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Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny (born 24 April 1951) is an Irish Fine Gael politician, and has been the Taoiseach since 2011. He has led Fine Gael since 2002. He served as Minister for Tourism and Trade from 1994 to 1997. He is also a two-term Vice President of the European People's Party.

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Donald Trump to be pressed by Enda Kenny over illegal Irish in US
Enda Kenny meeting the Pope as if the Murphy, Ryan, and Cloyne reports never happened.
“I represent a small country of the that has been transformed by its benefits” Enda Kenny
Irish PM Enda Kenny to deal with 'leadership' question after Washington trip
Arsene Wenger and Enda Kenny are kindred spirits. Neither know when it's time to go.
It was the least he could do. Live: Enda Kenny has offered a "full apology" to Maurice McCabe .
. Straight talking from Irish leader Enda Kenny. Brexit risks the return to an armed conflict in Northern Ireland.
(1/2) UCDSDs call on Enda Kenny to refuse any invitation from the Trump White House to travel to meet the President thi…
A new poll has found that a slim majority of Irish people support Enda Kenny's decision not to cancel his visit ...
Strong statement by Enda Kenny must reject Trumpism and not visit White House on St. Patrick's Day. htt…
10,000 people have already signed the petition for Enda Kenny to refuse the offer to visit the White House
We asked you whether Enda Kenny should cancel his St Patrick's Day visit to the White House to see Donald Trump and here's…
Enda Kenny insists he will visit White House, to express concerns in person to Pres. Trump.
Lay off Enda Kenny. He's gping to the White House to play air guitar for the Donald on Paddys day.
I hope Enda Kenny doesn't go to The White House on St Patrick's Day.
Irish PM Enda Kenny plans to go ahead with the St Patrick’s Day visit to the White House
Enda Kenny says he intends to accept invitation to White House - disagrees with policies introduced by Trump administration
Quick calculation earlier that the petition, for Enda Kenny not to travel to the White House, was about 50% behind the UK one, per capita
Irish PM Enda Kenny will attend a St. Patrick’s Day visit to Trump in the White House
Enda Kenny says he intends to accept his invitation to the White House
AAA-PBP submit motion calling on Enda Kenny not to attend St Patrick’s Day White House visit due to racist Travel Ba…
Here's what Irish parties think about Enda Kenny visiting Donald Trump in the White House (via
Big shout out for Enda Kenny (Irish Prime Minister) by Sean Spicer at White House just now. He's welcome with his shamrock bowl on Mar 17.
British Prime Minister Theresa May has declined an invitation from Enda Kenny to address the Dáil while on an official visit t…
Maintaining a diplomatic silence on foreign affairs issues, Charlie Flanagan concentrates on shoring up Enda Kenny.
Enda Kenny finds an appropriate vessel to hold his essence post-soul jump, allowing him to continue his reign as Ta…
Morning top 5: Israel reacts to UN vote; Enda Kenny on terrorism; and ferry disruption:
- Can see Min of inJustice Spitzgerald, Enda Kenny, speaches ready, SALIVATING over 'impawtant' press conf. Sick
Irish nurse in desperate appeal to Enda Kenny and the public as he faces 14 years in prison in the Philippines…
Enda Kenny refuses to do sweet feck all.
Next up, Enda calls for a constitutional convention to decide if Ireland is ready for a terrorist attack
Enda Kenny has warned a Berlin-style terror attack could not be ruled out in Ireland.
Berlin-style terror attack in Ireland 'cannot be ruled out', Enda Kenny warns:
Abortion, Syria and autograph requests - a look through the Taoiseach's post
I've told to use NAMA for public housing Join me:
Taoiseach says 'you can't rule anything out' but gardaí vigilant against terror attacks
Taoiseach Enda Kenny: "We need to look after each other, as individuals and communities"
Enda Kenny! Shame on you!!! Double shame for using the EU to disguise your attempt to extract money from a nation that was already broke!!
Let the record show that Mr Enda Kenny does not represent me or any of my political or economic views!!
Enda Kenny refuses to rule out leading FG into next election
If it was Enda Kenny posting this I'd ask the same question.
Tories Enda Kenny & Theresa May will have plenty to talk about when they meet - like how many children they've made homeless…
Enda Kenny risks Fine Gael row over third term in power -
Imagine Enda Kenny turning up at your school nativity...I doubt he'd be allowed in the door.
Imagine Enda Kenny was caught shifting his catering manager at a primary school nativity. Not so cute then, is it?
Enda Kenny met a homeless family with two homes today on his way to the army surrounded ATM machine ... holy jaysus !
This is the person Denis O'Brien's radio station Newstalk FM has chosen to interview Enda Kenny. . Newstalk have...
enda Kenny very quite on this matter. People power who needs politicians hopeless
Enda Kenny: Homelessness situation is not just about providing beds via
Interesting analysis by on and the race to succeed Enda Kenny
Irish PM Enda Kenny to meet Pope Francis in Vatican: The Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny is due to meet Pope…
Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, says it will be "impossible" to agree the terms of Brexit within two years.
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny: 'Impossible' for UK to agree EU deal in two years via
ha stuck Enda Kenny in there with him, let our president run the country
Special relationship? Trump invited Ireland's Enda Kenny to White House before asking May. If she has diplomatic gold card, his is platinum
On behalf of all of Ireland we'd like to take back Enda Kenny's comment we don't want to congratulate Trump
I am appalled that Enda Kenny has congratulated President-Elect Trump
Wot is ireland doing with that plonker Enda Kenny in charge. He wants foreners and migrants in control . Gathering bods to storm Dail
My diary day 46: Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny said Northern Ireland and the peace process would be front...
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny vows 'No hard border’ in after
Enda Kenny has warned Ireland shouldn't 'outstay its welcome' in talks by 'camping in Downing Street'.
Hamilton Collection
Enda Kenny wants a pissing contest with the UK? He best bring an umbrella as ROI has more to lose than UK.
PLS SIGN! Stop export of Irish greyhounds to their deaths in China
excellent - hard to improve on that - & at All Ireland Forum today, Enda Kenny says Art50 maybe in a few weeks
Congratulations to Tadgh Kelly on receiving a Naughton Foundation scholarship from An Taoiseach Enda Kenny.
Irish PM: No return to hard border with north after Brexit
Ireland’s Enda Kenny warns of damage from antagonism via
Big news. Irish PM Enda Kenny indicates Britain may trigger in December via
People WILL travel freely between the UK and Ireland, Kenny signals. via
I'm not an xpert, but evn I can judge this won't end well for the UK.Look at Enda Kenny's chilling comments 2day, & he's a friend!
Theresa May could trigger article 50 within weeks- I will believe it when it happens not before
If you heard Fin on Kenny show you must e-mail Enda or Simon Harris to insist they wake up & call off the shambles that is James site
Brexit won't impact free travel between Britain and Ireland, says Enda Kenny
Enda Kenny warns that brexit negotiations may get 'vicious" - talks about how EU states will be tough in attitude to Britain…
Europe in danger of 'losing the plot' if it obsesses over punishing Britain for Brexit, says Irish PM Enda Kenny
Taoiseach Enda Kenny to host all-island discussion on Brexit in Dublin today
Ireland’s Enda Kenny warns of damage from Brexit antagonism - via
Damning words by Ivan Yeats about Enda Kenny on
Enda Kenny is little more than an insignificant EU stooge. He believes in anything that is fashionable but nothing that is tru…
Enda Kenny is an expert. I hope he's up for it.
Enda Kenny repeating same waffle for 1000th time. The ASTI are in the right. INTO and TUI should've fought for thei…
In by the future for Rajoy in office could look a lot like Enda Kenny
To Enda Kenny, the abortion row is a job for his successor - Irish Independent -- 01:31
My diary day 29: Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny spoke up about the crisis Brexit means for Ireland, and...
you doing article on being biggest prostitutes,I mean contributors. Kenny
it's like a co-production by Mary Mitchell O'Connor and Enda Kenny
Enda Kenny: I'll meet Donald Trump and tell him why his views are racist and dangerous Imagine the scene.
If I was I would send ENDA Kenny over to to support her and he would win just like the support he gave against
But, yes, we'd also like Enda Kenny's comment on this. x
also Enda Kenny was over campaigning when Jo Cox was murdered. Although note that May campaigned in NI
Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny: unprecedented All Island Civic Dialogue looking at Brexit will happen on 2 November.
Enda Kenny's speech to originally referred to people on 'both extremes' of the debate. He changed it…
Enda Kenny is a Shill for Peter Sutherland and the globalists. Theresa May should ignore him
Enda Kenny prepares for unprecedented cross-border talks amid fears over future of Ireland’s borders, exports, security and economy
Surely Enda Kenny will have a laugh and a joke about this in the Dail.
An Taoiseach Enda Kenny's statement on the death of Munster Head Coach Anthoney Foley:
We are all of us women of child-bearing age, or girls who will be. Me, Oliver Callan, Enda Kenny.
1000 Heartbeats and World Leaders doesn't know who Enda Kenny is 😂
was just watching & wrong answer to quiz, Enda Kenny NOT Enda Kelly is our head of government?
Taoiseach Enda Kenny is beginning his address at the inaugural meeting of the Citizens' Assembly. Watch live here: https…
DANIEL MCCONNELL: Enda Kenny to blame for Mary Mitchell O’Connor fury
WE should have had another Election as Enda Kenny goes missing everytime he is needed 4 leadership.
Full of womanly aggression this morning I feel like dropkicking a box of tampons into enda kenny's head
Irish PM Enda Kenny gives frank assessment of Brexit vote and claims David Cameron is to blame. '' I think at the end..
"Not credible" for Enda Kenny to step down as leader and remain as Taoiseach for yrs says Leo Varadkar on with on
It would help if Enda TwoPints Kenny held any views of his own at all.
Enda Kenny urges assembly attendees to reflect before reacting
FG councillor says Mary Mitchell O'Connor is "incapable of forming an original thought in her head" + Enda Kenny should re…
Enda Kenny of Fine Gael who use Gardai, State Depts and to harass...attacks social media. . https:/…
Taking inspiration from Enver Hoxha, Enda Kenny announces plan to build 2 million new bunkers acro…
Tomorrow's Enda Kenny *still* hasn't contacted Arlene Foster about the all-Ireland forum ...
Great story from - Michael Lowry contradicts Enda Kenny and says he ‘has direct line to Government’.
Enda Kenny has poured cold water in the Dail on Mary Mitchell O'Connor's proposed 30 per cent tax rate for returning emigran…
Enda Kenny criticises Arlene Foster over snub to Easter Rising centenary events
In this weekend's I'm imagining Enda Kenny as the heroic Frodo Baggins.
Richard Bruton ... A bloke that couldn't unseat a bloke like Enda Kenny !
The silence from Enda Kenny is deafening over the last week. I know August is the holiday season but has he spoke on the affair
Question has to be asked , where the *** is Enda Kenny, he's still our Taoiseach isn't he
Enda Kenny "If I knew about and failed to act I would last 2 Minutes as Party Leader".
Prime Minster (Taoiseach) Enda Kenny : Stop export of Irish greyhounds to China - Sign the Petition! v…
Donald Tusk to meet Irish PM Enda Kenny for Brexit talks via
Enda Kenny had a choice of appointing some one from outside Ireland to lead the Garda.Norrin O S…
Brexit: Theresa May and Enda Kenny &to keep close links&between UK and Ireland - Theresa...
Enda Kenny and have urged to trigger so can leave the So...
'Get Ready for a United Ireland' ! Enda Kenny playing the Brexit card - - Exciting times for NI and RoI
Now Northern Ireland jumps on Brexit-bashing bandwagon and calls for re-united Ireland
"If there's evidence of majority of people wishing to leave UK & join Republic, it should be catered for" Enda Kenny https:…
Gerry Adams,Micheál Martin & Enda Kenny have all now made statements in support of Irish Unity Referendum. Where's Colum Ea…
political grandstanding from enda kenny doesnt change the fact that the ROI CANNOT afford NI anytime soon
what a load of *** neither Ireland or Northern Ireland want this enda Kenny is a ***
News | IE : Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said in a speech Monday that a border vote could be triggered if there…
Every woman in Ireland: Give us abortion. The lads: don't. Enda Kenny: the lads are right. The lads: biggest legend ever
Enda Kenny has the highest score recorded!
Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said the Government and the EU must prepare seriously for the prospect of a border p…
more calls for a border poll in Ireland, as part of the brexit talks...from the Taoiseach Enda Kenny
Hugely significant statement from Taoiseach of irish Republic, Enda Kenny. looks like game on for unification poll. http…
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He sold out his own people to the banks, no prob selling out Ulster: Get ready for united Ireland poll
Just commented on Ian Paisley Jr thinks Enda Kenny's border poll idea is "far out, man" -
Enda Kenny also plagiarised an Obama speech. not mentioning that.
Doesn't Kenny just fill you with confidence.
Politics: a number of Fine Gael TDs have been caught sitting in Enda Kenny's office chair, pretending to be Taoiseach
The only time I want to be Enda Kenny is when he's trending...
Unionists insulting Enda Kenny over his border poll comments should calm down. That's no way to talk about your future Taoisea…
Enda Kenny blames local authorities over housing crisis via
Enda Kenny says there may be a border poll after - didn't FG rubbish SF when they said this a few wks ago?! http…
Half time enterainment at MacHale Park will be Enda Kenny and some Air Pole Dancing due to him misplacing his Air Guitar.
Noel Whelan: Silly errors bring Enda Kenny's leadership back into focus || || The transfer of power in Britain thi…
Enda Kenny now thinks it's a good idea to think about Ireland first in view of Brexit."Wakey Wakey Dozy,please keep up with the rest of us".
Angela Merkel was very pleased to see her whipping boy and foot stool Enda Kenny, the yes boy enjoyed his head patting and *** kicking.Woof
Jim Daly has told Enda Kenny he must stand up to Shane Ross, amid criticism of free vote on *** Wallace bill.
Enda Kenny says today that in last night's meeting of 28 EU leaders (where Cameron was still present!) he spoke on behalf of…
Enda Kenny hasn't the teeth to fight for us in Europe. He comes home blowing hot wind. Draft in a fighter, send Micheál Martin
Enda Kenny says if UK leaves EU this would involve changes to trading rules between Britain & Ireland & north & south
Enda Kenny rockin' out at Bruce Springsteen, Croke Park, Dublin via So Father Ted-like I love watching this
Will Grigg's on fire is catching on and has engulfed Irish minister Enda Kenny!
Room director Lenny Abrahamson accuses Enda Kenny of paying lip service to our arts industry ht…
Room director Lenny Abrahamson rages at Enda Kenny over cuts
Enda Kenny, complete with thumbs up & air guitar, rocking out at the gig
Please sign ➙ Stop export of Irish to China Thank you
enda Kenny wouldn't know what that is let alone how to do that
Ireland too needs to leave the Pharma controlled EU...out of the clutches of Pharma Pimp Enda Kenny - Vote Leave Now
Trust me you not see Enda Kenny standing on Main St. Ballinasloe and utter the word recovery the town has been decimated
Does not surprise me in the least Its a wonder Enda Kenny didn't call a national holiday
Enda Kenny should be made pay back the €260K he has cost taxpayers so far.
PLS S+RT Prime Minster Enda Kenny: Stop export of Irish to China via
If Ireland was in Japan's position Enda Kenny would have apologised to Obama for forcing the US to nuke it
Kenny’s delay over posts so far has cost the taxpayer over €265k
Enda Kenny wanted to get rid of the Seanad. Now he's happy to use it as a runner-up prize for FG election losers.
Enda Kenny is re-elected as the Prime Minister of on May 6, 2016 -
Can ye get Enda Kenny to do a 'Funt Raiser' lads . €10 to give him a funt up the hole . ye'd make millions
Enda Kenny Doesn't Care about Wasting Our money. He has Lived of the State since the day he was born.
Taoiseach Enda Kenny thanks John Concannon, the Irish Defence Forces and the agencies who helped remember
Enda Kenny is to appoint his 11 Senators later today
Enda Kenny is aware of what the Garda and the status quo covered up in Galway city (peodofiles,rapists)Irish Army/UN.shame Ireland
I love the enda Kenny Thatcher link,it's some thing he grew up hoping for,Bruton hadn't the curls for job
Please sign & share this petition to Stop Export of Irish greyhounds to China. Thank you
Watch: Enda Kenny talking golf on Sky Sports did NOT go well...
I swiped right for a lad on tinder that had Enda Kenny in one of his pics so I could roast him about the fact Enda Kenny is in 1 of his pics
Enda Kenny giving it the big one about how the government is going tackle gang violence he is absolutely clueless
Ivan Yates asks IT political editor Stephen Collins if Enda Kenny is going to nominate him as Senator!
John Deasy overlooked again by Enda Kenny as has john paul phelan and brendan griffin
Enda Kenny expresses 100% confidence in Garda Commissioner, every English Premiership Manager knows what that means. Au Revoir and Good Bye
From Sean Guerin to ex-Judge O'Higgins lies the shaping of political powers surrounding Enda Kenny @ FG
Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald says there will be full-response to Alan Shatter's letter to Enda Kenny
it's sure is lets see which of the so called Independents in Government raise this issue with Enda Kenny and Frances Fitzgerald
Joan Burton was 'steadfast in doing what was right for the country' - Enda Kenny
Despite a pledge by Enda Kenny, no increase in the number of female ministers:
Simon Harris is to Enda Kenny as Bertie Ahern was to Charlie Haughey
Jesus Ken if only the cowardly & others had got off the fence & backed Martin, Enda Kenny would be gone
Thinks so. Canny, one of the independents has raised this as his price for support for Enda Kenny.
Taoiseach. Bertie Ahern's title as *the most despised politician in the history of the State* is facing a serious challenge from Enda Kenny.
Enda Kenny's re-election as Taoiseach is a bitter pill to hope this arrangement is in the common good.
the Irish people suggest he take enda Kenny,he would be great working with Trump.
Why Fianna Fail is the real winner of Ireland's historic confidence & supply deal with FG … ht…
If Enda Kenny threw a turd MLOD would catch that with her teeth no problem at all
Enda Kenny has been savaged by the Indo group, the Irish Examiner and Vincent Browne at every opportunity
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I really wish they'd stop letting that Enda Kenny apologist on to do the papers
I assume In any deal between FG & FF, FF have demanded that Mary Louise o Donnell isn't reappointed to the Seanad by Enda Kenny
Mary Louise O Donnell - Nominated to last Seanad by Enda Kenny
Marie-Louise O'Donnell is ensuring her Re-Selection to the Seanad by Darling ENDA KENNY in the Taoiseach's 11. "Let the People Pay"!
Not a word about the inquiry. Typical DOB Enda Kenny mouthpiece in MLOD.
Poland bans while enda Kenny desperate to be in power wants to fasttrack
SOS. Ireland is sending dogs 2 China for meat SHARE/SIGN
Marine-Louise O'Donnell is tipped to be reappointed to the Senate by Enda Kenny, and to be candidate Leader of the House.
I used to think, at least America isn’t led by Enda Kenny.
How long can Kenny’s government last?:   By Kevin McLoughlin After the election Enda Ken...
FF alternative to a FG&LAB government was to remove Enda Kenny you've failed to do that
please help ‼️ Ireland sends dogs to China as meat ‼️
There are hardened supporters choking on their hobnobs seeing this deal crowning Enda Kenny.
Abstaining from the vote for Enda Kenny is as good as voting for him & you know this
There you have it folks. Its Sinn Féin's fault that Enda Kenny will once again be Taoiseach according to Sean Fleming. Such nonsense.
A vote for is a vote for Enda Kenny. Were you mentioning this on the doorsteps
This temporary little arrangement is not what the electorate voted for , 78% of people voted against Enda Kenny and FG .
Any handwriting voodoo types here want to throw some psycho-babble ideas at Enda Kenny's flourish at the end of sig?
.just accused somebody of hypocrisy...The night before Fianna Fail crown Enda Kenny!
See photo of today's rally for Irish greyhounds in London! via
see the letter from Enda Kenny Fintan?
Shipped to Raced to Death. Sold as Eaten! Pls Sign & RT
Fine Gael talks with Independents end without agreement dashing Kenny's hopes of being re-elected Taoiseach tomorrow htt…
Localism. Healy-Rae brothers divided as Enda Kenny works to gather Independents -
Noel Rock, who nominated Enda Kenny for Taoiseach three times in the last month gets called a Fianna Fáil TD in the Graun this evening.
TDs like Bríd Smith effectively put Enda Kenny in driving seat by not supporting Micheal Martin,
Loud applause for reiteration that won't help elect Enda Kenny or Micheál Martin as Taoiseach.
Ireland could have a government in place by next week, a senior minister from acting prime minister Enda Kenny's party said on Friday after…
'A good chance Enda Kenny will get over 70 votes after FG/FF talks - will be Education Minister' - Ivan Yates tells
Leo Varadkar 2010: "..consistent for 2 years is that Enda Kenny has not had the confidence of the public"
Leo Varadkar 2010: "And I still hope at this late stage that Enda Kenny will tender his resignation.."
Leo Varadkar 2010: "And I think that Enda Kenny would've been a very good taoiseach but.."
Katherine Zappone votes for Enda Kenny.. with lowry and 50 fg votes, Kenny is 9 ahead of Micheal Martin
FF's Lisa Chambers nominates Micheal Martin. Again: If TDs "sit on your hands" they're effectively putting Enda Kenny back into office
The need to work in the national interest & vote either Enda Kenny or Micheal Martin for Ta…
Its first minster Foster and dep first minister Mcguinness who run show here not Enda Kenny who is PM of Irish Rep
Micheal Martin tells FF meeting he's in favour of a minority govt preferably a FF one & will ask Enda Kenny not to rule i…
Enda Kenny says talks with FF still next Wednesday despite calls from independents for weekend meet
Enda Kenny and Micheál Martin to finally meet after Wednesday’s vote
Enda Kenny and Micheál Martin agree to meet after next week’s vote for Taoiseach
Enda Kenny and Michel Martin to finally meet after...
Many members of the public who I meet who aren't following politics minute by minute are abs astonished that Enda Kenny is still in the game
Enda Kenny has told Independents he offered to meet Micheal Martin after tomorow and has provided civil service support to FF
Watch out for Paul Ryan too=snake in the grass. I learned this from remarks Enda Kenny made about him, and observe the works.
People I DONT want to read about today: Kim Kardasian, Kanye West, Enda Kenny, Donald Trump, Cheryl & any lame *** eejit she's shagging
BBC News - Enda Kenny resigns as Irish Prime Minister and becomes acting leader
Joan Burton and Labour still wedded to Fine Gael as they support Enda Kenny for Taoiseach
I don't think a committee on Dáil reform set up by Enda Kenny and his buddies would serve its purpose based on banking inquiry and IW
Political rivals to discuss coalition: Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Enda Kenny says he will talk "all parties"…
Enda Kenny blinks first. Michael Martin will pat him on the head.
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has admitted his coalition government has failed to secure a return to office as the country's election
Enda Kenny fights for political survival after Irish election blow:
Integrity Ireland candidate Stephen Manning removed from count centre after approaching Enda Kenny
Senior members of are clamouring to defend Enda Kenny and sing his praises. So he's screwed and will probably be gone in a week.
Mike Brown is an amalgamation of Enda Kenny, Joan Burton and Michael Martin. I for one hope he steps on lego!!!
I can't figure out who the Irish people dislike more tonight: Mike Brown, Romain Poite or Enda Kenny?
Richard Burton looks shocked at this election result for FG but still has faith in Enda Kenny: well that's the kiss of death
If Fianna Fáil pass Fine Gael then Enda Kenny would have to resign as FG leader stat but remain as Taoiseach until new govt f…
"St Patrick didnt get rid of all the snakes". *photo of Enda Kenny, Joan Burton and Sean Flynn*
Enda Kenny and FG not learning from mistakes of past
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Enda Kenny scores own goal by introducing Seanotr which G Adams asks who is Sen Cahill !!! Kenny then tries to attack M Martin
I hope Micheal Martin reminds Enda Kenny of the foul handcuffing of Clare Daly and the mis-use of Garda info re *** Wallace
Brian Dobson needs to work on his diction. I keep thinking he's talking about Enda Kenny "abolishing the UFC".
Enda Kenny is having his interview with Brian Dobson in our office today. I'm just pointing it out; not whinging.
Enda Kenny thinks he's in Britain. ''a battle of Britain'' he says. No its a battle Of Ireland.
The next few nights look set to be sleepless ones for Enda Kenny, writes RTÉ's Brian Dowling
A heartwrenching open letter from a single Mum, who is only 15 minutes away from Enda Kenny's door in Castlebar!...
Brian Hayes says "Enda Kenny dominated the He also stated that the three pigs due to land at Dublin airport…
Mad I only found out there that Louis Walsh is Enda Kenny's da
When Tony Soprano allowed Uncle Junior think he was in charge smacks of Phil Hogan and Enda Kenny to me!!
Enda Kenny barking the word "facts" at Micheal Martin reminds me of Charlie Sheen barking the word "trolls" during his phase
Jerry Buttimer presents Frances Fitzgerald with a Valentine's Kit Kat as they wait for Enda Kenny in Cork
Enda Kenny rightly warns against going back to the wrecking ball days of Fianna Fáil
We have task of ejecting Enda Kenny from Office of Taoiseach Just like getting rid of any refuse it costs money see
February 10, 2016 at 04:29PM Most certainly, Enda Kenny is still the Taoiseach.
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Kenny has 'full confidence' in Garda Commissioner: Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said he has full confidence in Gar...
FF TD Niall Collins-party will not prop up Enda Kenny as Taoiseach. Coalition ok if FF is biggest party
'I can see the Taoiseach in the hedge' - Enda Kenny, Gerry Adams meet on campaign trail:
February 10, 2016 at 08:00AM Yup, Enda Kenny still is the Taoiseach of Ireland
LIVE on Enda Kenny and Dave O'Neill live from the National Folk Festival 2016 Launch
Larry Murphy was spotted out canvassing with Enda Kenny today :D . ~ RevRepBrady ~
An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, will be on our show on Wednesday morning. Your questions welcome now
Enda Kenny says Michael Lowry is a man of the highest integrity
"I will not have any dealings with Michael Lowry, or any OTHER Independent": Enda Kenny throws strategy…
It is, of course, possible that Michael Lowry TD was a man of the highest integrity at the time Enda Kenny spoke. . Anything's possible.
FactCheck: Enda Kenny really did call Michael Lowry ‘a man of the highest integrity’? (via
Enda Kenny, Dáil, Dec 1996: . Michael Lowry is 'a man of the highest integrity and honour' .
"Enda Kenny. will meet King Abdullah the 2nd of Jordan this morning." Telling more lies about fake recovery?
Senator Thomas Byrne, Fianna Fail : No point in voting for FF if we will put Enda Kenny back as Taoiseach
Labour have their posters up already! Enda Kenny & Joan Burton, like Bashstreet Kids!
As begins, Enda Kenny and Joan Burton leave behind a Seanad as unreformed and flawed as it was in 2011
BBC News - Irish general election: Enda Kenny expected to announce polling day on Wednesday -
Nice touch from Enda Kenny, commemorating the Easter Rising by suspending home rule for a while
Today on Mad West Radio: Death Notices, Community Diary, Exclusive interview with Enda Kenny, more Death Notices, Angelus
Enda Kenny has told he will ask President Higgins to dissolve the Dail tomorrow
Absolutely pat, Enda Kenny has connived to get 7 people into that debate,so he survives it not facing any scrutiny
featured Patrick o Donovan, Dara Murphy,Paschal Donoghoe, 7 min interview with John Deasy, an doorstep with Enda Kenny, all FG
Enda Kenny refuses to rule out going into a future government with Michael Lowry despite being asked EIGHT times
Enda Kenny: 'The economy would never have recovered had I not made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs'
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