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Email Address

An email address identifies an email box to which email messages are delivered. An example format of an email address is which is read as lewis at example dot net.

Direct Message

I am so sorry if you could DM your account email address I'll apply that for you. KL
Don't be afraid to use that old embarrassing college email address to a few extra times. We both know you stil…
Sadly, I've lost the email address it was linked to, so they won't do it. Didn't add a ph…
To sign up for new Mark Latham's Outsiders/Rebel Media partnership please go to: and enter name and email address.
recently I've started getting so much spam to my email address. Any way of stopping it?
I can email you one if you pm me your email address?
hi. How do I change my registered email on the MySMART app? My billing is being sent to an email address I no longer use.
Yes I got a confirmation email to which I responded and confirmed my address. Do you have an email or can s…
There are a number of verification websites available to confirm if an email address is fraudulent or not. Read more
Hi plz share the email address that was used to file this itax PIN No.A001676811T
Sent you a message through Kickstarter about a refund for Far West. Didn't have an email address for you. Please get in touch.
We can help you with that! Could we get your Star Club number and the email address that you use to access your account?
May you please give me your email address so i can elaborate more.
Please check your spam folder to make sure it didn't accidentally end up there. If you didn't rece…
If you call and say you got bounceback email and need to check address but won't tell me address you sent to then I know you are sales scum!
hi, I have a request of a change in the master league mode. Please can you send me your address so I can send an email/letter?
2/ email address for retailer / FB. I asked FB again. Silence. No response to reques…
Hi Antonia. Oh no! Please DM us your order no. and email address when you get a chance - we'll be in touch ASAP! Thanks, SJ
we apologise for any inconvenience. Please email us your address, contact details & issue to social…
Hi I'd love to email you a review idea please, what's your best email address?
"Launch your WordPress website in 60 seconds" is _probably_ not good to spam the Forums Password Reset email address with.
please could someone email me Sue Longs email address? Reference an interview
Watch me LIVE IN 2 MIN for FREE! Webcam ID FarahXXX1 Email address only HERE 👉 👈
Have you asked if this can be done via email? We should have your dad's e-mail address on his account that we could use ^Karl
We're sorry to hear about this recent experience. If you can DM your account's email address…
Thank you for this, could we please receive your contact number or email address?
I have dm you my email address this morning
.What's the best email address for your media relations team, please?
Hi, if you could DM me the email address used to create the label, I will look into this for you. Thanks, Gary
Hi Melody, how can you be reached? Please DM yours or your PA's email address and contact number?
Hi, can you please DM us the email address in the booking? ED
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
email address and we will make sure this is sent to the developers. Anything else please do drop us a line :-) /3
Sorry to see this Tom. Please pop over in a DM with your order number and email address and we'll jump on the case!
Please can you follow me so I can Dm you or give me an email address to send you my details? Thanks :)
Hey - could you DM us with your email address so this can be looked into. If this isn't your first mo…
email address to hotel keeps bouncing, please confirm hotel contact details re stay in July. Thanks
Hi Chris. We're following you so you can DM us your queries. Please include your full name, email add…
is there an email address I can email you on? I'm trying to report an incident but your contact us page won't work for me...
We have replied on the ticket submitted by you. Kindly check your registered email address associated with Zebpay. Thank you.
Yes, that's the email address I emailed you on. It was sent at 11.40am UK time.
Hey Harper! Yes. I can do that, do you mind sending me a DM with your email address?
A big thank you to everyone who participated in contest. Congrats kindly message us your email a…
We're here to help, Vida. Can you DM us more details about this as well as your email address and phone number so we can... 1/2
someone is using my email address for there PSN account can you assist? Thanks
If you're able to DM me with your full name, address and email, I'd like to look into rescheduling…
Watch me for FREE! TODAY ONLY FREE SHOW Webcam ID TeenJo114 Email address only HERE 👉 👈
Yeah, it cracks me up when people email libraries, a stereotypical female profession, and address it to Dear Sir.
Add this address to your email list: mgcampcrierYou can send classifieds, announcements, etc. to the editor!
Watch me LIVE for FREE! Webcam ID AndraXXX4 Email address only HERE 👉 👈
Hi Criag, can you send us a DM with your email address please?
I link my Xbox account on rockstar page,it doesn't link the account related to my email address and l…
Thanks for that information. Can you please DM your email address so depot management can investigate and reply directly? R
Could you please DM us the email address you are using and your reservations number please and we can look into this. ED
If you want to subscribe to my email list please fill in your name and email address - click here->…
Is there an email address or a place we could send questions to you or
We don't have a call centre in the Phillipines! Please DM your order number, email address, postcode a…
🏁We have a specially created Joma Teamwear Flyer that we can email out to teams. Inbox us your email address now and we'll be in touch🕓
Hi Amit! Can you please DM us your account's email address and a best email of contact? ^AD
GustoIDS Hi trying to contact you via email. Can't find your address. Can you help
Hi, I've had a trip refunded to an old debit card. How do I resolve this? Can't find an email address or contact number anywhere
To enable me to do so, can you DM me your full name, address and email? Thanks - Mike 2/2
Jackson said he's a fan of TVXQ and Jackson email address had SM in it 😳😆😆
SpotifyCares: noneed2askme Hi there! Can you DM us your account's email address or username? We'll take a look bac…
Just DM your booking reference, full name and email address. ^Stephen
Note to Merkel - Don't drunk text -Don't drunk email ... and don't address the nation drunk - hence the…
I know it's late but did I send the email to the right address?
Hey there! Mind to give me your email address? Thanks! :)
Hey Derrick, I'm sorry to hear that! Can you DM your email address so we can learn more about your vi…
Information about Oakden should be sent to a new dedicated email address: oakden
how are you doing Fiona , can we talk via my private email address ?
what's the best way to contact you? I only have your old email address.
We'd like to investigate! Could you share your email address through a Direct Message? Thanks.
we are looking to send some details our about our custom teamwear now available USA. Can you DM us a email address
Hi Karan! We can help you out with closing your account! When you can, just DM the email address of the account you'd like closed!
Hi Winston. We are so sorry about that! Please DM us the date, time, # of guests email address and phone…
Hey Kelsey, we wanna check this out. Can you drop us a DM with your order no. + email address?.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
What email address can I send a track for the crew to listen to? Song is titled OVO Funer…
Is there an order you need us to look into? If so can you please DM us your email address?
Pls DM me the itinerary number and email address associated with your reservation so I can take a look into this for you. ^ES
Hi Claire! I'm writing a piece on brand awareness. DM me with your email address if I can ask you a question or two. Thank you!
Sorry to see this Ben. Please DM us your full name, address and email linked with your account? I'll look…
Ah, yes! I see the email address now that I've scrolled down.
Hi Sasha! 😁 Can we know if you have entered the correct email address and password?
Hmm! Pop us over your full billing address, email address and date of birth in a DM so we can chase this up for you
Need to look up a HUD personnel employee email address?
You can add people to your team who has a fiverr account by using their "username and email address t…
Please send us a private message with your registered email address. Thank you.
Check out the link here. Also, we verify 20 different datasets to accurately find the email address.
9:30am start. Maybe get here at 9 for a coffee. Going until 4:30. Will email you address etc.
Hello, thanks for reaching out to us. For assistance with your refund, please send us a DM with your PayPal email address. ^AL
ATTENTION: my sister is looking for student engineers for learning in Benoni. DM for email address n her nr.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I know the promoter, want me to PM you his email address?
Marnie, we are so sorry to hear this and we are here to help. Could you let us know your email address linked to Airbnb?
Spotify now let's you disconnect a FB account and txfer to email address only. This is the last barrier that kept...
Then perhaps you can tell me one time she told the truth about her one device, one email address & her private server?. I'll w…
We'll email you directly, the most recent email address we have for you is with gmail
Jade, thanks for this information. Mind sending us a DM with your email address?
Our system shows this item may be available in a few stores. Please DM us your email address, we'll advise further. Thanks! MS
Hi - our support team can assist with this. Please DM this account with your email and address and they…
Hey Denny! I'll take a look into this. Can you please DM me your email address? -Melissa
Dear I am a Danish journalist going to Japan this summer. Can I get you email address? Best regards Jonas Rasmussen
We respond to emails within 24 hours. Write us your email address to private messages,we'll verify the situation
Kindly send us a DM with the email address, IMEI number, and Wi-Fi MAC address that can be found (cont)
Can you please DM your booking reference and email address used. LR
I cant seem to change my email address on RBS Online. It keeps sending me back to the log in page
the pwnage for my email address in the dump appears to be the same as the 2008 MySpace breach.
If your email address is on our mailing list, you will get an email when discount codes are available.
The rescue email is mine, it's not letting me put in the rescue email as the verification address..
Just this email address. It's sending me verification codes, which I'm entering in, the sec…
Hi, whenever an order is canceled an email is sent to your registered email address with more information. Kindly check. ^AK1/2
Here is our email address infoand our website -
thanks I've sent an email to the address you provided me with.
Let's check things out. Could you DM us your account's email address? /CX
Is there a number or an email address to lodge a complaint as a customer/consumer?
- I want to invite you to my Zumba event featuring Fabio Barros. Do you have an email address?
Hi Parul! We understand your concern :( Please DM us your alternate contact number and an email address so that we.. cont1
Hi Andy! Can you DM us the email address registered in your accounts? We'll check things out /CX
I am getting the spinning death wheel. My email address is mac37203 at yahoo. Please help. I'm frustrated.
Yes, they will email the code to your registered Amazon email address.
Hi, we should be able to get this resolved for you, please DM your UNiDAYS account login email addres…
We want to follow up on that support inquiry! Please DM us the email address and phone that is associated with your Uber account.
Dear - could you please fix your registration form? The character "+" is allowed in a email address!
Oh dear, I'm sorry about the unusual substitution that was provided, Li. Please could you DM your full name, address & email?
That's not cool. Could you drop us a DM with your contact email address? We'll get this chased up for you…
Hi, there. Please DM us your email address.
Countdown is on for the launch of my artists book on Kickstarter. DM me your email address for the launch newslet…
Earn by helping others! Send email address/name to get full details. Have a great weekend!
Hi Katie, please can you DM your surname, order number, email and postal address so we can look into it for you? Thanks.
Thanks for reaching out, Demi. Could you please provide us with your email address via DM? Hope to…
Happy to help, Kyle. Please DM the email address linked to your account so we can assist you further.
Follow me and I'll send you my website email address and we'll see if we can work something up for you. Hard wo…
Hi There, may we have the full name of the guest, email address used and flight details (destinations/dates)? -Prabu
Please may you private message us your email address & post code, we will then look into this for you. Thanks, Sam
Save button seems to be missing? Getting no response from the support email address.
You'd need to address that q. to our financial programming people - email indicated in call. We recommend…
Pop us over your email address, date of birth, billing address & voucher code in a DM so we can check for you.
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Hi Paul, could you send us a message with your email address please?
Sorry to hear that! Please DM the tracking num, your email address and the collection address and we'll look into this. Zara
Sorry to hear about your return! If you can pop over a Direct Message with your email address, order number (1/2)
I'm sorry Michael, we don't have an email address that you can use. The best thing to do would be...
I'm interested in talking to Mike Colman, could you send me his email address?
don't blame MBK on members' instagram. here's MBK email address. if you want to blame . mbk2015
I have a complaint against the local Dubai dealer here and I would like the email address for the company's global complaints.
why do I open obvious spam? Because to think an email address can't be found is to think as far as they can.
Hi Nancy, please DM us with the email address linked to your Uber account and we will be more than happy to help.
Change the ‘From’ Email Address in the iOS 10 Mail App on the Fly With This Handy Trick!
keeps giving me license key / email address suspended error. Any fix for this?
Just a phone number and an email address like all of this is so weird and mysterious it feels like a scene from a kdrama
Too many subscribe attempts for this email address. Please try again in about 5 minutes. (
thanks. did a search of the email address and found it. Not sure why it wasn't in my inbox this week but last week it was
My Victory email address is grayed out in the 'account' section of your website. How do I change it?
What about telling you there is a capital letter in their email address?
Just checking in. Do you still need assistance? If so, feel free to DM us with your PayPal email address. Thank you! ^MC
FYI - if you're applying for a job & your email address is "A.State.of.Decay" or anything besides your name, don't expect a response
Just sent you an email to your booking address. I'm a Tech student, would love to connect.
Brown Only $20.34 give us your email address and Receive on check out. Free Shipping.
Kristina Pohlmann Visit my Website for LIVE CHAT on SKYPE and EMAIL ADDRESS
Sorry to hear this. Please DM us your Fitbit email address & preferred contact email address so we can fu…
your Direct Message with your case number, email address, phone number, and preferred callback time. ^Aat 2/2
2/2 your booking ref, email address and your full name. ^Linds
There's power in a good, tight edit. Gotta keep it tight, gotta keep it right. The second thing I look for is an email address.
can you please provide me with an email address I can contact to resolve this issue. A phone number is not suitable ta 2/2
But the responses are so fun to write! Still remember when got an email from "Ellohime" where th…
Hello Rashmi, you will not be able to enter Australia without a valid visa. How did you apply for yo…
We can help! Just DM us your account email address and we'll make sure you're unsubscribed.
If you would like to receive severe weather alerts via email (txt to phone coming soon) PM me your email address...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Hi Brandon! I definitely want to help you out with that message. Can you follow and Direct Message your account's email address?
Hey Jordan! DM us your order info and the email address you want to change it to and we'll be…
Check spam, new email address...again
.Please tell Jarrid Clemsen in Iowa to stop buying pizzas using my email address.
Hi, I'd be glad to help you with that issue. Can you please DM the device you use and the email address in your account? *LL
Sure. I can drop you a download link. Just let me know the best email address to send…
Hey! Can you send us the email address you use with Spotify in a DM? We'll be happy to take a look unde…
Hi, please DM us your registered email address so we may assist you further. Thanks!
Hey Scott Kalfman ! If you want to submit music then my email address is
Hi Jascopo! Please DM us your email address and we'll be happy to help!
Could you please DM your registered email address? Thanks!
This story is internally inconsistent. How could these highly skilled hackers blackmail via email sent directly from home IP…
Free PDF covering all things To get it send name & email address to donand…
I have a few domains, unlimited email boxes, can give you an email address box to try out
God bless conservatives for giving out their details so easily. . About to donate to planned parenthood with my new…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Looking for a company to oversee/do interior design & office partition for a 1,625 sq. feet space. DMs open. Send me your ema…
Hi Beth, message us your email address and I'll connect you.
Let's Mn! Every dollar you donate to defeat Crooked Hillary will boost my ranking in the official Donald Trump app:
Sir, I am big fan of yours. Is there an email address where we can write to you?
Hi it would be great to chat with you at some point. Could you please DM your email address? TIA.
Please read and comment to email address provided in article, SPEAK UP NOW!
I'm not saying everyone needs to sign him up for things but just in case here's his email address
DRUM ROLLS!. Here's the 2nd winner for Question 7: Kindly DM us your email address & phone number
I can't access my flickr feed because my yahoo address is connected to an email I don't have access to anymore. Help!
If you are against the cutting of 2244 trees in Bangalore, please email the BBMP at the address specified halfway down this…
please let me get your email address to discuss about marine cable procure for Saudi Aramco
Hey New T-Shirt Alert! Send me your email address and shirt size! Invoice will be sent after
maybe I should call Sean Spicer at home, or use his personal email address...
Last chance to get a Valentine! Email your mailing address to info
when i fill the form, it says "provide email address" and I do not see an option for the same, so cannot submit my concern
Please DM us the referee and referrer email address for us to assist you on the same
Well he put his email address out here have fun
No. This has been my only email address for years.
Oooh I like that idea. I'll DM you my email address and hopefully hash something out
Congrats U have won an Ollie Doll. Plz send ur contact details (address, phone no & email) through DM.
. If anyone needs an invite feel free to DM me a email address and I'll send out one
Mike been a long time. Wanted to see about possibly shooting for you again this year. Can you DM me an email address
. DM me an email address and I'll send you an invite
Hey public university faculty new to political activism, please don't use your .edu email address to It's likely a…
Apologies for the inconvenience. Send us a DM of your order confirmation code & email address so we can…
Ok. PM your email address and we'll send you the unedited vids & pics.
ALSO: check your email address on your site.
Policy from interactions with profile page you may be matched to help others can change to remove from the email address
Sean Spicer’s personal email address and phone number leak after he declined $10 security measure
I just replaced my public email address with a profile. You can now reach me here:
This issue can not be resolved via phone. Please write to carefrom your registered email a…
Watch me LIVE for FREE! Webcam ID Crissy998 Email address only HERE 👉 👈
Sorry for the trouble here. Let's take a look for you. Please DM the email address to your Uber account so we can connect.
Enable your Email Address for communications with RingMail from the iOS App Store:
We tried calling you but couldn't breeze through. However, we've shared an email to address your concern. Please check.
Never, ever give your email address to - their spam game is very strong and the unsubscribe server is broken.
So, we are working on a new sports app and I need people to play the beta version can I send you an invite to play? DM your email address.
phone number registered, location, email address and the ID number, to ensure I have the correct data. For self service
We've successfully reset & the password will be sent to yr mobile number & email address. TQ-Fiza
TO COLLEGE STUDENTS: You DO NOT have to buy a Microsoft to get Microsoft Office just use your student email address to g…
Thanks for that information. Could we also know the email address used with this promotion? ^Pat
Hi😉. Kindly DM below with the proof of payment ya :. Name: . NRIC .:. Mobile Number:. Address:. Email:. (1)
there is no 'help' functionality on the Windows phone app. Can you please provide an email address I can contact with a query?
email me amount and address. We have Spanish as well.
hi, I don't know your email address but I sent the payment
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
2: email address or username via DM. We'll take a look backstage /UF
United States, Ireland, and you email address book contacts at any time using other purposes associated with your imported
hard copies are available from me - DM me and let me have your email address and I'll send details
Hello Prabhu! Could you please DM us your contact number and Email address? We'd like to assist you further.
Can't access my yahoo account and none of my validations are active, meaning I don't have a number nor the email address anymore
Please DM your booking reference, full name, home and email address. ^Steph 2/2
cont1.. email address, contact person, contact name, time of call, time of visit, reason for visit. We will have this.. cont2
Thanks for connecting. If you would like to explore our travel platform, please provide us with an email address
How to check if an email address really exists
My email address, and I don't talk there
Dear *** web developers: '+' is a valid character in an email address. RTFM, I.e. RFC5233.
An email arrived yesterday from Gupta Media reporter Sipho Jack. It came via a Gupta Media address so is...
Can you tell me your customer service email address? I need to get in touch with them. Thanks
Our apologies. Please follow and DM full name on booking and your email address to share your concerns with management. -AM
we regret the inconvenience caused. Please DM your contact number and email address and our team will contact you.
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please send Send ur name, address, cell, email and item to order. Payment thru BDO or LBC.
yes. Was hoping you cd give me an email address/contact details for lost & found at T5 in case memb of staff found it?
your full name and the passengers name, as well as the email and billing address on the booking. ^Steph 2/2
Hi, pls DM me ur MWEB email address. I take it speed test was done with nothing running in the background or other devices on?
Get more info about promotional packages! DM your email address immediately.
Hi! May I have the email address linked to the HS account and a best contact one via DM? ^VS
Please send your email address to allison at so you can be incl. in upcoming candidate article
its Trojan 10bet insist on sending £16.50 to a merchant ID rather than my paypal email address paypal comfirmed this impossible
you need help to join the Illuminati, ok send $100 USD either by PayPal or transfer to my email address that I provided.
Those who have watched MSG 2 maximum times, please email your name, Phone no., address and copies of movie tickets to msgth…
Reverse email inquiry will have the capacity to get you anyone's email address... via
what's your email address? Want to discuss something regarding with you!
PHP / Check that a variable is a valid email address. More on
Hi Could you send me your email address? Wanted to send something to you! :)
I'd love it. I'll send you my email address. Thank you.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
3/3 Please provide us with your email address via DM here. to create a case. Hear from you soon!
His email address is salty424Please send yours.
My womb is such an underutilized space in my email address AGAIN.
On the WAY of chance this IS legit and it's you, just DM or email me, since you clearly have my email address... LOL
pop your order number, email address and date of birth to us in a DM - we'll check it out!
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