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Emperor Palpatine

Palpatine is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Star Wars saga, portrayed by Ian McDiarmid in the feature films.

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At least you didn't get Emperor Palpatine
Wish I could do an emperor palpatine "good, good" to this.
Look its Emperor Palpatine. His plan for power is taking shape.
TIL Darth Vader is not, and will not ever turn into, Emperor Palpatine?! *** me
Say what you want about Vader or Palpatine, but no Star Wars villain matches the Sith Emperor from SWTOR.
Teresa May and the evil emperor palpatine are they perhaps related
Do you have the powers of the great leather face emperor Palpatine?!
Is it just me, or does Theresa May have a strikig resemblance to Emperor Palpatine, both in looks & policies?
get the Emperor Palpatine voice ready.
Emperor Palpatine's force dash is by far the scariest god *** thing i have ever heard in my entire life .
What is the First Order? I know only the Empire. There is no leader but Emperor Palpatine.
Daaang pulling an Emperor Palpatine, Rhea doing the crazy manipulation job
Actually just read the most compelling Rey hypothesis on who her family is. Hint: Emperor Palpatine clone
Why Every Capitalist that have power look like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars?
[Emperor Palpatine voice.] Good, good. Let the hate flow through you.
First Order…Second Order…. These judges are talking about the Empire, right? If so, then is a coifed Emperor Palpatine.
Steve Bannon is wreaking havoc upon lawful permanent residents and Emperor Palpatine's like, "That's a little much."
Gostei de um vídeo do How Emperor Palpatine Clouded the Jedi's Vision in Star Wars Explained [Dash
"We were concerned the Office of Emperor Palpatine had been provided with false information and was compromised by the Sith.".
I'm willing to entertain the idea (there were a lot of loyalists, after all!), but not if you mention Emperor Palpa…
"We deplore the destruction of Alderaan, but strongly urge Emperor Palpatine to reach across the aisle to find solutions moving forward"
Paul Ryan, Emperor Palpatine, how could I not notice before?
Emperor Palpatine's young republican college years at Yale
I am for real more skeeved by Tom Price's fappy, crepey skin than by Emperor Palpatine's evil disfi…
We were meeting Ian McDiarmid and couldn't decide which image to burn. Palpatine or the Emperor, so guess what happ…
is it just me, does she resemble Emperor Palpatine on Star Wars.
Emperor Palpatine could never resist a poke of chips.
Can't believe we will get a 6" Snoke and Throne before a proper Emperor Palpatine and throne. More 🤔
I liked a video Star Wars Rebels Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.
Just watched a leak video claiming the supreme leader Snoke is Emperor Palpatine.. if so I'm gonna be quite upset. Thoughts?
Look at tonight. The Presidency ages you. is gonna look like Emperor Palpatine from
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When Darth Vader stands up for Luke and throws Emperor Palpatine off that ledge >>>>>
I need a little more Emperor Palpatine in my Randall Flagg, please. Seriously. I think I always envis…
*David Poile in an Emperor Palpatine voice* God god let the hate flow through you .
**obama speaks to Emperor Palpatine and a bunch of rich Empire *** *. SPACE LIBERAL: you're just mad he's gettin pa…
Consider this: when he played Emperor Palpatine in RETURN OF THE JEDI, Ian McDiarmid was 39.
He could easily go from Chancellor Palpatine to Emperor Palpatine in far less time, without having to watch any *** prequels.
> Implying his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Palpatine would ever hurt a soul. You should be ashamed.
Here is planning to send Emperor Palpatine on a mission to convert Wedge Anti… htt…
It makes sense. President Bannon is played by Emperor Palpatine and Donald Trump is played by Darth Vader. Where is…
when he cuts his foot off he looks like Emperor Palpatine right before death
I liked a video Emperor Palpatine no don't do it
yes, all of the works were tainted by the assumption that Palpatine was the emperor. Finally we can focus on Sate Pestage now.
And it's happened. He's gone Emperor Palpatine on us. We can't let a gov who no long represents us take us hostage…
I have the same mbti type as emperor palpatine
It's Senator or Chancellor Palpatine. He is the emperor of the Empire. His sith name is Darth Sidious featured in NBC s Science of Love
It's emperor palpatine or Darth Sidious. Pick one pls
My fear is the next life imitating art scenario will be Star Wars Ep 3 when Palpatine becomes Emperor.
i went to two yard sales today and found some treasures, Star Wars figures Yoda, Emperor Palpatine, and three ships…
So does the "Supreme Chancellor Palpatine" from the later films, become the Emperor in the earlier ones?
Getting our toga for the first time for grad rehearsal is the perfect time for everyone to cosplay Emperor Palpatine
Learn how Emperor Palpatine manipulated an entire galaxy to obtain power in the name of secure and peaceful society.
An empire led by the evil, manipulating, and tyrannical Emperor Palpatine who was played brilliantly by
Emperor Palpatine when both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker turned against him at the end of Return of the Jedi:
My favorite part of ROTJ is how Palpatine's chair had no mechanism so Ian McDiarnid had to move it with his feet. Emperor Tip Toe over here.
Everytime something good happens to me I say Emperor Palpatine's "GOD" line from Revenge of the Sith. I keep doing it in public.
I liked a video from Snoke's Horrifying Origins Finally REVEALED Through Emperor Palpatine?
Discover what lengths Emperor Palpatine went to in his quest for power. THE DARKER SIDE: MUSINGS OF THE MASTER
Negan and Carl have a bit of Emperor Palpatine/Anakin Skywalker dynamic going on.interesting
Anyone else notice a parallel in Emperor Palpatine's rhetoric in Revenge of the Sith to that of
Owen, this reminds me of Emperor Palpatine!
I liked a video from Defeat Heroes in 5 seconds? - Testing Emperor Palpatine - Star
Emperor Palpatine would've been a better leader than the *** we have
Can emperor palpatine face palm himself? Or does he complete the circuit and then electrocute his face again?
I liked a video from Star Wars Rebels: Mon Mothma Criticize Emperor Palpatine
When your boyfriend is actually emperor palpatine
The Emperor's Hand has some kind of psychic link with Palpatine and commands the Eclipse
If I was an investor I would be so stoked that my money was being used to solve such pressing issues….
Very cool to see Mon Mothma's first official 🖕to Emperor Palpatine. Birth pangs of the rebellion.
Have you ever noticed how Emperor Palpatine always refers to good, and peace? It's like he has become the moral center. How twisted is that?
I'm just realizing this but Emperor Palpatine and Trump look pretty similar
Seeing everyone interact with Emperor Palpatine is so hard because he is so obviously evil. Poor Mace Windu :-(
2 be specific you mean admitted Nazi collaborator who actually worked for Hitler, Emperor Palpatine of the Dems him…
What's with the hate for emperor palpatine he's a rad dude
Apocalypse is like a cartoonish, much goofier Emperor Palpatine.
and i are doing Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader as Christopher Walken and Partrick Warburton respectively
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
This will lead back 2 Emperor Palpatine himself time 2 take on the Empire y…
I always knew that guy's job title in the white house was way too Emperor Palpatine'ish.. stop these wankers before…
nothing like an Emperor Palpatine to bring out the voter's Luke Skywalker i guess.
"Don't worry about the Emperor's promise to enslave the wookies. The Senate will hold him in check.". -Palpatine voters
Why does every come with an Emperor Palpatine?
Does anyone else notice the resemblance to Emperor Palpatine?
Mike Pence literally looks like emperor Palpatine. Don't @ me.
When Emperor Palpatine tells you "It seems in your anger, you killed her".
Donald Trump is honestly worse than Emperor Palpatine
Idk man she's giving you a run for your jester money. Or maybe Judy from Punch and Judy? Or perhaps emperor Palpati…
I liked a video from The Rumors about Emperor Palpatine's Affair - Explain Star Wars
So when does Bannon assume his new title of Emperor Palpatine?
when you sign executive order 66 just for fun could you take a picture of it with black robe and pretend to be Emperor Palpatine?
Yoda revealed as being a secret puppeteer of emperor Palpatine in a next episode of the saga.
Stephan Bannon is Emperor Palpatine and Donald Trump is Jar Jar Binks. Eventually he'll grant ultimate power to Bannon.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Bannon = Emperor Palpatine, but not even in an analogy will I give Trump the satisfaction of the Skywalker name.
Emperor Palpatine had a grand plan this guy is just making it up as he goes along.
You might think Trump is the ultimate monster, but compared to Pence. he's Jar Jar Binks. Pence is Emperor Palpatine.
Sorry, Yoda, but we kinda have to let the hate flow through us if we're about to fight Emperor Palpatine's impacted bowel come to life.
starting to act like Emperor Palpatine. I kinda like it!
I do believe this is how Emperor Palpatine rose to power
The guy is basically the Emperor Palpatine in this scenario.
I feel Trump is a lot of Emperor Palpatine. So you have the Joker holding a pic of Palpatine as an avi, which is dope.
He looks like Emperor Palpatine, but without any of the power.
Trump is real life Emperor Palpatine with none of the charisma and genius and all of the evil.
I'm watching Star Wars right before my eyes -Emperor Palpatine/ Darth Vader
"I believe Emperor Palpatine's anti-Jedi program will be adjudicated by the courts.". Cc
it seems we’ve elected Emperor Palpatine as president. welcome to the new dark ages…. er, the first galactic empire
“Yes Senator Palpatine is *quite* evil, but I’m sure when he becomes Emperor Palpatine it’ll be fine”
Y'all remember when chancellor palpatine quietly took power and exterminated the Jedi and declared himself emperor? It's…
... and here's a clue for StarWars fans: Steve Bannon is really Emperor Palpatine - DJT is merely a front.
The Emperor Palpatine enters the Death Star, via a side-entrance. to don his cloak -
I've seen this movie before, hmmm. Steve Bannon is Emperor Palpatine
not forgetting the Emperor himself. Makes Palpatine seem like a cuddly old grandpa! 🙄
attacking the character of god is no different than attacking the character of Emperor Palpatine. Both works of fiction.
Rod Laver looks like he's gradually turning into Emperor Palpatine
"For a safe and secure society" - Emperor Palpatine justifying the creation of the Empire.Then he killed TRILLIONS.Notice something?
Theresa May has met with Trump and scheduled to meet Erdogan. I assume next are Kim Jong Un, Voldemort and Emperor Pal…
When Emperor Palpatine says you've crossed the line...
EMPEROR PALPATINE will probably declare this to be fake news!
no kidding, I'm pretty sure he praises Emperor Palpatine. He's even compared himself to Da…
Even Emperor Palpatine thinks you've gone too far into the dark side. .
Spoiled Oligarchs.Real people out doing real things to thwart your daddy and his Emperor Palpatine while you party
A picture of Emperor Palpatine but it's trumps soggy face under the hood
Remembering how the Sith used terrorism (through the Trade Federation) to grant Palpatine special powers that led t…
He is the self proclaimed Darth Vader to his Emperor Palpatine.
Naboo, home of the Gungan species and homeworld of Queen Padme Amidala and Emperor Sheev Palpatine
Bannon likes to refer to himself as Darth Vader, but I’m pretty sure he’s actually Emperor Palpatine.
While Prime Minister May disagrees with some of Emperor Palpatine's views - on Death Stars, for instance - Britain is open…
So Rudy Giuliani just admitted Trump wanted a ban on Muslims and asked him to find a way to "make it legal." (to qu…
Trump is Darth Vader played by Charles Laughton, and Bannon is Emperor Palpatine played by Philip Seymour Hoffman
You can make Star Wars themed hype videos all you want but never forget that Jerry Jones is Emperor Palpatine
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, no Emperor Palpatine, now that's a name I can revolt against!
Emperor Palpatine was legitimately elected as Supreme Chancellor. Look how that turned out.
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has assumed office. Now the wait for him to declare himself Emperor Palpatine.
Remember that Emperor Palpatine is still walking around thumbing his limp, wrinkled winky into Jerry Hall.
Today we mourn Emperor Palpatine who vanquished the Republic and Jedi to create order to the new Empire.
I added a video to a playlist Sam Witwer's Darth Maul & Emperor Palpatine gift to my son!
i couldn't pass up this GIF of what happens when Emperor Trump meets Emperor Palpatine
That's exactly what the Jedi Council said about Emperor Palpatine.
I got 100% of questions correct and scored higher than 91.5% of people!
I got 100% of questions correct! Who Said It: Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine? via
I kind of felt like Emperor Palpatine there. " Good! Your hate has made you powerful. Now, fulfill your destiny."
Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine made some serious management blunders:
My new winter coat has a hood which is warm and also makes me look like Emperor Palpatine in…
Emperor plots against Send back to Wait, won't take him. https:/…
In "2016" the movie, calls to shut down fake news are actually part of a clever plot by Emperor Palpatine to implem…
oh left wing liberaltards your insults cannot sway me emperor palpatine for I am truly Darth Sidious.. *** ha ha lol…
I am Emperor Palpatine. Use your anger, control your hate, young, sky walker...your nephew will *evil laughter*. "No...". Young+
Having a legitimate argument with my friend bc she doesn't think Kermit is supposed to be Emperor Palpatine.
(STARWARS) Luke Skywalker: Your overconfidence is your weakness. Emperor Palpatine: Your faith in your friends is yours.
Ben sounds great, but forget about Emperor Palpatine.. remember how he gutted the textile industry?
Why is Emperor Kermit-Palpatine showing up in my timeline all of a sudden this week?
That's good. A vote of no confidence on Chancellor Valorum led to Jar Jar giving Emperor Palpatine his authority.
You embody Emperor Palpatine, President Snow & Voldemort,but you're only one one person.…
she looks like the Emperor senator Palpatine after he switches to the dark side
Darth Trump needs to turn good and throw his new Emperor Palpatine cabinet into the bottomless space hole, or ships…
I'd be disgusted by those socks but I've just noticed pepe has the same forehead as emperor palpatine.
.Well at least now we know what happened to Emperor Palpatine.
Who's eyes are creepier? Killer frost or emperor palpatine from Star Wars?
So that's what happened to Emperor Palpatine.
Emperor Palpatine speaks about the 2016 election aftermath:
she really is a dead ringer for Emperor Palpatine.
Did you ever wonder just what Emperor Palpatine did all *** day?
should play emperor palpatine in a remake. No makeup needed.
Come on, people. Some of Trump's neo-Nazis even *look* like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. Evil Empire. Dark Side. Sith. \ ~v~
what is that thing? There's years of neglect and hate in that face. Looks like Emperor Palpatine
rewatched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and saw that Emperor Palpatine was the butler? How did I not notice this??
Don't forget the Emperor Palpatine quote: "I will make it legal."
this is Emperor Palpatine - Max Landis bullies Anakin Skywalker at Disneyland - PATHETIC
That ball is made of pure hate - turns her straight into Emperor Palpatine.
Senator Palpatine told you he was a good guy too. Then he became the Emperor
That moment you realize is Anakin Skywalker and is Emperor Palpatine
Oh cool I always wondered what an entire movie of Emperor Palpatine's administration would look like
Exactly...they basically pulled an "Emperor Palpatine" by giving him full control.
Well I've decided I'm going to watch all 7 movies in order for my birthday this weekend.should I, Emperor Palpa…
The new kermit meme going around is essentially Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine seducing you to the dark side.
Emperor's Hand - A person who performs "special tasks" for Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire. Mara Jade ...
I think Maul will die by Ezra,Sabine,or Obi-Wan. Also I could see Emperor Palpatine training Mara Jade in Rebels.
In other related news, Emperor Palpatine declares that concerns about the dark side of the force are legit.
When you at breakfast tryna eat but Emperor Palpatine wants your tea
(That's how we got Emperor Palpatine. Have you learned *nothing* from history??)
Emperor Palpatine just reeks of corruption . ? I think not
omg... so my sister drew that picture of Mike Pence as Emperor Palpatine. She texted me another of Trump :o
if by "a little" you mean he looks like Emperor Palpatine after he hit the bottom of the chasm, then yes
What about liking Darth Vader but also supporting the Emperor Palpatine surgical abortion center?
So you're a Patriots fan? Cool! you also worship Emperor Palpatine, I presume?
It also helped that Ian McDiarmid played both The Emperor in '83 and Senator Palpatine in '99.
. Emperor Palpatine needs more fiber in his diet
This election is like choosing between Emperor Palpatine and Jabba the Hutt
Just drove past a guy who looked like Ian McDiarmid. Emperor Palpatine is alive and well in Oregon
Trump to the post-truth deplorable is as Vader to Emperor Palpatine, switching sides at the last moment to save the day.
I've seen you sing along to good songs. Come to the light. You could overthrow emperor palpatine. I believe in you.
Emperor purposely made the suit this way to keep vader at bay. He knew vader was way too powerful. Palpatine, true scum. but genius.
In much the same way Emperor Palpatine's beer-pong-champion fun side didn't show up so much in his more well-known…
Are they going to make an Emperor figure? I'll get two Royal Guards, if Papa Palpatine is on the way.
Freddy and Emperor Palpatine are getting ready for the ultimate genre-blending Halloween weekend.
to turn into a real life version of Emperor Palpatine. Executive Orders issuied to give him a 3rd term, and call into play martial law.
44 PERCENT?!!! What's wrong with everyone?! They're trying to elect Emperor Palpatine. (won't get that reference)
And like, almost a direct quote of what Emperor Palpatine said to the Senate right before his ascension.
hair dye, eyeliner & smiling enigmatically to keep the in-photo wrinkle count down. In real life I'm like Emperor Palpatine.
well they kept Palpatine's audio in her vision... I still buy her being related to the Emperor.
Silence traitor, Emperor palpatine's legacy lives on, the galaxy shall see order once again!
I love that Walter Day is like weird video game Yoda and Emperor Palpatine at the same time.
Am I the only one that thinks Soros looks like emperor Palpatine.😐
Isn't this how Hitler came to power? And also Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars?
Emperor Palpatine? . Donald Trump: Let's cancel the election "and just give it to Trump" # via
After calling for cancelling election and declaring him winner, I'd compare Trump to Palpatine but that's unfair to Emperor Palpatine.
Vernon Dudley, Albus Dumbledore, Emperor Palpatine, Jack Sparrow, Wednesday Addams, and Charles Dietz are all in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow
[WP] Darth Vader has succeeded Emperor Palpatine as the galaxy's ruler. Unfortunately, he has a bit of an image pr…
I liked a video from Emperor Palpatine and The Secret Order of the Emperor - Explain
He is turning into the Imperial Emperor Palpatine
I liked a video Emperor Hillary Palpatine pronouncing the Democratic Nomination
Looking for an alternative? "Moose the Dog," "Hey He Stole That Guy's Pizza," "Emperor Palpatine" are running for prez, according to
//I think I finished blocking and now im like Emperor Palpatine after destroying the Jedi and he was like "And now we will have peace." 😷💀   10% Off
I felt like Emperor Palpatine handing my Lightsaber to Darth Vader. Goodbye lightsaber . Forever — feeling like a Sith Lord
Looks like Emperor Palpatine is in the crowd
Every time I check the news, I say "Goood!" like Emperor Palpatine.
Voting in the US election must be like having to choose between Emperor Palpatine and General Zod.
liberation from what? It's like emperor palpatine complaining about the tyrannical rebellion
.shirts on - cool enough to wear when you meet Emperor Palpatine.
Why did Emperor Palpatine purge every Jedi from Chicago to LA?. Because he gets his kicks on Order 66!
Why does Hillary Clinton remind me of Emperor Palpatine?
The new James Harden sneakers look like orthopedic shoes designed for Emperor Palpatine.
What does Emperor Palpatine eat for breakfast?. BREAKFAST CORUSCANTS
King Garon and his emperor Palpatine lookin ***
Why the *** should anyone vote for Emperor Palpatine in a wig
Would you vote for Jar Jar Binks to defeat Emperor Palpatine?
Howie Roseman doing to Chip Kelly guys like Emperor Palpatine did to the Jedi..
Anton LaVey, Ming the Merciless and Emperor Palpatine walk into a bar - Where pods dare - Ouija board hunt - RIP...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
According to a new RO novel, Krennic knew Palpatine long before he became Emperor.
with this hoarse voice I could pull off emperor palpatine easily
Does Emperor Palpatine still have a ban on you filming her walking up stairs? Honest question.
The theory that Ray it apart of Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious' bloodline is soo lit, undeniably it would be THE best reveal
What does Emperor Palpatine use to get around in his declining years? An imperial walker
Hillary Clinton is basically Emperor Palpatine with cankles
Emperor Palpatine could have some useful advice for Trump! . (Courtesy of the Acton Institute).
If we had to pick between Sauron and Emperor Palpatine, NO one would make that choice. Why is our political system like that then!?
Since Disney bought Star Wars, I've been hoping for Fantasia Mickey vs Emperor Palpatine in an epic battle
Hillsborough drama on ITV features the Ninth Doctor and Emperor Palpatine.
they also covered up her involvement in the Korean War, Vietnam conflict & the rise of Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine praises his most successful apprentice for her work killing democracy.
. Emperor Palpatine generally waits until after the primary, but who are we kidding?
oh great Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine have both endorsed Clinton. Could there be anything worse.
Youve slipped into Emperor Palpatine mode lol...yes...YES!
It just hit me how much Donald Trump genuinely resembles Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars...
And the guy even almost took down Emperor Palpatine one of the Greatest who Yoda couldn't even beat, who masked his powers for so long
Is it really a good idea to listen to Emperor Palpatine?
Good to see GOP's version of Emperor Palpatine (Charles Koch) is behind Hillary:
After being a leftist and, funding leftists, Trump claims to be the one to defeat them. . Trump is Emperor Palpatine.
*emperor Palpatine voice* Good let the stupidity flow through your veins
Hopefully my Impirial troops, led by Emperor Palpatine, are about to eff up JP's rebel home base…
Well then...Emperor Palpatine has spoken. Charles Koch: 'It's possible' Clinton is preferable to Republican for POTUS
Do you think that Darth Plagues/Snoke is in the tank in Rogue 1 with emperor Palpatine visiting him due to his wounds?
If Ratzinger is Darth Sicious/Emperor Palpatine, is is possible that Bergoglio is actually Darth Plagueis?
Why do I always have to play emperor palpatine sometimes I just wanna be boba fett ):
My 11 y/o gets it. said the is like Emperor Palpatine. "Good good, feel your hate, let anger flow through you".
I also blame emperor palpatine for blowing up alderaan
Tom Delay is currently working on letters of support for Voldemort, Sauron and Emperor Palpatine.
My kids' theory now is that Emperor Palpatine survived and is Snoke.
And now Emperor Palpatine's got his nips out. There's a sentence you can't un-read.
Will you be bringing back Darth Vader & Emperor Palpatine in the next Star Wars Movies. Some of us fans would like to see this.
Kylo Ren chooses to be evil but doesn't seem to relish in it or take any enjoyment from it like, I 'unno, Emperor Palpatine or something.
I was thinking of doing that, but with a black robe to go as Emperor Palpatine. :)
I agree Tai is Vader, but I could argue Jason is Emperor Palpatine & Scot was Darth Maul based on who was defeated first. 😉
Just saw Ian McDiarmid lookalike on 2nd Ave. Now I know what Emperor Palpatine looks like in cargo shorts.
Guys I just realized that Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine) is actually less racist, albeist and sexist than
emperor Palpatine's costume on display at FIDM
Hi, Are you going to direct a Star Wars spin off film? I heard a rumor that you are If so would you do one on emperor palpatine?
I think is doing the best Emperor Palpatine imitation. Ever.
We don't submit to terror. We make the terror - Frank Underwood aka Emperor Palpatine.
"Kinda looks like Emperor Palpatine" DSP finally gets the reference, probably thanks to his chat.
Rahm Emanuel thinks he's Emperor Palpatine but he's obviously Kylo Ren.
I'd have to go with Emperor Palpatine vs. Vince McMahon. Throw down battle of manipulation of the century.
good, good. You shall be the Anakin to my Emperor Palpatine.
When you get board at work and feel the need to male Emperor Palpatine a raisin fort...
Anyone else a big fan?!. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine discuss
Emperor Palpatine vs. to see who really is the most electrifying man in the Galaxy.
lmao im really emperor palpatine. TJ is my Darth Vader
Mr. McMahon vs. Emperor Palpatine. Two evil, old master manipulators going at it for total supremacy.
Shawn Michaels vs Emperor Palpatine, anything is possible
Has to be The Rock vs Emperor Palpatine, I'd pay to see that.
I have to throw this one in there as well: Emperor Palpatine vs. Vince McMahon. This is a fun question.
The Rock vs Emperor Palpatine, so he can show who is the real jabroni.
vs Emperor Palpatine. To be the man, you gotta beat the man! Who!!!
Emperor Palpatine vs Undertaker, because they are around the same age 😂
there is no better match up then Emperor Palpatine vs Vince McMahon!!! Or a tag match with Shane & Vader
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Emperor Palpatine, just like Vince McMahon and Steve Austin rivalry.
emperor Palpatine vs the undertaker. So grim!
Ha, after hearing Churchill's speech it's obvious Emperor Palpatine is based on him. But George Soros was based on Palpatine.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
All in all, it was pretty sweet to be Emperor Palpatine. Dude ran the universe for 20 years. Feel like he kinda got aw…
don't forget secret head of Wall Street. Emperor Palpatine had nothing on her.
We all have the makings of a dictator in us. The jedi counsel had the force and still didn't see Emperor Palpatine coming.
Voldemort and Sauron are Mythical Hitlers. Emperor Palpatine is nothing different from the Romans.Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.
Okay Palpatine's imperial guards are here, where's the Emperor himself?
"Emperor Palpatine will you vote for Hillary?"
Emperor Palpatine decides he hates the SF Bay Bridge
Going from Rupert Murdoch to Vladimir Putin is like going from Emperor Palpatine to Lex Luthor
. Kabul's 'Emperor Palpatine' darts team unwind after a tough night at the ockey!
Police seek Mt. Vernon store burglars, one of whom may be Emperor Palpatine
In this picture, Donald Trump kind of looks like Emperor Palpatine...
Danny's old weed stories were pretty great, but the Emperor Palpatine do it puns had me absolutely dying
Saw a Mormon missionary today wearing khakis and not black pants. The first thing in my head was Emperor Palpatine saying "You rebel scum"
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