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Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran is the host of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in New York on Z100 and in syndication on Premiere Radio Networks.

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Woke up and heard Elvis Duran buying Apple computers for Bethany and Danielle after spillling accidentBoss evermy Morning
VOTE for Home guys! You can vote as many times as you want!
Go vote for Home on Elvis Duran ' s Top 5 Support
Vote for Work From Home here: this is an important voting and you can vote as many times you want!
Elvis Duran is picking good ones this week ♫ 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) by Madonna —
On my way to Elvis Duran to play Hit & Run this early morning 👏🏼 Find the song on .
Elvis Durán died the next day of his birthday by a rope placed by rioters [...]
BRB - just listening to cover of on REPEAT 😍
they should have stuck with the original plan. By the by, you were great on Friday on the Elvis Duran Show.
is there supposed to be music playing at the same time as the Elvis Duran Show right now?
Elvis Duran: Get Fall Out Boy to be on the Elvis Duran Show every week - Sign the Petition! via Change
idk my brain hurts.z was announced on Elvis Duran Show, he rt'd within the hour. surely some1 on his team would've rt'dSirius
Jewelry with a Meaning | Elvis Duran and the Morning Show via
Elvis Duran Show this morning. Made my day! ! 😂 >>>
All winter get updated lists of school delays and cancellations with Elvis Duran and the Kiss Morning Show on...
the only sources im finding this on are hip hop websites but they confirmed it on the Elvis Duran Morning Show about it so
thomasrhettakins got the sweater memo @ Elvis Duran & The Morning Show
singing Love Yourself on the Elvis Duran Show just made my entire day 😍
Elated to see one of our SILAN interpreters rocked Elvis Duran's house.
📹 Carla Marie from the Elvis Duran Show taking about seeing Darren at the VS Fashion Show via her...
OKAY. So I was listening to 96.5 Cleveland. Bc yano the Elvis Duran in the Morning Show is hella hilarious
Scotty B from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show does that too and everyone went ape on him
I found more pics from the Elvis Duran Show ✨✨
I love hearing Elvis Duran and the Morning Show 😂😂😂😂
Listening and loving the Elvis Duran Morning Show. Best show ever
YGC was on Z100 Elvis Duran Show this morning!
alright so this weekend I'm going to the bar by myself...apparently...based on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show...
she may have downloaded the acoustic performance from the Elvis Duran Show & converted it to MP3 because that is the only (c)
So proud of The Legacy of 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' | Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
troye Sivan singing Youth live on Elvis Duran Show is my religion
will you ever release an acoustic version of youth for iTunes or Spotify as I loved it on the Elvis Duran Show
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
how nervous were you for performing on the Elvis Duran Show
LIVE on 7 A.M. In Miami Traffic Listening to Elvis Duran in the Morning Show!!
*** so nicks going to be on GMA and Elvis Duran?
Maybe Radio Disney meant Elvis Duran instead of GMA bc Elvis has them on at 8am but GMA is on til 9. I'm excited tho! Hope it's both!!
did u see the Elvis Duran interview when she said she's never playing it
So Elvis Duran, GMA nemi is going everywhere to announce the tour I guess
Elvis duran is on at like 7 am here
little mix can whip up an acapella on the spot like when they did "how ya doin'" on Elvis Duran they pulled it off like it was nothing ***
I liked a video from Carrie Underwood Performance | "Smoke Break" on Elvis Duran Show
Happy Birthday Froggy! I hope your day was great! Love listening to you on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show!
Here's a clip of Halsey talking on Elvis Duran the other day : ✨
do u not like empty gold lol on Elvis Duran u made it sound like u hated it
adele-theoneandonly: Adele on iHeartRadio (Elvis Duran), listen here
just heard on Elvis Duran this week, she's great!
If you don't think little mix are talented just watch their acapella version of how you doing on elvis Duran and come back to me
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Elvis Duran called Heartbeat a is not. It's called background vocals.
Elvis Duran & The Morning Show on Instagram: “Were you tuning in to our interview with the...
Always gotta listen to the Elvis Duran Morning Show.
was a guest on Elvis Duran's radio show
just got thru to the Elvis Duran in the Morning Show
Selena at Elvis Duran & The Morning Show in New York yesterday! (2)
INTERVIEW: Darren Criss Stopped By for a Morning Show Sing-A-Long | Elvis Duran and the Morning Show -...
WATCH: Check out Elvis' Feature on Nightline | Elvis Duran and the Morning Show via
Elvis Duran and the Morning Show is a great start to my work days. Rep'n NYC by way of Olean NY.
Photo: Darren at the Elvis Duran Show this morning on September 24, 2015
Why do all the callers on the Elvis Duran in the Morning Show all sound the same
when your sis works for Elvis Duran & the Morning Show...
Hey that Elvis Duran Show *** Bring back the big bad morning. Too much talking, and no music playing
Elvis Duran and the Morning Show makes my day
Check out "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Photos" at
The host of the mega-popular ???Elvis Duran and the Morning Show??? embarked on a dramatic weight-loss journey that has led him to lose
Elvis Duran is playing clips of Paul Frees recording the Haunted Mansion spiel 😍🇺🇸😁
"justin on Ellen". "justin on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon". "justin on the Elvis Duran Show" http…
When sings "Elvis is dead." My 6yo screamed "Elvis Duran?!?!" I had to reassure her is very much alive.
Radio personality Elvis Duran and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian are cameoing in Sharknado 3 as themselves. Because why not
on the Elvis Duran Morning Show they said that if you're a guy that doesn't like sports then that means they're *** STFU
the girls better go on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show when they're in NY for promo. A lot of people across the US list…
Elvis Duran: "Who has time to go to the gym twice a day?" Kevin: "Someone with no job." Ha omfg!
Elvis Duran in the Morning Show's phone taps make my morning 😂😂😂 even though I rarely listen to the radio. 😭
Elvis Duran just said, "my refrigerator doesn't fart wen I pull my meat out." 😭😭😭
Jessie J will be at The Elvis Duran Show tomorrow morning at 8AM ET to premiere ‘Bang Bang’ with a live performance!
I'm in the car going to pick up Bradley and listening to Elvis Duran and The Morning Show.
*** sure would, but I thought this was a hip hop station my G. Tuning into Z100 very slowly... . Ebro = Elvis Duran
You know you're up early when Elvis Duran isn't on yet..
Have you heard? If you listed to Z104 FM, you may have. Elvis Duran and the Morning Show will be heading to the...
Duran Duran, when fair ground prizes were good 👍 my sister won a Duran Duran mirror the other sister won an elvis mirror i won a fish
Behind the scenes of and the JJS Morning Show..
Elvis Duran "The best rumour you heard about you?". Ashton "I heard I had 2 children, I was like oops"
Elvis Duran Show this is a great contest!
On elvis duran they were talking about "ghosting" people. Realized I have done that like 20+ times and I'm sorry to you all
Entertainment Recap: March 18th, 2015 - 'Get all the Hollywood headlines from Danielle Monar'
Everyone!! Let's get me on the Elvis Duran Morning Show to sing my new song MAYBE. Tag in…
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Baby Cracks Up at Mom Eating Chips - 'Who knew eating chips was this funny?!'
Finally.My First Intern Blog! | Morning Show Interns on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show via
Deciding between Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and the breakfast club should be your only struggle in the morning
Is it sad that Elvis Duran phone taps make me laugh a lot more than Richard and sals phony phone calls ?
UPDATE: 'Game Of Thrones' Interactive Advent Calendar - 'Unlock new exclusive content every day!'
We're SO stoked to have the on 102.5 KISS mornings!
Elvis Duran is explaining exactly how my last two relationships went
Listening to Elvis Duran racist phone tap, this dreadful *** Indian accent broken English and all tryin 2 get the caller to use epithets
This is elvis Duran in the Morning Show, you've been phone tapped.
South Florida concert & we want Elvis Duran there! Emcee the event for us & help! Pediatric cancer families in South Florida.
M-C: At RadioDays Conclave..Z100's Elvis Duran gives the key to to being a successful talent. VIDEO.
Elvis Duran and the Morning Show is fueled by the Human Bean in Bend!
Yeah got on Elvis Duran in the Morning Show no big deal
I just got followed by Love the show, man! :D much prefer you over Elvis Duran.
Bruh, the Elvis Duran Show just had to announce that JLange won't be on season 5. 😭
Advice on how to prep your show from top rating Z100 jock Elvis Duran.
Shh! Tune in tomorrow to Z100’s Morning Show for a special surprise by Spark Hospitality for Elvis Duran!
Has the Elvis Duran Show created the largest collection of prank calls on radio 4a show? U must done 2,500
.I heard about it on the Elvis Duran Show this AM. Just trying to hook a sista up! ;)
Elvis Duran and the Morning Show cracking me up this morning
Elvis Duran and the Morning Show are headed to Mexico! Ask me how you can join the party and save up to $50 per person!
Yes! Did you listen to her live performance this morning on the Elvis Duran Show?
seriously killed it on the Elvis Duran Show. I'm so ready for her to go on tour now.
2015 Best and Worst Dressed at the Oscars | Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
Penn State's THON getting some love on the Elvis Duran in the Morning Show right now
Omggg on the Elvis Duran Show I'm dying with the feels 😍😍😍
OSCAR results all morning with Elvis Duran and KISS Morning Show. LISTEN LIVE:...
you'll appreciate a new follower I have, I think... Greg T from Elvis Duran Show :)
That's Elvis Duran! From NYC. Has a syndicated radio show in the US:
5 Seconds of Summer Performs As Part of the iHeartRadio Live Series! | Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
agree with u Greg people forget it's called Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, thanks for the laughs U D MAN
plz this show is my new drug after the Elvis Duran Show of course.. send me telegram.. smoke signals.. fax I wont tell
In an interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show’s The Josh Podcast, Bad News Barrett spoke about his...
Nick will perform. "LET'S GO TO MEXICO! | Elvis Duran and the Morning Show via "
When someone reaches out to your from the Elvis Duran Morning Show about your brand sponsoring their latest and such an amazing giveaway...
PICS: 'Walking Dead''s Norman Reedus is SHIRTLESS | Elvis Duran and the Morning Show via
Elvis Duran (Z100 CEO)- "You are the first Artist to have their music on the Empire State Building" (on Alicia Keys) *tear*
DEADLINE.COM reports, "five days before the official relaunch of TVGN as POP, the network’s Pres. BRAD SCHWARTZ made his first TCA appearance to give TV critics a preview of what its identity and programming. POP, which officially launches JANUARY 14th, announced four unscripted shows in development." One of the shows is a docu-series starring iHEARTMEDIA syndicated and Top 40 WHTZ (Z100)/NEW YORK wakeup star ELVIS DURAN. The ELVIS DURAN Project will follow DURAN and his ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Elvis and the gang , get their own TV show!.
I heard this on Elvis Duran this morning. I love it!
Kelly Clarkson Drops New Single ‘Heartbeat Song’: . Kelly Clarkson called into the Elvis Duran and The ... -
Elvis Duran replay Channel is 10am-ish. On demand has to be loaded manually and there are some issues. Sorry.
Kelly Clarkson is back with a new album "Piece By Piece", have a listen to her radio interview here:
.has just confirmed on the Elvis Duran Show that her new album will be released on March 3rd!
Did you hear Kelly Clarkson new song?
Greg T Predicts the Sex of Garrett and Aly's Baby (AUDIO + PICS)
Just heard a fellow bozeman montana resident (aka bozemanite) get through to Elvis Duran!!!
ICYMI: on Elvis Duran, Kelly said her new album will be called Piece by Piece. And will (should) be released the first week of March.
A list of things I don't understand: Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.
Driving to work and listening to Elvis Duran.
I didn't miss the Elvis Duran Show at all only in the car for five min and they've already been sexist and ignorant to mental illness 😪
This morning the Elvis Duran Show played a sound clip from Matthew McConaughey speaking at the golden globes. Such a beautiful sounding man
My autographed shirt finally showed thanks to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show crew for signing it…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Audio: Kelly Clarkson calls into the Elvis Duran Show to premiere her new single Heartbeat Song
Elvis Duran Show - We have Kelly Clarkson ON-AIR at 6 am to Radio Premiere her new single LIVE:
You know you're up early when Elvis duran PRE Morning Show is on 😑🔫
We have your chance to win tix to the tomorrow morning with Elvis Duran & Wild Morning Show at 8:25
Elvis Duran and the KISS Morning Show: When severe weather strikes the Valley get the latest school delays and...
yeah Elvis Duran is out of NYC I'm sure Olly will be stoping by there next week!
Yeah, I guess the show was like Elvis Duran, who goes on the air every weekday morning on all I Heart Radio stations.
Yes I did hear for sure it is Monday! I live in the US. She will be on live on Elvis Duran radio show 7am EST!
jobs death secret Elvis Duran was the zodiac and now I am in charge
I rarely listen to morning radio anymore, but Elvis Duran is really making me miss Kidd Kraddick this morning 😔
Taylor Swift has a secret...We can't tell you what's happening, but we CAN say that you definitely don't want to miss it! Listen tomorrow morning with Elvis Duran & The Wild Morning Show! Listen anywhere:
on the Elvis Duran Show. Thank you for helping spread the word.
SAME! They played it during the Elvis Duran Morning Show today, it was awesome.
Up at the crack of dawn to perform on the Elvis Duran Show! Now must nap before show at…
Turn your radios on!! Postmodern jukebox is killin in on Elvis Duran Show
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I actually threw up today listening to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. I still love them though
This is Elvis Duran from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, you've just been phone tapped!
I heard you on the Elvis Duran Morning Show. You made my day. I have a relationship dilemma. I wonder if you could help
Wow like Bethany on the Elvis Duran Show fruitcake isn't bad like everyone says
good morning I am soo Happpy to here that...I miss u on Elvis Duran Show..have a bless weekend
morning reality checks always keep me balanced. Who else listens in to the Elvis Duran & the Morning Show?
Elvis Duran and he Morning Show isn't the same without TJ... His sound clips from people bugging out in public were classics
Right now: Rutgers alum panel includes Web Girl Kathleen & Carla Marie from Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show!
Jimmy so glad you did the right thing..Radio is nothing without Elvis Duran & the…
'Elvis Duran and the Morning Show' goes purple for | GLAAD
Kiesza performs Hideaway live on the Elvis Duran Show.
Amazing Work Elvis Duran ! We are Dave & Nicole from promoting strong relationships.
Ricky Cruz from Bloomington won $100 this afternoon on Hits 100.7. Listen tomorrow morning to Elvis Duran in the...
This new commercial will have your eyes tearing up... grab a tissue!
Have Elvis Duran Show pay your bills! Click below to find out how!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Elvis Duran phone taps make my drive so much better lol
This is pretty funny. One of the locations in New York was featured on a TV show called...
i had a dream that Elvis Duran was premiering the girls' Christmas album Lmao
The Elvis Duran and the Morning Show makes me want to be on the radio instead of in the medical field 😂
my son left his collar up this am; told him he looks like Elvis. He ran down to daddy and said I look like Elvis Duran today!😜
Elvis Duran- . Happy Columbus Day, guess Christopher was right the world is round. . But your chest is still flat,...
Elvis Duran was on point this morning! 👌
Why is it that Elvis Duran and bobby bones both play music at the same time?
Dear Storm,. Two things...1. I would really like to see the road! And 2. YOU'RE INTERRUPTING MY ELVIS DURAN!! Fix yourself!. Sincerely, Paige
I've gotten through to elvis Duran twice and they hung up on me. Lol
Danielle's laugh is what makes Elvis Duran
Me and Elvis Duran and a couple of photo bombers.
Peep what Taylor Swift had to say about her new album 1989 with the Elvis Duran Show.
Wheres all my Elvis Duran and Morning Show peeps? I KNOW you guys are watching..
Make sure you're listening to the Elvis Duran Show tomorrow morning at 7am for your first shot to be a
Bebe Rexha, Elvis Duran, and Bethany Watson will be guests at this year's Pep Rally! Click here for more info
If you've missed it, listen to Taylor's interview with here:
Taylor will be on the Elvis Duran Show for Halloween!!! I hope she wears a costume!!
LISTEN: Taylor Swift called into the Morning Show Friday to talk about her new album
ELIVS DURAN AND THE Morning Show INTERVIEW 10 OCT . Taylor did a phone interview from London today on Elvis Duran...
Living with Acromegaly, a Rare Hormonal Disorder:…: Froggy from the Elvis Duran Show
LISTEN: Taylor Swift talked to Elvis Duran Show about her new album "1989"
no they measured him in the Elvis Duran Show. He is 71" without the quiff meaning he is around 5ft 10".
WAKE UP, WKAE PU(sorry, didn’t have my cup of coffee yet)..Thats better..WAKE UP, Elvis Duran is kicking...
Please Post the FULL Video of UR cover 'Stay With Me' from Elvis Duran's radio show-Thanks!!
Oh I'm playing on the bridge. .listening to Elvis Duran Show " Hello Lady " and eating donuts. .
If could stop playing "Happy" as the first song after Elvis Duran Show that would be AWESOME
the Elvis Duran Morning Show featured it. Hubs thought we'd laugh
God I love Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
Seriously, I live for the Elvis Duran Morning Show. It's the only thing that's good in my life before lunch. ❤
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My ICE Bucket Challenge from Jonathan Hurley! I challenge the following people, Rick Tucker John Grisham, Elvis Duran, Barbara Walters and Hillary Clinton! You have 24 hours to respond; Make a Difference and Donate, together we can find a CURE to ALS.
Pentatonix - Angels We Have Heard on High Live on Elvis Duran: via
Listening to Elvis Duran on my way to work. They're at the fair today and talking about food. They have stereotypical banjo music in the background. First person that calls in from Des Moines says "Hey y'all glad y'all are here." Welcome to Iowa, home of the farmers and hillbillies.
Celebs wish Elvis Duran a happy birthday: Z100 veteran morning DJ Elvis Duran got a surprise last week for his big 50th birthday from...
the Elvis Duran Show will never beat bobby bones
may be the best hashtag ever.. Just one more reason Froggy is my fav on Elvis Duran and The …
I love the Steve Harvey Morning Show & the Elvis Duran Morning Show...they are so funny!!
Lea Michele opens up about Cory Monteith and Cannonball / Elvis Duran
Everybody loves a good phone prank, and there's nobody better at it than Elvis Duran and The Morning Show.
The only bad thing about weekends is no Elvis Duran Show. Oh well.
Everyone loves this stuff! It was on Elvis Duran, Housewives of Orange County, Dance Moms, it's trending! Get in on the crazy, get awesome mascara that is actually GOOD for you! Click below to get yours!
Did you work with Carla Marie when you were with Elvis Duran?
Elvis Duran Show is waking you up on the weekends Listen live heere>>>
That was an interesting recreation of Duran Duran's Hungry Like a Wolf featuring Elvis and burlesque aliens!
My business was trending on Elvis Duran Show!
We were mentioned in the What's Trending segment on Elvis Duran Show!
I love how the Elvis Duran Show says that lawyer crap & at the end says THANK YOUUU!
I wish they ain't mention it on The Elvis Duran Show.
Update: Kayla from Fort Walton Beach just guessed $115...and that guess was TOO LOW. Your next chance to play Q92's Free Money High-Low Game is Monday morning between 8 and 9 with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show!
Uncle Johnny I finally get to see what you look like..what a handsome man I would say you are cuter than Elvis Duran for sure
Set de fotos: ed-kward: Ed Sheeran on his new music - Elvis Duran Morning Show X
My day is always better when I listen to Elvis Duran n my fav Morning Show!!! And sorry but I Love Doin the topic train!
Phone tap on Elvis Duran Show was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing.
Recently featured on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show!. Our Easter sale is happening...
Elvis Duran: READY FOR THE WEEKEND: Featuring Greg T - It's the freakin' weekend baby, I'm about to have me some...
Ladies my 3d fiber lash mascara is what's hot and trending now it was just on Z100 radio station Elvis Duran Show with Carla Marie what's trending if she loved it enough to talk about it on the radio you will love it to come ask me how to get them or how to become a presenter for the company called Younique it's about time you made that extra cash come join my team.In my pic a young dancer with one eye without 3d fiber mascara the other pic with 3D fiber lash mascara font you want this look
That Elvis Duran phone tap about the bunny was hilarious!!
*** this looks painful. A guy filmed himself sneezing for two months straight!. Here’s the compilation:. WATCH:...
I just won an Elvis Duran tshirt playing What Does Uncle Johnny Know with Elvis, Uncle Johnny, and Rob Shuter! Can't believe I got thru!
The Elvis Duran Show is breaking eggs over Greg T's head right now.looking for the hard boiled egg. Listen LIVE here:
Elvis Duran: WATCH: Justin Bieber tells Paparazzi, Don't talk to me!
KFC debuts fried chicken corsage for prom via
I can't believe u followed me! I love the Elvis Duran Show so much and u are so funny! Thank you so much for following me!
I can't stand the people that call into the Elvis Duran Show.
The only bad part about having today off today is I missed the Elvis Duran Show..
Being schaeufered (however you spell it) to work this AM had to shhh Bo tho BC he was interrupting my Elvis Duran Morning Show lol
I have a Easter drink for u Tara Beth Jenkins Moore I just heard it on Elvis Duran it has orange, pineapple juice, banana liquor, with whipped vodka, and a peeps on the side
were you just listening to him on Elvis Duran?! I love that wiggle song 😍🎶🎧
Another to get you to LA and the and maybe even walk the -
is playing the new right now on Elvis Duran & Wild Morning Show.
The Lord & Taylor Free Trip Phone Tap is on the way at 7:20! Turn on the Elvis Duran Show for your chance to go to Universal Orlando Resort to see The Wanted Listen LIVE here:
3D Fiber Lashes were just mentioned on the Elvis Duran Morning Show's trending report! WE ARE FAMOUS!
Can't wait to wake up to listen to the Elvis Duran Show! 😍☺
Did you hear?? Younique was talked about on the Elvis Duran Show from NYC yesterday morning! The buzz is over our 3d lashes. They're amazing, love them and so will you!
For this recording iheartradio personally page Elvis Duran Show
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
look at buzz feed, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
I heard that on elvis duran this morning crazy
The difference between guys and girls.
. Today is my bday. Can you tell me happy bday. I miss being a part of the elvis duran family because . I live in Atlanta...
Super Hype!!! Skerry Jones from the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100 liked my pics! Love U…
It's almost time for today's Elvis Duran Phone Tap!. Froggy calls Kayla to let her know that he isn’t going to...
love the Elvis Duran Show m a kes me laugh in the mornings
Can't even express how happy we are to be featured in What's Trending today - thanks, Carla Marie and Elvis Duran...
Ed Sheeran premiered the full version of his rendition of Beyonce and Jay Z’s song “Drunk in Love” on Z100′s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.
Ed Sheeran pays a visit to Elvis Duran for an interview with his radio show Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show at Z100 Studio on Friday morning (April 11) in New York City. The 24-year-old entertainer revealed the cover of his new album X, and gave his fans a full cover version of Beyonce‘s “Drunk In [..
Most ADDICTING APP in the world... DON'T DOWNLOAD! --
Greg T from the Elvis Duran Show took another – how do you think he did with the work to workout challenge?
Elvis Duran Phone Tap happening right now ->
Well on my one way trip to school and sisters listenin to elvis duran while i jam out to my playlist :)
Batavia bound. Only reason I hate it? I lose signal to Elvis Duran.
Heard Leave Brittany Alone by on the Elvis Duran Show. My life is complete. 😍😁😂👌
Need a little motivation for this morning? Well... - Elvis Duran Show Another coming up at 9 for a chance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards! Then at 9:20 a new world famous along with WWE SmackDown Listen LIVE:
were you listening to the elvis Duran Morning Show?
One thing I will miss by not driving from state to center to Marshalltown everyday on my way to work Elvis Duran n the morning.
oh I liked nkotb too,spandau,duran Duran,but only posters I had up was Gorgeous George and Elvis lol xx
OMG postgrad life on Elvis and Duran right now.
Ndjdkdodododkid! Omfg. I'm on the phone with Elvis Duran!...well I'm waiting to see if I get to talk lololol WHY AM I FREAKING OUT THO
"you're just mad Elvis Duran didn't call you" that's correct, BUT he texted me & I ain't even mad 💁
Elvis Duran is the last voice I want to hear in the morning
SNL RECAP: Anna Kendrick's "Ding Dong" song, Little Mermaid parody and more! via
I'm just happy I'm awake to hear the Elvis Duran phone tap today.
The only thing that can make my Monday better is Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
Elvis Duran Show - Danielle's little sister Jackie was married March 29th. This is her AMAZING first dance with...
Phone taps with Elvis Duran are the only good things about the morning
I'm live with the Elvis Duran Show at 9am today! Tune in!
Was just the first caller of the week on Elvis Duran! Can't wait to show off my T-shirt!
A new day and a new week is on the horizon for all of us. What do you want to accomplish today? - Elvis Duran Show
Elvis Duran is the highlight of my Mondays lol
part of me thinks he still is! but that Elvis Duran interview when he first started, STILL cracks me up to this day xD
Selena Gomez reacting to Justin Bieber's crush on her 2009 on Elvis Duran - 23rd June 2011
Ed will play Sing on the Elvis Duran Show on Friday. Yay. I love it when he goes there because he loves Ed so much.
Be sure to catch me at 9am EST with Elvis Duran Show tomorrow morning!
Would there be a chance of me meeting Ed before or after he goes on the Elvis Duran Show?
I got Bethany on the Which Elvis Duran Morning Show Cast Member Are You? quiz! via
When I listen to Elvis Duran in the morning I'm like.
Definitely just saw Carla Marie from the Elvis Duran Show at the Bridgeport hockey game
No The Walking Dead tonight... what should we watch??? -Elvis Duran Show
Heard about this book on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, then saw him on The Colbert Report so I decided I'd check it out.
Got into radio at 15 because he wanted to be Elvis Duran.
What happened to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show?! Lately it's been two people doing it. I miss this show
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they should make "special edition" Elvis Duran Show label as a promotion :) cc:
u are soo cute and my favorite person on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
19 minutes into the following...where has this show been all my life? Thank you Elvis Duran Show! You've done it again!
♛♡ I want justin to another interview with like Jimmy Fallon or Elvis Duran ♡♛
. I will no longer listen to 96.1 since you cancelled the best Elvis Duran and his team. Now we have no reason to laugh..
So I got this guy from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to come do a birthday shout out for my friend…
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