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Emerald City Comicon

The Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) is an annual comic book convention taking place in Seattle, Washington.

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hey are y'all going to be doing photography for Emerald City Comicon 2018?
FYI Seattle friends Emerald City Comicon 2018 tickets are on sale now. Buy today or risk not getting a ticket--they sell out insanely fast.
EMERALD CITY COMICON TIX are on sale, so, get at it if you want to. They're selling out fast again.
Emerald city Comicon tickets secured, and a hotel room for hubs & I to enjoy the festivities one night! Thanks for the fun!
Check out our review & recap of from 2015. Love how the show has grown in just the past 2 years!…
And the badge sale starts in 3 minutes.
The Emerald City Comicon sale goes live in a few hours. Are you ready?
Emerald City Comicon is dripping with LGBT stuff.
Emerald city comicon tickets on sale tomorrow and need people to hang out with when i get there! If you are planning on going let me know!
Sweet, it looks like I'm getting a pro badge for Emerald City Comicon!
Counting down the days till Emerald city comicon and Fangirling so hard!
Emerald City Comicon Announces Katie Cook, Tony Fleecs is the music to you when it comes to PMVS?
any chance you'll be stopping by Emerald City Comicon this coming March?
Next year is going to be awesome&jam packed.Im moving..just across town,I get to see/meet Tokio Hotel&I'm going to emerald city comicon
In the past week I've accepted been as a guest at Emerald City Comicon, had the new book I'm writing for Twiztid...
Well, that explains a lot. THEY'RE TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR LOSSES. over-charging artists is not the way to do it. >:(
Thrilled to announce that I got accepted into Artist Alley for Emerald City ComiCon 2018!! ⚡️🙌🏼 It'll be my first ……
You can see a picture of the original art taken by Tegan here:
I'll be attending my first Emerald City Comicon as an artist in the Artist Alley in 2018! March…
Well hey, I got an Artists Alley table at this year's Emerald City Comicon.
Thanks to the ECCC lawsuit, there's gonna be a lot of changes that some volunteers wont like.
Well dang, looks like I'm on the waitlist for Emerald City Comicon 2018. Congrats to the friends who got in, you're all going to slay it.
Yes! Emerald City Comicon 2018, here we come!. Jackie and I will be returning for our fourth time and we couldn't b…
This means that Emerald City Comicon will be the convention debut of THIS NIGHTMARE KILLS FASCISTS.
Maybe he can come to Emerald City Comicon next year!
Emerald City ComiCon yesterday was awesome. Saw a lot of great cosplay and met Deadpool creator Fabian Nicieza!
📷 alfred183: Ok, this is done and ready to go. I will have these at Emerald City Comicon. Some are...
This is almost certainly why Creation changed their policy:
Yup. Happened to me coming back from Emerald City Comicon. Hours in the airport. Another hour or so on…
ladyorpheus: hollowedskin: cah: A few weeks ago, we exhibited at Emerald City Comicon. Typically when we...
Alas, Poor Rodent. I made this during Emerald City Comicon last March. Special thanks to my great friend Ken Ball,……
(2/2) I hope you will come to the PNW and visit sometime! We would love to see you at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle!
A comic-book legend will be at this year's Emerald City Comicon.
Just a little from the recent Emerald City Comicon 💗💗💗
definitely did a Raven cosplay for Emerald City Comicon a few years back!
Apply to be in Artist Alley at Emerald City Comicon 2017! Apply now:
Throw back to Emerald City Comicon, can't wait for San Diego next month!
A recent cosplay of mine at Emerald City Comicon.
It's What is your favorite memory from Emerald City Comicon? Let us know!
Emerald City Comicon Announces MLP Panel and Panelists!: Special Thanks to M99moron, Missbeigepony, & ZuTheSkunk for the vecto...
I am so PUMPED. Norman Reedus is going to be at Emerald City Comicon. A star from Farscape, and now one from WD there too! Heaven
Let's see.. DragonCon 2013,14 & 15, FantasyCon, Emerald City Comicon, Dallas Comic Con.. I think that's all of them. :)
I have applied for a pro pass for Emerald City Comicon. Wish me luck!
Emerald City Comicon was super fast on their press applications! Super looking forward to covering my favourite...
Oof. Gonna be late to class thinking about Emerald City Comicon.
Piece I created for Emerald City Comicon's Monsters and Dames 2015 art book.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Photo: viralthings: The best Han and Leia at the Emerald City Comicon
Sad news: no table in 2016 at Emerald City Comicon. Going to hold out hope for 2017, though.
Official word from the Emerald City Comicon: for the first time in five years, we will not have a table there.
Just found out our application for a table at Emerald City Comicon next year was denied. Today we mourn.
Wow Found out that Amanda Tapping is going to be In Seattle, Washington for the Emerald City Comicon here yay
Many people are curious about the music in the Emerald City Comicon videos. It's ALL composed by Exselsor.
A big shoutout to F-Stop Seattle Photography for partnering on our Emerald City Comicon videos to show off...
Anyone miss Emerald City Comicon? Come watch these videos by Beat Down Boogie and remember how awesome it was!...
And our second Emerald City Comicon video! Seattle is a unique setting for a con. Check it out! And if you...
Our first Emerald City Comicon video is here! Since the West Coast doesn't know us as much, any help sharing...
Emerald City Comicon: Cosplay Gallery - Project-Nerd made an appearance at Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon on March...
One of the best cons I've been invited to was the Emerald City Comicon! Here's a short Vlog about my experience there http…
Missed It’s our favorite con so far this year! Check out our recap & review:
Original photos of the lovely at online now:.
Hyrule Warriors Great Fairy cosplay, I like it - Photo by
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I added 28 photos to my Emerald City Comicon - Sunday gallery -
Photoset: From Tyler’s panel at Emerald City Comicon, on March 27th (part 4)
Heya you all got lil shoutouts here: http:/…
Heya you all got lil shoutouts here: RT
Done with my Emerald City Comicon 2015 photos since Sunday's set is now up!
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. My retrospective view of Emerald City Comicon. Thank you again …
I was at Emerald City Comicon when it aired and remember watching it in bed on Saturday morning and crying forever.
Want to hear more about last weekend's Comic Con in Seattle, check out My good pal's blog:
A better look at the BOOK Of DEATH logo I designed for summer event —
Video: Emerald City Comicon should do an escalator cam one year and just stream the  foot traffic.  It...
If you came to the Comic Book Characters for Causes booth during Emerald City Comicon the link for your pictures...
If you were still looking for your photos from Emerald City Comicon, look no further!. They can be found here:...
Scenes from Emerald City Comicon: Big crowds, amazing cosplay
For a few days after Emerald City Comicon, I thought I had gotten sick, but it turns out I was just sleepy.
Felicia Day needs help finding this guy from Emerald City Comicon a few years back
My favourite part of Emerald City Comicon was introducing Beyond Anthology contributors to each other. My Beyondees.
Here's a nice recap of Emerald City by Steve Strout, featuring our video! Check it out!
Check out some of the best cosplay that Derek saw at last weekend's Emerald City Comicon!
Pics from panel hosted by at Emerald City Comicon 2015!
Pics from the Anthony Daniels - C-3P0 himself! - panel at Emerald City Comicon 2015
Photoset: fangirl76: A super fun time at the Agent Carter Meetup at Emerald City Comicon 2015 (photos by...
I added 33 photos to my Emerald City Comicon - Saturday gallery -
Hoechlin speaks at Emerald City Comicon on march 27 at Washington
Nice to meet you at Emerald City Comicon. Please do drop me a line about the UW conference I mentioned!
Had a great time at Emerald City Comicon!
Wooot! Thank you so much to for taking another awesome picture of me!
There is an giveaway on Shelf Quest! 😊
Found some more great Sif's at Emerald City Comicon this year!
Thank you so much for signing my SHIELD Badge at Emerald City Comicon!
There is an giveaway on Shelf Quest!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
JBLM BOSS visited the (sold out) Emerald City Comicon this year. Want to get involved in great social,...
My latest blog on and Emerald City Comicon.
Posted all 430 cosplay photos from Saturday at Emerald City Comicon 2015!
Spread the word! I'm doing an giveaway on my blog. Shutter TP signed by & included 😍
Rebel Legion, 501st Legion and Saber guild raising money at Emerald City Comicon
Toy Break 350 is up with We're talking Emerald City Comicon & Monsterpalooza!
Doctor Who/Arrow star John Barrowman opens up to fans at Emerald City Comicon
Terry Dodson and Kieron Gillen talking Star Wars comic books at Emerald City Comicon! Big announcement about...
artedeandyperez checking out that lol @ Emerald City Comicon
Attempting to cover Emerald City Comicon, a Star Trek event, and Supernatural con this weekend. Not…
First day at Emerald City Comicon! I hope to find a Scott Bakula figure from either Star Trek Enterprise, Quantum Leap or Looking.
First ever Lone Shark Games booth at Emerald City Comicon. Booth 201. First 100 people to buy a Maze of Games get...
Just landed in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon!! Ran into a few artists at the Phoenix airport on the way out.
Just a reminder, Punished Props is bringing us out to Emerald City Comicon in to show off the North-West...
does the crew have plans to come to a Seattle based Con? PAX or Emerald City Comicon?
I don't wanna be a *** but how come Emerald City Comicon is not nearly as cool as San Diego Comic-Con? Makes me sad I didn't like ECCC.
Photoset: fangirl76: Paul and Storm with Molly Quinn from Emerald City Comicon 2014’s The Thrilling...
Crazy busy the last few weeks! It was inventory time at the store, and you know how long it takes counting all those miniatures. Then Josh and I made our yearly pilgrimage to Seattle for the Emerald City Comicon. Not sure what the highlight of the trip was. Either my purchase of a 1st edition Players Handbook signed by Gary Gygax or riding the elevator in the parking garage with Billy Dee Williams.
Wow what a cool gift for Rome from his grandma Trish and grandpa Rod. They bought him a art book at Emerald City Comicon. All proceeds go to Seattle's Children Hospital. They went the extra mile to get it personalized by 83 out of 85 artist who's artwork is featured in the art book. (Two artist were no shows so they didn't get to get there autograph) thank you so much. Rome is going to love this when he gets older.
Saw these little Doctor Whos, complete with mini Tardises. I think they were my favorite constumes at Emerald City Comicon.
Exhausting, full & fantastic day today! Breakfast with the kids & man, Emerald City Comicon full of art, adventure & geeks galore - more tomorrow! Sat in traffic with some of my favorite people & laughed & talked a lot, then more family & friends at a fun, funky wedding then home to relax with my fella & spent some time playing a new (to me) game with Jessica Martin. About to go to bed because we're meeting my kids & two of Erik's brothers in the morning for more con and then SAM's BIRTHDAY celebration! Sorry to miss the Kirkland Choral Society concert, but break a leg, choir friends!!
Looking forward to kicking back and doing some fan stuff at Emerald City Comicon. I don't think I'll spend much money, but I pulled a stack of comics from my collection yesterday, and will try to get some favorite 1980s-era comics signed. Mike Baron, Klaus Janson, Joe Rubinstein, Michael Dooney, and Annie Nocenti are on my list of people to visit by the end of the day Sunday.
Coming to Emerald City Comicon next week? Show us your badge 3/27-3/30 at Cupcake Royale - 108 Pine St. get a...
If you feel like checking out what kind of toys and collectibles we have for sale, but don't happen to live close to Fountain Valley you're in luck because starting tomorrow we will be on the road for three back to back to back conventions. - March 16th (This Sunday!) at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles - March 22-23rd at the Time Tunnel Toys San Jose Super Toy, Comic and Collectible Show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, California. - March 28-30th at Emerald City Comicon at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington.
it is March, I can officially start my countdown to seeing Richard Dean Anderson at Emerald City Comicon!!!
Since we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day and I will be at the field for our 3yr anniversary...I got us tickets for this year's Emerald City Comicon! Jason Allen Hart you suck!
Excited to announce that I will be hosting a panel at this year's Emerald City Comicon. Program Title: Self-Publish or Perish – All Star Edition Program Description: Based on the tagline in Becky Cloonan's Eisner award winning book, The Mire, this panel features creators who have risen to prominence via self-publishing, had the opportunity to work for the Big Guys, and have chosen to stay with self-publishing. Panelists include Becky Cloonan, Wendy & Richard Pini, Chris Roberson and Jeff Smith. Program date and time: Saturday, March 29, 5:40pm, Hall D, (Room 602-603) Thrilled to have this opportunity!!!
"During the 2012 Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington several prominent cartoon voice-over actors including Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche Tara Strong and Kevin Conroy performed a parody reading of A New Hope as a radio play in cartoon character voices that they perform on other animated series, i.e. Jess Harnell and Rob Paulsen as Wakko and Yakko Warner from Animaniacs, Tara Strong as Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls and Princess Clara from Drawn Together, Maurice LaMarche and John DiMaggio as Kiff Kroker and Bender Rodriguez from Futurama and Kevin Conroy narrating as Batman" I just read this.I MUST FIND IT AND LISTEN TO IT
Have you checked the Celebrity Guest list for Emerald City Comicon recently?! OMG Alert: Alan Tudyk & Karl Urban are going to be there.
Today's been all about getting cosplay/con things ordered apparently: got my Wizard World Portland Comic Con and Emerald City Comicon tickets, and finally found a new wig for Marty! Heavy!
Shows I *really love*: Phoenix Comicon, Emerald City Comicon, WonderCon, Tucson Comic-Con I really enjoy SDCC, too. I would love Denver Comic Con as well if they would just get back to me.
Check out this Teaser from Falling Skies EP 201 which was released at the 2012 Emerald City Comicon (3/29/2012) Season 3 returns Summer 2013! FALLING ...
Gah! This Trekkie's heart just skipped a beat. Appearing at Emerald City Comicon are Nichelle Nichols (Uhura), Michael Dorn (Worf), and John de Lancie (Q). Scribbles down dates and puts on calendar. Not exaclty a comic fan, but oooh! How cool.
Wow! Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) and Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation) are both going to be at the Emerald City Comicon! Sounds like a dork's (a.k.a. me) dream!
I'm thinking that I REALLY need to plan a trip to Seattle next March for Emerald City Comicon. First I see that Richard Dean Anderson is gonna be there, then Michael Dorn, and now Eliza Dushku?! How many more ways could I possibly geek out in one place?
Celebrity Guests Celebrity Guests are scheduled to appear on specific days, please check each guests' listing. All appearances are tentative and subject to filming schedules. All guests charge autograph fees unless otherwise noted. Richard Dean Anderson Richard Dean Anderson Best known as MacGyver, the clever and inventive nonviolent hero who solved problems in his own unique way for seven successful seasons on ABC, RDA also appeared as Colonel Jack O'Neill on one of televisions longest running sci fi show, Stargate SG-1, on which he also served as general producer. In addition, he has appeared on such popular shows as General Hospital, The Simpsons, Fairly Legal, and Raising Hope. Mr. Anderson will be appearing all three days of Emerald City Comicon. Jim Beaver Jim Beaver Having been a professional character actor for over 30 years with roles in Dallas, Tour of Duty, and Third Rock From the Sun, he is best known for his breakout role as Ellsworth in the HBO drama Deadwood and is currently starring on the ...
Making the plans for 2014's conventions and costumes!! I'm liking December being a break month... Whew. Anyway, cons first. So far, I have Amazing Arizona Comic Con and Albuquerque Comic Con in January, maybe WonderCon and Kon in April, trying for Comic Expo in May (hey, why won't it tag you guys!?) and obviously Phoenix Comicon which is now in June! And I wanna make it to Emerald City Comicon and New York Comic Con... finally. Hoping to come back for C4 - Central Coast Comic Con, Saboten Con, ah so many!! I need a twelve step program for this *** ! Remember, if you want me at a convention that isn't in Hawaii, pleaseplease contact the con and let them know! They'll listen to you, not me!!
So ya just looking at the Emerald City Comicon line up and... Alan Tudyk from serenity, Mark Sheppard from well everything, and Jim Beaver from Harper's Island. So yep I'm super excited now!
Richard Dean Anderson, Jim Beaver, Michael Biehn, Eliza Dushku, Cary Elwes, Emily Kinney, Michelle Nichols, J. August Richards, Mark Sheppard, Alan Tudyk and Steven Yeun! It's only October. I'm so ridiculously excited for the 2014 Emerald City Comicon! That's two from The Walking Dead, Two from Supernatural and two from Firefly. I am going to lose my mind.
2014 con's it would b awesome 2 c u at.. Kumoricon, Sakuracon, & Emerald City Comicon
Complete video of the panel at the 2013 Emerald City Comicon with Wil Wheaton and Paul & Storm. I took video from the front row, coupled with a separate comp...
yes and I stood like 2 feet from him at Emerald City Comicon
I think that falls on the same weekend as Emerald City Comicon. :/
If you aren't busy at the time, do you think you could make it to Emerald City ComiCon next year?
Probably not. In any event, that'd also put you right next to Emerald City Comicon, which is my yearly mecca now.
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have you or will you ever attend Emerald City Comicon? (If you do in future, I'd brave the crowds to see you.
Next year at Emerald City Comicon Dwight Shultz will be in attendance. I plan on getting this signed by him
I liked a video Meeting Norman Reedus and Sean at Emerald City Comicon. Call to friend
It's official! Project London will be at the 2014 Emerald City Comicon!
That should also be worth it, one of the reasons I trek up to the fishing village every March for Emerald City ComiCon.
Also you should come to Emerald City Comicon! It's huge and in Seattle so totally closer!
Thx again for the RT. Glad to see you're doing better these days. Hope you can make it out to Emerald City ComiCon next year
Phoenix Comicon and Emerald City Comicon both have diverse guest lists and large audiences open to discovering new stuff.
The date on the bag is for the 2011 Emerald City Comicon which was also my first con where got me my 2nd statue a Deadpool
I liked a video Cosplay in America @ Emerald City Comicon 2013
Last year the guy who got on the train asked for a show of hands in the car who was going to Emerald City Comicon.
Ever wonder what it would be like to go to Emerald City ComiCon with Jackie Kersten and myself? Well, wonder no...
"Maya Han and I at Emerald City Comicon. She's been a CosPlay…" via
when i was at emerald city comicon there was a booth selling dvd copies of XXX parodies of superhero flicks
Photoset: foxandcrow: joshualewis: Kids of Emerald City Comicon 2013 Going to this Comicon cemented the fact...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
at least Emerald City Comicon and Jet City and Stumptown aren’t that way yet. We have lots of awesome cons up here.
SO PRETTY: Emerald City Comicon program cover, the Bat-family! by Dustin Nguyen
Need to reserve an Artist Alley exhibit space for Emerald City Comicon 2014.
I'm securing a table for my novels at the 2014 Seattle Emerald City Comicon. Should be a ton of fun, but I might have to dress up as Bane.
I shall put that down next time I go to either Emerald City Comicon or Sakuracon. Yes, I've seen them both at either convention
Had to share this with my fellow cephalopod nerds! Got this great print at Emerald City ComiCon by Josh Ellingson
There! And these are just the new ones from Emerald City Comicon this year!
Omg. Misha Collins went to emerald city comicon. :(
This Week in D&D - Wizards of the Coast: A s I write this, it's the Friday of Emerald City Comicon. One of the...
Natalia Tena pics - Osha in - from Seattle's Emerald City Comicon early this month
Tried to get the Hyrule Historia at Emerald City Comicon. :( Dark Horse kept being sold out. (
Pam from - Kristin Bauer van Straten pics from Emerald City Comicon this month -
Don't miss our recap of Chris Sarandon at Emerald City comicon from earlier this month in Seattle -
X-Files fans - don't miss our report on Gillian Anderson at comicon in Seattle earlier this month - w/ pics
She plays Osha on - Natalia Tena pics from her Emerald City panel in Seattle earlier this month
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Natalia Tena at comicon in Seattle - that's Osha from Game of Thrones - pics
I got some great photos of Patrick Stewart at Emerald City Comicon 2 weeks ago. Here're some...
Natalia Tena at Comicon in Seattle - talking & - pics
Natalia Tena pics from Emerald City 2 weeks ago in Seattle, thats Osha from Game of Thrones & Tonks from Harry Potter
talks about Osha on at Emerald City Con
Natalia Tena - Osha on & Tonks in - panel pics from Emerald City this month
I know Emerald City Comicon was great when I wish I were still there two weeks afterwards. Well, here's to Norwescon!
If you missed this piece - Dirk Benedict was treated to quite a salute at Emerald City earlier this month -
Adam West and Burt Ward - Batman and Robin - told the old stories at comicon in Seattle earlier this month
Dan McKown at Emerald City ComiCon for Comics on Comics + Impromptu interview with Kurt Busiek!: via
Patrick Stewart made it so at Emerald City earlier this month - as in, he made a lot of Star Trek fans happy - pics
Chris Sarandon at Emerald City Comicon earlier this month - panel recap w/ pics
The LEGOs were a major hit at this year: “SeaLUG Display at Emerald City Comicon”
Patrick Stewart at comicon in Seattle this month - pics & recap -
xerxes93: I would just like to show you all the best Cosplay at Emerald City Comicon. All other cosplays can …
Did you miss Emerald City Comicon? You can live vicariously through the FlipOn.TV archives:
assorted geekery.: Beth's Exciting Day - bravestwarriors: caitastrophic: Went to Emerald City ComiCon this...
Foto: dtjam: Raphael - Emerald City Comicon 2013 I hope he was rewarded with a big pizza dinner after the...
Our Wrap Up is live. Find out what and were up to in Seattle! -
.: Not yet! We're still filming, but you can see our Season One trailer here:
Danai Gurira at comicon in Seattle - talking The Walking Dead and playing Michonne - recap w/ pics
Foto: krmayer: This originally debuted at Emerald City Comicon! I’ve always wanted to do a zelda fan piece,...
We saw Danai Gurira - Michonne - on at Emerald City Comicon check out her thoughts on the show
My experience of speaking on a panel at Emerald City Comicon 2013
Danai Gurira had her own panel at comicon in Seattle this month - lots of fans on hand - pics
Gillian Anderson earlier this month at comicon in Seattle - with pics
Are you suffering from Emerald City Comicon withdrawls? As a special thank you to our Emerald City Comicon fans,...
I'm 90% sure I asked my question at the Future of Comics panel here: but I don't have archive access to double check
Ep 1 of the No Continues VCast is live! Watch as and chat about Emerald City ComiCon!
Patrick Stewart was the highlight of Emerald City earlier this month - pics and panel summary -
That is how long it took me to get my badge on the Friday at Emerald City Comicon!
Adam West & Burt Ward at Emerald City earlier this month in Seattle - pics
dang, I would have answered: What are any two geeks at Emerald City Comicon. (Possibly & -just kidin
The panel was recorded & posted by Joe Harris on FB. When asked if Doggett would appear, he said yes!
Dirk Benedict was a little cantankerous at Emerald City earlier this month - but he got the best intro
Chris Sarandon talked about Fright Night - original & remake - and more earlier this month - pics
If you like that you have to see my daughter's Mad Hatter from ECCC!
the brass ensemble of 56th Army Band JBLM wowed the crowd as Dirk Benedict took the stage at Emerald City Comicon
Interview I did with wherein I probably get myself in trouble & the volume is SUPER low...
Here are some pics of the Super Hero costumes from ECCC 2013. Check them out and help us identify some:
Comic book fans recently gathered at the Emerald City Comicon. The costume-filled event was held
Mike Mignola and the King of Colors Dave Stewart at
Meeting the Once and Future Ms. Marvel scribes was a highlight of !
A glimpse of the type of streaming workflow used with the Tricaster for a big event. I want to pick up a SONY BRC
Burning question from the Gillian Anderson panel at Emerald City - does she actually drive a Nissan Leaf - find out
Great behind the scenes look at how the streaming workflow came together from
I was mentioned in an Emerald City Comicon panel! See and (& record Ep. 117 of PAH live!
Check out 's report from last weeks Emerald City Comiccon!
Today I decided to take a break from editing Emerald City Comicon photos. This break ended up in shooting more...
dtjam: Puss in Boots - Emerald City Comicon 2013 C’mon, Donkey, look at him and his wee little boots.
Andrew put up some photos from ECCC on his Prophet tumbr
Don't know anything about it. Do you have a link? All I can find for Emerald City is ComiCon. :-(
Dirk Benedict & 56th Army Band brass ensemble at Emerald City last weekend
Billy Dee Williams inducted as member of Lando Society at Emerald City last weekend
Gillian Anderson talked X-Files at Emerald City last weekend - panel recap & pics
Make sure to check back this weekend to see more Emerald City Comicon pics and more!
Chris Sarandon talked Princess Bride and Andre the Giant at Emerald City last weekend
Michael Rooker & Danai Gurira of were great at Emerald City Comicon last weekend, panel recap w/ pics
I liked a video from Emerald City Comicon Highlights
that's awesome! So are you coming to Emerald City Comicon in 2014?
Managing Editor Amanda Meadows wore this t-shirt to Emerald City Comicon. Our neighbors, dorklandia, had this toy...
Guys, Someone Cosplayed as the Hawkeye Initiative at Emerald City Comicon - If you need a...
In case you missed it, I discuss Emerald City ComiCon, Marvel, and Ice Warriors...
From on conventions vs Internet "No one brings a book for you to sign & says 'This is crap.'"
Photo: dtjam: Shockwave - Emerald City Comicon 2013 His role at ECCC was bigger than his part in Dark of...
Gillian Anderson panel at Emerald City last weekend was boss - recap & pics
Mag and Mrs Mag visit with Actor Christopher Lloyd at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle.
Dirk Benedict practically stole Emerald City Comicon with his wild panel -
Well, as it turns out, I didn't finish this one in time to wear to the Emerald City Comicon. I could have done, only I was having so much fun thinking up new elements to add, that I decided I'd rather take my time, than rush through it. I've been rushing through too many costumes lately!
Dirk Benedict - Faceman and Starbuck himself - was a bit controversial at Emerald City Comicon last weekend
Some of the best cosplayers descended upon Seattle, Washington this past weekend for the 2013 Emerald City Comicon. Hit the jump to check out an amazing collection of beautiful women dressed as some of your favorite comic book, anime, and video game heroines.
Dirk Benedict at Emerald City Comicon - the 56th Army Band of Joint Base Lewis-McChord played the A-Team theme
Yeah! Bleeding Cool has some Cosplay from Emerald City Comicon! Have a look!
Old pros Adam West & Burt Ward charmed the crowd at Emerald City Comicon last weekend
Billy Dee Williams is now a member of The Lando Society - it happened at Emerald City Comicon last weekend
It's asolutely killing me that I missed the Titmouse Animation panel at last weekend's Emerald City Comicon because A) they make Venture Bros., Mot
Remember the Hawkeye Initiative? The fabulous Tumblr uses Hawkeye to show the ridiculous poses female comic book heroes get stuck in by the people drawing them – like the one in the above photo. This guy at Emerald City Comicon tackled a literal interpretation, and it wins everything.
Wow I can't believe I haven't done an update yet! This last weekend was AMAZING. Emerald City Comicon was BIGGER than ever. 2 hour wait on Friday sucked but once we were in we got everything we wanted! Comicon Loot is as follows: 1. Exclusive for ECCC Green Phoenix Vinyl doll 2. Tote bag with shwag 3. Graphic Novels! 4. 2 amazing t-shirts 5. Bootleg DVD's including all of the classic Jonny Quest episodes, Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl cartoon Series, and Rare X-men cartoon After Comic con we headed to Re-bar Seattle for the Joey Arias show! So brilliant and entertaining and we got to meet him and get pictures and autographs. Then it was on to Raygun Lounge for ECCC after party. We saw Jessica Paradisco and Drew Paradisco perform as Catwoman and Wonder Woman...HAWT! Then we went up to R-Place to see Latrice Royale!!! THEN we went to ETG and hung out for a few, then went home and got crunk and stayed up til 6am. We had tickets fro Saturday's ECCC but we slept through it. After Friday's Epic- ...
Well, my birthday came a month early this year. My sister went to Emerald City Comicon this weekend and bought me a birthday present while there. She gave it to me today because she was afraid it would get damaged if she held onto it until my actual birthday. What was it? She purchased...wait for it...X-Men Yes, the final issue of the Dark Phoenix Saga, one of my favorite comic stories ever since I was a little kid, which I'd only ever read in reprints. Also cool: she stood in line for a couple hours to get it signed by Chris Claremont himself. Thanks, Kayla. :-)
the awesome Monika Lee and myself at Emerald City Comicon this weekend! - La asombrosa Monika Lee y yo en emerald city comicon este fin de semana!
I had a great vacation with my hubby. We went to the Emerald City Comicon, however ... his sister lives right near where the convention was. So, we did a bit of comicon and a whole lot of catching up with family. Bill is so happy to have reconnected with his beautiful sister and friendly brother in law. We saw deers and Bill saw an eagle. We ate really well as his sister is a woman who can cook amazing meals that are healthy and tasty. I learned a thing or two. Stories will be coming up about the icon and some photos, especially of Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon "The Walking Dead's" resident madman. I also have wonderful photos of Washington.
X-Files Comic Detailed, Mass Effect Ongoing Series: Each year, Seattle's Emerald City Comicon is one of the fi...
The full Emerald City Comicon panel I participated in!
If you didn't make it to Emerald City Comicon, here's a taste of what you missed!
Had a fantastic, exhausting time at Emerald City Comicon this weekend. I hear Phoenix Comicon also fun ;-)
Did any of our readers attend Emerald City Comicon this past weekend? How was it?
Emerald City Comicon! So my silence lately has been to do with the fact that I have been trying to get ready for an amazing Cosplay with my friends at ECCC. Months of work went into this, with many amazing failures and brilliant successes going into it. The original idea was for me to have a set of lightsaber bagpipes, but at the last minute, the system totally failed. However due to the amazingly hard work of Master Costumer Christine Townley (who I also refer to as "Mom"), who spent weeks with me studying and researching and her actually making almost all my Darth Maul costume, all the cloth parts of Rachel Dooley's costume (who played a Female Sith on Stilts) and many others, it was still a huge success! Thank you to Tricia Reed and Crystal Mitchel for their hard and patient work with makeup, to Trixie for the use of her hotel room, to Rachel Dooley for her patience and her and Crystal both coming over many times to work on getting things done in the wee hours of the morning. We even had to get up at 4 ...
Casey had a good time at Emerald City Comicon handing out Danger Room t-shirts to artists and writers we'd like to eventually have as guests, attending panels, and getting some books signed. What were the highlights for those of you that attended?
I feel incapable of summarizing how amazing Emerald City Comicon was in one status. Pictures with Christopher Lloyd and Patrick Stewart. Meeting Michael Rooker, Richard Horvitz, Rikki Simons, and Ben Templesmith. Getting waved at by Natalia Tena. Definitely a weekend I won't soon forget. :)
Emerald City Comicon brought The X-Files star Gillian Anderson before a crowd of awestruck fans to discuss her work and upcoming projects.
The ComicsAlliance crew has been making the trek up to Seattle for Emerald City Comicon for a few years now, with each trip delivering a
Merle Dixon, (Michael Rooker), graced the big hall this past weekend at the "Emerald City Comicon" (EMCC) in Seattle Wash. Wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap and sporting a backpackshe works here, he does more than his share. Another possibility would...
Thanks to minions Emily, Brandee, Molly and Jon, we had an awesome Emerald City Comicon. Did a TON od commissions, sold out of Captain Dan vs. the Kraken, sold out of our Phoenix Jones exclusive and generally had an awesome time.
Today, I went to Emerald City Comicon. I got photos with Misha Collins, Felicia Day, and Wil Wheaton. Gaze upon my bounty, and weep. (Rebecca, Angelica, Colleen, Eliza, Mary, and Michael should be the most jealous.)
Waited in line for over 4 hours to have Wil Wheaton sign my Emerald City Comicon program. FOUR. plus. HOURS. On the upside, the minions *loved* my sketches of Totero. I had a LOT of time to perfect them . . .
ECCC: A Bad *** Panel with Michael Rooker: "The Walking Dead" star took the stage at the Emerald City Comicon ...
I think it's crazier today than yesterday! Emerald City Comicon
Check out The Truth is in Here: Gillian Anderson at 2013 Emerald City Comicon (ECCC). #
ECCC: Oni Press "RevolutiONIze Comics": Oni Press brought several creators to the Emerald City Comicon to disc...
Greetings from the Great Northwest! It is the final day of the Emerald City Comicon and I have had a wonderful time thus far. Today is a big day for me as I will be making a presentation at 1400 hours (two pm for you non-space flier types!) in Room 201 at the convention center. Hope you can all join should be fun talking about life in outer space! You might even see that famous "rubber chicken" named Camilla SDO! The sights and sounds at this place have been amazing. I have met up with Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Wil Wheaton, Storm Troopers, Wookies and R2D2! My goodness, who'd a thought?! More adventures to come...I'm sure! Come see NASA today on the fourth floor, North end! Ad Astra!
Great second day Emerald City Comicon. Met Felicia Day and talked about soap and had Wil Wheaton sign a photo (he said he liked my brain slug). Can't wait to do some round up posts of an incredible weekend.
Got to meet Patrick Stewart today at Emerald City Comicon. I'd say that constitutes a good day.
Seattle is hosting Emerald City Comicon this weekend, which has us wondering: Who's your favorite comic book character?
Quote of the day, from Gillian Anderson, just leaving the green room at Emerald City Comicon: "It's so quiet out here. Those actors are loud."
Emerald City Comicon is here! The Pacific Northwest’s largest comic book and pop culture convention runs through Sunday. Check out some of the action with our photo gallery – planning to go?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Image by Tom Mohrman Today, on the first day of Emerald City Comicon, I saw a six foot model of a Borg cube done in Lego, Billy Dee Williams, Michael
Emerald City ComiCon: Holy dynamic duos, Batman! TV’s original Caped Crusader (Adam West) and his Robin (Burt Ward) will both appear at this year’s Emerald City Comicon, as will Star Wars alums Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian). That’s reason enough to go withou...
Waiting at the Emerald City Comicon to get our picture with The The Walking Dead Michael Rooker and Danai Gurira.
Congrats to on inducting THE Billy Dee Williams yesterday at Emerald City Comicon! Way to go!
Billy Dee Williams inducted into Lando Society at Emerald City Comicon -
What was not my best day at Emerald City Comicon yesterday, due to a laye cancellation by an artist I was looking forward to, was turned into an incredible day by an evening with good friends and good food.
Anyone got 2 passes to Emerald City Comicon? I forgot to get them online :(..
SWAG 77 has some Emerald City Comicon coverage. Billy Dee Williams, Carrie Fisher, Phil LaMarr and...
Thanks to all the NW Social Gaymers that came out tonight to Raygun Lounge for our Comicon party. We had a great turn out and raised a bunch of money for Lambert House. Thanks to DJ PBear for the tunes, Drew Paradisco and Jessica Paradisco for the superhero/villian performances, Chris Lange of Capitol Hillbillies, Tony Adkins artist for Wonder Women and all my friends for supporting the night. See you all at Emerald City Comicon tomorrow
Emerald City Comicon was cool but frustrating. They are so disorganized. I bought tickets months ago and it took me at least a half hour to get in. A friend of mine bought a ticket at the door and walked right in. Just not right. I'm afraid this is my last year. It's gotten too big and they obviously can't handle it. On the plus side, I did get some stuff signed by Chris Claremont and Richard & Wendy Pini...and I bought a KISS t-shirt. Glad to be home and going to bed.
Acquired all nine books in the Dark Phoenix saga plus the first appearance of Gambit and had them signed by Chris Claremont, found a smattering of other random back X-issues including Wolverine's wedding and "Professor X is a jerk," scored a dope Jason Vorhees sticker, had a nerdy chat with Brian Posehn, plus I am wearing a new Phoenix t-shirt. Overall, a successful Emerald City Comicon.
going to Emerald City Comicon tomorrow!!! Can't wait!! The original Batman and Robin will be there!! Adam West and Burt Ward.
Round 1 of Emerald City Comicon done. Got autographs from Billy Dee Williams, Michael Rooker and Wil Wheaton.
Tomorrow I'm most excited to see Danai Gurira & Michael Rooker from The Walking Dead but also pretty stoked about Sir Patrick Stewart Christopher Lloyd Chris Sarandon and of course, Billy Dee Williams at Emerald City Comicon tomorrow! In full nerd mode!
Look what sarahkuhn picked up for me! @ Emerald City Comicon
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Not even in the door yet at Emerald City Comicon and I've already seen Dead pool, Boba Fett, Harry Potter, Jean-Luc Picard, and a female Robin.
Israel Idonije will be on two Seattle stations tonight -- NWCN at 9:30 p.m. and on KONG TV at 11 p.m. Pacific Time talking about The Protectors and his trip to Emerald City Comicon this weekend.
It's here! Time for Emerald City Comicon. Today I'll be rocking a Van Helsing costume ala Unleashed from Zenescope Entertainment. Can't wait to see Felicia Day and Michael Rooker.
Emerald City Comicon opens its doors in just under 14 hours!! holy crap!
Tomorrow's the Big Day! We Flip On the feeds for Emerald City Comicon! Remember - three of our Live feeds are absolutely free!!
Be still my heart. Misha Collins AND Gillian Anderson at the Emerald City Comicon. Why must I live 3000 miles away?
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