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Emily Thornberry

Emily Anne Thornberry (born 27 July 1960) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington South and Finsbury since 2005. She is currently the Shadow Attorney General.

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And whatever you think abt Corbyn, vote for Keir Starmer & Emily Thornberry to negotiate (do you really think Davis & BoJo can? No)
After Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry just when you thought it was safe to turn on the telly, fecking Shami Chakrabarti turns up
In Islington i will not be voting for article 50-triggering Emily Thornberry.…
Emily Thornberry accuses Theresa May of "cowardice and subservience to Donald Trump" over Paris climate change accord. S…
Huge admiration for Emily Thornberry. Along with Butler Gardiner & Prescott she's been a firewall for Jeremy in 2017
A strong leader has a strong team around them, says Amber Rudd. Jeremy Corbyn has Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry on board.…
Much like Cathy Newman on with Emily Thornberry. She barely ma…
Emily Thornberry claims Jeremy Corbyn never openly supported the IRA. Sorry Emily but you can't rewrite history https:…
It's NOT FAIR' to hold Jeremy Corbyn to account for what he says, Emily Thornberry claims
Emily Thornberry turns the air blue as she accuses Sir Michael Fallon of talking 'b*'
Emily Thornberry absolutely NAILED 'Chemical Fallon' with that Assad bombshell - then simply told him he talks ***
Emily Thornberry ambushes Michael Fallon over Assad meeting – video
Sunday 14 May 2017. The day the BBC never planned for. Emily Thornberry wipes the floor with Michael Fallon.
Emily Thornberry just delivered one of the best ever political ambushes. . Even better, it was on Fallon. 🔥
"Do you remember where you were on 27 May 2007?" Emily Thornberry puts Michael Fallon in his place over Assad visit
Looks like Emily Thornberry has been taking lessons at the Diane Abbott school of common sense. Total waffle, laughable knowledge !
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Labour's Emily Thornberry tells voters to focus less on Theresa May's hair, more on policy https…
Emily Thornberry reminds me of teachers in childhood quietly telling me off with.. ' & don't do it again!'
Labour heavyweight Emily Thornberry warns Hitchin and Harpenden Conservatives parachuting candidate from outside a…
Dawn Butler, Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbott. The key spokespeople who just keep giving.
PMQs-I see the Labour nodding donkey's are out in full on front bench today. Diane Abbot & Emily Thornberry showing face again! Too bad.
Exclusive: Tom Watson "running scared of Emily Thornberry challenge"
Emily Thornberry accuses Labour Party bosses of trying to 'quash' Jeremy Corbyn's leadership'.
Many of us regret voting Tom Watson to be Deputy Leader, he's stabbed us in the back. Emily Thornberry should replace h…
It has to be Emily Thornberry for deputy. Theresa May hates her. Emily is everything the PM isn't: articulate, cool-he…
With Ken Livingstone, Emily Thornberry and George Galloway behind him, how can possibly lose?
Poll: If rumours are true, Emily Thornberry will stand against Tom Watson for the position of deputy leader of Labour.…
Emily Thornberry, just now, nails the issue with Tom Watson in just 20 seconds. I have repeatedly told him the same. https:…
Paul Hollywood is Keir Starmer. Noel Fielding is Richard Burgon. Sandi Toksvig is Emily Thornberry. I'm struggling with Prue Leith tho.
Watched this Emily Thornberry clip loads today. Keep thinking of the Um Bongo advert and that Gilbert & Sullivan Mo…
Well said, Emily Thornberry. Although you went a bit 'Modern Major General' in the middle, there...
I think what Emily Thornberry just said could be sung to the tune of "Modern Major General".
How good was Emily Thornberry on Newsnight 👏. Super stuff. Encapsulating my personal position to a tee. Superb
'You're not even in opposition!' Alistair Carmichael to Emily Thornberry on
Emily Thornberry: Labour is not in power. . Alistair Carmichael: You're not even in opposition.
If the other option is Emily Thornberry quite happy with Boris as our Foreign Secretary
Emily Thornberry experiencing a "not even the best drummer in the Beatles" moment there.
Clueless White Van Man snoot Emily Thornberry handed the BBC megaphone to issue admonishment to Boris Johnson. . 🙄
Emily Thornberry criticises Boris Johnson for inappropriate language. What did she say about white van man?
Jeremy Corbyn . Dianne Abbot . Emily Thornberry . The 3 reasons I will never vote
Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry to be "faithful servants" and join Privy Council .
and if he came back Emily Thornberry and her crew would defend his right to return - REMEMBER THIS!
- Emily Thornberry and local officers at Owen Street Residence, EC1
David Lidington tells Emily Thornberry Labour's "quarrelling" is "like Mutiny on the Bounty as re-shot by the Carry On team" .
- A Merry Christmas to all from Emily Thornberry and local beat officers.
Trade Deals before Human Rights: the current Tory government. By Emily Thornberry MP :
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Rebrand 😂 Good one. What you going to do with the vile Diane & Emily ?embarrassment to the country & unelectable
Reliving one of Emily Thornberry's 2016 highlights. I bloody love that woman 💖
change Chris Bryant for Emily Thornberry, and Jacob Rees Mogg for Nicolas Soames and we're talking.
For Boris Johnson it’s hypocrisy day, not Human Rights Day | Emily Thornberry
Emily Thornberry questioned the Conservatives at Prime Minister’s Questions today over their chaotic Brexit https:/…
Lab's Lucy Powell tries to explain Emily Thornberry's sacking to Andr... via What a lightweight Powell is
Cuba is bigger than South Korea, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, Scotland or Ireland. Emily Thornberry calls Cuba "a little…
Every time Hyacinth Bucket, my mistake I meant Emily Thornberry, speaks I imagine her thinking this! . 5 seconds of fam…
"We believe in having a strong country that cares about the poor" -Emily Thornberry
5 1/2 hours of talking about Brexit, and the Tories gave no clear plan -Emily Thornberry
Emily Thornberry -Tory uncertainty is ruining partnerships with our European neighbours -where 45% of our trade comes…
Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has accused Theresa May of misleading MPs when she said Thornberry wanted a seco…
Hyacinth Bucket, sorry its pronounced Emily Thornberry, waiting by the phone after news that Jeremy Corbyn is having a…
Robin Cook perceived truth about Iraq but died B4 truth was made public. Emily Thornberry pays him respect:.
Emily Thornberry pointing out that Robin Cook said in one speech everything that Chilcot report confirmed. Lots of New Labo…
We could be getting rid of either Diane Abbot or Emily Thornberry! YES! Plus a few more!
Thornberry and Thatcher in same sentence? One was competent, analytical, intelligent and the other is Emily Thornberry.
Last year, Emily Thornberry showed herself to be a bigot. Today she's shown that she's also an ignorant fool.
Emily Thornberry , the epitome of 's intellect. . When all else fails, shout "Sexism!".
Sky News presenter asks Emily Thornberry to name French Foreign Minister - they don't do it to corrupt politicians
via Lady Nugee accuses Sky News of sexism… for asking her to name French Foreign Minister by
What's worse is she said "lets take this offline" to Dermot. Emily Thornberry accuses Sky's Murnaghan of 'sexism' -
I think Emily Thornberry just became a pub quiz question
The Emily Thornberry Shadow Foreign Secretary Crib Sheet:. People who are not the French Foreign Minister.
The French Foreign Minister hears the news about Emily Thornberry.
Just watched the Emily Thornberry interview with Not sure what she's complaining about. She's a shadow foreign sec!?
When you've mismanaged and alienated 80% of your parliamentary party, you end up with Emily Thornberry as your Shadow Fore…
I just can't get over that Emily Thornberry interview on this morning. She needs to take a long hard look at herself over it.
I didn't actually know that Emily Thornberry was Shadow Foreign Secretary, but that's your fault, not mine, because you're…
It's a close run thing but I'd say the Final for most repugnant woman of the year has to be between Kay Burley and Emily Thornberry.
Murnaghan was trying to show how incompetent Emily Thornberry is. Really hate it when people cry sexism, racism or ageis…
Sorry Emily but Rochester & Strood...Labour's Thornberry Accuses Sky of Sexism After Failing to Name French Minister
WATCH: Labour's Emily Thornberry accuses presenter of 'sexism' after she fails to name French Foreign Minister
WATCH: Emily Thornberry accuses TV presenter of sexism in row over naming foreign ministers
Remember, it's perfectly possible for Sky News to be institutionally sexist AND for Emily Thornberry to be thick as min…
Emily Thornberry may not like being asked about French Foreign Ministers, but she likes this story about Corbyn
As Leader of Labour Ed Miliband might have made many mistakes. Sacking Emily Thornberry wasn't one of them.
I hope this doesn't sound too sexist, but Emily Thornberry is a joke.
Emily Thornberry accuses Sky News presenter of sexism live on-air via Corbyn A Team strike again.
Emily Thornberry accuses Sky's Murnaghan of 'sexism' via They slate boris on a daily. They're pro eu.
Irony never works online. I'm cited in defence of Emily Thornberry (presumably in lieu of literally anyone else).
Emily Thornberry takes no prisoners . Sky News reporting on my radio that she's inept. I dislike journalists
To be fair, I'm pretty certain the French Foreign Minister doesn't know who Emily Thornberry is either.
Dermot Murnaghan asks Emily Thornberry to name French Foreign Minister- She can't, gets triggered & calls him sexist😂
questioning of Emily Thornberry was indeed tinged with sexism but also MM desire to paint labour leadership as incompetent.
And to think this thick thunderbellend is my MP...Islingtonians really aren't the brightest stars in the sky. "Emily Thornberry"
Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry doesn't know who the French Foreign Minister is 😂 👍🏼
Labour MP, Emily Thornberry, accuses TV interviewer of SEXISM after he asked her to name French Foreign Minister.
In defence of Emily Thornberry I'd like to remind everyone that TV presenters read every bloody word from the au…
If had really wanted to embarrass Emily Thornberry, he'd have asked her to name the rest of the shadow cabi…
Thornberry's car crash on is now the lead item on Sky News. Well done, Emily.
Emily Thornberry's bid to highlight nightmare of woman jailed in Iran is eclipsed by Murnaghan's cheap stunt to steal head…
so quizzes Emily Thornberry on names - Okay for him he had a crib sheet! What a cheat!
Emily Thornberry car crash interview: if she was on top of her brief she'd have owned Plainly she wasn't
Emily Thornberry did say she would be concentrating on foreign affairs rather than leadership election.
Emily Thornberry cries 'Sexism!' after screwing up telly interview
BREAKING: Emily Thornberry branded "a silly cow" by media for accusing Dermot Murnaghan of being sexist.
Wow. Emily Thornberry accusing Dermot Murnaghan of sexism because he asked who French Foreign Minister is
I'm afraid this is just a bit embarrassing >> Emily Thornberry accuses Sky presenter Murnaghan of sexism
Emily Thornberry accuses Sky News presenter of sexism
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Emily Thornberry is so badass!!! Worth more to the Labour Party than all those Blairite MPs combined.
Emily Thornberry accuses Dermot Murnaghan of "sexism" as he challenges her to name the French Foreign Minister
Emily Thornberry quite right. Let's pub-quiz you on names instead of talking about the real issues.
Emily Thornberry accuses Sky presenter Murnaghan of sexism
I'm trying to work out how Dermot was sexist for asking questions for which Emily Thornberry didn't have the…
Emily Thornberry is Boris Johnson's elected representative in Parliament, where her job is to shadow him.
Richard Burgon & Emily Thornberry have to.. and others I'm sure
The principled position that Clive Lewis & Emily Thornberry should take is to vote against Trident, not to abstain. https:…
Emily thornberry clambering into a Mercedes Vito outside pch - question is does a Vito count as a van ?
I swear she has the exact same look as the vile Emily Thornberry!
You mean John Trickett? He signed 1 of the 3 EDMs. Hardly "loads"! Emily Thornberry only signed when not in cabinet.
If that model were correct, it would have Emily Thornberry and Chuka Umunna losing their seats.
Tom Watson takes on Clive Lewis and Emily Thornberry over Trident: "To abstain is to not take responsibility". Open war.
Jon, Emily Thornberry took that photo in Rochester and Strood during the 2014 by election which UKIP won, not in her constituency.
Emily Thornberry and Alex Salmond will harass him over it in Parliament after the recess.
Emily Thornberry would love drones everywhere - death of the "awful" white van Englishman etc
When you've just gone full wibble...😂. (I'm also bemused on behalf of Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry)
Emily Thornberry is actually quite good.
Undemocratic Will win election. won't rule out second referendum on European Union.
Britain just received a pretty decent briefing on the security implications of Emily Thornberry as Foreign Secretary.
And Emily Thornberry is the best of them all. Love her.
Is every ref'd "once in a lifetime" or just Indy ref. Labour won't rule out 2nd ref on EU
So, after her disclosure about a meeting with GCHQ, what should Emily Thornberry's punishment be?.
Kiwi and lime cocktail. How Emily Thornberry. Must be a avocado in their somewhere
Sat behind Emily Thornberry on teh bus home tonight :◯
. Her old job back taken off the Loyal Emily Thornberry or what
Boris is 100% better than Emily Thornberry who is ashamed of her own flag and country
Oh hai, I'm Emily Thornberry, and I'm off for a * TOP SECRET MEETING *
sadly the women have been largely uninspiring with exception of a few like Emily Thornberry
... next briefing might be on the security implications of having Emily Thornberry in this post.
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The head of GCHQ hears Emily Thornberry is on her way
Imagine Emily Thornberry is still standing outside GCHQ screaming to be let in...
Even I could have done better than Emily Thornberry.
Emily Thornberry is the gift that keeps on giving.
Labour won't rule out second Death of democracy or time for Labour to finally die a slow painful death?.
MP Emily Thornberry's brother hailed as a have-a-go hero after Upper Street chase .
Emily Thornberry. Sneered at a guy with a flag. Diane Abbott, raged against "white people playing divide and rule".
Emily Thornberry has been appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
U could almost see Theresa Coffey & Emily thornberry agreeung with their contempt for the blue collar working class
Not doing an Emily Thornberry but here are some signs around
So, Emily Thornberry's latest job is Shadow Brexit Secretary. Talk about multi-tasking; is there anything this woman can…
Is this party run by retards, because you would lose that one two. Sad!. "Labour won't rule out second EU referendum"
Comment from on the tragic shooting in Munich:
Make no mistake like toothpaste can't be put back into the tube we must fix the problems that bred it first. h…
Munich>> The indiscriminate, mass murder of ordinary men, women & children going about their daily lives is evil>>. htt…
Why is Emily Thornberry getting chummy with Tom Watson, the scabby leader of Tony Blair's 172 traitors?
Emily Thornberry in as Shadow Foreign Secretary? . Somebody needs to tell her that this is The England Flag... https:/…
Emily Thornberry, having just inherited post of Shadow Foreign Secretary, complains about establishment looking after themselves.
In 100 years Advanced Higher History dissertations will be written on how on earth Emily Thornberry became Shadow Foreign Secretary
Emily Thornberry "Shadow Foreign Secretary" Good God. Is that the best we can do? Really? Lightweight.
Emily Thornberry steps in - because her replacement is stuck getting back from Glastonbury. http…
Jeremy Corbyn has promoted Emily Thornberry to Shadow Foreign Secretary and Diane Abbott to shadow health secretary.
Emily Thornberry says Brexit is about Cameron. It is also about the Labour Party having no clue abt what their grass r…
Emily Thornberry's neighbours have gone all out to *** her off!
Emily Thornberry says *** after David Cameron describes her as "a shadow Defence Secretary who doesn't believe in…
Well done Emily Thornberry for wondering why BBC aren't asking "why Tories are doing so badly"?
Emily Thornberry has big plans for the British Army!
Emily Thornberry is right to worry about jobs if we leave the EU: the cost of one's domestic servants will go up, as Lo…
Emily Thornberry comes out with usual guff about children not living as long as their parents - pension projections say othe…
Emily Thornberry was very good. Maybe she should be leader of the Labour Party.
No inclusion of Cat Smith, Emily Thornberry, Heidi Alexander, Lillian Greenwood on this cover...tabloid stuff
Jeez.Quite an achievement.Marcus Brigstocke is more of a pompous leftie *** than Emily Thornberry
Chronologically, Labour "mum" jibes of Cameron were from Angela Eagle, Carolyn Harris and Emily Thornberry
Imagine how much Labour's Seumas Milne, Emily Thornberry & Damian McBride can learn from each other
Not according to the Guardian article, but "Just over a week ago, Emily Thornberry, Seumas Milne & Damian McBride ...
Emily Thornberry's mum went to Greenham Common. Feeling really old now!
Emily Thornberry will replace the Union flag with a white flag.
insists that Diane Abbott & Emily Thornberry sit either side of him,so the front bench doesn't tip over
Emily Thornberry as Shadow Defence Secretary is comedic beyond belief.
Emily Thornberry is the new Shadow Minister for Defence
Anti-Trident shadow defence minister, Emily Thornberry, to introduce new regiment: 'The Royal Corps of Knitting.'
Osborne is using universal credit as a trojan horse for further benefit cuts, says Emily Thornberry - .
Corbyn plans to appoint Emily Thornberry as foreign secretary ... Another one with the same amount of British patriotism as Bin Laden 😂
I don't know much about Emily Thornberry, but I look forward to seeing how she does.
Ken has to quit or be sacked I'm afraid. Emily Thornberry lost her job over a photo of a van.
Jeremy Corbyn for PM. November 4 at 6:06pm · . Well said Emily Thornberry. The scandal of DWP sanctioning has been...
institutions are riddled with it, also now the professions starting if we look at Emily thornberry and whatshername proudman
Government’s record on tackling fraud and error an embarrassment - Thornberry. labourpress:. “Emily Thornberry MP,...
Emily thornberry is the embarrassment- remember the England flag stuff
So expert in feminist icons is Emily Thornberry that she misspelt George Eliot in that piece.
It's outrageous. Emily Thornberry should have been the centrefold in the new passport.Would have needed to be A4 size.
Ah, it's Emily Thornberry who thinks passports are sexist. I might have known.
Needs more England flags, what do you think Emily Thornberry?
I liked a video 4 November 2015: Mike Buchanan and Emily Thornberry MP interviewed about 'sexist'
Emily Thornberry: an absolute disgrace that DWP has sanctioned more than 42,000 people with mental health problems
Mike Buchanan and Emily Thornberry MP interviewed by Nick Ferrari (LBC) over ‘sexist’ passports
you are sounding more and more like Emily Thornberry, Ian.
Emily Thornberry is an *** Thank God there's no St George's cross. She'd be really fewmin'
should've got Emily Thornberry on for that one. Could have seen if they're more or less acceptable for nationalistic flags...
Emily Thornberry is right, but I didn't think she'd be bothered as long as the working class are kept off it.
I agree with Emily Thornberry; this is shocking! Sexism row over new UK passport design - BBC News
😂👌 I don't think the Labour Party is for the common good & the people anymore. It's now the party of Emily Thornberry.
Emily Thornberry MP: "I am concerned that without centres like the MPC it may be more difficult for women to obtain the help t…
That pic is enough to give Emily Thornberry an apoplectic fit.
Emily Thornberry MP is a blithering *** And who is Elizabeth Scott, anyway?
Great article by my neighbour and colleague Emily Thornberry: The Welfare Bill is a disaster from start to finish https:/…
Benefit are broken – and the govt can’t be trusted to fix them Emily Thornberry
Emily Thornberry becomes number 2 at DWP in Labour shadow team
Next time Labour talk about racism; remind them of Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbott and Huw Tho…
I'm off on my daily cycle through the constituencies of Emily Thornberry, Jeremy Corbyn and Catherine West
Emily Thornberry in trousers yet fatter.
And it wasn’t White Van Man’s house Emily Thornberry snapped, it was Racist Tosser’s house.
Yvette Cooper snaps up Emily Thornberry, Ian Austin, Jim Cunningham, Karen Buck , Lyn Brown and Steve McCabe as supporters for her campaign.
Great to see this little bit of Rochester outside Emily Thornberry's office yesterday
No, I like it.Teams of white van driving tattooed UKIP scaffolders at work already. Emily Thornberry on boat iPhone ready and aimed
Man whose flag cost shadow minister Emily Thornberry her job says he will vote Tory - ITV News
Mind you, you'd think Emily Thornberry would be able to give advice, the amount of property she owns
we're not Emily Thornberry and also facts are not smears
Can the 99% who are decent landlords still have taxbreaks. They aren't all like Emily Thornberry you know.
you forgot to mention Emily Thornberry
gah, that has to be depressing. My MP is Emily Thornberry. She works hard, really gets things moving.
wonder if he will give Emily Thornberry an exemption!!
So why is Emily Thornberry growing up on a council estate/ single parent a valid reason why she isn't a snob now?
Goes to Emily Thornberry Rochester row. Nobody in Labour had the balls to say Thornberry (single mum, council estate) wasn't a snob
Miliband and his awful apparatchik Lucy Powell threw Emily Thornberry under the bus and now doing same to Harriet. Zero loyalty at top Lab
I think Cameron forgetting which team he supports has a bit of the Emily Thornberry union jack pic about it. Dangerously trivial!
good luck Adrian. (even if I have just voted for Emily Thornberry!)
Telegraph reports Mr Ware, owner of house in the Emily Thornberry 'had no idea there was a by-election happening today' The…
Good job Di Abbott and Emily Thornberry weren't there.
You are Emily Thornberry and I claim my 5 pounds!
this is crying out for Emily Thornberry to be photo-shopped into
I am sure Emily Thornberry would like to wish you all happy St. George's day
Lib Dem candidate accused of poking fun at Emily Thornberry with St George-themed campaign leaflet
Worst attempt to be sensationalist ever - article on ’s leaflet
islington...we've got the charming Emily Thornberry MP
Emily Thornberry would love this pub
Just been informed St George's Cross flags actually come from Italy. So Emily Thornberry was merely celebrating diversity in Rochester.
real labour values don't include sneering at people. This is something new and nasty, worthy of Emily Thornberry
Please don't show this to Emily Thornberry
A bit late but happy St George's Day, Emily Thornberry must have stayed at home today, too scared of all those flags flying!
Where's Emily Thornberry when you need her ?
To dark to take a pic but well done for the bloody great George Cross on front of Drift. Emily Thornberry would have a fit.
..Emily Thornberry, the unacceptable face of Labour...and that's a crowded field.
Emily Thornberry gets into the spirit of St Georges Day. You go girl.
I think will be happy to plead guilty to this accusation
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Told Farage that if he refuses to wear the hat of patriotism, this will be his Emily Thornberry moment. "Look, I'm not …
I want a say on everything. I don't need Emily Thornberry or George Galloway deciding for me, thanks.
This is the true do as I say not as I do.Labour's queen of hypocrisy: Emily Thornberry
queen of hypocrisy: Emily Thornberry via
A St George's Flag, a window poster, and a White Van in today. Emily Thornberry must be livid.
Lady Nugee, You know her as White Van and English hater Emily Thornberry.
Emily Thornberry over compensating just a little there picture
Mirror columnist Carole Malone says the events with Andrew Mitchell, David Mellor and Emily Thornberry show how times have changed
Gosh, you know that Emily Thornberry has done AWFULLY well, for a council-house kid: The further down you read.
EXCLUSIVE: Emily Thornberry's van driving brother - 'my sister is no snob'
Watch all those same Tories who attacked Emily Thornberry now come out and defend the genuinely sneering Andrew Mitchel…
Emily Thornberry, David Mellor, Andrew Mitchell, 3 pompous prats who look down on us and say "don't you know who we are"?
We expect arrogant, snobbish sneers from Tories and the likes of David Mellor. We don't expect it from 'Labour' and Emily Thornberry. That's the difference, I suppose. It is lazy to say 'politicians are all as bad as each other' because the likes of Caroline Lucas, Dennis Skinner and John McDowell really are trying to effect political change. (OK, they're not getting very far: I'm trying as well, and neither am I. None of us on the Left are, and that is the blunt truth.) But the reason those few principled politicians aren't getting very far is that MOST politicians are rotten to the core and care only about serving their masters in the banks and the media. Furthermore, the State institutions will block any attempts to create real change or question things (cf the suppression of Barbara Castle's dossier on the Establishment paedophile ring) That's why, despite the fact that the likes of me can post what I want on the likes of FB, 'democracy' is a total sham, and the essential question is one of controll . ...
Give Ed Milliband a Darwin Award for his Emily Thornberry decision. Quite.
Rachel Reeves isn't so much chucking Emily Thornberry under the bus as reversing it over her to make sure
Emily Thornberry not problem Labour Party it is ed milliband
Evening outing for my blog post on Emily Thornberry and why Ed Milliband should have defended her:
Emily Thornberry = Matthew Parris - they both look down on and detest the British (or should that be English?) working people! - Lab/Con
On BBC Polly Toynbee says: UKIPers don't watch BBC or read proper papers to understand and learn! Perhaps she is Emily Thornberry's sister?
Emily Thornberry row: MP's like are out of touch. Ed's had little experience outside of W…
Emily Thornberry row: MPs like Ed Miliband are out of touch, says Hazel Blears - Telegraph
Rumours that David Cameron is to include Emily Thornberry in the New Year Honours List for services to taking the heat off the Tories.
Labour MP Emily Thornberry fired by Ed Miliband escapes white van man showdown|
White Van Dan to get a grovelling apology from Ed Miliband and Emily Thornberry in a pastiche of Gordon Brown calling that lady a bigot.
Chris Bryant tells Sky News on Emily Thornberry "If someone came to my constituency and did that I would be absolutely s…
Emily Thornberry outrage is idiotic. People are gagging to be upset. They should come here. I could give them 10 things t…
The Sun reporting on Emily Thornberry and the by-election?
Given Emily Thornberry thought St George's flag was the British flag, she probably shouldn't have been Shadow Attorney Ge…
Emily Thornberry posted a photo of a house with England flags, a white van in the drive, and the caption "Image from Rochester".
Yesterday IDS laughed at discussion of a rape victim, today Emily Thornberry posted a pic of a white van, what's caused …
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Yesterday Mark Reckless wanted to deport all immigrants, today Emily Thornberry posts pic of white van, what's caused mo…
In show, he was much more concerned with harping on about odd Emily Thornberry story. Sooner go the better.
Labour's Chris Bryant says Emily Thornberry was right to resign. Not that he actually cares. All about saving face.
Do the panel think Emily Thornberry's 'Hyacinth Bucket' moment will impact on
White van man says Emily is a 'snob' "White van man" - what are trying imply?
Well well well. Emily Thornberry said she'd never seen flags on a house before, she was lying ht…
Emily Thornberry has been a bit of a *** but at least she didn't say the tellers in can't actually count 😃 Yawn 😵
Emily Thornberry's van & flag photo was fine, in style of national treasure Martin Parr. Her mistake was to to resign or apologize?
The one I feel sorry for is Mr.Thornberry. He will now have Emily around more,. being smug,superior and patronising him.
Emily Thornberry isn't just a snob she's a racist.
The likes of Emily Thornberry make me despair about the intelligence of those attempting to run our country.
How dare the multi-millionaire Labour MP Emily Thornberry mock 'white van man' a normal Brit family guy with a flag on his…
White van man says Emily Thornberry is a 'snob'
that Sun jouno Emily said Emily Thornberry lives in a £2m home in London. isn't that exactly what they complain about ?
Emily Thornberry anti Farage for the worker and anti St George flag for the worker and white van worker Labour policies all over nation
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ironically of course had Emily Thornberry been a Tory she wouldn't have resigned at all & Cameron would have defended her...(see Freud & co)
Rumours that Emily Thornberry has joined the board of Google Streetview prove unfounded. -AJ
if the couple didn't know Emily thornberry, how did they know she lives in a 2 million pound house?
Apparently Ed was very angry when he phoned Emily Thornberry at her £3 million home in Islington, from his £3 million …
Labour's view of white van man. No longer representing the working man.Vote
You just know that Emily Thornberry will be back in the Shadow Cabinet within six months.
The Sun get on their high horse over Emily Thornberry when only yesterday internal emails in court revealed they call their r…
Great to see Ed Miliband briefing Emily Thornberry’s PR team
Oh so funny watching by-election coverage. Journalist says labour was looking forward to being quietly in the background as UKIP battled the Con party ... but 26 mins after polls closed "bang" Emily Thornberry had to resign and labour will be headline news in the morning. Ed is apparently incandescent with rage. Poor bloke.
Did Malcolm Tucker or Jamie McDonald tell Emily Thornberry to resign?
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