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Emma Stone

Emily Jean Emma Stone (born November 6, 1988) is an American actress.

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Emma Stone overtakes Jennifer Lawrence to top Forbes highest-paid actress of 2017 list | The Independent
Emma Stone dethrones Jennifer Lawrence as the world's highest-paid actress
Emma Stone just passed Jennifer Lawrence as the highest paid actress:
Emma Stone tops Jennifer Lawrence as the world's highest-paid actress
Emma Stone overtakes Jennifer Lawrence to become highest paid actress in Hollywood
Spencer told me he met Emma Stone in an elevator today and I've never been more unjustifiably livid about anything in my life
“She makes her opinions very clear to me, all the time. I appreciate it. She’s just fun, a shot of light.”. - Emma Stone on Jen…
Emma Stone channeling old Hollywood glamour in custom Givenchy couture at the 2017 Oscars.
Emma Stone and star as Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in the new trailer for Battle of the Sexes, in UK…
+this Great trailer for Battle of Sexes. Emma Stone as Billy Jean King vs. Steve Carrell as Bobby Riggs.…
Oh, man. That goodbye at the end. That stung. Right in the solar plexus. How dare you, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. IT HURTS.
Me: remember when Emma Stone was in Cabaret. Cris: Michelle Williams was better. Danny: is that the tennis player?. U…
I only watch Amazing Spider man for Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone tbh
Emma Stone, Andrea Riseborough & Billie Jean King on Tennis, Equality & the Battle of the Sexes
Same can be said for Scar Jo, Emma Stone, Tilda etc but unfortunately that doesn't stop the attacks.
Scar jo and Emma Stone circa 2015 are shaking
Animated Kamala Khan, Spider-Gwen with Emma Stone tbfh, Kate Bishop and America Chavez together in one flick, Jess…
Oomf just said Emma Roberts instead of Emma Stone
I know you didn't like Andrew Garfield but I felt he & Emma Stone had good chemistry -but…
Bobby Riggs was 55. Emma Stone says her male co-stars took pay cuts so she'd have equal pay via
I am willing to accept the same salary as Emma Stone too. #
Daily people of color face wage inequity! Billie Jean King schooled Emma Stone about wage gap via
That time Billie Jean King, ever so gently, got all intersectional on Emma Stone's low key white feminist remarks 👏…
Emma Stone may be playing tennis legend Billie Jean King 40 years after King’s most famous match, but the two...
Emma Stone re gendered wage gap in Hollywood (and Billie Jean King re how the gender pay gap is tied to race):.
Billie Jean King gently schooled Emma Stone about the wage gap via
Billie Jean King telling noted feminist Emma Stone what's up
Emma Stone and Emma Roberts channeled simple and elegant Hollywood glamour on the red carpet. htt…
. As of July 2017, Emma Stone's upcoming tennis movie Battle of the Sexes almost all-too-relevant……
Emma Stone reveals that some male costars took pay cuts for her, so *everyone* could have equal pay
Emma Stone: My male costars have taken pay cuts to make things ‘right and fair’
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Well, isn’t this some eerie timing. Right after Andrew Garfield left the LGBTQ community outraged with his bumblin…
Emma Stone says she's "grateful" to her male co-stars who have taken pay cuts to make things "equal and fair."
Emma Stone says male co-stars have taken pay cuts so she could have equal pay
Emma Stone: male co-stars took pay cuts to earn the same as me
Emma Stone: Male co-stars took pay cut so they were paid the same as me
It's sad that this article even needs to exist but I'm happy it does.
Oscar winner Emma Stone reveals that multiple male co-stars have taken lower salaries in order to match her own:
Emma Stone: Trump Like Bobby Riggs, 'We’re in a Bad Dream’ - " still feels like we're in a bad dream, but ...
"Emma Stone rec'd the Salux towel to me, and I really like it."
Battle of the Sexes: Steve Carell et Emma Stone s'affrontent sur le court dans un match historique …
"Battle of the Sexes" starring Emma Stone as Billie Jean King & Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs looks amazing! Trailer:
McEnroe and Serena doing their best to promote the new Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs movie with Emma Stone and Steve Carrell, I see.
well there IS a movie coming out this fall starring Steve Carrell and Emma Stone. Trail…
Emma Stone was a PERFECT Gwen Stacey! I thought Kirsten Dunst was a good Mary Jane, but thats just me.
Emma Stone has come a long way since her first role in SUPERBAD - Coming to July 29th at Hollywood Foreve…
Till this day, Lindsey Lohan and Emma Stone are still the lomls 😩💕
Emma Stone is just 1 of many in Achievement Award: A Tribute To Watch 6/15 10pm on http…
Emma Stone wore a Fall 2017 dress & heels to the Tribute to Diane Keaton.
I love being feed with pics of Emma Stone, so thank you ♥
I feel about Emma Stone in La La Land the way I feel about Ann Miller. Sure, she can sing and dance but I don't want to watch her do it.
.is here to get you excited about Emma Stone's role as King in "Battle of the Sexes."…
Billie Jean King impressed with Emma Stone and 'Battle of the Sexes' movie
.has high praise for Emma Stone as King: "I thought I was speaking. That's how right on she is."…
Also, I would say Paul Rudd and Tom Holland as well. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. Willem Dafoe. Alf…
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were great. I love both of those movies
Throwback to the Met Gala in 2014, when Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield did that.
I mistake Emma Watson and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling for Ryan Reynolds. Relate
Bombay Velvet. I think it will be huge hit with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.
Watching the lift in the finale reminds me of Ryan Gossling & Emma Stone in Crazy Sexy Love. But it should remind me of
Babel, starring Carrie-Anne Moss and Emma Stone. Directed by Ivan Reitman, music by Usher. Budget: $105m
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JLaw with "mother!". Brie Larson with "The Glass Castle". Emma Stone with "Battle Of Sexes". Young Hollywood is coming with the quality movies
20 questions with Jacob Staudenmaier - The guy who invited Emma Stone to his prom — Steemit...
Emma Stone and Steve Carell recreate tennis' most sensational rivalry in Battle of the Sexes
Emma Stone in La La Land played a self doubting redhead who aspired to act on screen and people told should be a writer.…
I hope Miss Emma Stone sees this pic of me from her upcoming BATTLE OF THE SEXES film(I was sitting @ next table to he…
New tumblr post: "thefilmstage:. Emma Stone and Steve Carell square off in the..." ,
Pop into HMV and receive 2 of the latest DVDs for £20! Get your copy of La La Land featuring Emma Stone and Ryan Go…
Watch Emma Stone and Steve Carell trade quips and lobs in the new 'Battle of the Sexes' trailer
The game is on and it's Emma Stone vs. Steve Carrell 🎾
[Author: aceshowbiz-com] . The 27-year-old singer is said to have been introduced to the ...
See Emma Stone, Steve Carell's 'Battle of the Sexes' Tennis Bout - -…
God. I am absolutely obsessed with Ryan Gosling and emma stone, because of la la land..
he's doing a movie with Emma stone for a 2018 premiere date.. this makes so much sense..
Did Gigi Hadid and Emma Stone hook Taylor Swift up with Joe Alwyn? Watch to get the romance scoop!
Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Colman in a royal *** love triangle? "The Favourite" sounds amazing:
If someone wanted to cast Emma Stone and Brie Larson as an adorable *** couple in a movie, I’d be fine with that.
Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone star in the amazing La La Land (Out Now!). Here are 5 reasons you'll love it...
White actresses playing Asian people (Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone) have done nothing for Asian-Amer…
And Emma Stone. Dayum, can she ever carry a big film on her shoulders! All around great film.
The for pins against Steve Carrell in a game of tennis — watch.…
trailer: Watch Emma Stone and Steve Carell recreate an epic tennis match
How Emma Stone introduced Taylor Swift to her new man
Shut up Emma Stone is not starring alongside Steve Carrell in a biopic about Billie Jean King.
I’m embarrassed for you. Enjoy being on a list with Scarjo, Johnny Depp, Emma Stone, Matt Damon, etc. though.
Emma Stone is upcoming biopic about Billie Jean King. . Looks fantastic. 😊
I love to see Emma Stone with Ryan Gosling. But I love her with Andrew Garfield more😉😘😁
No word yet on including Emma Stone, ScarJo and Mickey Rooney's ghost as other cast members .
To my very own Julia Montes, my Carly Shay, my first girlfriend and the Emma Stone of my life...…
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling need to just be together already. K thanks.
Yesterday I was told I look like a cross between Drake Bell and Emma Stone. Haven't heard that one.
.Emma Stone is actually Emily Stone. She joined the union after another Emily Stone did.
Finally saw Jackie and just had the realization that Natalie Portman lost Best Actress to Emma Stone is absurd.
Emma Stone the woman who never married Tex Walker 😂😂
I'm mad that the director of didn't get Emma Stone from La La Land to play Patsy Ramsey
for Best Actress in a Leading Role goes to Emma Stone for ‘La La Land.’
I would like a more nerdy actress as Ben, i.e. Emma Stone
9:51 Callie Hernandez, Emma Stone, Jessica Rothe, Sonoya Mizuno - Someone in the crowd
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling behind the scenes of La La Land
Now imagine Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in that are actually Howard Moon and Vince Noir
Tbh I kinda hope I'm someone who looks best with red like Emma Stone and Bella Thorne. I love red hair. And my hair already has red in it.
The lead singer of The All American Rejects, Tyson Ritter, was Emma Stone's love interest in The House Bunny.
Tyson Ritter kissing Emma Stone while The Great Escape plays in the background is SO 2008 it hurts
Awe he didn't get Emma Stone to prom but still... did a good job? Emma Stone, Prom? via
emma stone sighs heavily "well I guess I have to respond to this"
VIDEO: Emma Stone turns down 'promposal' in the sweetest way via
Meet Black Singles 300x250
La La Land (PG-13) is new to our lineup! See Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone shine with Ryan Gosling in this...
Have you ever done a creative prom or marriage proposal?
beauty and the beast was SO GOOD i am in love with emma stone
Emma Stone: You lost me at Olive Garden...You lost me at Olive Garden.
Will 28-year-old and recent Oscar winner Emma Stone be among 2017’s crop of prom queens?
That kid who did the La La Land prom proposal to Emma Stone has too much time on his hands
Working as a barista in NY or Hollywood is my dream. I'm kinda like emma stone. 😂
Emma Stone has responded to a teen's La La Land-inspired promposal with a sweet message of her own: http…
IM ASKING EMMA STONE TO PROM, and decided to recreate the opening scene from la la land
Update on that kid who made the stupid prom proposal video for Emma Stone….she said no and he's going alone now. https:/…
VIDEO: Arizona teen asks Emma Stone to prom 'La La Land' style
Re the Batgirl film that's in the works, my top choices are Laura Spencer, Emma Stone, Jane Levy or Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Denzel Washington.. too many to mention!
BTW: Emma Stone would make the perfect Batgirl. If Kate Blanchett can be with Marvel. Emma Stone can do DC.
starts shooting today (20) and will last for 8 weeks. The movie stars Weisz, Emma Stone, Olivia Colman a…
Yeah and I'm having a threesome with Emma Stone and Kat Dennings this morning too Marv Marinovich 2.0
📷 Emma Stone attends the 70th EE British Academy Film Awards at Royal Albert Hall on February 12, 2017...
Emma Stone as Cruella, Reese Witherspoon as Tink .. there will be this movie "Rose Red" who will save her sister, Snow White. Ah Disney! 😍✨
Jessica Biel, Emma Stone, Chrissy Teigen and Dakota Johnson sparkle in metallics as
I burst into ugly sobs whenever I remember that Emma Stone presented Aaron Taylor-Johnson when he won his first Golden Globe.
So The next Disney films to watch out for are Marry Poppins(Emily Blunt),Dumbo,Cruella de Vil (Emma Stone),& Tinker bell(Reese Witherspoon)😳
Also, Emma Stone's boyfriend in Irrational Man is played by Jamie Blackley, who is 3 yrs younger than her...
: Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, and Kristen Stewart in a class of their own.
Why do they not talk about Hiddleston, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, James Macevoy, Patrick Stewart etc then? Where's the 'lack…
Think about the barbs logic rn, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone must be better actresses than Viola Davis because…
I always feel like Emma Stone in the movie Gangster Squad 😂💁🏼. . . … htt…
I haven't seen it yet! It looks amazing though. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are perfect human beings
Don't miss Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the Golden Globe Winning and BAFTA nominated 🌟 In cinemas everywhere…
The original Sleeping Dogs game had Will Yun Lee, Edison Chen as the sidekicky character and Emma Stone (!) as the love interest.
Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer Have an Epic 'Help' Reunion at Oscars Luncheon -
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if The Help were to come out today, the trailer would say "Oscar winner Viola Davis, Oscar winner Emma Stone, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer."
I think Emma Stone is the new Tina Louise.
After La La Land I think Emma Stone could be the new Tina Louise
If Louise Blanford had presented Best Picture at there would have been no mix-up and no need for an Emma Stone publicity stunt.
Emma Stone--Louise Blanford demands respect for institutions. Warren Beatty may be past his prime, but his name means something.
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony.
The Help Reunites at the Golden Globes: See Emma Stone, Octavia Spencer and More Cast Members ... -
Cool, though. Watching The Help. Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis and Emma Stone all now have Oscars. Very cool.
Supported by Emma Watson, Emma Stone. Louise Fletcher and much more!
Friday fashion verdicts: Leslie Mann, Emma Stone and Felicity Jones – who's our hit, miss…
MonsterMuffin20 is now listening to Turn Up the Beef (feat. Emma Stone) by The Lonely Island
Emma Stone in Givenchy Haute Couture and Tiffany & Co. jewelry
The real reason Emma Stone won Oscar for Best Actress
Casey Affleck and Emma Stone win the best actor and actress at the 89th Annual Academy Awards. Follow us for more.
And there we have it, your stars. Emma Stone is in Haute Couture and Ryan Gosling is in
With her gold fringed Givenchy Haute Couture dress, Emma Stone was the epitome of 1920's Moive Star Glamour.
was quite a night for Emma Stone & the La La Land cast - still, we completely love her breathtaking…
Emma Stone arrives in Haute Couture at the
Andrew Garfield gazes adoringly at ex-girlfriend Emma Stone during her acceptance speech
"I'm her biggest fan." Andrew Garfield opens up about his relationship with Emma Stone on
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are the real life characters of La La Land and I'm crying as I'm typing this
Emma Stone calls Oscar mess one of 'most horrible moments'
Emma Stone at a dinner for GCC with Colin Firth, Patricia Clarkson and Kevin Bacon in Los Angeles on February 24th, 2017.…
Emma Stone lived as Warren G Harding and has the same personality.
Emma Stone how are all of the other Oscar dresses you ever wore a million times better than the one you ACTUALLY WO…
I dedicate this song to Emma Stone's eyebrows in La La Land and to that lady who got junior mints from
Not a single second of acting Emma Stone has ever done compares to Natalie Portman wiping blood from her face in JACKIE
I love Emma Stone and am happy she won, BUT that should've been Natalie Portman's second Oscar.
. The Academy: We believe that Emma Stone is a better actress than Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman and Ruth…
Valley Youth Theatre has been home to stars like Emma Stone and (via
Yes, Emma Stone won Best Actress - but she also won this look from Ryan Gosling.
Emma Stone hugging Ryan Gosling after she won the Best Actress award.
Here’s to the fools who dream. ❤️ Emma Stone wins Award for Best Actress for
Another fail has gone unnoticed: it was I who won Best Actress, not Emma Stone. 🎭🏆
"Only in death can we bask in everlasting fire then return anew to do his sinister bidding." -Emma Stone accepting her Best Actress
Congratulations to Emma Stone on her Best Actress win!
Emma Stone on the Best Picture confusion: "I was holding my Best Actress card the entire time."
A trip down memory lane to when last night's Best Actress winner, Emma Stone, wore our 11” Vintage Satchel. Shop:…
Scottsdale's own Emma Stone wins best-actress Oscar for 'La La Land'
except that Emma Stone said that she had been holding her Best Actress card the whole time?
Since 2000, 7 Best Actress winners have been in their 20s, including Emma Stone. Only 1 man in his 20s has EVER won Best…
**BREAKING**. Best Actress was also read incorrectly!! Taken from Emma Stone + given to Rihanna for her performance htt…
Emma Stone going from a lego Oscar back in 2015 to winning her first ever Oscar for Best Actress in a leading role in 2017 is…
Emma Stone won Best Actress but all I've heard is that La La Land was crap 🙄
Oscar winners Emma Stone and Casey Affleck pose with gongs. .
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Congrats to Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone, Viola Davis & Casey Affleck. See all the winners:
Find someone who will look at you the way Andrew Garfield looks at Emma Stone
Leo with Emma Stone at the last night!
I enjoy the fact that in this photo Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling look thrilled for Moonlight:
Emma Stone over Meryl Streep? . This is the part of the evening where it all goes off the rails, isn't it? Lol
Love this gif of Isabelle Huppert scattering the ashes of Emma Stone and Natalie Portman before going to have lunch wit…
. Not his fault. Wrong card in the envelope. It DID say Emma Stone, LaLaLand... Faye Dunaway read it out.
Emma Stone reacts to Best Picture shocker, calls one of the greatest films "of all time"
Emma Stone arriving on the red carpet
host Jimmy Kimmel says Warren Beatty 'was perplexed' after seeing card that said "Emma Stone, 'La La Land.'"
Emma Stone casts doubt on Warren Beatty's 'envelope' story: 'I was holding it'.
Warren Beatty looking at the card trying to figure out how Emma Stone could win Best Picture
Which of these 3 actresses was going to be a part of 2016?. A. Emma Stone. B. Emma Watson. or. C. Jennifer Ani…
Some knockout looks from last night's Oscars. Emma Stone gets our vote for most stylish. Who gets yours? .
Lara Spencer just showed clip of Emma Stone speaking after Oscars.
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Congrats to Emma Stone for winning Best Actress for her (Boulder City-based) character in La La Land!
Emma Stone backstage: "I was also holding my Best Actress card at that time ... I don’t know what happened."
"Is that the craziest Oscar moment of all time? Cool! We made history!" -Emma Stone, very zen about the Best Picture moment…
Isabelle Huppert lost to Emma Stone just like Emmanuelle Riva lost to Jennifer Lawrence.
The moment Emma Stone realises in the background THE mistake and keeps repeating:. "Oh my God! Oh my God!"
I still can't believe Emma Stone won Best Picture.
Emma Stone: "Ryan Gosling, thank you for making me laugh and for always raising the bar." htt…
I think there's scenario where Emma Stone envelope was handed to Beatty and he made decision that meant LaLa
Unseen footage: Kate and Leo passing the friend zone baton to Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
Why do we have to Anne Hathaway every young actress who finally gets acclaim? Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Kate Hudson etc. etc. Sheesh.
Hilary and Helen and Kate W. and Gwyneth and Halle…. I hope it stays electric for Sly and the Emma Stone. .
Look I love Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is okay, I guess, but they are not Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
Disgusting speech by Emma Stone. Once again Hollywood liberals show how out of touch they are:
This was Emma Stone's first time on Jay Leno. I briefly worked with her on her first TV show. She's a rocket.…
The way Emma Stone and look at each other 😍😍 They are the Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio of my generation.
Arrived in my hotel room just in time to watch Casey Affleck & Emma Stone getting their oscars. Never watched oscars live before - a treat!
Emma Stone, you could have just said this.
Emma Stone for Best Actress in a leading role? Mestinya Kate Winslet di Titanic tuh :)
For the fools who dream:. Emma Stone, mejor actriz.
Who would have thought of the SuperBad cast, Emma Stone and not Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin) would one day get an
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the new Kate and Leo. Just get married already!
I love Emma Stone, but Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy was so perfect. She deserved to win.
Best Actress to Emma Stone, even "Nic" Cage got that one Bingo: 8, Kate 12, Josh 10.
Did you know that Emma Stone once made a PowerPoint to convince her parents to let her move to Hollywood?
"City of stars,. You never shined so brightly.." ❤️🎶. Emma Stone y Ryan Gosling
Viola Davis adopted Emma Stone and I am here for it.
Right? And I totally called Hollywood volunteering to have romance scenes with Emma Stone or Ruth Negga, but STILL subbed.
Oscars red carpet 2017: from Ruth Negga to Emma Stone – in pictures my boy; lucky Mum.
When all you wanted was to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling sing their own songs but John Legend does it instead
Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone are this generation's Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
Emma Stone bringing some major fringe & glam to the ✨
"Ryan Reynold, Emma Stone and John Legend perform.". uhh 2 of these things are not like the other.
Did you see how Justin Timberlake photobombed Emma Stone on the red carpet? 👉🏽
Andrew Garfield's nominated for best actor, Emma Stone's nominated for Best Actress. When will your otp ever?
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield just need to get back together
Which actor would you choose to bring with you on a desert island?. Andrew Garfield: "Emma Stone. I love Emma. She's alright."
Your BFF Emma Stone wore a Planned Parenthood pin at the
Emma Stone is a vision of Old Hollywood glam.
Oscars 2017: Casey Affleck, Emma Stone or Dev Patel – who will bag the Academy Award statu…
Oscars 2017: Emma Stone, Meryl Streep or Natalie Portman – who should win Academy Award for the Best……
Emma Stone wins the BAFTA Best Actress award for "La La Land"
Natalie Portman is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress tomorrow night but critics say Emma Stone will win.
Emma Stone and Brie Larson at the Women in Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party. 👭💖
Emma stone is over rated... also everyone knows the chosen winners are rigged... why bother have an Oscar's?
Watch the President of Costa Rica extend a personal invitation to Emma Stone
I voted for Emma Stone. Choose your favourites in BBC Culture's Oscars 2017 poll
The worst scene in La La Land is when Emma Stone gives Ryan Gosling permission to save jazz because she already solved rac…
relate SO MUCH I started crying my eyes out lmao and THEN she sang that song at the audition and ahhh I just fell in love her/Emma Stone?
Saw today (finally!) Absolutely brilliant. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling deserve Oscars, as does the film itself.
And the Oscar for best Jennifer Lawrence goes to... *opens envelope*. Emma Stone
"La La Land" is an amazing film especially for a music/musical lover like me! Fabulous acting and singing from and Emma Stone👌🎶
Imaginez, Isabelle Huppert gagne l'Oscar et chante "Here's to the one who dreams..." devant Emma Stone.
So am I supposed to like Emma Stone's character in La La Land? Because she just mass emailed people about a one woman sh…
Meryl Streep, Tom Ford, Emma Stone, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and others join Colin and Livia Firth at Pre-
Oscar nom Emma Stone chatting with winner Brie Larson at the party
sounds good, Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone nailed down for leads
In honor of the tomorrow, jere's just a few reasons why we ❤️ Emma Stone.
emma stone is extremely talented. she's also so quirky and dorky, cuuute. . WHAT A FLAWLESS CREATURE ❣️
Best Actress, Meryl Streep. NOT! Over-rated. My money on Emma Stone, she's almost as hot as Ivanka.
but you know if it was Emma Stone or some white popstar there would be crickets. They need to just say they ha…
In what way? Each category is an event. Emma Stone isn't competing against Ryan Gosling.
I hope SO MUCH that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will perform City of Stars live at the Oscar tomorrow!!! So emotional.
You guys are calling racist but y'all let Emma Stone play an Asian woman and Matt Damon lead the Chinese army? 🤔🤔🤔
Brie Larson and Emma Stone at 'Women in Film' pre-Oscar event 💖
Emma Stone is ugly. There, I said it.
I hope Ryan Gosling and emma stone perform city of stars at the oscars sunday
The are tomorrow and I'm not ready to see Casey Affleck and Emma Stone win for best actor and actress in le…
stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling share their first credits
The stars are shining just for you. ✨ See & Emma Stone’s Academy Award-nominated performances today.
Wanna get drunk faster tomorrow? Take a shot every time someone complains about Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone tomorrow…
Brie Larson and Emma Stone are the definition of friendship goals.
I'm not sure who I have for Best Actress, I'd say Emma Stone but I hear Natalie Portman was fantastic
Billie Piper: 'Helena Bonham Carter or Emma Stone would be great for Doctor Who'
Low key want a night like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have in Crazy, Stupid, Love
Best dressed of the week: Emma Stone, Robert Pattinson.
Emma Stone & Robert Pattinson in Dior Homme were yor best dressed this week
Can you imagine how much more interesting would've been if Emma Stone's character went the way of Roxy Hart...
Here's what the lineup should've been. Amy Adams - WINNER. Emma Stone. Rachel Weisz . Portman. Ruth Negga OR Mary Winstead
Emma Stone attends the ‘Irrational Man’ Photocall during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May
How lyricists changed their tune for Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
Nice piece and agree, but wasn't Matthew Teller set to play opposite Emma Watson, not Emma Stone's on/off squeeze Garfield?
My Oscar Picks: Denzel Washington, Emma Stone, Viola Davis & Mahershala Ali. Jeff Bridges was superb, but we've seen it before.
BAFTAs 2017: See all the celebrity red carpet fashion, from Kate Middleton to Emma Stone
Emma Stone and Damien Chazelle with their awards.
John Legend rather than Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will sing La La Lang songs at the Oscars. This means they were auto-tun…
Emily should have won a bafta over emma stone (sorry), this performance was incredible.
Emma Stone posing with her BAFTA award 💗🏆
Is wanting to marry Emma Stone having too high of expectations in life?
every time someone reminds me Leonard Cohen died I feel like Emma Stone's character at the end of Birdman looking up at the sky like, "nah"
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hugging at the BAFTAs is giving us so many feels
Emma Stone described auditions perfectly, "it's like a job interview, a first date, and a break up all at once."
Emma Stone's speech at Bafta awards is everything
The utterly brilliant Emma Stone la la lands the award for Leading Actress at the 😍🙌🏼
& the first time I saw it I was not in love with their voices & dancing bc Emma Stone & Ryan G are not performers
Natalie Portman with emma stone and Ryan Gosling I'M CRYING
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