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Emily Gilmore

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Earlier some person said "Emily Gilmore is my spirit animal" and I got very incensed towards this man who has only seen part of Season 2
I took this screenshot of the glorious emily gilmore just for you
"...and get your hair cut. you look like the bird lady from Mary Poppins." -Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls.
Emily Gilmore going over prison rules in her jaguar makes me wanna see her serve time with Piper Chapman
It's not the fact that you traded in the lamp this goes to the very heart of taste -Emily Gilmore
"I don't watch that much television. I don't find forensic work as fascinating as the rest of the population." Emily Gilmore gets it.
I love Emily Gilmore until she tries to break Luke and Lorelei up 😫 because Luke is perfect
Emily Gilmore is the fiercest woman on the planet! on Saturday
Sometimes while watching Gilmore Girls I feel incredibly sad for Emily Gilmore. . Poor woman
I feel like the running jokes on Gilmore Girls are: 1) Kirk's Jobs. 2) Brad's existence and school career. 3) Emily's maids.
I can't remember the last time a show made me cry, but Emily Gilmore's reaction to Lorelai's marriage to Max has me leaking like a faucet 😭
Also can we talk about how much this show makes me appreciate my family? Because *** (I still aspire to be Emily Gilmore though.)
I always thought I was like Luke, but Caris just informed me that I am actually much more like Emily Gilmore. Sigh.
I want Emily Gilmore and Lucille Bluth to have an eye roll competition
"I saw an open can of cream of mushroom soup. Nothing good can come of that." - Emily Gilmore
what if I had been as smart as rori gilmore
FINALLY learned how to love running. Put in headphones, listen to Gilmore Girls and run like Emily Gilmore is behind me.
Five years later & it still bothers me Emily Kuroda (Mrs Kim on Gilmore Girls) was at Fresno State and I didn't know until it was too late.
If you want to scare people go as Emily Gilmore and Paris Gellar :-)
I'm genuinely curious what Richard and Emily Gilmore's monthly fresh cut flower expenditures are
"Don't wear those pantyhose with the seams up the back, you look like 10 cents a dance!!" -Emily Gilmore
Awwwh Lorelei and Emily bonding moment on Gilmore Girls 💜💜💜
Emily Gilmore smoking a cigarette and drinking liquor in the middle of the day is a shining moment.
Emily Gilmore reminds me frighteningly of my own grandmother sometimes
Quilted jacked and red lipstick got me feelin' oh so Emily Gilmore
at least she had a husband to kill - Emily Gilmore
Emily Gilmore is who I want to be as a grandma
Gilmore Girls had turned into the halloweentown marathon
Emily Gilmore is actually one of my favorite parts of later seasons. Give her time. She grows.
"Do you need a ride or is your horse parked outside?" Emily Gilmore kills me!!
My study break to watch a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls might turn into more than a couple episodes...oops
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"Does anything work above your neck?" - Emily Gilmore She is my absolute fave.
I love Emily Gilmore. I love her sass
My grandparents are so annoying they're basically Emily and Richard Gilmore except less nice to me, Rory
Emily Gilmore you are one classy broad.
not much makes me quite as happy as seeing Emily Gilmore or Paris Geller smile.
How about a Russian theme? I love that it's okay to be Russian again --Emily Gilmore
Emily Gilmore is inspirational apart from my child hating me
Emily demanding to die before Richard is one of my favorite Gilmore Girls moments.
Emily Gilmore has never been inside a Walmart but she owns the stock
I LOVE the venn diagram of people you should mess with & Emily Gilmore.
Emily Gilmore is so passive aggressive I love it
"You go to bed, I'll go to France!" - Emily Gilmore aka my spirit animal
Hi we have been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls and now we're going insane
My grandma is literally the second Emily Gilmore, blunt with sass & judges off class 😅 gotta love her
If Gilmore Girls were on today, the hashtag for Emily Gilmore would be
Little Giant Ladders
okay, how do you feel about my au where Gilmore Girls is a sitcome about Emily and bestie Michel?
have a 100 degree fever so its the appropriate time to tell you all that I cry everytime I watch Emily Gilmore's last scene in Gilmore Girls
idk, after all, Emily Gilmore is a "vicious trollop"
YOU DON'T WRITE IN OTHER PEOPLE'S BOOKS. Emily Gilmore would never stand for such manners.
How old do you think Richard and Emily Gilmore are in the beginning of the Gilmore Girls series?
Thanks to Emily Ehling I came out of my Gilmore Girls closet
If I managed to get with Rory & Lorelai I'd definitely throw some game at Emily Gilmore too to unlock the daughter-mother-granny achievement
Watching one of my favorite episodes of "Gilmore Girls"; the one where Lorelai and Emily go to the spa together.
i just want to make scathing Emily Gilmore Haight-Ashbury jokes to anyone who tries to talk to me about opening my mind
On a scale of 1-10 how disturbed are you if Emily Gilmore is your favorite character on ?
I don't know what the Phoenix force is but what if Emily Gilmore hosted EUROVISION
I want my life to be like Richard & Emily Gilmore. We have nice dinners & my husband talks about the insurance business while I drink wine.
My life goal is mainly to be Emily Gilmore
Panic Room is on and all I can think about is Gilmore Girls. I wonder if Emily is still confused about the reference.
I never really knew what the Gilmore's were referring to when they talked about Emily Post and I was…
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"When a woman gives birth to a crack baby, you do not buy her a puppy" oh the wise words of Emily Gilmore
Made it to Hartford! Now to locate the home of Richard and Emily Gilmore...
No matter what I think I'm alway going to feel something for you..
Since I'm channeling Emily Gilmore and lost another maid, I'll be cranking up the tunes and cleaning tomorrow.
Man, if Emily Gilmore were an actual person she would win all the arguments just by the sheer levels of condescension in her voice.
Oh Emily Gilmore you are such a witch!
Sometimes I watch Gilmore Girls and worry about how the writers must've bugged my Gran's room for inspiration for Emily Gilmore.
o how about making Twinkies like Emily Gilmore.
Emily Gilmore in sweats. It will never get old.
I just scored Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison on one DVD from the $5 movie bin the other dayyy
In some ways I am very glad Emily Gilmore is not my mother lol
“Loser of Friday's hockey match-up between USA and Canada has to keep Justin Bieber.” 😂
It certainly wouldn't have come up to the Emily Gilmore standard! But, Rory would have loved it!
“Herrmann,lol, It's great seeing what a young Richard Gilmore was like! without Emily
I just realized that I'm a cross between Emily Gilmore and Miss Patty.
yes! I thoroughly enjoyed it too, mostly due to Emily Gilmore actress' presence! Think I missed final few episodes.
I think I was just a little overly excited when I found a Billy Madison AND happy Gilmore 2-in-1 DVD in the $5 bin at Walmart.
it's Emily seiber or Gilmore or whatever she wants to say it is today. She's married. Lol.
can you follow me please? I love your music and I think your amazing💕
I find it really odd how similar the relationship between Lorelai and emily gilmore is compared to mine and my mums!
Imagine if Lucille Bluth and Emily Gilmore were your *** parents. JUST IMAGINE.
"It means a great deal to my happiness and yours that this day goes well. Are we clear?" - Emily Gilmore
Dreams are meant to be lived and fulfilled
“Jesus gives you inner peace. That peace is radiated out.”
"Young man, I don't know where that's been but I can say with absolute certainty that it is going nowhere near my mouth" - Emily Gilmore
In life you will meet two kinds of people. Ones who build you up, and ones who tear you down. But in the end, you will th…
I solemnly swear that I am not Emily Gilmore!
Richard is snoring so ive came downstairs to get some piece and quite
Happy New Year Lorelai hope you had a good time in Martha's Vineyard
I had a good Christmas stayed in Christmas Eve, Christmas day met a few DAR Ladies, Boxing Day spent time with Lorelai and family
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I think Emily Gilmore might be my favorite fictional character ever on television.
My mom is totally Emily Gilmore. Nothing is ever good enough for her.
Lorelai: So what do we think of this? Rory: Where would we put it?. Lorelai: I don't know. The Emily and Richard Gilmor…
She's a lawyer and all I see is Emily Gilmore lol
I had a pretty good Christmas. I was at home on Christmas Eve's mother, stepfather and two brothers and sisters. :) You?
Ugh I want to punch Emily in the face every time I watch Gilmore Girls
Can Gilmore Girls just make a comeback?! I need some snarky Emily in my life!
Make peace with your past so it won't disturb your present.
my mom and I were watching Gilmore Girls tonight and Emily was like "RICHARD!!" And I told my mom about you and I imitating it 💜
Emily Gilmore drinks Manhattans just like my grandmother...
I love Lauren Graham, Melissa McCarthy, Keiko Agena, Liza Weil, etc but I'd love Gilmore Girls equally w/ just Richard & Emily all the time.
I started rewatching the Gilmore Girls and I want to reread all my etiquette books! There's something about Emily Gilmore that enchants me.
Teaching Emily relationship lessons with Gilmore Girls. Following our wonderful lesson in the sca office 👍
Sometimes I think you do it just to hurt me..
let's not forget that happy Gilmore won and for a good cause. Tiger wins and sleeps around
loll no shelby and I were tiger woods while you two boys were happy Gilmore
Emily just asked what Gilmore Girls is
“We are saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus, not from any works that we can boast of.”
Ohmigod Emily Gilmore is in this episode! Kelly Bishop is so awesome.
Zoolander followed by Happy Gilmore... Thank the lawd for Netflix when one can't sleep 🙌🙏
1.5 years, 7 seasons, 42 disks, 153 episodes, and a lot of tears later, I'm FINALLY done with Gilmore Girls.
Yes, i think if do it better year than last year 2013.
I think 2014 will be a good year I can just see it now
Lorelai and Leah asleep well having a nap anyway (Taken a few weeks after Lorelai had Will)
I’m dedicating my 2014 to Chubbs memory. A golf legend who was taken from us way too early. Thanks Gilmore.
I the only time I truly love Emily Gilmore is when she tells off Shira Huntzberger for how she treated Rory!!
I let you go and now you have someone else..
Ringing in the new year with some mini golf and Frozen!!!
Beck is pissing me off annoying when she is drunk!!
You know you're obsessed with Gilmore Girls when you could tell it was Emily Gilmore's voice on the phone.
I can't believe that another new year is about to begin. 2013 definitely had its ups and downs, but I…
Anyone else watch Happy Gilmore and think Bob Barker is a fox?
Nothing says nursery prep like on the rocks with a twist. Apparently I'm Emily Gilmore. Happy new year!
some of my favorite comedies are Clueless, the Breakfast Club and Happy Gilmore😋
"Wow wreckem... This is such a weird game."
"Don't bring up Johnny Maziel. This is not A&M."-
My mommom and poppop are Emily and Richard Gilmore
Emily's mother is the equivalent of Emily Gilmore from that old show, "Gilmore Girls".
The episode of "Gilmore Girls" where Richard and Emily fall back in love over taking care of the lost dog is the loveliest cold day watch.
Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel have ridiculous, easy chemistry in Us and Them. I'm thinking he needs to romance Emily Gilmore next.
"I wish I was Asian, like you've no idea. I'd have so much fun" Emily Gilmore 😂😂
Kelly Bishop aka Emily Gilmore in an episode of the babysitters club! Lolz
Going to my aunt's is like going away with Emily Gilmore. Pack for EVERYTHING!
Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls was based off a slightly exaggerated version my mother.
Emily Gilmore: How old are your kids? Lady: They're gunna be seniors next year. Emily: They're growing up so fast. Lorelei: Yeah like weeds
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Emily Gilmore, you are such a see you next Tuesday.
Judge Donnelly and Lawyer Emily Gilmore in one SVU episode. This is the best thing ever.
You are seriously the Emily Gilmore of my life. So many backhanded compliments.
I should be the next Emily Gilmore.
Emily Gilmore, anyone? My eyes usually glaze over during that kind of conversation.
Just say "hello" ... it worked for Emily Gilmore. :)
"Honk if Emily Gilmore views your mind as her personal playground." 👌
Sees a Jag driving crazy in Connecticut, it's Emily Gilmore.
season 4 of Gilmore Girls is some seriously good story telling. also Emily Gilmore is highly underrated as a character.
Emily Gilmore is one of the most well-written and well-acted characters in television history.
Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls reminds me too much of my grandmother, its ridiculous.
I always forget Emily Gilmore was an Art History major and whenever she makes a reference to art I remember why she's my favorite.
"when a seamstress gives birth to a crack baby you don't buy her a puppy" Emily Gilmore quotes
My grandmother is the real life version of emily Gilmore, the grandma in Gilmore Girls
Watching the 1st ep of Emily Gilmore is a Miss Patty in this show! ahah
Omg I never realized before that Lisa and baby's mother is Emily Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
Emily Gilmore is in an episode of The Baby-Sitters Club!
"well if I wanted to play ping pong, I'd kill myself" -the lovely Emily Gilmore
Emily Gilmore is so thorny and awesome EVERY time I watch.
Changed my moms name in my phone to Emily Gilmore.if you know my mom that makes sense to you
I like to imagine that Emily Gilmore's evil twin is Lucille Bluth...
Being told that someone wants to talk to you and not knowing why is one of them things that really bugs me!!
Got to start revising history tomorrow!!
Confession: I love them all, but my favourite Gilmore Girl is Emily.
Kelly (Emily Gilmore) has been going mad all day today coz Lorelai hasn't been online and she is worried about Lorelai
Me and em litrally just had to sit on the floor cause we were laughing too much, oh deary me!
My grandmother is exactly like Emily Gilmore except for the fact that she's not rich.
The day I stop watching commentary on my tv shows DVDs, will be the day that Emily Gilmore rides a goat to Kmart.
Real life versions of fictional characters (Emily Gilmore!) are invading my life. Did you know that Christopher Guest films are accurate?
Beckie is forever moaning that she has a wedgie!!!
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Everyone in The Great Gatsby reminded me of Emily and Richard Gilmore
Had a customer today that looked like Emily Gilmore, but she never would have been caught dead in a TJMaxx!
Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."
Lol okay! Tell him I said thank you when you see him!
I'll make sure he resets his password tomorrow! :) He's already left for work tonight.
He needs to reset the password! It looks like someone got into his account and sent spam.
Emily Gilmore: buying the most expensive mustache comb they've got
My grandmother is a combination of Emily Gilmore and Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond
You've been Gilmore'd! Emily belittles Luke at the dinner she invites him to.
So luce thought she had a puncture, after cycling backwards and forwards we realised its fine, always lucy!:L
cheers. Is that the first unit in the revision book?
I don't know who's more fantastic, Lucille Bluth or Emily Gilmore.
Emily Gilmore is the east coast Lucille Bluth
beck I'm crying with laughter right now pleased in make me laugh anymore!!:'D
Beck cut her foot nearly falling off her bike!! Funniest thing I've ever seen!!
OK, Emily Gilmore, what did you do with Sarra?
Patrick Gilmore who's like one of my fav actors just replied to me oh my god screaming :D *flails*
When I'm in my 60s I wanna look like Emily Gilmore
Lucy takes the *** when trying to find something to wear! Been waiting for about 20 minutes!!
Was super surprised to see on Gilmore Girls while I've been rewatching. If only it had been Sue going up against Emily...
Suffragette Emily Davison was fatally injured on 4 June 1913 fighting for 100 years later we're fighting for
100 years ago today Emily Davison was fatally injured in her pursuit of women's suffrage. Lets honour her by fighting for equality
I always forget that Kelly Bishop/Emily Gilmore is in Dirty Dancing, and then get really excited when I watch it again, heh
Currently I have in the queue Emily Gilmore opening the door and looking a little TOO happy and Kenneth looking very worried.
I may give up trying to become Emily Gilmore and accept I'm destined to be Alexandra Climpson...
It's June 3rd! Hope everyone has confirmed their dinner plans with Emily Gilmore for the occasion!
Really not looking forward to tomorrow for many reasons!!
Mr berry had seen all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. Let all take a second and pray
Just fell off my bike and Beckie falling straight on top of me! Classic moment right there!!
So excited for the holiday this year :')
Cannot decide whether I want to be Emily Gilmore or Michel. Whilst aware I am acting more and more like Paris.
Game of Thrones was tragic but I'm up to Emily in Wonderland in my Gilmore Girls rewatch and that's one of my all-time favs.
I swear I'm the only one with 9 exams left!
You're in the real world: status matters. Emily Gilmore
definitely below Emily and Richard's vow renewal on Gilmore Girls
Emily Gilmore and Judge Donnelly all in one episode? TAKE YOUR MEDS PEOPLE!
No one kills Emily Gilmore. Who does that?
EMILY GILMORE IS A LAWYER ON SVU. It literally does not get any better. I want her to defend me.
I had never seen it before - I just caught half a random episode on TV but it seems really good. And it has Emily Gilmore in it!
Send us a video of the time cast and crew doing the :)
Your soo cool are u on set right now?
Thats sooo cute can't wait for the finale!!! :)
I honestly am starting to think you're right Emily
Emily gilmore is such a delightful person!! She cracks me up!!
Richard is yelling at Trix. The look on Emily Gilmore's face :D
I had the ultimate Happy Gilmore shot today at golf practice...
Hey remember that emily gilmore lady? Thats my mom.
I miss the days of reading Emily and Richard Gilmore fanfic.
Gilmore Girls makes me feel so many things but it mainly makes me miss my sister
Summer camp plans are secured! So very grateful-I have my very own Emily Gilmore to dine with every Friday night for the next millennium.
Emily: Have you lost your mind?! Lorelai: *swings head from side to side* No, no, it's still sloshing around up there.
The episode of Gilmore Girls where Emily goes wild in the department store is one of my life goals
I aspire to be like Emily Gilmore in my older years.
Omg i love snapchatting emily with my cats and Gilmore Girls
“They’re being so polite. They’re turning Norma Jean and Gladys into the ‘Gilmore Girls.’”
Be careful how you live, you may be the only Bible some people will ever read.
The same actress who plays Emily Gilmore plays pretty much the same character but Adam Scott's mom
Emily Gilmore reminds me so much of my own grandmother. 😳
Hey Lorelai hope youre having a good time on holiday see you soon
Emily: A mistake?! You call that a mistake? Lorelai: Well I tried calling it 'Al' but it would only answer to mistake.   10% Off
Gilmore Girls is the best show ever created. 😂❤
Max writes a novel based on his relationship with the Gilmore Girls. Emily gets angry that she isn't mentioned
I am so upset about Sam. Like, why can't I have a Gilmore Girls Style subplot w/ Brooke as Lorelei, Sam as Rory, and Victoria as Emily? WHY.
Lorelei is mean. Emily Gilmore is amazing.
I love season five of Gilmore Girls. Especially when Richard chooses his and Emily's song.
How is it that I never realized that Marjorie Houseman is also Emily Gilmore?!?
"Oh praise the One who paid my debt, and raised this life up from the dead."
My mom is one lacoste polo and pair of keds away from being emily gilmore
I dont think anyone can to be honest. Sure I'll figure something out eventually fingers crossed!!. :/ x
I totally understand seriously :( I wish there was some way I could help x
My parents look like Richard and Emily Gilmore in this Starbucks. "Look! They have coffee here!"
I understand :( Literally I do and that's what I don't want you sad! Don't dream it :) x
well I'm always sad in someway so good luck to you! :P yes it was incred but is always followed by this depression!! :( x
It makes me so sad that you're sad :( Come on, you've seen ROCKY and Abi and that was good right? X
no? :P if only she did the same sigh lol :P Actually no if only she knew!! :/ I cant too sad atm! :( x
No just how much you love her, it's beautiful you know? :') Come on you! Smile! :) x
Babe you can't make this a sad thing or it'll destroy you... Happy things please! How was seeing her?! :) x
I just find it so cute how much you love her! :') Aww come on, you've seen Rocky! Happy memories :) x
I'll try! But feel uncomfortable here and seriously feeling horrid after today! :'( also spill abt the me & Abi thing?!! ;P x
Awwwh babe don't be silly, make sure you sleep! D: c
Her voice is just ARGHHH. But you and Abi! :') I can't believe you're all on your own in a prem inn! *worried* xxx
no idea! Missed her going in & think between shows too! :( I adore her, she is such a gorge person (love Abi more ofc! ;')) x
Oh god that must costing you loads?!? Omg I love Ceris, where was she?! Enjoy the fact that you saw it, be happy :) xxx
Prem Inn in Manc! :P kinda. Think I miss Abi even more now?! :'( but was incredible to see her and Maria again but...
missed my train back so stuck in Manc. Want nothing more than to go back to Abi but I'll get lost & am nervous of her! :( x
Marry Me, Bill...that song will always remind me of GG's 100th and Emily & Richard Gilmore.
Happy Gilmore with daddy and Jamie, aw😊
"thank you..." - Holly Golightly, Rory Gilmore, Emily Waltham, and many more
"Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy tap tap taparoo" this reminded me of you saying this
Bwaha, they'll love to see you silly! Besides, it's Rocky - crazy fans are their thing ;) x
HA! Yeah I told Abi to put up the barricade thingies! ;') lol I know that makes it harder that I know the people!! :/ x
Also quit your nervousness! Think you've had more than enough experience of SDing - they'll probably see you coming :D x
Gilmore Girls - Lorelai: (about telling Emily that she's getting married) Mom, I'm getting married I'm an idi…
I just realized my mom reminds me of Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls! 😹😹😹😹
Emily Gilmore has a special place in my heart & my memories
"Kindly stop making me say, 'peeved'" - Emily Gilmore
So much 'Gilmore Girls' ladies on my tv today. Emily now on 'Dirty Dancing' & Paris earlier on 'Scandal.'
Emily: I think it's time for me to date. Lorelai: Oh, my God! Emily: I want to go on a date. Lorelai: With... a man?
emily gilmore is playing a lawyer in law and order SVU i'm disappoint
Everytime you think your mom's crazy just remember she's no Emily Gilmore
It feels like that epusode of Gilmore Girls when Emily goes to Mias wedding with Rory and Lorelai and she's like just sitting there watching
Job hunting = stress. My ideal job: decorate the house, manage the servants, and plan events. Basically, to be Emily Gilmore.
Just spotted the dude who played Rory's dad in & saw Michelle a few yrs back. Now I need to meet Lorelei, Rory & Emily Gilmore
I used to have a soul mate called emily gilmore but someone stole her...
I will do that! Am seeing Gilmore & Roberts w/ Emily Baker in Lewes on May 11th. Folk Mecca stop in the middle of work trip!
Do all babies cry the same or do TV shows only have one stock crying baby audio clip?
I want to be a combination of emily Gilmore, Frank Ocean, and your mother when I grow up...
...or maybe a hybrid of Emily Gilmore and Miss Patty. yeah, that sounds about right.
Or we can go Emily Gilmore and hire a camera-man and sound-man.
if I break My leg... Yeah sure... It's emily Gilmore Also known ad Adolf and dinner in The house from ***
I always forget Emily Gilmore was the mom in Dirty Dancing.
oh. Yeah I dun watch those. Emily Gilmore is the house wife I watch.
I think ive watched Happy Gilmore at least 30 times
Happy Gilmore is on and is sleeping!!!
emily & richard would approve. “Pete Campbell and Rory Gilmore are getting married. Mazel.
The reference to Emily Dickinson in Gilmore Girls definitely counts as English revision
Emily is brilliant x'D I'm watching Gilmore Girls now because Supernatural had to be watched earlier.
Had a dream I was dating Biggie Smalls and his mom was Emily Gilmore and she hated me
Whoa, Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell. Emily and Richard are probably happy. Lorelai ... not so much. :-)
“Sidney Crosby lands on the cover of "Cosmopolitan" ->
Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell are engaged?! Lorelai would hate him, but Emily would really love his WASPy-ness.
Isn't Pete exactly the kind of guy that Richard and Emily Gilmore would have loved to set Rory up with?
Rory Gilmore is engaged to Pete Campbell?! Sounds like Emily Gilmore's matchmaking finally took
Emily Gilmore got all the best lines
Emily Gilmore is totally buying snow machines and planning a Romanov wedding right now.
Rory Gilmore got engaged to Pete Campbell. Do we think Emily would approve?
Rory Gilmore is engaged to Pete from mad men!!you better invite Luke &Lorelei &suki &Jackson and Emily & Richard
I can't remember if I posted this & am not sorry if I did. This benefits us all.
Islamic State Premier League President Obama World Series New Jersey Hannah Graham West Africa Brad Pitt West Ham Jack Bruce Mama June Manchester City El Clasico Luis Suarez Van Gaal Las Vegas Breaking Bad Harry Potter Felix Baumgartner World Health Organization Science Museum Oscar Pistorius Ted Bishop Keanu Reeves Hull City Joe Maddon Real Madrid Manchester United Ben Bradlee Internet Explorer 8 Kim Kardashian Russell Brand Los Angeles Northern California First Lady Middle East World Cup Reeva Steenkamp John Wick Nina Pham Toys R Us Kansas City Mehdi Hassan Sam Allardyce San Francisco Ole Miss Between Two Ferns Sierra Leone Supreme Court Nathan Cirillo Double Down Madeleine Albright West Bank James Franco Highway Traffic Safety Administration Mutual Fund Ronald Reagan Eric Duncan Information Age Buckingham Palace Mark Twain Renee Zellweger Fire Phone Old Trafford Jay Cutler Champions Cup Tony Blair Jason Schwartzman Jennifer Aniston Scottish Labour Eric Clapton David Cameron Bible Belt Robert Kennedy Ed Miliband Christopher Lloyd Malala Yousafzai Johann Lamont Mario Balotelli Man City South Africa Parliament Hill Eric Holder Man United Andy Murray Diego Costa Vladimir Putin Former Secretary Mark Udall Diafra Sakho West Brom West Ham United America Movil West Ham 2 George Osborne Ginger Baker Taylor Swift European Union Ten Commandments Serena Williams

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