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Emma Watson

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (born 15 April 1990) is an English actress and model.

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Watch "The Circle" starring Emma Watson, it's all about the Internet of Things and the data collection of the Digital Industry.
Emma Watson is like the modern version of Ally Sheedy.
23 August 2000: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson attend a press conference to be introduced as the lead ac…
Edward Scissorhands, starring Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, music by LCD Soundsystem. Budget: $120m
Never too old to learn: Celebrities who went back to school. Natalie Portman, Karlie Kloss, Emma Watson plus many...
Margaret Atwood and Emma Watson made an excellent point about interviewers asking people if they are…
Also, THE CIRCLE is already the most depressing movie of 2017 because Emma Watson's parents are played by Bill Paxton and Glenne Headly
I just remember her role model was Ban Ki Moon. Seohyun and Emma Watson working together for a UN campaign. 💙
Honestly The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my favorite movies. Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, and Logan Lerman is so great in it.
How obsessed? Do you have themed tattoos? Have you got any of Emma Watson's saliva? Have you…
Berry-flavored Kelly Rutherford is faster than brand new Emma Watson
Today on August 21st, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint & Emma Watson were known as the Harry Potter trio.
Emma Watson and Rupert Grint talking about Romione and kissing 😂 I miss the HP cast interviews sm 😭
Celebrate look at when the historic series started with young Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson,…
Thank you Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint for bringing this story and these characters to life on th…
Emma Watson and Rupert Grint on the last day of filming.
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Folks you should see this movie The Circle (2017) staring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks
Okay what about the Circle? — Circle! What is that, oh wait... Okay. Emma Watson & Tom Hanks movie! I never…
Read . along side with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. 📽 Great actors.
Watched circle last nite. The worst Tom Hanks movie ever tbh. The only positive was Emma Watson as always. How beautiful is she !! 😍😍😍😍
If you could fck any 5 people in the world at the sa... ___ Chris Evans . Chris Hemsworth . Emma Watson. . Sca...
14)People who have done great things: Rosa Parks, Gandhi- & Hard one, people who use their influence for good like:Chris Wood, Emma Watson-
The only sad part of yesterday was that Kara and I never made it to the Fort Pitt Tunnel to blast "Heroes" and feel like Emma Watson.
i morphed Tzuyu face with Emma Watson, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delavigne, and Kristen Stewart because why not?
HP has JK Rowling . HP has Emma Watson . HP has Alan Rickman. HP has Tom Felton. HP has Daniel Radcliffe . HP has Maggie…
Watching so much Agents of SHIELD has me mistaking Emma Watson for Elizabeth Henstridge. It would be interesting to see her as Belle here. 😏
UK has Adele. UK has Little Mix. UK has Emma Watson. UK has Lily Collins . UK has Harry Styles,Louis Tomlinson,Liam Pay…
Britain has David Tennant. Britain has Daniel Radcliffe. Britain has Emma Watson. Britain has John Simm. Britain has Ju…
ALSO. . UK has Emily Carey. UK has James Anderson . UK has Tonchia Lawrence. UK has Cathy Shipton. UK has Emma Watson . UK IS STILL WINNING!🏆
England has the Queen. England has Daniel Radcliffe . England has Emma Watson. England has Maggie Smith. England has Sh…
I feel like Millie Bobby Brown is the equivalent to Emma Watson of the new generation.
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Emma Watson photo of the day On the Jonathan Ross Show, 2012
I'm watching a film with Emma Watson, Karen Gillian & John Boyega. So Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Star Wars mashed together in one! Amazing
Oohh, before Capaldi was chosen I was so betting on Emma Watson as the Doctor!
Emma Watson refers to Ellar Coltrane with, "he's good people". Unless he's sprouted two heads...
final flick of the day, another Netflix production 'The Circle'. Heavyweight cast with Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Bil…
Just started watching The Circle. It's both sad and rather lovely to see Bill Paxton and Glenne Headly pop up as Emma Watson's parents.
the movie is beauty and the east, it has Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Ian Mckelan , Dan Stevens,Ewan McGregor, Luke Evans
Getting to talk to Emma Watson about playing Hermione (No. 1 on best female characters list) was a highlight for me…
Fans need to chill. No one made a big deal about Yamada fanboying over Emma Watson, how is Momo different? Can y'all let…
Emma Watson is such a Ravenclaw. She hides books for people as a hobby. Like, sit down +Adele is a Gryffindor and t…
I know Emma Watson is one of ur fav, I found the video in youtube. Hope you like it! 😊.
I like the Emma Watson version of Belle better than the original. Don't @ me.
I liked a video Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl hot kiss in Colonia
Emma Watson is leaving copies of 'The Handmaid's Tale' around Paris
so I was told that if Emma Watson, Emma stone, and Lindsey Lohan had a baby I would look like her
Emma Watson at the in 2010, 2013, and 2016.
the attached statement is false. I'm sorry Chris Vos but Emma Watson is amazing 100% of the time
Is Emma Stone the new Emma Watson the new Emma Roberts? Is Chris Pratt the new Chris Pine the new Chris Evans the n…
Chris just said he thought they could have cast someone better than Emma Watson as Belle, and I almost cut him.
The author is so tied to childhood memories and is a favorite, much like Emma Watson. So ppl defend them vehemently or other…
Why Dan Stevens says Emma Watson was 'terrified' of him while shooting '...
Well done Brad for once again getting rid of a woman past her sell by date. Superhunk Pitt will date Emma Watson now probabl…
Publicity photo of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint after they were cast in "Harry Potter in 2000. http…
Emma Watson can't claim to be a feminist and also wear a short top, but Adam Levine can po…
Turns out the French version of "beauty and the beast" is way more crazy and attack of the titans than the Emma Watson one
Emma Watson has a doppelganger that'll make you do a double-take .
imo picking emma watson was a miscast, she can't sing. they autotuned the *** out of her. should have been Anna Kendrick
who are fashionistas! Get your $65 Kate Middleton/Emma Watson sneakers while they're hot! .
Emma Watson and Kate Middleton go everywhere in these $65 sneakers
I liked a video Belle and Prince Adam kiss (Emma Watson and Dan Stevens) BatB
Beauty & the Beast actually changed my life and I want nothing more than to be Emma Watson but what's new really
there's not a single look Emma Watson can't pull off. Not one.
HUGE shoutout to for the hot pics of Emma Watson and Elizabeth Olsen. Go follow him!
Lindsay Lohan is legend in The Parent Trap at 11yrs not Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast. Good actress tho.
Jennifer Lawrence. Margot Robbie. Michaela Coen. Emma Stone. Jessica Williams. All under 30, all better than Emma Watson, and there are more
theatre kids: have you seen La La Land?!?. me: does my black *** look like I want watch jazz get white wash by Ryan Reynolds and Emma Watson?
This video of Emma Watson being interviewed by kids is adorable
Im still shookt that its emma watson who voices young moon
Emma Watson acting alongside the pre-CGI Beast is proof that she's the greatest actress of our time h…
I may or may not have cried while watching Beauty and the Beast. I mean, Emma Watson plus that library? Yeah...
I mistake Emma Watson and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling for Ryan Reynolds. Relate
Pre-CGI video from Beauty and the Beast proves both Emma Watson and Dan Stevens deserve Oscars - Blastr
Emma Watson's acting is unbelievable once you know what the Beast really looked like while filming…
Fans think Emma Watson should win an Oscar for acting with Dan Stevens in his bonkers Beauty & The Beast CGI suit
Emma Watson's acting is unbelievable when you see what the Beast looked like while filming 'Beauty and the Beast' https:…
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The internet can't get over Emma Watson with a pre-CGI Dan Stevens in 'Beauty and the Beast'
Emma Watson had to waltz with a pre-CGI beast in a puffy suit for
how did Emma Watson manage to keep a serious face the entire time
Millie Bobbie Brown is the new Emma Watson. (Emma is still an icon). GoldenGlobes 😵
Gal Gadot,Jane Levy,Emma Watson,Karen Gillian and Amber Heard can kill me with their smiles.
i'm watching an interview of Lin Manuel Miranda and Emma Watson and Lin goes, "your fav is problematic" and i am CRYING
wasn't great but whatever, I'd watch anything with Emma Watson, Karen Gillian and John Boyega.
Emma Watson attends 'The Circle' after party from Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 26, 2017
.stops by and talks surfing, and Emma Watson! Tune in!
.has PSA for his celebrity crush Emma Watson. Tune in to hear what he would sing to her!
Asia Kate Dillon Presents Gender-Neutral Acting Award to Emma Watson - Loved her in Saving Private Ryan ht…
result in the US, opening in third position at the box office, ($17m+) above starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson.
Our review of the Circle with Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. See it in theatre, TV or pass? Our verdict
Yeah,Emma Watson will set me up on James Bond movie with Daniel Craig Oh Oh✌
I'd have Dame Judy Dench, Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, David Suchet and Benedict Cumberbatch. Who would you have?
The photo of Millie Bobby Brown, Emma Watson, and Hugh Jackson is so adorable I'm so jealous
Finally...a genderless award for acting. We are making great strides and Emma Watson embodies that perfectly.
Emma Watson and Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown pick up first gender-neutral actor awards
Millie Bobby Brown, Daniel Kaluuya, Emma Watson and more of tonight's winners:
America's youth think that Emma Watson and Millie Bobbie Brown are the best actors in film and television from the past year? Christ.
Millie Bobby Brown meeting Emma Watson at the may be the most cutest thing we saw today! 😭❤️
Emma Watson and Millie Bobby Brown make history with gender-neutral wins at the MTV Movie & TV Awards
MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017: Emma Watson, Millie Bobbie Brown and more winners
Emma Watson wins MTV Movie and TV Awards' first gender-neutral best actor trophy
Emma Watson and Millie Bobby Brown met at the and it was adorable:
Emma Watson's inspiring MTV Movie Awards speech was a tribute to the spirit of Belle…
Somewhere along the way Emma Watson got fine as ***
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban / 2004 ~ Emma Watson , Gary Oldman
Literally only going to watch the MTV awards for Emma Watson and the casts of Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why
Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens. Emma Watson . ~Harry Potter
Meet Black Singles 300x250
also dreamt I was Matthew Lewis and when Emma Watson asked me what my name was, I legit didn't know and had to google it in front of her
I mean,if u really want a great feminist figure,take emma watson instead of gal gadot.if u dont see why,re-educate urself.
New account dedicated to Emma Watson. A little advertise to help the account to be known. I hope that…
if you wish you were behind Emma Watson right now 🍆💦
Emma Watson carries lovely tune in new 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer. On a night where modern musical "La La La
A2. ➡ Destroy All Terrorist Camps in all over World. ➡Challenge Iron Man. ➡ Marry with Emma watson.
Reading the exchange about Emma Watson on from reminds me why some people should stick to just snapping photos.
Bruh if emma watson and Dan Stevens don't reunite at the mtv movie awards
I love this a lot but Emma Watson will always be my Hermione
Whatever I'm still mad Tom Felton and Emma Watson never dated
I am shocked and I can't believe that! Tom Felton following Emma Watson 'again' on the IG.
I love Emma Watson's devotion to her character and the series.
Justine auditioned for Beauty and the Beast, idk why they chose Emma Watson she'd have smashed it
If Emma Watson is a feminist, so am I.
New post (ALL THE SPOILERS! The Circle "Review" - Emma Watson Movie 2017) has been published on Celebrity News -…
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gugu mbatha raw is a better actress & prettier than both PC & DP and she's stuck playing a feather duster to Emma Watson's Belle
Emma Watson, Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy are some of the stars up for a prize at the MTV TV & Movie Awards later.
Emma Watson will be attending the MTV Movie and TV awards and she'll be sitting next to Hugh Jackman! 🤗
When is it acceptable to find Emma Watson hot in the Harry Potter movies?🤔
related: Emma Watson apparently has a book club and choose, of the infinite selections of audible, Nick "b…
Not just in India, Baahubali 2 gets bigger at US box office; beats Emma Watson,Tom Hanks' The Circle.
Why the new Tom Hanks and Emma Watson movie “The Circle” is a total failure -
BTW-delayed outrage venting: Why did the media refer to Tom Hanks' The Circle until it bombed, then it became Emma Watson's The Circle?
Just saw the movie, "The Circle". May be the worst movie I've seen in 30 years! Can't believe Emma Watson and Tom Hanks would be in it.
Did you like the LIVE Disney Version of Beauty & The Beast that starred Dan Stevens, Luke Evans & Emma Watson?
It was Tom Hank's "The Circle" but now that it's failed it's Emma Watson's "The Circle."
Emma Watson wore TWO stunning off-the-shoulder ensembles to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival:
How a flashy blockbuster and an Indian fantasy bested Emma Watson at the box office
109% pointless doing almost a shot for shot remake BUT done very well and Emma Watson and Luke Evans are great in it
The Circle review – Emma Watson and Tom Hanks face off in empty techno-thriller. test yo…
Disney perfectly cast Emma Watson as Belle, along with Dan Stevens as the Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston.
Seeing the interview with Emma Watson & the kittens I hope someone will do one with Luke Evans & a bunch of puppies. 😸
Tribeca Film Festival 2017 style: See what Emma Roberts, Emma Watson & Cate Blanchett are wearing on the red carpet
"I don't want to watch the new fast and furious movie, I wanna see the one with Emma Watson" -
Emma Watson, Tom Hanks do social media right (like everything else)
Here's my review of THE CIRCLE, starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks:
I refuse to believe Tom Hanks would phone it in acting alongside Emma Watson and Finn... from The Star Wars.
The Circle Movie is NOW PLAYING. With an all star cast of Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and John Boyega, you won't want...
The best critic slams of 'The Circle' - The new tech thriller starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks is getting pan...
A movie with both Emma Watson and Julia Roberts in it would totally, absolutely, utterly complete my life. 👑
For Christ's sake, Emma Watson, John Boyega, Karen Gillan, Tom Hanks, Patton Oswalt. How the *** did they get roped into a bad movie?
not even Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, John Boyega, Patton Oswald, and Karen Gillan could save that movie.
I'm more convinced than ever that Emma Watson just isn't gonna be my favorite actress. Loved Karen Gillan & what little of Boyega we see.
Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright met during the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.
Tom Hanks and Emma Watson talk social media
Emma Watson dm and Niall Horan follow. Yes, these are pretty impossible sfsdsdsds
"If it's something I need to say, I say it. If it's something I feel genuinely connected to, I'll do it" http…
Emma Watson at the NYC premiere & screening for ‘ The Circle at the Tribeca Film Festival
Emma Watson at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York
Emma Watson wears an off-the-shoulder gown in organic silk to the screening of ‘The Circle’ last night…
It was a magical night for Emma Watson when she had an impromptu Harry Potter reunion:
Even American treasure Tom Hanks can’t post on social media w/o worrying about the comments:
Love Emma Watson, she's my dream girl❤️
Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright had a low key reunion at last night! See the pics here:
Emma Watson's 'The Circle' is so busy railing against technology, it forgets to…
Emma Watson and Tom Hanks weigh the perils of social media at premiere:
Probably the most beautiful thing you'll see today. Emma Watson surrounded by kittens
On the red carpet for "The Circle," stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson spoke about their social media presence and ro…
Emma Watson Beauty, Makeup, Diet and Fitness Secrets - Emma Watson is more popularly known as Hermione Granger ... https:…
New beautiful photos of Emma Watson at the world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, April 26th 2017. htt…
Tom Hanks, Emma Watson weigh perils of social media at ‘The Circle’ premiere
Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson meeting for the first time after being cast in ‘Harry Potter’, 2001 http…
Musician Shawn Mendes has a big crush on Emma Watson.
Shawn talking about crushes , Emma Watson and love.
I only date Shawn mendes, Harry styles, or Emma Watson 🤣🙂
Unique image, if Emma Watson plays in cruel and realistic continuation of the movie - "Eden Lake 2".
Sorry but Emma Watson ain't no actress
What about shawn and Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe😭
Happy 27th birthday to Emma Watson. Our wonderful Hermione.
Dan Stevens & Emma Watson at the Hollywood premiere of Beauty and the Beast held at El Capitan Theatre. ht…
This is the $10 Australian beauty product Emma Watson swears by - Vogue Australia
OoH ... Emma Watson in The Circle, which is based off a book by Dave Eggers, the hype is so real.
Can you believe we're living in the same era as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Little Mix, Emma Watson ???
Today Maise Williams and Emma Watson share their birthdays.for these beauties.
Brain: what? How is Emma Watson only three years younger than me suddenly? . Brain: oh wait. I'm thirty FIVE.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
On this day in 1990, a flawless and inspirational lady was born, Emma Watson! . Our perfect Hermione Granger.
Come on, you know you want to see Sora, Emma Watson's Belle, Bill Murray's Baloo, Donald Glover's Simba, an…
Unpopular opinion: I don't really rate Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty & the Beast
I'm meh about Emma Watson tbh. As unpopular of an opinion that is, I just don't think she's everythi…
Shawn what about Emma Watson? You're not in love with her anymore
What happened to Emma Watson being your girlfriend? Shawn who are you playing!?
Emma Watson in Oscar de la Renta at the "Beauty and the Beast" World Premiere in Los Angeles
Emma Watson is about a good a singer as Russell Crowe in Les Mis. Gonna let y'all digest that XDXDXD
Former Headington School student Emma Watson nominated for MTV's new gender neutral best actor award -…
"Maybe if Emma Watson wasn't in it, it might've sucked" - Danny
Emma Watson will compete against James McAvoy for the 'Best Actor in a Movie' prize:
Emma Watson & 'Beauty and the Beast' nominated for 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards
The 34-year-old former Miss World winner has beaten Emma Watson and Blake Lively to second place.
📷 miss-mandy-m: Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson in Christian Dior photographed by Alexi...
I can't believe Kiernan Shipka is not Emma Watson.
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Can i just say, John Boyega, Emma Watson, and Karen Gillan in the same movie. Where do i sign up
Emma Watson, John Boyega, Tom Hanks, and Patton Oswalt in a movie together? SIGN ME UP!
John Boyega, Emma Watson, and Tom Hanks are in a movie together 😍
Though I don't know how I feel about replacing Emma Watson with John C Riley
Emma Watson at the SiriusXM’s ‘Town Hall’ and Entertainment Weekly Radio in New York City on March 10, 2017
How can one feel welcomed or invited when only half the world is addressed by Emma Watson, the star of two movies...
Browse the Emma Watson hair style file:
Emma Watson's constantly making me proud to be a Potterhead 😍
What is this random Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and John Boyega movie I've never heard of???
But have you ever seen Emma cross and Emma Watson in the same room together? Exactly
I interviewed the brilliant Eve Ensler for and here's part one!
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens talks Beauty and the Beast - via…
Praying that Emma Watson's voice doesn't play The Beast in my dreams again tonight. 😬😔
What you might not know about Emma Watson
Belle is the home girl and I feel like Emma Watson is not that person.
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Emma Watson, setting high standards and proving that you can be famous, elegant and classy since always. 😍
Disappointing fact: There's about to be a whole generation of kids who know Emma Watson as Belle and not Hermione.
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are literally the cutest couple I can't even
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens tho they look good together
I liked a video from Robert Pattinson forgetting Emma Watson's name
every time I try and tag you in something I tag Emma Watson by accident and have to redo it
Emma Watson as Belle with her papa 💓
yeah man, he's a decent theater actor, despite being a bit of a manlet. Definitely more talented than Emma Watson. :|
Emma Watson on course to become highest-earning actress of 2017
Hello from a stranger, I just read this: I hope it's true for you, than you can help the world. 😀🤗Enjoy
Emma Watson on track to be highest-earning female actor of 2017 thanks to Beauty and the Beast
Emma Watson at the 'Beauty and the Beast' set 🌹
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens have backed our literacy campaign
powered news: pics are causing the buzz. See 'em here:…
omg no there will be a generation of kids who will know Emma Watson as Belle rather than Hermione. this is so wrong
Emma Watson's brother looks more like Emma Watson than Emma Watson does
Have you read Dave Eggers The Circle? Quick read and become an Emma Watson movie soon.
Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad in a new outtake from Art Streiber photoshoot for
Sorry, Emma Watson! is the REAL Belle of the ball with his
going to the movies w u guys must be so funny I cant imagine u crying Johnson not taking hiseyes of Emma Watson totally in love
Ok so Beauty and the Beast was actually surprisingly good. Emma Watson still a 4/10 actor tho
Emma Watson looks like Richard Dawkins in drag.
Emma Watson and Tom Hanks for the film called The Circle! 💪 excited?
After watching Beauty and the Beast...Emma Watson can't act or sing. Ewan McGregor's "Be Our Guest" and Luke Evans were the highlight.
Beauty and that Beast bored me a bit, and Emma Watson was a bit of a wet flannel. Should've been Saoirse Ronan or Gugu Mbatha-Raw!
Emma Watson fun facts: 23 things to know about 'Beauty and the Beast' star -
Emma Watson is so perfect for Belle.
Saw it y'day and loved it..thrilled to share a birthday with you,Emma Watson & Emma Thompson :)
It's funny how Emma Watson's achievements are always portrayed as "beauty with brains" but why can't a Malaysian girl be the…
went to see Beauty and the Beast (which is amazing by the way) but when Emma Watson starts singing i'm like "Hermione, what you doing tho?"
// Dan Stevens and Emma Watson are so cute together omooo
Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast.
Emma Watson may get USD 15 million for 'Beauty and the Beast'
Emma Watson is so beautiful and wonderful that it's STUPID
People may be all "EMMA WATSON IS A GODDESS" and ya maybe a lil bit but Emma Thompson makes me feel like home I love her so mu…
Poulton pupil chosen to sing in Hollywood movie alongside Emma Watson & Ewan McGregor:
Emma Watson was the wrong choice vocally, other wise 👌
Emma Watson amazes me , she's so perfect 😭😍
I tried. I tried liking Emma Watson as Belle...but I just couldn't ☹️🥀
George 'Hawkeye' Zimmerman, Emma Watson & Kanye West,all part Irish, wish all a Happy St Paddys day with new Irish Con…
Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and now WWE's Paige, is this the start of The Fappening - the second cumming?
Emma Watson was utterly sublime! Luke Evans is the greatest Gaston that there ever has been or ever will.
Luke Evans as Gaston absolutely stole the show though he did the exact opposite of Emma Watson and made the character so full and a person
Saw today. Loved Josh Gad, Luke Evans, and thought Emma Watson was good, too. Enchanted objects this time, not as much.
No one can convince me that Richard Dawkins isn't Emma Watson's dad
Film 25 in 2017: Beauty and the Beast. Magical and so well made. Emma Watson powerful and Luke Evans sings his heart out. 4.55/5
ok Emma Watson isn't the strongest singer but done a great job! I loved Josh Gad and Luke Evans.."gaston" was fantastic
Beauty & the Beast was amazing. It was visually stunning, Emma Watson was perfect as Belle and Luke Evans was brilliant as Gaston 🌹🥀💕
Emma Watson did a wonderful job as Belle, but to be blunt she was the weakest singer; Luke Evans was the best performer
I can't think of what I can say about Beauty and the Beast rn except . - LUKE 👏 EVANS 👏 what a man. and. - Emma Watson can't sing
I should mention how FABULOUS Luke Evans is. Closest to taking permanent ownership of a character. Emma Watson only lacked breath control.
because Emma Watson is playing Belle!! And Josh Gad is in it! Not too thrilled about the Gaston casting Luke isn't beefy enough.
{{Back from watching Beauty and The Beast...perfection. Emma Watson, Luke Evans, guy who plays Lefou whose name I cannot remember, was+
While all of the people praising Emma Watson for her performance, buta the true star of the show is Luke Evans
Dan Stevens and Emma Watson are magic together 😍
Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time pero sobrang fresh ng live-action version. Fresh ni Emma Watson. Fresh ni Dan Stevens 😉
Listen to Stevens saying "Indonesia" 😆 - Emma Watson and Dan Stevens on Filming ‘Beauty and the Beast’
Watching stunning Emma Watson as Belle & very Gaston-ish Luke Evans with wonderful soundtracks just made my night! 4/5
Exclusive Interview with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens about Disney’s out 3/17. https:…
"I was just so happy to have not fallen off or killed myself" 💯. Emma Watson + Dan Stevens recall memorable moments from
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Emma Watson's admitted Dan Stevens helped her with her singing during filming for ht…
i don't usually root for Disney movies, but Emma Watson and Luke Evans in costumes? yes please!
I don't like Beauty And The Beast, I love it!! Emma Watson is really fit being Belle but no for Luke Evans as Gaston, he has kind figure :(
*"What The Flick?" Movie Trivia*. What do Emma Thompson, Luke Evans, and Emma Watson all have in common?...
Emma Watson and Luke Evans tho. On point! Just remove the new back story and new music pls.
14 hours later i'm still amazed, Emma Watson and Luke Evans were outstanding
Emma Watson's Belle brought new layers to the character and Luke Evans' Gaston was better than I could've ever imagined. Bravo!
This song keep on repeating in my head. ♫ Belle by Emma Watson, Luke Evans & Ensemble - Beauty and the Beast —
Yep. Luke Evans is good but Emma Watson is so badly auto-tuned for the entire thing.
Belle de Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Ensemble - Beauty and the Beast ♫
Beauty and the Beast was so good! I loved it, Emma Watson was perfect, Luke Evans was amazing as well omg i want to see it again 🌹
They couldn't have casted Beauty and the Beast any better. Josh Gad, Emma Watson, Luke Evans. Nuff said.
New post (Emma Watson wanted to be Baby Spice, not Belle, as a little girl - USA TODAY) has been published on -…
.takes over for Emma Watson in a Crosswalk Theater version of
Emma Watson gets distracted by adorable kittens in this new interview.
📷 emmaawatson: Emma Watson reads Beauty and The Beast to Kids at Film Society Lincoln Center
Emma Watson stolen pix are not nude photos but show her without makeup and prove she's actually actor Jason Robards. Who knew?
Emma Watson read and talked to kids about books and the power of literacy at Film Society Lincoln Center. .
OMG Emma Watson as Ariel little mermaid after being Belle? Even Angeline Jolie as Pocahontas! Look at this!
Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried's personal pictures stolen in celebrity photo hack
Emma Watson is the equivalence to Kristen Stewart they're so boring with no emotion. Belle was NOT Bella Swan... she had life 😞
Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. Watson doesn't have any full nudes leaked as far as I know but still private pictures
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