Emma Watson & Kristen Stewart

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (born 15 April 1990) is an English actress and model. Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. 5.0/5

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i morphed Tzuyu face with Emma Watson, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delavigne, and Kristen Stewart because why not?
Emma Watson is the equivalence to Kristen Stewart they're so boring with no emotion. Belle was NOT Bella Swan... she had life 😞
Emma Watson would not have been my first choice for Belle in Disney's live-action nor Kristen Stewart my…
I like Emma Watson a lot...I just don't think Beauty and the Beast is for her. I'd just rather Kristen Stewart play the part
Emma Watson is to Kristen Stewart as Emma Thompson is to Catherine Keener. All stars, it's indie vs mainstream.
I will never not have a crush on Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart
Love that Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart are coming through stronger than their bland male counterparts 💅🏼👊🏼
It looks like Emma Watson has been taking lessons from the Kristen Stewart school of acting.
Why haven't Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson made a movie together they had so many years to one. Please let it be their chance to do one.
I swear Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson are starting to look like the same person
Kristen Stewart is like Emma Watson's sister, but the parents liked Emma better so Kristen half rebelled but still wanted to be famous.
Interesting facts about Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson's birthdays!!!
Our hottest babes for today were Hayden Panettiere, Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart! Play now!
Wow! Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Barbara Palvin got some serious fan love today! Play now!
"Only children would think that Kristen Stewart is a better actress than Emma Watson."
someone morphed Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart together and wow
I have to say: Kristen Stewart is getting better roles than Emma Watson. The project with Laura Dern and Michelle Williams
Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart were born 6 days apart. They have and
Angel : I will give you opportunity to select one super star heroin for your life partner for your honest heart. this is your award so which one you wanna select tell me Katrina Kaif Kareena Kapoor sonam kapoor Deepika Padukone Priyanka chopra Aishwarya raj Giselle Monteiro Anushka sharma Bidya balan shruti hassan Asin Thottumkal Sonakshi Sinha Nargis Fakhri Jacqueline Fernandez Angela Jonsson Sushmita Sen Lara Dutta Kajol Bipasha Basu Rani Mukherjee Malaika Arora Zarine Khan Neha Sharma Juhi Chawla Ada Sharma Ayesha Takia Lisa Ray Urvashi Sharma Andrea Jermiah Preity Zinta Soha Ali Khan Diana Hayden Tabu Minisha Lamba me: no no I not like anyone from Bollywood star :( Angel: OK baba OK I will give you another one from Hollywood super star 100. Ellen Page best hollywood actresses 99. Emma Watson best hollywood actresses 98. Jennifer Aniston best hollywood actresses 97. Kristen Stewart best hollywood actresses 96. Winona Ryder best hollywood actresses 95. Janet Leigh best hollywood actresses 94. Keira Kni ...
10 pts for Kristen Stewart! The Twilight actress is the latest lady in Hollywood to speak about feminism in the wake of Emma Watson's HeForShe campaign --- and she's got some wise notions to share! Her conversation with The Daily Beast went from women being the "underdog" in the film business, to public figures afraid of the feminist label… [ 187 more words. ]
Kim Kardashian is GQ's woman of the year for 2014. In 2013, it was Emma Watson. That's like going from Daniel Day Lewis to Kristen Stewart.
I almost want to say Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart...but at the same time I don't.
I bet if you replaced Kristen Stewart with like Emma Watson and Rob Patterson with a young James Franco the twilight saga wouldn't be so bad
Photo of Kristen-Emma for fans of Kristen Stewart vs. Emma Watson.
I can't choose between Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart
We saw NOAH tonight. This is a movie with a message and that message is "BEWARE!" If you want to to enjoy a bad movie, rent BILLY JACK or SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. This movie brings 'bad' to a new low. There isn't even a decent performance in it to recommend it. It could not have been any worse if Kristen Stewart had been in it! Speaking of untalented young women, I have no idea what Emma Watson was doing, but it sure as heck wasn't acting. There was a time that I thought Jennifer Connolly was a decent actress, but this movie has certainly dissuaded me from that! She is very good at getting her nose to run, though. After going through what she had to endure with Russell Crow in A BEAUTIFUL MIND, you'd think she'd learned her lesson. I am pretty sure that Russell Crow could actually act at one time, but... Now... Not so much! Boy, I miss Bud White! The script is pretty insulting to anyone who has even a passing knowledge of The Bible. Fallen angels that look like the rock monster from GALAXY QUEST, industrial ...
Emma Watson (Rex) Emma Watson sure turned some heads last night when she stepped out on the red carpet at the Berlin premiere of eagerly anticipated biblical Epic Noah. The 23-year-old starlet is known for her stellar sense of style and certainly didn’t disappoint last night- totally loving her navy Wes Gordon frock? Yep- us too. However, us beauty ladies couldn’t help but notice Emma’s incredible hairstyle- a fierce, slicked-back style which really highlighted her incredible cheekbones and, might we add, impressively arched brows. (Rex) Slicked back at the sides and with backcombed at top for a hint of volume, this jaw-dropping look gets our full beauty marks. Plus- who else thinks Em looks a teensy bit like Kristen Stewart? We recks this vampy, edgier beauty look really suits the ex-Harry Potter star and we’re loving the dark eyeliner and vibrant red lipstick to boot. Way to go ...
What would Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart & Megan Fox look like with Tattoos?
Qué rallada. Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart are actually one by RafatParwez on
jeff just thought Kristen Stewart was Emma Watson.
"Jennifer Lawrence will be working on a film this year with Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Dakota Fanning and Anna Kendrick"…
okay so my mum hates: Danneel Harris/Kristen Stewart/Jennifer Lawrence. thinks Lilly Collins & Emma Watson are 'okay' but likes.
If u like Emma Watson honestly I prefer Kristen Stewart she seems Grunge n good music taste
When I look up Emma Watson on Google I dont want to see pictures of Emma Stone and Kristen Stewart
Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick, Kristen Stewart, Kate Mara. These are a few of my favorite women.
Who looks better? Kristen and Emma in the same dress. for Kristen Stewart. for Emma Watson.
Kristen Stewart can add another title under her stylish belt — she's been named the best dressed woman of 2013 by Glamour UK! Kristen beat out fashionable celebrities Emma Watson, who came in second on the list, and Kate Middleton, who
Kristen Stewart has been crowned best dressed woman over Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, and Emma Stone. Uhm...
Happy birthay to my 3rd favourite movie actress Kristen Stewart,the first one is Emma Watson and the 2nd is Vanessa Hudgens.
Woke up to MSN claiming "Kristen Stewart & Emma Watson have similar acting talent." (they both have YA Fantasy franchises) but NO, bad MSN!
Asking if you prefer Kristen Stewart over Emma Watson is like asking if you prefer chewing tin foil over chewing gum...
Imagine a movie with Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Shailene Woodley, Emily Browning, Isabelle Fuhrman and Saoirse Ronan.
First my mom tells me I look like Emma Watson and then she tells me that I look like Kristen Stewart... Erm...
So, word on the street is that Emma Watson is in early talks to play Cinderella in a live-action Disney adaptation (with Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother—how perfect is that?). Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! And, just in case the folks at Disney...
Emma Watson: Give Kristen Stewart a break Emma Watson has spoken out in defense of fellow young star Kristen Stewart over her cheating scandal last year. Emma, who shot to fame playing Hermione in the "Harry Potter" films, said Kristen is only human and makes mistakes like anyone else. Kristen caused a storm last summer when she was caught with her married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders while she was still dating Robert Pattinson. But Emma, 22, told Italian Vogue: “Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young. “Everyone makes mistakes, everyone," she said. She added: “On one hand, I can understand why it happened - people felt really involved in her relationship with Robert Pattinson. “But it’s also true that they both have done everything in their power to keep their relationship as far from the public eye as possible.”
Emma Watson: Kristen Stewart made a mistake but she is human like everyone ...
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Emma Watson: 'Media criticism of Kristen Stewart's indiscretion was horrible'
After “Twilight” start Kristen Stewart cheated on boyfriend and costar Robert Pattinson last summer, fans across the world were outraged. Now, in a new interview with Vanity Fair Italia, Emma Watson, star of “Harry Potter” and “The Perks of Being A Wallflower,” has spoken up to defend Stewart by say...
People keep telling me I look half like Emma Watson and half Kristen Stewart...its kinda a half compliment half not...
Emma Watson sticks up for friend Kristen Stewart over cheating scandal-- what do you think about her comments?
Emma Watson, Jen Lawrence, Jodie Foster, Dakota Fanning.. strong women who know that normal people make mistakes. Kristen Stewart salutes u.
Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus work at the same movie together?
So according to my friends, I look like a combination of Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, and Emma Watson.
Oh No They Didn't! - Emma Watson sticks up for Kristen Stewart
Emma Watson defending Kristen Stewart cheating on her boyfriend with a married man is hilarious. Fame causes you to be a *** basically?
Kristen Stewart is one of the HOTTEST girls alive, and here's why.. she looks gorgeous! - sp
People I'd like to get autographs from: Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Mackenzie Foy, Jennifer Lawrence, Alyssa Milano, Mariska Hargitay, Jodelle Ferland, Lily Allen, Emily Blunt, Felicity Jones, Cody Simpson, Rupert Grint, and Dani Geddes. :) Probably more but I can't remember. LOL
tamari bhabhi emma ben watson jani , she in rude mud.she thought i m seeing Kristen Stewart .
If I had seen Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence & Alexandra Daddario walking on the street, I'd probably have cried and died.
Paul An and Jessica Sujin Park believe that Kristen Stewart is PRETTIER than Emma Watson... SMH
My feet are colder than Kristen Stewart's eyes
Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Rupert Grint... 6 persons who mean everything to me!
People ship Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart no are you srs just no
ERMAGERD! I can do a Kristen Stewart impersonation! I'm going to talk like this forever! I won't get such strange looks for sounding British at school now! (aka Emma Watson impersonation) WHOOP!!! Anywho...I may do a small photospam later... Harry Severus Snape
who's in your background? — (left to right) Lily Collins, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson.
Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins, Kristen Stewart, Anna Kendrick, Emma Watson and Emma Stone are actually so amazing I want to sob.
My idols are Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Evanna Lynch and so many more, and I love them to bits.
Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart need to become best friends right now.
Kristen Stewart, Jessica Stam, Tay Jardine and Emma Watson are my girl crushes. I love them.
don't compare Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart, there is no comparison
LOL at Kristen Stewart. I love you Emma Watson. It's not over. It will never be over.
People rip on Kristen Stewart but until Deathly Hallows Emma Watson was an infinitely worse actress. JUST SAYIN.
Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Emma Watson, Ellen Page, Olivia Wilde , the girl from Hunger Games and Kristen Stewart
Although I have an appreciation for both of these women, I prefer my interpretation. Emma Watson cries at the impending downfall of her career. Kristen Stewart is content with the beginning of her world domination. Just puttin it out there. And yes, if there were a Team Bella thirt, I would own it.
Another reason why I am in love with Emma Watson and why Kristen Stewart needs to be slapped with an icy cold cod that has been plucked from the Bay of Fundy.
I don't get what this picture's trying to say. Emma Watson had reason to be sad... she literally grew up with these movies and she'll miss them. But of course Kristen Stewart isn't crying, SHE'S FREE. Her expression isn't blank, it's barely holding back gleeful cheering. ;)
I say we get Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift and Emma Watson together in a room & force them to become friends.
If I can have Kristen Stewart, Dianna Agron, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, and Gisele Bündchen, I'd be so happy.
Can someone make Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift, Lily Collins, Emma Watson and Emma Stone best friends please?
5 things I really want to do if I ever become an actress: 1. Be in an episode of Law & Order: SVU. 2. Do a movie with Jodelle Ferland. 3. Be nominated for an MTV Movie Award. 4. Team up with Alyssa Milano for UNICEF. 5. Meet Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Foy, & Jennifer Lawrence.
Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Rihanna, a Victorias Secret model and that one cool kid Rocky Lynch. -5 people he'd have dinner with
The Queens ( in no part. order ); Lily Collins, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson.
Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson. Want to meet you so much!
Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins, Emma Watson, Robert Sheehan (and have his babies too).
I always get told I look like Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart or the Jenner sisters :P
It's kinda funny to think that if somehow the casting for Hermione Granger and Bella Swam had been reversed we'd be fans of Kristen Stewart and hate on Emma Watson...
Snow White and the Huntsman is a pretty decent movie. The cinematography is excellent. The supporting cast was great. Charlize Theron was a fun villain, and Chris Hemsworth was very good in his role as well. That being said, they really should have cast someone else as Snow White. Ellen Page for example, or Jennifer Lawrence. Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Karen Gillan, I mean, seriously, was there no one else other than Kristen Stewart who wanted the part. I would have even taken Lindsay Lohan. Oh well, I guess we now know why she was chosen according to the tabloids. Hopefully this hurts her drawing power for a few years and she doesn't get cast in anything for a long while.
When tells me Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson are together. DONT MESS WITH MY HORMONES ***
The moods of Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart. This is gold!
Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Beyonce and Kim K are all layering up in black and white to nail the monochrome trend...
G, have u seen this?? Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence at TIFF party Soho House
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Kristen Stewart was deemed the most clickable name on the internet in a study conducted from June until August, while Emma Watson was the celeb most likely to take you to sight designed to infect your computer with malware.
So apparently there's gonna be a 50 shades of grey movie starring Emma Watson... • it was supposed to be Kristen Stewart
With previous talk of a rivalry between leading ladies Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, it seems that all chatter was just that - talk. The Twilight and Hunger Games starlet have turned from supposed frenemies to friends - and Emma Watson can vouch for that! The Perks of Being a…
No no no, the girl making the face expressions is Kristen Stewart, and the girl who doesn't, that's Emma Watson.
Jena Malone is like an older mixture of Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart.
In spite of (or perhaps because of) negative publicity about her love life, “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart attracted more visitors [...]
Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart chatting at afterparty at Soho House.
while I am back in my lovely city Toronto and so are Kate Hudson,Emma Watson,Saleena Gomez,Conard Black,Jennifer Lawrence,Nina Dobrev,Halle Berry(James Bond girl),Kristen Stewart down to this city and shinning on red carpet for TIFF Film Festivel! Love Toronto !:)
Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawerence are all in Toronto for the T.I.F.F. Why am I not there!
Kristen Stewart in Emma Watson in Peter Pilotto and more in today's best dressed
I watched them for Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Zooey Deschanel
Omg i wouldnt even be able to choose between Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart
Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kristen Stewart are all twenty two :O
Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev & Emma Watson Cover October Glossies! - Subscribe to ClevverStyle! - Follow Us! Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev & Emma Watson are the celebrities who are cov...
what If Emma Watson would have played Bella instead of Kristen Stewart.. ?
Since when did Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson become attractive?
I thought that Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart were the same person, but than I (
The '50 Shades of Grey' role has been offered to Elizabeth Olsen, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Lily Coll ...
"Emma Watson is so ugly, why do you even like her? But do you know who's amazing? Kristen Stewart obviously!" she said
Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone should be declared queens of the world.
beside, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, and Emma Watson way more beautiful
How on earth can a soul hate Emma Watson? It's absolutely inconceivable. But of course, those are mostly Kristen Stewart fan being mature.
I love Kristen Stewart but if you hating on Emma Watson I will cut you
yes definitely Emma Watson! Maybe Kristen Stewart. She does play a good dear caught in head lights... 50/50 on Anne Hathaway.
maybe Anne Hathaway or Emma Watson. Kristen Stewart would have been good as well. Your thoughts?
I love when NEWSWEEK dabbles in gossip. Noting that Tom Cruise's wives have all been 11.5 years younger than the previous one, and divorced him at age 33, here are their predictions for Wife No. 4 = Kristen Stewart (perfect), Jennifer Lawrence, or Emma Watson (no!). I think the wannabe-Mrs.-Patinson and Scientology are a match made somewhere.
Kristen Stewart, Kat Dennings, I think Emma Watson when she had lion hair
Photoset: Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart? asked by: accionnechavez Kristen Stewart. 
If Emma Watson ever did anything like Kristen Stewart did I think I would actually cry, role model ruined. (she won't though)
Sitting on the train listening to group of girls debating whether Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart would be the best to play lead in the 50 Shades Of Grey movie. FML.
I want Colin Egglesfield to be Christian, and I don't know who for Ana, but NOT Kristen Stewart or Emma Watson.
Britain has Emma Watson and America has Kristen Stewart.why?
Talks are that; Emma Watson, Elizabeth Olsen, Mila Kunis and Kristen Stewart are the choices to play Anastasia Steel in
Photoshopped pictures of Kristen Stewart & Emma Watson together won't show that Twihards & Potterheads are united.
If ''Emma Watson is our Princess''.then Kristen Stewart is our Queen
Was told I looked like Kristen Stewart this weekend, idk how I feel about that, others tell me I either look like Emma Watson or an elf
Brilliant. The many faces of Emma Watson.and Kristen Stewart:
- them? *Clears my throat, laughing* And the nominees for Female Hottie are: Emma Watson, Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart, Freya Mayor, and -
Why compare Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart? They are their own woman.
The many facial expressions of Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart
So far you've picked Emma Watson in the Harry Potter films as your favourite cult film heroine, over Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence. Agree? Vote here:
Reasons why I would go *** Troian Bellisario, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Shay Mitchell, Kristen Stewart, Cher Lloyd, and Kristen Stewart
Emma Watson is great. Kristen Stewart always looks like the just smoked 26 pounds of weed and got hit in the head with a brick. Plus, she's dumb as a box of hair.
Yes, Emma Watson is just so much better than Kristen Stewart.
I still think Kristen Stewart is hotter...sorry Emma Watson, you take a close 2nd though!
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The many Faces of Emma Watson, The many faces of Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart is not one dimensional. Oh, wait, yes, yes she is.
What if Emma Watson, Anna Popplewell and Kristen Stewart make a big 3 or something and they would going to everywhere together
Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart both starred in a movie with Eddie Redmayne and Kirsten Dunst.
Emma Watson is WAY MORE beautiful than Kristen Stewart is.
Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart who is the most beautiful??
Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson are my two female priorities.
Ok wait is that Kristen Stewart or Emma Watson? It really could go either way.
If you think Kristen Stewart is awesome then comment If you think Emma Watson is better then like this post
Kristen Stewart dubbed as the highest paid actress of 2012. how about my idol, Emma Watson? ugh
just saw a femslash of Kristen Stewart & Emma Watson, what is wrong with me D: xD
If you google "an ugly picture of Emma Watson", the first picture to show up is a picture of Kristen Stewart.
Fame didn't change Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart. They're still themselves and I'm proud of them. ♡
Emma Watson vs. Kristen Stewart emotion chart - Picshag is your best place for daily funny pictures, hilarious animal photos, weird people pictures, naughty images, funny moments, strange and crazy pics.
for Emma Watson and favourite for Kristen Stewart.
That is a gif of Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart talked
Kristen Stewart wearing a pair of bright Balenciaga pants
Kristen Stewart wins an award over Emma Watson. What is wrong with the world?
Imagine if Emma Watson played Bella Swan instead of Kristen and Kristen Stewart played Hermione Granger instead of Emma.
Johannesburg/Lagos, 4 June 2012: The "2012 MTV Movie Awards", which took place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles last night (3 June 2012) immersed fans in the magic of the movies by providing unexpected moments from a stage fashioned as a futuristic drive-in. Master of Ceremonies Russell Brand set the tone for a night of surprises, which saw the most wins of the night going to "The Hunger Games", which scored four wins in the BEST FEMALE, BEST MALE , BEST FIGHT and BEST ON-SCREEN TRANSFORMATION categories. Second up was "Bridesmaids", which won two awards while, in a fitting close to the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson was on-hand to accept BEST CAST and the first-ever socially-voted BEST HERO popcorns for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2." First-time Movie Awards winner Shailene Woodley was chosen by a special academy of film directors as this year's BEST BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE winner for "The Descendants," and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson took home her fourth-straight ...
Rupert Grint and Emma Watson lost to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for the Award.
I feel sorry for Kristen Stewart, and as much as I defended her in the podcast...Emma Watson was SMOKIN!
Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone & Emma Watson lead the red-carpet best dressed at the MTV Movie Awards - HOT PICS HERE:
Let's just take Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart and MAKE THEM SWITCH PLACES AT THE MTV AWARDS.
Is it me or is Kristen Stewart nowhere as hot as Charlize Theron? Why the *** is she Snow White? Why not Emma Watson? There's a Snow White I could get behind.
The moment there will be an existing photo of Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart together...
can you imagine Kristen Stewart playing Hermione Granger and Emma Watson playing Bella Swan?
my celebrity crushes are, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Nina Dobrev and Dianna Agron. Only Girls? o_O
So don't ask why, but I just read Maxim's top 100 women of 2012, and I'm sorry but Emma Watson should be higher up on the list then Kristen Stewart. .-. Also, Stephen Colbert should have been further up then he was.
According to Maxim, Kristen Stewart is sexier than Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Kristen Stewart beat out Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes AND Emma Watson in Maxim's hot 100...I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.
this is who maxim considers the hot 100 for 2012, aka the most attractive women in the world I agree with 7 and 26 and 49 and 59 and 97 should be on the list 69 and 85 for sure shouldnt be listed. that has to be a joke and some of the folks listed I never heard of. instead of 85, they shoudl have listed Betty White (at least it wouldnt look so much like a joke with this list) (plus, no one can hate Betty White, she helped us be thankful for having a friend. here's the list: 1. Bar Refaeli 2. Olivia Munn 3. Mila Kunis 4. Katy Perry 5. Olivia Wilde 6. Jennifer Lawrence 7. Emma Stone 8. Megan Fox 9. Malin Akerman 10. Adrianna Palicki 11. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 12. Kate Beckinsale 13. Blake Lively 14. Lea Michele 15. Kristen Stewart 16. Charlize Theron 17. Scarlett Johansson 18. Katrina Bowden 19. Victoria Justice 20. Jennifer Love Hewitt 21. Emma Watson 22. Kaley Cuoco 23. Anne Hathaway 24. Selena Gomez 25. Jessica Gomes 26. Taylor Swift 27. Naya Rivera 28. Jessica Biel 29. Eva Mendes 30. Berenice Marlo ...
Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Karen Gillan, Dianna Agron Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Lucy Hale and then there is me. Not fair.
I don't understand why people put up those pictures and say, "'Like' for Hermione (Emma Watson) or 'comment' for Bella (Kristen Stewart)"... As if any sane person would choose Kristen Stewart over Emma Watson.
O.M.G. I just saw something that made me MADDER THAN I HAVE BEEN IN... FOREVER! It was a picture saying that Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson look alike! UGH! I may be bias because i love HP and HATE twilight, but Emma Watson is so gorgeous and Kristen Stewart looks like crap! GR!!! Why are people stupid?
I can't deny it, im a sucker for street style photo's of some of my favorite celebs. I love to see what they are wearing when they are no working! Featuring Kelly Osbourne, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Issabela Lucus, Rachel Zoe, Vanessa Hudgens, Lady Gaga and more! Who's personal style would you&
Emma Watson and Rupert Grint against Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson against Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for Best Kiss. O_O
I give up on my gender. I just viewed FHM's 100 sexiest women list and I'm sorely disappointed in my gender. How can you seriously vote Miley Cyrus to the 32nd spot. Kristen Stewart a full 12 spots above Emma Watson at spots 52 and 64 respectfully and Nicki Minaj higher then Christina Hendricks. Seriously men. What were you thinking!?
Kristen Stewart is higher than Emma Watson on FHMs 100 sexiest women list. ... What? Where is the logic?
The Twilight actress beat off stiff competition from famous fashionistas including the Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham.
Kristen Stewart beats Emma Watson to top Glamour's best-dressed list
How on earth is Kristen Stewart more stylish than Emma Watson or Kate Middleton?
Kristen Stewart is the world's best-dressed woman. She beat Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham to the number one spot.
Kristen Stewart has been named best dressed woman in the world and knocked Emma Watson off the top spot. IT'S ALL LIES.
Kristen Stewart voted for most elegant woman!? ahead of Emma Watson and Kate Middleton!?
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Kristen Stewart beat Emma Watson and Kate Middleton in the best dressed list... meh
The Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA, has come and gone, but we haven't forgotten the stylish celebrities who stepped out for both weekends of the indie festival. Kate Bosworth, Emma Watson, and Lauren Conrad are just a few of the stars who joined
"Kristen Stewart won the KCA award instead of Emma Watson" will never forget this day.
Adam Sandler in fav. movie actor & Kristen Stewart in fav. movie actress. They won over johnny depp & emma watson. :O
the-angel-crying-for-slaughter asked: The person who said Kristen Stewart is 100x better than Emma Watson...
Let's See who has got more fans here : ♦ Like = ♦ Emma Watson ♦ Comment = ♦ Kristen Stewart ♦
Emma Watson would of played such a better Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart's acting is poor!
I still think Emma Watson deserve the blimp way more than Kristen Stewart does. Just sayin'
when someone like Emma Watson lost to someone like Kristen Stewart.
I just can't believe that Kristen Stewart win Emma Watson.==""" Even Daniel Radcliffe didn't win.(Yes,I'm a potterhead too,problem?)
Kristen Stewart won over Emma Watson?! What is up with that la mala jak nya menang -_-"
Kristen Stewart winning best actress over Emma Watson – Faith in humanity, lost.
I just heard that Emma Watson lost to Kristen Stewart at the KCA's. Well, i really wanted Emma to win, the fans should have voted more.
Emma Watson lost to Kristen Stewart. What's funny is that Kristen Stewart was even nominated as Favorite Movie Actress.
That awkward moment when Emma Watson loses to Kristen Stewart as best actress.
Kristen Stewart won against Emma Watson! What is this... It had better bloody be some kind of April Fools!!!
Emma Watson's facial expressions at the MTV Movie Awards last year OWNED!!! More than Kristen Stewart ever managed in all of her lives...
If people like Kristen Stewart over EMMA WATSON, then they clearly don't know good acting if it smacks them in the face.
I'll just say, I think Emma Watson is 1000x the actress Kristen Stewart is. Emma Watson actually shows emotion, all the time.
Kristen Stewart beat Emma Watson as favourite movie actress *** ?? No just No
Daniel Radcliffe loses to Adam Sandler. Emma Watson loses to Kristen Stewart. One Direction don't get slimed. *** NICKELODEON.
I would have preferred Emma Watson to win. But seriously! Kristen Stewart over Amy Adams!!!
Emma Watson lost favourite movie actress to Kristen Stewart. Were kids even allowed to watch Breaking Dawn?
Honestly, get over the fact that Emma Watson didn't win! Kristen Stewart rightfully deserved it. You obviously only seen her in Twilight.
Roses are red, violets are blue, if Kristen Stewart wins best actress award instead of Emma Watson, Kanye, you'll know what to do.
No I can't so trying to get everyone to vote for Kristen :) Emma Watson is Beating Kristen Stewart Bad!!!
KStew is losing so vote!! Who Should Win a KCA For Favorite Movie Actress, Kristen Stewart or Emma Watson?
If you mix Jojo and Kristen Stewart you get EMMA WATSON.
Does Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart walk around like there's gods gift to the world? No. So Jennifer Lawrence
okay, so for favorite movie actress, why do I have the feeling Kristen Stewart is going to win? I want Emma Watson to win :P
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A few of my girl celebrity crushes are: Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Naya Rivera.
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