George III of England, prohibits any English settlement west of the Appalachian mountains and requires those already settled in those regions to return east in an attempt to ease tensions with Native Americans. 1764 - The Sugar Act is passed by the English Parliament to offset the war debt brought on by the French and Indian War and to help pay for the expenses of running the colonies and newly acquired territories. This act increases the duties on imported sugar and other items such as textiles, coffee, wines and indigo (dye). It doubles the duties on foreign goods reshipped from England to the colonies and also forbids the import of foreign rum and French wines. 1764 - The English Parliament passes a measure to reorganize the American customs system to better enforce British trade laws, which have often been ignored in the past. A court is e ...
There are two Crowns operant in England, one being Queen Elizabeth II. Although extremely wealthy, the Queen functions largely in a ceremonial capacity and serves to deflect attention away from the other Crown, who issues her marching orders through their control of the English Parliament. This other Crown is comprised of a committee of 12 banks headed by the Bank of England (House of Rothschild). They rule the world from the 677-acre, independent sovereign state know as The City of London, or simply 'The City.' The City is not a part of England, just as Washington, D.C. is not a part of the USA. The City is referred to as the wealthiest square mile on earth and is presided over by a Lord Mayor who is appointed annually. When the Queen wishes to conduct business within the City, she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple (Templar) Bar where she requests permission to enter this private, sovereign state. She then proceeds into the City walking several paces behind the Mayor. Her entourage may not be clothed in ...
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Fair play to your man, Michael D Higgins for giving an excellent (carefully worded) speech to both houses of the English Parliament and topping it off with a bit of the Irish. The first time ever that an Irish President has met HRH QE2 and made an official tour of the Palace of Westminster. I wonder what's on the menu at the official state banquet tonight (bacon and cabbage, crubeens, Colcannon, Boxty...Dublin Bay prawns, Drisheen, Soda Bread, Kerrygold butter, Irish mussels, Kerr Pink spuds, nettle soup, Shergar...?? All washed down with sup of Barry's Tea and a drop of Poteen! )
31st march history. 1084 - Anti-pope Clemens crowns German King Hendrik IV as Holy Roman Emperor 1146 - Bernard of Clairvaux preaches his famous sermon in a field at Vézelay, urging the necessity of a Second Crusade. Louis VII is present, and joins the Crusade. 1492 - Queen Isabella of Castilia & Ferdinand of Aragon expel Jews 1504 - France & Spain sign ceasefire 1521 - Magelhaes takes possession of Homohon, Archipelago of St Lazarus 1547 - Henry II succeeds Francois I as king of France 1644 - Pope Urbanus VIII & duke of Parma signs Peace of Ferrara 1651 - Great earthquake at Cuzco Peru 1657 - English Parliament makes the Humble Petition to Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell offering him the crown: he declines 1667 - France & England sign anti-Dutch military accord 1683 - Emperor Leopold I/Poland signs covenant against Turkey 1717 - A sermon on "The Nature of the Kingdom of Christ" by Benjamin Hoadly, the Bishop of Bangor, provoked the Bangorian Controversy. 1745 - Jews are expelled from Prague 1796 - Johann ...
Did you know? The King wants your pee! In 1626 King Charles I of England passed the first urine laws, a set of laws mandating that English citizens collect their urine in whatever handy receptacle was available. Citizens all over the kingdom peed into bottles and would place them on their doorsteps the next morning. Why was it that the king wanted his citizens pee so badly? Among the many chemicals that make up urine is the precious element potassium, needed to create saltpeter (potassium nitrate) for the production of gunpowder. At the time potassium nitrate could only be found in decaying plant matter and human urine. So the citizens of England would pee in jugs, the jugs would be collected by workers called “petermen”, and the urine would be distilled for its important chemicals producing gunpowder for the kings army. In 1642 the English Parliament rebelled against King Charles I, signalling the beginning of the English Civil War. In order to defeat the “roundheads” as the Parliamentarian ...
Obama is King Leopold II Revisited In Areopagitica , John Milton wrote : " Let truth and falsehood grapple : who knew the truth , put the worse in a free and open encounter" He wrote it in 1644 or as an appeal to the English Parliament to end a political order and tried to bring the whole issue under control by official government censors ( authors submit their work for approval before having it published ) . It is a concise yet controversial parallel to Areopagiticus Isocrates and the story of the Apostle Paul in Athens from Acts 17 : 18-34 . The first refers to the " degradation of the judges of the Court of the Areopagus , the highest court in Greece . " However , one can also apply this to political tyranny axiologically as well, especially when it comes to facts in the light of political action and mandate. Over the past year , the Obama administration has aggressively increased its foot print militarily in Africa . Under the pretext of fighting for fair neoliberalim to defeat tyranny and kleptocrati ...
APEuro this day in 1689: Having been forced to abdicate by the English Parliament, former King James II lands in Ireland with a French force
Serious suggestion: English Parliament, based in not London. Same powers as the Scottish parl. Then regions too.
Today's Highlight in History: On Jan. 31, 1944, during World War II, U.S. forces began a successful invasion of Kwajalein Atoll and other parts of the Japanese-held Marshall Islands. On this date: In 1606, Guy Fawkes, convicted of treason for his part in the "Gunpowder Plot" against the English Parliament and King James I, was executed. In 1863, during the Civil War, the First South Carolina Volunteers, an all-black Union regiment composed of former slaves, was mustered into federal service at Beaufort, S.C. In 1865, Gen. Robert E. Lee was named general-in-chief of all the Confederate armies. In 1917, during World War I, Germany served notice it was beginning a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare. In 1929, revolutionary Leon Trotsky and his family were expelled from the Soviet Union. In 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Gold Reserve Act. In 1958, the United States entered the Space Age with its first successful launch of a satellite into orbit, Explorer I. In 1961, NASA launched Ham th ...
Mini-Series on the Declaration of Independence. After years of abuse and unfair taxation, e.g. Coercive Acts, Stamp Act, the colonies decided they had had enough. They were not satisfied with the rule of George III and were moving toward a break with the King and the English Parliament. They were, in fact, on the verge of a discovery that would turn the course of history in a new direction, a discovery that is still reverberating among us. This discovery was nothing less than the principle of human equality. The catalyst for this monumental movement was the publishing of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" in January 1776. It was widely read in the colonies. Why? Because it said what Americans were waiting to hear - that if they hoped to enjoy freedom under George III, they were fooling themselves. The King was the cause of their troubles. As we know, this all led to the Declaration of Independence in July 1776. The Declaration of Independence is the first formal American document. It is not judicially e ...
the problem in England is that it doesn't matter who you vote for - the UK parliament always gets in and its always anti English
Naw, I look forward to engaging in conversation with the caller & persuading them to support an English Parliament.
If it were up to me I'd put a new English Parliament in or near Tamworth, slap bang in the middle of England.
English Civil War of 1642: mainly a conflict between who should have the power, the king or parliament.
Historical Events, this day January 27 In 1606, the trial of Guy Fawkes began. In 1606, the surviving conspirators in the Gunpowder Treason plot to blow up the English Parliament and the king of England on Nov. 5, 1605, were convicted. (They were executed four days later.) In 1785, the first public university in the United States was founded as the University of Georgia. In 1880, Thomas Edison was granted a patent for an electric incandescent lamp. In 1888, The National Geographic Society was founded in Washington. In 1910, Thomas Crapper, often described as the prime developer of the flush toilet mechanism as it is known today, died in England. In 1926, Scottish inventor John Logie Baird launched a revolution in communication and entertainment with the first public demonstration of a true television system in London. In 1967, U.S. astronauts Virgil Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee died in a fire aboard the Apollo 1 spacecraft during a launch simulation at Florida's Kennedy Space Center. In 1973, t ...
Watching an English movie makes me feel so sophisticated. I just want to drink tea and discuss what parliament is doing
All English secondary schools ranked by % eligible for Free School Meals. Range from 0 to 88%. Yes. Really.
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Puk Media English - KRG, Kurdish MPs in Iraqi Parliament insist on being united
Published on January 27, 2014 by Jim in CEP News The Campaign for an English Parliament was interviewed by SKY news on Sunday morning (26/01/14).
Owen Smith wrong again. He has eyes only for London Parliament which is, of course, English. YMLAEN YR ALBAN
Ashutosh, when will u learn english huh? It's not 'condemn' but 'condom' Brace urself before LS, Parliament is waiting for u.
Parliament requested to ratify treaty handicapped people
I'm from Ireland, but Believe in an English Parliament and an English Nation! Seasnagh Abu! :)
Strongly support MPs be kicked out of Parliament unless they learn how to write English.
Historical Events on 28th January 1077 - German King Henry IV is absolved by Holy Roman Emperor Pope Gregory VII after his penitent Walk to Canossa. 1099 - 1st Crusaders begins siege of Hosn-el-Akrad Syria 1262 - Flemish/Dutch coast ravaged by north western storm 1393 - Fire during Royal Ball at Paris, 4 die (Ball of the Ardents) 1495 - Pope gives his son Cesare Borgia as hostage to Charles VIII of France 1521 - The Diet of Worms begins, lasting until May 25. 1547 - 9-year-old Edward VI succeeds Henry VIII as king of England 1561 - By Edict of Orleans persecution of French Huguenots is suspended 1573 - Articles of Warsaw Confederation are signed, sanctioning freedom of religion in Poland. 1581 - James VI signs 2nd Confession of Faith in Scotland 1613 - Galileo may have unknowingly viewed undiscovered planet Neptune 1624 - Sir Thomas Warner founds the first British colony in the Caribbean, on Saint Kitts. 1689 - English parliament resolved that the throne is vacant 1724 - The Russian Academy of Sciences wa ...
You can watch the memorial ceremony in the German Parliament here (in English)
Today in 1606 the Guy Fawkes trial began. He was charged for attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament, London http:…
Westminster = government of London & Home Counties. Need English parliament/assembly & parity with Scotland and Wales
Maybe the welsh should call for an English Parliament
When can we have an English Parliament of 250 and a uk parliament of 350,all housed in the midlands. sack the rest. superflous!
I read something about an English parliament being needed in addition to Westminster just for English law. I agree!
There are two organisations that all English folc should belong to...both are politically non-affiliated and indeed one is a registered charity...the first is the CEP (Campaign for an English Parliament) who do sterling work on our behalf including many media interviews and the other is The Steadfast Trust who promote Anglo-Saxon identity...join today.
South Korea's parliament speaker to visit Iran for talks
It's not surprising.The English parliament legislated in 1535 to effectively wipe out the Welsh language
Sneak preview of PES/Irish manifesto for European Parliament elections in English
1606 - Guy Fawkes is convicted of attempting to blow up the English Parliament
Iraq parliament speaker said that the autonomous Regional Government (had fared far better than...
Parliament Speaker: planning to increase military budget in response to Threats:
As one of your 53 million "Best pals" in England, please support my right to have my English Parliament back. Thanks Pal.
good news?: Parliament postpones HSYK debate, Sabah English - National via
The first articles have been posted on my site RoundTable Politics, my first article is on Scottish Independence and an English Parliament
Time fore ENGISH people to have own parliament. or are the liberal elite frightened of English nationalism.
Oliver Cromwell's famous speech to Parliament . Who will protect the rights of The English now ?
That is the problem. English people deserve a Parliament that's not in thrall to the powerful as well.
Why do you go that far brother? In Indian parliament, MPs speak in English, Hindi,Malyalam, Telugu,Tamil among many other languages
Let's lose the House of Lords and Commons & have an English Parliament that answers to a UK Parliament - elected 2 years apart
When Will Our Shackles Be Broken? By Femi Fani-Kayode On the 20th April 1653, Oliver Cromwell, who was the Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland and the greatest statesman and revolutionary that England ever knew, stormed the English “Rump Parliament’’ at Westminster and courageously pronounced the following words after which he sacked Parliament and boldly took power. He said: “It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst yo ...
"Said the Chairman of the Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission." =>
Is it time for an English parliament, we are the only part of the UK that doesn't have some level of self government. Why ?
How cool is that when the Hungarian Parliament House is on the cover of an English book?!
Yes and then finally we could have an English parliament run by English people (not Blair, Brown, Cam) for the benefit of England
Novel idea from Brian Cox to establish English Parliament to Wolverhampton…
the union is totally unbalanced anyway Without an English Government or Parliament to protect the English from Brit legislation.
AK Party’s proposed package promotes a more democratic Turkey: Turkish Parliament is expected to debate a seri...
Shock news: man in charge of campaign for English parliament is rude and objectionable.
Agreed i am for a English devolved parliament, after all we are the largest state of the UK.
An English parliament, now wouldn’t that be something… It’s most likely against our human rights..
Watching Weird to see accept an equivalence for Plaid Cymru with some nobody campaigning for English parliament
If the was ever a way to swing votes in the Indy ref. this guy campaigning for an English parliament on murnaghan is giving it.
if Wales & Scotland etc become independent won't what's left be an English parliament?
I'm all in favor of an English Parliament but they need to get a better spokesman, very poor
Supporter for an English Parliament tells the to "keep their noses out of English affairs." LOL
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
This English guy does he realise that the parliament in Westminster has represented their affairs for years. Mad .
Cymru reduced to the same status as the Campaign for an English Parliament fringe group!!!
Eddie Bone on Sky putting the case for an English parliament...always worth watching!
comes that the Scottish sit in the British Parliament but the British (English) not in the Scottish ?
There are jst 2 original copies of Constitution written in Hindi & English, preserved in helium-filled cases in Parliament
Edmund Burke in English Parliament, April 19, 1774. Sadly, the same is just as true of today's federal government. "Parliament is every day and everywhere losing (I feel it with sorrow, I utter it with reluctance) that reverential affection, which so endearing a name of authority ought ever to carry with it; that you are obeyed solely from respect to the bayonet.”
One of my only goals in life is to marry an English Man who has a title and lots of land. Particularly a member of Parliament or a PM.
January 25Today's: history1504 - The English Parliament passed statutes against retainers and liveries, to curb private warfare. 1533 - England's King Henry VIII secretly married his second wife Anne Boleyn. Boleyn later gave birth to Elizabeth I. 1579 - The Treaty of Utrecht was signed marking the beginning of the Dutch Republic. 1799 - Eliakim Spooner patented the seeding machine. 1858 - Mendelssohn’s "Wedding March" was presented for the first time, as the daughter of Queen Victoria married the Crown Prince of Prussia. 1870 - G.D. Dows patented the ornamental soda fountain. 1881 - Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and others signed an agreement to organize the Oriental Telephone Company. 1890 - The United Mine Workers of America was founded. 1915 - In New York, Alexander Graham Bell spoke to his assistant in San Francisco, inaugurating the first transcontinental telephone service. 1924 - The 1st Winter Olympic Games were inaugurated in Chamonix in the French Alps. 1927 - Jack Benny married Sadye M ...
February 20, 1855 Joseph Hume, a member of English Parliament who adopted Universalist views, died. He was the leader of the Radical Party for thirty years, taking special interest in financial oversight of both public and private enterprises. February 21, 1612 Bartholomew Legate, a cloth merchant of Essex, England, having been convicted of heresy for advocating Unitarian beliefs, was burned to death before a large crowd. He had not been granted a legal trial but had defended his Unitarian views in a series of private conversations with King James I, who condemned him to death.
STORY OF VOTING SYSTEM Its history dates back to the ancient world of Greece, whr Cleisthenes inttroduced one of the earliest forms of democracy in 508 B.C, whn voters used broken pots called "ostraka" to exile a politician. Later on Roman Empire passed a law to allow secret voting. Long before decisions were made by using coloured balls. However,the word "ballot" derived from Italian "ballota" which means 'ballot' traces its origin to the coloured balls used by the Romans. Most interestingly from13th to19th Century various electoral systems were tried by the European world & United States. The United States used paper ballot in 1629,while secret voting was introduced in France in1852 & Italy in 1859. By 1872 english parliament passed a bill on secret voting in all parliamentary elections. In connection to these historical facts, wish u all a very meaninful "NATIONAL VOTERS DAY"
Billy Bragg: An English parliament would still be dominated by the City's economic imperatives, so a regional solution is required
January 20th 1265 - 1st English Parliament called into session by Earl of Leicester Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester (1208? – 4 August 1265), also called Simon de Munford and sometimes referred to as Simon VI de Montfort to distinguish him from other Simons de Montfort, was a French nobleman who inherited the title and estates of the earldom of Leicester in England. He led the rebellion against King Henry III of England during the Second Barons' War of 1263–4, and subsequently became de facto ruler of England. During his rule, de Montfort called two famous parliaments. The first stripped the king of unlimited authority, the second included ordinary citizens from the towns. For this reason, Montfort is regarded today as one of the progenitors of modern parliamentary democracy. After a rule of just over a year, Montfort was killed by forces loyal to the king in the Battle of Evesham. De Montfort was a younger son of Simon de Montfort, a French nobleman and crusader, and Alix de Montmorency. His ...
English Parliament doesn't do resolutions. David Cameron does do apologies, though, however insincere.
Some events in history that happened on January 6th: 1066 - King Harold Godwinson of England was crowned, later the same year he was killed at the Battle of Hastings by William the Conqueror's army 1496 - The Moor fortress of Alhambra, near Grenada, surrendered to the Spanish 1639 - Virginia is 1st colony to order surplus crops (tobacco) destroyed 1649 - English Parliament votes to put King Charles I on trial for treason and other high crimes 1745 - Bonnie Prince Charles’ army withdraws from England to Glasgow 1832 - New England Anti-Slavery Society organizes (Boston) 1842 - 4,500 British & Indian troops leave Kabul, Afghanistan, they all are massacred before reaching India, in the Khyber Pass 1873 - US Congress begins investigating the Crédit Mobilier scandal 1893 - Great Northern Railway connects Seattle with the US east coast 1898 - 1st telephone message from a submerged submarine sent and received 1912 - New Mexico becomes the 47th US state 1914 - Stock brokerage firm of Merrill Lynch founded 1927 ...
“Our forefathers knew better than to celebrate this pagan festival called Christmas,” Rives stated. “It was outlawed in New England from 1649 to 1658, and it was condemned for its pagan roots by the Puritans, the Methodists, the Quakers, the Amish, Presbyterians and Baptists. It was later made an illegal holiday in 1856.” In the 1640’s, the English Parliament discussed enacting a ban on Christmas because they believed that it was directly contrary to Christianity. One of the main reasons that the parliament and the Puritans in the nation believed this was because the holiday was a mixture of “pagan revelry” and Catholic mandates. Being strongly against the ways of Catholicism, many Puritans forbade the attendance of mass in England, from which the name Christmas was derived. In 1647, parliament not only passed a law banning Christmas, but also Easter, Whitsun and all of the special “saints” days instituted by the Catholic church. When the Puritans came to America, they did the same. On M ...
Why is it England hates Scotish MP's in an English Parliament but will not support the English Democrats, you cannot have it always,
We should have an English Parliament. Councils should fly the Flag of St George. St George's day should be a public holi…
Good piece in Times. I don't want an English Parliament. Just don't want to be in union with a lot of people who dislike me
It happened today, in the year; 1028 – Future Byzantine empress Zoe takes the throne as empress consort to Romanus Argyrus. 1439 – Plymouth, England, becomes the first town incorporated by the English Parliament. 1555 – The English Parliament re-establishes Catholicism. 1602 – Sebastian Viscaino lands at and names San Diego, California. 1892 – William "Pudge" Heffelfinger becomes the first professional American football player on record, participating in his first paid game for the Allegheny Athletic Association. 1893 – The treaty of the Durand Line is signed between present day Pakistan and Afghanistan; the Durand Line has gained international recognition as an international border between the two nations. 1936 – In California, the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge opens to traffic. 1956 – Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia join the United Nations. 1958 – A team of rock climbers led by Warren Harding completes the first ascent of The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. 1968 – Equatorial ...
ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1228 - Wu MeKuan, a collection of 48 Zen koans, compiled in China 1414 - Council of Constance (16th ecumenical council) opens 1492 - Christopher Columbus learns of maize (corn) from Indians of Cuba 1499 - Publication of the Catholicon in Treguier (Brittany). This Breton-French-Latin dictionary was written in 1464 by Jehan Lagadeuc. It is the first Breton dictionary as well as the first French dictionary. 1530 - St Felix Flood ravages Dutch coast and destroys the city of Reimerswaal in the Netherlands 1556 - Akbar (14) succeeds his father Humajun as Sultan of Delhi 1556 - Battle at Panipat: Mogollegers beat hindu leader Hemu 1605 - Gunpowder Plot; attempt to blow up English Parliament. Plot uncovered and leader Guy Fawkes tortured and later executed 1630 - Spain & England sign peace treaty 1639 - 1st post office in the colonies is set up in Massachusetts 1678 - Brandenburgse troops occupy Greifswald in Sweden 1725 - Spain & Austria sign secret treaty 1743 - Coordinated scientific ob ...
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