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Emma Stone

Emily Jean Emma Stone (born November 6, 1988) is an American actress.

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I'm not sure who I have for Best Actress, I'd say Emma Stone but I hear Natalie Portman was fantastic
Billie Piper: 'Helena Bonham Carter or Emma Stone would be great for Doctor Who'
Low key want a night like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have in Crazy, Stupid, Love
Best dressed of the week: Emma Stone, Robert Pattinson.
Emma Stone & Robert Pattinson in Dior Homme were yor best dressed this week
Can you imagine how much more interesting would've been if Emma Stone's character went the way of Roxy Hart...
Here's what the lineup should've been. Amy Adams - WINNER. Emma Stone. Rachel Weisz . Portman. Ruth Negga OR Mary Winstead
Emma Stone attends the ‘Irrational Man’ Photocall during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May
How lyricists changed their tune for Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
Nice piece and agree, but wasn't Matthew Teller set to play opposite Emma Watson, not Emma Stone's on/off squeeze Garfield?
My Oscar Picks: Denzel Washington, Emma Stone, Viola Davis & Mahershala Ali. Jeff Bridges was superb, but we've seen it before.
BAFTAs 2017: See all the celebrity red carpet fashion, from Kate Middleton to Emma Stone
Emma Stone and Damien Chazelle with their awards.
John Legend rather than Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will sing La La Lang songs at the Oscars. This means they were auto-tun…
Emily should have won a bafta over emma stone (sorry), this performance was incredible.
Emma Stone posing with her BAFTA award 💗🏆
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Is wanting to marry Emma Stone having too high of expectations in life?
every time someone reminds me Leonard Cohen died I feel like Emma Stone's character at the end of Birdman looking up at the sky like, "nah"
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hugging at the BAFTAs is giving us so many feels
Emma Stone described auditions perfectly, "it's like a job interview, a first date, and a break up all at once."
Emma Stone's speech at Bafta awards is everything
The utterly brilliant Emma Stone la la lands the award for Leading Actress at the 😍🙌🏼
& the first time I saw it I was not in love with their voices & dancing bc Emma Stone & Ryan G are not performers
Natalie Portman with emma stone and Ryan Gosling I'M CRYING
A NIGHT: when Emma Stone calls you cute, Dev Patel winks at you and Tom Holland protects you from people pushing.
Eddie Redmayne and Emma Stone at the 70th EE British Academy Film Awards on February 12, 2017 in London
Emma Stone dammit why are you so beautiful
Leading Actress BAFTA winner Emma Stone says the sweetest thing about her La La Land co-star Ryan Gosling.
Emma Stone wore Chanel on the red carpet at the BAFTAs:
Baftas 2017: Emma Stone gets political in Best Actress speech – video
But when do Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling perform City of Stars?
Emma Stone wins the Leading Actress award for La La Land!
💖 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hugging at the BAFTA nominees party 💖
Blessing your timeline with these pictures of Eddie Redmayne and Emma Stone together.
It's BAFTA time! Emma Stone in Chanel Couture and Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen.
Emma Stone in Chanel Couture at the More red carpet later on our site.
Emma Stone in Spring 2017 Couture at the 70th EE BAFTA Film Awards
Emma Stone in Chanel Couture is gorgeous!
We love the playful feel of Emma Stone's Chanel Couture look
BAFTAs 2017: Emma Stone takes over social media with Chanel Haute Couture design
Emma Stone in couture – plus all the other LIVE red carpet arrivals from 2017:
La La Land Director Dishes on Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's 'Organic' and 'Phenomenal' Onscreen Chemistry - PEOPLE…
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have amazing chemistry, says La La Land director
Emma Stone wore a Spring 2017 Couture mirror shard dress + pants to the
Emma Stone with her mom, Krista Stone at 89th Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon on Feb 6
Oh yeah and Emma Stone owed a poster of the Burt Lancaster film of the Killers! Nice, though I *importantly* PREFER THE RONALD REAGAN.
All purpose parts banner
It looks like John Legend will be standing in for Emma Stone at the Oscars:
Awkward! Emma Stone gets denied as she goes in for a hug at the
Emma Stone reacted to her awkward Golden Globes hug in the most Emma Stone way
While we wait for Emma Stone to add some colour into her red carpet looks, lets admire this Stella McCartney piece htt…
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are easily our Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire:
Love the Mandy Moore love! -- Meet the dancing queen who have Emma Stone her La La moves via
Personal trainer to the stars, Jason Walsh shares his best tips for training Emma Stone
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield need to get back together to make me believe in love again
Kinda just want Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield to get married
Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Maia Mitchell & more to present at tomorrow's in Beverly Hills! ht…
There would be no Emma Stone in La La Land if it wasn't for Jules and her open house party in Superbad
True Detective director teams with Emma Stone for new dark comedy series on Netflix via
Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone - City of Stars in the Hong kong iTunes top 100 chart.
City of Stars by Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone is number 1 in Hong Kong top 100 songs
Everyone in dat category has an edge over her. Meryl Streep,Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer. She doesn't sta…
“Ryan, you’re the best. That’s just the truth. No one can argue it” - Emma Stone's speech at the
La La Land star Emma Stone, has been named best lead actress at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in LA.…
Emma Stone accepting an award during 😍 
Natalie Portman deserves the Oscar for Lead Actress but it will probably go to Emma Stone
I'm so invested in Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's not relationship.
Emma Stone wins Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role - Film for
Omg Lynn told me I reminded her of Emma Stone while we were watching The Help on break. I love her.
Emma Stone backstage: "Staying silent only ever helps the processor, it never helps the victim"
Emma Stone is looking gorgeous at the 😍 Who agrees?
Emma stone, is literally me talking in front of people I love it and her
Fangirl life: when both Stranger Things & Emma Stone win tonight.
Emily Blunt and Emma Stone at The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 29, 2017 in LA.
How bad are we Mclovin' this Emma Stone and Jonah reunion? Superbad.
I'm annoyed bc I saw La La Land and Arrival and wholeheartedly believe that Amy Adams deserves recognition over Emma Stone f…
Emma Stone wins Best Actress for at the
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Been a huge fan of Emma Stone since superbad and i love seeing her finally get the recognition she deserves ✨
Short and sweet. Tonight seems surreal for Emma Stone.
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone when they realize they have to perform those La La Land songs live at the Oscars
Emma Stone had the best reaction to winning at the and then gave such a great speech - watch now!
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Amy Adams at the SAG Awards 2017. (Source: mcavoys on tumblr).
Emma Stone mentioned Girls' Generation when talking about Kpop's groups (cr/3btzk)
Emma Stone receives the SAG Award for Female Actor in a Leading Role!
Emma Stone would like to see Beyoncé in a Broadway version of
Emma Stone and Viola Devis for oscars please ❤️
Congratulations to leading lady Emma Stone on winning Best Actress at the 🌠
"I’m so grateful to be a part of a group of people that care!" - Emma Stone
Emma Stone wins Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for her performance in
Emma Stone is brilliant in too many ways
"If we're human beings, and we see injustice, we have to speak up." - Emma Stone at the
Emma Stone dances her way to a victory with her Best Actress win for La La Land at the https…
Emma Stone wore an Pre-Fall 2017 lily pad embroidered gown + clutch to the Screen Actors Guild Award…
I'm tired of casting actors who can't sing for singing roles. Gonna get hate, but IMO, Emma Stone & Emma Watson can't sing!
‘Crazy demands’ said to have caused La La Land producers to drop Emma Watson for Emma Stone: Miles Teller also left…
Emma Stone wins Female Actor in a Leading Role at the
Seen it on Strictly: Professor Will Brooker said Ryan Gosing's (pictured with Emma Stone) 'real…
If Natalie Portman loses, I at least hope it's to Emma Stone and not Isabelle Huppert.
Bravo to all! 🎭 Happy I got to see both Michelle Williams & Emma Stone play Sally Bowles in
Emma Stone is Rainn Wilson in disguise don't @ me.
See & Emma Stone in the movie that is now nominated for 14 Academy Awards! Get tickets today:
Emma Stone has been nominated for an for Best Actress in at the 89th Academy Awards. 📷 via Vanit…
it was good but I feel like everyone RAVES about it. It was extremely slow moving. But I mean...Ryan Gosling + Emma Stone 😍😍
Why did noone tell me all my all time faves won Golden Globes this year 😍 Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone 😍
La La Land should clean up at the Oscars- a tour de force from Emma Stone. Ryan Gosling was Ryan Gosling. Still on in Workington.
IMO; Ryan Gosling is a *** hum actor. Emma Stone is a talented actress. Neither can sing. As far as crossover musicals, give me Les Mis.
Thank you!! 😁 I love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling too, so I'm super excited 😋 I'm so ready! Thanks again!!
nominee Emma Stone opens up about getting into acting: "I felt like I had an outlet"
What we are hoping to see on the red carpet:
Although tbh of the women in that category I've only seen Emma Stone's performance and it didn't really impress me. So anyone else could win
Emma Stone's hair in makes me want to cut mine like hers. Am I too obsessed?
.and Emma Stone are a match made in 🌹 See it in theaters now.
I liked a lot of ~things about LalaLand, like the sets, Emma Stone, the music, the ending
Things I want to hear this year: "This is Emma Stone's first win and second nomination"
More Oscar reax from the team of and more…
HOW good is Emma Stone though she's such a good one
What Hollywood’s Top 10 Leading Ladies Should Wear to the Oscars: Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, and More
Check out how stars are reacting to Oscar noms!
Emma Stone just snagged her second Oscar Nomination — Here are All the 2017 Nominations
nomination dominated by . Record 14 nominations! . . , Emma Stone
Lol on what planet does Emma Stone deserve to be nominated with this list of women when Taraji P. Henson is literal…
The fact that both Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are nominated for 🙌
I've only like Emma Stone in 3 movies, Birdman, Zombieland and Easy A.
Emma Stone is adorable, but an oscar nominee? Seriously. Come on. Oscar is becoming stupid, how can the society keep giving it credit?
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are insufferable turds. Who cares about the Oscars? The entertainment industry is responsible for
Emma Stone reacts to Oscar nod as Nicole Kidman thanks Lion family. via
I do know The Academy wants Emma Stone to win this year.
When was the last time a movie made your 💗 sing? See & Emma Stone in - In theaters now.
Having said that, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling make a very cute couple.
Best Actress nominee Natalie Portman reveals how she prepared for 'Jackie'
.and Emma Stone are a match made in now playing in theaters. Get tickets now!
As happy and proud as I am for Ruth Negga for repping the Irish film industry if Emma Stone doesn't win Best Actress I'll riot
I've always like Emma Stone since she appeared in The Rocker but even she couldn't tempt me in man.
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling movies are everything to me
haven't seen Elle or Jackie, but Emma Stone seems to be the favorite for actress (my fav performance i've seen this year)
Emma Stone shouldn't have been cast in La La Land
Will 'La La Land' get a box office boost from 14
Top story: Oscar nominations 2017: Emma Stone is first star to react | Daily Ma… see more
Emma Stone took the biggest leap of her career with La La Land. Now... via
Congratulations to Emma Stone on her second Academy Award for
I don't see any connection. Lindsey Lohan wears glasses and Emma Stone certainly doesn't.
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling had about the same about of chemistry in LA LA LAND as Cara Delevingne and Joel Kinnaman did in SUICIDE SQUAD.
little piano/vocal cover of "City of Stars" sung by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the new movie La La Land
The man dropped a new album, amazing TV show and got announced as Lando and y'all had Emma Stone and Casey Affleck host? Smh
Emma Stone at the 74th Annual Golden Globes Awards on January 8th, 2017.
3) Oooouuf this one's a tough one. My go-tos are Emma Stone and Evanna Lynch.
Kicking off my wishes with Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, & Emma Stone
I saw Emma Stone and Alan Cumming in Cabaret on Broadway. They were fantastic!
Just watched It was friggin great!. Emma Stone is such an underated actress. Id easily giv the movie a 9/10
From his first job to the name of his band? Do you know more about Ryan Gosling than Emma Stone does?
Emma Stone is truly the Dana Wilkey of our generation
Flashback to 2011 when Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin split up
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the press room during the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone take 'musical quiz' and one of them fails miserably
I thought Emma Stone was great, but, yeah, the songs aren't much cop at all.
Jesse,I'm telling you...he's for real!He said he doesn't know actors by name! He was in awe that I knew Emma Stone's name!
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are so perfect together on the big screen 😭 honestly thought I'd never move on from The Notebook team up
I can't believe Emma Stone let Ryan Gosling go just so she could be an actress.
I feel like Graham Norton just said 'Now, Emma Knights' to Emma Stone on y'day's show...Has anyone else pointed this out?!
I just watched Emma Stone on The Graham Norton Show and I literally smiled at the screen the entire time. I am actually in love with her 😳😅
Something about watching Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone tap dance tonight was much needed.
Emma Stone smolders in sexy slip dress for screening
Emma Stone will have you seeing red at the London premiere of La La Land
"Ryan Gosling tugged at my heartstrings!". "... yeah but Emma Stone stole the show."
Emma Stone: currently unable to put a foot wrong...
Casting team for La La Land must've been drunk af to pick Emma Stone as the lead. Her "singing" career should've died along with Gwen Stacy
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone can't really sing but it works. It feels genuine. They feel like actual people.
also who needs to see Ryan Gosling and emma stone fall in love in yet another movie lol
I think I need a dress like Emma Stone's yellow dress in La La Land xD
Blue eyeliner is shaping up to be winter’s biggest beauty trend.
Watch Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and more stars perform 'I Will Survive'
La La Land was amazing! Mostly because Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are perfect, but still
La La Land review: you'll leave with a tear in your eye and a song in your heart via
"I'm her biggest fan." On the latest Andrew Garfield opens up about his relationship with Emma Stone https:…
The intensity of the love I have for Emma Stone is scaring me.
petition for Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone to star in the same movie and Adele to sing the main theme of the soundtrack…
I hope someone loves me as much as Andrew Garfield loves Emma Stone someday
La La Land was incredible. Emma Stone and Gosling have such great chemistry. Music and cinematography was excellent. Chazelle does it again!
Chris Pine and Taraji are feelin it! daymmm via
La La Land was so good & visually stunning & I only rarely wanted to tell Emma Stone to use breath support & Ryan Gosling to open his mouth.
The amazing Emma Stone, and Damien Chazelle are here in London to celebrate the release of ✨😍 http…
Are Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling the Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio of this award season?
i always thought emma stone was just a boring *** typical white actress but just read her wiki. imagine being THIS…
Saw La La Land. Emma stone has my vote for Best Actress. Great film.
Andrew Garfield supporting Emma Stone, Goldie Hawn flirting up a storm & more moments you didn't see:
Rewind and watch! Emma Stone awkwardly hugs director Damien Chazelle and his girlfriend:
Emma Stone dedicated her Best Actress Golden Globe to friends, family and "dreamers": h…
Oscar dreamers team to belt 'I Will Survive'
Emma Stone and Natalie Portman lead A-list cast for rendition of 'I Will Survive' ahead of Donald Trump's…
Anyway, you need to watch if you haven't. This was where we fell in love with Emma Stone. Sassy, classy, smart and wit…
Emma Stone is shook, Joy's going to *** her Golden Globe's award lol
Emma Stone, Taraji P. Henson and more were recruited by W magazine to sing 'I Will Survive':
to 1/5 copies of the soundtrack ft. Emma Stone &
She does Julianna Hough, Emma Stone, Drew Berrymore and Jennifer Lopez too 😍😍😍 I'm so EXCITED!
Wow I love La La Land™ directed by Damien Chazelle starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and John Legend and soundtrack compos…
it was an amazing film I swear,Emma Stone and Ryan were so awesome together and John Legends entry was phenomenal.
Y'know Andrew Garfield does look like a very gentle lover. The way he talked about Jesse Eisenberg & Emma Stone only solidifies this.
domain names
25th Hour, starring Milla Jovovich and Emma Stone. Directed by Sam Mendes, music by Papa Roach. Budget: $100,000
Best Actress should be Marion Cotillard for Allied, Amy Adams for Nocturnal Animals, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Ruth Negga
5 celebs you'd like in an orgy — Rita Ora, Emma Stone, lauren jauregui, christian se...
"To any creative person who's had a door slammed in their face... I share this with you." —Emma Stone
Emma Stone honored at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills -
So, I got a Golden Globe last night! Ty, Emma Stone, for sharing your award w me. She may have shared w you too... 👀
someone: "true love does not exist". me: okay but did u not see Andrew Garfield stood up clapping when Emma Stone won her…
So funny! Emma Stone is reacting to THAT kiss between Andrew Garfield & Ryan Reynolds at the
Emma Stone's win is for the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem:
looks from the 2017 These styles from Lily Collins, Emma Stone, Olivia Culpo & Ruth Negga ar…
I want Dame Maggie Smith, Meryl Streep and Emma Stone in a movie; playing grandmother, mother and daughter.
It was a tough call but Naomie Harris, Mandy Moore and Emma Stone made our red carpet top 3. Who's look did yo…
Round of applause for Emma Stone, and Damien Chazelle, who all won at the this evening! https:…
Jennifer Lawrence was at home watching Emma Stone have a genuinely unstaged quirky/awkard moment and gettin love for it…
Emma Stone won her first award for 'La La Land'
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Emma Stone wins Best Actress in a comedy or musical for her role in La La Land
Congrats to Emma Stone, this year's winner for Best Performance By An Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy!
And now for the fashion. Jessica Biel, Emma Stone, Blake Lively, Brie Larson, and Jess…
Emma Stone & Ryan Gossling in La La Land movie and their Golden Globe Award winners, full backstage interview
Emma Stone wins Best Actress in a comedy/musical for 'La La Land,' making it 6 wins for the movie
Well if we can't get Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone back together at least we have Andrew making out with Ryan Reynolds.
Andrew Garfield gives ex Emma Stone a standing ovation for her Golden Globes win
Andrew Garfield gave Emma Stone a standing ovation so i'm holding on to some hope
Emma Stone and present the first award of the night for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture.
Best dressed at the starring Emma Stone and more ht…
Emma Stone wins 'Best Actress in Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy' .
When Sarah Paulson, Emma Stone and Joel Edgerton came on the screen, my heart STOPPED
Emma Stone is acting out my entire life in one moment.
Let's make 2017 the year I quit getting told I look like Emma Stone.
When your friends think you look like Emma Stone
Best part of the was seeing the Queens:Emma Stone, Amy Adams, and Gal Gadot
Emma Stone has came a long way from "Easy A." I'm proud. She's what Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be.
ty to Meryl Streep and Emma Stone for giving me a well needed burst of inspiration. what a great show
Emma Stone says she wants to share her Golden Globe with any dreamer who's ever “had a door slammed in their face”
Can you imagine the courage to create a movie staring Ryan Gossling and Emma Stone?
Here’s to the ones who dream. Congratulations to Emma Stone for her Best Actress win! 💃
I can only hope my kids are as attentive in class as Christian Slater was to Emma Stone's speech
Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling is the new Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio
Forget the room full of stars, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling approve.
I love Broadway shows & musicals, but I have no desire to see because I don't like Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone's acting.
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are my heroes
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling both won tonight!
Love the camera panning to Christian Slater for no reason at all during Emma Stone's speech
Christian Slater wishes to subscribe to Emma Stone's newsletter
Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling bout to have some wild winners sex tonight
Is it me or is Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone the Prince and Princess of the Globes??
Emma Stone is here on the Red Carpet! See more as the stars arrive on our live stream at
Emma Stone, a favorite for in pale pink Valentino with shiny silver star accents. Sweet
Emma Stone's silver star covered dress is perfect for her! ⭐⭐
nominee Emma Stone reveals what made her go into acting
Is any man on earth good enough for Emma Stone???
to - I got poweful friends too, screens h…
Here's a to a sunny day when Emma Stone and put their imprints in cement.
A quick reminder of the movies Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have costarred in
EMMA STONE: Did you just fart?. Ryan Gosling: Farts are jazz. . *they get out of the car and everybody dances on the 101 durin…
Emma Stone (who posed with costar Ryan Gosling) wore an asymmetric dress by to the annual
Is that why Emma Stone looks so sad in the trailers?
can Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone get married please
If god dang Emma Stone beats Amy Adams for Best Actress than I quit. She was good in La La Land, but Stone was incredible in Arrival.
Discover what scene Emma Stone related to most in her career in this new clip! Now Playing:
Emma Stone is really one of my least favorite actresses ever just bc of her face.
Michael Shannon makes Best Performances of the Year issue, out this week.
We love this Vogue staple featuring Emma Stone.
Also, a song sung by Emma Stone toward the end is my favorite performance I've seen this year.
Emma Stone and Ex Andrew Garfield Were ‘Very Animated and Excited’ to Reunite at AFI…
Ready to see Emma Stone winning tomorrow ❤️
This movie was actually so legit. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling killed it
I want to rub the on-screen chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone all over my body
LA LA LAND is the best movie of 2016. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's chemistry is unmatchable. Beautiful story and the music is sensational.
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star in La La Land, a musical that's pure cinema joy! See it in 13 - 26 Jan…
"La La Land" director Damien Chazelle shares the inside story of working with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling:
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield attended the 17th Annual AFI Awards tonight.
✨ starring & Emma Stone is now nominated for 7 See it in theaters now:
Spend a lovely night with and Emma Stone in now playing in theaters. Get tickets:
Emma Stone, you beauty! Damien Chazelle, you rockstar! What a performance. What a movie. And the music & cinematography. Goo…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Here’s to the dreamers everywhere. See Emma Stone in now playing in theaters. Tickets: htt…
Don't ever call Emma Stone overrated. She spent ten years working hard for everything she has today. I'll dropkick you int…
Discover the movie everyone is buzzing about! ✨ See Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone in - Now Playing!
(1/8) Best Actress (Comedy) Emma Stone will win she glows in Streep close 2nd.
Emma Stone and Ex Andrew Garfield Were 'Very Animated and Excited' to Reunite at AFI Awards Luncheon - Us Weekly
I want to watch La La Land again at the movies. That's how good it was. Emma Stone is a star.
Emma Stone looked totally different at her first Golden Globe Awards in 2011
Justin Timberlake, Emma Stone turn out for W magazine's Golden Globes party
W cover star Emma Stone reveals she needed major dental work to fix the damage from sucking her thumb as a child https:…
Emma Stone, Lilly Collins & Hailee Steinfeld stunned in these outfits & we can't decide which is our fave so all ar…
About that time Andrew Garfield ate pot brownies and went to Disneyland with Emma Stone(d):
I feel bad for Andrew Garfield. He missed out on starring in a terrible third Spider-man movie and instead has to date Emma Stone. Poor guy.
Today, I found out that Emma Stone and Emma Watson aren't the same person. Can't believe this
For Andrew Garfield’s 29th birthday he got high at Disneyland with Emma Stone and friends
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are two of the most charismatic people working in film right now. They are so great in La La…
And the cheerfully cynical musical numbers. And the visuals. And *** I love Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.
added to my watchlist. I was going to watch gangster squad too. No such thing as too much Gosling or Emma Stone
The best part of La La Land is the dream ballet. The second best is the audition. The third is when Emma Stone briefly dates Finn Wittrock.
Ryan Gosling is not a good singer. And a mediocre dancer. But oh, so charming. Emma Stone is, of course, captivating.
Currently seeking someone to be my Emma Stone & recreate these shots from La La Land w/ me at Griffith Park & Warner Bro…
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