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Emily Gilmore

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We need to talk about Emily Gilmore’s most epic dragging yet
why does Emily, the oldest Gilmore, not simply eat the others
I can't decide if Lucille Bluth and Emily Gilmore would be best friends or mortal enemies.
OMG. Im sooo Emily Gilmore when the cops stop me while Im driving.
Honestly, truly, I just want to be Emily Gilmore when I grow up.
If Gilmore Girls taught me anything it's to be grateful that I have a Lorelai type of mom instead of an Emily type of mom
I aspire to be Emily Gilmore when I grow up. She ripped Shira Huntzberger to SHREDS!!! Gotta learn from the best to be the best
Is what I think of the Gilmore Girls revival!
Kelly Bishop is the star of the Gilmore Girls revival. agrees:
I retook the test and now my Patronus is Emily Gilmore.
My Gilmore Girls review:. Paris is *** I love her. Emily is not *** but I love her. Hey Amy Palladino, Stop fat shaming. Logan is Steampunk??
I became an adult when I realized that emily gilmore is cooler than lorelai gilmore
Emily Gilmore: What's going to get you through tough times?. Lorelai: My Wonder Woman stamina and a box of Twinkies . Same, Lor. Same. πŸ˜­πŸ˜†
how does everyone love Emily Gilmore? I'm only on season 1 but I really don't like her lmao
Emily and Richard Gilmore eating pizza with a fork and knife, I relate.
I'm not sure that's an en dash, Emily Gilmore! Measure it, you petty queen.
One of the best moments of Emily gilmore
I think we can agree that was EMILY GILMORE'S TIME TO SHINE
Emily Gilmore at the DAR meeting calling BS on everything ... was EVERYTHING!!!
My favorite Gilmore Girls character is the housekeeper grifter who I presume is running a long con on Emily. Get it, girl.
. When it comes to matters of love, Emily Gilmore knows what's up. In he…
I wonder if anyone ever asked Emily Gilmore if she was a Proverbs 31 kind of woman.
Can we have a show where Jessica Walter (as Lucille Bluth) and Kelly Bishop (as Emily Gilmore) team up and fight crimes together?
finished the Gilmore Girls revival (only God knows why I watched it) & Emily Gilmore & Paris Gellar were the only redeeming elements
2016 has stunk in more ways than I care to discuss, but thank you TV Gods for returning Emily Gilmore & Paris Gellar to me…
.Of all the articles, there needs to be one that is Emily Gilmore's definitive ranking of all Coen Bros films
Emily Gilmore and Lucille Bluth are the same human, except Lucille actually verbally admits she hates her children.
I was waiting for the Lucille Bluth vs Emily Gilmore thing! Glad to see Netflix is doing good work
last night I realised Lucille Bluth is basically a drugged up version of Emily Gilmore and I can't stop thinking ab…
Am I the only one who believes Queen Sonja of Norway is related to Emily Gilmore?
1. Emily Gilmore (technically a GG but not Rory or Lorelei so it counts). 2. Luke Danes. 3. Sookie and Jackson as a…
lol a Waldorf salad am I taking out Emily Gilmore???
Worst characters on Gilmore Girls: Lorelai and Rory. . Best characters: Paris, and Emily Gilmore.
My relationship with my mother is not unlike Lorelei and Emily Gilmore's and it's getting me down.
Watching season 1 of Gilmore Girls (again) and Lorelei has already made fun of Junior League and Ann Taylor. Am I just Emily Gilmore?
Emily Gilmore is the best thing about Gilmore Girls.
How would Deanna Troi handle Emily Gilmore or vice versa?
I love Kelly Bishop so much. Even when I hate Emily Gilmore; I ❀ KB.
It's just hit me that my Nan is a hybrid between Emily Gilmore and Hyacinth Bucket.. ... ...
When Emily Gilmore tells off that terrible Huntzberger mom at the DAR fundraiser. That's the moment.
are you watching Happy Gilmore you nugget
I'm watching the Gilmore Girls episode when Richard tells Emily that "she may go first" and it makes me sad because he did die before her.
Emily Gilmore. - Sass Queen. - She is my spirit animal. - buy me a boa and drive me to Reno cuz im open for business. - ILHSM β€οΈπŸ˜‚
I experienced what it feels like to have Emily Gilmore as your grandma and it has it's up and downs. Dinner is always a hoot;-;
Would getting a portrait of Emily Gilmore in a feather boa with two glasses of wine in her hand as a tattoo be an:
Be the Emily Gilmore of everything you do
I was raised by an Emily Gilmore minus the riches 😭😭😭
"Sorry I had to look up aneurism in our medical dictionary to see if I just had one." - Emily Gilmore
Emily Gilmore and Blair Waldorf are almost one in the same
Emily Gilmore is just in a fabulous wig.
Emily Gilmore's takedown of Shira Huntzberger at the USO event remains one of the most satisfying moments in all of tv.
Mae Whitman would play a spot-on teenage Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls
Emily and I started rewatching Gilmore Girls last night lol
Emily Gilmore is such a sass queen and I'm 100% here for it
look in the background. Emily heard that there's going to be a Gilmore Girls revival πŸ˜βœŒπŸ‘Šβ€
I care about Emily and Richard Gilmore. I don't care about Richard's business.
Well, I'll watch more Gilmore Girls. At least my mother isn't Emily.
In the same episode, they also ethered Barney. Like Drake over Meek Mill or Emily Gilmore over Sheila Huntzburger.
There is no better Emily Gilmore moment than when her and Richard got in a fight, and she climbed out the window
"i know you're not going to let me give you a wedding so I thought a house would do" . I'm actually crying, Emily Gilmore
Post surgery relaxation with Gilmore Girls is the right way to go
.discussion of Gilmore Girls on Federalist radio accords w pro-Emily view
I told Emily I'd come over to watch Gilmore Girls with her and she froze and got super excited and yelled "ILL SHARE MY ICE CREAM WITH YOU"
I love him in Gilmore Girls and when he went in supernatural I said that my favorite boy from my old show
emily gilmore is everything I want to be
My grandmother is the Lebanese version of Emily Gilmore
I looked at behind the scenes photos of the new Gilmore Girls stuff and I cried . I saw Luke and Emily and I cried for joy
I relate so much to Emily Gilmore it's insane
Watching Gilmore Girls. Thought Emily said, "I'll put weed in your soup." Disappointed to find out she said "eat in your room."
why the *** is Emily Gilmore totally okay with Luke in the first season but when Lorelei is actually with him she hates him???
There's a DAR award at this ceremony!! Emily Gilmore would approve. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Emily Gilmore is so annoying in season 1
I get all my dating advice from Emily Gilmore
Every episode of Gilmore Girls is instantly improved by the presence of Emily Gilmore.
Julie Andrews taught the how world to pronounce Hermès,. and Emily Gilmore explained the virtues of the Birkin.
There's an episode of Gilmore Girls where they stay at a b&b called The Cheshire Cat & the hotel cat disappears at the end of the episode.
One of my favorite Emily Gilmore quotes
I aspire to be the perfect mix of Lucille Bluth and Emily Gilmore
(But interestingly, Hillary herself will be the Emily Gilmore with a dash of Babette)
Hello # 1 is Emily Gilmore. Everyone hates her and thinks she is a bad mother but she is the FREAKING BOMB
ok but is there anyone quite like Emily Gilmore and I can assure you no show has a cuter shop boy
for Halloween I'm going to be Emily Gilmore Trying Frozen Pizza For the First Time Ever
I recently discovered that Emily Gilmore is the mom in Dirty Dancing and it made my entire month
My nana is 100% Emily Gilmore in all the worst ways.
My favorite still is Emily Gilmore's "A ring is no guarantee."
I want a youtube tutorial on how to do Emily Gilmore's hair
Emily Gilmore smoking and drinking in a floral robe is the reason I exist today
my favorite episode of Gilmore Girls is when Rory hosts that DAR party and Emily and Richard go off on the Huntzbergers πŸ˜­πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
and how did I not know Baby's mom was also Emily Gilmore? Points to my 12YO who identified her.
Didn't realize Baby's mom in Dirty Dancing is also Emily Gilmore in Gilmore Girls. I guess we know where Lorelai went wrong.
Every time I watch Gilmore Girls I come to the realization that the only Gilmore I am is Emily
Has anyone figured out if present-day Emily Gilmore would like Hamilton or is everyone spending their time wisely?
Baha. That moment when you're having a Gilmore Girls marathon and a young Shane West shows up as a grandson of one of Emily's friends.
day 1 was awesome!! Just need to find Emily Expo for a picture!!
I wish I were more like Lorelai Gilmore. But in reality, I'm probably more like a mix of Emily and Paris. πŸ˜•
I want Emily Gilmore to be my sugar mommy.
divorce does not destroy all children, Emily Gilmore
Rewatching The Gilmore Girls, Richard and Emily get married (again). Looking forward to
Whenever I take the bus I think of Emily gilmore saying "drug dealers take the bus!"
Listening to the ep of and one of the contestants' name is Emily Gilmore???
And Emily Gilmore in Season 7 is Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada cc:
Emily Gilmore in a sea of wedding gowns is heaven.
as Emily Gilmore would say, there is plenty of time to sleep when you have gone up a few dress sizes
If you ever wonder why i love emily gilmore to death.
Re-watching all the Emily/Richard interactions made me realize how much I am going to miss Richard Gilmore in the revival πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
I'm watching tons of Gilmore Girls lately and it's kinda skewing my view of this rich people party. Where's Emily Gilmore?
not gonna lie I AM Emily Gilmore when she talks about Pennilyn Lott.
I like to avoid calling female characters names but EMILY GILMORE IS A DORKBRUSH
A prequel of Emily Gilmore's teen years
I pray he does. And we'll all weep in our Emily Gilmore cosplay.
In the words of Queen Emily Gilmore, the 1st taste is to acclimate, 2nd for foundation and 3rd to judge. πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹
Richard and Emily Gilmore are just like my parents in so many way whekdbvtjehdb it's like watching an exaggerated soap opera of my life
Honk if Emily Gilmore views your mind as her personal playground.
I'm tryna find a Richard and Emily Gilmore to pay for my college.
THIS IS LITERALLY BEAUTIFUL Gilmore Girls | when i was younger (emily, lorelai & rory)
33:04: " You have the word 'Juicy' on your rear-end!" -😱 Emily Gilmore
I was just too annoyed to sit thru the mani after a painstakingly slow pedi. I have officially become Emily Gilmore.
Watching Emily burn Logan's mom on Gilmore Girls makes me feel better about the world
as VP only helps if millennials confuse her for Emily Gilmore & think they're voting for early release of on
we all know Emily is the only good Gilmore girl.
Watching the episode of Gilmore Girls where Emily makes Richard promise to die after her. I can't cope with this. Not today.
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"You do not run outside when a boy honks. This is not a drive thru. You are not fried chicken." - Emily Gilmore
Emily Gilmore is trying to convince her friends to vote Kasich, while Richard can't bring himself to tell her he's voting Trump.
Lorelai and Emily Gilmore's relationship puts me through all of the emotions.
And the episode of Gilmore Girls where Emily goes to the grocery store for the first time or something
Someone made an Emily/Richard gifset & just like that, I'm reminded of how emotionally unprepared I am for the Gilmore Girls revival.
Rory Gilmore cooked a frozen pizza that one time. Lorelai put pop tarts on a plate once. . I don't think Emily knows where her kitchen is.
No Gilmore Girl, not Lorelai, Rory, or Emily (or the other Lorelai) ever cooked on that show. . They don't even have water half the time.
"If I wanted to play ping pong... Well if I wanted to play ping pong I'd kill myself." -Emily Gilmore, another unsung hero in my life
GREAT IDEA: Abigail Bartlet and Emily Gilmore, at a dinner party.
"You have the word juicy on your rear end!?!?!" ~Emily Gilmore
But I also think Lorelei's parents need to stop with their "you need to date a better man" mentality. Emily Gilmore is to blame
Everything was going great this Easter with Emily Gilmore until the server brought old coffee to the table. fans will get this
I have so much reading to do but I already know that when I get back to school I'm just going to lie in my bed and watch Gilmore Girls
I loathe Jesse and almost stopped watching. Emily Gilmore...I don't like her
I watch it for the real star, Emily gilmore
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"When a woman gives birth to a crack baby you do not buy her a puppy." - Emily Gilmore
Gilmore Girls or parks and recreation
This version of Emily Gilmore brings me so much joy.
I rarely get wrecked by 16-year-old eps of but after Edward Hermann's passing, Emily Gilmore's "I demand to go …
I'm so excited about the return of Gilmore Girls!!
Nothing makes me so happy about my relationship with my mom as watching a Gilmore Girls episode with a lot of Lorelai and Emily.
I think that this definds Henry's life πŸ˜‚ Tell to all the OUAT actors that I love them πŸ’ž
Kramer v. Kramer had NOTHING on Richard and Emily Gilmore's divorce
My mum earlier "I feel so glamorous, like the mother in the Gilmore Girls". . My mum now "I feel just like Emily Bishop".
We're like The Gilmore Girls only closer and when mexmex7 joins…
I could only hope to have the Emily and Richard Gilmore poise
Rory and Emily Gilmore reunited in time for Friday night dinner via
Another day, another amazing photo from the set of the revival:
my streak. Emily Gilmore's passcode to her panic room.
Emily & Richard Gilmore are the cutest grandparents around! Try and fight me on this! I love them.
Isn't it adorable how in episode 612 of Gilmore Girls Logan won't take no for an answer and stalks Rory until she gives in?
On 2nd thought I think Emily Gilmore might be Lucille Bluth's sister who George slept w/ & got her to stop drinking (Even though she drinks)
I would love to see Emily Gilmore and Lucille Bluth in conversation.
Our next meeting will be on 3/30/16 in the SHPB at 6:30! Come listen to Emily Gilmore, DPT and UAB grad speak about Dry Needling!
I'm on maybe my 7th rewatch of Gilmore Girls over the past 7 years I get more references as I get older aka the gift that keeps on giving
Emily Gilmore all up in this Law & Order as a public defender. This seems wrong.
was your new avi shot in a spa? Because that is wonderful and your image as Emily Gilmore in my mind is now fully cemented.
Imagine Bree van de Kamp and Emily Gilmore in the same room
Emily Gilmore is honestly the best character. Where do you think Lorelai and Rory get all that wit from?
"Never underestimate the power of the upper hand."-Emily Gilmore . .
my sister works for tubemogul as an event planner, and she just reminds me so much as the character Emily Gilmore. Travel & planning.
every time i remember that emily gilmore will be a widow in new gg i just get SO SAD
Another "Gilmore Girls" fave is officially returning for the revival
Watching the Gilmore Girls is making me miss Barb so much :'(
I discovered something scary - my father's cousin is exactly like Emily Gilmore
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If I had a dollar for every time were watching Gilmore Girls at the same time in different states I would be Emily Gilmore.
Emily and Paris are the ones I relate to the most in Gilmore Girls. Normal, right?
I can't believe it's taken me this long to realize Emily Gilmore IS Lorelai, cutting sarcasm, inappropriate sense of humour and all.
Before Mellie's infamous breakdown there was Emily Gilmore's. My…
Gilmore Girls: Emily related scoop on the revival from TVLine's Michael Ausiello
In honor of revival, 13 life lessons we learned from Emily Gilmore:
PARIS IS COMING BACK. Given the cast signed on so far I'm guessing...long-awaited Paris/Logan/Rory love triangle. https:…
I would have watched if Jim Gilmore was allowed to debate.
It makes me sad that Emily Gilmore will be 8 years older. BUT I have hopes her comebacks are still vicious.
I swear if Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls was my mother I would shoot myself
Emily Gilmore is the original savage
Nostalgia Alert: The first photo from the revival set is here!
Rmmr when emily gilmore dragged sheila huntzberger i didnt know what living was til that moment
pretty sure I'm the only person in the world whose favorite Gilmore girl is Emily
do Gilmore Girls I just started it again yesterday!!
have you seen the Netflix series parenthood? It has the girl off of Gilmore Girls in it! I loved it!
First time i watched Gilmore Girls at 18, i was all about siding with Lorelai. Now, 25, i'm on team Emily Gilmore.
Watching Gilmore Girls and I'm on the episode where Emily tells Richard she demands to go first. Cue ugly crying from me 😭
I love fig Newtons but I would never consider them a cookie, Emily Gilmore
Just realized the mom in Dirty Dancing and Emily Gilmore are the same lady!!! πŸ™ŽπŸ»πŸ’₯ mind blown
I swear they modeled Emily Gilmore's character after my mother.
Emily Gilmore just slaughtered Shira Huntzberger at the DAR fundraiser.
Wow the Original Lorelai is a huge *** to Emily Gilmore and i am Not A Fan
Watched the episode of Gilmore Girls where Emily starts dating again, and oh man that's pretty rough. Fantastic closing scene.
Having reviewed all 153 episodes, Gilmore Girls shall never appear on screens again, excepting Episode 96 "Emily Says Hello."
oh my god 21 seconds in it's Emily Gilmore
Borrow Luke's pick up - round up Miss patty, Emily Gilmore and even Taylor and drag Sookie back to Stars Hollow asap!
Emily Gehrke, this is unfortunately happening. I hope you enjoy
I love the Gilmore women. Emily, Lorelai, Sookie, and Rory... and Rory's wife Paris.
who will Emily Gilmore be voting for? Do you think Rory will be with a new guy, an old bf, or no one? What if Rory was ***
Seems about right for Emily Gilmore to be rolling her eyes at Bernie Sanders in one of his two (!) rom-com cameos.
πŸ“· jaynaneeya: When Emily got a panic room and couldn’t figure out how to change the code.
"Matt Czuchry confirmed for revival" Ugh who cares, more importantly HAS ANYONE CHECKED IN WITH MILO
Mallory Ortberg wrote a great piece about Emily Gilmore as a late in life *** icymi.
Logan is to Gilmore Girls as Emily is to Friends
There are more people in Iowa named Jim Gilmore than voted for Jim Gilmore, but God bless him. Keep going!
OK, well we guess Lorelai "Trix" Gilmore was the OG Gilmore girl, but she could never hold a candle to Emily.&When "Gilmore Girls"
She just knows what she likes and isn't afraid to let you know she disapproves. She's like Emily Gilmore.
I can't picture Emily gilmore watching welcome to scabland lol
I guess there's a big improv scene in Hartford Connecticut (via don't get me started) & now I wanna imagine Emily Gilmore in a class
I would listen to a podcast that was 100% "Who said it: Lucille Bluth or Emily Gilmore?"
Emily Gilmore breathalizes for nobody! humor mom
Pretty sure I had a horrific dream last night solely consisting of Emily Gilmore yelling at me. I need to be stopped.
2. My town looks like Gilmore Girls, which is driven home further when you randomly see Emily Gilmore out and about in town :|
I wonder if Emily Gilmore and Martha Rodgers would be friends. I feel like they balance each other out (after an intense feud of 10 years).
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I didn't even notice it at first, but of course the supercut on YouTube of Emily Gilmore saying "Lorelai" was made by
same! it was a Friends quote forever & I just changed it to Emily Gilmore's finest bc I figured it was time to make the switch
My parents are Richard and Emily Gilmore without the maids.
And I finally understand why needed a clip of Emily Gilmore saying "ain't."That song in the opener was everything.
"Would you kin to eat dinner with lillies? THAN YOURE INSANE" Emily Gilmore you are queen
I enjoy how, depending on context, i am Emily/Rory/Lorelai Gilmore
And a little Emily Gilmore to end your Tuesday!
My favourite Gilmore Girls moment is probably when Emily was trying to set Lorelai up with Boring Rich Guy and Lorelai went up to her -
My first waking thought this morning: . I think Emily Gilmore would win in a wrestling match against Lucille Bluth.
I've decided I want to see Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) in the captain's chair of a Starfleet ship. She'd be awesome.
I know everyone always tries to decide if they relate more to Loreli or Rory but honestly, I am a proud Emily Gilmore.
Sudden realization that my mother is not ONLY Mrs. Bennet's reincarnate, but also a slightly mutated Emily Gilmore.
The episode of Gilmore Girls where Richard promises that Emily could die first wrecks me even more watching it now.
"You can use your mother's clubs. They're upstairs gathering dust with the rest of her potential." I love you Emily Gilmore.
ok ok ok if you love Gilmore Girls and ballet have you seen Bunheads?! Same creator & Emily is in it, about a DANCE SCHOOL 😍
I wonder if getting these will finally transform me into the Emily Gilmore I wish to see in the world
Emily and Richard Gilmore were the original
Emily Gilmore just diagnosed what's wrong with my life.
"You do know how to drive a European car don't you?"... "There's nothing to yank, it's a jaguar not a lawn mower" -Emily Gilmore
um I'm watching Dirty Dancing while gift wrapping and as if clad in all black P-Swayz wasn't enough- young Emily Gilmore makes an appearance
can I have Emily Gilmore as a grandma in addition to my meme and gma
I would just like to announce that I am in Hartford, Connecticut; home of Richard and Emily Gilmore
this is why I relate to Emily Gilmore
Emily Gilmore on two great world's collide, love my girl Kelly Bishop
On this date in Gilmore Girls history, 12/20/2000, Rory danced, Lorelai hurt her back, & Emily hated on monkey lamps
EMILY's list always makes me think of Emily Gilmore. With reason?
All due respect but Hilary Clinton would be well served by not shopping at the same store as Emily Gilmore.
"She reminds me of Emily Gilmore." -A 9 year old reflects on Hillary Clinton
Emily and Richard Gilmore getting back together is the romance we all need
Trying to decide if I want to be Emily Gilmore or Miss Patty when I grow up.
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Luke and Lorelai are a match made in heaven according to Emily Gilmore.
- Rory may just be getting a new love interest after all. ❀️
Someone earlier was like "oh man, if Rory has a daughter it will be the third gilmore girl". uh. Gran?. Emily?. but okay.
Well it better be Emily or I'm gonna have words
I want to be a mix of Emily Gilmore and Bree van de kamp
In an alternate universe, she would have been the perfect Emily Gilmore.
on the TV series, Kelly Bishop played Emily Gilmore...
I wish they'd do a show about Lucille Bluth and Emily Gilmore, though.
I literally am Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls trapped in a 20 year olds body.
"Yes, well a good smack in the scruffy face of his would age him up a bit." Oh Emily Gilmore, you always say it best.
So. Just a tip to all of you "Gilmore Girls" who actually have "Emily Gilmore" for a mother. NEVER ask if she thinks you've gained weight.
I'll only accept Hope if Jan is brought back & they have an adorable Emily/Lorelai Gilmore type relationship & are the same age
When I grow up I want to be like Emily Gilmore.
i would have made CC cry! how dare he? swear to God i am still furious about it! emily gilmore has nothing on me!
Going to have to make this! Yummy!. Neenee ReaVes Crystal Love Carroll Emily Gilmore Alderman Wendy Miller Zimmerman
My mom hates when I watch Gilmore Girls because I try to make her be Lorelei when she is totally an Emily..
Listening to episode 415 right now. LOVE 'Gilmore Goatees' and Kevin's addition to Emily's food court scene. Hysterical!
Gilmore Girls Opinions: I have a lot of feelings about Emily & Lorelai. Also I have a soft spot for Paris even tho she's awful.
voguemagazine: 13 life lessons I learned from Emily Gilmore:
13 life lessons I learned from Emily Gilmore:
has the most elegant hairstyle for Emily Gilmore's re-wedding to Richard. Great for short hair!
I live my life on the verge of an Emily Gilmore style meltdown
That time in the first season of Gilmore Girls when Lorelei and Emily actually hit it off for a bit -- not crying. Nope, not me.
Martha's Vineyard is mentioned a lot on Gilmore Girls it's very exciting and there are actually a lot of Richard and Emily's on the island
"who is it Emily?". "I don't know, my X-ray vision isn't working at the moment" EMILY GILMORE
The shortstop, Clifton Randolph Pennington, sounds like he would have fit in with Emily Gilmore's crowd, eh
when you want to be Emily Gilmore but you're actually Lorelai :///
I honestly don't think there is a tv character sassier than Emily Gilmore
rewatching Gilmore Girls is one of the best decisions I've made
I love her jumper Emily Gilmore is my fashion inspiration
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I kept thinking of Gilmore Girls when you wrote Richard And Emily! πŸ˜‚
Forgot to post last week: Emily Gilmore is Denis Leary's mom on Loved seeing her again!
This may be the greatest thing on the internet. Emily & Richard at the dog park.
If I could have high tea with any 3 TV characters, y'all KNOW it'd be Lady Olenna Tyrell, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, & Emily Gilmore.
"Hold on. I'm looking up aneurysm in our medical dictionary to make sure I didn't just have one." -Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
It messes me up how Sam from Supernatural is Dean in Gilmore Girls
Throwback to that time Emily and I ran around the old Gilmore Girls set all day @ Warner…
I paused Netflix when Emily Gilmore was literally in the middle of a word. Cause if I've seen I can pause it to get food whenever apparently
Someone should put Emily Gilmore and Donald Trump in a room together and see who breaks down first
Forever intensely loving and fiercely hating Emily Gilmore
Makes me yearn for the days of Emily Gilmore. I may have to rewatch Drunk!Emily in The Reigning Lorelai tonight.
Finally starting my DAR application thus putting me 1 step closer to my goal of becoming Emily Gilmore
who would win in a sass off between Emily Gilmore and Lucille Bluth???
Photoset: lukesdane: minalover asked: Emily Gilmore or Richard GilmoreΒ  I did not sign on to your dying.
Also, I don't associate with any Gilmore unless they names are Lorelai, Rory, or Emily.
answering the age old Q: What would a 2015 Emily Gilmore / Phoebe Philo hybrid look like?
Hillary is giving such Emily Gilmore vibes
"Beer" out of Emily Gilmore's mouth means nitwit juice πŸ˜‚
Gonna have to stop watching Gilmore Girls with because every time Richard comes on screen, she wails, "Wahhh! He's dead!" 😐
"That woman needed directions to get to a point" - Emily Gilmore. The highest of BAMF's.
Emily Kuroda aka Mrs Kim from Gilmore Girls was a guest star in the episode I'm watching of Grey's
17 year old Emily can relate very well to 17 year old Rory Gilmore
I have a deep, spiritual connection to Emily Gilmore.
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