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Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Anwar Hashmi ((born 24 March 1979) is an Indian actor who appears in Bollywood films.

Ajay Devgn Prachi Desai Salman Khan Kargil War Vidyut Jammwal Mahesh Bhatt Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Via News Break Hamari Adhuri Kahani Vidya Balan Sushant Singh Rajput Milan Luthria

I like this photo the sir emraan hashmi
Every frame in this is like the poster for a new Emraan Hashmi movie.
Emraan hashmi dailogue new whatsapp status by love sad stutas.
Exclusive pics : Emraan Hashmi Spotted with his son at popular sports club in Bandra post…
Pee Loon. -Emraan Hashmi always got good songs. -song of 2010. -catchy asf
It's a serious warning, never love anyone this much, u will screw your whole life. Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon F…
Emraan Hashmi and his cute son snapped post workout at a Bandra club today morning
And it begins: begins shooting for . |
Emraan hashmi begins shooting for his next film titled captain
I hv written few lines for u 😘😘Hope you will notice it 😊. Always much love and prayers for you 😊. Happy Birthday Em…
Isn't that the plot of every Murder movie series. The one with Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi misses one night stands, Ranveer Singh carries a condom in his wallet, Sushant Singh Rajput prefers 6…
Emraan Hashmi and Ranbir Kapoor looking great in this
Check this video out -- Ishq Sufiyana Mera The Dirty Picture 2011 Full HD song Ft Emraan Hashmi ... … via
This actor was a part of an starrer film. .
whatever you say, that becomes Inspiring! Thank You Emraan ❤
: Emraan Hashmi was snapped outside Mumbai!! 😍 Killer in Black 😘.
Looking Awesome in poster Captain will be a blast..all the best wishes for your producti…
With every passing day I find myself falling more and more in love with you! 😍 live to love emraan ha…
Emraan Hashmi to kick start shooting of second schedule of Captain Nawab in Punjab
Cause it's legend emraan hashmi he has the most beautiful and meaningful songs
No one is gonna top emraan hashmi songs in the whole bollywood industry not even emraan himself
Check out my latest video:7 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Emraan Hashmi || Trends Today.
It is amazing how my heart, such a tiny bit of me,can love a whole lot of you.I love you. 😍 live to l…
Best romantic Emraan hashmi dialogue for whatsapp status
Best romantic Emraan hashmi dialogue for whatsapp status: via
I added a video to a playlist Best romantic Emraan hashmi dialogue for whatsapp status by Dusty Amit
Judge me all you want . But Emraan Hashmi is love❤️
Thats why a so called “Young actor” decided to share screen with Bobby Deol instead of Emraan Hashmi in Race 3😜
Your songs are coming on Cable channels Emraan ❤ . I'm so much happy to see you Emraan 😢😢. I love you 💘 keep sm…
Anushka Sharma: I'm signing a movie with Emraan Hashmi. Virat Kohli:
gets support on from says he got films because of it! Here is WHAT he has... ht…
Wen no one is there... is always there! ♡. "Yeh joh samay hai na, yeh sabki leta hai ... samay...
I like Emraan Hashmi very much because he is big superstar of Bollywood and his acting performance is best from other actor
New post (Shanghai Full Movie 2012 Staring Abhay Deol, Emraan Hashmi, Kalki Koechlin ...) has been published on -…
Emraan Hashmi's this insta video will make you nostalgic.
Click to find out why we think is Bollywood's Mr. Cool! .
., Foundation raise Rs. 1 crore to fight cancer with - |
Here are the reasons why is the real 'of Bollywood!. via
New post (Baadshaho Movie Trailer 2017 Ajay Devgan | Emraan Hashmi | Vidyut Jamwal.) has been published on -…
EMRAAN IN RACE 3 ?. Hope this news is true. I am sure Salman and Emraan will break all records
EMRAAN IN RACE 3 is trending in India,we guess everyone is excited to see & together https:/…
That's amazing Emraan & Salman together, that would be really amazing! EMRAAN IN RACE 3😊
Emraan hashmi is much better in ronantic movie
your day starts with Emraan Hashmi & ends with Emraan Hashmi .
Strong Buzz : . Emraan hashmi will be the second lead in
Emraan Hashmi is most likely to star in alongside
Emraan in Race 3. Plz say at least Yes or No 😓❤
I can't wait to catch Emraan and Salman in Race 3. EMRAAN IN RACE 3
EMRAAN IN RACE 3 It will be most successful sequel of Race Emraan Hashmi and Salman Bhaijaan together going to be a killer. combo
EMRAAN IN RACE 3 OMG Sallu bhai and Emraan Hashmi wow, perfect for a film like Race 3
EMRAAN IN RACE 3 really wish to see Emraan Hashmi and Salman Khan together in a movie
Scan-Emraan In Race 3?According to reports is most likely to star in Race3 | https:/…
Emraan hashmi in ?? One of the rumour i want to become true. He is better choice than Siddharth n Sooraj 👍
Fresh off the success of Baadshaho, might be seen in Race 3 next.
Vidya Balan on No Filter Neha: Just before a kissing scene, Emraan Hashmi would ... | 🚀 by…
Emraan Hashmi n Salman Khan in Race 3.. Doesn't gets better than this. EMRAAN IN RACE 3
Raaz3 intermission. All I can say is Emraan Hashmi's new favorite song has to be 'thodi si moo mein de jagaa tu' :)
Can't wait for the official announcement. EMRAAN IN RACE 3
EMRAAN IN RACE 3 . Emraan Hashmi and Salman Khan together will be a treat to watch .
I liked a video Salman: Emraan Hashmi is a talented actor
fav actor not as such. Pr . Emraan Hashmi is grt actor in my eyes
Emraan Hashmi proves, he is one of the India's finest actor
Hats off for .. Jogi Parmar was characterised so well! Emraan Hashmi my Fav actor !!
People often don't acknowledge or rather don't consider Emraan Hashmi as a good actor.. Watch and you'll know..
Emraan Hashmi in - wonderful performance & confirms my contention that he's really a 'character actor' much more…
Fail 2 undrstnd y Emraan Hashmi's prfrmnce in got ignored at award functions..he deserved best actor nominat…
I have come to respect Emraan Hashmi as an actor. He is absolutely brilliant in
Baadshaho actor Emraan Hashmi: Nobody should take actors as role models, there i... | 🚀 by…
Check out the theatrical trailer of Milan Luthria's starring Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Ileana D'Cruz
Baadshaho trailer: Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi and Vidyut Jammwal's film is reminiscent of a '90s potboiler
You're everything to me . and that cannot be changed 😍 love you ❤️ live to love Emraan hashmi 😗🙂💞
First Of all Happy Birthday Dear. My question is What You think About emraan hashmi .
Emraan hashmi is made for kisses & bed scenes.. he's so handsome. don't know why this bollywood bully's caste him in "Saaf-suthari" films
Yeah, that is mandatory. It's a verbal receipt for getting 72 hoors in Jannat (not to be confused with Emraan Hashmi's film)
is out and it is racy, rusty, risky and Rajasthani to the core.
Little Giant Ladders
He'll keep seeing Main Rahoon's video and stay happy knowing even Emraan Hashmi went through the same trauma 😝
' REVEALED: Emraan Hashmi was inspired from a local Rajasthan guide for his role in Baadshaho '…
Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Vidyut Jammwal, Ileana D'Cruz and Esha Gupta attend the trailer launch of Baadshaho I
Ajay Devgn-Emraan Hashmi pack a punch in this multi-starrer action flick!
Roshina mummy and baby viaan with Emraan hashmi
Blv me! It will happen only when secure actor like is there in the movie! Emraan Hashmi fans should act…
Funclickearn - Emraan Hashmi: This is the best time in my career. Emraan Hashmi. Actor Em...
In the history of Indian cinema, no actor other than Emraan Hashmi has had the privilege of so many beautiful songs picturi…
Emraan Hashmi on nepotism in Bollywood: If my uncle, Mahesh Bhatt hadn't been there, I wouldn't have been an actor - Bollywood L…
Today 1 year completion of Hamari Adhuri Kahani best actor Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan congratulations to HAK team a…
ManglMurti Films, owned by Sangeeta Ahir, will be distributing starrer ! .
Beware, Emraan Hashmi might take an exception to this !
Sangeeta Ahir to distribute starrer . is releasing On 1st September!.
Me too! I love the traditional instruments that go with the songs!. Emraan Hashmi - Tu Hi Haqeeqat
I added a video to a playlist Zara Sa - Jannat | Emraan Hashmi | KK
My heart has always belonged to you 😍 I love you 😗 live to love Emraan Hashmi 🙂💞😗❣
When your eyes speak what your heart wants to express 😍😍 you are amazing Emraan!! You can speak with your eye…
our love, prayers & good wishes are always with you Emraan ❤❤❤❤ best of luck for your next project 🙌
I added a video to a playlist Soniye - Aksar - Emraan Hashmi Songs HD
This Aadar giving me full Emraan Hashmi vibes.
Watching Jannat. Last 10 years passed too quickly. One of my fav movie with best music.💕. Emraan Hashmi is one of the mo…
has a list called Hit Machine : Emraan Hashmi (Bawaal or add kardo) ! Gazab , lip sync and emraa…
Everytime you were watchin an Emraan Hashmi movie n a kissing scene come up
Don't say bad about baadshaho plzz we want emraan hashmi will come back with dis film plzz don't say bad
These Islamist never utter a word against Emraan Hashmi(a Muslim) who introduced vulgarity in India.
The makers of Baadshaho have trimmed an intimate scene between Ileana and Ajay.
These kaam waalis are watching Emraan Hashmi songs I-can't-even. 😂
And what did yu mean by Lead Opppsite Emraan hashmi. oh it means Yu . Alaas Okay. He n yu will make superb jodi👌 :)
Love you Brother !! . East or West...Emraan Hashmi is the besT
A candid click of Emraan Hashmi with his adorable son.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I can't tell about Emraan Hashmi but of course Shah Sir is brilliant and yes Ranbir is too good as f…
Once again Emraan Hashmi proved that his songs are UNBEATABLE! in love with Tere *** Ke Raheinge! Hayeee such a romantic…
" Rush " is a fantastic Indian movie. Nice acting by Emraan Hashmi and Neha Dhupia . Great movie
Sir plz direct 1 film with like as BKD want to see with emr…
Emraan hashmi big fan club for box office success full movie baadshaho
emraan hashmi: I encourage you to sign this petition. END for India’s neglected children:…
also emraan hashmi is there.. so songs should be good..Will see..
VIDEO of the which i made for u 💞your birthday gift made with all my ❤️😇love u❣️Happy Birthday Emraa…
I added a video to a playlist Captain Nawab full movie 2017 - Emraan Hashmi Releasing Soon movie in
Omg.. 13 years of murder.. most special film of . Emraan become a star with murder..Wow..How can forget sun…
He was better than emraan Hashmi IMO😊
Lol still the same emraan hashmi who does violent romance ..😂😂 sumthing hard core lol
Throwback when it was love and v had emraan hashmi on duty
Just be yourself. Be honest, work towards a goal, and you'll achieve it. ~Emraan Hashmi -
Halloo emraan 😍😍 good evening 😘love u lots 💖hope you're doing awsm..If you're there??👀 then plzz wish me a happ…
😂😂😂that role does not suit akki..can take Emraan Hashmi...he will be the best choice imo
Khamma Gani 😍 Pure Rajasthani look of from Baadshaho waiting for dis one badly!. Emraan Hashmi Bday Week 🎂 ht…
Normal people have pan card, emraan hashmi has awarapan card.
if you cant wait for the clock to strike 12 !! Happy Birthday Emraan Hashmi ❤
"Emraan Hashmi is the most under-rated hero. He is the most celebrated name I like him and his work," - Salman. Happy B…
Why are songs from Emraan Hashmi's movies so good ? :)
You always have a special place in my heart 😍 love you 😗 live to love emraan Hashmi 🙂💞❣️
Ileana D’Cruz wraps up shooting of the Ajay Devgn-Emraan Hashmi starrer ‘Baadshaho’ -
SRK's haalat after seeing his fans behave like emraan hashmi fans 😜😂
others be like - Happy kiss Day but Emraan's Fans be like - Happy Emraan Hashmi Day ( Happy Emraan Hashmi Day)
To All My Dearest Nearest Friends Happy EMRAAN HASHMI day To You all... Spread Love and kiss All...
PICS: It was quite a pleasant surprise to see and wife step out for a dinner date.
Thank u Bangalore... loved the energy and vibe at the Lit Fest! . .
Talking about at Times Lit Fest with & . .
Emraan Hashmi pulls off denim on denim in style -
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Seeing you is the best thing each and everyday 😍😍 why are you so much sweet Emraan?? 😙😙 so much Handsome 🙈🙈 h…
I'm deeply in love with everything about you 😍❣️ live to love emraan hashmi 😗🙂💞😍
Then Emraan Hashmi must be zoo of EBV 😂😂
Wish this day brings more new ways for you ~. Good Morning Emraan :)) Happy Sunday 🙌🙌 keep smiling Emraan :))…
In a parallel universe Emraan hashmi would be winning Best actor popular choice award for Azhar 😉
Yes! You are my True Love Emraan which will remain forever in my Heart ❤. Love you Emraan :')
Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai’s role was a challenging but enjoyable: Emraan Hashmi
Need to find me a good man with a little bit of Emraan Hashmi in him
Have you noticed that Imran Hashmi has got the best of songs amongst all in Hindi films ? His songs are romantic and humma…
Emraan Hashmi has more Family Movies than Dhawan's 50s.
Raaz franchise is close to Emraan Hashmi’s heart – here’s why!
"Horror genre is not seen as part of popular culture "- |
Stop thinking of cancer as dead end: | |
Interview : The industry rides on the 20% of films that do well: | | RT
I added a video to a playlist Emraan Hashmi Mashup DJ Angel
I added a video to a playlist Awarapan Full Movie | Emraan Hashmi
. Bad film choice . - Emraan Hashmi . Experiment Experiment and Experiment
I listen to my own Hindi songs, Emraan Hashmi on music
Loved how Elena teased Sona in this phase.. tu seedhe female Emraan Hashmi ban jaa 😂😂
Ajay Devgn Sir and Emraan hashmi on the set of ! Badshaho !
Why are Emraan Hashmi songs so good, I can't even study because feelings asdhdkfksh
Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi wrap the day 1 schedule of Baadshaho
Love love. love love. love love . Love you Emraan 😘 😍😘
Indeed it was entertaining!! Yes want to see again We Want Emraan Hashmi on KWK
New project will be Punjabi director Rohit Jugraj's High Action - Drama Film. Emraan play the role of Gang…
he is EMRAAN he can sign movie with divya khosla kumar 😂
. Wow great and awesome emraan hashmi,can not wait to see the movie baadshaho and captain nawab
Emraan Hashmi has signed Punjabi director Rohit Jugraj's next film, to be produced by Shyam Bajaj. The shooting will begin from mid 2017.
Seeing that smile on TV screen for an hour was bliss 😍😍😍 we want emraan hashmi on KWK again
We want emraan hashmi on Kwk !! I want that mug at least this time 😂😭
Your this outfit is one of my favorite😍We Want Emraan Hashmi In KWK Class & Perfection😎.
Everyone loved 's episode last season !! We want emraan hashmi on KWK again https:/…
I am not good at first or second impressions, and you have to spen...
Sometimes, I feel promoting a film is a more difficult task than a...
your episode was the most entertaining KWK episode ever 😗😍want to see you again! We Want Emraan Hashmi On KWK
Emraan Hashmi songs will always leave me feeling some type of way 😍😍
if you loved 's episode in 2014 and would love to see him on the show again |We Want Emra…
The bold Emraan Hashmi & the outspoken Mahesh Bhatt make their debut on Koffee With Karan, Sun - 9PM! Do not miss! ;) h…
We Want Emraan Hashmi On KWK ...but.. Emraan will not come for sure.. .✋✋✋✋
Emraan Hashmi talks about the shoot and the fun he had as he turned into one iconic villain to the other.
.and I presented to sir. Love them beyond measure. 😍.
Awaraapan. One of Emraan Hashmi's best along with Shanghai. Excuse the digression.
Thanks to all who came to Auckland City Diwali! Next is Manukau Diwali with Emraan Hashmi on Monday 24th at...
I burned down my backyard as a seven-year-old. I poured kerosene over ...
I've always been a huge fan of thrillers like David Fincher's 'Se7en.'...
I'm not meant to run around trees. I can't throw my arms in the air an...
News:-. to write and produce a movie where he will play the lead 😀. 12 Days to go for 👻. htt…
Plastic controversy! Emraan Hashmi opens up about his silent war with Aishwarya Rai…
Emraan Hashmi : I don't do a horror film to win Best Actor award:
Emraan Hashmi wants to APOLOGISE to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - find out why!.
Emraan Hashmi says he does not believe in comparisons when asked about Ranveer's kisses in Befikre
Emraan Hashmi writes script for home production
Here's why Emraan Hashmi wants to apologise to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Times of India
Interview : - I have gone through many low phases with my head held high - |
"we go and visit Ganeshji. It is all very special to us.” - shares his plans -
On Teacher’s Day, opens up about his guru, his school days, and the lessons he learned in life -
Horror genre does not appeal mainstream actors - | | | RT
Raaz Reboot teasers: Emraan Hashmi's film looks like it needs some real scares
Emraan Hashmi is all set to turn producer with a film based on Kargil War.
Emraan Hashmi to turn producer with Kargil War-based film... Via News Break:
Emraan Hashmi's debut production to be based on Kargil War | -
Q. An actress you are dying to work with & could have sizzling chemistry with?. "Deepika Padukone" . —Emraan Hashmi
I've sung two lines for You Emraan.. Plz listen it :))
After the huge success of evergreen romantic song Emraan has decided to do more music videos😃 htt…
Fans of Emraan Hashmi celebrate 'Emraan Hashtami' when his movie releases
I liked a video from Emraan Hashmi Kissing Scene - Murder & Aashiq Banaya Aapne
. Will Emraan Hashmi enter in 100cr club ??
I didn't like Emraan Hashmi at all. . Until, Hamari Adhuri Kahani. It genuinely is one the best films I have ever watched. I…
Brilliant acting by Emraan in this scene 👌👌👏👏 watch - Like - Comment - Subscribe.
Read little superhero Ayaan's story - ! Bound to make you smile! .
That's Ayaan for you! A pic from the Mumbai launch. . http…
Morning prayers on hold a special place in my heart since childhood - | | RT
"My son in a way kind of inspired me to live my life " - |
News : hires US designer to style his vanity van | RT
" we’ve never seen a horror film like this." - on | | RT
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Emraan Hashmi will be seen in a new music video after the success of
My faith in God is unshakeable, even though till date, I have not experienced any miraculous
No one is counting kisses sitting in the theatres: Emraan Hashmi... Via News Break:
I liked a video The Beautiful songs of Emraan Hashmi
If there was an app to catch all the girls then emraan hashmi would have said "mai tumhe choomta hoon".
Ugh, this Ableton BeatSeeker plug-in is confusing me like a horrible Emraan Hashmi film with a riveting plot rn 🙄 ..
You change my world with just one smile 😍 keep smiling 🙈 love u 🙂 live to love Emraan Hashmi 😗😍🙂💞
Bollywood Hungama on Emraan debut movie "A complete natural,given the right roles, directors and films, the youngster ca…
Emraan Hashmi invited to speak by American Cancer Society in November... Via News Break:
Apartment is keen on is on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai which has big hotels and good restaurants?
.has a bungalow in Goa and some properties in Mumbai, but has wanted to invest in Dubai?
News - is keen to pick up a holiday home in . Read more here - | RT
.keen to pick up a holiday home in Dubai?
Emraan Hashmi's Dubai deal . Emraan Hashmi is buying property in Dubai as a holiday home o…
Aishwarya says NO to film with Emraan Hashmi! The reason will leave...
I cant post the vid for phir mohabbat cus emraan hashmi is doing his ting
Hi friends please listen to my candid interview with - great questions an…
Emraan Hashmi let's us in on a secret. Watch to know more.
Is Emraan Hashmi the reason behind Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's exit from...
that was Emraan Hashmi best film, didn't rate him at all till Hamari Adhuri Kahani 😭
Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi starrer to start rolling in August.
produced by Bhushan Kumar and Milan Luthria, to star Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Vidyut Jammwal, Ileana D'Cruz…
Emraan Hashmi gears up for his debut production: The actor is reportedly trying to get the best people to work on…
Emraan Hashmi is making the right moves. After donning the producers hat, the actor has now come to the rescue.
Emraan Hashmi replaces Diljit Dosanjh in Ajay Devgn's 'Baadshaho' ! . Emraan will play the role of Army officer.
Emraan Hashmi turns producer, collaborates with Tony D’souza .
Emraan Hashmi all set to be a producer!: Bollywood actor who has always been in limelight for his on-screen p...
Emraan Hashmi has added another feather to his cap. The actor has turned producer and floated his home banner Read More...
◄ Emraan Hashmi turns producer►. From being a successful actor to turning author with his book, Emraan Hashmi now …
Before watching Emraan Hashmi romance Nargis Fakhri on Friday, here’s what you should know about the real Azhar an
Sushant Singh Rajput as Dhoni or Emraan Hashmi as Azhar: Whose cricketer avatar do you like the most?
Emraan Hashmi and I make a great combo says Armaan Malik via
Read the full review of Azhar​ and book your tickets now at or Call at 0120-4364666.
CONTROVERSY EXPECTED. Emraan Hashmi as Mohammad Azharuddin in a scene from “Azhar,” based ...
Azhar lacks spine. And Emraan Hashmi is far from his comfortable self in the film.
this is on Express front page today
: "Emraan Hashmi's sense of humour is a little twisted, though kickass" says
My review of the movie Azhar starring Emraan Hashmi , Prachi Desai &...
If I am told to be at a shoot at 10 A.M., I am ready on time. By 11:30, I l...
Whether you’re a cricket fan or not, Emraan Hashmi's performance keeps you glued
I never wanted to be in the show business. I wanted to do special effects.
# Going tomorrow to watch "Azhar" Movie Emraan Hashmi N Azhruddin sir
.review: Not a biopic but gets it right.
Azhar is such a gripping tale on the life of former Indian cricket captain Azharuddin. Emraan Hashmi is in top form afte…
‘Azhar’ bats for Azhar — and leaves everyone stumped . So it's so bad that it's good!
Watched ! Loved it totally. Watch it to know the truth behind the controversy. Emraan Hashmi hit out of the park th…
This is what has to say about Catch it at cinemas near you!
Its An Must Watch , for Its Entertaing Plot,Performance,Music and one only EMRAAN HASHMI
Blockbuster movie... Emraan Hashmi acting excellent... watching again and again...
Emraan Hashmi as Azhar is a story of how he kissed everything - Heroine,Bat, Ball, Umpire, Stumps, Boundary rope, gloves,…
Azhar Movie Review: Emraan fails to make the fallen hero shine again...-
Who wants to watch a clean-cut Azhar? My review of where Emraan Hashmi plays a fine innings in a lost match:
Film review: ‘Azhar’ is like an episode from the TV show ‘CID’
It Feels like Azhar have done a Great Comeback For Emraan Hashmi 👍
is now trending in India.It is a U Emraan Bhai.
Will see Azhar for Emraan Hashmi because Karan Darra says so :)
is an Emraan Hashmi film. No questions asked!
Azhar: Movie review: Emraan Hashmi's Azhar hit the screens today. Will Mohammad Azharuddin's life on film be able to score a century ...
Emraan Hashmi is back with the role he plays best. is carrying superhit reports. Best of luck to the team!
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at the book launch of Emraan Hashmi's autobiographical tale of love , pain & hope ! https…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Murder 4: Mallika Sherawat with a bowl of oats. Pours milk on it. Emraan Hashmi gets excited. "Bheege oat tere" plays in…
Emraan Hashmi can't get a house in Pali Hill via
Review: Azhar's music is melodious: Emraan Hashmi-starrer Azhar has some feelgood songs, writes Aelina Kapoor.
lol he was super-successful with Emraan Hashmi in Jannat-2 and Ouatim! He got noticed in those films!
what about emraan hashmi.. Even he is fighting and trying to bounce back..
An emraan hashmi english film directed by an oscar winner that i saw way back in 2014, is still yet to release!! Crazyyy
Writing the book on my sons illness was therapeutic – Emraan Hashmi
Salman Khan gives a thumbs up to Emraan Hashmi’s book!
emraan hashmi has a new movie coming out which means GOOD BOLLYWOOD SONGS COMING OUT
Watch both the songs and take your pick! Emraan Hashmi is coming up with Azhar, a movie based on the...
Awsm book written by Emraan hashmi. I'm very glad to share the news of Emraan hashmi's son he was suffering...
I was watching Jannat lately, I wish someone loves me like Emraan Hashmi loves his kaali-sookhi girlfriend in the movie. 😭
I am tired of kissing on screen. I have to do it because it is synonymous w...
Emraan Hashmi Looks the Best with Me - Prachi Desai -
Prachi Desai and Emraan Hashmi Make a Pretty Picture During the Promotions of Azhar! -
Order Miche Bag Online!
Emraan Hashmi: Don't know why I get cricket match-fixing movies - Times of India
Emraan Hashmi is so natural. The way his eyes fills up with tears. There is nothing perfect than that
There was a Time when Emraan hashmi got more claps and whistles for his entry than ajay devgan in Hyderabad single scre…
How comes Emraan Hashmi always has the best songs in his movies .😋
The starrer Azhar has an item number.
Maybe the Emraan Hashmi movie on Azhar is a part of his match fixing punishment.
Emraan Hashmi releases the cover of a book that talks about his superhero son!
Emraan Hashmi & Prachi Desai’s cute romance will melt your heart!
Second Love Song from Azhar feat. Emraan Hashmi & Prachi Desai is OUT NOW on Youtube of T-Series.. 󾌧...
Sir please remake Junoon with Emraan Hashmi in lead...I think he will be perfect in Rahul Roy's role
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