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Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson (born 15 April 1959) is a British actor, comedian and screenwriter.

Joni Mitchell Alan Rickman Hugh Grant Hayley Atwell Emma Watson Mary Poppins Professor Trelawney Kenneth Branagh Colin Firth Richard Curtis Luke Evans Harry Potter Ian McKellen Kate Winslet Nanny McPhee Maggie Smith Laura Linney

Also Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are a great cast.
I saw a bit once with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson about how hard it was- in a scen…
starring Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci & Fionn is a participant in this year's Toronto International Fi…
I love that this film version of S&S is considered Emma Thompson's, not Ang Lee's. Quite right too.
Am I the only one who thinks Emma Thompson has at most, two facial expressions?
How did I just find out that Emma Thompson played Professor Trelawney in HP 😂
Teachers are pretty spot on. Alan Rickman as Snape. Maggie Smith as McGonagall. Emma Thompson as Trelawney. Kenneth Branagh as Lockhart. 👍👍👍
Oh duh. Emma Thompson was also Elinor Dashwood! So that's 2 Elinors and 1 Edward. If only Hugh Grant was in this.
Emma Thompson on new film Alone in Berlin, global warming and getting out of her comfort zone
Alone In Berlin review: Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson in true WW2 story -
Emma Thompson as Professor Trelawney was truly one of the most genius moves in the HP movie universe.
the movie is beauty and the east, it has Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Ian Mckelan , Dan Stevens,Ewan McGregor, Luke Evans
Sense and Sensibility directed by Ang Lee with Kate Winslet,Emma Thompson,Hugh Grant,Alan Rickman . . I really love it
Hayley Atwell has been spending a week on a boat reading books with Emma Thompson. Why isn't this a TV show?!
btw did you know Hayley Atwell is on holiday with Emma Thompson at the moment
Hayley Atwell on holiday with Emma Thompson is just all the goals. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Hayley Atwell e Emma Thompson in vacanza assieme totalmente random but I love this song
Hayley Atwell and Emma Thompson. Name a more iconic duo.
Hayley Atwell and Emma Thompson in Greece >>>
Goals is Hayley Atwell on holiday in Greece with Emma Thompson
Imagine being able to go on a trip to Greece with Hayley Atwell and Emma Thompson actual vacation goals
Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts gives me life. and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth is so amusing. I so love their cast. truly a ta…
Emma Thompson as Brown and my best Christopher Walken as Pea Gree- I mean, Esteban... the Magnificent!…
Brendan & Emma Thompson at the Alone in Berlin photo call during the 66th Berlinale International Film Festival Feb…
Yes. He can take Lily Allen, Owen Jones, Emma Thompson and Benedict whatshisname as well. Clean the swamp
Emma Thompson and Sarah Parish at Carmen opening night after party! What an incredible evening
Be Our Guest by Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw & Ian McKellen (with Mika and Misha) —
Has she given Lily Allen and Emma Thompson a lift? Emma's got 2 houses on the same street cos she doesn't like house guests! 😵
Emma Thompson was partying with Cambridge University students earlier this month
You sicken me with your weakness, getting teary eyed when Hugh Grant returns to Emma Thompson at the end of Sense & Sensibility. Sicken! Me!
I know Emma Thompson & Hugh Grant used to have a thing so I'm wondering if the implication was deliberate on her part
I love Emma Thompson's Sense & Sensibility, but Hugh Grant was the wrong choice for Edward.
Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, and Emma Thompson in Sense and Sensibility though 💖👍👑
Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson & Maggie Smith all started out as standup comedians! Follow your passion & don't be afraid to try…
My daily dose of sadness: Emma Thompson turning down Love Actually reunion because it was too painful without Alan Rickman. *sobs*
Both the book and the film are among my all time favourites. Emma Thompson is amazing in the film and Alan Rickman of course.
SO JEALOUS!! I'm partial to Peter's Friends but obviously love Dead Again too. Plus, I had a crush on Emma Thompson.
Emma Thompson as Sadie Hawkins & Alan Rickman as David Friedman in 'Judas Kiss' (1998)
EXCLUSIVE: Luke Evans, Emma Thompson, and Josh Gad joins Disney's Live-Action 'Beauty and the Beast'…
Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler arrive for the screening of 'The Meyerowitz Stories (New…
Emma Thompson as well. No wait, that's Keith Urban 😬
Louise is definitely becoming the thinking man's British sex symbol. Sorry, Emma Thompson!
It's the eyes. And I'm proud to say I usually have Emma Thompson on the brain.
Used to think this was Emma Thompson, for some reason.
Emma Thompson is the best part of Bridget Jones' Baby & Patrick Dempsey is a dumpster with blue eyes !!!
Emma Thompson doting over Dakota Fanning is something I didn't know I needed
Emma Thompson : "Jeremy Corbyn is pretty sound on green issues" .
Do you think Labour could get in with Jeremy Corbyn. Yeah, I do. I love Emma Thompson.
Happy Birthday to the great 2-time Oscar winner, Emma Thompson! Many happy years and great roles to come! All the best…
Happy Birthday to my bday buddies Emma Thompson & Nathan Mack. Flashback to our bday during
I want Natalie Dormer, Janet Montgomery & Rebecca Ferguson to do a BBC remake of The Women written by Emma Thompson
Amazing night seeing with the girls. I cried. Best performances go to Luke Evans (Gaston) and Emma Thompson (Mrs Potts) ❤️🌹
Emma Thompson fighting the evil of Hollywood & body-shaming
Emma Thompson on the brutally honest truth about how Hollywood stays thin
The truth about anorexia in Hollywood by Emma Thompson:
A parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided. John and Elizabeth Hovick (Played by Alec Baldwin and E…
Emma Thompson slams 'evil' in Hollywood feeding anorexia problem.
Emma Thompson has recently spoken out about young actresses being fat-shamed on set. In an interview with Swedish…
GMA SEGMENT: In case you missed it, here is the Good Morning America segment I was in this morning! What kind of...
Emma Thompson says the pressure on Hollywood women to be thin is ‘evil’ and ‘getting worse’
Emma Thompson has no tolerance for body shaming.
Emma Thompson speaks out against Hollywood's 'evil' culture that encourages anorexia
[Mashable] Emma Thompson almost quit a film when a costar was body shamed
Emma Thompson threatened to quit a movie after her co-star was told to lose weight:
When a co-star was asked to lose weight, Emma Thompson didn't think it was right. So she threatened to quit.
When Emma Thompson threatened to quit a film..
Emma Thompson attacks 'evil' Hollywood pressure on women to be thin
Good for her. Emma Thompson felt 'too fat' to live in
Emma Thompson says weight pressure in film is "evil" and "getting worse" via
Emma Thompson threatened to quit working on a film when the producers told her co-actress to lose weight.
Emma Thompson felt 'too fat' to live in LA
Emma Thompson blasts producer for tellng her costar to lose weight & we love her for it.
Emma Thompson once threatened to quit a movie after a producer asked her co-star to lose weight v…
Emma Thompson says she threatened to quit a movie if the producers didn't stop telling her costar to lose weight
Alex Kingston and Emma Thompson working together, how can we make this happen like.. now!
Those aren't friends lol because that movie gives you Liam Neeson, Mr Bean, Emma Thompson, Martin Freeman and Alan Rickman
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Emma Thompson turned down a date with Donald Trump
Just started watching The Fundamentals of Caring somehow I can see Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson playing Ben & Janet
‘You could be the first lady’: Emma Thompson tells Swedish talk show Trump once hit on her -
Also also Emma Thompson is gorgeous and would make a great Mary Poppins
I'm still waiting for the day Emma Thompson plays Mary Poppins. Somebody make it happen please?
Audra McDonald, Emma Thompson, Kevin Kline and Dan Stevens give great performances. The others were bothersome to grim.
Saw it y'day and loved it..thrilled to share a birthday with you,Emma Watson & Emma Thompson :)
People may be all "Emma Watson IS A GODDESS" and ya maybe a lil bit but Emma Thompson makes me feel like home I love her so mu…
Good parts of Beauty & the Beast: Ewan McGregor, Kevin Kline, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, and Dan Stevens when he was The Beast.
*"What The Flick?" Movie Trivia*. What do Emma Thompson, Luke Evans, and Emma Watson all have in common?...
you weren't wrong. Emma Thompson will forever be known for the worst British accent on film. Worst than DvD in Mary Poppins.
Emma Watson is to Kristen Stewart as Emma Thompson is to Catherine Keener. All stars, it's indie vs mainstream.
Emma Thompson forgives Helena Bonham-Carter for affair with husband via
picks a wrong farmer to mess with. Sprays them and actress Emma Thompson with poop for setting up bake sale on…
An irate farmer sprays poop on protestors & Emma Thompson for trespassing, setting up bake sale .
📷 Daniel Day-Lewis and Emma Thompson, In the name of the father, 1993.
YES Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Colin Firth are some of them
With all the remakes of films - if there is a Mary Poppins remake can we have Emma Thompson as Mary Poppins? She's perfect for it
Another favourite of mine will be Kate Winslet & Emma Thompson in Sense and Sensibility.
Why I love Emma Thompson and Richard Curtis. Just the story made me tear up.
Emma Thompson called Angela Lansbury and asked for her blessing to play Mrs. Potts in live action h…
Love Actually 2 filming is underway and Emma Thompson could still feature
Richard Curtis on the fate of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman's storyline in Love Actually 2
Emma Thompson ga ikutan reuni Love Actually. . "Ems isn’t in it. She just can’t do it," said Richard Curtis
The Love Actually sequel for Comic Relief will not feature an Alan Rickman tribute OR Emma Thompson:. 😢.
Much Ado is a great film. Emma Thompson was lovely, and Kate Beckinsale was just so cute.
I'd say that Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson's scene in THE TALL GUY is one of the funniest, most over-the-top ever.
Am'I The only one that thinks Emma Thompson are exactly look a like a young Christopher Lee ?
THE PARENT TRAP remake but Annette Bening and Emma Thompson play the twins thank you
My dream picks, in no order: Emma Thompson, Dylan Moran, Tamsin Grieg, Ben Wishaw...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Going to watch "The Remains of the Day" again, cux Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. And Hugh Grant OFC ❤😍
black comedy about a barber in Glasgow, Robert Carlisle is in it,Emma Thompson plays a great part
The Remains of the Day ... Oscar nominated film starring Anthony Hopkins & Emma Thompson on Sony Movie is like a prequel to Downtown Abbey !
Feasting on archives. Emma Thompson,Michael Crawford,Jack Charlton,Dawn French and more
16) Kate Jones, played by Emma Thompson (The Love Punch). "If that was an attempt to flatter me, you can *** right…
The best audiobooks of 2016: mysteries, confessions, and Emma Thompson reading Henry James:
when Emma Thompson doesn't get nominated for an Oscar for Bridget Jones' Baby, we'll get through it together
Please someone put her in the vanishing cabinet along with HBC Emma Thompson and Sarah Lancashire please 😭
Scene from ft.Joni Mitchell's 'Both Sides Now' so heartbreaking.Emma Thompson is sublime. via
The bit with Emma Thompson and the Joni Mitchell song gets me every time 😭
Emma Thompson. In the bed room. With the Joni Mitchell CD. 😭😭😭
That scene with Emma Thompson crying on Joni Mitchell is a waterworks waiting to happe ...
How have I never realised that Professor Trelawney is Emma Thompson 😲
Emma Thompson is hilarious as Professor Trelawney
Flipped to as Emma Thompson was about to open the Joni Mitchell CD & had to change the channel because I AM NOT…
Was that the Andrew Lincoln scene or the one with Emma Thompson and her Joni Mitchell record?
Everybody can say what they want about love actually but Emma Thompson in her room listening to Joni Mitchell is a masterpiece.
Some random people I would prefer 2016 stay away from: Steve Martin, John goodman, Harrison ford, Meryl Streep, Tina fey, and Emma Thompson
BuzzFeed says the tears were improvised. from Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson and Joni Mitchell. The combination that never fails to make cry.
every story line is gross and yet I will still cry at Emma Thompson crying at Joni Mitchell until the day I die
Nothing breaks my heart like Emma Thompson crying, listening to Joni Mitchell in the bedroom after she didn't get the necklace
I hope Emma Thompson gets a retroactive Oscar for her "Joni Mitchell scene" in 😢
Emma Thompson and the Joni Mitchell cd in love actually = guaranteed toe curl 😭
Channel flicking, switched on Love Actually & it was the bit where Emma Thompson opens the Joni Mitchell cd
Emma Thompson's character crying in the bedroom to Joni Mitchell gets me every time.
I love Love Actually. The heartbreak of Laura Linney and her brother. Emma Thompson and Joni Mitchell. Yes, I love the schmaltzy stuff too.
Itv1 now and we can all cry with Emma Thompson to Joni Mitchell
Here's an idea. Shall we all turn on Love Actually and cry until we've got no tears left at Emma Thompson listening to Joni Mitchell?
now focusing my attention on trying not to cry when Emma Thompson opens the Joni Mitchell CD & cries at the saddest song ever
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Watching Love Actually and remembering that the most devastating moment on film ever is Emma Thompson getting a Joni Mitchell CD.
well no one gave Emma Thompson a break DID THEY all they gave her was Joni bloody Mitchell
Sarah and Karl then Emma Thompson with her cd *heart shatters*
ughhh 😭 I was talking about when Emma Thompson opens the Joni Mitchell CD 💔💔😭😭
The only consolation in THAT Emma Thompson scene is that really, the Joni Mitchell CD is the better gift
Emma Thompson listening to Joni Mitchell and crying in LOVE ACTUALLY gets me every time = brilliant.
yeah that's the one that always baffles me, especially when he does seem to love Emma Thompson? Idk man
Every time Emma Thompson opens that *** Joni Mitchell cd from Alan Rickman my heart absolutely breaks for her. ❤📽🎄💔
Real talk Emma Thompson silently crying in her room listening to Joni Mitchell is top twenty scenes ever for me.
Emma Thompson's scene when she doesn't receive the jewelry and is accompanied by Joni Mitchell's music I just CAN'T and NEVER can
The scene with Emma Thompson and Joni Mitchell playing in the background
Emma Thompson standing in the middle of her room crying to Joni Mitchell in Love Actually is me literally any day of the year
All I want for Xmas is a vile of the the tears Emma Thompson cried in Love Actually. But my mom probably just got me a Joni Mitchell CD tbh
How I felt the morning of the election: Emma Thompson receiving a Joni Mitchell CD in Love Actually level tears
Alan Rickman getting Emma Thompson the Joni Mitchell CD in Love Actually is worse than anything Alan Rickman did in Die Hard.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Emma Thompson crying to Joni Mitchell is my holiday aesthetic.
I want someone to pull a Love Actually on me. But specifically the part where Emma Thompson is crying while listening to Joni Mitchell.
is pretty depressing for a lot of characters - Sarah, Karl, Emma Thompson, the dude from the walking dead...
Saving Mr Banks will be the highlight of my Christmas. Disney + Tom Hanks + Emma Thompson + Paul Giamatti = Pure happiness
Emma Thompson will get loads off Dev in a divorce settlement and marry Michael Collins when he's done with Claudia Schifer
people bag Richard Curtis, but having Emma Thompson straighten the marital bed and then try to get on with it is powerful af. In my opinion.
you're right. I'd much rather watch him shoot at Bruce Willis than break Emma Thompson's heart
Colin Firth is Jamie, Hugh Grant is David, Liam Neeson I think is Daniel and Emma Thompson is Karen I believe
Why did I just find out that Emma Thompson plays Sybil Trelawney in the Harry Potter movies???
Nanny McPhee- Emma Thompson. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Emma Thompson
stars are being noted for their charity, including Emma Thompson, Julie Walters &
A Love Actually sequel that is just Emma Thompson and Laura Linney driving to the Grand Canyon
Oh yah Harry Potter is way sadder, I don't like his character in this film especially when he breaks Emma Thompson's heart :(
Harry the Terrible Husband deserves no Emma Thompson in his life
Mysteries, confessions, Emma Thompson reading Henry James: The best audiobooks of 2016.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
the only fab ones are Colin Firth, Rodrigo Santoro and Emma Thompson
yaaasss!!..Emma Thompson adopt me. I'll buy you a necklace from Mr Bean..and you can dress me up like an octopus! xx
Tonight I am happy to announce the movie will be Barney Thomson staring Robert Carlyle, Emma Thompson and Ray Winstone.
Who plays Kellyanne Conway in the movie about her? My top 3:. -Sandra Bullock. -Julia Roberts . -Emma Thompson (my dark horse pick)
PRIMARY COLORS (1998) Director: Mike Nichols | Emma Thompson as a Hillary-like character, and the real brains behin…
"Love Actually" came out 13 years ago & Emma Thompson crying to Joni Mitchell remains one of cinema's most harrowing https:…
all of the above plus Emma Thompson x
Emma Thompson too obvs. She steals Love Actually so easily!
wow, I never knew you hated Emma Thompson so much.
The fact that kyle said "Can we have Emma Thompson as our baby person?" scares me quite a bit. 😳😶😶😶
Week commencing 5 November 1988 - Emma Thompson is Emma to a T with this Radio Times cover.
there should be a law that Emma Thompson has to crash every awards show for it to meet a minimum standard of 'I wanna see that'
Just a thought: Tracey Ullman and Emma Thompson to be the new Amy and Tina and host the Golden Globes?
I love Emma Thompson being so silly!
Narrated by Emma Thompson, ​the documentary "The Doubt Machine: Inside the Koch Brothers' War on Climate Science"
seriously? I have no idea why I haven't seen this movie yet. I love Emma Thompson 😱😮
yeizdol: Emma Thompson greeting her fans. 😂 I love her.
My friend Emma Thompson is helping to
Emma Thompson cooks for the crew of the Greenpeace Esperanza via
I liked a video Incredible Performances by Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson
Have to say, Bridget Jones' Baby is a massive improvement on Edge of Reason. Wish Emma Thompson was in it more though.
Just caught a glimpse of Emma Thompson in a fur parka filming in after chapel today.
in 1805: News of Nelson's death reaches Britain - & Emma Hamilton. Join the mourning in our new exhibition
Also, Emma Thompson is a gift from God for all mankind.
Emma Thompson to play Hillary Clinton called it
I'm going to bed but watch Bridget Jones for Emma Thompson. okay... just do it.
Emma Thompson best thing as caustic obstetrician
.is in talks to direct a comedy starring and Emma Thompson (EXCLUSIVE)
A big reason why I'm voting for Hillary is because of Emma Thompson's performance in Primary Colors. In 2016 that's actually not crazy.
Watching Primary Colors and they need to do a sequel now with Emma Thompson's character running for president.
It's Emma Thompson that gets to me. I sob YEAR after year.
this film is literally Emma Thompson as HiIIary Clinton lmao
.I'm right that green grapes are the best because Emma Thompson, queen and savior, supports that stanc…
If you are able to watch Emma Thompson's scene in Love Actually without tearing up, you haven't lived long enough.
But it's nothing compared to the Emma Thompson/Joni Mitchell moment. *sobs*
Your performance was the best I've seen on a British revival since Emma Thompson on Me and My Girl
That clip of emma thompson mistreating her husband and cursing 153836 times in 2 minutes is what just made my weekend
For some reason, I think Emma Thompson would play her well.
Watch"The Doubt Machine: Inside the Koch Brothers War on Climate Science" narrated by Emma Thompson (
omg Mr. Emma Thompson is killing it in this role though
You can relate more to Emma Thompson than the folks he hurt in die hard. But no question Alan was far…
I think Emma Thompson could portray Hillary in the movie of this election and the baby carrot I chomped in half could be a fair Trump.
Winner of the Para-Swimming coach of the year is Danny Thompson! Two of his athletes to collect the award! ht…
Emma Thompson on the set of Yen Din Ka Kissa in New York
Emma Thompson is just brilliant in everything.
As well as Emma Thompson swearing like a docker listen out for on the soundtrack…
believe it or not I actually am excited
I've got all the time in the world for Emma Thompson
this is true, anyone who makes Emma Thompson cry should be ashamed of themselves.
remember when you didn't know Nanny McPhee and Professor Trelawney were both Emma Thompson..? I'm sensing a pattern
Brb, recutting Love Actually down to just Emma Thompson and Bill Nighy scenes. Aka, the good stuff.
Why does Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump mashed together look like Emma Thompson in love actually lmao
It's got Hayley Atwell, Matthew Goode, Emma Thompson and Ben Whishaw, what more could you want?
Oblivion, starring Popeye and Emma Thompson. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard, music by Editors. Budget: $140m
.and Emma Thompson will star in a movie about a late-night talk show host (EXCLUSIVE) htt…
EXCLU: and Emma Thompson is attached to untitled spec Kaling wrote set in late night talk show world
did not disappoint. And who could not love the Emma Thompson, Sally Phillips, Shirley Henderson triple whammy! 👏🏻
Remember that time Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson filmed their own X-File with Robin Williams?
The only one that upset me was Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. I have no idea why.
Guess which celebrity couple's break up my sister just found out about and is upset by? Yep - Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.
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I am still distraught over Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson's split. They broke me for all other celebrity couples.
Also Sarah Solemani was brilliant as always and loved Joanna Scanlan as always and obvs Emma Thompson. it hit da spot ok
Better than expected. Emma Thompson did script, Ed Sheeran rocks & Mr Darcy on his (blurred out) BlackBerry a lot!
Fun fact: Emma Thompson's one-liner is from the Show with her, Robbie Williams, & Jimmy Carr in 2014!
highlights of Bridget Jones Baby:. Emma Thompson. Ed Sheeran. Colin Firth. Every shot of his beauty. truly Oscar worthy
. Only great acting in the whole movie:. Laura Linney (of course). Emma Thompson (of course). and Alan Rickman (of course)
My favourite of the night: Emma Thompson. Talented, gorgeous, and so funny
Why are Emma Thompson & Chris Williams in the Arctic? Powerful interview with Watch... https…
”She had the best snacks..” -Patrick on his other costar Emma Thompson at preview event in Sydney
Patrick Doyle's exuberant score to MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. I think Emma Thompson and Kate Beckinsale approve.
British actress Emma Thompson heading to Clyde River, Nunavut to fight seismic testing via
Emma Thompson is back in the Arctic! Follow the journey with Clyde River
Free idea for British filmmakers: WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF with Brian Blessed and Emma Thompson. You're welcome.
Best movie in world after the one where Danny DeVito and Arnold play twins. Also, Emma Thompson as the baby's mother/father.
The song of lunch – Christopher Reid. Performed by Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson
last I heard Bob Geldoff, Emma Thompson had given all their money away and housing 100's of rapefugees in their mansions 😂😂
Okay as long as I've been watching Harry Potter movie I JUST realized that Emma Thompson was Prof Trelawney
I'll always hear the late great Alan Rickman reading this, all due to Emma Thompson's script for Sense & Sensibility
Took a nap. Dreamed that Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson were my parents. Woke up. Realized I'm average. Sulked. 😩
I'm so over Susan Sarandon. Someone please give her Oscar to Emma Thompson. Thanks.
Women I want to be my new best friend and/or auntie: Emma Thompson, Olivia Colman, Andrea Martin.
the Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman scenes forgive the whole mess for me. And the end always makes me emotional, ridiculously.
TONIGHT! Tune in for a jam packed with Emma Thompson, and a special list with Plus mus…
Emma Thompson and Greg Wise are married which means Elinor Dashwood and John Willoughby are married *** NO
Oh, Emma Thompson is a good choice. So is Sissy Spacek, I have not seen her in a long time. Love The Coal Miners Daughter
😂😂 lets see: actors: Colin Morgan, Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson, Marcia *** Harden, Sissy Spacek.drawing a blank on more lol
It would be badass! I'm thinking Zoe Saldana or Michelle Rodriguez as hero & Emma Thompson as head villain
I have finally found a full recording of Sweeney Todd in Concert with Bryn Terfel, Emma Thompson and Audra McDonald and I am complete!
Emma Thompson crying to Joni Mitchell never fails to break my heart
Bob Geldof, Emma Thompson, that one that can't act, what's her name Keira knightly
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maybe Emma Thompson, Bob Geldof,Chris Martin,the Beckhams &Jeremy Clarkson can all move to Belgium, together. House share.
who's more your type? The Katie Hopkins/Louise Mensch type? Or Lilo, Paloma Faith, helena bonham carter and Emma Thompson?
On a Emma Thompson dosage. Finished watching Junior, seeing how beautiful she was. Got me in the mood to see Barney Thomson again My 6th tim
Our next event 9th Sept at with Emma Cartmell
¡Happy Birthday, Daniel The talented Spanish-German actor turns 38 today:
it doesn't look like it. The 90s version with Emma thompson? I have both versions on dvd though
I met Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thompson many years ago at a coffee morning in Ramelton. They stopped at my craft stall!
Emma Thompson has condemned awards shows such as this Sunday’s Oscars because the season goes on for too long ‘and drives everybody
Even though in the past Emma Thompson has insulted British culture, I still think she's a wonderful actress 🙌🏼
Just met Emma Thompson purely by chance! Such a lovely woman 😍 I wish her sister all the very…
Celebrities get cosy: Turns out Emma Thompson can design an impressive tea pot warmer too!
Books are like people in that they’ll turn up in your life when you most need them. (Emma Thompson, British...
You can't be a great mum and work the whole time necessarily; those tw...
Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life. —Emma Thompson
Actors should be cast based on their acting talent not by how many followers they have on social media! Period.
Luke and Emma Thompson on the Graham Norton Show - look at that face! ByLukeevansedit. .
Did I see Emma Thompson on board? "Rah, Rah, Rah We're going to smash the oiks!"
📷 emma–thompson: We are here to heal, Not harm. We are here to love, Not hate. We are here to create,...
I have no clue about this west drama, it went from Paul and Lindsey to flaming Emma Thompson
The thing that influenced me most in relation to 'Nanny McPhee' were t...
I have had lots of friends who've been affected by Aids and a very goo...
But when I lose my temper, I find it difficult to forgive myself. I fe...
What was important was trying to create something that families could ...
I didn't even ask the question I'm just creeping😂 but I have a similar reasoning to idolising emma thompson so…
"I just wanted to show you how I write." - Emma Thompson 😂😂
Emma Thompson on actors being told that "Your not thin enough"
I LIKE this idea of hearing the voice of Emma Thompson narrating "Ove" ala Stranger Than Fiction. Very good!
I hate the way market forces try to separate us out in to the appropri...
Delighted to welcome Emma Thompson for a Great Plague research visit & tour of today
Emma Thompson & Maggie Smith shared the stage with a Bavarian brass band (lederhosen) and Dame Judi Dench told us all to swipe right 🇬🇧
I also have a soft spot for Last Chance Harvey which doesn't have much 'com' but Emma Thompson is on SPECTACULAR form. *weeps*
Have you seen Saving Mr Banks? It's the story of how Mary Poppins came to be. It's very good. Stars Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.
Just watched Last Chance Harvey again. I love the lovely sweetness of it and Emma Thompson is always great.
When you see this Hillary photo you realize why Emma Thompson played a version of her in the movie PRIMARY COLORS.
One of the worst things about 2016 has been Emma Thompson's terrible opinions:
Good luck to Stephen, Jenny, Emma Berry and Emma Thompson who are taking part in the colour run this weekend.
Emma Thompson on the state of the industry, "In terms of casting roles, it's a disaster!"
Let us count the reasons why: it stars Emma Watson as Belle, Josh Gad and Emma Thompson have signed...
Emma Thompson, Michael Caine, Judi Dench Criticize Young Hollywood Actors: “We're casting actors who have big...
Michael Caine and Emma Thompson dis the new generation of 'social media actors'
Emma Thompson & Michael Caine slam actors who are cast for their social media followings:
Password with Emma Thompson, Michael Cera and Jim Parsons mira esto!!
Watching Stranger Than Fiction again, because Emma Thompson and Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dustin Hoffman and Queen Latifah.
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