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Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny is the marketing icon and mascot of Energizer batteries in North America. It is a pink toy rabbit wearing sunglasses and blue and white striped sandals that beats a bass drum bearing the Energizer logo.

Easter Bunny

Having a 2 year old is like having your own energizer bunny.
I'm like the Energizer bunny with these energy balls, yo
The pill in me keeps me goin like an energizer bunny
.Sparkle Bark is the a perfect fun gift for the energizer bunny at the office:
some chick called me an energizer bunny I could have in my negatives and I'd still be thrilled
Then learn to run the court like the Energizer Bunny!
This interview reminds me of the old Energizer Bunny ads - it's still going...
I got under 3 hours and I feel like the energizer bunny
All Howard Dean did was scream once and he was done. Cooked. Finished. Contrast that with Trump the Energizer Bunny.
Like the Energizer Bunny it just keeps going and going
Feeling like the energizer bunny right now
I act completely calm around my parents.but as soon as Im with my friends Im like the Energizer bunny on crack!
ima energizer bunny 😂😂 i be charged up all day . Fym . Idgt at school 🌚
TalentGuard: MrktgCuration Our CEO LindaGinac is the Energizer Bunny and the rest of us are Toys R Us Kids
Are you a Toys R Us Kid or an Energizer Bunny?
Hates it when you pour out your heart to someone you think you can trust and they run their mouth like the Energizer Bunny!
Bradley is the human version of the energizer bunny is2g
"The Energizer Bunny is kind of an inspiration" --my incredibly sleep-deprived brain
hey excellent debate performance with great questions. Can't believe u r at work this morning, energizer bunny 👏👏👏
I'm like the energizer bunny this morning😳
like the energizer bunny, I just keep cumming and cumming
it's almost 3 am and I'm literally d energizer bunny
Weimaraner dogs are the equivalent of the canine Energizer bunny.
I can work for hours straight from one SCM😅 Makes me feel like the energizer bunny lol.
Trump's like the energizer bunny! A different city ever night, speaking to 10s of 1000s!
Is this the end of the pink Energizer bunny? :(
Is the bunny an endangered species? Energizer puts battery account in review
I think I have an energizer bunny in my brain
Sad to see Energizer leaving Chiat/Day. The bunny campaign made me want to get into advertising and was one of the first I got to work on.
😂😂 lol nah that be .. I'm a energizer bunny baby😂
I'm like the energizer bunny only Mexican.
These Royals, just keep coming. They're like the energizer bunny. SMH
Jeb doesn't even have the charm of energizer bunny Ben Carson. When Ben is more tolerable than you, you have lost at life
The energizer bunny has been arrested for battery
I'm so young money got a drum on the gun energizer bunny funny how honey ain't sweet like sugar
Energizer bunny's got nothin' on you, Hag.
New post: "jokes " Energizer Bunny arrested. Charged with battery.
Just gotta admit 5 hours is more than enough sleep for my energizer bunny self when I don't go to gym that day.
I'm gonna be the Energizer Bunny for Halloween.
I can be knocked out cold & soon as she leaves I'm up like a freakin' energizer bunny 😩
My truck is like the little energizer bunny from ***
it gets Sakho in a match, puts Gomez in his proper position, and provides the energizer bunny Moreno with a chance.
is the Energizer Bunny of the They just keep going...
He is an energizer bunny. Soon they will call it Djozizer
NEWS FLASH: the energizer bunny has just been arrested and charged with battery!
you are like the energizer bunny and I. Love. It :)
Like 2014, Lee is basically the energizer bunny. Every time we need a play, 43 delivers.
When you want to sleep, one child will be running around everywhere like energizer bunny 😕😕😕
Kissinger: the Energizer Bunny of American politics--endlessly interjecting himself into issues and situations.
Wasn't the reply that he makes Jeb look like the energizer bunny? Or is their another I missed. So much back and forth.What a mess
The moron is like a dumb energizer bunny.
I took a nap & still feel like the dam Energizer Bunny😩
Audrey is still drunk and just randomly started talking about the energizer bunny that was up for adoption.
Why was the Energizer Bunny in court? via /r/Jokes
I'm hoping the silence from today means he's getting some much needed sleep. He's like the energizer bunny.
Donald Trump thinks he is the energizer bunny. The fact is that he portraits himself as a vulgar opportunistic bully.
The energizer bunny was arrested today. Charged with battery.
Once Ares gets started giving kisses, he's like the Energizer Bunny.
Flu season is coming, that's exactly what Crohn's is like but it never goes away. It's like the Energizer Bunny, keeps on giving.
Energizer bunny was arrested on the charge of battery
I follow the funny like the energizer bunny...*unintentionally mad raps*
Hm... Alrighty, 'ah got this! Did ya hear why the Energizer Bunny was arrested? ... He was charged with battery!
makes Jeb Bush look like the energizer bunny. Why this guy is our GOP spokesman is beyond me.
A half satchet of Organo Gold and I'm bouncing off walls. Energizer Bunny who?
Ok I was wondering if you ever slept or was like the "Energizer Bunny" 😎 lol
3:30AM. I feel like the Energizer Bunny on coke. Still going! Until just now, my brain hasn't slowed enough for me to even consider sleep.
I don't know how you can manage to keep going your like the energizer bunny
Leander Paes is the real Energizer bunny. Keeps going on and on and on..
"He was like the Energizer Bunny that refused to die!"
Like the freakin energizer bunny. Let's get 3,000 󾰀
she's small there but omg she danced like she is a Energizer bunny
.on "Frankly, he makes look like the Energizer Bunny"
I have no idea how old my cousins are but these *** got energy like the energizer bunny
BIBI is like the "Energizer Bunny", he keeps on Begging and Begging and Begging for US Tax Payer money
Whatever Energizer Bunny keeps him going better be charged for the next 14 months.
I had a venti latte today, perhaps my first in over a year. Now its bed time and I am ampt like the Energizer bunny.
Probably not. He has a girlfriend. Secret Service calls her the Energize…
The fact that I'm nowhere near sleepy, I feel like the energizer bunny 😂
Good days of throwing get me so pumped. Like wow do I feel like the energizer bunny right now.
“have more stamina than the Energizer® Bunny. They just keep going and going and going :)” 👀🐰💓😋
"Energizer bunny arrested: charged with battery!" Week 76!!!
I sure miss you and your Energizer Bunny personality. Your smile is infectious. Make us proud at TTU
I'm so sunburnt I look like the energizer bunny
Note to self: DO NOT get a temporary crown and drink a cup of Caribou to get energy to teach Body and Soul class like the energizer bunny
You were right... Forget about the bunny from Energizer. This is the face of the future! 😂😂😂
I knew the energizer bunny was up to no good
😁 It was extra challenging for to keep focused with the Energizer Bunny 🐰 in the…
LMFAO he's like the energizer bunny!!!
Now we know the Energizer Bunny's secret!
Do we think that Brittany confuses the Energizer bunny and the Easter Bunny and she just buys Santana a bunch of AA batterie…
I'm exactly like the Energizer Bunny!. -You never stop moving?. No. -You're cute and fuzzy?. No. -You--. I mean I like pla…
Pierre had more energy than ever today! I think he got visited by the Energizer Bunny rather than the Easter Bunny this weekend 🙈🐰
An Easter Bunny named Bunny. (just like the Energizer Bunny, Bunny's batteries NEVER run down)
I guess the Energizer bunny isnt going to be the only one who keeps going and going..
My boyfriend's a lot like the energizer bunny, if you know what I mean (a corneal abrasion requires him to wear sunglasses at…
I'm like the Energizer Bunny. I keep you going & going & going. Want to write a book? FREE consulting session:
You're like my own cute little Energizer bunny! He keeps going and going and going
De'Shuan's retarded ugly black *** only had like 3 hrs of sleep in 2 days and was still goin he's like the black energizer bunny
I AM an energizer bunny. Tonight will set a new definition of why.
I'd like too, I'd be like the energizer bunny on drugs of happiness
They should put my aunt in the energizer bunny commercials. I don't know where she gets this energy but I need it
Energizer Bunny arrested charged with battery. :-D
Joe got me in a mood to start mornings off OD. In usually energized more than anyone, now I'm gonna be the super annoying energizer bunny.
Just so she knows... I tip my hat to the socajunkie energizer bunny
"If you've ever met Dani, you'll know she is like the Energizer bunny"-Kath 😂
Slept for 3 hrs driving 2hrs and I feel like the *** energizer bunny. Music blarin and gears jammin
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naw naw naw energizer bunny is pop the cork and go again I'm Godzilla it's worth the wait
like the Energizer bunny, he just keeps lying & lying & lying with war as the only option. …
We are excited that young Harry Winnard has an edit dropping with us soon. Harry is a bit like an energizer bunny when it comes to indoor shredding and we cant wait to see his new part. Check out this slam filming a gap back lip last week.
This Energizer Bunny® TV commercial is from 1994. Star Wars video is the property of Lucasfilm, LTD, all rights reserved. Video remains the property of Energ...
You know you drink too much coffee when you can outlast the Energizer Bunny!!!
You know that we are all a lot like the "Energizer Bunny" when bad things happen we keep going and going and going but when good things happen we laugh, smile and seem to stop?
I keep telling myself that once the retirement papers have gone through and I'm past January 2d, I'll have all the time in the world to read things. (I also have to renew my library card this week sometime, partly by paying my $21 debt to society, and after I dig up a suitable utility bill or three to Prove I Am A Subject of the Village of Lisle for the new card to be issued.) Susan has been doing some audiobooks from the library recently that really got my attention. One was THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS by Rebecca Skloot, about the HeLa cells, and the other was a bio of Princess Diana by Tina Brown. And yes, I do have interests in British History and Hijinks on the one hand, and Public Health, Medicine, Epidemiology and so on on the other. I did say that I was the Curious Child, didn't I? The first one is about a famous biomedical case where a poor black woman's cervical cancer cells, first cultured about 60 years ago, have been found to be essentially immortal - you properly feed them and take . ...
PUNOGRAPHY!. I tried to catch the fog.I mist. Energizer Bunny arrested. Charged with...
Still catching up on sleep from wen my sis in law was here lol id do it all over again but id change one nite lol... and caitlyn hah with her this baby is energizer bunny she keep going and going :)
woman of steele! The real timex...or energizer bunny.Truly amazing! KUDOS
God bless her - our SCOTUS Energizer Bunny & longtime Scalia pal. May she live forever.
Google-the new internet energizer bunny? Residential Plans for internet access in Austin
Sammy loves to play, he's like the energizer bunny, playing by himself after he's worn Nikki out. I brought him...
And kathycopeland is still going like the energizer bunny "going and going and going"
Wanna blow your mind? . Google "Duracell Bunny". Now Google "Energizer Bunny". Duracell had it 1st, but they forgot to copyright in the US.
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so true! Although I hate exercise after I did some this weekend I felt like the energizer bunny! I felt really good!
I'm wide awake and got all this energy like a energizer bunny and I ain't even drink no coffee😂😂
I'm always quiet and shy the first time you meet me but get to know me and you'll see I'm an energizer bunny on crack
Time to wake the Energizer bunny and get this day started. MONDAY: PLAY NICE.
Anybody have a reputable source for this Energizer bunny trademark story?
Sunny: Why was the Energizer Bunny arrested?. Poppy: He was charged with battery.
I'm like an energizer bunny or something
Little Miss aka 'Energizer Bunny' had a busy day today with a trip to Scienceworks and the Zoo! We were heading...
Energizer Bunny arrested and charged with battery...
I am like the energizer bunny right now like I believe I can finish this paper, I got this,
Energizer Bunny arrested: Charged with battery... :p
Once I think of one thing, my mind instantly gets powered by the energizer bunny and starts pumpin' out more thoughts instanly lmao.
. Some somebody open the door & let the energizer bunny out, would ya?
The horny ones are on energizer bunny mode tonight. Walk the corners of Mystic falls, I'm sure you're bound to be picked up.
Springing out of bed at 4:30 am like the energizer bunny ⚡️
lmao! Craig is the epitome of an energizer bunny. I have so many videos of him cracking jokes w/Bruce Hopkins & Mark Ferguson
I haven't slept for 48 hours and I still feel like the energizer bunny on crack... All I want to do is sleep😞😫
Currently have more energy than the energizer bunny
I love how Sir gives us each a nickname. Like Nicoleivich and Alpaca and Energizer Bunny and Iceman and Terminator and the Damanhoori etc
Ari is the definition of the energizer bunny she just keeps going n going ughhh
I was ready to pass out 3 hours ago, but now that its an acceptable time to go to sleep I'm like the energizer bunny.
The Mia Dog is pooped but Energizer Bunny Alex is still going strong.
Your letting down , here she calls you the energizer bunny 😉
is not the Energizer bunny this morning.
He's like the Energizer bunny- he never stops. Then he crashes hard. He was outside barking like crazy before- at the rake!
I was the energizer bunny, but my mother didn't allow me to take the I was the 13 yr old boy in the
I might seem really shy and quiet but when u get to know me im like an energizer bunny on crack
Sometimes I wish you were my energizer bunny
I feel like Madden is the energizer bunny
...Wow! You are like the energizer bunny yourself!! Get some rest...!!
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Outside of the US, the bunny is a Duracell thing, not Energizer. The ™ was up in 1980 and Duracell forgot to extend it, so Energizer…
That Duracell outside of the US airs commercials featuring a Duracell Bunny while inside of the US only Energizer ...
12 Gary Farrell Russian River Selection Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley): Not unlike the Energizer Bunny this one never really tires $45 A-
What do Larry Johnson, Blake Griffin, and the Energizer Bunny have in common?. ... A Battery Charge.
Update: And Daisy Buchanan's continues to do its best Energizer Bunny imitation.
Did you hear?The Energizer bunny has been arrested for Battery.
Dawg...the gym helps you maximize ya rounds so great bruh.. *** be feeling like the energizer bunny
Random pun: Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery. 😂
I'm all jacked up on mtn dew! 49hrs and still going like the energizer bunny!!!
How much sleep have you gotten in the last 24 hours? It seems like you're everywhere like the energizer bunny. :)
This update rapes my battery life like the energizer bunny himself rapes that drum. Bang bang and it's gone
The mightiest nation in the world tried to exterminate us but we just keep going. We're like the energizer bunny - Charlie H…
"I am the Energizer Bunny of forensic science: I never sleep and I never give up." - Abby Sciuto,
Sounds like the Energizer Bunny balloon can't get up at the Forest Park Fox2News balloon is now the hare.
C is like the Energizer Bunny tonight…
After all that I'm still going like the energizer bunny
Christian is exhausted from puppy sitting Gunner. The energizer bunny has nothing on this guy.
hi Tanya 4 days 4 are like the energizer bunny
I am convinced that Mike's Mom Cindy purposely gave Cavin a lot of sugar so he'd come back to me all wired and full of energy, he's like an energizer bunny × 10.
Well Carter cant go to Algona two weekends in a row.asleep by least the energizer bunny will be good to go for school
I’m so Young Money got a drum on the gun Energizer bunny . Funny how honey ain’t sweet like sugar.
FOR ADOPTION: WENDY is a small, female mixed breed, only 10 lbs, but her energy level is high. While she loves attention and wants to be with people she will run laps around you and can easily jump into your lap when you're sitting, whether you are ready for her or not:) Her nickname is "Energizer Bunny". Due to her jumping ability and small size she is not a suitable dog for a family with young children. In a home where she can be around people most of the time, have an outlet for her energy and be taught appropriate behaviour she will be a great companion. She is a quick and eager learner with lots of enthusiasm. If interested in Wendy or another of our animals, please fill out an adoption form at
Doubling up my run energizer bunny mode. 🐰
Some people get up in the morning like the energizer bunny.. me I wait for nite fall 2 come out
Bailey is the energizer bunny and I'm just like
I said it before and I'll say it again, you ladies are too crazy lol. Y'all remind me of the Energizer bunny 😂
Energizer MAX has the Energizer Bunny channeling his fave late night TV host.
But I woke up on some energizer bunny type ish 👏😨💁😁
guh she like the energizer bunny. She don't never stay still 😂
My already energizer bunny kitty is feeling really empowered right now
I feel like the freakin energizer bunny, I'm never up this early
Ur like the Energizer Bunny... What the heck r u on & where can I get some..? :-P
Shawty like the energizer bunny she get it right up 🍆
stabbing my eyes with lollipops & drinking a pool of red bull while I swallow the energizer bunny for Christ
Personally, I think he tried to "use the force" to many times. He lost all his powers. = Not the energizer bunny.
This girl is a tapped out energizer bunny. Shut the *** up your annoying
I been on energizer bunny mode lately
I guess I only took a nap cause I fell dead asleep now im hyper like an energizer bunny ?
> By the late 90's, Energizer signed the bunny and the rest is history...🐰
Watch lil tic kick the energizer bunny
Just like the Energizer bunny, the story keeps going & going & going...
“The bunny?” That may be one of Bill's pet names for her:
Her mouth is like the energizer bunny. And she sounds like siri.
is like the the energizer bunny Idk how she does it but she just gets every rebound
You've got to be your own energizer bunny.
His new name is gonna be the energizer bunny.
do u EVER take a break? 4 real, u should, u r worse than the energizer bunny. I would take u camping a few days.ease that mind.
That hour nap has me feeling like the energizer bunny right now 😂🐰🔋
Jade and Zoe are sick but still play like the energizer bunny 😊☺️
I love how people still refer to the Energizer Bunny which hasn't been an ad campaign on television since, like, the first Gulf War.
Insiders say that Hillary has taken to shooting out TV's showing Energizer Bunny commercials with a SIG Sauer P229
I have an energizer bunny for a child
Energizer bunny ain't got nothing on me today.
Got out and got it done ... my longest run EVER ... probably in my whole life :). I hit my runners high - and everything went numb, breathing slowed, and I kept on going and going.. energizer bunny!!
Been the energizer bunny for the past 3 weeks. Having a quiet me day and loving it 😊
This little one is an energizer bunny who keeps on going.. We had fun playing today
TRUTH! 3rd liners making $5+mil. Like energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and...
Mr. Special at 10am and Mr. Special at 5pm. He's like the energizer bunny. :)
This little energizer bunny! Derryn ran around the reception NONSTOP lol I love this boy so much. He…
We keep growing and growing and growing! Energizer Bunny has NOTHING on us! So great to welcome these beautiful...
I'm like a energizer bunny trying to catch sleep before I leave 😴🐰🐰
You are behind my powers. The love from the fam keeps me going non stop, like the Energizer Bunny!!! .
"I'm like the semen equivalent of the energizer bunny"
Peyton you are amazing with you're fans! You are like the energizer bunny! (No pun - new pet!)😇
The Energizer Bunny is a one man band. What's on your playlist right now?
I stay with energy , like the energizer bunny
Feeling like the energizer bunny at this point
You're like an energizer bunny you just keep going and going and going
Sanchez is like the energizer bunny
I always said Pelosi/Reid/o were like the energizer bunny, running around in circles, going nowhere, accomplishing nothing
Why did the Energizer bunny get arrested?. DUI and negligent vehicular manslaughter
But now .. I'm like the energizer bunny !
Meet a remarkable - and we call her the 'Energizer Bunny"
I am just tired tryin to keep up with u. U seem like bunny! Lol xxx
I never went to sleep. Energizer Bunny🐰⛽️
That a boy!!! still my favorite little energizer bunny.
Frank was like the Energizer bunny. He just kept going and going. He never tired nor did he ever get soft
energizer bunny aint want nuttin. Dun mash up Rumatology on de road n now cranking at the party Stand wid Mudslide.
It is 6:00am and im an energizer bunny.
Like the energizer bunny I'm still goin!
[Bangs my drum on my chest like the Energizer Bunny]
These guys are like the Energizer Bunny!
what happened to the a/c? Everyone said you were a rock star & kept going like the energizer bunny & you still looked great.
Obama's on TV again talking like he has the first clue. Gotta love this relentless poser making the Energizer Bunny loo…
. Hm, that moment when you've been suspecting that you're slipping into another manic episode for a little while but haven't been real sure UNTIL NOW . when you realize you're scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees, washing windows, thoughts are racing through your mind at the speed of light, emptying the pantry and other kitchen cabinets to reorganize, bleaching the garbage cans, have the washing machine going, are eagerly awaiting the start of the next load while the dish washer is running and the clock reads 12:05am - having no intention of going to bed anytime soon, IF AT ALL when a normal bedtime for you is usually a body begging for sleep at 9:00pm . Yeah, what was suspicion has become official confirmation! My near lethargic state has now enthusiastically turned Energizer Bunny on crack!!! 😉 I'm keeping it healthy even if I have to throw my keys into the pond to keep me grounded! I wish I could feel like this all of the time! Mania is like the high of a drug only better - no one hates mani ...
Miss Reagan and I enjoyed lunch from Long John Silvers at the park today. She is like the Energizer Bunny, she keeps going and going and going.
Michael Bradley has been the USA's 'Energizer Bunny' at the World ...
What bounces like the Energizer Bunny, devoures cheese like a starving mouse, loves water more than any fish, hugs tighter than a boa constrictar and had a bigger smile than the Cheshire Cat while pestering me?
Marking nursing exams today. Usually in the middle of my tests a put a wacky picture and give them 2 bonus marks for coming up with a caption. Why? Because it relaxes them, makes them smile, and gives me a giggle when I'm enduring the tedious marking process. And occasionally you get a good one like this: "They said I could be whatever I wanted when I grow up. But the Easter Bunny laughed at me and the Energizer Bunny kicked my *** .. so I became Stevie Wonder." She even drew a keyboard and microphone in front of him. (This was the photo.)
Saturday morning with the Somervilles. My wife trying desperately to get our daughter ready. It’s NOT easy. Our daughter is like the “Energizer Bunny”. She just can’t seem to hold still. As for me, all I could think about this morning was this: I look completely different from her. Yet I am her dad. And she is my daughter. Not my adopted daughter. Just my daughter. And I couldn’t even begin to imagine my life without her or my other daughter. Hope you have a great weekend.
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Young Lyrics, artist on the rise, debut with his groovy soca hit, "Energizer Bunny" just in time for Antigua's Carnival 2014 season. Artist: Young Lyrics Wri...
Ernie gave me preworkout for the first time and I'm at the gym rn all energizer bunny. 🙊
OK so I don't normally like to do a product on my timeline usually do this in my 90 day challenge or on my fan page, but I have to share my experience with one of the products I am taking. I have lost about 4 pounds and have lost about 2 1/2 inches off of my waist, I have amazing energy all day long, I feel so alert, more focused, kind of like the energizer bunny and OK don't laugh smarter.. People are taking a serious look at SPX Nutrition because they have quality products that work at an affordable price. $40 each, making it so that the average person can afford them.
4H trail trial over! Belmont on - but recording it - don't want to watch all the ads - I am spoiled! Eastdies girls did great - I was an outrider on Belle - and she was her usual energizer bunny self. One horse got mentally stuck at the top of the down hill, and we had to pony him down, she did great. A Lot of the flags were down low, so I got on and off to pick them all up. In the end. 10 riders had a good time - judges worked over time - but it all got done. I still have two lessons to teach - and it is HOT out there. I want a nap. Really.
Starting to be convinced that I'm part energizer bunny.
This little 99 yr old lady is like the energizer bunny today lol she won't sit down but a minute n back up all over the house. Smh
Enter to win an battery prize pack that includes a plush Energizer bunny!
4am and still going like the energizer bunny - Happy Birthday Charles Uy
THIS JUST IN: Energizer bunny arrested. Charged with battery.
Ugh it's a beautiful day and I just want to sleep all day I know when I get like this I need to slow down. My days of being the energizer bunny are slowly fading lol!!! 😜 Hope everyone is enjoying their day;)
Just getting home from Delaware after spending the week with mom - now it's out to the Island to celebrate mi wife Laura Birthday 🎂😃- feel like the energizer bunny ...just keep on going.
Business meeting this morning. . truck washing and washing this afternoon. Now it's time to relax for a while until Scott gets here. Energizer bunny must rest.
No grass is growing by this energizer bunny ..
Well I've always had a competitive side. We move into our new house in less than 3 weeks. Our baby is due any day now! Lots of boxes and tape. Katie is such a trooper! The Energizer bunny has nothing on her. I have to remind her to chill out. We may be a little crazy, but; we are making it happen.
I think crimsix forgot his energizer bunny batteries!
Finally getting caught up on lmao energizer bunny??? 😂😂 holy cow you're on some sort of high.
I have a feeling crims about to put in the energizer bunny batteries and use his aimbot
Naw I'm like that Energizer Bunny I ain't going to sleep to I passed out LOL !
I really really really need to sleep. But this post nasal drip crap is keeping me from doing so. I would like to know how one persons nasal cavity can produce so much green slime...its never ending...its like flubber meets the energizer bunny...just keeps going and going and going.
64 years ago, I was filled with the Holy Ghost, and like the Energizer bunny, am still going, Praise The Lord!
A nap would've been so great today after the week of no sleep that I got, but my little energizer bunny barely closed his eyes for 20 min and we are back at it.
Happy 59th Birthday to my wonderful husband!!! The hardest working man I know who is like the Energizer Bunny and never slows down!! Enjoy your special day and relax and Celebrate!!! I love you with all my heart!!
This is me today. The energizer bunny finally ran down the batteries!
Im so sleepy... went to sleep at 3 got up at 530...went to the Health walk, choir rehearsal, now waiting on rehearsal for this play to start.. then run errands until softball practice.. im like the energizer bunny... I keep going and going and
My niece is like the energizer bunny they just keep going and going
Ugh woke up feelin crumby!! Ears an nose stuffed up..BUMMER!!! And what's worse; my daughter is 20 months old today and has her first cold 😷😞😩 She woke up with a cough an a lil fever but as always, still going like the energizer bunny. Hopefully it passes quickly. Why on such a nice weekend 😣
Just saw my baby lol my little energizer bunny, she always puts a smile on my face
my front yard looks like a toy/pool party explosion..maybe pancakes was a bad idea for breakfast.they are like the energizer bunny this love hearing them sing DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN!!!
Omg my roomates mouth is like the energizer bunny keeps going going and going
Just brought Dad back from hospital. We say he is the like the energizer bunny. New equipment is working great.
Joey spent the night ( that boy is like the energizer bunny).lol..
Want to give a big shout out to my mom. Even though she isn't supposed to be doing a lot. She is like the energizer bunny. Always on the go. She has the ministry, me, josiah, amie, and dad she takes care of on a daily basis. She has always done more than she has to and more than she should. She is an awesome person and will go out if here way to do for others at any cost. When I grow up I wanna be just like her. She has been through a lot and is still going strong. She is the person I look up to the most. She encourages me to keep going and never give up. Without her I would be nothing and I would never achieve my goals. I love you mom. You are truly the best.
Busy day today.Yoga this morning, Posh Party, The Belmont, go California Chrome and then we have little Miss Grace for the evening. Grammy and Grampy better take a nap sometime today cause she has the energy of the energizer bunny.
So...the energizer bunny has officially landed at my house. There is no hope of a picture because my camera on my phone is to slow. My animals are toast and it is only 7:30 am. He is very sweet and has adjusted well. Hoping to get him lots of exposure this weekend and start the forever home process for Jack.
My sister Becky Becky Hall Fisher was like the Energizer Bunny last night after getting home from the hospital. I hope she didn't overdo it. I couldn't get her to stay in one place for any length of time. Getting into bed and getting her comfortable was a bit tricky. This surgery has been a true miracle. Thanking God this morning for getting her through this with flying colors.
Energizer Bunny arrested: Charged with battery :p
Axle's like the energizer bunny...still rockin' 3 hours in!!!
Wonder if I will get any sleep tonight!!! Very busy day today, I went went went like the energizer bunny! Then when I finally went to bed, couldn't stop. I need my battery to wind down!!!
Time for some table magic. I'm like an energizer bunny
Back at Ballys for some more craps. This old geezer is like the energizer bunny. Lol
Time for this energizer bunny to go recharge. long Saturday ahead !
You know you are addicted to coffee if: -You grind your coffee beans in your mouth. -You sleep with your eyes open. -You chew on other people's fingernails. -The only time you're standing still is during an earthquake. -You've worn out your third pair of tennis shoes this week. -Your eyes stay open when you sneeze. -The nurse needs a scientific calculator to take your pulse. -You're so jittery that people use your hands to blend their margaritas. -You can type sixty words per minute with your feet. -You can jump-start your car without cables. -You don't sweat, you percolate. -You walk twenty miles on your treadmill before you realize it's not plugged in. -You forget to unwrap candy bars before eating them. -You've built a miniature city out of little plastic stirrers. -People get dizzy just watching you. -You have a picture of your coffee mug on your coffee mug. -You can outlast the Energizer bunny. -You short out motion detectors. -You don't even wait for the water to boil anymore. -You help your dog cha ...
I seriously think Kloe is secretly the energizer bunny!
*- getting all ready for the move tomorrow!!! Did a 4hr shift felt like the energizer bunny :D now so excited to move tm!!! Starting at 10!
My baby skipped her evening nap today, still wide awake, tryin to wrestle quin! She's gettin pretty silly, she's my energizer bunny!! This has been a long week, so gonna enjoy this weekend with of course my family! Mom n dad u helped me out a lot, thank you both for being there for me n amerie! We luv yous!! Tammy!
ok, spent the evening with draft horses, mules and a camel. I am just to tired to even stay up. I reposted for as many as I can. night. Im just beat. Had to even come home early tonight. Im thinking that it might be time to go see another dr. I hate to but I just am so exhausted anymore. Which is odd because I was always like the energizer bunny.
Hey! Did ya'll hear about the Energizer Bunny gettin arrested?? Yea man, it was for " Battery"!!!
O no I'm not a 2 min man... I go for hours ask Chrystal Nelson ya energizer bunny.
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