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Emily Blunt

Emily Olivia Leah Blunt (born 23 February 1983) is an English actress best known for her roles in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), The Young Victoria (2009), and The Adjustment Bureau (2011).

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When that pic of Emily Blunt as pops up in my timeline, I always think it's Peggy Carter and I get really excited for a second.
First look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins! Disney's really doing it very well. 😍
Get your first glimpse of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins from the upcoming sequel "Mary Poppins Returns."
How much do you love Emily Blunt's Mary Poppins look?!
ICYMI: Here's our first look at Emily Blunt in
First Look at Emily Blunt as in via
Disney releases first photo of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins via
First look: Emily Blunt on set as Mary Poppins 😍
The first photo of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way
First image of Emily Blunt as the new Mary Poppins.
ICYMI, here's the first look of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, a role originated by the legendary Julie Andrews.
The First Picture of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins Is Here, and It's Perfect via Claire
She's practically perfect in every way.
First look with our practically perfect nanny Emily Blunt and the perfectly cast Who's e…
A spoon full of Emily Blunt is just what the doctor ordered. Our first look at
Emily Blunt would make a beautiful Mary Poppins 😍
And just like that, I was sold on Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins
Exclusive: Here’s your first look at with Emily Blunt in costume!
Behold! First look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins... by…
Emily Blunt gets into character in 'Mary Poppins Returns': Take a magical first look!
First look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and I got Agent Carter vibes more than Mary Poppins
Emily Blunt & Scarlett Johansson have both never been nominated for Oscars, who do you think will get theirs first?
Edge of Tomorrow! Sci-if Groundhog Day with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as a stone-cold badass. Paxton chews all the scenery.
Note to writers - Englishmen pushing 60 would not Google hot pics of Maggie Smith/Judi Dench. More like Emily Blunt.
Ive decided to fall madly in love with emily blunt. It will be a sacrifice, but it's the only way.
As much as I lv Emily blunt there's only 1 Mary Poppins Julie Andrews
Do you watch the Great British Bake Off? Then you're going to love this SNL parody with Emily Blunt & Cecily Strong.
Emily blunt shout get it! She was great in a very clever film.
SNL parodied independent short with help from Emily Blunt - The Independent
Watch the video of SNL's two contestants (Emily Blunt, Cecily Strong) disrupt the polite…
Win! Emily Blunt's thriller 'The Girl on the Train' is out now DVD & Blu-ray and we've got 4 copies to give away https:…
There's been a new addition to the Mary Poppins cast
I can't wait to see Emily Blunt and in this aesthetic! Poppins'll be back soon, folks!
Despite those setbacks it's ok so far. No Gone Girl of course but still quite good. Emily Blunt is amazing as well, no surprise there.
Emily Blunt is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Have any of you have watched Summer of Love starring Emily Blunt??
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Blunt zepcoo…
Emily Blunt Nails it in Alexander McQueen at the EE British Academy Film Awards -
🦋wow just watched this incredible portrait of many couples with alcohol and anger issues.. Emily blunt r…
SNL parodied independent short films with help from Emily Blunt
Contact Music - Angela Lansbury to star in Mary Poppins Returns
Julie Andrews reveals what she REALLY thinks about Emily Blunt replacing her as Mary Poppin…
Iconic actress Angela Lansbury has joined and Emily Blunt in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns! The film comes o…
Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada cracks me up
I hope Emily Blunt gets my card tomorrow.
Meet Tempest, who will be voiced by Emily Blunt in the upcoming
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Emily Blunt in talks to play Mary Poppins
.had a good night at the BAFTAs, including this Emily Blunt experiences:
Also, here hoping Emily Blunt's character has some cool power armor.
Omfg emily blunt was supposed to play natasha romanoff but dropped out, emily blunt as black widow. interesting
I can't believe Emily Blunt gets to dance with Lin-Manuel Miranda all day & then goes home is married to John Krazinski wha T…
Interview by HeyUGuys talking with Luke Evans about Emily Blunt in and
Watching the and I truly wished Emily Blunt had won the leading lady in a film for .
Y'all I thought this was Emily Blunt lmao
Absolutely in love with Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen for BAFTAs
When I found out that Emily Blunt still didn't get her deserved recognition for "The Girl on the Train"
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt attend the 70th EE British Academy Film Awards at Royal Albert Hall on February 12, 2017 i…
Emily Blunt wows as she joins John Krasinski at 13 Hours premiere
emily blunt is the most beautiful precious human ever, she was so happy to see the sign we made for her . SHE IS AN ICON ht…
Emily Blunt & Daisy Ridley were killing it last night on the red carpet 😍
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski at the red carpet!
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I did!It was Emily Blunt & Naomi Harris who stole the show for me at BAFTA's!
It's BAFTA time! Emma Stone in Chanel Couture and Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen.
Disney just released the FULL official plot for starring Emily Blunt and
EVERYBODY FREAK OUT. Production has begun on "Mary Poppins Returns," a sequel to the 1964 film, starring Emily Blunt and
Someone get Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron and Rachel McAdams on the phone, cos I'm writing them a movie.
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are just so *** cute
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Are All Glammed Up For a Big Night at the SAG Awards
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski set new relationship goals standard at SAG Awards
John Krasinski could not be more proud of nominee Emily Blunt:
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt at the Heathrow Airport in London on Saturday, January 28.
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski arrived at red carpet.
SAG Awards 2017: Twitpics & Instagrams! We want to go to there! On Sunday evening, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski...
I had a dream John Krasinski and Emily Blunt adopted me
Emily Blunt & John Krasinski have arrived for the More photos:
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are ready to slay the red carpet!
Our faves! 😍 Emily Blunt and John Krasinski can't help making each other giggle wherever they go.
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski taking pictures with fans at the
Someone should do a sitcom starring Jimmy Kimmel, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and Guillermo.
Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep at The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 29, 2017 in LA.
Emily Blunt wore an embroidered gown to the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2017.
Amy Adams and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Emily Blunt too. I also think Ben Foster was ripped off
Lil is the only good thing in that movie. And in Jane Austen Book Club it's Grigg and Emily Blunt's character
acting was ok but script was terrible and historically innacurate. Much preferred the Young Victoria with Emily Blunt
I'd wager that Emily Blunt's character in Edge of Tomorrow is one of the strongest and best female characters ever in a film.
Have you seen The Girl On the Train? Emily Blunt is a *** good drunk
Was it Emily Blunt about to lure you into a boring mystery?
Kicking off my wishes with Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, & Emma Stone
It's not THAT bad. I'd tell people it's worth a rental if they like Emily Blunt. She's quite good in it.
Glacial pace is a fine phrase! And it's one of my favorite Meryl Streep movies, along with Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt.
Trivia. Original author Paula Hawkins had Michelle Williams in mind for the role of Rachel, which went to Emily Blun…
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Yo can all comfort yourselves with the notions, "WE PLAYED WELL AND THE BETTER TEAM LOST." But football is a game...
I'd still bang alcoholic emily blunt, but i draw the line at possible murderer and alcoholic emily blunt.
have you seen the movie Young Victoria with Emily Blunt as Victoria and Rupert Friend as Albert? He makes a great Albert.
Sod what the critics said, I thought Emily Blunt was a very convincing drunk in The Girl On The Train. Very stylish film, but done the job.
do it! I recommend Matt Damon's one and also... Emily blunt and... Michael fassbender why not
watched looper at the weekend and here's my opinion about looper:. why is emily blunt not the lead in any of these movies I mean seriously
What a doll she is! ❤️She gets to you just like Emily Blunt does!
'girl on the train' was SO good. glad Emily Blunt got recognized by SAG.
Emily Blunt stars in Own it NOW on Blu-ray & DVD. . It "will shock and unnerve you" -
The only 3 relevant females in hollywood are:. 1) Charlize Theron. 2) Emily Blunt. 3) Kate Beckinsale
Emily Blunt's acting in Girl on the Train is INCREDIBLE.
I'm going to be very upset if Emily Blunt gets her first Oscar nomination for her only bad performance.
Emily Blunt, Charleze Theron and Jessica Chastain in the same movie, yet theres not much else to The Huntsmen that makes it worth watching.!
Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux in a deleted scene from Blu-ray & DVD 1/17 https:/…
Emily Blunt is fine and all, but there's only one person good enough for John Krasinski and we all know who that is.
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski cap off 2016 with Ojai home sale.
Also, I'm now shipping Emily Blunt and Nicole Beharie and I need to go have a lie-down.
I liked it too when it first came out. James Corden & Emily Blunt as the baker & wife. Everyone's voices were amazing!
Chief Brody is Sam Worthington, Ellen is Emily Blunt, Hooper is Charlize Theron, Quint is Connery because a girl can dream.
Anyone else think Emily Blunt and Felicia Day totally resemble one another?
📷 Paula Hawkins, Tate Taylor, Emily Blunt, Luke Evans and Haley Bennett at the premiere of The Girl on...
Emily Blunt accepting her award for "Best Actress in Action Movie" at the Critics Choice Movie Awards, 2015.
Amy Adams and Emily Blunt at the 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards on January 10, 2013 in Santa Monica, California…
Not sure which pair of celeb-in-laws I think about more: Stanley Tucci & John Krasinski (and Emily Blunt!) or Patrick Wilson & Scott Foley.
Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Emily Blunt, Rinko Kikuchi, Saoirse Ronan and Alicia Vikander to name just a few.
Emily Blunt in The Five Year Engagement is literally the perfect woman
Dame Julie Andrews was fine as Mary Poppins and she still looks *** fine being 81. I hope Emily Blunt is just as good as Dame Julie Andrews
There will be a Mary Poppins sequel with *** Van *** Meryl Streep, Colin Firth (my boyfriend), and Emily Blunt?!
Emily Blunt reacts to her nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role. Congrats Em…
Shocker: Emily Blunt earns Best Actress nomination over Isabelle Huppert and Annette Bening
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(Shropshire):and Dev Patel among Britons nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards : Emily Blunt,..
Mary Poppins 2 is officially happening, Emily Blunt confirmed to star
you're making your own movie, it's an action movie,... — Emily Blunt, Zoe Saldana, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba ...
Girl on the Train is one of the rare film adaptations I enjoyed more than the book. Rachel brilliantly portrayed by Emily Blunt.
Goodbye Andrew Jackson on US business jet for Emily Blunt's office over retirement rumours and affordable homes...
Ha, it *just* occurred to me after looking for this trailer that it starred Amy Adams AND Emily Blunt
mine is Emily Blunt. She could be James Bond, the Bond Girl, the Bond Villain, M, Q and Miss Moneypenny in one perfect movie
'Sicario' a good south border movie. Conversation between Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin done as long shot was interesting.
Stephen Colbert and Emily Blunt have a "fake vomit-off" at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 2015.
Actors I'm currently in awe of their craft at being completely immersed in a wide range of roles: Tom Hardy, Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin
Ginnifer Goodwin should have totally gone with John Krasinski in Something Borrowed. He's the cutest ever, Emily Blunt you lucky gal.
Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Ben Whishaw, Lin-Manuel Miranda and now Colin Firth for Mary Poppins Returns? Oh yes.
Emily Blunt on 3 sketches you have to see
gotsta wait. We're trying to be Emily Blunt and Jason Segel in The Five-year Engagement. Still need single minglers in 5 yrs?
Emily Blunt singing "No One Is Alone" from Into The Woods at the Hillary Victory Fund Stronger Together concert at St Ja… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt in one movie? *** The five-year engagement is awesome!
Hayley Bennett is very good in a thankless role. Emily Blunt is excellent, as always. Good to see Edgar Ramirez from Domino
What's with SNL's Mary Poppins fetish? First Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt from the upcoming sequel, now Tom Hanks (Saving Mr. Banks).
Colin Firth joins Emily Blunt and for Mary Poppins sequel
Emily Blunt can absolute sing live as she begins Into the Wood's Children Will Listen and passes the baton to...
the latest ep of snl with Emily Blunt and Bruno Mars is 👌🏼great acting and of course an incredibly fun performance
Just watched Sicario - with Emily Blunt and Benecio Del Toro. Was so good. If you liked Narco's you'll love this movie. /1
Emily Blunt as Ivanka Trump in the Beyonce's "Sorry" Skit for Saturday Night Live.
The Girl on the Train reviewed by – on the right track thanks to Emily Blunt https:…
Emily Blunt wearing 'Margot Bell Sleeve Jumpsuit' on last week. Stunning! 👗👠
Emily Blunt reveals how she sparked a massive Friends reunion rumour
When you see the next three weeks of SNL are & Emily Blunt & and &
"The Girl on the Train's" Emily Blunt to Bruno Mars, which October host/musical guest are you most excited for? https:…
There are a lot of good things about Girl on the Train (Emily Blunt is phenomenal), but ultimately it's just okay.
I liked a video Box of Lies with Emily Blunt
Jayda said she wouldn't be mad if I left her for Emily Blunt so I'll probably do that
Emily Blunt was absolutely incredible in What a great film!!!
Okay. was SO incredibly amazing. Depicted the book so well & Emily Blunt is brilliant.
Pizza with and this week's host, Emily Blunt! 🍕
Love Emily Blunt!Can't wait to catch her as this week's SNL Host Emily Blunt & Beck Split a Large Pepperoni
Breaks my heart that Emily Blunt didn't get Captain Marvel. Seeing the Sicario trio in the MCU be dope
Watching the Late Show wth Stephen Colbert interviewing Emily Blunt but the subtitles are for James Corden interviewing Taylor Lautner :/
Watching Sicario reminds me how much I love Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin.
Really good. Loved the book and movie didn't disappoint. Emily Blunt is RIDICULOUS, per usu.
I'll see anything with Emily Blunt in it
was crazy good. I'd be surprised if Emily Blunt is not nominated for an academy award!
Emily Blunt seriously killed it on the girl on the train. 😳
I don't like Emily Blunt without a British accent it's weird to me
girl same! I just wanna see Emily Blunt but stupid rotten tomatoes ruined it. No one will go with me. 💔💔💔
How was your day? Have you seen Bruno's new pic..with Emily Blunt? He looks sooo cute there. His smile 😍
They're doing a sequel, tho. I was mad at the movie for sidelining Emily Blunt & handing climax to Benecio. It was her movie!
cool, that's what I thought, it almost looks just like you, so I assume it's Emily blunt 👍🏻
Emily Blunt was great shame the rest of the film was average as
A photo of Bruno and Emily Blunt from their SNL promo shoot! - - Bruno Mars Fan Site
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Buy in Park Slope - Zillow Porchlight see more
The Girl on the Train: good if you enjoy movies like Gone Girl, but then your movie tastes are bad. Emily Blunt tho 🙌
Mystery and violence in this adaptation of best seller starring Emily Blunt. reviews 6…
.on dancing with Emily Blunt in Mary Poppins & more:
Not arguing. I thought Emily Blunt (?) Very strong role in the Sci Fi remake of "Ground Hog Day"
Emily Blunt is fantastic, but Benecio Del Toro steals the show, as always. It's such an incredibly dark movie.
Emily Blunt on the freedom that Tate Donovan gave her in her in Girl On The Train.
can't wait to get home and hit a real *** California blunt again 😍😂
Emily Blunt's blunt affect in the movie is very convincing. She deserves an actress award for this! Bravo! 👏🙌
Spoiler alert: Emily Blunt is ridiculously amazing in
Indeed! Emily Blunt is a talented actress, she was perfect for that role
'Saturday Night Live' lines up Tom Hanks, Emily Blunt, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga for October
Emily Blunt is amazing in The Girl on the Train, good movie.
Poor Emily Blunt. Why did she agree to make The Girl on the Train?
Emily blunt killed it in this movie
Emily Blunt was fantastic in it, but the suspense just wasn't there.
Emily Blunt has a serious shot at an Oscar nom with her performance in
HBO Exclusive Access: This or That with Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux -
Emily Blunt talking about her husband, John Krasinski.
Saw today. It was meh. Emily Blunt's performance was fantastic though!
Couldn't face the debate live. Saw Girl on the Train instead. Act III flies off the rails, but Emily Blunt is terrific. What a thesp.
Check out this new trending ! excited, omg, Stephen Colbert, shocked, surprised, emily blunt, l…
Emily Blunt completely transformed for “Girl on the Train,” says she looks like a “ghoul” https:/…
the movie was more more drunk than Emily Blunt. Horriblee
No! fans are crushed the movie is bad. (It's OK if you think Emily Blunt was amazing.)
Emily Blunt's reason for playing Mary Poppins is a spoonful of adorable:
Emily Blunt gets honest about breastfeeding: ‘When the milk first comes in, it’s like a tsunami’ https:…
can we give Emily Blunt all the awards for her performance in because she was amazing
Emily Blunt is In theaters everywhere. Get tickets:
Jimmy & Emily Blunt let their eyes do the talking in this game of Box of Lies! 👀
'Girl on the Train' tops the North American box office with $24.7M: Emily Blunt arrives on the red carpet at ...
Emily Blunt in Leggings - Going to Gym in West Hollywood, August 2015
I kinda have a crush on Emily Blunt so I would be ok :)
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt, AND Tom Hanks! I am HERE for this season of 👌🏼💯
at first I read this as Emily Blunt with musical guest Tom Hanks and I got very excited
The Girl on the Train star Emily Blunt is our November cover star:
Emily Blunt was teased over childhood stutter
I know that Jim and Pam are fictional. but I still can't see Jim with Emily Blunt lol I'm sorry. Jim is with Pam.
The Girl On The Train is showing now: read Emily Blunt's view or the book to compare
Emily Blunt on her transformation: 'I look awful'
About to watch my honeys Emily blunt & and gael garcia bernal on colbert 👏👏
Emily Blunt played a very good drunk. Like, too good.
Also, do people just talk openly and snap chat in theaters now. Is that what people do? Cant you see Emily Blunt is acting !
Emily blunt, please don't get on any more trains
Emily blunt MUST HAVE fell in love with John Krasinski's goofy looking *** from watching the office
Girl on the Train was good. Emily Blunt was amazing. The new M. Night Shyamalan movie got me like
Regular Passes up for grabs! Starring Emily Blunt, Luke Evans and Haley Bennet.
a true testament to Emily Blunt for not breaking her back carrying the weight of that mess
The Girl on The Train tonight 😋 do I sense an Oscar for Emily Blunt... I believe so...
I wish I was John Krasinski becuase Emily Blunt is Emily Blunt
I encourage you guys to ignore the meh reviews and see Emily Blunt's amazing performance in The Girl On The Train.
Emily Blunt opens up about her own struggles with a horrible stutter:
Got to talk to the lovely and talented Emily Blunt and director Tate Taylor about their movie "the girl on the train" today.
Reviews - Movie review: Emily Blunt excellent in 'The Girl on the Train' - Roanoke Times
British Vogue ditches models in favour of 'real' women – for one issue
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski attend the 'The Girl On The Train' New York Premiere at Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 on Octobe…
domain names
Emily Blunt explaining how extras thought "The Girl on the Train" was the Friends Reunion.
Emily Blunt will get a Best Actress nomination for The Girl on the Train. Calling it now. . Also, go see it. Great storytelling.
Such a shame from a much-enjoyed mystery novel — and with as fierce a leading lady as Emily Blunt, too.
Emily Blunt leaves 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater on October 06, 2016 in New Yor…
Just watched movie. Holy smokes, Emily Blunt was god. Great (but highly disturbing) film.
Emily blunt acting was and the film's atmosphere and plot makes you focus and wanting more.
And now, an important message from Stephen and Emily Blunt about tonight’s show.
Emily Blunt was teased over childhood stutter:
Girl on the Train star Emily Blunt dishes on her most challenging role yet: “It Was an Eye-Opener”
Blunt, company rescue 'The Girl on the Train'
Why did smoke weed and play Gears Of War 4 with Wiz Khalifa and not... Emily Blunt 😎😎😎😎
not not saying your Emily Blunt in this. But A&M by 10.
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski looking at one another with palpable love in their eyes dot tumblr dot come
Emily Blunt is largely responsible for the successes of "The Girl on the Train"
Tonight! Emily Blunt and tease us about our American accents, plus a musical performance by
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I saw a guy sitting on the beach with a sandwich in his lap and he was smokin a blunt. I aspire to be like that Pablo
Emily Blunt was immense tho. Her drunk acting was very pitiful and believable (unlike Jlaw's hamming in AMERICAN HUSTLE).
THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN - Emily Blunt is a convincing alcoholic and Alison Janney great as always. Film not tight enough though. 3/5
everytime i see Emily Blunt kahit saan i always refer to her as Emily from The Devil Wears Prada is that normal
is emily blunt gonna be in the live reading of good will hunting this week? I predict YES.
Can't wait to watch this weekend! Enjoyed the book, but more excited to see Emily Blunt, seriously one of my favori…
Tune in to see Box of Lies with Emily Blunt, & music from and some special guests!…
Jump on the 'girl train' and choose Emily Blunt for Best/Worst this week!
Review: Emily Blunt makes a droopy 'Girl on the Train' worth watching
THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is totally stuck between stations. My review of the year’s most boring thriller:
Emily Blunt: Raise the roof! The Girl on the Train actress gets pumped up during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
Emily Blunt: Suburban bliss isn't always what it seems
Emily Blunt went to great lengths to transform into her "Girl on the Train" alcohlic character. https:/…
The Girl on the Train review: red herrings on the tracks signal problems
Emily Blunt gotta hire me to read scripts for her I'd gladly do it for free
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Luke Evans and Emily Blunt have such good chemistry together. I hope they do more movies with each other in the future
If I keep singing, will Emily Blunt fall in love with me more??? She's incredible in this movie guys. It'll blow ur mi…
Just saw The Girl on the Train. Felt exactly the same way as I did reading it - constantly on edge and unnerved. Emily…
"No one is just strong or just fragile.". Emily Blunt. with Cate Blanchett & Zhou Xun. © Peter Lindbergh
The Girl On The Train is a must see! Thrilling, dark and still well paced. Emily Blunt's performance is stunning. As is Luke…
Oh, dear. Loved the book, will miss this even with beloved Emily Blunt in the lead role.
TONIGHT: Box of Lies with Emily Blunt, is here & stops by to talk + perform!
I liked a video from Premiere: Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Tate Taylor + Luke Evans |
Everybody is a suspect in with Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley…
John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt at the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on September 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA. https:…
Entertainment Tonight just linked Emily Blunt to the Brangelina breakup by noting that Lisa Kudrow is in The Girl On the Train.
Emily Blunt stuns at ‘Girl On The Train’ premiere, just 3 months after giving birth
Emily Blunt plays princess in at premiere
Emily Blunt 'too beautiful' for The Girl On The Train role, author agrees
Our The Girl On The Train, Emily Blunt has arrived at the World Premiere of
I love Emily Blunt so much, a true sunshine in this world..
Emily Blunt looked like a floral goddess in her hippie chic premiere gown:
Emily Blunt at ‘The Girl On The Train’ world premiere at Odeon Leicester Square in London, England, September 20, 2016.…
📷 Emily Blunt stuns at the world premiere of Girl on the Train 
Emily Blunt wore an Resort 2017 ornately embellished gown to world premiere in Lo…
Reunited on the platform, it's Emily Blunt and
Emily Blunt & Luke Evans Premiere 'Girl on the Train' in London via
Looks like so much fun!cast at the world premiere! Luke Evans, Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Pa…
⚡️ “Emily Blunt and Luke Evans stun at The Girl on the Train premiere”.
Some cute pics inside world premiere Luke Evans and the 3 ladies! Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Hal…
Emily Blunt and Luke Evans at world premiere! Pics via Karwai Tang/ WireImage
Love those pics! Emily Blunt and Luke Evans seem to have a great time at world premiere! Via Getty a…
Factoid - Did you know the Emily Blunt is the niece of Crispin Blunt MP? RT
Emily Blunt and John Krasinput another L.A. up for On the heels of their recent home sale, ...
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski list third home in a year:
I'm not someone who likes to plan too much ahead.
Emily Blunt reveals more about her Mary Poppins character in the upcoming reboot
ICYMI! says her in the upcoming sequel is 'a little meaner'!
Julie Andrews had the loveliest reaction to Emily Blunt being cast as
Seal of approval: Julie Andrews is on board with Emily Blunt's casting as title character in Ma…
Emily Blunt new Mary Poppins: Spoonful of sugar for Julie Andrews AND WHO WANTS TO SEE THIS???
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