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FORMER French prime minister Manuel Valls has accused new president Emmanuel Macron of being “mean” for not allo...
France's new president Emmanuel Macron unveils his party's 428 election candidates for June's general election - wi
Emmanuel Macron, 39, was officially installed on Sunday as the youngest president in modern French history
Emmanuel Macron's unlikely path to the French presidency - The ...
With legislative elections just weeks away, the new president, Emmanuel Macron, must find a way to form a majority in the National Assembly…
This is how Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen reacted to France's election result
Emmanuel Macron wins French presidency | Watch his meteoric rise.
Emmanuel Macron fends off Marine Le Pen to win French presidency
From the controversial firing of FBI director James Comey to Emmanuel Macron's triumph in France's presidential ...
Emmanuel Macron vows unity after winning French presidential election
Emmanuel Macron beats Le Pen to win French presidency
Breaking News: The centrist Emmanuel Macron will be France's next president, forecasts show
Top story: Will French president-elect Emmanuel Macron's plan to govern 'by dec… see more
Emmanuel Macron reciting the opening dialogue of Molière's "Le Misanthrope" from memory. . Him and Trump will have so m…
What do you think of Emmanuel Macron winning the French Elections 2017? by Thomas L. Johnson
His Majesty King Abdullah II congratulates President-elect Emmanuel Macron, on his election as France President
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Journalist describes how how Emmanuel Macron was utterly fabricated by media in capital’s hands.
Russian President Vladimir Putin sends message of congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on election as French president
When Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron meet for the first time the resultant explosion of hotness will probably finish…
Why Iain Duncan Smith arrogant to Emmanuel Macron, the first French reformer in decades? | talkRADIO via
Francois Hollande (right) looks at Emmanuel Macron during a VE Day ceremony in Paris
The reason Emmanuel Macron's win wasn't as big as it looked
PARIS (AP) - French President Francois Hollande says Emmanuel Macron's inauguration will be Sunday.
Francois Hollande and Emmanuel Macron attend a ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe to mark the 72nd anniversary of the victory over Na…
Emmanuel Macron is a part of the elite, but he came across as someone new - Aquilino Morelle, former adviser to Fra…
The current French leader Francois Hollande has confirmed that Emmanuel Macron will be sworn in as the new president on May 14.…
Emmanuel Macron takes part in VE Day celebrations in Paris with François Hollande, hours after being voted France's youngest-e…
Nigerian YOUTH must understand this: . 1year ago, Emmanuel Macron did not stand any chance at all.
French President-elect Emmanuel Macron is gearing up for challenges ahead
I predict Emmanuel Macron will emerge, together with Angela Merkel, as the last bastions of sober thought on the gl…
Now Europe has 2 JEWISH heads of states on the top of the 2 richest countries: Emmanuel Macron in France and Angela Merkel in…
Emmanuel Macron is new President of France: Victory speech in photos
Tech - Emmanuel Macron and how political campaigns will never be the same
Moving on can mean that Emmanuel Macron
French prime minister says Emmanuel Macron has beaten far-right Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election. Polls sugges…
Marine Le Pen lost to Emmanuel Macron by millions of votes. Or, as Donald Trump would call it, a histor…
Emmanuel Macron declares a "new chapter in our long history begins tonight" after winning the .
Emmanuel Macron & Obama spotted celebrating death of France. The Wall just got 10 feet higher!. h…
PARIS (AP) - French prime minister says Emmanuel Macron has won the French presidential election
Top European economist makes the left-wing case for Emmanuel Macron via
show Emmanuel Macron is Deep State puppet of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) - full chart of EU…
SMOKING GUN in Emmanuel Macron is funded by US Deep State National Endowment for Democracy (NED)…
Emmanuel Macron is 39 and his wife is 64. French women say it’s about time.
Chuck Johnson has Emmanuel Macron's emails and bank records, a source reports.
France will elect a new president on Sunday, but what powers will Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen have if they win?
Daily chart: Emmanuel Macron would be the youngest president in French history via
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If the French people needed one more reason to choose Emmanuel Macron as their new president, here it is. Merci
.told the latest on the including Obama endorsing Emmanuel Macron
Former President Obama endorses Emmanuel Macron over far-right rival in French election
Former US President Barack Obama endorses Emmanuel Macron for the President of France.
‘He’s just like Hollande’ Marine Le Pen SAVAGES Emmanuel Macron in vicious war of words
Emmanuel Macron branded 'REPREHENSIBLE' by Polish officials in furious war of words
Marine Le Pen about her opponent, establishment boy Emmanuel Macron:
Emmanuel Macron has taken French voters for granted. Now he risks defeat
Lord Mandelson claims Emmanuel Macron is an ‘HEIR TO BLAIR’ after uniting French centrists
Emmanuel Macron says he would push for sanctions against Poland for infringing European Union 'rights and values'.
Emmanuel Macron on target to become the President of France. His objective to create jobs for school & university leavers…
France, if you read that Emmanuel Macron hates scarves, prefers color to B&W, and doesn't find Jerry Lewis funny it's…
Emmanuel Macron now becomes the focus of hope for France, for Europe, and possibly for the world.
Willie Rennie has just endorsed Emmanuel Macron. Hard to imagine the desolation in the Le Pen camp.
French elections 2017 highlights: Emmanuel Macron wins first round, to face Le Pen in runoff vote
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How French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron summed up to Hillary Clinton by the US State Department
GEOFF LEWIS : Emmanuel Macron victory will be friendly for global markets
GEOFF LEWIS : Emmanuel Macron likely to win French election, but won't have majority
BREXIT: What do Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron mean for Britain? -
Barack Obama spoke to French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron today, wishing him "all the best in coming days"
Emmanuel Macron promises to transform French politics - as he refuses to mention Le Pen: EMMANUEL Macron has……
Emmanuel Macron says he will "express hope for France and for Europe" as he goes through to the next round of the French elect…
As the festival of Black Swans continues 👉🏾 French election: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen into second round,
Le Pen boosted in French elections as Fillon involved in yet more scandals
Emmanuel Macron will win the French Presidential election first round, according to a projection…
Former PM Francois Fillon concedes defeat in French election first round, endorses Emmanuel Macron in second round on May 7
Marine Le Pen's leftist opponent Emmanuel Macron who Obama supports married his school teacher who is 25 years older and t…
Emmanuel Macron who is leading in French poll sample count; at 39 in Zimbabwe he wouldn't even qualify to join Zanu…
elections:. Francois concedes defeat. He will support Emmanuel
Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen set to win first round of France’s presidential election http…
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Biggest result of the day - Emmanuel Macron on course to become president of France despite far right getting 21% of the vote
Tremendous achievement by Emmanuel Macron. Bulwark against evil forces and tribune for modernization in France and Europe.
Marine Le Pen one step closer to the French presidency as she storms into second round
Hamon urging his supporters to vote Macron: “Emmanuel Macron is not a man of the left," but he is “not an enemy of the re…
and into French election 2nd round — projections via Crap.
French exit polls point to showdown between right-wing Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen through to French presidential runoff
Congrats to winner of first round & strong defender of core liberal values!
Emmanuel Macron is projected to have won the first round of the French presidential election with Le Pen in second. htt…
Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right politician Marine Le Pen led the first round of voting in France’s election
French candidate Francois Fillon throws his support behind Emmanuel Macron. Everyone now lining up against Marine Le Pen for round 2.
France faces its own EU referendum as Marine Le Pen and Europhile Emmanuel Macron split the first-round vote
French centrist Emmanuel Macron welcomed projections showing him reaching the presidential runoff, with far-right Marine L…
Emmanuel Macron is just another fanatic who thinks got rights in Syria . big supporter of destroying
Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen projected to win first round of French presidential contest
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Interfering in foreign elections is terrible, unless you're interfering on behalf of the establishment candidate. https:/…
Results have put Emmanuel Macron at 23.7% and Marine Le Pen at 21%.
French presidential election: Far-right's Marine Le Pen to face centrist Emmanuel Macron...
Macron and Le Pen into French election 2nd round — projections via
French presidential hopeful Macron's wife, 24 yrs his senior, had been his high school teacher via…
Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen win first round of French elections - projections  via
Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen to contest French... by via
BREAKING: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen lead in the early count of French vote
Fillon: "This defeat is mine and mine only." Says Front National would lead to chaos. Says he will vote for Emmanuel Macron.
"The French have expressed their desire for change," says Emmanuel Macron
The big winner in the will be Vladimir Putin, 3 of…
Fillon says Front National will make France bankrupt and unhappy, so 'I will vote in favour of Emmanuel Macron'
Marine Le Pen leads with 25.2% of vote and Emmanuel Macron has 21.1%, interior ministry says https:/…
Emmanuel Macron, the new wonder child of French politics
Did Theresa promise Emmanuel Macron [former banker] to raise division in her government to raise doubt amongst Marine Le Pen supporters?
Emmanuel Macron, we keep our fingers crossed for you! Fight for our freedom, fight for France, fight for the European U…
French presidential election: Marine Le Pen set to be crushed by Emmanuel Macron, poll reveals via /r/worldnews
Ex-PM Manuel Valls says he'll vote for his former minister Emmanuel Macron in French race
Germany, Angela Merkel has no children, as British prime minister Theresa May and one of France’s presidential candidates, Emmanuel Macron
I think the TLS is the only English-language paper to review Emmanuel Macron's own book. Read our piece here:
Sudhir Hazareesingh has reviewed Emmanuel Macron's book; it is a must-read for anyone interested in French politics.
Marine Le Pen LOSES lead to Emmanuel Macron, new poll claims, but then again polls said Clinton was clearly in lead!. https…
Emmanuel Macron leads in French presidential election poll for first time, ahead of Marine Le Pen
[Yahoo News]Paris (AFP) - Emmanuel Macron has emerged as undisputed king of the French centre…
Emmanuel Macron is France's Tony Blair. A glib liar peddling a false prospectus: The Third Way should be dead and b…
The Guardian is the high school teacher that wanted to bang you: "the exciting young independent candidate, Emmanuel Macron"
Emmanuel Macron now second favourite for French presidency with PaddyPower, well ahead of Marine Le Pen. Was 16:1 in Janua…
The 39 year old independent, Emmanuel Macron, now clear 2nd favourite to be next French president. Fillon now longer than…
basically there's now 3 leftist candidates - Arnaud Montebourg, Manuel Valls, Emmanuel Macron
JUST IN: France's former economy minister Emmanuel Macron confirms he'll run for president
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Frances Macron Rejects Tailor-Made Deal for Britain on EU Exit: Emmanuel Macron, who quit President Francois ...
Emmanuel Macron, a thorn in the side of Renault's Carlos Ghosn, quits French cabinet, eyes 2017 presidential race
French economy minister Emmanuel Macron writes to the ECCC on Hinkley Point C
with Emmanuel Macron, Chris Grayling, Yvette Cooper, David Davis, Tony Parsons, Emma Barnett and some Bach!! 9am tomorrow BBC1
French economy minister Emmanuel Macron has claimed a Brexit would provoke France into tearing up the bilateral deal that sees thousands
Emmanuel Macron and wife Brigitte arrive for the State dinner for the Spanish Royal couple at Elysee Palace.
Who's Emmanuel Macron, the surprise 36-year-old new French economy minister?
Francois Hollande who is Jewish hired Emmanuel Macron from the Rothschild Investment bank to be his chief economic adviser.
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