Emilia Clarke & Piper Perabo

Emilia Clarke (born 1987) is an English actress, who plays Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO medieval-fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Piper Lisa Perabo (born October 31, 1976) is an American stage, film and television actress. 2.3/5

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Today's Match: Piper Perabo and Emilia Clarke to play sisters in my imaginary film.
Piper Perabo is as stunning as Emilia Clarke. *** I'm loving Covert Affairs now.
Apparently we've come to agree that Emilia Clarke is a poor man's Piper Perabo..
Piper Perabo looks like Emilia Clarke doesnt she?
I just realized how much Emilia Clarke looks like Piper Perabo from Coyote Ugly. There must be an intersecting genealogy in their history.
Emilia Clarke looks like Piper Perabo at times.
Has anyone else noticed how much Emilia Clarke looks like Piper Perabo?
I still can't get over how Emilia Clarke and Piper Perabo look like twins. :))
Emilia Clarke reminds me so much of Piper Perabo.
Emilia Clarke and Piper Perabo look like twins
Did you guys know Emilia Clarke isn't Piper Perabo? I didn't. Which one dated Seth Macfarlane?
in what world do Piper Perabo and Emilia Clarke look alike
Emilia Clarke and a kitty (cc she looks SO MUCH like Piper Perabo (equally lovely)!!
Piper Perabo looks like Emilia Clarke so basically I'm watching Cersei Lannister fall in love with Daenerys Targaryen (GRRM pls get on this)
Is the world sure that Piper Perabo and Emilia Clarke weren't separated at birth? They are the basically the same person.
Lena Headey & Piper Perabo are close friends in real life. I wonder if she saw that Piper looks like Emilia Clarke's Dany.
I can't believe Emilia Clarke and Piper Perabo aren't the same person.
And Emilia Clarke IS Piper Perabo! They made the mistake of mixing in too many of the same genes and they came out identical hehe
Emilia Clarke looks like Piper Perabo. Sometimes I forget it's not Piper in GoT.
Voted for both Piper Perabo & Emilia Clarke on Hot100, kinda felt like voting for the same person twice
It's insane how much Piper Perabo and Emilia Clarke look alike.
u work closely with Piper perabo.hv U sn Games of thrones? Young actress Emilia Clarke look like piper
Is it just me or is Emilia Clarke looks a bit like Piper Perabo? and Emilia's photoshoot with Lena? In furs? PERFECTION!!
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