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Emmitt Smith

Emmitt James Smith, III (born May 15, 1969) is a retired American football player who was a running back in the National Football League (NFL) for fifteen seasons during the 1990s and 2000s.

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Zeke is faster, stronger and faster and stronger also than Emmitt Smith ever was...
Emmitt Smith to Cowboys: You deserve to be here, you deserve to win. Go get your ring 
Emmitt Smith on Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott: 'He is an artist with the football in his hand' - Dallas News (blog)
Emmitt Smith is easily the most overrated RB of all time. Troy Aikman close to most overrated QB of all tim…
Enjoying watching Emmitt Smith talk with ESPN comparing his rookie year with Zeke Elliot's! Excited to cheer on the Cowboys this weekend! …
Troy doesn't show the love like Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith
I bet you most of these "Cowboys fans" don't even know who Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman or Michael Irvin is😂
Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith are good role models. But Michael Irvin is also in the Hall of Fame Zeke will be ok
In his last 7 games, Le’Veon Bell has rushed for 1,002 yards. In the best 7-game stretch of his career, Emmitt Smith rush…
I read a quote from Nate Newton where he said he wasn't considered a great lineman till he got to block for Emmitt Smith.
I gave a girl a signed Emmitt Smith jersey for valentines.I bought it from Marshalls and signed it myself. h…
Ezekiel Elliott has moved past Emmitt Smith's 1991 season where he ran for 1563 yards.
... Do you remember that Emmitt Smith poster you had growing up, next to Randall Cunningham? No, bc you weren't awful like buzz
Emmitt Smith and Marshall Faulk doing a DBZ fusion gives you David Johnson.
Emmitt Smith is a great running back. One of the things I like about ...
Roy Jones Jr, Emmitt Smith and Derrick Brooks were all here to give up too.
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Fan Outfitters Zone ? of he Day Is Ray Romano as famous as Michael Jordan and Emmitt Smith?
Zeke keeps making history. Elliott is the 1st Cowboys rookie to score 10 rushing TD since Emmitt Smith in 1990.
Zeke Elliott: The first Cowboys rookie to tally 10 rushing touchdowns since Emmitt Smith in 1990.
It wouldn't be a true Thanksgiving without my Dad talking about how Emmitt Smith was nothing compared to Barry
Zeke really is a baby Emmitt Smith. Also, Barry Sanders was a way better runner than Emmitt.
"If Barry Sanders had Emmitt Smith's o-line he would've rushed for 5k" 😭
It's Thanksgiving and in the 90s it was the day where I was thankful I'd get to watch Emmitt Smith & Barry Sanders embarrass fools
🔥🏈👊💪 Brock Lesnar on the Vikings + Goldberg on the Falcons. Goldberg once tackled Emmitt Smith 💪 .
Wonder what Emmitt Smith was doing in JAX? He was on my flight to Dallas this morning.
Emmitt Smith and Thrive!? Wait until you hear this Thrivin' story. This video is in the works…
Ezekiel Elliott joins Julius Jones (7) in 2004 and Emmitt Smith (11) in 1990 as the only Cowboys rookies with at least 6 Rush…
Getting set for Emmitt Smith at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas 4pm.
The last time the played in Arizona Emmitt Smith was the running back for the Cardinals
If you know anything about me, I've never been a trash-talker. That's n...
Emmitt Smith had one of the greatest lines ever and his replacements didn't fare as well. This argument is overrated.
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Even Emmitt Smith left Dallas and played for another team.
Emmitt Smith Russell Maryland Kevin Smith Darren Woodson were all handy in return (broke our 49ers hearts).
Ezekiel Elliott is the next Emmitt Smith. A very good RB who's numbers are inflated from a great OL.
Nobody brings up the O-Line when they talk about Emmitt stop bringing up when you talking about Zeke.
Zeke is the next Emmitt Smith to those Cowboys
That’s the Emmitt Smith one! Same roast as where Jamie Foxx goes after Doug. Ross made a joke about Kidd’s kid that got Cuban rxn
Oh man, did Jeff Ross do the Shaq one? I thought it was only Kimmel...but the Shaq roast was before the Emmitt Smith one
Blame Emmitt smith and Favre for the "taking off helmet" penalties. They took it too far (slamming helmet, throat slash)
Jerry fired Jimmy Johnson after winning two straight Super Bowls then years later released Emmitt Smith why not Romo?
Rodger Staubach and Emmitt Smith are the only players that I would have attachment with
Emmitt smith got released, Aikman was virtually forced into retirement, Demarcus Ware gone, im not crying for Tony Romo .. we're winning
Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, & Michael Irvin didn't even get this special treatment that Romo's getting from owner Jerry Jones!!!
lol okay, I'm fully aware of who Emmitt Smith is and what they did in the 90s. It was a joke
the world!! Cowboy fan or not!! Use to LOVE! When emmitt smith took off his helmet
you could say the same thing about greatest ever Emmitt Smith fn taint licking pos.
This week in 1989: The Cowboys trade Herschel Walker for draft picks that turn into Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland & Darr…
I was there and remember the crowd booing Emmitt Smith because he beat Barry for the rushing title by 15 yards.
Zeek will literally be emmitt smith (2.0) and probably a little better.
I ain't got the Emmitt Smith bih I got the Dorsett AR-33 shooting…
Emmitt Smith wants Cowboys to stick with QB Dak Prescott via
it's the same argument of who's better Emmitt Smith or Barry Sanders
Emmitt Smith wants to stick with Dak Prescott
Emmitt Smith is among those who believe the Cowboys should stick with Dak Prescott
LeBron James, Emmitt Smith chime in on Ezekiel Elliott's big day: Ohio S.. Related Articles:
Sixteen games, to me, is a long enough schedule for anybody. We're alre...
The fan base is excited cuz they basically have a young version of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin with…
Dreaming means 'rehearsing' what you see, playing it over and over in y...
Did i hear in these are my people the names emmitt smith and bubba lowe or was i dreaming?
Emmitt Smith was my favourite play. I had his jersey. He is underrated by the masses when discussing all-time backs. I don't follow him.
I'm giving away something for you on 1997 Emmitt Smith Cowboys Motion Vision . Get it here -
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🤔. Did say he'd threaten Emmitt Smith single-season yard records before his rookie season in his career w/his talent behind…
Ezekiel Elliott has NFL rookie record 4 straight games with 130+ rushing - more than HOF Tony Dorsett (2), Emmitt Smith (…
Emmitt Smith never ran faster than a 4.55 forty ,so stop saying Alex Day is not fast enough to play D1 football
no question. Even Emmitt Smith said it.. I'm still not a fan of Garrett. Can we once defer a coin toss?
The are making Terrance West look like Emmitt Smith, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.
Senators Consider Funding Plan to see Emmitt Smith says he get obsessed with performance: Quique Sanchez Flores happy with
last time UT beat UF; Emmitt Smith was RB for AZ Cardinals & Jerry Rice was on Seahawks; YouTube didn't exist;
He's Pretty Fn bad but Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith were both bottom of barrel awful too
No one takes away credit from Nate Newton, because he had Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin on his team
"David Johnson (age 24) was watching YouTube (founded 2005) clips of Emmitt Smith in second grade." - ESPN sideline reporter who cannot add.
🤔 I wonder which was the best:. The roast of Ann Coulter @ Rob Lowe's roast. The roast of Doug Williams by Jamie Foxx @ Emmitt Smith's roast
Funniest roast is still the Shaq roast of Emmitt Smith & Jamie Foxx destroyed Doug Williams
is the squad to go with Emmitt Smith, Fred Taylor, Percy Harvin, Tim Tebow, Jabar Gaffney, Ike Hilliard, Jordan Reed
Adrian Peterson wants to retire with break Emmitt Smith record, but 900-yard year OK if a Super Bowl win: https…
Question of the Day: What score would you give Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke's Bolero from season 15, week 4 of
Look at those Reeboks on Emmitt Smith! Especially the right foot. Specifically the LACES on the right foot.
Gymnasts and ice skaters. I remember in 94, when they revealed that Tonya Harding had bigger thighs than Emmitt Smith.
They talk about Troy Aikman-Emmitt Smith -Michale Irvin as the best triplets ever. Give me Peyton Manning-Edjerrin James - Marvin Harrison.
WATCH: Pat Smith, Wife of Emmitt Smith, Shares her Testimony at House of Hope Atlanta with…
while I was out there running my 5k Emmitt Smith was on his bike riding with a group of dudes. White Rock park is the place to be
Mavs could roll out Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith and be better then the Lakers.
Have you heard the latest announcements about the 2016 Texas Trailblazer Luncheon? Pat Smith and Emmitt Smith...
Garrett PC: Emmitt Smith didn't get a lot of preseason work because he worked so much during the season
I believe that Marcus Dupree or Bo Jackson would've easily broken Emmitt Smith's all time rushing record.
historically running backs taken in the first round by the Cowboys, Emmitt Smith (17) and Tony Dorsett (2)... hall of famers
Emmitt Smith and Darren Woodson were drafted with the Minnesota Vikings draft picks
And these days, you can't tell who is really real. Ridin' on some Emmitt Smith's, long way from Emmett Till.
she always has the most AMAZING solo routines! No wonder says she's like Emmitt Smith!!!
Photos: Best of Emmitt Smith: From Dancing with Stars, to Gator graduate and Hall of Fame
1995 Topps Finest Emmitt Smith Booster Refractor with peel still on
Magic Johnson is the Emmitt Smith of NBA analysis 😭😭😂😂
Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys authentic Russell Stitched jersey 44 only on ebay!!
What a success at the Friday Night Party with Emmitt Smith raising over 6.2 million for charities!
Aaliyah surely would never have developed the thighs of Emmitt Smith that Beyoncé now has
Should get more than Murray after this deal. hopefully Dallas keeps him & we get another Emmitt smith Era
I don't have to get up in the morning and go beat up my body like I us...
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest Cowboys ever, Emmitt Smith!
Leinart was bad, but I'd have to go w/ Emmitt Smith as the worst jersey to own as a Kevin Kolb too
In fairness he had several black judges on Miss Universe such as the great Emmitt Smith and Gayle King!
nah, get some of that Emmitt Smith and Walt Frazier
“I may win and I may lose, but I'll never be defeated.” ~ Emmitt Smith
No brainer, I always believe they were an Emmitt Smith holdout from being 15-1.
"All men are created equal. Some work harder in preseason.". -Emmitt Smith
I'm dying waiting for UL Emmitt Smith to drop , and irvin , imma cop for sure
5/15/16. George Brett is 63. Ron Simmons is 58. Emmitt Smith is 47. Ray Lewis is 41. Jamie-Lynn Sigler is 35. Andy Murray is 29
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Ezekiel Elliott showed a lot of respect to Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith.
Ezekiel Elliott says wearing Emmitt Smith's number would have been 'disrespectful'
Jason Garrett first noticed Ezekiel Elliott at national title game at AT&T Stadium. Was sitting with Emmitt Smith, who told…
in comparison to Gayle Sayers, Emmitt Smith, Jim Brown, Dorsett, Barry
(c) Cowboys drafted him too high great comparsion w/ Emmitt Smith? I had him at the Dolphins pick. I do see = Eddie George
Ray Lewis, Emmitt Smith, Curt Schilling and others have proved this to be true, yes.
Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities and Axxess are proud to announce their partnership for the 7th annual Emmitt Smith...
The college career of Ezekiel Elliott compared to that of Emmitt Smith
but I'm seriousness: Hakeem Olajuwon or Tim Duncan, Staubach, Emmitt Smith, Nolan Ryan. There are tons of variations on this
I need a Madden Mobile league that's tier 7 for Emmitt Smith just throwing it out there
Any thoughts of Emmitt Smith being in the next video game? I mean Mike Tyson is.
.explains why despite his concerns, he will still let his kid play 🏈. Here: https:…
- Emmitt Smith probably danced better than he played his last few years with Arizona Cardinals
Emmitt Smith: closer to Super Bowl than record shows
would you rather have Charles Woodson or emmitt smith?
You can't say Bo Jackson is better than Emmitt Smith! He only played for 3 years and never won any superbowls
What happened to Mrs.and Mr.Smith show with Emmitt and his wife?
Frank Gore was another Emmitt Smith a Taurus the Bull who the *** is Mel Kiper jr.
Stat of the Day:. Emmitt Smith is the only player in History to post 3 seasons with 19+ TDs
Every time you trade away a mid-1st, you're trading away a potential Jerry Rice or Emmitt Smith or JJ Watt.
Johnny John John and his girls ! Salvation Army Luncheon Omni Hotel with Emmitt Smith.
[Dallas Morning News] Agent of Cowboys greats Deion Sanders and Emmitt Smith dies at 60
What is it with macho football players and “Dancing with the Stars”? It all started with Emmitt Smith from the Dallas Cowboys, who won the …
Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith: "I love
Emmitt Smith's wife is done feeling like his "support staff" via Useless, who cares about yr house
I'm watching Mrs. & Mr. Smith right now and I'm not liking how Emmitt Smith treats his wife Pat.
.What Alfred Morris has in common with Emmitt Smith |
Emmitt Smith to provide keynote address at 23rd Iba Awards at Hard Rock in
Emmitt Smith just said what's up to me in the hallway.
he's the Daryl Johnston to your Emmitt Smith
Greek Unity is Black Unity. . to when I met Emmitt Smith at the probate last night 😏✊🏾💯
Thank you Pat Smith and Emmitt Smith for your support of St. Philip's and Your passion for giving...
What a scene at Catholic with Emmitt Smith, Alfred Morris, Fred Robbins, Damarious Randall at Sitton camp!
oh yeah I found that out. But at least I got autographs from Walter Peyton and Emmitt Smith simultaneously at the convention ctr
with guys like Deion, Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Aikman, and Darren Woodson. Sounds to me like LeBron was a bit of a bandwagoner.
Karl Malone is the Emmitt Smith of the NBA
hey it worked 26 yrs ago w/a guy name Emmitt Smith, remember him lol.
Gosselin: Dirk Nowitzki ranks near the top of D-FW athletes with Emmitt Smith, Nolan Ryan
10 things you might not know about former Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith,...
these are your top 4 running backs in history, Emmitt Smith, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, and Walter Payton, I'll educate you
Super Bowl history is filled with great performances from the biggest stars like Jerry Rice, Tom Brady and Emmitt Smith
Dawg. Is there a single redeemable member of the 90s Cowboys? Emmitt Smith?
For decades the NFL has had men like Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith who knew how to win with grace and class. What happene…
Attend Andrews lecture FRI at 4 for chance to win replica Super Bowl trophies signed by Emmitt Smith&Roger Staubach!
CB Patrick Peterson is 1 of 4 in NFL history (HOFers Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith) to be selected to five Pro Bowls before age 26.
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Shouldn't be long before we see a Just For Men commercial with Keith Hernandez, Walt Frazier, Emmitt Smith and
forgot about a few. Jeff Gordon, Dale earnhardt Sr. Micheal Jordan,Emmitt Smith,and the best of all
Emmitt Smith, Adrian Peterson and Leonard Fournette. What do they all have in common? Shave your head bald and see if you don't go pro🤔
Emmitt Smith, Moose Johnston, Spike from Little Giants, He Hate Me from the XFL and Bo Jackson from Super Tecmo Bowl
.favorite former Cowboys player is Emmitt Smith - she admires his work ethic!
It's been a tremendous ride. My 15 years, my 15 minutes of fame, is up. -
to Christmas 1996, it was a good one! Emmitt Smith jersey (My 2nd favorite running back all…
What advice did former star give to Insider
All men are created equal, some work harder in Pre-Season -Emmitt Smith ⚡️
Just saw this on Amazon: 1995 SMITH 23K GOLD CARD by Football for $14.99
Emmitt Smith picks new president for his commercial property firm.
Smith hit in 2011 Limited Emmitt Smith patch /50 at
Nice addition to the team, Emmitt Smith!
I added a video to a playlist Emmitt Smith - Miss Universe 2015 Judge - PageantLive On the Town with
Miss Universo 2015 Pia Wurtzbach with the judges: Emmitt Smith, Olivia Culpo, Niecy Nash and Perez Hilton ,missuniv…
Guarantee one of the gifts is Emmitt Smith
Emmitt Smith picks new for his firm in
John Riggins did it twice. Other names on that list: Walter Payton, Ricky Williams, Franco Harris, Emmitt Smith.
Chris Doleman and Hall of Fame greats Emmitt Smith, Curtis Martin, Bruce Smith and Michael Haynes to participate...
Read this book Emmitt Smith: In the Huddle with...
Doug Martin's 240 rush yards the most ever against the Eagles, breaking a mark previously set by Emmitt Smith and Jim Brow…
We're talking Larry Allen leading a Emmitt Smith sweep and you're a rookie corner type scary.
Barry Sanders 46-Jim Brown 41 Walter Payton 38-Eric Dickerson 36 Emmitt Smith 34.All are all in the Pro Football HOF!
Too young to remember prime Emmitt Smith but I remember his Cardinals' highlights so he's low key trash to me. Btw I'm talking about Kobe
We’re here for Emmitt Smith….do you have any jokes for him tonight?
he is nickel and diming it like Emmitt Smith did when he broke Peytons record who gives a crap
I remember watching Emmitt Smith break the all time rushing record and Brett Favre break the passing record and now about Peyton Manning
So nobody cares about Peyton Manning getting close to the record? Remember the big deal and countdown they did for Emmitt Smith.
If you put Emmitt Smith in his prime on the Saints right now, I guarantee that he doesn't get more than 150 carries under Sean Payton.
Raiders out here making DeAngelo Williams looking like Emmitt Smith smh
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I had 18,356 rushing yards when I left the NFL. One more yard than Emmitt Smith. But the mainstream media is silent.
Since it is on this day November 8, 1998 Emmitt Smith of the…
Eddie Lacy currently on track to give me as many fantasy points as Barry Sanders, Earl Campbell and Emmitt Smith combined
On this day in 1998 Emmitt Smith became the all-time rushing leader for the Cowboys.
This time last year I was on same flight to London for a Dallas Cowboys game with Emmitt Smith and Micheal Irvin
Today, Emmitt Smith is exactly as old as President John Kennedy was the day he died: 16,978 days.
Should I give em a Smith like Emmitt or Emmitt Till Will 🔥🔥
Want to meet NFL Super Bowl Champion Emmitt Smith? You can at NAR Booth in San Diego Saturday 11/14!.
AP have bad games. Barry Sanders had bad games. Emmitt Smith had bad games. Still we consider them the best.
Bama defense killing Lsu.Fornette putting up old Emmitt Smith numbers when he was a Cardinal lol
. When can i get Emmitt Smith on my MUT or Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Dieon Sanders.
"All men are created equal. Some train harder in the preseason." -Emmitt Smith. . Me and some of the boys go after it this am!
with these legends. Michael Finley & Emmitt Smith
Our host, the radiant Pat Smith wows the red carpet! oh, who can forget her superstar husband Mr. Emmitt Smith!
MINNIE's FOOD PANTRY GALA! With the GORGEOUS Mrs. Emmitt Smith! Pat is truly one of those most…
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Who was the oldest "effective" RB? Emmitt Smith? Marcus Allen did some good goal line work with KC, Thomas Jones...
On this date in 2002: Emmitt Smith became the NFL's all-time rushing leader, passing Walter Payton.
I only have suites left. Do you mind sitting with Charles Haley and Emmitt Smith?
I hate Russell Wilson about as much as I used to hate Emmitt Smith.
Chryst would have been eating Nilla wafers, Todd talking about the Lord and Wanny mentioning Emmitt Smith
How great an athlete do you have to be to pull off a stud earring in 2015 and not get called out on it? Frank Thomas, Emmitt Smith, Jordan?
Chris Archer is way too smart or good to be employed by ESPN. Let's get Emmitt Smith back out there
Nuh ianknow that that Emmitt Smith the one that used too be a HB I swere ianknow he was a coach😮😮. *** he's a good one two
[ESPN Video] 'Coach' Emmitt Smith has words with ref: . Former Florida RB Emmitt Smith is in Gainesvill...
"Tonight...You're getting offense, you're getting defense, you're getting special teams." - Emmitt Smith on Gators
Emmitt Smith says he's happy to see Gator football back up where it should be. Says it's been lacking the last few years. Thanks Muschamp.
Joseph Randle has 3 Rush TD in 1st half today. . Last Cowboy with 3 Rush TD in any half? Emmitt Smith (1998).
"A father in the cap" reminds me of Drew Magary's Emmitt Smith parody on Deadspin.
It was Emmitt Smith (maroon lexus), Charles Hailey, Jeff Blake, Alfredo Williams, Charles Hailey, and one more.
Melvin Gordon is going to make Emmitt Smith look like Bishop Sankey.
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Adrian Peterson trails career rushing leader Emmitt Smith by 8,165 yds. At current pace, it would take AP 84 games to break…
Could Christine Michael Dez Bryant and Tony Romo be the next Troy Aikman Michael Irving and Emmitt Smith? hm...
From Earlier: Emmitt Smith & LaDainian Tomlinson agree that DeMarco Murray left yards on the field in 2014
wore my Emmitt Smith jersey.. cause I'm either brave or stupid
Emmitt Smith, CCIM, talks about his approach to success via
and do you still have that Emmitt Smith card?
I'm giving away: 1994 SP Nfl Cowboys - Emmitt Smith. Check it out -
Congrats to my father-in-love Emmitt Smith Jr.!!! 38 years of service to the Escambia County Area…
All men were created equal, some work harder in pre-season - Emmitt Smith
NFL HoFer-turned-real estate entrepreneur Emmitt Smith says u have to be a responsible risk-taker to ge…
His name is Christine. You don't name your kid Christine if you want him to become the next Emmitt Smith.
I'm tired of seeing Emmitt Smith on my TL I don't even follow him
I'm intrigued if he's the second coming of Emmitt Smith.
In these days yu can't tell who is really real riding on some Emmitt Smith long way from Emmett Till
Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin around the same time. Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, maybe, but that's as much infamy.
two of the greatest sitting in the crowd one Hall of Famer Troy Aikman and the next Hall of Famer cowboy Emmitt Smith
Hooray! Jay-Z and Will Smith have teamed up to produce a mini-series on the murder of Emmitt Till. We must author and tell our own stories.
where is Emmitt Smith when you need him.
I had a sex dream about Emmitt Smith last night. So at least I know THATS a real thing.
JR Smith among others celebrating that theory today
Emmitt Smith entices pals to do good with tequila tasting and dinner - CultureMap ..
I just touched down on Canobie Lake Park *** I just touched down on Canobie. Emmitt Smith, Emmitt-Emmitt Smith
🍊💙🐊 ・・・. The legendary Emmitt Smith and his beautiful…
Is Emmitt Smith in your top 3 Rbs of all time?
I don't want to hype anything up, but, RB Gus Johnson has a similar running style to Emmitt my opinion
LaDainian Tomlinson agrees with Emmitt Smith saying DeMarco Murray could've had 2,500
Can Adrian Peterson top Emmitt Smith's rushing record? -
"Emmitt Smith won Dancing with the Stars, that's how I know him!" - Really Sami??? Hello
Just had a convo with Emmitt Smith.. nbd
Emmitt Smith: Murray to Eagles doesn't make them favorites over Cowboys: 'You cannot take us lightly' h…
Darryl "Moose" Johnston isn't worried about his former teammate Emmitt Smith's all-time rushing record being broken anytime…
So my last two day consisted of running into the US Mens soccer team and Emmitt Smith delivered one heck of a speech as the keynote speaker.
Calling McNabb a Redskin is like calling Emmitt Smith a Cardinal.
Emmitt Smith, Flo Rida defect from Miss USA, Macy's cuts ties with Trump
The Miss USA pageant is down another judge. This afternoon Emmitt Smith became the latest to step down in response to derogatory remarks
Emmitt smith 1990 pro set rookie plus one
John Williams and Emmitt Smith can compare notes about Galen Hall’s mid-‘80s Gator squads at halftime.
What does Dez have to do with Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith?
For all of you Dallas Cowboy fans my mom and aunt have became another star magnet this time the victim Emmitt Smith.
That moment when you refer to Emmitt Till as "Emmitt Smith" and realize you need coffee.
That flocka give you moves like Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders & Terell Davis all in one
How is DeMarco Murray like Emmitt Smith and Terrell Davis.. and UNLIKE Barry Sanders? &...
.explains how he's similar to Emmitt Smith. And unlike Barry Sanders:
Emmitt Smith did it for the lineman, Chad 'Ocho Cinco' Johnson did it, Tony Romo did it, it's not…
Emmitt Smith did it back one day when he had a contract problem. He waited till Week 2 of reg season.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson and Emmitt Smith. Now, name 5 more better than LT
T5 RBs of all time: Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Walter Payton, OJ Simpson, LT.sorry i don't care for Emmitt Smith
I stopped "hating" on great players w/Emmitt Smith -sometimes you gotta just enjoy greatness - feel me???
Emmitt smith, the best RB to ever play in the NFL someone please try to debate
Emmitt smith. You watching game of thrones tonight. Should be epic. You should watch penny dreadful as well. So good
you probably think Joseph Randle is the next Emmitt Smith. You don't know a thing about Bradford's potential
The fact that Cory smith and Eric church were here last night and we didn't even go makes me salty.
Emmitt 'If you can't play with pain, you can't play the game'
Chris Myers going low-key Emmitt Smith on 610. "Trial by error." "Address the monkey in the room." Otherwise good. Needs to be more candid.
Jeffrey Ross roast of Emmitt Smith is insane... He kills Shaq on stage next to him
I am such a Dancing with the Stars geek. Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice danced together. — feeling excited
Before they were teammates, Deion Sanders & Emmitt Smith were on opposite sides of the Florida-Florida State rivalry. …
None of Emmitt Smith backups averaged 6.9 yards a carry...but Murray's did
Wow! I just won this for free, EMMITT SMITH UPPER DECK 1991 CARD
I wish Emmitt Smith were here. He'd debacle him for sure.
NBA *** need to start ballin in the lil gold chains like jordan in 89 and emmitt smith in the 90's..
When the cowboys were winning Super Bowls there oline was great, but emmitt smith made it better. they should have kept murray
Hit dem folks real bad to emmitt smith
One thing is for certain, Bernie Sanders can count on Emmitt Smith's vote.
Justice is by far the most famous Sigma of all time lol.. Right up there with Emmitt Smith and Richard Sherman
At -- Watching the greatest gutsiest performance EVER! Emmitt Smith Playing with one arm a…
Today's the day! We're at the 6th annual Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational benefiting
Wow! I just won this for free, 1997 Emmitt Smith Donruss Leaf (Premium) Dallas Cowboys / Shippi
Every time an announcer refers to a trio of players as "The triplets" Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin should get royalties
At -- Shut the front door, it's Emmitt Smith! 🐊🏈🐊
Shut the front door, it's Emmitt Smith! 🐊🏈🐊
I added a video to a playlist Migos - Emmitt Smith [Official Video] | CSHH
So this guy really was the first player to rush for 1,000 yards. And then he coached baseball. Can’t wait for Emmitt Smith to coach at Wake.
Ps. Emmitt and the Perfecting Voices Choir are singing Open the Eyes of my Heart by Michael W. Smith...
losing the ball is 4 that BS no call when he walked across the court ball tucked under his arm like Emmitt Smith.
James Harden has more yardage than Emmitt Smith.
Free agent RB Daniel Thomas worked out for the Cowboys on Thursday. Have they found the next Emmitt Smith
Imagine Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith and Roger Craig, Atwater/Lott in the same team just a sample?
and when Jerry was interviewed after d-mo went to philly he said well u wanna be Emmitt Smith ya gotta do it
that game and the Emmitt Smith one arm game are the two games that always stick out in my mind
Josh McCown went 6-7 for the 2004 Cardinals, which was the last team Emmitt Smith played with.
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