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Emergency Financial Manager

Financial emergency is a state of receivership for Michigan State Local Governments.

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Those majorities did things like enact grossly anti-choice laws, gutting educational funding (courtesy of Betsy DeV…
The emergency financial manager appointed by the synder was arrested for his negligence.…
Flint had something called an Emergency Financial Manager, the one who basically caused it.
don't want to jynx anything but I half expected somebody in the administration have said "emergency financial manager" by now
When the only talking point for your first meeting with a financial manager is “emergency funds for a Talking Heads reunion.”
No wonder the citizens of Detroit were and are resisting the choices made by the emergency financial manager.
Let's also remember the city paid an emergency financial manager 250k per year to save the city money.
The Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, declared a financial emergency for the city in March 2013, appointing an emergency manager.
Former spokesman for Gov. Snyder and Detroit Emergency Manager Orr cashes in on Atlantic City’s financial crisis
"Mount Clemens interim manager warns of financial emergency about to start happening everywhere
Mount Clemens interim manager warns of financial emergency
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is a criminal. He has betrayed the trust of the People by circumventing Voter wishes to please his benefactors: CORPORATE AMERICA. This includes Right-To-Work (The People voted it down), Emergency Financial Managers (The People voted it down), and a 2nd Bridge To Canada (The People voted it down). If re-elected I assure you he will have more of the same corruption and political games in store for Michigan. PLEASE. If there was ever a need to change direction, this is it. Anyone who votes for Rick Snyder in November is voting for Political Corruption. We'll see if Michiganders care at all about their future, or if this clown gets another four years to undermine our democracy.
Flint's deficit climbs to $19 million; emergency financial manager says budget 'on track'
What? Monday already? Here's what we woke up to this morning: Justice Ginsburg questions on the negative impact of Roe v. Wade, questions about what top officials at the IRS knew and when they knew it, and Detroit's Emergency Financial Manager releases a scathing report about the city's money troubles. Oh, and Newt Gingrich wants to rename the cell phone. What are you reading this morning?
were you chosen to be the Emergency Financial Manager ?
Detroit's new Emergency Financial Manager hit with four tax liens in four years | EFM? nice!
[The Hub Blog] Mayor will not appeal Governor’s Emergency Financial Manager decision
CFDF Logo FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tom Barrow, President Contact: 313-5-detroi(t) 533-8764, Opt 4/Ext 1010 tombarrow   DETROIT COUNCILWOMAN JOANN WATSON AND ACCOUNTANT TOM BARROW MEET WITH MICHIGAN TREASURER, Andy Dillon ON EMERGENCY MANAGER Discussion Reveals Serious Flaws in Governor's "Financial Emergency"! Watson and Barrow Conclude That Cash Crisis is Contrived! DETROIT (March 6, 2013) On Monday, March 4, 2013, Michigan State Treasurer, Andy Dillon, acting on behalf of Governor Snyder, summoned each member of the Detroit City Council to one-on-one private meetings. Each Council member was allotted 30 minutes to name four "sacred" things that they did not want the EFM "to touch" in return for their cooperation with a state appointed Emergency Financial Manager ("EFM"). City Council leaders Charles Pugh and Gary Brown went together and of those who went at all to their meeting did so alone and without benefit of staff or advisors. Recognizing that such a meeting with the State Treasurer was of great imp ...
Yesterday I commented on a story in the Detroit News regarding Democrats in Detroit lining up opposition to the about to be appointed "Emergency Financial Manager" by Republican Governor Snyder. The city is in dire financial straits, but Democrats do not care. Here below was a typical comment by one of these Detroiters and my response to him that you might find interesting: Jeffrey Ligan · Top Commenter Excellent news, we're all pulling on the rope in the same direction in opposition to the Republican fascist "EM" Viceroy appointment. Snyder has no idea what he's in for.whacking the hornet's nest and unilaterally assuming control of a city with designs on stealing taxbase and publicly owned assets is a recipe for armed insurrection. Hopefully it won't come to that, but don't be surprised if it does.we're past playing nice with an ALEC/Mackinac Center for Republican Policy hard right radical agenda of stripping Democracy and it's process and carpetbagging a city for it's assets, as has been done EVERYWH . ...
Back in April of 2011, the Michigan legislature was debating HB 4214 which was the Emergency Financial Manager bill that became law soon after. I was photographing the protest outside the Capitol Building that day. Instead of shooting the usual protest-crowd shots I thought I would get in a little closer and just do quick portraits of the people who had come out to protest that day. These citizens were welders, teachers, electricians, students, legislators, actors, writers, retirees, and many who had lost their jobs to the recession. In the November 2012 elections, Michigan voters overwhelmingly overturned the Emergency Financial Manager law - striking it down. But in the last days of 2012 in the lame duck session, the Michigan legislature rushed through and approved a re-vamped version of this bill, which in effect circumvented the wishes of the majority of Michigan voters. On March 1st, 2013 Governor Snyder announced he will appoint an Emergency Financial Manager to run the city of Detroit. I thought .. ...
On the news they keep showing Detroit citizens talking about the new Emergency Financial Manager situation. They say with the State takeover Governor Snyder wont care about the neighborhoods. When is the last time an elected Detroit leader cared about the neighborhoods?
Does Detroit need an Emergency Financial Manager? Can/should Detroit deal with the debt and $$ problems without the State coming in? Activist, Robert Davis says it may be illegal for the State to install an EFM.What do you think? FOX 2 "Let it Rip-Weekend Sunday 9:30am --Robert Davis v Pontiac Mayor Leon Jukowsi--
So Detroit's mayor and city council are going to be replaced by an unelected Emergency Financial Manager.
What do peple think of Governor Sndyer's announcement of his intention to appoint an Emergency Financial Manager for the City of Detroit?
I don't understand the Detroit City Council. Why can't they just go along with our govenor on his decision for a Emergency Financial Manager. It may actually help the city. believe it or not.
Earlier today, the State of Michigan declares Detroit in need of an Emergency Financial Manager...yea or Nea??
Well Republicans and I cannot believe all republicans are so into the t-party that they will like this or think it is right. Rick Snyder, republican governor of Michigan is sending an Emergency Financial Manager to DETROIT! This unelected man, appointed by Snyder has the power to do whateer he wants, to fire all elected city officials, close any business, sell OFF ANY ASSETS the city has, think of Detroits assets, CARS. Will he shut down the auto industry? Is this what the Koch brothers want? Does anyone think this is right? The ppl of Michigan voted to do away with this manager and they did, so Snyder rewrote the bill in such a way that now it can't be repealed. Michigan is just screwed. Seems the Feds could do something about ths, if not, the voters can. Next qestion: Whose republican run state will be next since they seem to be following the leader. Only one way to stop them, vote repubs out, get sense back. This is so wrong, ask the ppl of Benton Harbor tht was decimated by a manager, even ...
Yesterday I got a call from Governor Rick Snyder's office asking me to submit my resume for consideration for the position of Emergency Financial Manager for the City of Detroit. I just sent in my application today.
Certainly I am not surprised by the findings of the State’s financial review team. My Administration has been saying for the past four years that the City is under financial stress. If the Governor decides to appoint an Emergency Financial Manager, he or she, like my Administration, is going to need resources particularly in the form of cash and additional staff. As I have said before, my Administration will stay focused on the initiatives that most directly impact the citizens of Detroit: public safety, public lighting, transportation, recreation and neighborhood blight removal.
Robert Bobb and Anthony Williams's Connections as Emergency Managers. Robert Bobb Robert C. Bobb has over 30 years of executive management experience in both the public and private sectors. He is currently the President and CEO of The Robert Bobb Group, LLC, a consulting firm that provides expertise to public sector entities on issues that include education reform, economic development strategy, community and neighborhood development, contract negotiation, municipal budgeting, and financial management. In March 2009, Mr. Bobb was appointed by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to serve as Emergency Financial Manager of the 87,000-student Detroit Public Schools (DPS). In that capacity Mr. Bobb garnered national attention by taking a no-nonsense approach to changing a system that had become nationally renowned for its mismanagement and corruption. He is credited with developing the Master Education Plan for 21st Century Teaching and Learning that began the process of comprehensive reform and serves as the ...
There's a new man at the helm.Last month we told you about Joe Harris's sudden resignation.He was Benton Harbor's Emergency Financial Manager for three years and it was no secret the Mayor and Counci
Flint's Emergency Financial Manager has reached an agreement to outsource its trash collection service. Republic Services will begin picking up waste in Flint on March 4.
Coffee with the EFM, TONIGHT FROM 6-8 PM at City Hall. If you live in, work in, or commute through Allen Park please read the following: Joyce Parker is the Emergency Financial Manager for Allen Park. She is currently listening to the thoughts and wishes of residents at her “Coffee-time with the EFM”. We urge you to attend and show your continued support for the APFD. As you know, the attacks and misinformation against the Fire Dept. have continued for several years now. In the last meeting, a council person(s) said something to the effect that Allen Park houses don’t burn and the Fire Dept. is not important. This is what she has heard from people seated next to her. Council fails to mention APFD had over 3000 runs last year. They also fails to mention that the APFD responds to the majority of EMS rescues in 4 minutes or less and around 90% of rescues in fewer than 6 minutes with up to 6 Paramedics. No private ambulance company could come close to that. Please don’t let your voice go unheard ...
It's not too late to express your support for Police and Fire at the coffee's with the Emergency Financial Manager...
Congratulations to new Emergency Financial Manager of Benton Harbor, Tony Saunders. He's going to be great for the town of BH.
Breaking: Treasury Department names Tony Saunders II as the new Emergency Financial Manager in Benton Harbor, effective February 1, 2013
A shake-up is coming for the financial leadership of Benton Harbor. Joe Harris has been voted out as Emergency Financial Manager of the city and a replacement has been chosen. WYLD Marketing Group
Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a new Emergency Financial Manager law.
The clock is ticking.The 30 day review to decide whether or not Detroit will have an Emergency Financial Manager started today. 2013 could be a wild ride downtown.
Emergency Financial Manager is Real Possibility for the City of Detroit:
There is a lot brewing right now in Lansing and Detroit. The regional transit bill has cleared the house transportation committee, and goes to the floor for a full house vote. Public lighting changes have passed the Senate. We are expecting legislative action on the Ilitch proposal, and we may see an Emergency Financial Manager named for Detroit in the coming weeks. We are sorting through everything, and will do our best to keep you up to date on all that's going on. -CF
Benton HarborBenton Harbor is broke, and the city’s Emergency Financial Manager says he'll have to make some drastic cuts to get by.
Joyce Parker was just named City of Allen Park Emergency Financial Manager. So she is now the Emergency Financial Manager for Ecorse, Highland Park School District, and Allen Park. That is a lot of responsibility
The State of Michigan's appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager in the City of Benton Harbor presents future threats to the remainder of Jean Klock Park. Emergency Financial Managers have powers to void contracts and sell city assets such as JKP.
Our friends at Shop Floor Theatre Company are working on a new play about the Emergency Financial Manager.
Benton Harbor's Emergency Financial Manager has suspended the decision-making powers of city officials, and Joseph Harris may be the first to do so under the new state legislation.
Only hours after the Michigan Supreme Court decision to put the proposal to repeal the Emergency Financial Manager on the ballot, the reactionary forces in the state capitol launch their counter-attack
I just signed a petition to Governor Rick Snyder: Detroit Public Schools can not solve its financial and academic problems with a draconian Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) at the helm. Detroit Public Schools need the EFM (Mr. Roy Roberts) to sit down with the union president (Mr. Keith Johnson) a...
Rachel Maddow story on state-appointed Emergency Financial Manager takeover of Benton Harbor, Michigan. Under the new law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder, Emergen...
Emergency Financial Manager! *** are we close to calling in the National Guard for Detroit? Who shoots & kills an 84-year old man?
Mayor Dave Bing has named Jack Martin as Detroit’s new Chief Financial Officer as required under the Financial Stability Agreement between the State and the City of Detroit. “I’ve known and respected Jack for many years and I look forward to having him as part of my team,” said Mayor Bing. “He brings critical expertise to my administration as we work to fiscally restructure the City.” Martin most recently served as Emergency Financial Manager of Highland Park Public Schools and was a member of the State’s Financial Review Team that reviewed the city’s financial status earlier this year. He is a certified public accountant with 40 years of experience working in the private and public sector. Martin began his career at General Motors in Detroit. He served from 2002-2005 as Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Department of Education and as Chairman and acting CEO of Home Federal Savings Bank of Detroit before becoming the founder and Chairman of Martin, Arrington, Desai & Meyers, P.C. Martin, ...
Entertainment News from AP By Andrew Keller, Multimedia Journalist - bio | email Mike Brown's future in Flint is up in limbo. Enough petitions are in to repeal the Public Act 4, the Emergency Financial Manager Act. Thursday, we ...
Today, Muskegon Heights School District is one step closer to an Emergency Financial Manager, Governor now decides
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