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Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. Cahill! You have done. a great job! Emmet is a kind, caring, talented young man!
CT FANS are you following Emmet Cahill Official Music on FB for all Tour Details
Emmit Cahill lists his favourite songs for St Patrick’s Day.
Just got tickets...see you at Rory Dolan's Emmet! WOOT! via
American friends, please make Emmet Cahill Official Music's debut solo tour a sold-out success, we want him to...
Pittsburgh friends! is coming to town! If you've ever loved me, go see this show for me! Don't miss it!
Getting to buffalo just for now Naty 😉
MORE TOUR DATES! PITTSBURGH FRIENDS I am coming to see you all on May 29th at the beautiful Sweetwater center for...
Emmet Cahill I will be coming to one or two shows . it will be nice to see again. Keep up the great work you do with your music.
I'll be playing in ALBANY June 2nd 7 30 pm at The Irish American heritage museum..SEE YOU THERE!!!...
Harrisburgh I will be seeing you on May 28th for my second show of the tour..Get your tickets here folks...
BOSTON FRIENDS..See you on june 4th ;)...
Hey Laura I'm getting to buffalo on June 1st,would be great to see you there
Emmet Cahill "The Parting Glass" on the Celtic Thunder Cruise II: We lost a great man too soon
Hey Emmet Cahill r u going to be coming to Florida on your tour of the U.S.?
Would love to be there but i live in Sydney, Australia. I dearly wish Emmet Cahill all the best.
I'll let Tilda and Anwen know so they can watch. Emmet Cahill - bringing friends together one show at a time!
can't wait to hear what you have written! 2015 will be your year!!! The year of Emmet Cahill!
For those who missed this - Emmet Cahill Q&A We caught up with the Irish star &asked about his life and career
I've only gotten one fave from Emmet Cahill, nobody else have noticed me yet
maybe if I'm good I might get a few Emmet Cahill merchandise in my ct stocking what do u say??
I just love Emmet Cahill ' s voice, sends chills up my spine. I have this album but listened again, thanks !!
was watching the CT Christmas DVD and saw that an "Emmet Cahill" was Principle Singer Understudy. Was that you?
Emmet Cahill And I Love You So - Acoustic Cover this song is absolutely beautiful love it. ☺
Emmet Cahill Lakes of Pontchartrain (Feat Nicole Hudson) love this listen to it everyday ☺
Emmet Cahill Celtic Thunder - This is the Moment: via The GOLDEN VOICE of ALL!!
Found my sketch I done of Emmet Cahill some time ago.
Emmet Cahill Lakes of Pontchartrain (Feat Nicole Hudson) my fav cover ever Emm x
Thanks Emmet Cahill Official Music and Brett Pruneau, I thought I could get away with it, ya wee brats! Here is...
really sorry but I just had too will you forgive me ahhaah
THANK U, EMMET;WELL DONE. But ... u left in such a hurry!! :-)
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This was sweet of you to accept the challenge Emmet!! You were great!!
Awesome and Amazing Emmett I do hope Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin, and Colm Keegan will...
“Emmet Cahill – Celtic Thunder’s music scholar. Overview on his career.
Emmet Cahill – Celtic Thunder’s music scholar. Great overview on his career.
"Kiss on My List" On my list would include Ryan Kelly, Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin and etc. :-)
NNGB I'm going to sleep now. Happy Fourth of July! HAPPY EMMET CAHILL FRIDAY! ;-) See y'all tomorrow.
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday He is my new live on Fridays!!! :-)
Emmet Cahill’s Celtic Thunder days; here are three videos showing why he became such a success. .
Wishing you a fantastic Emmet Cahill Friday...enjoy your day, check us out :)
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday I love this song!!! :-) Emmet has amazing and awesome voice.
Many people are asking for 's mailing address it is is -. Emmet Cahill Kilbride Mountnugent, Co.Cavan, Ire…
Videos of Emmet Cahill - irishmusicdaily: Singer Session: Three videos from Emmet Cahill including Bridge...
Emmet Cahill – Celtic Thunder’s music scholar. Great article on his career.
WESTERN AUSTRALIAN ARTICLE!! Celtic Thunder return to Oz despite loss Irish group Celtic Thunder are a man down and they feel it. Singer George Donaldson, 46, died after a heart attack in March leaving the male singing group without one of its founding members. Four of the group were in Sydney on Thursday before the start of their Australian tour and agreed that continuing with their dates Down Under was the best thing they could do. "It has been a difficult time but there's strength in numbers and this tour has been all about celebrating the man who was an incredible guy to be around and made a massive impact to all of us," singer Colm Keegan says. "One thing that's said about groups on tour is that you're not colleagues, you're not peers, you're family. The last few months have been incredibly difficult for all of us. But the one thing we wanted to do on this tour was pay homage to one of our family, George." The other three Irish men, Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin and Emmet Cahill agree their upcoming tour ...
On behalf of myself, Sarah and the Donaldson family I would like to thank all of George's own fans, his Street Team, the fans of Celtic Thunder, neighbours, former colleagues, friends both at home and overseas, for all their kind words, prayers, sympathy cards, mass cards, letters and flowers. Your thoughtfulness and kind expressions have brought comfort to us all during this very distressing and sad time. His funeral mass was truly emotional, celebrated in his local parish Church of St Paul the Apostle, Shettleston, by Fr Paul Friel and Cannon Peter McBride. It was a beautiful celebration of Georges full yet too short a life. The service included Georges favourite hymns, chosen by myself and the family. Emmet Cahill sung beautifully at my request. His voice during the Psalm (Eagles Wings), Just a Closer Walk with Thee, Ave Maria and final commendation was just simply moving and stunning. The Celtic Thunder boys version of Steal Away was beautiful, but we so missed Georges distinctive vocals. George's ve ...
today is the day that all the Celtic Thunder lads get on the planes and head down under...wish them luck!!! Keith Harkin Ryan Kelly Music Official Neil Byrne Emmet Cahill Official Music Colm Keegan
Address of Recognition for Emmet Cahill - News - Roundup - Articles - Westmeath Examiner
Address of Recognition for Emmet Cahill: Mullingar Town Council acknowledged the contribution Emmet Cahill has...
from Emmet Cahill Official Music: Ready to jet off to Oz,I've got some really interesting company on this...
Emmet Cahill Solo! Bring it on! Dr said not to make 25 hr flight r I would b n Adelaide. Hope u get to USA soon!
Check out "Grace" by Emmet Cahill - One of my very favorites. George sings it too. Love it by both Emmet and George>
. . This graphic was created by Emmet Cahill Team**. The it's entirety...
"We could set up a whole band of just Emmetts." - Emmet Cahill on being replaced by Emmett O’Hanlon. Well...
Just had an awesome live chat with Emmet Cahill.
Emmet Cahill · 10m . Great fun doing the video chat tonight guys..Glad you all enjoyed it.Here is...
Can I please have Emmet Cahill sing to me every night? PLEASE.
If you missed the video chat with Emmet Cahill or want to watch again -
Can't wait for the cruise this year!!
The press release about Emmett O'Hanlon joining Celtic Thunder in place of Emmet Cahill will be announced shortly.
Emmet Cahill doing the CT Cruise, Auditions and other bits and pieces | Celtic Thunder
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Emmett O'Hanlon to replace Emmet Cahill...from Guillard..I located a pic and video..
Meet Emmett O'Hanlon! The man who will be taking Emmet Cahill's place in Celtic Thunder starting Christmas tour.
yeah but I cried like all day when he unfollowed me and Sharon had Emmet Cahill follow her and then he did the same thing
So Celtic Thunder has gotten Emmet O'Hanlon to replace Emmet Cahill... and new Emmet sounds a lot like old Emmet...
Emmet Cahill 3h I hear ye mate,only managed to cover one of those today...A chop needed before we get the… Expand Colm Keegan 4h Haircut and tea time in Glasgow before back to work! Only a few more days here before pre-tour prep in…
Can anyone help me? When I want to credit Ryan Kelly Music Official or Michael Londra Music or Emmet Cahill...
Does Emmet Cahill have a solo album? If so how can I find it and get it?
Emmet Cahill has the voice of an angel 😍
sending my praying for you Emmet Cahill. I miss George Donaldson he is sing with angles right now and he is watching over you
from Emmet Cahill Flowers and a beautiful box of chocolates.Proceeded to eat most of them myself..just joking..or am I..Guess well never know
Emmet Cahill Lakes of Pontchartrain (Feat Nicole …: one of my :)
Emmet Cahill and Rebecca Winckworth 'Make you feel my ...: via this song last forever :-)
SocialToaster SuperFan toast Happy Emmet Cahill day and Friday too.
Emmet Cahill Celtic Thunder Q and A session..close and personal21
Can't find when Emmet Cahill is playing.
I added a video to a playlist Emmet Cahill Celtic Thunder Fix you (Coldplay Cover)
Emmet Cahill ( Celtic Thunder) and Rebecca Winckworth 'Make you feel my love' via
just heard Emmet Cahill from CT sing his version of Coldplay "Fix You", it was amazing: via
From Emmet Cahill Official Music: 'Really excited about performing at the next week,Not to be missed...
This is how it is done. Brilliant job, Emmet Cahill Official Music
awesome man of Emmet Cahill great videos of gifted talented artist xx
Emmet Cahill has a beautiful voice,i love hearing him! He puts his heart & soul in his songs!
Sorry Emmet parted ways with CT . Did he not follow Paul B and Damian They are still performing in closets and flapping about. So what is the point? KH is the bright one and juggles both his solo endeavors and CT. Wise up Emmett and do it with forsight. Still luv ye babe!
Check out "Emmet Cahill - 'My Irish Molly'" on Vimeo I love this song you rock in Irish molly
Everybody that hasn't yet, go on over and follow Emmet at or check him out on FB-->
If you love then you will Mr. Have a & on FB! Please x
What was the best advice Emmet Cahill ever received? What advice would he give to others? What was his most embarrassing moment … we have the answers here.
Irish Music Daily caught up with Emmet Cahill and threw 12 questions at him. Why did you want to become a performer and what career would you follow if you weren?t in music?
IMA winner Best Irish Tenor (individual). EMMET CAHILL, I'm confused Baritone or Tenor? or do they need to add a new catagory
Emmet Cahill Celtic Thunder Your song (Piano Cover) I really love his cover of this song.
How y'all doing this cold, snowy Emmet Cahill Friday?? This is an old pic from Emmet's FB page - it's dated 12/13/10 - reminds me of Colm's "model" pics . :)
Happy Emmet Cahill Day , You are an inspiration & Joy to all who hear your voice. I'm sure that your future is Bright, you will be Missed:)
Have a wonderful Emmet Cahill day everyone!
If you want to send a letter . The address is Emmet Cahill - Kilbride Mountnugent, Co Cavan, Ireland
Good morning! Hope you have a wonderful Emmet Cahill Friday. No sun but we're supposed to flirt with 40F today. Works for me. Hope you all have a great day!
Good morning everybody. Hope you have a wonderful Emmet Cahill a Friday.
It's Emmet Cahill a Friday. May you all have a great day:)
Good morning my friends. Wish you all from the Netherlands a wonderful and Happy Emmet Cahill Friday :)
Emmet Cahill?s thoughts on women, regrets and the best advice he?s received.
Emmet Cahill is a principal singer with Irish vocal group Celtic Thunder. He is a highly trained and skilled musician and can play several instruments. He has a baritone voice and performs solo on several Celtic Thunder songs.
.the music of Emmet Cahill with Laura Durrant cover "All I Want". via
Slowly getting ready for work listening to The Spanish Lady sung by the nice and cute Emmet Cahill.
Just a few pictures that Fans sent in to say Best of Luck and Well Wishes To Emmet Cahill as he moves forward in his Amazing Singing career. The past 3 years...
Thank for the interesting article on Emmet Cahill. I look forward to hearing more from this young man.
The interview is great. Definitely cannot wait to see an Emmet Cahill album and, maybe, even an Emmet Cahill tour? :-D
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Emmet is an amazing man and I definitely can't wait to see an 'Emmet Cahill' album, out soon. Thanks for posting this! :-D
Q&A with Emmet Cahill… his thoughts on music, work, love, life etc
Just seen what you wrote hope to see a emmet cahill album in the future too and want to wish you the best of luck in 2014 👍☺
Hey guys,recently I answered some of your fan questions with them out here...
'What are your ambitions over the next five years?' I have lots of ambitions. Having just recently moved on from Celtic Thunder into a solo career I am very excited for what’s coming up in the near future for me. I can’t give away too much just yet but hopefully it won’t be too long before you see an Emmet Cahill album out there. I am delighted with what’s being proposed so far, so all I can say to my wonderful fans is to watch this space. - Emmet Cahill Official Music
To Purchase Voyage II on DVD from the Celtic Thunder Shop, with NO Regional Blocks This Is The Moment (Performed by Emmet Cahill) This is the moment This…
So it was the new year. I got to hang out with my best friend Kristy and I even gained a new boyfriend to kick off the new year with: Colm Joseph Keegan. Life went on and of course Kristy, Emmet, myself, and Colm kept in touch just about every night overseas. A few days past when we saw a horrible message that none of us could ever forget, or even accept for that matter. Emmet Cahill was resigning from Celtic Thunder? I called Kristy immediately and said, "Kristy! Go online and read what Emmet wrote, pronto!" Kristy read it out loud to me and said, "I don't believe this. I'm going to call him. There's no way." Kristy called Emmet and had him on three way. "Emmet, babe, you're leaving Celtic Thunder?" Emmet sighed and said, "It saddens me heart to say this but yes. I have to further my career. This isn't goodbye forever though." Kristy hesitated and then asked, "What about you and Colm doing the Celtic Comet date on March 21? Is that still happening?" Emmet laughed and said, "You really think we would let ...
Please share this event and Emmet's page Emmet Cahill Official Music with everyone!
Congratulations on the IMA's awards for Ryan Kelly,Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin and Emmet Cahill. Delighted for them and Celtic Thunder.
Huge congratulations to Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne on your IMA wins! We're proud of you.
Did you get your email from Ryan and Neil We bring you the great news! At the Irish Music Association of America's Awards Neil and Ryan Won 2 Awards! "Best Duo" in a Pub, Festival, Concert and "Best New Irish CD" for "Acoustically Irish" We are delighted to win these awards and to be in such talented company as fellow winners The Dubliners, The Chieftans, Moya Brennan, Phil Coulter, Keith Harkin, Emmet Cahill and many more. Thank you to everyone who voted, shared the message and those who have support us all of the time and have done so since the beginning - we are so very grateful.
Well Done Emmet Cahill Official Music - Here's to the beginning of the next chapter!
Well done Emmet Cahill Official Music - Hope there will be many more in the future
Congratulations to Emmet Cahill Official Music for Best Irish Tenor at the Irish Music Awards!!!
Kind words from the fans of Emmet Cahill, wishing him well in his new adventure. This is a fan made video! I own nothing but my own photographs!
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Hi Everyone, Wishing everyone a very Happy Emmet Cahill Day! I have read some of the messages that everyone have written. The one that struck my interest was from Kaylor. What a way to start the day by receiving a message from Emmet. This only happens once in awhile. Did he give you any idea on what he's his future plans might be? Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.
Everyone have a great Emmet Cahill day!
Good morning all, have a nice Emmet Cahill Friday!
Good morning! Wishing you all a fantastic Emmet Cahill Friday. A balmy 14F right now, zooming to 18 later on. However the sun is shining, always a plus! Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Emmet, Emmet, Emmet! It's going to be an awesome day :-) You know how to make my Friday's go smooth! We are going to have a great day! Have an awesome Emmet Cahill Friday everyone !!!
Thanks Jodi have a great night happy Emmet Cahill Day
Keith Harkin, Colm Keegan and Ryan Kelly about Emmet's decision. "I've just heard about Emmet Cahill Official Music. You were great to have on the road and stage. you will be missed. I wish Emmett all the best in what ever comes his way next! keep on trucking --Keith Harkin" "Very very exciting time for all of us fan & friends of Emmet Cahill. Incredible talent from CT doing it alone. We are all behind u buddy -- Colm Keegan" "So sorry to lose a great friend and colligue Emmet Cahill from Celtic Thunder. He will be greatly missed. I have no doubt though his star will rise and rise in his future... Gid speed my friend :) --Ryan Kelly" What do you think about this??? :)
Celtic Thunder and Emmet Cahill have parted ways for the time being and as such Emmet will not be touring with Celtic Thunder shows in 2014. Emmet is a talented singer and it has been our pleasure to work with him over the past three years. He has a bright future ahead of him and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. We know our fans have enjoyed meeting Emmet and watching him perform with Celtic Thunder and we are sure that you will continue to give him your support as he embarks on this new chapter in his musical career.
i will miss you buddy. Hope to hear from you soon!!! God bless you Emmet Michael Cahill!!
Well, Emmet Cahill is leaving Celtic Thunder. I'm so sick of people leaving Celtic Thunder. I just can't afford to keep buying music from all these people that keep leaving.
For those of you who haven't heard, please read this update from x (Fixed the link, sorry guys)!
Oh Emmet Cahill I am truly going toiss ur beautiful voice in Celtic Thunder I hope to hear more of it in the future wishing him nothing but the best for his future in the music industry wonder who the new guy is going to be I hope he is handsome as him
It is a sad day for the Celtic Thunder family to learn that Emmet Cahill will be leaving the group. But I know that things have only just begun for this amazingly charming and talented lad. I am so glad I got to see him at the beginning of what I'm sure will be a long and successful career. Emmet, you will be greatly missed but not forgotten!
So the announcement has been made, and our loveable, dimpled tenor Emmet Cahill Official Music is breaking away from Celtic Thunder to do bigger and better things with his solo career. But we fans and this group are not going anywhere. Celtic Come...
so sad to hear about Emmet Cahill Official Music leaving Celtic Thunder Official. Wishing him all the best in his new music adventures.
Best of luck ta Emmet Cahill. He has awesome talent . There are bigger and better opportunities awaiting him !
The Krew has always been Ryan's mainly but we support all of Celtic Thunder & tonight, one of our beloved lads has made an announcement. While it may upset some, it's just a step on Emmet Cahill Official Music's journey, I don't believe in saying goodbye, it's too final so I will, as he said, say see you later. Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. Napoleon Hill May those blueprints take you to heights you can't even imagine, Emmet & we will be right there to cheer you on. You were part of the Celtic Thunder family first, you are ours just as much as we are yours & we can't wait to see where this journey takes you & that incredible voice of yours. *Aria*
Dear Emmett, you have meant so much to all of the CT fans and your grace and kindness will always be remembered fondly. As Sharon has always says NO ONE ever leaves the family they just do not tour anymore! You are the finest Irish stock and you will go far in what ever it is you choose. We have been blessed to hear your voice among those other guys we love so much. So sorry to have to lose you to the group but you are always apart of that family and our hearts. Hope you and Rebecca duet more. The mix is pure gold. Hope you surprise us and drop in to a CT performance every now and then. We have treasured you my lad and always shall this be! Blessings!
I leave FB for one hour and Emmet Cahill Official Music decides to leave Celtic Thunder Official ~ I need to stay home!
Emmet Cahill announces he's leaving Celtic Thunder. Good luck to him in next phase of his career.
It seems to be a trend. People leaving shows we love. Dan Stevens leaving Downton Abbey, Michael Muhney leaving Y&R and now Emmet Cahill leaving CT.all of them beloved by so many of us! I'm frustrated!
The best of lucks to Emmet Cahill in his new enterprise.
I recently sent you a reply "one day your name,Emmet Cahill,will be on the marquise as solo..U fav.itdid we know
how do I pass time waiting for my mom to pick me up??. Listening to you,and of course Emmet Cahill best of luck to hin
// Emmet Freaking Michael Cahill, don't you dare leave Celtic Thunder.
Canna believe that Emmet Cahill be leavin Celtic Thunder. Will miss im terribly but happy 4 his next journey. Slainte
Emmet Cahill 6h How have I only recently discovered music...what a fantastic songwriter and artist.
Emmet Cahill 4h Just watched Donal Walsh- My story.What an inspirational life and wonderful legacy this young man has left behind.
The Irish Super Group is coming to New Zealand for the first time, performing their chart topping album, Mythology. Emmet Cahill is a member of the gr ...
Wishing everyone a great Emmet Cahill day!
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Hello everyone! Wishing you an extraordinary Emmet Cahill Friday! Guess what, it's snowing once again! :-( Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Good morning everybody. Have a great Emmet Cahill Friday.
Good morning from the Netherlands, wish you all a wonder, happy safe and warm Emmet Cahill Friday :)
See who nominated Emmet Cahill in the Shorty Awards, the awards for the best of social media.
Hope everyone enjoys their Emmet Cahill Friday!! I've had an exhausting few days, so I'm looking forward to relaxing tomorrow after work :)
A little Celtic Thunder to start the day. Thanks Ashley Vincent for introducing me to them. Emmet Cahill has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. 󾰀󾠔󾠓󾠚
Emmet Cahill is widely renowned as one of the most exciting up and coming classical singers in Ireland today. Performing from a very early age he has been a multiple prizewinner at all of the countries top music feis's,has performed on a number of occasions in Croke Park Dublin, as a soloist at Aras...
I Dreamed A Dream sung by Emmet Cahill and featuring some of the singers who have covered the song starting with Rose Laurens in 1980. I am NOT Emmet. I am J...
Have YOU shared these pages today? ;) Colm Keegan Emmet Cahill Official Music Celtic Comet Street Team (If you answered no, how 'bout sharing them now?!) x
Emmet Cahill Official Music, here is a recording of my goofing off on the piano. Note: I have no idea how to read music. :)
happy Emmet Cahill Friday hope you in joy your day
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday to you all. Everyone in the path of the storm, please stay safe and try to keep warm.
Thanks for add me to this group I love Emmet Cahill so much
Happy Emmet Cahill day, stay safe and warm, those of us in the grips of old man w.inter
To those dealing with the storm and cold on this Emmet Cahill Friday Stay Safe and Stay Warm.
I would like to thank you for all your support for the street team and Emmet this year, we hope you have a safe New Year's Eve and here is to a great New Years :) The Emmet Cahill Street Team
The Emmet Cahill Street Team has new postcards for fans to pass around and put up in different places. I always put one up at the post office :). Just ask them and they'll send you some right away!
HAPPY EMMET CAHILL FRIDAY! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! We are having a heat wave in Minnesota. 38 degrees. Think I should pull out the shorts, tank tops and flip flops :P
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday to you all! Have a safe weekend and keep warm.
Good morning everyone hope you have a great Emmet Cahill Friday.
Goodmorning from a stormy Netherlands. Wish you all a wonderful and Happy Emmet Cahill Friday :)
Hi Jodi: Thanks for inviting me to join Emmet Cahill Friday. Sorry, that I haven't replied before now. I have been so busy working and getting ready for my favorite holiday Christmas. Hope that you and your family had a joyful Christmas.
Emmet Cahill 6h The mother is working for Christmas Day so looks like its beans on toast for the dinner...!
I want to wish a Merry Christmas to ALL my family and friends. Even my international friends like: Ryan Kelly Music Official, Celtic Thunder Official- Ryan Kelly, Keith Hark in, George Donaldson, Emmet Cahill, Colm Keegan and Neil Byrne!
Everyone here would like to take a minute to wish all of our Street Teamers a beautiful and blessed holiday! Whatever it may be that you celebrate! :) x The page might be a little quiet through the end of the year here on our end, as we're in the process of planning for 2014 and want to make it the best year yet for and all of you! But keep watching this space and sharing the Comet love with all of your friends! We'll keep you posted on any updates from Colm Keegan & Emmet Cahill Official Music! Happy Holidays, folks!!! -Sammie
Emmet Cahill 6h Sorted the oul fella out with an IPhone for Xmas...DID NOT envisage questions every 2 minutes on how to use the bloody thing
Emmet Cahill - Grace: via so wonderfully beautiful.
Emmet Cahill 4h. Love being home,been spending all my days catching up on some quality time with...
Emmet Cahill 6h. Lots of you asking for mail address,it's 'Kilbride Mountnugent Co.Cavan Ireland'...
Emmet Cahill 51m. Can't wait to read through all this mail today,Thanks for your wonderful...
WATCH: Has Maurisa been doing Celtic Comet ( Colm Keegan and Emmet Cahill Official Music of Celtic Thunder...
This is Danny Boy sung by Emmet Cahill from Celtic Thunder
I know we have been having some requests for this some places, and I found it again. Here is Emmet singing - Mary...
Thought this was for Emmet Cahill. Oh, well
Great photo just posted by on his FB page
A favorite from the Carmel, IN Sound Check. Happy Emmet Cahill Friday. Just gotta love those dimples and that voice!
Emmet Cahill 5h. Barely home a day and the mother has me hoovering the entire house.. 'Cant be...
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday! Emmet singing "Spanish Lady" in Wabash. Keep hearing about this song - wish he had done it for us. Oh, well - the diversity of each concert is what keeps us going to as many as we can, 'cause we know there will be something new each time. :) Photo from Emmet's FB page.
Everyone have a great Emmet Cahill Friday and a wonderful weekend.
Merry Christmas from the Emmet Cahill Street team! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year .
Hope everyone has a wonderful Emmet Cahill day!
Wishing you all a very happy Emmet Cahill Friday. Hope your day will be better than Emmet's is, he is being forced to Hoover the entire house! Poor baby! Have a great one folks & stay warm!!!
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday...enjoy your time at home, come check us out :)
Good morning from the Netherlands, with everyone a wonderful and happy Emmet Cahill Friday :)
Kindred Spirits (Performed by Emmet Cahill) The candlelight is fading as I gently kneel and say An ‘Ave’ for my mother as her spirit slips away Away to join…
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“I love convos with my bff LOL I am totally riding. Emmet Cahill lmfao!
Emmet Cahill 5h. Land into Dublin and who are the first two people I meet only and...
Emmet Cahill 3h. Just about to board in JFK for the final journey home..Folks thankyou for a...
Don't forget! VOTING is NOW OPEN for the Irish Music Awards, where our very own Emmet Cahill Official Music is up for Best Irish Tenor! :) Massive congrats to Emmet as this is a HUGE honour. x You have to be a paid member ($15) to vote, but if you aren't, don't worry! You can still help spread the word by sharing this link/post/etc! :)
Proud of Colm Keegan & Emmet Cahill Official Music! :) As you's know, Em just hit 15K and now Colm is just 8 short of 10K! Can we all share his page a few times and help him hit that goal?!
To find a Celtic Thunder Christmas Show Near you. A Behind the Scenes with Emmet Cahill of Celtic Thunder singing "Have Yourself a Merry...
Colm Keegan 14m Driving home from seeing my brother in Galway back to Dublin, think I've listened to three times.borderline obsessive!? Emmet Cahill 1m I know you've had my song on repeat
I wish all a very Happy Emmet Cahill Friday!!!
Have a great Emmet Cahill day everyone! Also stay warm everyone from a cold Iowa!
Good morning everyone. Hope you have a wonderful Emmet Cahill Friday.
HAPPY EMMET CAHILL FRIDAY everyone! Have ya'll missed me, I have missed you guys. I thought I would never get over this junk and start to feel human again, but I AM WOMAN AND HEAR ME ROAR..Chat with ya'll later.
Emmet Cahill 4h Great day wandering round NYC..Liberty and Ellis Island,walk round the metropolitan Opera house..Now for Motown on Broadway!
Emmet Cahill 2m Chilling in the green room before our performance on New Day morning TV here in Seattle...Final day of tour!!Ready for a big show tonight!
Emmet Cahill 4h Delighted to be nominated for this years IMA awards,Irish tenor category,Give me a vote here folks :D
Congratulations to my friends that are nominated for an award in The Irish Music Assoc. Awards - Paul Byrom, Keith Harkin, Emmet Cahill, Ryan Kelly & Neil Byrne, & Phil Coulter for his Lifetime Achievement Nomination!
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Congratulations to Emmet Cahill Official Music on his Irish Music Awards nomination for Best Irish Tenor!
It's awesome when someone sees the picture of me, Colm Keegan and Emmet Cahill Official Music and thinks they're my brothers. LOL That was awesome!
Hope everyone has a great Emmet Cahill day!
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday to you all. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, relax today.
For everyone who saw the rumor going around yesterday about Emmet and the kilt, I messaged him and asked him was it true because I just couldn't believe it and this is what he wrote me back so everyone who is doubt you no longer need to be and can give him break and help clear this up! Emmet Cahill Official Music Hi Tina.I'm only discovering this rumour today..Im sorry to burst everyones bubble but I'm afraid it is not true..Hilarious to think a rumour can spread so fast.Oh well I am getting a laugh out of it
Time to start decorating for Christmas and bake some cookies, but not all in one day. Happy Emmet Cahill day everyone hugs to you all
Emmet Cahill 5h Happy Food,Alcohol and Football day everyone...:D
Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everybody!! May you have great craic with your friends & family. I'm thankful for each of you and your hard working promoting Emmet. - From everybody at the Emmet Cahill Street Team
Emmet Cahill 3h Never let the truth get in the way of a good rumour...Laughed all day at this one
~ thx for preserving this gem of a performance Keith Harkin & Emmet Cahill fan video "7 Drunken Nights" via
Four videos of top acts including Emmet Cahill performing My Irish Molly O
Celtic Comet with Colm Keegan and emmet cahill
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday...have fun on the cruise, come check us out!!
best part of the meet and greet- getting a hug and photo with Emmet Cahill and Keith Harkin! Second best was their reaction to a little girl's question(she said she was 6yrs old and her question was "Do you believe in Leprechauns?") and them asking if they could pick her up for the photo. Just goes to show that some artists are truly great and decent people.
Got a hug from Emmet Cahill and Keith Harkin!!!
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EXCITING NEWS! Have you already ordered this wonderful new Cd??? What do you think of it??? Mine will be shipped next week!! Cant wait for! GRANDI NOTIZIE! Avete già ordinato il nuovo cd? Cosa ne pensate? Il mio verrà spedito settimana prossima!! Non vedo l'ora!!! Celtic Thunder - 'Christmas Voices' Celtic Thunder, latest album CHRISTMAS VOICES was recorded in Ireland in Summer 2013 and the latest CD from Celtic Thunder creator Sharon Browne and Musical Director David Munro. The album travels around the world to bring an eclectic selection of much loved Christmas standards, delivered with Celtic Thunder’s signature big production sound. In essence Celtic Thunder Christmas Voices is a heart-warming Christmas CD which embraces the very essence of the Festive Season, drawing on classics new and old from all corners of the globe. Celtic Thunder's six male soloists Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, George Donaldson, Neil Byrne and Colm Keegan perform solo and ensemble numbers in Christmas Voices and ...
Emmet Cahill 4 Sep. Here's me blabbing on about the tour ;)...
Emmet Cahill and Rebecca Winckworth Make You Feel My Love More on Emmet and Rebecca on
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday...enjoy your dress rehearsal today, check us out :)
Emmet Cahill 2h. First full run through of the show today..It's all go here for the lads...
My new fan made emmet Cahill fan page any photos I post all right are Emmets 😊I don't own anything
Day 4: Best friend! My best friend Julia and I meeting Emmet Cahill at the Celtic Thunder concert!…
mom: what do u want for christmas?. my bro: a PS 4. me: Emmet Cahill.
Emmet Cahill 5h. Great to land in Vancouver being back in Canada.nice catching up with...
no its not a lot.I only got 3 pics. Wish I could get you more. ;) Here's the link: Enjoy!
Emmet Cahill. Your voice rivals the angels'. Gosh why do you have to be so adorable?
Emmet Cahill 1m. About to take off...Only 60 odd gigs till Christmas :D See you all soon folks!
proud o' ya Emmet Cahill love your smilin' ornery face and very proud to be your fan u r a giftedyoung manxx
I AM A LOSS FOR WORDS!!. Emmet Cahill 27m. Staying with tonight before we fly in the...
Emmet Cahill 2m. Staying with tonight before we fly in the morning.He promised me a...
Emmet Cahill 49s. Last Sunday dinner at home until December,Feet up football on and...cases packed...well,sort of
Emmet Cahill 10h. Such a great article on a wonderful man,don't think well see one like him again...
"Screencaps of Emmet Cahill in 'Girls, Girls, Girls' from Voyage" (made by me) ;)
Celtic Thunder's Colm Keegan & Emmet Cahill 'Celtic Comet' are returning for a live video chat -
MY IRISH MOLLY-O (Performed by Emmet Cahill) Molly dear now did you hear, the news that's goin' round Down in a corner of my heart, a love is what you've found And…
Celtic Thunder is delighted to announce that between now and November, the guys will be online for "Live Video Chat" with fans once a week.   During each video chat session until Nov 2013, fans will have the opportunity to register for a Private Party with the Celtic Thunder Principals, after their Acoustic Show on the Celtic Thunder Cruise. The submissions page will be open from 6:00 PM (ET) to 7:00 PM (ET) the day of each video chat. Go to to submit your entry. Between now and November 2013, the video chat teams may host a Solo video chat. However, the Private Parties will be hosted as 'teams' and not as Individual Private Parties. The Private Party Teams are: Colm Keegan/Emmet Cahill - AKA "Celtic Comet" Neil Byrne/Ryan Kelly - "Acoustic by Candlelight" Keith Harkin - Solo Performance George Donaldson - Solo Performance After the video chat, the entry page will be close for submissions. This is to ensure that all the guys have adequate time to receive everyone's submissions and choose FIVE new friends ...
Alyssa just finished high school and was ready to go to collage. Over the summer she was helping Celtic Thunder on their summer tour she met the most amazing lad named Emmet Cahill. Emmet just couldn’t keep his eyes off her when they met. Ryan Kelly was Alyssa dad and he had asked Sharon if Alyssa could come with them on tour and be a backup dancer for Emmet during one of his songs.  Over the summer during the tour they deiced to become a couple Sharon accepted this and Alyssa became the lead dancer during Always There a new thing Sharon has came up with for the song it worked out perfect.  Anyway the tour was over and Alyssa was being home schooled on the tour by a special teacher that Sharon has hired for her during the tour but with finishing that she now has to go to New Mexico for collage. It was time to leave and Alyssa was hugging and saying her goodbyes to the lads she came up to Emmet and said “hon I’m going to miss you” as she kisses him. “Don’t worry hon we will still be able to S ...
Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there! Here's a special message from the men of Celtic Thunder and song, "Always There" sung by Emmet Cahill.
Can Keith Harkin, Emmet Cahill or Colm Keegan pleeeaase marry me already?!!
happy emmet Cahill day to you too, been listening to Mythology since I got it in the mail I love it :-)
Happy Emmet Cahill Friday to my Thunder Family. Hope you have had a chance to see/listen to Mythology:)
ISLE OF HOPE (Performed by Emmet Cahill) On the first day on Ja-nu-a-ry, Eight-een nine-ty two They o-pened El-lis Is-land and they let the people through And…
“Live Session with Celtic Thunder's Emmet Cahill, Enjoy! check out my Christmas video folks!
Emmet Cahill tonight in colarado springs,Celtic Thunder live 6000ft above sea level,deep breaths for this one!!!
I touched the stage that Emmet Cahill peeformed on last night! ♡
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Aussie radio interview with Emmet Cahill Official Music last month
Emmet Cahil;; on WCNC-TV in Charlotte, NC, Performs "Kindred Spirit" from Celtic Thunder's NEW "Heritage" Album For Full details on Emmet Cahill
Emmet Cahill over 40 belated birthday cards tonight with some very generous gifts,Thankyou all folks,you know who you are!!
Please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE to my channel Here's ...
Emmet Cahill the afternoon at the cinema in Tulsa,New bond Movie 'Skyfall' is very good.Recommended!!
Emmet Cahill night at the amazing fox theatre,St.louis,up early in the morning for TV in Tulsa Oklahoma,Back on the road we go!!
Emmet Cahill -My Irish Molly – Song isn’t an Irish song at all - it originated in America in the early 1900s.
Emmet Cahill day in Nashville again,great urban outfitters store,did some damage,recovering From a serious days crac yday with the CT crew
Okay, folks! wants more likes on his fb page. Get on "like-ing" and get your friends "like-ing"!!
I'm stuck in the groove with Keith Harkin on
Y'all have a grand and Happy Emmet Cahill Friday!!! I go get ready for work :( I'm still having troubles @ Wally...
Emmet Cahill takes a few minutes from the tour, for a Q & A, Enjoy!
Q & A with Celtic Thunder's 'Emmet Cahill' by Celtic Thunder. Emmet Cahill takes a few minutes from
In which Emmet Cahill makes me cry with his perfect accent and his perfect face and his perfect dimples
Wishing Emmet Cahill from Celtic Thunder a very happy birthday today!!
From left are Celtic Thunder members Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin, George Donaldson, Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne. (N...
I still cant believe Emmet Cahill replied to me yesterday! I spent all last night listening to...
Tomorrow is Emmet Cahill Friday!!! Y 'all have a good night I have had a grand day off. Now it is time for me to...
Seriously, that voice of yours Emmet!! my god!! Emmet Cahill Your song (Cover): via
About a month ago, I was browsing Emmet Cahill's YouTube channel and I came across his beautiful version of "…
Sing to me Emmet Cahill... I need and cigarettes to complete this moment
Who wants Emmet Cahill from Celtic Thunder to perform at Culhane's Irish Pub very soon? Voting begins NOW.
Here's the Link to Emmet Cahill Friday if you'd like to take a peek at it :)
Emmet Cahill the road early this morning headed to do a tv performance and interview with...
Emmet Cahill far too much shoppin for this early in the some class new gear from...
2nd Starbucks of the day,and just got the new Avett brothers album...cheers folks
Emmet Cahill gig in windsor tonight...5000 capacity crowd in to see the gig,great...
Fab newly designed artists page for with bio, photos, and videos!
An Interview with Neil new Submitted by dee24 on Thu, 2012-09-06 18:16. Celtic Thunder rolls into Sydney Friday night Published on September 5, 2012 By Laura Jean Grant - Cape Breton Post SYDNEY — Cape Breton is particularly friendly territory for Celtic Thunder. The popular Irish all-male singing group will perform Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Centre 200 in Sydney, on an island renowned for its own Celtic culture. Their performance in Cape Breton is one of just four Atlantic Canadian dates on a lengthy 65-city tour of Canada and the United States that stretches until early December. Celtic Thunder, featuring Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, George Donaldson, Emmet Cahill, and Neil Byrne, as well as a full band, is well-known for its high energy and dramatic live shows. In the last year, Celtic Thunder has released two CD and DVD sets titled “Voyage,” and “Voyage II” in which they explore their Irish and Celtic roots. Songs include “Danny Boy,” “The Dutchman,” “To Where You Are,” “My Irish Moll ...
Emmet Cahill the all Ireland final in our dressing room via a dodgy Internet feed..
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