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Emily Watson

Emily Watson (born 14 January 1967) is an English actress who gave an acclaimed debut film performance in Lars von Trier's Breaking the Waves.

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if weight wasn't an issue: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, or Emily Blunt.the Em's are a strange coincidence I know
Im from america, and even we know thats not true
Mayfield Golf: Andrew Watson wins match vs. Hickman Co. today with 38. Cards win, Emily Green finishes 2nd in girls' play.
Emily Watson will get acquainted with an adult man for sex without a relationship
Only got 1 class on a Tuesday morning nd we've all turned up nd the lecturer hasn't :-) deed
Saddest part of KINGSMAN 2 is Emily Watson's role seeming less like a cameo and more like... a job
Emily Watson looking for a guy for sex for one night
Can't wait to see "A NewsHound's Guide to Student Journalism" on this list
LUNCH DRUNK LOVE: Misguided rom-com which fizzles out early after Adam Sandler and Emily Watson get headaches after daytim…
My entire life can be explained by the scene in Punch Drunk Love where Adam Sandler meets Emily Watson in Hawaii and goes to…
Steen coming to see me cause am ill is the best thing ever a love u
Actual lectures start tomorrow and that is sooo mad 😧
Just buttered my toast nd turned round nd put the butter in the sink full of water :-) that's no the fridge Bin me
Omg already left house nd forgot to put false lashes on !
"He was a leader. He was a warrior.". DeAndre Hopkins talks Deshaun Watson. 📹:
Love you millions! Thank you for coming up and I'm glad you had a good night!💗
New wine glass is like an actual fishbowl :-))) whole bottle of wine in 1 glass? A think YES
Playmaker. 49 yard TD run. I have a feeling Watson is going to join Peyton Manning in the 'should have won the He…
Watson just looked like a wide receiver with that TD... *** Cincy
*ESPN headline 4 months from now*. Texans rookie QB DeShaun Watson tests positive for HIV.
Chilling in my cosy room with the window opening listening to music and doing my online shop, so so lush & lucky🏠
And I go up and down the country in search of acting workshops!
The best part of the video is always the part they tell me to cut out. (Which of course I didn't do.) ;)
The only reason you're still talking about th…
Emily Richardson made a wonderful 16mm film about it, with sound by Chris Watson and mus…
Haven't watched Manhunter but Red Dragon has Emily Watson in it.
Same for me, when I think of Emily Watson for the UK.
I need saas to hurry up nd get in my bank 😩😩😩
roles. Emily Stone is the quirky girl next door. Emma Watson is the brainy, classy British lady. But at lea…
"You can't have a Jewish bread, you can't be from "jew"" - Emily Watson 2017
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
You know me, never one to exaggerate 😉
Please bring back Lucy Watson so we can see Lucy vs Mimi in the next series. https:/…
Angela Lansbury is confirmed for BBC One's Little Women, as Michael Gambon and Emily Watson join the cast
Just announced: Emily Watson, Angela Lansbury and Michael Gambon will star in our upcoming three-part adaptation of
Angela Lansbury, Michael Gambon and Emily Watson to star in adaptation of more info:…
.Emily Watson tosses her 1st career no-hitter, as Golden Hurricane beat East Carolina 12-0 in 5 innings.
Stand up & Jessica Hobbs for Emily Watson, Mark Bonnar, Susan Lynch, Ben Chaplin, Lydia Leonard all sublime
Do we know whose Bafta Julie Hesmondhalgh is coming for, Emily Watson's (Best Actress) or Gemma Whelan's (Best Supporting)?
Yes was great! Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin were totally ace. You should check out…
What a thrilling finale! - brilliant, intriguing and fascinating from start to finish. Ben Chaplin & Emily Watson are superb.
Just watched with the stunning Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin. Superb.
Adam Sandler and Emily Watson saying they want to smash and squeeze and chew each other's faces is, like, foundational to me
Though did think Emily Watson's role was a trifle underwritten
loved it! I want to see more Emily Watson on TV... we don't deserve her.
I am ALL about Emily Watson's curly Bob situation in this show
I would recommend it, I am into audio books tend to listen when I am walking and this one is so good, but I love Em…
Drawn in and wrung out by on BBC iPlayer. Unforgettable piece of TV drama and as for Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin...
Watched Apple Tree Yard on iPlayer. How powerful! Salute Emily Watson and Mark Bonnar especially for portrayals.
Erika Porter and Kylee Watson are Shore adopted kids as is Lindsey Mack and my girl Emily Calabrese.
Emily Watson talks about representing sexually powerful women in their 50s. *via
Emma Watson knows how to make red carpet magic.
Separated at birth?. Watching couldn't help noticing Emily Watson's resemblance to Jim Kerr of Simple…
Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin are so bloody good in . And she good in the Appropriate Adult mind.
brilliant show loved it. Ben Chaplin and Emily Watson performances were superb - thank you bbc
I still can't believe this pic is NOT from a movie where Emily Watson and Susan Sarandon play *** moms 😩
is this the first honest portrayal of rape on TV?
great reviews. Was already anticipating Fences, now more so. Also agree RE Emily Watson. Blame it on the book, it's pretty bad
PrisonPlanet:. NY Times, the embodiment of impartiality once again. — Paul Joseph Watson (PrisonPlanet) February …
Thinking of having a little Emily Watson season. She's long been one of my favourite actors, even if Apple Tree Yard was a bit poo
Thoughts on Apple Tree Yard, Fences, one of Scorsese's picks at the BFI and more:
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Whatever series Emily Watson is in, she always appears as frightened & timid
live action Disney remakes give me secondhand cringe so bad, it's like Emma Watson is singing castle on a cloud at my 7th gra…
quite tense the whole way through the episode and Emily Watson was brilliant.
Still concerned the current 'wave' of female-strong work ends up being a phase. However, stuff like this gives hope:
Emily Watson: 'Sexuality Blossoms in Your 40s and 50s'.
“ “We’re just really tired and our competence has to take so many forms,” she says. “We’re partners, mothers, look…”
Happy birthday to Emily Watson who turns 50 today! . Nominated for 2 Oscars
Very excited for on this piece has really shown why the story is important!
Sex and the middle-aged woman … a groundbreaking BBC drama tells it like it is
Emily Watson hits a basket at the buzzer to put EHS up 19-18 over Spring Hill.
Emily Watson in Breaking the Waves, Wendy Hiller in Major Barbara, Robards in A Thousand Clowns.
Video: can be reduced w. the help of and stronger health systems -
Now, honestly, every movie set that I go on, I walk onto set with the ...
I do think you feel a little bit like you are preying on people's live...
Little Boy Official Trailer (2015) - Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson Movie HD Great movie to watch! On Netflix.
So gd knowing that a week from now It will be the first night of my holiday 😝😝
Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux as Rachel and Tom Watson - On set of - In Theaters Oct 7
LIVE: Tom Watson was introduced by Remain supporters Gary Kemp & Emily Berrington.
"Helena for medic mayhem you can go as fed state and Eleanor as fasting" -
Each year, 300k women die from complications in pregnancy or childbirth--most deaths are preventable.
Emily Blunt as Rachel Watson on set of The Girl on The Train, in theaters October 7th
Rachel Watson who, by the way, will be played by Emily Blunt in its movie adaptation, so yay!
Each yr, >300k women die after complications in pregnancy & childbirth. Why? – video
During Breaking The Waves, I was on my own in a hotel room. I think I ...
In my early career I was like a goldfish. Rejection didn't affect me; ...
Great clip of Youth Academy member and Ambassador Emily on why she loves dance
Hello, Emily Grace Watson from Great Uncle Charles from Michigan. it was great to see you and the family this summer.
Sooo missed sons of anarchy after not watching it in months ❤️❤️
Happy 65th Lars von Trier, Stellan Skarsgård & Emily Watson on set of Breaking the Waves, 1996.
Field events results are coming in: Emily Rastrick jumps 1.20m, Alice Watson throws 12.90 in the discus
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I've always been creative, I think.
Emma Moore reduces her 200m time. Emily Rastrick and Alice Watson go next in the 800m
Why do women still die in childbirth, asks Emily Watson
Emily Watson on the meaning of C.S. Lewis' retelling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche:
its got a lot of good character performances in it: Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the definitive Lounds
Feel sooo sorry for Marcia in the people v OJ Simpson 😰😰😰
My mods assignment is 100% the worst thing that's ever happened to me
And that's a wrap! Been amazing looking after Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin's hair for the past…
It's all go outside today and then Emily Watson with large film crew. No Emily Watson pic.
My sister is making the MOST horrible noises while eating!! Makes me want to burst into tears. 😖😖😖
Steve Buscemi. Literally anyone who starred in a Lars Von Trier movie, but especially Emily Watson in Breaking the Waves
Emily Watson is such an underrated actress. Her best roles are SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK and PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE.
No way did I just measure my 8 year old sisters height & shes 4ft 10 😳😳
Craving a cheese pizza too much man
Little Boy is a good movie. What is with Emily Watson and world war movies?. Angela's ashes, book thief. Now this?
Emily just spilled slushie all over my car
Emily Watson is one of my top actresses.
Emily Watson's a great choice for Yvonne! Can't wait. I will be watching!
.can like a Schuyler Sister and more things we learned:
yup, 4 parter, Emily Watson as Yvonne for
Another Balfron double in the S5 individuals. Congrats to Emily Watson (5L2) and Jamie Wastling (5L3) for gold 🏅
I swear GRC showers have two temps, Emily Watson hot and Hillary Clinton cold
the real Emily Watson is not impressed.
Yeah! Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyled about gender equality with Emma Watson and it was magic via
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Watson freestyle and beatbox for gender equality
Finally got around to watching (2013) - Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson ... via
Breakout Brewer: Plan Bee - Using only ingredients grown or produced in New York, Evan and Emily Watson of Plan...
Hey Brad, just a heads up that on your weekend projections Emma Watson is misidentified as Emily Watson. Thx for your hard work!
*sweats* my Emily Watson screenshot folder is now putting my Olivia Williams screenshot folder to shame.but the real shame is my own.
Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin cast in Apple Tree Yard via ATV Today
Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin will star in our four-part adaptation of Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard for
Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin will lead the cast of BBC One's steamy new thriller Apple Tree Yard
Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin to lead BBC One's adaptation of thriller Apple Tree Yard:
Oooh, Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin to star in Apple Tree Yard I heartily approve.
Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin to star in BBC adaptation of Apple Tree Yard: BBC One has today announced the cas...
Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin for BBC1 adaptation of Apple Tree Yard via
Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin to lead cast of new BBC1 political thriller Apple Tree Yard
(2015) - Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson Movie HD via Faith can do anything
4 of the best acting talents, Ian McKellen, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Watson, Sarah Lancashire mixed with...
on with Sir Anthony Hopkins, Emily Watson and Sarah Lancashire was outstanding!
Watching The Dresser. Hopkins and McKellen fantastic as expected. Plaudits also to the splendid Emily Watson and Sarah Lancashire.
That was some of the best TV I've seen in ages. The Dresser with Ian McKellan, Tony Hopkins, Sarah Lancaster, Emily Watson, Edward Fox.
Excellent piece of drama, with some fine acting by Anthony Hopkins, Emily Watson, and Sarah Lancashire.
Ooh The Dresser on right now! Masterclass w/ Anthony Hopkins, Emily Watson and Sarah Lancashire. A perfect night 💖
Emily Watson (48) playing the wife of Anthony Hopkins (77). He could be her dad. Think Hollywood doesn't have an age problem with women?
Oscar nominee Keira Knightley, Oscar nominee Emily Watson, and Emmy nominee Robin Wright all have rich roles in Everest …
I really liked Emily Watson, Jason Clarke, Martin Henderson and Sam Worthington's characters.
Only a hack like Ratner can waste actors like Emily Watson, Mary Louise Parker, Ralph Fiennes & Philip Seymour Hoffman all in the same film.
Dreamt Angry Anderson came over my house & we watched this tearjerker about a single mum starring Emily Watson and the kid from PAWS
Scaredy cat where horror films are concerned but enjoyed Wes Craven's piece in 'Paris, Je T'aime' with Rufus Sewell & Emily Watson.
This morning, I watched a whole film thinking, "Emily Watson isn't very good in this." Turned out I was watching Samantha Morton.
I've said this before but I truly believe Emily Watson is the standout female performance in Altman's Gosford Park.
Watson's mark is not only a new US it is NY All-Time, only behind 1:59.51!
No I'm not related to Emily or Hayley Watson
Your name is Emily Watson? Omg like the girl from Harry Potter! No. She is Emma () I'm Emily
I wish I looked like Emma Watson not Emily Watson
I think everyone hates me now because I post too many Watson photos.
Agreed. .. and as stunning is it turns out he has enough chops to hold his own with Emily Watson and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
To be fair, this Potter movie is dull but Emily Watson is quite stunning. Well done, love 👍
Powerful scene from Equilibrium: Emily Watson sent for 'processing' for thinking.
Watching Emily Watson in light harry potter 3 knowing how she turns out . Holy
Well last night Watson Towers was a war zone - hope we can have a calmer Sunday when Emily wakes up
Emily Watson playing a complete heartbreaking blinder in Devastating.
I'm gonna look like Emily Watson's *** today, YES
Forty years after his first Claret Jug win at Carnoustie, Tom Watson completes his final round at the Open Championship.
Did I mention my name is Emily WATSON Talley (true story) ... I think we're related... Maybe... ;)
Thanks Mrs Watson, you have helped Emily through a difficult year! She will miss you!
Emma Watson's trainer, Emily Drew, talks about the workout they use (mentions Emma too). http:/…
If you haven't seen it, though, it's worth a watch! Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes+Emily Watson are great.
"It's time to cut the umbilical cord from your mommies girls" - Coach Watson
it's a shame. The same seems to happen to other actresses, like Emily Watson, or Kathryn Hahn. They all deserve a lot better.
knowing PE was gonna be good when the teacher pulled out these
Finally watched BBC's A Song for Jenny – a gripping tale of a mother's love and courage, with a powerhouse performance from Emily Watson
Hey it was a pleasure to host Emily Mannix, Chloe Watson in yesterday.
Catching up with A Song for Jenny and my GOD have I missed Emily Watson's graceful power when she's given an actual character.
Emily Watson giving the performance of her life. Powerful. Heartbreaking. Tough to watch but compelling.
Laura Linney is marvellous too. A surprising role for her, one that would ordinarily go to the likes of Emily Watson.
On tomorrow at 9 Emily Watson papers with & plus some Ha…
Red Dragon. Ralph Fiennes, Edward Norton, and Emily Watson were all awesome.
Chris Addison & Emily Watson are the guests on tonight’s Join Matt Baker & Alex Jones on BBC1 at 7pm:
And the film with Turturro and Emily Watson is good too. Love, madness and chess.
. Punch Drunk Love (2002). W&D: Paul Thomas Anderson. C: Adam Sandler, . Emily Watson. This film grows on me every time I see it. 7.6/10
After Breaking The Waves, Hilary & Jackie, Gosford Park and Punch Drunk Love, how exactly did the wheels fall off Emily Watson's career?
I'd love to live in a world where Emily Watson's career had benefited from landing that role.
Whenever I see AMELIE, I can’t help but think it would have been a better film had Emily Watson starred as planned.
Nothing could make this weather any better... except this collection! http:/…
Could this be the face of Rachel Watson? Emily Blunt could be
Matt Watson and I are selling wristbands for $4 contact either of us if you interested in buying one
Emily Watson performed an incredible role in oranges and sunshine, what an underrated star 5/5
Re: article in today's paper Emily Watson played Janet Leach and not Rose West in Appropriate Adult!
Spot the mistake - Emily Watson played the Appropriate Adult, not Rose West
you printed today on p13 that Emily Watson played Rose West in ITV's Appropriate Adult. No she didn't, that was Monica Dolan
Lots to see at fine degree show School of Art faves were Emily Connor, Samantha Pool, Bryony Watson
We're gonna get this win for the fallen ones (mahavenon, katie Watson, Edgar, emily summer, joe toll)
Dream:Having a conversation about Emma and Emily Watson.I said that the latter was the superior actress.
Zero motivation for the next 2 weeks of school
Susan Sarandon and Emily Watson in a telemovie about Marilyn Monroe.
🌴 June 21st it's cuz I'm going to be in Washington on my birthday 😑
Emily Blunt could be Rachel Watson! What would your dream casting of be?
Girls 4x100 team of Brittany Watson, Emily Mitchell, Katie Diehl, and Bethany Glowacki qualify to the Regional Finals.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOBO🎉thanks for everything you are the bestest brother ever! I hope u have a great day. I love you 💖 ht…
''A Royal Night Out'' Directed by Julian Jarrold Starring Sarah Gadon,Rupert Everett an Emily Watson will be...
To Emily Watson: I am sorry for what I wrote. I wrote what I did assuming they were personal attacks
Lucy Watson has the worlds most irritating voice
Wonderful quote from Emily Watson about the Cannes film festival "it is the high holy alter of film"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I think we have gotten enough rain ...
Stabbing myself in the eyes sounds a lot more appealing than anymore studying at all
unless of course this is for Em Watson or Taylor Swift? ☺️
Highlight of my entire time in chemistry
Original British Drama featuring some of the best British talent: . Anthony Hopkins, Emily Watson.
you would've been my choice over Emma Watson
Ian McKellen & Anthony Hopkins team for Starz remake of the 1983 film version of the play The Dresser w/ Emily Watson & Edward Fox
boys be like: ew feminists are ugly. boys at Beyoncé: 😍. boys at Emma Watson: 😍. Boys at Taylor Swift: 😍
Cant believe it's June next week, year is going so fast 😥
My friend Emily Stevens will be with you today! Her first time at the big GO, look after her and her family! She...
Nobody got more sass than 11 year old Emma Watson
Only like unit 2 in chem & I done that like a week ago so now I have no motivation to study it at all 😭
Emily Watson Great You are selected Quickly Go to our link.
this is true, but shes in my 3 with Emma Watson and Emily Bett Rickards but Rickards is moving out :/ of my top 3
The evil dead was just disturbing, can feel Mia making an appearance in my nightmares tonight
"I think I've got t-rex, you know where you swear too much" oh emily😔😓
the cast was amazing! I learned so much working with Oscar nominated actors Emily …
What a great actress is Emily Watson. She amazed me in Oranges & Sunshine. Not I am struck by her performance in The Book Thief!
I forgot to mention, had a celebrity double whammy on thurs. Saw the magnificent Emily Watson at waterloo and Nigel Havers walked past work
(2/2) relationship that has nothing to do with the film world. - Emily Watson
Emma Watson: we need he for she to promote gender equality!. Emma Watson: I personally dont like women being sexy I would nev…
My man on graham norton, dee oh double gee
meh 😩 I'll miss you too! The craziness will continue eventually.
The character my kids recognized me in: Emily's mother, Vera Watson (in the BTL series). The heroine I'm most like: Dori.
Went shopping for a top & came back with a full outfit, help me
I'm going to miss you and all the craziness
Got Emily for the weekend as Mrs Watson goes to see her sister in Bangkok - Watch out we're going to have some fun!
the original song is by George strait and it was made before drake was all that😂, so actually drake stole it from him
Thank you for a fantastic week Miss Watson! Love Emily 😘
Emily Watson a ton in Santa Monica. . Thanks Jody Rogers! We will have to try a few out together.
Watching your approach shot sail out of bounds after being in the middle of the fairway
when it looks like Emily Watson is being attacked by the scribble monster from Fear Her
Looking at Emily Watson's slideshow while she speaks is a good match!
a fascinating fascinator?!?! . Actress Emily Watson receives her OBE at Buckingham Palace
Why am a still up dancing with my mum ha lol
I'm in love with Emily Watson, Geoffrey Rush, Barbara Auer and work...
Emily Watson talks to about A Royal Night Out, reviews 2 and mor…
Congratulations to British actress Emily Watson, who received her OBE at Buckingham Palace earlier today! Bravo!
Actress Emily Watson after receiving her OBE from The Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace today
Islington actress Emily Watson awarded an OBE -
Actress Emily Watson said receiving her OBE at Buckingham Palace was "absolutely amazing". Picture: John Stillwell/PA http:…
'Absolutely amazing and thrilling' Emily Watson breaks her silence on receiving an OBE: BRITISH beauty Emily W...
Tom Hiddleston, Steven Spielberg, Emily Watson, Toby Kebbell, Matt Milne, etc. at the NYC premiere of War Horse.
wcw; ashley benson, shailene woodley, Emma Watson, lily collins, rihanna, maggie, emily, kathleen and so on !! :D
Sylvia Miles is fantastic as the mom; her eyes remind me of Emily Watson.
Toast of Surrey Business Awards: A profile of Emily Watson Book Art - Get
Bubba Watson knows how to pick a Masters Champions meal 👌
me and katlyn paid Emily Watson today
That kid looks like a brilliant little actor. So sweet. Love Emily Watson too. Will definitely check it out :) x
The funny thing is, I read that as "Emily Watson" and was just about to say I could see it a bit.
Dave Ford we should have stayed Kerry Watson Jack Watson Emily Home Billy Watson Ryan Ford
'Little Boy': Film Review: Oscar nominees Emily Watson and Tom Wilkinson co-star in the latest entry in the faith-based movie sweepst...
Aaron Watson last night. Great day with you 😘🎶
NEW PHOTOS: Anthony Hopkins and plus your first look at Emily Watson as Her Ladyship. http:/…
Emily Watson and more join Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen in BBC and Starz's adaptation of THE DRESSER:
Two sirs with love: Emily Watson joins in 'The Dresser'
& casting for "The Dresser" now shooting in London: Anthony Hopkins, Ian McKellen, Emily Watson and Sarah Lancashire.
Emily Watson (my favourite actress) takes Sandler to her level. Worst film ever? The Majestic. Martin Landau, how could he?
Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Emily Watson & David Thewlis- can't control my love for this cast.
3 of us with to see the Stephen Hawkins films The Theory of Everything. Highly recommended.Director: James Marsh - Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, David Thewlis, Emily Watson, Harry Lloyd, Lesley Manville, Adam Godley, Maxine Peake, Joelle Koissi, Charlotte Hope This is the extraordinary story of one of the world's greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde. Once a healthy, active young man, Hawking received an earth-shattering diagnosis at 21 years of age more »slan
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Thought for a sec it said Emma Watson was getting an OBE but it's Emily.Was going to say far too early for her wooden acting to be rewarded.
NY honours for Syal and Watson: Actresses Meera Syal and Emily Watson have been honoured in t...
pleased to see John Hurt and Emily Watson recognised for their careers in acting, as for James Corden 😒
While there are OBEs for film/TV types Emily Watson, James Corden and Sheridan Smith. Empire's Admiral Flappington remains sadly overlooked.
DBE for actress Kristin Scott Thomas, DBE for the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and an OBE for actress Emily Watson.
All recognised in the Emily Watson, with an OBE, Kristin Scott Thomas, made a Dame, and Meera Syal, CBE
yeah, Theory of Everything is baitier: British setting, love story, disability, Emily Watson in the cast, biopic, etc
When calls you just to yell at you about Emma Stone being better than Emma Watson
Chegou o trailer de Little Boy com Emily Watson!. The trailer of with is here!
Watch Emily Watson & Tom Wilkinson in the Little Boy trailer
11 days until Barclays In 2002 Sam Mendes directed Emily Watson in Twelfth Night, his last play htt…
What do British style mavens Emma Watson,Keira Knightley and Emily Blunt have in common?The Poise. Need we say more?>.
yup thats definitely 100x what I meant, I'm leaving it
Definitely. The only Sandler film worth watching was "Punch-Drunk Love." But then it also had Emily Watson
Just another day at the office! Thank you Kirsten Watson Iversen for lending me this lovely vest!
Update your maps at Navteq
now ur literally bullying Emily Osment time for Cyberbully 2
ondas do destino (breaking the waves), de 1996, com a rainha Emily Watson
You know who else is pretty sexy.. Emily Kinney.
Every girl needs a sexy black guy in her life 😍
Me and Emily are the new sherlock and Watson. Sorry Edwin you're not Watson anymore
you really look like Emma Watson. I thought u had her as your pic until now.. 🙈😂
I really love Emily Watson, but it does feel like she's spent the last ten years wearing a rug over her shoulders.
Just saw "The Theory of Everything". It's brilliant, but I'm stunned by how old Emma Watson looks. *checks IMDB*. Emily Watson. Nevermind.
Lewis Watson understands me on an emotional level that you don't.
i have a math packet due tomorrow morning but problem is I don't remember learning any of what's in it so
Emily Watson, Michael Repaport, David Henrie and Jakob Salvati A story that will touch hearts FEB/27/2015 ht…
Here we go! Very excited, our trailer debuted check it out! http:…
starring Emily Watson comes to Tue 16 December at 7.30pm
Trailer for "Little Boy" starring Kevin James, Emily Watson, Michael Rappaport, Tom Wilkinson and more!.
‘Everything’ tries to do too much: Starring Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Charlie Cox, Emily Watson, Simon M...
happy birthday ken, so glad I met you! have a great day(:❤️
LFF: Kit Harington and Emily Watson on their sense of duty:
Emily Sears and Emma Watson are my dream wives. Hopefully I can marry one of them.
Saw Emily Watson, age 47, play a grandmother today. Yes, I can do math, but still: really?
Set your DVR's for Sunday, Nov 2nd! is GUEST STARRING as EMILY WATSON on Disney's LIV…
I worked on this Blu-ray/DVD design so buy for that reason... obviously. Also, it's a must-see movie, that helps!
"You should say something about how it's not a mushroom" -Emily Watson
"What's the difference between you and Emily?" . Well
I'm gonna miss all our cross country seniors
Emily and her bf went as Sherlock and Dr. Watson to a Halloween party and honestly, I've never seen anything cuter.
"Liam with Caroline Watson on the set of Steal My Girl! (Via http:/…
I love Emily Watson, so that was a bonus.
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