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Emma Watson

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (born 15 April 1990) is an English actress and model.

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Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad in a new outtake from Art Streiber photoshoot for
Sorry, Emma Watson! is the REAL Belle of the ball with his
going to the movies w u guys must be so funny I cant imagine u crying Johnson not taking hiseyes of Emma Watson totally in love
Ok so Beauty and the Beast was actually surprisingly good. Emma Watson still a 4/10 actor tho
Emma Watson looks like Richard Dawkins in drag.
Emma Watson and Tom Hanks for the film called The Circle! 💪 excited?
After watching Beauty and the Beast...Emma Watson can't act or sing. Ewan McGregor's "Be Our Guest" and Luke Evans were the highlight.
Beauty and that Beast bored me a bit, and Emma Watson was a bit of a wet flannel. Should've been Saoirse Ronan or Gugu Mbatha-Raw!
Emma Watson fun facts: 23 things to know about 'Beauty and the Beast' star -
Emma Watson is so perfect for Belle.
Saw it y'day and loved it..thrilled to share a birthday with you,Emma Watson & Emma Thompson :)
It's funny how Emma Watson's achievements are always portrayed as "beauty with brains" but why can't a Malaysian girl be the…
went to see Beauty and the Beast (which is amazing by the way) but when Emma Watson starts singing i'm like "Hermione, what you doing tho?"
// Dan Stevens and Emma Watson are so cute together omooo
Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast.
Emma Watson may get USD 15 million for 'Beauty and the Beast'
Emma Watson is so beautiful and wonderful that it's STUPID
People may be all "EMMA WATSON IS A GODDESS" and ya maybe a lil bit but Emma Thompson makes me feel like home I love her so mu…
Poulton pupil chosen to sing in Hollywood movie alongside Emma Watson & Ewan McGregor:
Emma Watson was the wrong choice vocally, other wise 👌
Emma Watson amazes me , she's so perfect 😭😍
I tried. I tried liking Emma Watson as Belle...but I just couldn't ☹️🥀
George 'Hawkeye' Zimmerman, Emma Watson & Kanye West,all part Irish, wish all a Happy St Paddys day with new Irish Con…
Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and now WWE's Paige, is this the start of The Fappening - the second cumming?
Emma Watson was utterly sublime! Luke Evans is the greatest Gaston that there ever has been or ever will.
Luke Evans as Gaston absolutely stole the show though he did the exact opposite of Emma Watson and made the character so full and a person
Saw today. Loved Josh Gad, Luke Evans, and thought Emma Watson was good, too. Enchanted objects this time, not as much.
No one can convince me that Richard Dawkins isn't Emma Watson's dad
Film 25 in 2017: Beauty and the Beast. Magical and so well made. Emma Watson powerful and Luke Evans sings his heart out. 4.55/5
ok Emma Watson isn't the strongest singer but done a great job! I loved Josh Gad and Luke Evans.."gaston" was fantastic
Beauty & the Beast was amazing. It was visually stunning, Emma Watson was perfect as Belle and Luke Evans was brilliant as Gaston 🌹🥀💕
Emma Watson did a wonderful job as Belle, but to be blunt she was the weakest singer; Luke Evans was the best performer
I can't think of what I can say about Beauty and the Beast rn except . - LUKE 👏 EVANS 👏 what a man. and. - Emma Watson can't sing
I should mention how FABULOUS Luke Evans is. Closest to taking permanent ownership of a character. Emma Watson only lacked breath control.
because Emma Watson is playing Belle!! And Josh Gad is in it! Not too thrilled about the Gaston casting Luke isn't beefy enough.
{{Back from watching Beauty and The Beast...perfection. Emma Watson, Luke Evans, guy who plays Lefou whose name I cannot remember, was+
While all of the people praising Emma Watson for her performance, buta the true star of the show is Luke Evans
Dan Stevens and Emma Watson are magic together 😍
Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time pero sobrang fresh ng live-action version. Fresh ni Emma Watson. Fresh ni Dan Stevens 😉
Listen to Stevens saying "Indonesia" 😆 - Emma Watson and Dan Stevens on Filming ‘Beauty and the Beast’
Watching stunning Emma Watson as Belle & very Gaston-ish Luke Evans with wonderful soundtracks just made my night! 4/5
Why Dan Stevens says Emma Watson was 'terrified' of him while shooting 'Beauty and the Beast'
Exclusive Interview with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens about Disney’s out 3/17. https:…
"I was just so happy to have not fallen off or killed myself" 💯. Emma Watson + Dan Stevens recall memorable moments from
Emma Watson's admitted Dan Stevens helped her with her singing during filming for ht…
i don't usually root for Disney movies, but Emma Watson and Luke Evans in costumes? yes please!   10% Off
I don't like Beauty And The Beast, I love it!! Emma Watson is really fit being Belle but no for Luke Evans as Gaston, he has kind figure :(
*"What The Flick?" Movie Trivia*. What do Emma Thompson, Luke Evans, and Emma Watson all have in common?...
Emma Watson and Luke Evans tho. On point! Just remove the new back story and new music pls.
14 hours later i'm still amazed, Emma Watson and Luke Evans were outstanding
Emma Watson's Belle brought new layers to the character and Luke Evans' Gaston was better than I could've ever imagined. Bravo!
This song keep on repeating in my head. ♫ Belle by Emma Watson, Luke Evans & Ensemble - Beauty and the Beast —
Yep. Luke Evans is good but Emma Watson is so badly auto-tuned for the entire thing.
Belle de Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Ensemble - Beauty and the Beast ♫
Beauty and the Beast was so good! I loved it, Emma Watson was perfect, Luke Evans was amazing as well omg i want to see it again 🌹
They couldn't have casted Beauty and the Beast any better. Josh Gad, Emma Watson, Luke Evans. Nuff said.
New post (Emma Watson wanted to be Baby Spice, not Belle, as a little girl - USA TODAY) has been published on -…
.takes over for Emma Watson in a Crosswalk Theater version of
Emma Watson gets distracted by adorable kittens in this new interview.
📷 emmaawatson: Emma Watson reads Beauty and The Beast to Kids at Film Society Lincoln Center
Emma Watson stolen pix are not nude photos but show her without makeup and prove she's actually actor Jason Robards. Who knew?
Emma Watson read and talked to kids about books and the power of literacy at Film Society Lincoln Center. .
OMG Emma Watson as Ariel little mermaid after being Belle? Even Angeline Jolie as Pocahontas! Look at this!
Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried's personal pictures stolen in celebrity photo hack
Emma Watson is the equivalence to Kristen Stewart they're so boring with no emotion. Belle was NOT Bella Swan... she had life 😞
Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. Watson doesn't have any full nudes leaked as far as I know but still private pictures
Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried's personal photos stolen in celebrity photo hack
Alleged nude pics of Emma Watson and definite nudes of Amanda Seyfried leak online - has "Fappening" 2.0 begun!?
📷 Screen cap of Emma Watson as Bell at wedding scene.
Emma Watson pursuing legal action after private photos hacked
Emma Watson pursuing legal action after private photos are hacked and leaked
Was the "Beauty and the Beast" remake what bell hooks was thinking about when she called Emma Watson the future of feminism?
"Within the hour, Emma watson was being slammed again, this time by an unexpected source: Beyoncé fans."
.talks about Belle and being different. Read the full review on .
Male or female the unauthorized sending and sharing of personal photos is not okay. . Shame on you if you open the Emma Watson photos.
Everyone being *** babies about Emma Watson not wearing a corset is so annoying shut up "its not historiacally correct" she marries a beast
Beauty and the Beast 2 days n lng . Emma Watson as Belle is 😍❤️.
"I was very heavily involved in the do that twirly thing"Emma Watson
"I kinda wanna see Beauty & The Beast because of Emma Watson". "Yea bro it's some Harry Potter fetish I feel you"
Emma Watson wore a custom Couture gown to the NY premiere of Disney's
Yes, and i rejected Emma Watson's proposal 5 years back.
Alan Menken on cuts, adds and intimidating Emma Watson
Emma Watson (b.1990). British actress, model, and activist
Y'all will not take away the amazingness that Beauty and the Beast is going to be. It's Emma Watson, as Belle IT'S ALL I'VE WANTED
Emma Watson and Her 'Beauty and the Beast' Costars Fangirl Over Beyoncé -…
*realizes generations of kids will soon recognize Emma Watson as Belle instead of Hermione Granger*
Emma Watson says that Feminism is about giving women a choice.
walk through campus tomorrow listening to Emma Watson's rendition of Belle and you feel like you're in the song.
it's crazy to think that there will be a generation that knows Emma Watson as Beauty instead of Hermione Granger 🤔
Did Kristen Stewart throw Emma Watson in the sunken place, or vice versa?
Emma Watson would not have been my first choice for Belle in Disney's live-action nor Kristen Stewart my…
I like Emma Watson a lot...I just don't think Beauty and the Beast is for her. I'd just rather Kristen Stewart play the part
Emma Watson as Bell gives me the chills 😍
I'm waiting for Emma Watson , Kristen Steward and Anna Kendrick staring in one movie. Film ala2 Games of Trones. Hero dia Leonardo dC
Anyone else get Kristin Stewart and Emma Watson confused?
Emma Watson is to Kristen Stewart as Emma Thompson is to Catherine Keener. All stars, it's indie vs mainstream.
This actually makes a lot of sense, Emma Watson:.
Fashionista_com: How the beourguest costume designer worked with Emma Watson to bring a 'modern, emancipated' Bell…
they only sell it in 12 mo 😩😩😩 it has the Emma Watson bell on it and everything!
Bonjour. -Belle is really one of my most fave Disney princesses . -super excited for the Emma Watson version coming!…
for Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario. Like for Douglas Booth & Emma Watson
Emma Watson in The new beauty and the beast looks lika *** they should've got someone else to play Bell
I will never not have a crush on Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart
I love Emma Watson but Bell is french
Those who have an English degree: Marin Scorsese, Emma Watson, Harold Varmus, Spielberg, Judy McGrath & Stephen Fry.
Love that Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart are coming through stronger than their bland male counterparts 💅🏼👊🏼
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LRT😂"the bell hooks loves Emma Watson moment"I remember eye rolling so hard when I saw dat cuz like around dat time she came for Bey&Laverne
Oh lord let this not be the Bell Hooks loves Emma Watson moment of Chimamanda's life and work.
It looks like Emma Watson has been taking lessons from the Kristen Stewart school of acting.
Can't wait to see beauty & the beast I've been waiting for this movie for years and was so excited that they got Emma Watson to play Bell!!
Does anyone think that Emma Watson and Kristen Steward looks so much alike?
I'm just saying that a chat show about books with Emma Watson and Marshawn Lynch called "Beauty and the Beast Mode" is…
Emma Watson appeared on “Good Morning America” to talk about the highly anticipated 'Beauty and the Beast.'
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens answer most searched questions about 'Beauty and the Beast'. Must-watch!.
New photos of Emma Watson continuing to promote in LA with some cute puppies 🐶, March 5th 2017. http…
Emma Watson's army of "book fairies" are leaving feminist novels in public spaces
emma watson after mentioning she likes beast better before he turned back into a human. GO EMMA GO
so...Emma Watson travelled back in time to double for Alyson Hannigan, that's cool
Why haven't Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson made a movie together they had so many years to one. Please let it be their chance to do one.
I swear Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson are starting to look like the same person
Emma Watson moved swiftly from Hermione Granger to Perks of Being A Wallflower seemlessly. Where's the 'white outcry'?. Hon…
Emma Watson: I used to mess up lines while filming Harry Potter
Emma Watson fires back at critics of her Vanity Fair shoot
Very smart lady critiqued by those not as smart. ⚡️ “Emma Watson defends her comments about Beyoncé”.
Emma Watson isn't alone - I face a 'breast backlash' every day: Mother-of-two Karen Gormley says the size of her…
's Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid got very heated about Emma Watson today
Surprise surprise, Piers Morgan has something to say about Emma Watson's Vanity Fair shoot 🙄…
Gloria Steinem had the perfect response to criticism over Emma Watson's Vanity Fair cover
"Feminism is about giving women choice": Emma Watson responds to critics of a photo that appeared in Vanity Fair
Lol @ Emma Watson being cannibalized by the feminist community.
Emma Watson at the "Beauty and the Beast" press conference in Los Angeles, she's so pretty!
The Independent strips Emma Watson of agency, claims that as a women, she is unable to make smart choices and is too di…
Get back to me when Emma Watson showing a bit of flesh is met with the same indifference as David Beckham posing in his underpants.
: Beauty and the Beast 2017 REVIEWS: Emma Watson splits critics in Disney remake
I guess Emma Watson could win an oscar for her portrayal of a feminist.
Emma Watson on Vanity Fair cover: 'feminism about giving women choice'
Emma Watson attacked for 'exploiting' Alan Rickman's death 'to push her own
Feminist or not, Emma Watson cannot act.
Emma Watson in Los Angeles promoting "Beauty and the Beast" wow!
I don't care what Emma Watson thinks about the feminism of black women. I care that she is being treated as some authority on…
Emma Watson responds perfectly to claim Vanity Fair shoot shows she is no feminist
Emma Watson reacts to Vanity Fair photo controversy: "I don't see what my *** have to do with feminism."
Emma Watson has just started a new group: The Society for the Promotion of Equality for Women (S.P.E.W.) . I'm in.
I mean if Emma Watson really did change her mind on some things and her feminism I want a public apology to Beyoncé https:/…
Emma Watson explains she's 'confused' about the anti-feminist backlash to her Vanity Fair shoot htt…
attacked by trolls for using Alan Rickman’s...
From Kim Kardashian's complexion to brains... Men reveal what
Just spent the last 10 minutes trying to find another perfect Emma Watson gif only to realize... they're all perfect
Emma Watson attacked by trolls for using Alan Rickman's death to promote her
03-06 Emma Watson accused of exploiting the death of Harry Potter co-star to push
Alan Rickman: Emma Watson accused of exploiting actor's death to push her own
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
someone out there would finally hear my wonderfully ad libbed catfights between Nicki Minaj and Emma Watson.
buddy who's chirping Emma Watson,i didn't know who she was and u developed diarrhea, go to bed bro
I do love Emma Watson, though, & regardless of what train wreck this movie could be, she could never do wrong in my eyes
remind me why do you have beef with Emma Watson?
"We should all be feminists" Emma Watson! You look absolutely fabulous and represent gender equality "Nevertheless she was persistent." TY
Emma Watson interrupting the interview to wipe off ink from the reporter's cheeks😍😍.
This is just one of the many reasons I love Emma Watson 💜
Emma Watson responds to Vanity Fair photo controversy
Emma Watson is very confused about the back to her lash Vanity Fair shoot (via
😍. Emma Watson responds to Vanity Fair photo controversy -
Emma Watson being sexualised for arty shots in Vanity Fair says more about the sexualisation of women in society and less about feminism
Emma Watson responds to Vanity Fair photo "controversy".
Emma Watson schools critics on what feminism actually means
Emma Watson criticized Beyoncé for expressing her sexuality on camera but said a picture with her *** out in Vanity Fair
Emma Watson's Vanity Fair image and Beyoncé image ARE different. On the lines of class, raced, body type, and *intention*
Emma Watson exposes her breasts on Vanity Fair so people are saying she’s not a feminist.
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are coming but Mrs. Potts & Chip are already here at the junket…
I can't believe the criticism Emma Watson has received. This is why feminism is needed. Feminism doesn't have a dress cod…
Emma Watson gives advice for $2 and donates it to Planned Parenthood - Daily Mail
Emma Watson at the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
Supported by Emma Watson, Emma Stone. Louise Fletcher and much more!
Emma Watson at the premiere of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at El Capitan theatre. Photograph: Todd Williamson
Emma Watson photographed by Michael Rozman at Warner Bros. Studio in L.A. 2017.
Social media round up next with talking top trends of the week - Emma Watson &
Tonight on we have an exclusive sneak peek from and Emma Watson talks the pressure of playing such an…
Emma Watson plans 1-year sabbatical to focus on activism
Emma Watson: 'Calling me a feminazi doesn't affect me'
Beautiful photograph of Emma Watson is not what it seems (PHOTO)
Emma Watson attended an ivy league school lmao showing her body has nothing to do with her education or credibility https…
Emma Watson is so precious and wholesome I want to cry
You're taking your kid to the movies to see Emma Watson fall in love with a dog and you're worried the *** character i…
Emma Watson: "Feminism, feminism... gender wage gap... why oh why am I not taken seriously... feminism... oh, and here are my…
Emma Watson and William Knight saw Hamilton on Broadway together before going
I love this wonderful human being so much. Thank God for Emma Watson
Y'all, if that spider kills me in my sleep, avenge me. Tell my story. And get Emma Watson to play me in the movie 🙏👍
Emma Watson sexy new photo for Vanity Fair (April 2017)
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are cover stars of April issue.
How do you know what Emma Watson does?
Luke Evans gushes about working with Emma Watson and Josh Gad at Beauty and the Beast UK Premiere:…
Emma Watson is ushering in a new era of Disney princesses with the upcoming http…
Emma Watson explains why she won't take selfies with fans
.I liked a video The Real Oppression of BOYS vs Emma Watson and SJW's -- Redpill Retro Playa
Emma Watson is not a real human being, she's too pure for this world
The whole Emma Watson thing is just ridiculous. Can people stop getting offended by everything? She did nothing wrong. Jesus.
Emma Watson at the Spencer House in London before the UK premiere on February 23, 2017
Lisa Kudrow crushes our Friends reunion dreams, Emma Watson says no to selfies with fans, and Mama June wants to...
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – Sir Philip Green, Emma Watson, David Walliams, Holly Valance, Sara Cox…
Which of these 3 actresses was going to be a part of 2016?. A. Emma Stone. B. Emma Watson. or. C. Jennifer Ani…
Emma Watson attends the Paris Premiere of her new film "Beauty and the Beast"
Dan Stevens and Emma Watson fail to ignite at the London premiere:
Tagged my no one but gonna play anyway... 1. Lucy Liu. 2. Jessica Alba. 3 . Emma Watson
The fact that Emma Watson has kissed Rupert Grint, and Rupert Grint has kissed Emma Watson, like it's blessed
Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and Emma Watson at an event for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
Emma Watson stars in shoot for Elle via Thank you,
Emma Watson backs bid to combat domestic abuse
Say Bonjour to Emma Watson as Belle 🌹Is it March 17th yet?
EXCLUSIVE: just made a powerful statement about a new law that will change women's lives:
Watch sing the opening number 'Belle'
sings 'Belle' in new 'Beauty and the Beast' clip — and it's perfect
Actress Emma Watson seen arriving in London after taking the eurostar from Paris!
Disney's live-action "Beauty and the Beast" topped social media buzz last week
As if you needed more reason to love Her new IG account promotes ethical, sustainable fashion. .
Emma Watson sings in new Beauty and the Beast "Belle" clip and we weigh in
Bonjour! See Emma Watson singing with the townsfolk in this 1-minute peek at the live-action movie!
Gostei de um vídeo do de Emma Watson Sings 'Belle' in Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'
I...think I was just mansplained that Emma Watson is perfect casting for Belle? Sir, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?
Emma Watson arrives at Gare Du Nord in Paris today ♥
These are the 76 books suggests you read.
Emma Watson just launched a new Instagram account 👏🏼
Definitely worth posting this again as the new movie's coming soon! Is this doll- Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty... https:…
Here's every book has ever recommended: 📚
I want a prequel explaining why the baker hates Belle.
'No denying she's a funny girl that Belle'
Watch Emma Watson perform an iconic "Beauty and the Beast" song in a new clip of Disney's upcoming movie, via
Watch as Emma Watson sings the opening number from
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
will Emma Watson be playing the 'beauty' character?.
The Back of Emma Watson's Latest 'Beauty and the Beast' Press Tour Dress Is So Weird and Great…
.backs SNP MP's bid to combat domestic abuse
Do you understand how weird this is? Emma Watson aka Hermione lost the role to Lily James. LILY JAMES! WHAT DOES…
Mike Pence. So, it's only a matter of time for Emma Watson at this point.
Emma Watson knows how to make red carpet magic.
Nice piece and agree, but wasn't Matthew Teller set to play opposite Emma Watson, not Emma Stone's on/off squeeze Garfield?
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – Emma Watson, Laura Kenny, Jason Kenny, Stormzy, Philip Pullman…
Emma Watson with Matthew Janney at her North London home
listen Emma Watson could be Bae but Bonnie Wright is above and beyond that
sure love to watch this movie bcoz emma Watson
Woman Of The Year winner Emma Watson stuns in an ivory fairytale gown at the Elle Style Awards
from 1 to 10, how hard was not to fall in love with emma watson? Because... I mean, it's Emma Watson
This Emma Watson and Tom Hanks movie is the digital privacy warning we need right now
Emma Watson is too pure for this dark earth.
Emma Watson: 'This is not a year we will allow ourself to be silent. This is the year that women’s voices are heard.'
you had me at Emma Watson. Hmu when you're free! :)
Edward asking about Emma Watson and Aubrey about the grandeur of via Yahoo
LOL THE INTERNET IS TOO FAST, because Emma Watson is in the new Beauty and the Beast film, they edited Voldermort i…
Advice from Emma Watson two bucks...seems expensive...
New stunning photo of Emma Watson backstage wearing Dior at the on Feb 13, 2017 ❤️️
Emma Watson was hermonie in Harry Potter movies and spent all 7 movies trying to kill Voldemort. So this is hilarious and ironic
More of Emma Watson singing in 'Beauty and the Beast' + trailers.
Emma Watson attends the Elle Style Awards on February 13, 2017. She looks like a real princess
Emma Watson leads the winners at this year's Congratulations 🎉…
Emma Watson takes top prize at Elle Style Awards
Emma Watson scoops woman of the year prize at Elle Style Awards
Updates: Emma Watson teases cleavage as she stuns in ivory fairytale gown at Elle Style Awards
Photos: Emma Watson wins 2017 Elle Style Awards' "Woman of the Year", talks equality
live action Disney remakes give me secondhand cringe so bad, it's like Emma Watson is singing castle on a cloud at my 7th gra…
Emma Watson is Elle Style Awards Woman of the Year–Popular Videos – Red ca...
Emma Watson at the Elle Style Awards on 2011, 2014 & 2017
Emma Watson bows out of the Elle Style Awards early
Taxi! Emma Watson bowed out of the Elle Style Awards on Monday night early, heading home alone …
Leading ladies: Emma Watson (left) looked every inch the part in a stunning fairytale inspired …
Emma Watson on Feminism & Protest: 'It says so much about what we can achieve as a group'
Emma Watson attends the Elle Style Awards 2017 in London on February 13, 2017
Beauty and the Beast: trailer for live-action adaptation starring Emma Watson – video
Emma Watson and Tom Hanks deal with the dark side of technology in new trailer for The Circle…
The Circle trailer sees Emma Watson get sucked into a dark world of social media and…
Emma Watson is on the cover of ELLE UK (March 2017)
recent Instagram post🥀 I can't wait for the movie either ☺️ the trailer looks amazing and I love Emma Watson…
Emma Watson behind the scenes of the Elle UK's shoot (March 2017)
📷 Emma Watson is on the cover of Elle UK (March 2017)
Emma Watson looks gorgeous as always.
Watch the eerie new trailer for ‘The Circle,' basically a 2-hour long episode of 'Black Mirror' starring Emma Watso…
NEWS: Emma Watson to attend the Elle Style Awards on Monday xx.
Dave Eggers' book comes to life in the new film w/ Emma Watson, Tom Hanks & John Boyega
I'm glad Emma Watson is not in The Beguiled
A new trailer for movie has arrived!
'Feminism is not here to dictate to you. It’s not prescriptive, it’s not dogmatic.' — Emma Watson
Blog Post: Emma Watson: 'Critics of my feminism have toughened me up'
"We used to go on adventures, we used to have fun, now it's all filtered through this.
New official trailer of 'The Circle' with Emma Watson & Tom Hanks
The Internet is terrifying in the new trailer for Tom Hanks and Emma Watson’s ‘The Circle’: ht…
British actress and activist is back on the cover for
The way things are going, this could be reality in the future. 😮
New two outtakes of Emma Watson photographed by Lorenzo Agius (2009)
Emma Watson + Tom Hanks + James Ponsoldt. The official trailer for has arrived:
Tom Hanks Has a Sinister Agenda with Emma Watson in New Trailer for THE CIRCLE: A new…
Brand new stunning photos of Emma Watson for ELLE UK, March 2017 issue.
Great Job, Internet!: Let’s see how Emma Watson’s Beauty would fare against the pure evil of Voldemort
doll repainters are honestly WIZARDS. this guy SAVED EMMA WATSON.
The trailer for came out today. That's the movie they shot at
So apparently Emma Watson is now a certified yoga instructor. Ngl we are basically twins now 💁🏼
Kristen Stewart is like Emma Watson's sister, but the parents liked Emma better so Kristen half rebelled but still wanted to be famous.
After March, there will be a whole generation of kids that know Emma Watson as Belle instead of Hermione.
I am so excited for new Beauty and the Beast songs sang by Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.
won't pay a penny to see Emma Watson.. I'll have to wait til it comes on netflix
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