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Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Beth Greene in the AMC television series The Walking Dead.

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BETHYL and beth and eugene emily kinney josh mcdermitt karen gillan and doctor who AND DARYL AND NORMAN scott mccall posey
tyler_says...began retooling SKYNET for a more logical approach meanwhile i began to make a personal avatar around emily_kinney for using...
I just talked to my mom for 30 min about emily kinney and twd and she actually listened lmao
Emily Kinney performing for the first time Live 'Struggling Man', Jimmy ...:
I forgot to mention Emily Kinney, but you cAn! ;)
Emily Kinney looks like an actual angel
Emily kinney (beth) as normal clothes,wich one is more pretty,ir the both
Former ‘The Walking Lifeless’ big name Emily Kinney books initial gig after ‘
An offbeat remake of "Montevideo: Taste of a Dream", starring Emily Kinney and Alicia Witt
wow Emily Kinney, David Morrissey, Tyler James Williams, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, and Christian Serratos are all A+ people
Emily Kinney, worst actress of The Walking Dead. Emilia Clarke, worst actress for Game of Thrones. Both nominated for Saturns.
With coming to the MCU, the only other news I'm waiting for now is a Cloak and Dagger film with John Boyega and Emily Kinney.
Emily Kinney Walking Dead. Does being killed off the show count as a firing.
I looked up "Beth Greene" and "Emily Kinney" on Google and then printed the ones I liked!!
i dunno i'd just prefer to go to LFCC. Finn Jones is going. Kristian Nairn is going. Emily Kinney is
You know who else is pretty sexy.. Emily Kinney.
Chris, why do you want Taylor Swift if you have Emily Kinney? I think you have a problem.
Me gustó un video de Emily Kinney and Chandler Riggs giving the finger
Love Emily Kinney crying on the Talking Dead. Shows just how much the show meant to her.
you will always be in my heart ❤️. I think that every true fans of Emily Kinney/Beth Greene
Someone VERY IMPORTANT, left the Walking Dead last night... find out who here::
Emily Kinney Is a rough badass that dances butts
'Walking Dead's' Latest Fatality: "She Is a Hero in Her Own Way": The actress who was shockingly killed off du...
[SPOILERS S05 E07] Emily Kinney on Talking Dead: submitted by MermaidMermaid [link] [3 comments]
I put my trust in Scott Gimple . This interview. I'm just so disappointed in him. Emily Kinney deserved more
Okay that's enough crying for today.. 😭😭😭😭. But Emily Kinney and then the interview with Norman and Lauren aww man 💔
Emily Kinney crying on The Talking Dead got me like
Emily Kinney Does a dirty ride that dances slugs
I got another fav on my reply from Emily Kinney.
I can see that. Also, if you haven't fantasy cast Ash, I think Emily Kinney would make a lovely Ash. Those big blue eyes!
The cast saying goodbye to Emily Kinney. ❤️
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We're still shocked by but we can't wait to hear new music!
I woke up this morning feeling bad for Emily Kinney who plays Beth Greene from Walking Dead. I don't feel bad for Beth at all but the real life girl it's so sad she out of a job. I've been there it's no fun to wake up knowing you can't go to the job you had and had fun at for the past few years
Coming up at 12:40p...we’re recapping last night’s mid-season finale of with Emily Kinney..
Emily Kinney new single 'Be Good is available now! 'Be Good' Video is available too: https:...
Emily Kinney-Beth Greene why did you have to create tears in this Rasta man's eye's last night?
"The Walking Dead" capped off their mid-season with true-to-form heart-wrenching gusto. Thought it was just as heart-wrenching watching Emily Kinney on "Talking Dead" crying while discussing the familial bond she formed with her castmates and how hard it is to have to leave it behind. Kudos and bravo to Ms. Kinney for creating such a compelling character on the show . You will be missed.
Emily Kinney's character Beth was killed off on 'The Walking Dead' last night, but we have high hopes for her music career and next moves.
I knew someone special, a core member, had to die with this being the mid season finale and no on important dieing yet this season (Bob was not important and deserved to die with the numerous selfish acts he did) BUT I did NOT see this coming man, I didn't see Beth getting killed especially after the one of the main points of the first half of the season was to rescue her. This had be messed up like when Carl had to kill his mom and when Hershel died. SMDH. Daryl crying and holding her, Maggie seeing him holding her and breaking down was heart wrenching... but watching Emily Kinney Music on Talking Dead after the show breaking down on leaving the show, leaving what she considers to be her family was heart breaking. Can't wait until February 8th to see how the group deals with this loss.
I knew either Carol or Beth were gonna die. I'll miss you Beth. (Emily Kinney) 😭
RIP BETH. Kudos to Emily Kinney who is a talented young actress. She's come a long way since season 2. Loved seeing her on The Talking Dead last night as she said her emotional good bye to the fans and friends (coworkers) . True fans loved Emily and the character she portrayed. Now Feb 8 sees so far away. AMC needs to make 24 episodes a season!!
Official music site of singer-songwriter and The Walking Dead actress Emily Kinney.
// hmm... Ive had many accounts. Did you ever rp a emily Kinney?
Photoset: Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus attend AMC’s “The Walking Dead” autograph signing on Day 2 of...
Emily Kinney, please tell me how do you look like 15, when you're actually 29?
Emily Kinney has 'Walking Dead' secrets--so, let's play 'Gotcha!'
"Atlanta, who's celebrating Halloween with me at Tix:
Emily Kinney (Beth) from The Walking Dead is 29 years old?! What?!
Emily Kinney " JULIE " smiles knowing that Norman was there and that he likes this song
The best episodes of are the ones with Emily Kinney. Beth's storylines are my favorite.
"Don’t you dare tell me Emily Kinney isn’t a good actress after that episode."
Win this signed copy of Emily Kinney's album Listen 2 our recap! 👉 .
Emily Kinney breaks down Beth's return: "She's not going to be owned"
Emily Kinney it seems have 17 and has 29. You have the formula
Latest people slagging off Beth are wankers. Poor episode yes. Like a spin-off. But Emily Kinney was great and I'd marry her
Emily Kinney is 29 what kind of witchcraft is this?
.star Emily Kinney on THAT disturbing lollipop scene and more:
Emily Kinney responds to 'The Walking Dead's' Carol reveal: 'Now the gameplan has changed'
Emily Kinney: 'Now the gameplan has changed'
I kinda just wanna yell Emily Kinney lyrics at people..
I could listen to Emily Kinney (Beth from TWD) sing all day, but I really love her sadder songs.
All purpose parts banner
my fav is also Hunter Hayes but I do like Emily Kinney, Taylor Swift,Lucy Hale, ColdPlay and 5SOS!😜 I could name more but can't.
Emily Kinney is so pretty. She has a really pretty voice, too.
Atlanta, who's celebrating Halloween with me at Tix:
Emily Kinney will be our guest this Sunday. Post your Q’s for her here - we may ask them live on Sunday a…
[NEW PHOTOS] Emily Kinney with fans at Trinity United Methodist Church in Ewing
I can't stop looking at the pictures of me with Emily Kinney and Kane Hodder. Ugh
Still can't get over the fact that I met Emily Kinney, Kane Hodder, and Scott Wilson. Ugh.
why do I think of Emily Kinney when I hear "green beans"
Getting ready to see Emily Kinney and Katharine Isabelle finally!
my is Emily Kinney She's so beautiful.
So excited to announce that Emily Kinney Music will be joining us at Candlelight Concert for Epilepsy Awareness...
Emily and I have been on the phone with each other for almost 2 hours now and we're not even talking anymore, but we won't hang up.
Emily Kinney is by far one of my favorites.
you should listen to Emily Kinney's music id say she has good songs :)
Saturday Night at Walker Stalker Con, you won't want to miss in concert! Get your tickets now! featured in NBC s Science of Love
So cool. My brother-in-law would be so jelious of you having Emily Kinney's autograph.
Emily Kinney at the season 3 premiere
Any day now comic con...ya girl is trying to meet Emily Kinney!!
Not very happy that article doesn't include any pics of Emily Kinney/Beth! She has her own freaking arc this season!!😡
Emily Kinney from the will sing for awareness in October.
Emily kinney is on again.. Regular like clockwork
[NEW PHOTO] Emily Kinney after her photoshoot for (via instagram: eidemagazine)
Emily Kinney - Doctor (Audio): love this. No one has Ur CDs to buy where should I go any clues
Goodnight and joy be with you all. ♫ The Parting Glass by Emily Kinney & Lauren Cohan
Not ONE *** picture of Emily Kinney in that article of WTH!? She's a huge arc of secrecy. Whatever.
“Morning beautiful ! god bless you and your emily kinney pictures
I need Beth (Emily Kinney) info! (Preferably with some Bethyl thrown in)
.said "Check out my new rack in season 5" is what you should have said to the lady that thought u were emily kinney
I'll decide who I'll RP later. {Emily Kinney, Brighton Sharbino, Lauren Cohan, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, or Chandler Riggs}
Omg Emily Kinney is in Central Park and Laurie was heading there not that long ago 😭
I can't believe Emily Kinney is 28, she looks like she could be 16, you go girl!
Love the music of Emily Kinney and his performance in the Walking Dead is amazing 💕
i have Lauren Cohan and emily kinney singing parting glass on my itunes I GET SO EMOTIONAL WHEN THIS SONG
Emily Kinney from The Walking Dead went to see the Summerland Tour!! You should too!!! Don't miss…
i remember someone on thought that I was Emily Kinney. like no shes pretty
tbh i love Emily Kinney she's a great actress and singer
if you feel like Emily Kinney deserves a music award?
Back in the studio with Emily Kinney. RT:
I seriously love Emily Kinney so much. As an actress AND a singer. 😍😍😍
If you had a chance to star in any movie, who would you like as a cost... - Emily kinney!
just saw Emily Kinney in Manhattan, Hey Daryl, I found Beth!
I ordered Emily Kinney's Blue Toothbrush CD to be delivered on my BD. I also ordered SPN items. Too old to get gifts from anyone else but me
There is something strangely moving,amazing and addictive about 'Parting Grass' by very own & Emily Kinney
//Melissa is talented, but Emily Kinney is a talented, beautiful, wonderful girl as well... Stop hating on people.
Beth ( Emily Kinney) from The Walking Dead is 28 years old actually.
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I thought the majority of celebrities looked average without makeup but Emily Kinney is naturally pretty and looks so young
Still blows my mind Emily Kinney is 28
One day, Emily Kinney will make my head explode sky high from her sheer cuteness/adorableness.
Great in-character song performances Emily Kinney singing Tom Waits in The Walking Dead.
The closest i got to Emily kinney was in one of her live chats, she told me she likes eminem! I was hyped for like a month lol
follow me please i love you emily Kinney♡
Emily Kinney beginning to create a new song!
I've had emily kinney's album on repeat for the past week I'm in love
i seriously thought Emily Kinney was Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter!!
If you could only see three people for the rest of your life w... — Chris Kenyon, Alexander Taylor and Emily Kinney
"Julie" Is the second song from Emily Kinney's EP "Expired Love", out Oct. 22nd via Thirty Tigers. Produced by Caleb Shreve Mixed by Mikal Blue Recorded at F...
Fan page for Emily Kinney Fans! Your a fan of her? Well Leave A Like! Info about her: Emily Kinney is an American actress and recording artist. She is best known for her role as Beth Greene in the AMC television series The Walking Dead.
Check it out! Our friend opens up about 'Julie,' 'Expired Love' & her first drink w/ READ:
I love listening to emily Kinney on rainy days
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Emily Kinney in Nylon Magazine. More pics and interview:
I hope Emily Kinney will be going to walker stalker paris 2014 & others actors of twd also !
♥Emily Kinney♥ says she would love to come to paris for Look at this pic
lol alright if I.ever see her oh by the way I'm not.really Emily Kinney
I'm happy for Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney-Reedus. Hes gonna be a cool *** dad.
Emily kinney is cute it's hard to believe she's almost 30 and she looks 21 lol
We hung out with The Walking Dead's and have this awesome photoshoot and interview to show for it:
'The Walking Dead' star Emily Kinney, aka Beth Greene, stopped by the PopCrush studio to give us an exclusive acoustic performance of her song 'Julie.' Subsc...
some one is making me sad comment down below if u know and it is not Emily kinney
Congratulations Emily Kinney on your first career homerun!!
I've been admiring how perfect Emily Kinney is practically all day
Can someone help me get 100 followers and i will dm you to emily kinney on my other account with proof
for Lauren Cohan. FAV for Emily Kinney . I suggest you do both!
How can Emily Kinney be 28 but look 16 😩
Darly and Beth (Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney-Reedus) are expecting their first baby in real life!!!
Hello, who wants to fangirl over emily kinney? 💟
My extra message for today. Ever watch that show Breaking Bad? That was an awesome awesome show, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gun, RJ Mitte, Dean Norris, Giancarlo Esposito, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathon Banks, Betsy Brandt, Laura Fraser just to name a few, All genius actors through and through on one of the best if not The best television show ever made. Walking Dead is on par drama wise as Breaking Bad with both casting, acting and directing and I have to say WD has better special affects for obvious reasons. I have nothing but respect and honor and everything else for those shows and absolutely recommend people buying those and watching them. But now here is the point of all of that. If you want to pattern your life after something don't make it Breaking Bad. If it is studying the actors then you will probably find no better actors to study but the story represented a tragic chain of events in Walter's life who Bryan Cranston so effortlessly and brilliantly portrayed. The story is the epitome of man in ma ...
"The Walking Dead" star Emily Kinney stops by The Couch to talk about the hit AMC series, play a game of "Fill In The Blank," and perform a song from her new...
Walking Dead star Emily Kinney joins PS22 Chorus for a special re...
You know her as Beth Greene, one of the mud-splattered, zombie-killing ingenues on AMC’s The Walking Dead. We know her as Emily Kinney, an actress and sing
Emily Kinney of The Walking Dead fills us in on her beauty tips and her music career. | beauty, beauty news, makeup, hair, skin, nails, nail art, celebrities, beauty queen, models, it girls, how tos, guides, news on
Julie ukulele tablature by Emily Kinney, free uke tab and chords
Emily Kinney looks like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. She's so cute!
I met Scott Wilson, Chad Coleman, Chandler Riggs and Emily Kinney at MonsterMania, got their autos and a pic w/them :)
I'm seriously upset that Eliza Dushku and Emily Kinney's photo shoot is at the same time as Matt Smith's panel. Seriously?! Dang it!
'Walking Dead' star Emily Kinney (Beth) chats with 'Fuse News' at SXSW about zombie slaying, Tom Waits and writing personal songs about relationships. Watch now at
Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) and Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) are two different persons... I have to let that sink in.
Hitting the 7 hour mark til comes on. Huge thank you to cast member Emily Kinney for taking time to chat with me today inbetween her busy schedule.
Emily Kinney (Beth) from on Daryl Dixon scene: 'I remember it being really really hot'
All I'm saying is that Lauren Cohan and Emily Kinney or Maggie and Beth from The Walking Dead are pretty *** sexy.
Thank You to DT Member Pat for sharing this picture of her daughter at Monster-Mania Convention, Emily Kinney...
Footage from Monster Mania 2014 with me, Brianna Kennemore & Joshua Kupperman. We got to meet Tony Todd, Ernie Hudson, the twins from The Shining, who loved my door, John Heard, who totally played the dad from Home Alone, and also Scott Wilson, Chandler Riggs and Emily Kinney from The Walking Dead. Good day.
Just got back from Monster. The line for Chandler Riggs (Carl) was pretty long. But picked up a season 3 cast photo and had Scott Wilson (Hershel) and Emily Kinney (Beth) sign it.
Great Pictures of Emily Kinney and Chad Coleman meeting DT Member Pat's Kids at Monster-Mania Convention...
they could've at least cast a 20-something who LOOKS like a teen like an Ellen Page or Emily Kinney type y'know and not a supermodel goddess
Want . I'd get a lil Brandon Urie, Kellin Quinn, Austin Charlie, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Emily Kinney, Jeremy McKinnon and idc if he sings for not every cast member of TWD, Bates Motel, and American Horror Story . And Attack on Titan . And Free ! And a lot others .
{{Gillian Jacobs, Imogen Poots, and Emily Kinney all the blondes I'll find an excuse to use
well America has SWC, Emily Kinney, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, Scott Wilson, etc and Britain has Andy, Lauren, David.
aw i need a follow from Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney (some of the Walking Dead cast) :( xx
Attention all fans of MegaCon: At the request of AMC, we are currently seeking their approval to host a Walking Dead Panel at MegaCon 2014. To assist us with our efforts, we need your help! Starting today, Thursday, January 2nd until Friday, January 17th at 5:00 PM EST, we need you to submit any questions that you have for the cast of The Walking Dead that will be in attendance at MegaCon 2014 (Steven Yeun, David Morrissey, Lauren Cohan, Emily Kinney and Sonequa Martin-Green). These questions will be screened by AMC and the top questions will be ask by the host of the Walking Dead Panel. All questions need to be relative to current or past events of the show or personal questions about the actors and actresses. Any questions regarding future events about the show will not be approved and included in the panel. All questions need to be emailed to JSmithby 5:00 PM EST on Friday, January 17th, 2014, in the following format: Your Name: Who The Question is For: Question: Thank you for your help!
Emily Kinney. . Norman Reedus. Chandler Riggs. Andrew Lincoln. Lauren Cohan. . Steven Yeun. And the rest of the Cast. PE…
AMC's The Walking Dead said an emotional farewell to the show's moral compass during Sunday's shocking season-four midseason finale. During "Too Far Gone," Scott Wilson's Hershel Greene became The Governor's final victim after he was taken hostage in the villain's failed attempt to take over the prison. After multiple attempts to convince The Governor (David Morrissey) that both his camp and Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group could coexist at the prison, the eye-patched baddie called Rick a liar and proceeded to slash Hershel's neck with Michonne's (Danai Gurira) katana sword as his daughters Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Beth (Emily Kinney) looked on in horror. I find a interview On the internet that A Reporter interview Scott Wilson AKA Hershel Hope you Like Reporter.What were the conversations like when you learned that Hershel was being killed off? Scott Wilson.It was something that I sensed before the conversations took place, like in episode 403 with the speech he has about the risk of being alive in that .. ...
Lauren Cohan and Emily Kinney. Definitely couldn't be a part of that family.
Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, Lauren Cohan, Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs. I am so sorry that u will no longer be working with Scott Wilson AKA Hershel on the Walking Dead. He was a great addition to the family. And I will miss everything about him on the show. Scott Wilson u are a legend, a god among men in acting. And an amazing person. I'm goin to miss your words of wisdom. That kept me going. Thank u for being a part of my TV life. I love you
Emily Kinney is 28 and Chandler Riggs is 14 so that's honestly 4,000 times worse so don't tell me you ship but no…
Photo Op Sales for Chad L Coleman, Emily Kinney & Steven Yeun will be up in the morning. The Ultimate Photo Buyers, look out for an email
Richard Dean Anderson, Jim Beaver, Michael Biehn, Eliza Dushku, Cary Elwes, Emily Kinney, Michelle Nichols, J. August Richards, Mark Sheppard, Alan Tudyk and Steven Yeun! It's only October. I'm so ridiculously excited for the 2014 Emerald City Comicon! That's two from The Walking Dead, Two from Supernatural and two from Firefly. I am going to lose my mind.
(Tempted to make a Lauren Cohan or Emily Kinney FC.)
Emily Kinney is Live in Concert on Sat @ Get tickets now!
// Made all my friends look up Emily Kinney Singing the parting glass!
How did you get you're passion at first? It's easy to look up things about people on ... — // I'm not Emily Kinney.
Hi Beth. FIrst and for most. I love The Walking Dead. — // ... I am NOT Emily Kinney who plays Beth. Still. Y...
The only way to meet & get autographs from Emily Kinney is to attend her concert on Sat Night!
A very scary Emily Kinney and Laurie Holden at Savannah College of Art and Design's aTVfest in 2013.
Lauren Cohan and Emily Kinney answer questions at The Tampa Bay Comic Con on April 7th, 2013. Visit for upcoming news and events. Fo...
They're teasing us. Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus (via
Don't think so. Emily Kinney is the only concert we will be doing. We may be doing some singing at Zombie Bash Party.
Be sure to get your Emily Kinney concert tickets! She will be signing her merch after the show!
morning sex is for lovers by Emily Kinney is my new jam
The winner of the Itunes gift card is Emily Kinney.
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Norman needs to date Emily Kinney, shes perfect for him:) - theanxietygirl: dixongurl:...
Thanks for following me a little time. Other fan of Emily Kinney and Chandler Riggs.
Today was supposed to be Rooker, Singleton, Emily Kinney, Steven Yeun, Scott Wilson, & Chad Coleman.
Erm so Emily Kinney noticed why I made her... Omfg
I'm a girl but a have a lady crush on Emily Kinney. Promise I'm straight just a crush
Emily Kinney (from Walking Dead) singing Tom Waits' 'Hold On' with no musical accompaniment is absolutely amazing http…
Just found out that Emily Kinney from the Walking Dead is actually 28! I therefore call dibs!
This weeks is Emily Kinney. Come see what she has to say!
Being an author and getting read isn't easy. Emily Kinney tells why.
Emily Kinney talks about getting readers as
We love Emily Kinney and look how great she looks in Dana Maxx
Emily Kinney of the Walking Dead gets glammed up at Caravan
Check out Emily Kinney of The Walking Dead in our strapless silk holiday dress! (Styled by
You guys can buy Emily's songs and podcasts at iTunes store. Search for "Emily Kinney" and be happy! 👌👍
Noo. I find that so weird because Emily Kinney's 28 and Chandler Riggs is like 14. LOL.
I find it hard to believe that Emily Kinney is 28, my head hurts.
I'm so shocked about the fact that Emily Kinney (Beth in TWD) is 28 !
Emily Kinney from the Walking Dead lol he probably doesn't know her but I think they'd be cute
I liked a video Emily Kinney, Beth Greene on "The Walking Dead" - Exclusive Interview
I liked a video Beth Sings Hold on (Emily Kinney & Tom Waits) - YouTube
i feel so sorry for emily kinney because of the freaking daryl fangirls. seriously, they did the same thing to Laurie Holden AND ITS STUPID
Emily Kinney is added to the main cast. Yay for Beth!!
I added a video to a playlist Lauren Cohan & Emily Kinney - The Parting Glass (Cover for The Walking
What we can expect from Emily Kinney this season???
dude Emily Kinney is one of the prettiest girls on television
Emily Kinney is pretty much amazing
Me: Em, you want to go sit down? Hold on a sec, I'm trying to twerk. 😂😂😂
hi i love the heart is the best actress of many. thanks for attention if you can follow me. I love you heart Emily Kinney
Oh and Emily Kinney is 27 and plays Beth, a 17 year old!
I think Emily Kinney is really hot too
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I most likely can't go to Atlanta, Georgia to meet Laurie Holden, Michael Rooker, IronE Singleton, Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney
I find it so hard to comprehend how Emily Kinney can be 28 years old, she looks so young
your theme song is Blue Toothbrush by Emily Kinney
that really surprised me considering Emily Kinney plays Beth, and this is a Beth parody page. I was laughing pretty hard.
Be sure to follow for all your Emily Kinney needs! :D
If you missed it this morning, you can see my interview on CBS here:
Emily Kinney, she plays Beth in the Walking Dead
Listening the beautiful music of Emily Kinney, I´m going to die she sings so beautiful. ♡
I was gonna cover Blue Toothbrush by Emily Kinney and Give me love by Ed Sheeran but my voice on the recordings sounds bad :/
Earlier today, we revealed the banner for "The Walking Dead" Season 4 and now we've learned another detail about the popular shows return. TVLine is reporting that the show's premiere episode, which is written by new showrunner Scott M. Gimple, is titled "30 Days Without an Accident." The title alone should bring up all kinds of questions about the show and where it leaves the characters. Sound off with your theories about the premiere below! Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, "The Walking Dead" stars Andrew Lincoln, Laurie Holden, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Lauren Cohan, Scott Wilson, Melissa McBride, Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green, Emily Kinney, Larry Gilliard Jr., David Morrissey and Danai Gurira. "The Walking Dead" will return this October with another 16-episode season.
Emily Kinney and Chandler Riggs are supposed to date in The Walking Dead but she's 27 and he's 14. Please don't do that...
Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney, and Chad Coleman are scheduled to attend DragonCon.
It was announced on December 21, 2012 that The Walking Dead has been renewed for a fourth season.[9] Scott Gimple will replace Glen Mazzara as the series' showrunner for the season.[16] The season will premiere in October 2013 and consist of 16 episodes.[17] David Morrissey is set to reprise his role as The Governor, despite an initial one-season contract.[18] Chad Coleman (Tyreese), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), and Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) will return as series regulars in season 4, and Melissa Ponzio will return as former Woodbury resident Karen in a recurring role.[19][20] Larry Gilliard, Jr. will join the cast in a regular role as Bob Stookey, a former Army medic.[21]
Good news for Walking Dead fans at Dragon*Con ...Steven Yeun and Emily Kinney return and are bringing Chad Coleman with them!
Me-Ugh Avery.I need to be on TV!. You need a reality tv show called. Sean's life. About tea, Emily Kinney, TWD and ghetto-ness
do u know if emily kinney has a fan mail adress? If so could you tell me it please thanks :)
Emily Kinney, so cute and beautiful...
Emily Kinney AKA Beth from Walking Dead is 27 years old in real life. SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE'S 14.
Cool! “My friend wrote Emily Kinney on my shirt today because they know me too well i love http:/…
Emily Kinney icon. Credit me if using :)
// Okay so I think I pretty much just saw Emily Kinney in just her bra and pants on my tv lolol
I just saw Emily Kinney on my TV in a tv-show called "The Big C" and I fangirled :3
You don't even like Emily Kinney! — Funny. I don't think you can look into my head. She means a lot to me. I lov...
Going to send Emily Kinney, Norman reedua, Lauren Cohan , and Melissa McBride fan mail! Ah I'm so excited
OMG! Chandler Riggs with Luna Lovegood!!! (Evanna Lynch) :D ... she looks like Emily Kinney :)
Chandler Riggs is like 13 and Emily Kinney is like 27.Am I the only one who thinks this Carl and Beth relationship is weird...?
This year I would like to meet Chad Coleman, Chandler Riggs, Emily Kinney, Scott Wilson and Lauren Cohan. Let the stalking begin!! LOL
I wanna age like Joel McHale, Paul Rudd, Eminem and Emily Kinney.
Soundtrack version of Parting Glass from Emily Kinney & Lauren Cohan make a angelic team. Think my heart stopped for a second
Evanna Lynch and Emily Kinney could seriously be twins
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Emily Kinney, Drake Bell highlight opening day of Tampa Bay Comic Con via
sisters Lauren Cohan (Maggie) & Emily Kinney (Beth) will sign autographs Sunday at in Tampa
Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan have both made our list of 'Top 50 Most Beautiful Women on US TV!'
Jussayin', my celebrity crush is Emily Kinney.(Beth from The Walking Dead) Like Dayuummm. She's on the list with Michelle Beadle.
Set de fotos: All are sexies but Where’s Emily Kinney? :(
Just a new picture of Andrew Rothenberg and Emily Kinney from the "Movie Days Dortmund"!
Only reason I can think of is that they think Emily Kinney is hot & for them better looking = better character. :P
“Emily Kinney is so cute. Yes, she's adorable!
Okay so I just found out that Emily Kinney RT'd and favorited my drawing and Jon Bernthal followed me. OMG.
Megan Nicole is not pretty. She's cute. Tiffany Alvord is pretty. Emily Kinney is a mixture of both.
Of The Walking Dead cast, we've had Norman Reedus, Sarah Wayne Callies, Emily Kinney, and Lauren Cohan. How about Laurie Holden next?
Emily Kinney and Evanna Lynch are so perfect though it kills me
How about see some lyrics of our beloved Emily Kinney??
I know I'm weeks behind on The Walking Dead, but Emily Kinney's cover of Tom Wait's "Hold On" is hauntingly amazing!
For the first time in Germany a Walking Dead Q&A with Emily Kinney (season 1-3) & Andrew Rothenberg...
I seriously debated wearing my slippers to class this morning
Basically only watch The Walking Dead now to see Emily Kinney.
I should've just wrote I don't know on my essay to save you some time. Sorry Mr. Kinney
Who has always been there for you even though y'all barely talk any... — There's a couple. Emily, alicia and lauryn
|| Added screencaps from The Walking Dead 3x15 to my gallery
Emily Kinney plays Beth Greene on the she's yummy.
My hopes for next weeks TWD finale: more action, more Carol & Daryl moments, Emily Kinney fighting.
I know you're not. I was really referring to Emily Kinney, using you as the character she plays...
well carl isn't either lol and emily Kinney (Beth) isn't either
Gosh! Emily Kinney makes the apocalypse liveable.
Emily Kinney from The Walking Dead. Any day, every day, all day. Without a doubt.
Today I met Emily Kinney and Andrew Rothenberg from the Walking Dead. Awesome people.
My fiancé just told me he wouldn't get me a nerd rope AND a sonic slush because its "too much sugar"
All i've done for like the past hour is listen to Emily Kinney's version of The Parting Glass... It's such a good song!
Beth on discusses her career and how she got to where she is on this week's blog interview.
Emily Kinney, why are you so beautiful
...Emily Kinney at Movie Days!! I will post pics in about a week,hope you all can wait that long...I've definitely have to buy a new phone!
I liked a video Morning sex is for lovers -Emily Kinney
"who is hottest Lauren Cohan or Emily Kinney?" definitivamente hermosa!!
Emily Kinney is 27/28, Chandler Riggs is 13, do you really think there's gonna be a Carl/Beth romance? It would be perverted. No. Not gonna.
Busy weekend coming up! Friday night I am at Subterra Indy with my friends Emily Kinney, Nathanial Ross, & Nathan James Kubeck. Saturday night I am opening up for French Montana, then off to The Jazz Kitchen for the Icon: Notorious Big event (with The Great DJ MetroGnome. Also don't forget I have a Limited number of Limited Edition Biggie Shirts. They are going for $15 a piece. There is only a handful left, so get at me if you are wanting one. Sizes M, L, XL, & XXL. Peace!
asdfgh that's so exciting! Please make out with Lauren Cohan and Emily Kinney for me. Or just meet them, thatd be cool too.
Fans can pre-order the album coming out on Mar. 19 with tracks by Baby Bee, Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan, Jamie N Commons and Composer Bear McCreary.
Yep its official its hard to guess girls ages. Emily Kinney (Beth on Walking Dead) 27 no way she older than me
now I have a huge crush on Emily Kinney (Beth)...what a voice! Tom Waits!
...can you tell Emily Kinney that I love her?
No, I refuse to believe that Emily Kinney is 27
Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) on The Talking Dead right now is crazy cute
“loving ♥♥♥ Emily Kinney on ditto and loved you on this episode.
Emily Kinney is Still a cutie for sure.
Emily Kinney from the Walking Dead
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