Emma Watson & Michelle Williams

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (born 15 April 1990) is an English actress and model. Michelle Ingrid Williams (born September 9, 1980) is an American actress. 5.0/5

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The ever stunning Michelle Williams is blowing my mind in "My Week With Marilyn" along with Eddie Redmayn, Emma Watson..and the Dench.
I have to say: Kristen Stewart is getting better roles than Emma Watson. The project with Laura Dern and Michelle Williams …
Emma Watson: My Week with Marilyn: During Marilyn Monroe’s (Oscar® Nominee Michelle Williams) first trip to London
Ancient Greek Sandals as worn by Emma Watson, Naomi Watts, Michelle Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Harper Beckham, and last but not least, Rihanna!!! Feeling excited about our Eyes!!!
Just finished watching my weekend with Marilyn, Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne are amazing plus Emma Watson's in it
Tonight's first movie was "My Week with Marilyn" from 2011, starring Michelle Williams (terrific as Marilyn Monroe), Kenneth Branagh (utterly brilliant as Laurence Olivier), Eddie Redmayne, Emma Watson and Judi Dench (an endearing Sybil Thorndike). I loved this film, I found it funny, touching, sexy, revealing and ultimately, tragic. High marks from me.
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JGL, Jennifer Lawrence, Dane DeHaan, Ezra Miller, Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams and Emma Watson is very good!
Already an accomplished actress at the age of twenty-two, Emma Watson has starred in 14 films. In the past year she has broadened her impressive body of work, showing her versatility as a performer with her first screen roles following the recent completion of the HARRY POTTER series. In Simon Curtis’s MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, Emma plays wardrobe assistant Lucy, alongside a stellar cast of Oscar nominees Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe and Kenneth Branagh as Sir Laurence Olivier, in addition to Eddie Redmayne, Dame Judi Dench, Dougray Scott, Zoe Wanamaker, Toby Jones and Dominic Cooper. Emma recently played the American lead role of Sam on Stephen Chbosky’s adaptation of his coming-of-age novel THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER. Also directed by Chbosky, this independent drama centres around introverted fifteen year old Charlie (played by Logan Lerman) as he is taken under the older Sam’s wing. The film opened to critical acclaim in September 2012 and is tipped for attention in awards season. She rec ...
While making The Prince and the Showgirl, Marilyn Monroe took a shine to a lowly assistant director. Their brief relationship is at the heart of My Week with Marilyn, screening at Pavilion Pictures on Friday 8th February. My Week with Marilyn’s all star cast includes Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Eddie Redmayne, Dominic Cooper, Julia Ormond, Emma Watson and Judi Dench. Tickets on sale now!
Eddie Redmayne in movies is always sidling up to Chloe Moretz, K-Stew, Seyfried, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams... really, ladies?
This film is full of some incredible actors. Jeeez. Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Michelle Williams, Zoe Wanamaker, Emma Watson.
What a pair Eddie Redmayne and Michelle Williams are in My Week with Marilyn. Not to mention miss Emma Watson.
Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Emma Watson... I think you get the picture.
Michelle Williams and Emma Watson have the pixie cut down. Thumbs up for expressing yourself, Miley, but eh.
Have a look at Michelle Williams in this role guys.Judy Dench and Emma Watson in this too.
Eddie Redmayne, Emma Watson, Dominic Cook and Michelle Williams all in a film together. Too much to handle, omg
Watched My Week with Marilyn. Question for all men -- if you chose one among Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Williams and Emma Watson, who would it be? I am actually leaning more toward Michelle Williams.
My co worker Elyse thinks that I should get my hair cut like Michelle Williams or Emma Watson. Any comments??
MOVIE REVIEW: "My Week With Marilyn" (2011) A young man will do anything to get into films. He eventually gets a job as a 3rd assisstant director (a gofer posistion). When preproduction is finished, it's announced that Marilyn Monroe will be the star. Marilyn gives the director *** and the young man (Colin) falls in love with her. I love movies about making movies, I love Marilyn Monroe and I loved this movie! Michelle Williams is freakin' unbelivable as Marilyn Monroe! Vivian Liegh and Laurence Olivier make great characters while Judi Dench and Emma Watson give great performances. Overall, a good film. 8.5/10
L.A. Ladies: Short haircut model needed for this Thursday! Think Michelle Williams or Emma Watson. Interested?...
Having just watched My Week With Marilyn, Michelle Williams was great and a beauty, but for me, really good to see Emma Watson in a different role.
We teach you how to mix floral prints à la Michelle Williams, Emma Watson and Riley Keough with 11 picks under $100
Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson. ♥ Keepin' my eyes peeled.
-- If Jason Segel can get Michelle Williams, I can have Emma Watson. Soon, my love; Soon.
My Week with Marilyn. Michelle Williams-boss. Branagh-of course, boss. Emma Watson-wooden. The main man-Keanu Reeves esq one face wonder.
Finally getting my hair styled in about 2 weeks, & I need some suggestions. Looking for something sexy, easy to style, & easy to grow out. My inspirations so far are Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham, & Michelle Williams. Any suggestions?? :) (Just don't say Paris Hilton or Emma Watson please ;))
Hmmm. Emma Watson/Michelle Williams short? I had it really short two years ago. I just don't see the point having my hair long.
Kenneth Branagh. Michelle Williams. Emma Watson. Judi Dench. This is how you pack a film with stars.
Emma Watson, Judy Dench, Sharon Stone, Halle Berry, Michelle Williams, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ginnifer Goodwin, these are some of the actresses who have worn pixie cuts with their evening gowns. Remember that when told you "need an updo".
Thinking about getting a really REALLY short haircut like Michelle Williams' or Emma Watson's. Not joking.
For me, Lucy (Emma Watson) is far hotter than Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams) in 'My Week with Marilyn'.
Can't wait "My Week With Marilyn" with Michelle Williams, Emma Watson and Kenneth Branagh. I think it will be a great movie !
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