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Empire State

The Empire State Building is a 102-story landmark skyscraper and American cultural icon in New York City at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street.

Empire State Building Empire State of Mind New York Central Park Empire State Bldg Alicia Keys Times Square Chrysler Building Brooklyn Bridge Lil Mama Alicia Keyes

Center Ice is now open - largest ice rink facility south of the Empire State
Amazing place. Was in a hotel on Lexington Ave did the village, Empire State, St. of Liberty, China town etc etc
Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge walking tour, 9/11 Museum and Horse and Carriage ride in Central Park all booked☺
The second time the Doctor's been on the spire of the Empire State Building in recent incarnations.
How many residential buildings in NYC have 60+ stories and have a view of the Empire State Building? I can't think of any.
The best end to Christmas. Empire State of Mind lol
My mom got me a model for Christmas as a joke thinking I wouldn't build it. So now I have a 3 foot tall Empire State Building on my desk
Can't believe it the "fixed" mistletoe to NYC tatt. in had the shape of a bell-end w/the Empire State as the uretha. Kipper!
The moon hiding in the Empire State Building by Toshiyuki Nakai
Yes. We are the only ones who posed for the picture. @ Empire State…
🎶My love is taler, taller than the Empire State.
I was watching in Empire State Building. My brother work here.
Empire State of Mind makes me feel like I'm 5 again...😂🎧
The lights on the Empire State Building are FLASHING?!? When the F**K did this start?
Empire State dazzles to Mariah Carey's- All I want for Christmas is You! via
A1: Best running moment of 2016--winning Empire State Games 800 meters to qualify for Nationals in Birmingham this June.
He gets me more erect than The Empire State Building he is Damian Armani.
Stunning view of the Empire State Building dressed half for and the other half for . 📷: http…
Throw me off the Empire State Building and run me over with a snow plower and then drop me into the east river when it free…
URGENT! Hidden Occult Election Day Message inside Empire State Building So Ya we had no choices
And this is top of Empire State btw. I climbed it
ultras on tour =P Trying to look at the top of the Empire State Building & not fall over is hard a…
*** Rudolph got ahold of my eggnog he about crashed right into the Empire State Building
Top of the Rock! Gorgeous view of Empire State Building, One World,…
Empire State of Mind is my anthem forever!
Here is a live look at the Empire State Building as it shines green and red for Christmas. Courtesy of Fox 5/...
Hm what's this mess they made in Empire State of Mind
On 1st day of Hanukah 1917, British Empire forces captured Jerusalem, paving the way for the eventual re-establishment…
Empire State Building lit up in support of who are scheduled to beat Linfield @ National Stadium 2moro
Off to the USA soon, look out for my Alicia Keyes & Neil-ZH release of the single, Empire State of The Wicket. It will inspire you.
Buddy the elf is in the building of the Empire State
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I've been waiting 3 and a half years for this...on my drive home Empire State of Mind came on shuffle just as the NYC skyline came into view
Empire State lit up in blue for UN Day
Sunday, 32 teams will take part in the Empire State: .
On Sunday, 32 teams will take part in a battle for bragging rights in the Empire State:
When your office is in the Empire State Building in New York, it's worth making it one of the coolest!…
Rutgers is 250 yrs old today wo Empire State is Scarlet Knight
Empire State of Mind takes me back to marching w Towson tigers'11 🐯☺️🎺
6 mile run this morning round Prospect Park and now to Top of Rockefeller with Empire State in back! 🇺🇸🏃🏻
the rush to sell off the Aspire tower viewing platform, a massive blunder, no foresight. Our own Empire State money maker gone.
State of mind: Empire. Jay Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind - Live Amercian Music Awards ... for
yeah easy u bugging with that one. "Empire State" was 10x bigger and jays official first as a solo artist.
yes im from New York. yes my alarm clock is Empire State of Mind featuring Alicia Keys. yes I eat rats
Empire State in Barcelona colors. If only KLCC twin towers could have done the same for JDT.
They're playing Empire State of Mind woo the best song ever written about New York City
$16 million for energy efficient housing in Empire State: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the availability...
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation today, formally legalizing daily fantasy sports in the Empire State. https:…
'David Copperfield made the Empire State Building disappear like what Paul did with the 8 of spades' genius
Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember. Several scenes in and around the Empire State.
About to watch Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Sec of State, Senator from the Empire State, Former 1st Lady, become Democratic Party Nominee
I liked a video Ellen's Stardust Diner - Empire State of Mind cover
Give me a second I, I need to get my story straight. My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State
Empire State goes blue on Columbia graduation day in print and real life
SU Football now has zero 2017 recruits from NY, who are Dino Babers and company targeting from the Empire State?
Midtown Manhattan and the Empire State Building at dusk, 1930s. Photograph by Samuel H. Gottscho.
The United Nations Building are central to this image flanked by the Empire State...
> tourist spots. Central Park, Empire State, Rockerfeller Centre, Statue of Liberty etc. Going up to Bronx Zoo as well.
Tickled a weird part of my brain that I got the same number as my house number for Empire State.
1931. Opening of New York’s Empire State, tallest in the world until 1972. https:/…
Over $10m in recovered wages in Q1 in Empire State -
$500,000 for FreshConnect Food Box in Empire State: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced $500,000 in funding fo...   10% Off
FINALLY! 2 egg and country ham in the Empire State!!! Touring musicians of New York rejoice!!
Waste in Medicare & Medicaid = cost of constructing 114 Empire State Buildings.
"My love is wider... Wider than Victoria Lake, my love is taller... Taller than the Empire State..."
Um, rare window is my secret weapon from the Empire State to the Hawkeye State to the Golden State.
Empire State, Eiffel Tower were purple but apparently not tonight. L.A.'s The Forum DID light up to honor Prince.
.owner:"Hopefully there's an opportunity to move in to [Empire State] Plaza and do some vending..."
Hillary really got Empire State of Mind playing. We might can get her to pardon Max B and Bobby Shmurda for real if she become…
BOOM! Trump Holds 66% Favorable Rating in New York - Leads Hillary Clinton by 19 Points in Empire State
Hmm! Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Columbus Circle, Statue of Lib. (time consuming), Empire State are all good!!
You know a restaurant is ghetto when they still playin Empire State of Mind.
I love the color of the Empire State Building it's just like my lipstick Red!💋
me and my mom do a dirty duet to Empire State of Mind the kind you read about
i love Empire State of Mind so much but maybe I'm a bit biased
Cara Johnson - Empire State of Mind Nice to do some recording yesterday with the incredibly talented ht…
Great analysis of the primary by Empire State of Mind: Yes, New York can
here is my cover of Alicia Keys 'Empire State of Mind' first go at a YouTube vid. Thanks to
Empire State of Mind is what it's called. Jay Z. Alicia Keys.
Answer: Neither. Everyone knows Jay Z's the one with the Empire State of Mind.
not wacker than Run this Town or Empire State of Mind
"The former Empire State senator is striking back." Golf clap, .
“When will government finally get the point?" Brian Sampson, president of the Empire State chapter of ABC
Get into an Empire State of Mind with my review of Peter Wilson's new book in The Guardian
Albany forum examines power of immigrants in the Empire State - Times Union
Fellow New Yorkers. Let's give Trump a clean sweep of the great Empire State. All 95 delegates
View from the Empire State Building at night (by. )
lit up the Empire State in Buff and Blue.
Empire State Building with Buff and Blue lights!!! Incredible night!!!
day 1 in New York city was a success! 🌉❤️ @ Top of the Empire State Building
Now we're in New York🌃 @ Empire State Building 86th floor observatory
my sister is in NY and ft me at Times Square and the Empire State Building😭 I hate her
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The uplifting inside Tycho Crater is taller than the Empire State Building
1 1/2 mile walk,6 flights of stairs,& my complaining,New York City from the 102 floor of the Empire State Building. https:…
help to stop the current genocidal act unleashed on and other nations in the Empire State of Ethiopia by TPLF-lead junta
Gwen Stefani is all smiles while snapchatting the paparazzi as she was leaving the Empire State Building in New…
The Empire State Building celebrating the victory. Raise High the Buff and Blue
Thank you for your input! You will now get thrown off the Empire State Building by my minions!
View from the Empire State Building at night
Tonight, the Empire State Building is lit up Buff & Blue. We are the Champions.
A B-25 bomber crashes into the Empire State Building on the morning of July 28, 1945.
morning on Day3. All still present if not a little tired. Botanical gardens, Central Park zoo and Empire State, it first BREAKFAST..
can't stay away from criminals. Like flies to their light. Check out the Japanese gangsters from his Empire State Bldg deal
The # of Empire State docs enabled to controlled substances has increased 28% since March: via
Pretty much what its like your higher than Empire State just like this Sloth -
and Jay Jacobs. ready to vote and bring the Empire State for Hillary!
"all my friends are in the otter lake bathroom getting higher than the Empire State "
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Make up is a lie! . Before pic =-10. After makeup =15 /10 . 😣and madam setting standards higher than the Empire State here 😴
Next ready in the USA! Welcome Georgia, the Empire State of the South.
Empire State factory index has first positive reading in eight months
yeah and Empire State,Ellis island,9/11 memorial, Times Square, Central Park. Got it all planned out matey
Atlanta. Capital of the Empire State of the South. Was burned down during the Civil War.
'New York VALUES': Trump holds 64-12 lead over Cruz in Empire State via
Words cannot describe how breathtaking the view was last night up the Empire State ✨
Drags down to Atlanta. Empire State of the South and get NO love down here
you are back in the Empire State of the South ? 😊
World Trade Center also known as the "Freedom Tower," and the Manhattan skyline looking south from the Empire State
Best view of the Empire State Building!
a Broadway show!!! Museums, Central Park. We cheaped out on going up Empire State or 30 Rock, but prob shouldn't have :/
Our North Building was designed by the firm that did the Empire State & other things you didn't know about Hunter:
I liked a video from World Famous Tattooers Brandon Bond and Paul Booth at Empire State
Bracketology now predicting that we go right back to the Empire State as a 10 seed vs Seton Hall
well they own all movies the Rockefeller center and the Empire State Bldg . What more proof
New York has King Kong on the Empire State, Melbourne has a monkey on town hall
The only thing why I wanna go to NY is my mom, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park & Empire State lol but I'll be there for 2 weeks :(
These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will… ♫ Empire State of Mind by JAY Z & Alicia Keys
Naa. There was Empire State, blame it, best I ever had, heartless, I love college, dead and gone. Etc. all way above bedrock
New artwork for sale! - "Madison Square Park and the Empire State - BW" - https:/…
On 2/3/16 I’m going to run up the stairs of the Empire State Bldg to raise money for cancer research! Please R/T! :) https:/…
The income tax only helped consolidate the Empire of the United State. . Which was the whole point
LIVE on NYC/NJ *** the Empire State Building just lit up from across the water! 🌥🌥🌥🌥
with Hollywood star Freida Pinto on top of Empire State Buliding in magnificent New…
The Empire State has a long history of jurists, but was one of the greatest. May she rest in peace
Just climbed the equivalent of the Empire State Building on the stair master I think I'm going to die
Idk how my phone even is still working, the amount of times I've dropped it is equivalent to dropping it off the Empire State Building.
I'm part of that embarrassing group of people who always thought the Chrysler Building was the Empire State Building.
Dreamt I was climbing the Empire State Building. I had one story left to the top but I stopped and told everyone "Y'all get the gist"
She reminds me of the girl in the inbetweeners that gets called the empire state 😂🙈
Most surprising thing about Cuomo's transpo plan is the renaming of Penn Station to... Empire State Station??
The CMA CGM BENJAMIN FRANKLIN is longer than the Empire State Building (NYC) and its power plant…
pulling your ip as we speak. My dad works for tech security on the Empire State Building your goin down retard:)
Capitalism is living in a country with enough food to fill up every room in the Empire State Building but millions of c…
Empire State Building lost :P you already knwo it
Empire State of Mind please look at my painting of you x
Done watching episode 10 of season 2. Patiently waiting for the rest .. Empire State of Mind 😉 👍🏼
He didn't even have a chance to lunge again before being forced to answer another question. "The Empire State Building is--
North Dakota State just won their 5th straight title. They don't have a dynasty, it's an Empire
🎶 Playing : Empire State by Raytid by - Buy on
Corley currently our in-state player. Last in-state guys MSU has gotten: McDowell, Burbridge, L. Thomas, W. Gholston.…
On 2/3, will run up the 1,576 stairs of the Empire State Building! Why? Read here
"you're more likely to get bitten by a shark at the top of the Empire State Building than win Powerball"
*Bing pushed Google's hands away as he asked another question* Okay Google, how tall it 'teh Empire State Building?
Took this shot years ago from the top of the Empire State Building. Doesn't the viewer look like a smiley face?
Scott Hoying of Pentatonix peforms during visit to The Empire State Building on December 10, 2015...
nickhexum on February 3, 2016 will run up the stairs of the NY Empire State Building to…
"emits enough to fill the Empire State Building every day." htt…
Coming down the Empire State you go through a hall of celebs that have been there & Michael Owen???
yea come on for the craic and we can have top banter at the Empire State Building because WHY NOT 😂😂
If termites were the same size as human beings, their nests would be twice as high as the Empire State Building. https…
Washington Sq Park and the Empire State Building lit up for Epiphany. I think the tree comes down tomorrow
Went up Empire State today and went shopping crazy down Fifth Avenue. Cant wait for the NYE countdown 😊🎈🎉
cycle Central Park, walk loads, high line, Top of the rock over Empire State. Book tickets to go up Statue of Liberty.
The last time we were in Brooklyn, we sung a rendition of "Empire State of Mind" that was removed from the PPV like it never e…
The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State !!! Central Park, Yankee's stadium, a museum of natural history … mmm
my son identified as Superman, so I bought him a cape and took him to the top of the Empire State Bldg. Guess what happened next
Three concrete blocks as big as the Empire State Bldg cd be left in the North Sea forever: https:/…
via Empire State, Central Park, Bryant Park, lunch at The court
I wish our games could be as fun as Blair and Chuck's... Like meet me at the Empire State Building 7pm or I'm gone forever bye
Empire State lit up blue & white w/ flickering candle antenna for To all celebrating wishing you חג שמח!! htt…
*** black people can jump higher than the Empire State Building but white people can't jump in video games... lmao
Guest: you know that song New York by Jay-Z & Beyoncé?. *starts singing it*. In my head: You mean Empire State of Mind ft. Alicia Keys?
Sheldon Silver's Empire State of Mind - The Awl see more
We are a romantic French restaurant next to the Empire State! Enjoy a six course Christmas menu!
I'm staying in Manhattan right in the middle of everything. Empire State, Times Square, Central Park..
Ha! That's only reserved for *** ..however, Empire State Bldg was lit with Frances colors.
Update on library music dude: he's now playing Empire State of Mind. Time to party
Really like Halestorm's version of 'Empire State of Mind' via
I've totally got an Empire State of Mind 🗽🗽
Empire State of Mind like our girl Alicia Keyes🌃
I may be the only person who still listens to Empire State of Mind when I come to NYC (& pray natives can't hear it blaring in my earbuds.)
In an Empire State of Mind. 'Bout that time to take off ✈️✈️ (Vine by
Coffe break under the Empire State 😄 !!! (@ Pret A Manger - in New York, NY)
Nearly $1.2 million recovered for consumers in Empire State: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that nearly $1...
and the east side access tunnel. they build the Empire State Building in 410 days. 410 Days.. UGH!
Yep, Staten Island ferry, Bklyn Bridge, High Line, bike in Central Park, Top of the Rock NOT Empire State...
~The two emblematic giants at night, Chrysler Building and Empire State~. 10/10🐦
Whenever a New York sports team loses, I look at the Empire State Building I'm like, "Aww, let 'em have it" and giggle maniacally.
He was hunting down the Viet Kong King before the *** could drag a white woman up the Empire State Bldg again
Enjoying the light show at the Empire State Bldg Master FM special presentation!
jay didn't get one till Empire State of Mind... Chris browns first he wasn't even singing (look at me now)
I never went to top of the rock but Empire State is life changing. I went during sunset so it was a lot of people but
Jay - Z can't perform 'Empire State of Mind' unless Lil Mama is gonna pop up on stage.
Today in 2009, Jay-Z drops Empire State of Mind, will be interrupted at MTV Awards “What Imma do, fight Lil Mama?” https:…
Empire State to invest $39.2 million in economic development: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that $39.2 mi...
Perfect moment: roll into my at La Guardia Airport in and Empire State of Mind comes on the radio. 🎶🗽🚖
We are having a blast in NYC! Check out my view on top of Empire State and in front of the Cafe Wha? in the Village.
I'm higher than the Empire State rn
. -Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind. -Jack Ü Where are you now. Luis C. Sierra Cruz.
Well excited to see Madison square gardens, Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Macys and the rest of 5th avenue all today😃
For open mic, someone should do a jersey city version of Empire State of Mind.
Big news from the Empire State! Let's welcome Radisson Hotel Albany to the Radisson family.
Empire State in red and white for New York Philharmonic's 174th season, so is the New York sky. Via . h…
Listening to Brian P. Murphy, "Building the Empire State: Political Economy in the Early Republic"
biebersgiIinsky: Don't tell me Empire State, Rockefeller Centre, Times Square, Central Park BC I know all those!
. Highway to *** Empire State of Mind. Come with me now . Thrift Shop. On to the next one . Right Around h…
SAd. Please, more guns. That will help. "Carey Gabay, a first deputy general counsel at the Empire State...
don't want a fight, but personally feel Empire State of Mind doesn't have pump up spirit of a 7 Nation Army or Chelsea Dagger the SUNY Maritime's Empire State passed under the Brooklyn Bridge upon its return on August 10, 2015.
Enter an Empire State of Mind with New York Reuben. Vote now for this delicious sandwich.
Empire State from the movie theater on Kips Bay. We went to see Ant Man! ❤️🐜🚶
Empire State of Mind is a song featuring Alicia Keys. She is 34. Bradley Pritchard has 34 league caps for the Os. Must be a sign.
carnival splendor head out to sea with the Empire State Building in the background…
The Divas get in the New York groove by rocking iconic Empire State threads in advance of SummerSlam 2015 in Brooklyn
Goddess Kali showcased on the Empire State Building in NYC and here's why - Firstpost
Check out the Special Olympic Athletes, Head Coach Teresa Gilli, and our CEO Neal Johnson at the Empire State...
Forget Radhe Maa have you seen these images of Kali Ma on the Empire State Building. http:…
A bunch Japanese tourists standing around by my job looking up.I was like *** r they lookin at.Then I realized it's the Empire State. Lol
Empire State of Mind in Des Moines. This is where the hard work will pay off - let's make magic happen.Women's 7s.
I see the American Dental Association is having a conference at the Empire State.
Wow. Solar power grew more than 300% in the Empire State from 2011-2014:
(Video by Oliver Noble and Sam Wilkes) If you're stark naked, a few blocks from the Empire State …
Empire State Bldg took less time than 86 Street & First Ave bus stop. Who is accountable for mismanagement of tax dollars?
do I think Jay z wrote run this town or Empire State of Mind hook/bridge? No. But another *** didn't write what was between it
is bringing demolition to Duck *** real state collapsing empire, says
Whenever I hear "Empire State of Mind" I just need to be in NY right away
Not even 24 hours after the Chattanooga attacks and the Empire State Building is lit up for a Muslim Holiday. Unreal http:…
'Empire State' original painting by http:…
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when you have a VIP pass to the Empire State Building and you pass everyone that's been waiting in line for hours
Could you build the Empire State Building out of wood? David Barber helps answer the question
Love Airplanes? Make sure you visit Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Glenville!
We've sure come a long way when it comes to workplace safety NAOSH - Manitoba
arguably the first Palestinian state - it had been known as East Palestine during the Ottoman Empire.
Islamic terrorist kills 5 Marines. Obama lights the Empire State Bldg for Ramadan & won't lower our flags. Prez forget what country he's in?
Pamela Geller, Breitbart: The Empire State Building Submits to Islam: I expanded upon why the Empire State bui...
got Empire State of Mind on repeat acting as if I'm "cool" whilst walking to the LIBRARY 😂😂😂 h8 me
Should use colors like Empire State Bldg for holidays, spec events. This is like 'Open' sign at a Chinese restaurant
Take a look inside office based in the so cool and a secret bar!
Obama traveling to Alaska next month | Juneau Empire Mobile
Move all flags to half mast today. can keep Empire State Building in green we will honor TN service.
We light up WH for *** marriage, Empire State Building for Ramadan but we can't lower WH flags to half mass for murdere…
are the American flags flying at half mast? Is the Empire State Bldg shinning green for Muslims is Obama passing Congress for UN
The movie like 2 hours long and I had to go to my cousins dinner and I was in no rush watching Empire State
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I've been listening to Empire State of Mind all morning
Me in NYC 2009 over a beautiful unnamed french man on top of the Empire State Building.
Channel your inner When Harry Met Sally: vote Empire State Building as THE place to propose! Can't get more romantic!
Ground zero, Central Park, China town, cruise, and Empire State today!! Pinch me!!! 😁😁
Empire State Building, Niagara Falls and the White House right now
Why didn't they light up the White House/Empire State Bldg red last night? . (Why didn't the pour blood down Niagra Falls?)
bird man. You done it all yet Empire State etc?
Painted Wall. Twice as tall as the Empire State @ Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Why is in an Empire State of Mind this week:
Times Square, Central Park, Empire State, Rockefeller centre, even grand central station as it has al lot of places to eat
Treasury yields fall after Empire State index...
Treasury yields fall after Empire State index.
Treasury yields fall after Empire State index ~ via
Treasury yields fall after Empire State index
Treasury yields fall after Empire State manufacturing index...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Treasury yields fall after Empire State manufacturing index
It's been a while since I've been:. How long does the line to go up the Empire State Building take? Is it more than 30mins?
The ending is sad when they shoot the big monkey off the Empire State Building.
Couldn't agree with this more! "SUNY Empire State for the nontraditional"
.SUNY Empire State for the nontraditional student
Individuals have some ties to central New York- Syracuse area. NYSP follow leads across the Empire State.
SUNY Empire State offers paths for the nontraditional.
SUNY Empire State for the nontraditional: Sunday's commencement in Rochester is a reminder of Empire Stat...
SUNY Empire State serves the nontraditional student: Sunday’s commencement in Rochester is a reminder of ...
SUNY Empire State serves the nontraditional student
Don't forget to tune in and watch Empire State of Sound choir from preform for at 3pm.
Lightning does strike the same place twice. In fact, the Empire State Building was once struck 8 times in 24 minutes.
I am well and truly deed after today! Up the Empire State, went to see the 9/11 memorial site then the Statue of Liberty!! What a place!
Welcome to the Empire State. Home of the World Trade. Birthplace of Michael Jordan. Home of Biggie Smalls
Still find it funny when I sent my mum a picture of New York from the Empire State and she asked if it was the view from my hotel window😐🔫
If does Someone to Watch Over Me and Empire State of Mind next week, she's catapulting herself into the top 2
that's myth! Lightning strikes the Empire State Bldg about 25 times a year! 😃
I have its cool but Top of the Rock is better because you can see the Empire State Bldg
Looking at next week's theme, if you think isn't singing "Empire State of Mine" you're CRAZY.
With the connection has with her father, if she doesn't sing "Empire State of Mind" next week it will be the upset of the century.
Cool view of Empire State Bldg from the office
LIVE on Checking out Empire State Bldg in NYC
Wonderful - - last time I was in NY- had my camera stolen in top of Empire State Bldg. Lovely trip
Outdoor seating with view of Empire State Bldg! . Family style, family run, blog to come. Must
Empire State in blue white & gold for 50 YEARS OF ALL NEWS ALL THR TIME. .
Photographer Randy Scott Slavin captured this stunning picture of the Empire State
Song of the day. Jay Z - Empire State of Mind. Check it out ^^.
I'm listening to the song, 'Empire State of Mind’ on the radio… looking forward to being back in this …
That *** bacon pancake adventure time song mixed with the Empire State of Mind instrumentals is stuck in my head
Leave the PortAuthority, finally back in NYC. I immediately see a man relieving himself on the street. *Empire State of Mind starts playing*
welcome to the Empire State of Mind
The year is 2075 and I still know the whole rap to "Empire State of Mind."
You'd think that at my age I wouldn't stride around NYC with Alicia Keyes' "Empire State of Mind" blasting in my ears but you'd be wrong.
Fallin, unthinkable, my boo, if I ain't got you, Empire State of Mind, and fire we make since u care so much
I feel like listen to Empire State of Mind is the best song ever when your in New York
Tripping in my Empire State of Mind
yup, we'll be watching at 33rd st btw 5th and 6th ave right across from the Empire State Bldg. see you there.
My name is "Carl O'Pray" I was in a band call Empire State...I was a Drummer doing three world…
It's minus twelve Celsius and the Empire State is sporting my county colours. Up Wexford! Stay warm
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